"We'll be loving you, Mac & Frances, Always..."


Congratulations, "Days of Our Lives", on 12,000 Episodes!!!!

To the long-time Producers, Writers and Crew...

Creators Ted Corday, Irna Phillips; Executive Producers Betty Corday, Jack Herzberg, Al Rabin, Ken Corday;
Head Writers Bill Bell, Pat Falken Smith, Sheri Anderson, Leah Laiman, Jim Reilly, Gary Tomlin;
Stage Manager Fran Bellini DeSimone; Director Herb Stein; Producer Janet Spellman-Drucker;
Technical Directors Mike Caruso, Jay O'Neill; Head Makeup Artist Gail Hopkins.

...and to the talented cast of the past 47 years...

Here's hoping for many more years to come!!!!

Ed Prentiss narrated the "Days" opening for the show's first four months on the air.
Since March 1966, Macdonald Carey (Salem's own Tom Horton) has spoken those familiar words every "Days" fan can recite!

Jason47's Exclusive Cast Photo: 1965-2013!
All 310 of the show's contract castmembers,
plus the 40 recurring castmembers in at least 100 episodes,
together for the first time in one group image.

See how many of the Salemites, past and present, you can remember!

MILESTONE EPISODES: 1,000...2,000...3,000...4,000...5,000...6,000...7,000...8,000...9,000...10,000...11,000...12,000
A special look back at all the milestone episodes from Episode #1,000 in 1969 to Episode #11,000 in 2009!
Plus, an exclusive sneak peek at the big event happening in Episode #12,000 on Friday, January 11!!

Click here for all that and more!

Former cast members congratulate "Days" on 12,000 episodes:

Elaine Bromka (Stella Lombard, 1992)

"I adored playing Stella. Dee and I had a blast from beginning to end (and even beyond, since she surprised me with a turkey on my deathbed as a goof -- and then took it to "Bloopers"!)
Fabulous memories of a great character wonderfully written. DOOL has a special place in my heart."

Barry Cutler (Parrot Man, 1995-1996)

Since Parrot Man rhymes
Nearly half of his lines
I'll give no secrets away
But I'm happy to say
To all "break a leg!"
On Days 12,000th seg.

Mark Drexler (Roger Lombard, 1992)

"12,000 shows is an amazing run! It was great to play Roger Lombard and be a part of the "Days" tradition."

Don Frabotta (Dave, 1974-1993, 2000-2004)

"Happy Fantastic 12,000th Anniversary!!!!!! (Where's my piece of cake?)"

Matthew Mahaney (Kurt Schwengel, 1999-2000)

"I, Matt Mahaney, would personally like to congratulate the cast and crew of "Days of Our Lives" for reaching the 12,000 episode milestone!
Kurt Schwengel, however, cannot because he's still stuck in a straight-jacket somewhere in France. Poor Kurt. Seriously, congratulations!"

The cast & crew pose for photos on the Brady Pub set at the 12,000th Episode Party on September 28, 2012:

Joe Mascolo (in his non-Stefano voice) & Arianne Zucker at the 12,000th Episode Party:

Bryan Dattilo & Galen Gering at the 12,000th Episode Party:

NBC Senior Vice President Bruce Evans at the 12,000th Episode Party:

NBC Chairman Robert Greenblatt at the 12,000th Episode Party:

NBC Chairman Robert Greenblatt, NBC President Jennifer Salke and NBC Senior Vice President Bruce Evans at the party:

And here's more congratulations from "Days" fans!

"I started watching Days with my mom in 1982 (when I was in 2nd grade). Fave moments include Renee DiMera's last tirade, the 1984 Island Plane Crash, and anything with Anna DiMera!
Fave characters include Anna Dimera, Marlena Evans, Kristen Blake Dimera, Bo & Hope, Doug & Julie, Shane & Kimberly and of course Alice Horton. Happy 12,000 and cheers to many more!"

