The following is a listing of what each network aired the day that "Days of Our Lives" debuted: Monday, November 8, 1965. Local programming aired in the timeslots not listed. Titles in red were broadcast in color (19 of the 54 series). After the listings, read about what has happened to each show since then. (November 8, 1965 episode information courtesy of TV Guide.). See what you can remember from this broadcast day, and for younger viewers, see what TV life was like 40 years ago.

11-12PM: "The Young Set" (Discussion. Host: Phyllis Kirk. How children spend their leisure time)
12-1230PM: "The Donna Reed Show" (Comedy. Alex hires a very English housekeeper. Repeat)
1230-1PM: "Father Knows Best" (Comedy. Kathy [Lauren Chapin] objects to wearing hand-me-down clothes. Repeat)
1-2PM: "Ben Casey" (Drama. A young warehouseman's shrewish mother is more concerned about his job than his health. Repeat)
2-230PM: "The Nurses" (Serial. Sandy Feigin [Mimi Turque] and Gail [Melinda Plank] move into a new apartment. With: Mary Fickett)
230-255PM: "A Time for Us" (Serial. Roxanne [Maggie Hayes] finds herself in a difficult situation)
255-3PM: "ABC Midday Report with Marlene Sanders" (News)
3-330PM: "General Hospital" (Serial. Brooke [Adrienne Hayes] is keeping a secret from her mother. With: Rachel Ames, John Beradino)
330-4PM: "The Young Marrieds" (Serial. Lena [Norma Connally] tries to make Roy change his mind about Jerry. With: Peggy McCay, Susan Seaforth, Brenda Benet)
4-430PM: "Never Too Young" (Serial. Alfie [David Watson] asks Barbara [Pat Connolly] to go away with him. With: John Lupton, Tommy Rettig)
430-5PM: "Where the Action Is" (Music. Today's guests are Mel Carter ["Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me"] and Bocky ["Good, Good Lovin'"])
615-630PM: "ABC Evening News with Peter Jennings"
730-830PM: "12 O'Clock High" (Drama. "I Am the Enemy." Major Kurt Brown [William Shatner], a German-born pilot with a brilliant flight record, is up for a promotion, but Colonel Gallagher [Paul Burke] is opposed- perhaps because of Brown's driving desire to terror-bomb the enemy)
830-9PM: "The Legend of Jesse James" (Western. "Judas Boot." Jesse [Chris Jones] and his men are getting low on money and luck - an ambush awaits them everytime they pull a job)
9-930PM: "A Man Called Shenandoah" (Western. "Town on Fire." In prison, Johnny Kyle [Don Megowan] promised to kill the founder of Wade City and burn the town to the ground. Now Kyle is back to make good his threat, and Shenandoah [Robert Horton] and a has-been doctor are the only two men standing in his way)
930-10PM: "Peyton Place" (Serial. "Episode # 139." Stella [Lee Grant] and Kim [Kimberly Beck] testify; Rossi [Ed Nelson] and Russ [David Canary] discuss Allison's case)
10-11PM: "Ben Casey" (Drama. "No More, Cried the Rooster: There Will Be Truth." Bowing to family tradition, Dr. Harvey Lee [James Shigeta] has worked hard to become one of the most promising interns ever to serve under Casey [Vincent Edwards] - but Harvey wants more out of life than medicine offers)
635-705AM: "Sunrise Semester" (Educational. "Vibrations." Dr. Morris Shamos of NYU is the lecturer)
705-730AM: "The CBS Morning News" (Anchor: Mike Wallace)
8-9AM: "Captain Kangaroo" (Children. The Captain and Mr. Green Jeans talk about soccer)
9-930AM: "I Love Lucy" (Comedy. Lucy [Lucille Ball] regrets subletting the apartment. Repeat)
930-10AM: "The Real McCoys" (Comedy: Greg [Butch Patrick] invents some fantastic stories about his 'friends from Venus'. Repeat)
10-1030AM: "The Andy Griffith Show" (Comedy. Ellie [Elinor Donahue] decides to run for town council. Barney: Don Knotts. Repeat)
1030-11AM: "The Dick Van Dyke Show" (Comedy. Rob [Dick Van Dyke] is asked to appear on a TV interview show. Repeat)
