John Alvin
(Mr. Skipson)

Born: October 24, 1917 (real name John Hoffstadt)...began acting in 1943...last appearance in "Milk Money" in 1994...died in Los Angeles, California on February 27, 2009.

Herb Armstrong
(Carl Sawyer)

Born: September 24, 1924...ran a theater in Venice, California for many years...continued acting until his death...died in Los Angeles, California on March 3, 2005.

Martin Blaine
(Judge Clinton Bridges)

Born: October 18, 1913...had a series regular role on "Young Dr. Malone"...died in a car accident in Cambria, California on January 19, 1989.

Macdonald Carey
(Tom Horton)

Born: March 15, 1913...stayed with "Days" until his death in 1994...his voice continues to begin each episode of "Days"...died of lung cancer at his home in Beverly Hills, California on March 21, 1994.

Paul Carr
(Bill Horton)

Born: February 1, 1934...had series regular roles on "General Hospital", "The Doctors" and "Generations" of his last appearances was on "Passions"...died of cancer in Los Angeles, California on February 17, 2006.

Marie Cheatham
(Marie Horton)

Born: June 2, 1940...series regular roles on "Search for Tomorrow" and "General Hospital"...continues to act: "Passions", "Monk", "Cold Case", "Desperate Housewives" 72.

John Clarke
(Mickey Horton)

Born: April 14, 1931...continued to act on "Days" until his retirement in 2004...received a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Emmys in 81.

Dick Colla
(Tony Merritt)

Born: April 18, 1936...has not acted since leaving "Days" in 1966..has been a director ever since...married to Denise Alexander (Susan Hunter) 76.

Francis De Sales
(Dr. Rusty Lincoln)

Born: March 23, 1912...later played James Spencer (Laura's father) in 1971...died in Van Nuys, California on September 25, 1988.

Alan Dexter
(Frank Ferguson)

Born: October 22, 1918...acted from 1943 through 1980...died of a heart attack in Oxnard, California on December 19, 1983.

Charla Doherty
(Julie Olson)

Born: August 6, 1946...appeared on "Leave it to Beaver", "Gidget", "Dr. Kildare" the 1970s she went into local theater...died of an accidental fall in Calabasas, California on May 29, 1988.

Burt Douglas
(Jim Fisk)

Born: November 21, 1930... returned to "Days" as Sam Monroe from 1974-1975...had a four-year run on "The Edge of Night"...died in Denver, Colorado on July 1, 2000.

Gertrude Flynn
(Anna Sawyer)

Born: January 14, 1909...began acting on Broadway in 1929...married writer Asa Bordages in 1933...last acting appearance on "Outlaws" in 1987...died in South Carolina on October 16, 1996.

John Graham
(Walter Edison)

Had series regular roles on "Love of Life" and "Valiant Lady"...last acting appearance came in information on current whereabouts...would be at least in his 100s now.

Hal Hamilton
(Dr. Sidney Fell)

Born: March 13, 1927...after getting out of the Navy, became a DuMont network announcer, later appeared on "As the World Turns"...retired from acting since lives in 85.

Sarah Hardy
(Jean Sawyer)

Born: December 19, 1936...had series regular roles on "From These Roots" and "Young Dr. Malone"...last acting appearance in 1970....died in Columbia, South Carolina on June 17, 1994.

Patricia Huston
(Addy Olson)

Born: August 10, 1929...returned to "Days" in various guest roles from 1986-1989...had a recurring role on "L.A. Law" from 1987-1988...died of lung cancer in Los Angeles, California on September 25, 1995.

Jane Kean
(Diane Hunter)

Born: April 10, 1923...played Trixie Norton on a series of "Honeymooners" specials from 1966-1970...retired from acting in 89.