1940 finds "Days of Our Lives" creator Ted Corday not yet in show business, and not yet married to Elizabeth Shay.  He was living in a New York City hotel and working as a jewelry designer!

Meanwhile, his future wife, Elizabeth Shay (aka Betty Corday) was living with her parents on Park Avenue in New York City. She was already in show business, as a stage director for a theater.

"Days" star Frances Reid (Alice Horton), and her yet-to-be husband, Philip Bourneuf, were already working as actors in the theater in 1940!
They were living together (with 5 other actors) on Waverly Place in New York City and would get married a few months later, in June 1940.
One of the actors who Frances lived with that year was Horton Foote, who would later write the Oscar-winning screenplay for the movie version of "To Kill a Mockingbird" in 1962!

Jed Allan (Don Craig), then going by his real name, Jed Brown (Allan is his middle name), is listed here with his parents and sister in New York City. His father was a musician.

Frank Parker, who played Grandpa Shawn Brady from 1983-2008, is just 9 months old and living with his parents in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania.

Patricia Barry (then White), who played Hope's mom, Addie Horton Williams from 1971-1974, was still in high school in 1940. She's listed with her family in Davenport, Iowa. Her dad was a surgeon.

More known for his current job as Edward Quartermaine on "General Hospital", John Ingle spent a few years playing Mickey Horton on "Days." In 1940, he was living with his parents in Poteau City, Oklahoma.

Wayne Heffley, who played Vern Scofield (he eventually married Jack's mom, Jo), was just 12 years old and living with his family in California.

1970's "Days" star Mark Tapscott, who played Bob Anderson, is listed as a 15-year-old inmate in 1940. But no worries...that's what they called people who were living away from home at a private school!

Regina Gleason, who played Tommy Horton's estranged wife, Kitty Horton, from 1967-1969 appears with her family, living in San Diego.
Although early "Days" articles list her as being born in San Diego, the census shows that she was actually born in Oregon, and raised in San Diego.

Stanley Brock (born Stanley Eis) played Howie Hoffstedder on "Days" (he stood in for Hope at her wedding to Larry Welch). He and his family were living in New York City, with his dad working as a grocer.

Robert Alda (born Alfonso D'Abruzzo), living with wife Josephine, was listed as a Burlesque actor in 1940. They were living at the Biltmore Hotel in Cincinnati, Ohio at the time.
Alda played Stuart Whyland, the villain on "Days" who was replaced by Stefano DiMera in 1982. Alda's son, Antony, would later play Johnny Corelli in the 1990s.
Alda's other son is "M*A*S*H" star Alan Alda.

Ralph Waite, well-known for his role as Pa Walton on "The Waltons", had a stay in Salem as Father Matt.
He was living with his family in White Plains, New York.

James Luisi played the dastardly Duke Johnson, father of Steve & Adrienne, in the 1980's. 
He lived in New York City with his family.

Here's former head writer Elizabeth Harrower (and mom of Susan Seaforth Hayes) living in Oakland, California and working as a theater actress.

Fred Rapport is not a well-known name to "Days" fans, but he could quite possibly be the only person born in the 1800's to appear on the show!
Rapport, who was born in the 1890's, played several minor roles, including a juror, on "Days" in the 1960's. He was already living in Los Angeles and working as a movie extra in 1940.

Jay Robinson played Monty Dolan (father of April, Emilio and Julio Ramirez). He lived with his mother and grandmother in Miami Beach, Florida in 1940.

Shirley Jones, who briefly played Colleen Brady, is best known for her work on "The Partridge Family."
Jones was living with her parents in Smithton, Pennsylvania.

Head writer Nina Laemmle (then Nina Dainty) is best known for writing out many long-time characters in early 1980.
She's living with her sister in Los Angeles and already working as a writer. Later in the year, she would marry Ernest Laemmle.

Wesley Addy (then using his real first name, Robert) was already working as an actor in the theater. He was living at the Alexander Hamilton Hotel in San Francisco, California.
He played Dr. Eric Cooper on "Days" from 1966-1967 and would later go on to greater fame with his roles on "Ryan's Hope" and "Loving."

Jeanne Bates, who played Greg Peters' mom Anne in the 1970's, was living with her grandmother while she went to college in San Mateo, California. She was also working as a voice actress on the radio.

Robert Knapp, who appeared on the first week of "Days" in November 1965 as Julie's father, Ben Olson, was living with his family in Monrovia, California.

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