12-1225PM: "Love of Life" (Serial. With: Audrey Peters, Roy Scheider)
1225-1230PM: "CBS News" (Anchor: Robert Trout)
1230-1245PM: "Search for Tomorrow" (Serial. With: Mary Stuart, Larry Haines, Robert Mandan)
1245-1PM: "The Guiding Light" (Serial. With: Charita Bauer, Theo Getz, Barnard Hughes)
130-2PM: "As the World Turns" (Serial. With: Helen Wagner, Eileen Fulton, Don Hastings, Patricia Bruder)
2-230PM: "Password" (Game. Host: Allen Ludden. Panelists: Pernell Roberts and Joan Fontaine)
230-3PM: "Art Linkletter's House Party" (Host: Art Linkletter. Psychologist Joyce Brothers discusses parent-teenager relationships)
3PM-325PM: "To Tell the Truth" (Game. Host: Bud Collyer. Panelists: Orson Bean, Peggy Cass, Tom Poston, Kitty Carlisle)
325-330PM: "CBS News" (Anchor: Douglas Edwards)
330-4PM: "The Edge of Night" (Serial. With: Ray MacDonnell, Ann Flood)
4-430PM: "The Secret Storm" (Serial. With: Haila Stoddard, Judy Lewis, Jed Allan)
630-7PM: "The CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite"
730-8PM: "To Tell the Truth" (Game. Host: Bud Collyer. Panelists: Orson Bean, Peggy Cass, Tom Poston, Kitty Carlisle)
8-830PM: "I've Got a Secret" (Game. Host: Steve Allen. Panelists: Henry Morgan, Bess Myerson, Betsy Palmer, Bill Cullen. Guest: Vivian Vance)
830-9PM: "The Lucy Show" (Comedy. "Lucy Helps the Countess." Lucy's friend Countess Framboise [Ann Sothern] has obtained a real-estate license, so the two join forces to sell banker Mooney [Gale Gordon] on renting a new apartment)
9-930PM: "The Andy Griffith Show" (Comedy. "The Hollywood Party." Andy is worried that publicity pictures taken of him and leading lady Darlene Mason [Ruta Lee] might get back to Mayberry - and girl friend Helen [Aneta Corsaut]. Aunt Bee: Frances Bavier. Opie: Ronny Howard)
930-10PM: "Hazel" (Comedy. "Hazel Sits It Out." Hazel [Shirley Booth] offers to show a house to one of Steve's [Ray Fulmer] clients so Steve won't have to cancel plans for a family picnic)
10-11PM: "The Steve Lawrence Show" (Variety. Steve welcomes musical-comedy star Anthony Newley, Country & Western singer Roger Miller, singer Judi Rolin and actress Claudine Auger)
7-9AM: "Today" (Hosts: Hugh Downs and Barbara Walters)
10-1025AM: "Fractured Phrases" (Game. Host: Art James)
1025-1030AM: "NBC News" (Anchor: Edwin Newman)
1030-11AM: "Concentration" (Game. Host: Hugh Downs)
11-1130AM: "Morning Star" (Serial. Jan [Adrienne Ellis] refuses to return to Springvale. With: Edward Mallory and Ed Prentiss)
1130-12PM: "Paradise Bay" (Serial. With: Marion Ross, K.T. Stevens)
12-1230PM: "Jeopardy!" (Game. Host: Art Fleming)
1230-1255PM: "Let's Play Post Office" (Game. Host: Don Morrow)
1255-1PM: "NBC News"
130-155PM: "Let's Make a Deal" (Game. Host: Monty Hall)
155-2PM: "NBC News"
2-230PM: "Days of Our Lives" (DEBUT. Serial. Macdonald Carey stars as Dr. Thomas Horton, professor of medicine in a New England college town. Also stars: Frances Reid as Horton's wife, Marie Cheatham as their engaged daughter, John Clarke as their son Mickey, David McLean as attorney Craig Merritt and Charla Doherty as Julie Olson)
230-3PM: "The Doctors" (Serial. Matt [James Pritchett] does his best to save Willard Walling's life. With: Elizabeth Hubbard and Bethel Leslie)
3-330PM: "Another World" (Serial. With: Virginia Dwyer, Jacqueline Courtney, Joe Gallison)
330-4PM: "You Don't Say" (Game. Host: Tom Kennedy. Panelists: Bob Denver and Joanie Sommers)
4-425PM: "The Match Game" (Game. Host:Gene Rayburn. Panelists: Roddy McDowall and Vivian Vance)
425-430PM: "NBC News"
6-630PM: "The Huntley-Brinkley Report" (News. Anchors: Chet Huntley, David Brinkley)
