LEFT: Charla Doherty (Julie) and Macdonald Carey (Tom) pose on the first day of filming the pilot episode.
RIGHT: Marie Cheatham (Marie) and Dick Colla (Tony) tape a scene of the pilot episode on the Horton Front Porch as camera # 2 catches the action.

1965 Contract Changes:

Contract Arrivals: (7)

11/8 - Macdonald Carey (Tom Horton)
11/8 - Frances Reid (Alice Horton)
11/8 - Marie Cheatham (Marie Horton)
11/8 - John Clarke (Mickey Horton)
11/8 - Dick Colla (Tony Merritt)
11/8 - Charla Doherty (Julie Olson)
11/9 - David McLean (Craig Merritt)

Contract Departures: (0)

1965 Episode Rankings. The following is a listing of how many episodes each actor appeared in on "Days of Our Lives" in 1965. Actors who have played characters that have appeared in at least five episodes total throughout the years are listed.

Rank. Actor (Character) # of Episodes
1. Macdonald Carey (Tom Horton) 28
2. Frances Reid (Alice Horton) 25
3. Marie Cheatham (Marie Horton) 24
*. John Clarke (Mickey Horton) 24
5. Dick Colla (Tony Merritt) 23
6. David McLean (Craig Merritt) 18
7. Charla Doherty (Julie Olson) 13
8. Burt Douglas (Jim Fisk) 11
9. Alan Dexter (Frank Ferguson) 8
*. Robert Knapp (Ben Olson) 8
11. Francis DeSales (Dr. Rusty Lincoln) 7
*. Sarah Hardy (Jean Sawyer) 7
*. Patricia Huston (Addie Olson) 7
14. Paul Carr (Bill Horton) 5
15. Gertrude Flynn (Anna Sawyer) 4
*. Hal Hamilton (Dr. Sidney Fell) 4
*. Frances Spanier (Lil Miller) 4
18. Russell Thorson (Dr. Donald White) 3
19. Jane Kean (Diane Hunter) 2
*. Flip Mark (Steve Olson) 2
21. Jean LeBouvier (Eleanor Anderson) 1

Credited Guests In Less Than 5 Episodes:
Herb Armstrong (Carl Sawyer) 2
Martin Blaine (Judge Clinton Bridges) 2
Robert J. Stevenson (Detective Mike) 2
William Tregoe (Mr. Franklin) 2
Anne Whitfield (Barbara Harris) 2
John Alvin (Mr. Skipson) 1
John Graham (Walter Edison) 1
Ted C. Knight (George Becker)  1
Geraldine Lawrence (Diane) 1
Duncan McLeod (Dr. Croner) 1
Glen Vernon (Harold Wade) 1

Preemptions: (2)

Wed. 12/15/65     GEMINI 6 & 7 RENDEZVOUS COVERAGE

"Days" Cast Birthdays (including the "Days" episode aired that day):
1/4/65- Rick Hearst (Scott Banning)
2/15/65- Claire Yarlett (Whitney Baker)
3/23/65- Sarah Buxton (Crystal Galore)
8/4/65- Crystal Chappell (Carly Manning)
9/25/65- Matt Battaglia (J.L. King)
10/10/65- Sandra Canning (Grace Jeffries)
12/18/65- Shawn Christian (Daniel Jonas) Episode # 28

                                                                                          Cast Yearbook: 1965 Debuts

                                 Macdonald Carey          Paul Carr           Marie Cheatham            John Clarke               Dick Colla
                                     (Tom Horton)           (Bill Horton)            (Marie Horton)           (Mickey Horton)         (Tony Merritt)

                                                 Francis DeSales           Alan Dexter              Charla Doherty            Burt Douglas
                                               (Dr. Rusty Lincoln)      (Frank Ferguson)            (Julie Olson)                (Jim Fisk)

                                                  Gertrude Flynn            Hal Hamilton            Sarah Hardy             Patricia Huston
                                                  (Anna Sawyer)          (Dr. Sidney Fell)        (Jean Sawyer)             (Addie Olson)

                                                    Jane Kean                Robert Knapp            Jean LeBouvier               Flip Mark
                                                 (Diane Hunter)               (Ben Olson)           (Eleanor Anderson)          (Steve Olson)

                                            David McLean               Frances Reid              Frances Spanier             Russell Thorson
                                             (Craig Merritt)               (Alice Horton)                  (Lil Miller)                (Dr. Donald White)