Here are two articles on two of "Days" longest-running actresses: Suzanne Rogers (Maggie) and Susan Seaforth Hayes (Julie). Rogers was still using her real name, Suzanne Crumpler, and was a Radio City Rockette in this article from 1964. She joined "Days" as Maggie in 1973, and her premiere was pushed back over three weeks from July to August, 1973 due to the many Watergate/Nixon preemptions. Susan Seaforth's article deals with the announcement of her joining "Days" in December, 1968. Although Seaforth was the fourth actress to portray Julie in under three years (after Charla Doherty, Kathy Dunn and Cathy Ferrar), she's been the only Julie ever-since. This article is more than a year before she meets her future husband, Bill Hayes (Doug), who debuts on the show in April, 1970. Rogers will be celebrating her 35th anniversary with "Days" in August, 2008, while Seaforth will be celebrating her 40th anniversary of debuting as Julie in December, 2008.
December 8, 1968 San Antonio (TX) Light
August 25, 1964 Cumberland (MD) News


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