"Congratulations, Days of Our Lives on 12,000 episodes! I can't think of any other entertainment that has been with me through my entire life...from watching the show on a small grainy television with my grandmother and mom as
a child in the 70s to rushing home after high school to pray the VCR recorded what happened next in Marlena's possession to scheduling my classes around 1pm in college to be able to watch Nicole dump Eric for Lucas and 5 million
dollars, and now watching it with my children in the background. Thank you for so many comforting memories and bringing back my favorite characters!"

(Allison, Louisiana)

"Congrats to DOOL for 12,000 episodes! Hoping for 12,000 more!"

"Congrats to Days on their 12,000 episodes!I Started watching Days with my mom when I was five years old. 35 years later and I'm still hooked."
(April May)

"Congrats to Days cast and crew for an amazing voyage through the years. I began watching in the late 80s, when a guy with a patch over his eye caught my eye as I was flipping channels. Have not missed an episode since, even when he left, as I kept waiting for his return. Loved the show so much, I joined the Early Edition doing day ahead summaries, for about 10 years. When EE retired, started the Salem Spectator to continue. My best to you all, love you, and here's to 12,000 more episodes. I know my co-Early Edition partners, Laney and Linda, send their best wishes as well. Thank you & bless you all."
(Barb, Wisconsin)

"Congratuations to the cast and crew of Dayss on the occasion of the 12,000th episode. I started watching with my wife back when Shawn Brady was consorting with Willow Stark and have enjoyed the show ever since. I've particularly liked Bryan Dattilo as Lucas and Joseph Mascolo as Stefano. A favorite story line was Nicole's fake pregnancy, in which John Callahan as Dr. Baker was especially entertaining."
(Bill, New York)

"I started watching in 1988 with Patch and Kayla! I then fell in love with the beautifully honest romance of Mike and April! They are my absolute favorites!!! Congrats Days on your awesome milestone!!!!"
(Carla, Massachusetts)

"In a funny way, I consider Days of our Lives a second family to me. It's been a part of my life for so long that I can hardly think of not being able to sit down and enjoy the lives of these characters that I've come to love - from Tom & Alice to Marlena & John- they're all special in my book. The thing that is so amazing about a soap is that it is continuous and progresses as the years go by: both in its audience and its characters. The legacy of this show has been passed through three generations of my family (my grandmother, my mother, and now me) and I'm happy to carry on that torch to the next generation. Congrats Days!"

(Casey, Massachusetts)

"I just want to say congratulations to Days of Our Lives for their 12,000 episodes. I've watched and loved this show for almost 30 years now and I hope for Days to continue for at least 30 more years. To the cast and crew, thank you!"
(Chelsea, North Carolina)

"I first started watching Days for the teen summer storyline and I immediately fell in love with Philip and Chloe. I took a hiatus after the summer and some years later I happen to be flipping the channels and randomly stop on Days. It was the summer again (2010) and two characters had me mesmorized ...EJ and Sami. They have now become my favorite soap characters/couple of all time. Congratulations to the cast and crew of Days of our Lives on 12,000 episodes!"
(Cherish, Ohio)

"I've been watching Days for as long as I can remember. It was the favorite soap of my Mom & Grandma and now it's mine. On summer afternoons we would move our little portable TV into the backyard so we could enjoy the show outdoors with our iced tea. The themes of love and the importance of family and history have always appealed to me. I also appreciate the special Christmas show each year."
(Chris, Delaware)

"Congratulations Days on your 12,000 Episode. Keep them coming."

"Congratulations to Days of Our Lives on celebrating 12, 000 episodes. I've watched Days all of my life. From the zany, scary, hilarious to the romantic Days has entertained me over and over.
My longtime favorite Salemite is Sami Brady. My most recent favorite is EJ DiMera. Thank you Days for many, many hours of viewing pleasure."
(Cindy, North Carolina)

"Congratulations DOOL on reaching 12,000 episodes from this fan of the show for over 40+ years!!! I hope all of you in front of the cameras and behind the cameras have a great day to celebrate this amazing chievement!!!!
And since I'm a crazy Canuck. I'm really, really, really wanting another 12,000 episodes to watch on my TV screen!!!"
(Cory, Canada)