730-8PM: "Hullabaloo" (Music. The Serendipity Singers introduce Little Jimmy Dickens ["May the Bird of Paradise Fly Up Your Nose"]; Marvin Gaye ["Ain't That Peculiar?"]; English singer Dusty Springfield; and Bruce Scott)
8-830PM: "The John Forsythe Show" (Comedy. "That Little Old Matchmaker." Miss Culver [Elsa Lanchester] sees romantic possibilities for John Foster [John Forsythe] and Andrea Hunter [Sandra Smith], the attractive new science teacher)
830-9PM: "Dr. Kildare" (Drama. "Welcome Home, Dear Anna." Kildare [Richard Chamberlin] makes an alarming discovery about Judd Morrison's wife, and Steve Perrona is stunned by his wife's attempt to plae their son in a foster home. Harry Kleber: Leslie Nielsen)
9-10PM: "Danny Thomas: The Comics" (SPECIAL. Guests include: Martha Raye, Bill Cosby, Tim Conway and the Three Stooges [Moe Howard, Larry Fine, Joe DeRita]. Pre-empts: "The Andy Williams Show")
10-11PM: "Run For Your Life" (Drama. "The Savage Season." A chance meeting on a plane involves Paul Bryan [Ben Gazzara] with the Mafia)
1130-1AM: "The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson" (Variety. Host: Johnny Carson).
"ABC Evening News" (Renamed "ABC World News Tonight" in July 1978; Jennings left in 1968 and returned in 1978, staying with the show until his death in 2005. It expanded to a half-hour in 1966)
"As the World Turns" (This serial, which premiered in 1956, recently celebrated its 49th year on the air. Helen Wagner, Eileen Fulton and Don Hastings are all still with the cast. It expanded to an hour in 1975)
"The CBS Evening News" (Walter Cronkite retired on March 6, 1981 and was replaced first by Dan Rather, and later Bob Schieffer)
"CBS This Morning" ("The CBS Morning News": Mike Wallace left in 1966 and is now on "60 Minutes"; Renamed "CBS This Morning" in 1987, it expanded to an hour in 1969, and to 2 hours in 1982)
"Days of Our Lives" (This serial, which premiered in 1965, celebrates its 40th anniversary this November. Frances Reid is the last remaining original castmember. It expanded to an hour in 1975).
"General Hospital" (This serial, which premiered in 1963, recently celebrated its 42nd year on the air. Rachel Ames is still with the cast. It expanded to 45 minutes in 1976 and to an hour in 1978)
"Guiding Light" (The "The" is no longer part of the title, but this serial, which premiered on radio in 1937, is still airing 68 years later. It expanded to a half-hour in 1968, and to an hour in 1977)
"NBC Nightly News" ("The Huntley-Brinkley Report" ended July 31, 1970, and it was renamed "NBC Nightly News." Tom Brokaw became the anchor in 1982, and Brian Williams in 2004)
"Today" ("Today" premiered in 1952 and recently celebrated its 53rd year on the air. Hugh Downs left in 1971 and Barbara Walters left in 1976. The current anchors are Katie Couric and Matt Lauer)
"The Tonight Show With Jay Leno" (It was shortened to an hour in 1980. Johnny Carson retired on May 22, 1992 and was replaced by Jay Leno.)

NOTES: There were 16 daytime serials on November 8, 1965. Of the 16, only 4 remain. 11 network game shows aired on this date. Today, there is only one network game show, "The Price Is Right." Of the 54 series aired on this date, only 10 remain in some form. 31 were cancelled by 1969; 5 more were cancelled by 1976; another 7 were cancelled by 1986; the latest casualty has been "Another World", which was cancelled after 35 years in 1999. Of the 10 series remaining, only 5 people have remained with their shows for the past 40 years: Helen Wagner, Eileen Fulton and Don Hastings on "As the World Turns"; Rachel Ames on "General Hospital"; and Frances Reid on "Days of Our Lives"). For cancellation dates of all the above series, click here.


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