Macdonald Carey (Tom) was a tricky one to find in the census. The census taker erroneously listed his first name as Carry and his last name as McDonald!
He was living in New York City, already working as a radio actor.

Joseph Mascolo (Stefano) had just turned 11 years old, and lived with his family in West Hartford, Connecticut.
His father, Peter, was an aircraft machinist.

Bill Hayes (Doug) was a decade or so away from leaving his hometown of Harvey, Illinois and starting his long-time career in show business.
30 years after this census, he would join the "Days" cast in 1970.

Ron Leath (Henderson) could not handle being Victor's butler yet. At 2 years old, he could hardly walk!
He was living with his family in Detroit, Michigan. His father, as many people in Detroit did, worked in the automobile industry.

John Clarke (Mickey Horton) lived in many places growing up, since his dad was in the Army. In 1940, they were living in San Antonio, Texas. It states they lived in Indiana in 1935, however Clarke's place of birth is listed as Texas. This differs with the long-held thought that Clarke was born in Indiana. This could simply be an error, however, since no birth record for Clarke could be found in a search of the Texas birth records.


Clarke's father, Leo George Clarke died in 1959, never knowing his son would go on to star on "Days", NBC's longest-running series.
For his bravery in France in World War I, Leo George Clarke received the Distinguished Service Cross: The President of the United States of America, authorized by Act of Congress, July 9, 1918, takes pleasure in presenting the Distinguished Service Cross to Second Lieutenant (Infantry) Leo George Clarke, United States Army, for extraordinary heroism in action while serving with 11th Infantry Regiment, 5th Division, A.E.F., near Remonville, France, November 5 - 10, 1918. Lieutenant Clarke set an example of bravery and self-sacrifice to his men during the period November 5 - 9. On 10 November while assembling his company, he discovered a wounded man lying in a place exposed to machine-gun fire, and, regardless of his own danger, carried him to a place of safety.

Irna Phillips co-created "Days of Our Lives" with Ted Corday.
3 years prior to this census, in 1937, she had created "Guiding Light" as a radio serial. The show lasted for 72 more years until its cancellation in 2009.
Already successful by this time, she was living with her brother, sister and a maid in her hometown of Chicago, Illinois and her occupation is listed as a radio script writer.

Susan Flannery, now better known as Stephanie Forrester on "The Bold and the Beautiful", played Laura Horton on "Days" from 1966-1975.
She barely made it into this census, having been born just a few months earlier, in July 1939.  Her name is spelled Suzanne on the census.
She lived with her family in Jersey City, New Jersey. Her father was a policeman for the city.

Edward Mallory (born Edward Martz) portrayed Bill Horton (Jennifer's dad) from 1966-1980.
He and his family were doing well for the time (having survived the Great Depression) and lived with a maid in Cumberland, Maryland. His father was the owner of a cafe. 

Joseph Gallison spent 17 years in Salem as friendly Dr. Neil Curtis from 1974-1991.
Although many sites, including IMDB, continue to list his birthplace as Houston, Texas, he was actually born in Boston, Massachusetts.

Joseph Campanella played the villainous Harper Deveraux (Jack's stepdad). He and his brother, Frank (another future actor), lived with their family in New York City.

John Lupton played Tommy Horton from 1967-1980. After Tom & Alice's 50th anniversary in 1980, Tommy was never seen again.
Lupton and his family lived in Libertyville, Illinois.

Mike Farrell, who went on to later fame as one of the stars of "M*A*S*H" appeared on the early years of "Days" as Scott Banning.
He just made it into the census, having been born in 1939. He and his family lived in Inner Grove, Minnesota.

Quinn Redeker, who played Alex Marshall from 1979-1987, was born in Illinois but already living in Seattle, Washington in 1940.

Peter Brown appeared as Dr. Greg Peters from 1972-1980. His real last name is De Lappe.
His mother was radio actress Mina Reaume (listed by her real name of Wilhelmina De Lappe).

Pat Falken Smith was a script writer at "Days" from its debut in 1965.
She eventually took over as head writer in the 1970's and early 1980's and created many memorable characters, including Marlena, Stefano, Roman and Abe.
Born Patricia Falkenhagen, here she is with her family in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Pat Delany (then Patricia Hicks) played the mysterious Lady in White (who turned out to be Kristen's mother, Rachel Blake).
She was living with her family in Justice, Texas.

Long-time comic Avery Schreiber, who appeared briefly as Lawrence Alamain's father, Leopold, in 1990, is seen here living with his family in Chicago, Illinois.

Long-time director Dick Colla (who was an original "Days" castmember as Tony Merritt from 1965-1966), is seen here living with his family in Lakewood, Ohio.
He met his future wife, actress Denise Alexander (Susan Hunter, 1966-1973), when she joined "Days" in 1966.
Their marriage was the first in a long-line of "Days" marriages (Bill & Susan Hayes, Lisa Trusel & David Wallace, Melissa & Scott Reeves, Crystal Chappell & Michael Sabatino, etc...).

Susan Oliver (born Charlotte Gercke) briefly played Laura Horton (Jennifer's mom) from 1975-1976.
She is shown here living with her mother, Ruth, in Orangetown, New York.

Ray Stricklyn (born Ray Stricklin) played Howard, one of Hawk's scheming partners, in 1991.
He's shown here living with his family in Houston, Texas.

Original castmember Burt Douglas portrayed Tony Merritt's good friend, Jim Fisk.
He's shown here living with his family in Denver, Colorado.

Coleen Gray (born Doris Jensen) played Susan Hunter's mom, Diane, in the 1960s.
She's listed here with her family in Minnesota.

Terry O'Sullivan played Susan's dad, Richard, in the 1960s.
He began his career as a radio announcer, and was living with his family in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

K.T. Stevens (born Gloria Wood) played David Martin's mom, Helen, in the 1960s.
She was already working as an actress in 1940 and living in Los Angeles, California.
Her dad, Sam, was a successful movie director, as evidenced by the fact they lived with both a butler and maid!

Sandy McPeak played Benjy's grandfather, Orion, in the 1980s.
He and his family lived in Bethel, Pennsylvania.

Robert Rockwell played the dastardly Dr. Simon Hopkins, an old boyfriend of Alice Horton, in 1987. He ended up holding Alice at gunpoint.
His greater claim to fame was playing Mr. Boynton in the CBS comedy "Our Miss Brooks."
His family lived in Lake Bluff, Illinois.

Robert Brubaker played David Martin's dad, John, in the 1960s.
He was already working as a stage actor in 1940, and living with his in-laws in Beverly Hills, California.