"I started watching DOOL one summer when I was 12. Since then, Days has been a part of my life. I've loved so many Salemites over the years, including two of my all time favorites still in Salem, Sami and EJ. Congratulations on 12,000 episodes!"
(Cynthia, Minnesota)

"Days and I are the same age, in fact I think I'm a couple of months older than the show. I can only hope that I'm looking as good as you guys do after 12,000 epsiodes! Congrats to the cast and crew on this amazing feat."
(Dawn, New York)

"I've been watching Days since the mid-90s and fell in love with Carrie and Austin. My fave couple now is the very passionate EJ and Sami. Congratulations on your 12,000th episode, Days, and look forward to many more!!!"
(Dee, Georgia)

"Congratulations Days Of Our Lives on your 12,000th episode!"
(Denise, Oklahoma)

"I started watching Days of Our Lives when we visited my grandparents' house in the summer. Later, it became something I watched daily after school with my sister as we taped it faithfully. My favorite characters come from 1991-1992. I loved Michael Easton as Tanner, Shannon Sturges as Molly, Robert Mailhouse as Brian, Roberta Leighton as Ginger, and Matthew Ashford as Jack. I still root for Days to stay on air because of those memories."
(Diane, Nebraska)

"Happy 12,000 episodes to the phenomenal cast and crew of Days of our Lives! I've been an avid viewer since the summer of 1993 and being a nearly 20-year fan just warms my heart. The spinning hourglass has mesmerized me for so long
and continues to mean so much to me daily. Words really cannot express how much I have enjoyed my DAYS. I met most of the cast years ago and it was a pleasure to find that the actors are just as sweet as their characters.
All the best to everyone and may you continue to reign NBC for decades to come!"
(Emily Eileen, Masschusetts)

"I have been watching Days of our lives since I was 4 years old, literally. My grandparents and mother watched it and I have such wonderful memories watching it as I was growing up. Days is a part of my everyday and I don't know what I would do without it. Thank you so much for so many great episodes over the years and looking forward to many more to come."

"Congratulations on reaching 12,000 episodes, Days! I've experienced joy and sadness, I've loved some characters and hated others, I've felt sympathy and I've felt contempt, but through it all, I've tuned in every day along with millions of other viewers because I have a special place in my heart for the Bradys, the Hortons, and especially those wonderful scoundrels, the DiMeras! Thanks for being a part of my life!"
(Gail, Tennessee)

"I've watched Days Of Our Lives for 23 years now. I'm 34 years old but i still remember that random day at grandma's house where I watched Salem unfold before my eyes for the first time. I couldn't buy enough VHS tapes to
daily record each show to enjoy after school. I was hooked and I still am. On your anniversary, I say thank you for the laughter, the cheers, the sadness, the tears and for being my escape when I needed one.
May the sands never run out of that hourglass. Thank you for everything."
(James, Oklahoma)

"Congratulations to Days on reaching the 12,000 episode milestone. Days has been a part of our family for 3 generations: my mom, myself, and my daughter.
My favorite storylines have been Bo/Hope, Jack/Jennifer and EJ/Sami to name a few. My hope is Days will continue for many years to come. Congrats again to all past, present, & future who have kept the Days legacy alive."

(Janet, Pennsylvania)

"My congratulations goes out to the cast and crew of Days for your 12,000th episode. I started watching Days during the Baby Switch/Synapping storylines. I fell in love with EJ and Sami. I also enjoy watching Stefano, and I hope he returns soon. James Scott is my favorite actor on the show. I had the pleasure of meeting him in lobby of the Holiday Inn in Ohio following a meet and greet. I would like to personally congratulate Mr. Scott for doing such an awesome job as EJ."
(JorgeAnn, Michigan)

"Here's wishing Days wonderful cast and crew a Happy 12,000 Episodes, and promises for another 12,000 in days ahead. I watched Days many years ago, but came back in 2006, and have watched steadily since then."
(Kara, South Carolina)

"Congrats to Days of Our Lives for many wonderful years of entertainment!! I began watching Days on summer breaks from school, twenty some years ago. Some of my favorite characters/couples:
Anna & Tony, Bo & Hope, Shane & Kimberly, Eugene & Calliope, Jack & Jennifer, and EJ & Sami. Thank you to all who work so hard to bring Days to our TV's."

(Kat, Iowa)

"Congratulations on this milestone! I've been watching the show since I was 5 years old (1965). I love all of you, past and present, who bring this show to life!"
(Kathy, Alabama)

"I started watching Days when Mickey walked onto the porch of Maggie's farm house. They had me at "hello" and I have been a Days fan ever since.
Congratulations to the cast and crew on this milestone and I look forward to sharing many more milestones with them. PS -- Rock on Suzanne!!"

(Kathy, New York)

"Congrats Days for 12,000 shows and entertaining us all for over 47 years. The 12,000th episode itself will be one show to remember for a long time to come.
Thanks for all the wonderful memories through the ups and downs of Salem and look forward to seeing new stories and chapters of this crazy town."
(Katie, British Columbia, Canada)

"My most vivid Days memory is the meeting of Sami Brady and EJ DiMera on May 30, 2006. Her soaking wet in a bikini, he in nothing but a towel and a smile. You could tell as soon as they locked eyes on each other that the moment was destiny. Ever since that day, thanks to the AMAZING chemistry between portrayers James Scott and Alison Sweeney, I have been a dedicated EJami fan and Days viewer!"
(Keia, Virginia)

"Congrats on 12,000 episodes! This is quite a milestone."
(Keren, Canada)

"Congrats Days on your 12,000 episodes! As a person who has grown up watching with my mom, I can say that I've been watching Days all of my life. The characters were a part of my home...from sweet and feisty Alice Horton, to the villainous Stefano DiMera. Now the new generation of the Horton, Brady, DiMera, and Kiriakis families keep me entertained daily. Looking forward to many more years and episodes of Days in the future."
(Khadine, California)

"Congratulations Days on your 12.000th episode. What a milestone, I am from the Netherlands and start watching around 1997.
Unfortunately they stopped airing DOOL over here. Since 2006 I am watching on Youtube. Hope there are many years to come."
(Kim, The Netherlands)

"Congratulations to Days for reaching the milestone of their 12,000th episode! I've been following along with all the drama, romance, intrigue, adventure, and the often wacky, since the early 80s.
Sincere thanks to all the cast and crew who have brought the trials and tribulations of Salem to life over the years."
(Krista, Canada)

"Hitting 12,000 episodes is quite an accomplishment, and everyone involved with Days must be very proud. I started watching in the late sixties.
Back in the day, I loved, loved, loved Marlena and Roman, and now I love, love, love Sami and EJ. Congratulations to you all!!!!!!!!!!"

(Leslie, Illinois)

"Congratulations to Days on your 12,000th show. I remember my mom watching the show and I was being drawn into Bo and Hope's love story. Their wedding was magical and I thought my wedding dress would be like Hope's when I grew up. I now watch Days with my daughter and she and I enjoy the love/hate story of Sami and EJ and cannot wait to see their love story unfold. This show is a part of my family and we wish the cast and crew 12,000 more shows to come."
(Leticia, New York)

"To the cast and crew at Days of Our Lives ~ CONGRATULATIONS on your 12,000 episodes! I have been a fan of Days since the very first episode. I hope to see many more episodes yet to come."
(Lil, Washington)

"Congrats to Days on 12,000 eppys!! My sitter used to watch it when I was 4! I began watching as a very young girl in 1983. For Bope mostly! But love everyone. Ejami is now my fave pairing. Congrats and hope for many more!!!"

"Congratulations Days of Our Lives for reaching such a prestigious milestone. I started watching Days in high school and was hooked on couples like Steve and Kayla, Jack and Jennifer, April and Mike, Austin and Carrie, and EJ and Nicole. Stories like "The Cruise of Deception," and "Aremid," had that timeless struggle between good and evil. Days unique blend of adventure and romance is what has made this great accomplishment, 12,000 shows, possible."
Liz, California)

"I have memories of watching Days with my great grandmother when I was 5 years old. Little did I know how important Days would become to me as a grown woman who is now 39 years old! I want to take a minute to thank everyone behind the scenes who works so hard to bring my favorite TV show to life. Happy Anniversary Days and I am looking forward to seeing you in my living room everyday for years and years to come!!!"
(Liza, New York)

"Congratulations Days of Our Lives on reaching the 12,000 episode mark. I started watching Days during the 1980's when Bo & Hope caught my attention, and I have been hooked ever since. Besides Bo/Hope some of my other favorite couples have been Jack & Jennifer, and EJ & Sami. I love all of the DiMera family members especially Stefano, Tony, EJ and Kristen. Thank you for entertaining us for so many years!!"
(Loraleigh, Missouri)

"Born in 1965, I can't remember a time when Days wasn't in my life. The love, wisdom, and spirit of Alice Horton (Frances Reid), the love and angst of generations of Salemites have been my electronic comfort food from the time I came home from high school during lunch to watch Bo stop Hope's wedding, to when I cheered as Jack recaptured Jennifer's heart on prime time One Stormy Night, and now is ensorcelled by the incomparable chemistry of EJ and Sami. Days families and Days super couples will always hold a place in my heart. Thank you for 12,000 delightful, frustrating, compelling, infuriating, must-see Days; here's to 12,000 more."
(Lori, Indiana)

"Congratulations Days of Our Lives on your 12,000th episode. I've been a fan of Days since 1993 when I caught the Titan Photo Lab scene of Sami and Lucas. As time went on I began to enjoy more episodes such as the Marlena possession storyline and the episodes with Susan Banks and her siblings. My favorite characters on the show would have to be Sami and EJ. Their story reminds me of the classic soap opera couple to root for."
(Martina, Illinois)

"Happy 12,000, Days! I've been following the show since 1988. Here's to Maggie, Victor, Stefano, Marlena, and all!"
(Michael, North Carolina)

"Congratulations Days of Our Lives on 12,000 wonderful episodes!! I grew up watching Days and I am still a huge fan now at 37 years old. My favorite couples of all time are EJ and Sami and Shawn and Belle. Here's to the excellent work and devotion of the cast and crew that make this show a success and to many, many more episodes to come! Thank you!!!!"
(Michelle, Indiana)

"I've been a fan of Days of our Lives since 1995, when the devil memorably used Marlena's body to wreak havoc on the town of Salem. In the present day, thanks to Chandler Massey's brilliant depiction of Will Horton as a young man coming
to terms with his sexuality and falling in love with Freddie Smith's Sonny Kiriakis -- the most well-written, powerfully acted gay storyline that has ever been told on any show, as far as I'm concerned -- my interest is stronger than it has ever been.
Thanks for 12,000 episodes of love, loss, laughter, tears, secrets, lies, friends, enemies, heroes, and villains, and here's to 12,000 more!"

(Mike, Kentucky)

"I started watching Days of Our Lives in 2009, not long after I had my baby. It really got me through long afternoons of feedings and nap times and gave me a mini-vacation from my boring life to live vicariously through the drama-fraught lives of Salem. I came late to the show so went back and viewed video clips from 2006 forward when I became interested in the pairing of Sami Brady and EJ DiMera/Alison Sweeney and James Scott. Their incomparable chemistry and amazing talent as actors drew me in and I've been hooked and in love with not just them but most of the characters on the show ever since. The families on Days of Our Lives have become like second family to me."
(Misha, New Jersey)

"I have been a days fan since I was 14 years old (I'm 27 now). I came across it one day and it captured my attention ever since. Even though I have my favorites I can honestly say I enjoy the show as a whole. Days has one of the best casts on television that it's hard for me to choose which side to be on..the good guys or the bad?. I hope that Days has many more episodes to come. Thanks for the great years on our screen."
(Muna, Canada)

"Congratulations Days of our Lives on reaching 12,000 episodes. I have watched Days on & off since 1980. My favourite characters are Sami Brady and EJ DiMera. Thanks for the memories.
Wishing you many more years to come. Best wishes from Australia."

(Nadia, Australia)

"I first started watching Days of our Lives in June 2011 when I read that Freddie Smith had joined the cast as the show's first openly gay character. I have been watching ever since as I have grown to love Sonny and Will
along with Victor and Kate, among others. I am impressed with how the show has written its gay characters, Sonny and Will. I look forward to seeing more of these characters and their lives in Salem."

(Nick, Kansas)

"I have been watching DOOL since the late 80's. What drew me in were the romance, drama, mystery, & adventure story lines. My favorite current couple is EJ/Samantha. They have natural, off the charts, unforced chemistry. When I first started watching, John (Roman)/Isabella was my favorite couple and still holds a place in my heart. Some of my all-time favorite story lines are the Cruise of Deception, the 1990 Mexico adventure, anything related Dimera, & when Sami was almost executed. I also loved all the Super Couple weddings that would last about a week...so very beautiful & romantic. Congrats on making your 12000th episode & I look forward to many, many more!"
(Nicole, Florida)

"I started watching Days when I was a kid in 1983 and became a huge fan of Bo and Hope. I love the Salem Strangler storyline, the Aremid storyline, the Bo & Hope Oak Alley storyline, Marlena/Kristen/John/Roman,
The EJami/Santeen storyline. Today, Iâ€â„¢m a bigger fan and still watch everyday and donâ€â„¢t miss an episode. I love and root for EJ and Sami, Stefano and Kate, Bo and Hope. EJami is my favorite Days Super couple.
I wanted to wish all the amazing cast and crew at Days a Happy 12,000th episodes!"
(Nicole, New York)

"Congratulations to my all-time favorite soap, Days of Our Lives, and to all its cast members, both current and past, who've filled my life with lots of terrific memories. I've watched this show from its beginning when my sisters and I would sneak Days each day, vowing never to tell our parents that we were watching TV before our homework was done. Wild Julie Olson was my first delight; gutsy Sami was my second. Thanks, Days, for the extra joy and angst you've brought to my life."
(Patty, Michigan)

"Congratulations on 12,000 episodes! Looking forward to 12,000 more!"

"DOOL has been a part of my life from infancy. Multiple generations of my family have enjoyed watching the show together. Thank you to cast and crew, past and present, for entertaining me for the past 30+ years."
(Sara, Georgia)

"I started watching Days in 2006 and haven't stopped watching since. My favorite storyline was the vendetta where EJ and Sami had to marry the first time because even though it was fraught with turmoil they did grow closer, eventually conceiving Sydney and were very honest with their feelings towards each other. I send all my deepest congratulations to the cast and crew of the show for reaching the 12,000th episode! It's such a great accomplishment and they all do such amazing work!!"
(Shelly, Ohio)

"Congrats on the 12.000 eppy, Days. I have watched Days for 2 years, I stumbled upon a video of Sami and E.J. on Youtube. Fave family on the show : the DiMeras.
I also love Sami, Kate and Will. Fave storyline: when E.J. was being deported and Sami helped him get his visa. Look forward to seeing more of Days and its awesome cast in 2013."

(Sophie, Denmark)

"Congratulations Days of Our Lives on celebrating 12,000 episodes! Have loved and watched the show for years. Loved Steve and Kayla in the 80s and now am on the EJami train. Here is to hoping that the show lives on for many more years."
(Vicki, Ohio)

12,000 Episodes For "Days"...But How Many Episodes Have Aired Since Each Actor First Appeared??

Susan Seaforth Hayes 
 (Julie Williams) 
 Episode # 780...12/11/68
11,221 episodes

Bill Hayes
(Doug Williams)
Episode # 1079...2/18/70
10,992 episodes

Suzanne Rogers
 (Maggie Kiriakis)
Episode # 1946... 8/20/73
 10,055 episodes

Deidre Hall 
 (Marlena Evans Black) 
Episode # 2667... 6/21/76
9,334 episodes

James Reynolds
(Abe Carver)
Episode # 4051...10/29/81 
 7,950 episodes

Joseph Mascolo
(Stefano DiMera)
Episode # 4106...1/18/82
7,895 episodes

Peggy McCay
 (Caroline Brady)
Episode # 4381...2/7/83
7,620 episodes

 Kristian Alfonso
(Hope Brady)
Episode # 4429...4/14/83
 7,572 episodes

John Aniston 
 (Victor Kiriakis)
Episode # 5015...7/19/85
6,986 episodes

Melissa Reeves
(Jennifer Horton)
Episode # 5073...10/9/85
6,938 episodes

Drake Hogestyn
(John Black) 
 Episode # 5148...1/24/86
6,853 episodes

Mary Beth Evans
(Kayla Brady)
 Episode # 5232... 5/23/86
 6,769 episodes

Judi Evans
(Adrienne Kiriakis)
Episode # 5385...12/26/86
6,616 episodes

Wally Kurth
(Justin Kiriakis)
Episode # 5411...2/3/87
6,590 episodes

  Ron Leath
Episode # 5519...7/6/87
6,482 episodes

Lisa Rinna
(Billie Reed)
Episode # 6858...9/18/92
5,143 episodes

Alison Sweeney 
 (Sami Brady)
Episode # 6945...1/22/93 
 5,056 episodes

Bryan Dattilo
 (Lucas Horton)
Episode # 7004...4/15/93
 4,997 episodes

Eileen Davidson
(Kristen DiMera)
Episode # 7025..5/17/93
4,976 episodes

Lauren Koslow
 (Kate Roberts)
Episode # 7704  1/25/96
4,297 episodes

 Josh Taylor
(Roman Brady)
Episode # 8083...7/18/97
3,918 episodes

Arianne Zucker
(Nicole Walker)
Episode # 8240... 2/27/98
3,761 episodes

Nadia Bjorlin
(Chloe Lane)
Episode # 8680...11/24/99
 3,321 episodes

James Scott
(E.J. DiMera)
 Episode # 10325...5/30/06
1,676 episodes

Blake Berris
(Nick Fallon)
Episode # 10438...11/7/06
1,563 episodes

Aloma Wright
(Maxine Thomas)
Episode # 10768...2/22/08
1,233 episodes

Shawn Christian
(Daniel Jonas)
Episode # 10775...3/4/08
1,226 episodes

Terrell Ransom Jr.
(Theo Carver)
Episode # 10830...5/20/08
1,171 episodes

Lauren Boles
(Ciara Brady)
Episode # 10831...5/21/08
1,170 episodes

 Galen Gering
(Rafe Hernandez)
Episode # 10945...10/31/08
1,056 episodes

Eric Martsolf
(Brady Black)
Episode # 10954...11/13/08
1,047 episodes

Aaron & Griffin Kunitz
(Johnny DiMera)
Episode # 11004...1/27/09
997 episodes

Ralph Waite
(Father Matt)
Episode # 11020...2/18/09
981 episodes

Julian Barnes
Episode # 11041...3/19/09
960 episodes

Brendan Coughlin
Episode # 11070...4/29/09
931 episodes

Casey Deidrick
(Chad DiMera)
Episode # 11107...6/19/09
894 episodes

Campbell & Carolyn Rose
(Allie Horton)
Episode # 11213...11/20/09
788 episodes

Chandler Massey
(Will Horton)
Episode # 11262...2/1/10
739 episodes

Camila Banus
(Gabi Hernandez)
Episode # 11431...10/4/10
570 episodes

Kate Mansi
(Abigail Deveraux)
Episode # 11536...3/2/11
465 episodes

Freddie Smith
(Sonny Kiriakis)
Episode # 11616...6/23/11
385 episodes

Isabelle & Sahara Roberts
(Sydney DiMera)
Episode # 11681...9/27/11
320 episodes

Meredith Scott Lynn
(Anne Milbauer)
Episode #11913...9/7/12
78 episodes

Greg Vaughan
(Eric Brady)
Episode # 11960...11/13/12
41 episodes

Nathan Owens
(Cameron Davis)
Episode # 11986...12/24/12
15 episodes

Jadon Wells
(Joey Johnson)
Episode # 11987...12/25/12
14 episodes

Evan & Luke Kruntchev
(Parker Jonas)
Episode # 11997...1/8/13
4 episodes