Episode #2570
Air Date: Thursday, February 5, 1976
Story Consultant: William J. Bell
Head Writer: Pat Falken Smith 
Directed by: Joseph Behar

Edward Mallory...Susan Oliver
Bill Horton...Laura Horton

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SET: Ext. Farmhouse Back Door

(With snow falling hard. As Laura sits, huddled on the step, Bill bangs on the door, his face frantic. There is no sign of life from within. Desperate, Bill tries to force the door open but cannot. After a last futile attempt, he turns, bends to Laura)

Bill tells Laura he’s going to look for something to get into the house, since it's locked. She tells him she’s so cold. Bill tells her to hang on. She sits on the front step as snow keeps falling.

Later in the act...
SET: Ext. Farmhouse Window

(Close shot of a frantic Bill at window, struggling to get it open. He finally succeeds. He hoists himself up and scrambles through, into the house)


SET: Ext. Farmhouse Back Door

(As Bill flings it open. Then he bends to the huddled Laura on the step, tries to lift her up, but can’t with his bad arm)

Laura is moaning as Bill is pleading with her to help him get her inside the farmhouse.

(She opens her eyes, looks up at him. Then as he helps her with his left hand, she manages to get to her feet, stagger into the farmhouse kitchen, leaning against him. Helps her sit down on a plain wooden chair next to a square, old-fashioned rimmed table. Then he turns back, picks up his black bag from the step, goes inside, fights to close the door against the howling wind. As the blizzard continues to whirl outside, we fade to black...)


SET: Int. Farmhouse Kitchen

(With Laura alone in the primitive room. She’s still huddled in the chair, her head leaning against the table. Bill enters from another room, carrying a pile of quilts and pillows)

Bill is trying to make Laura as comfortable as possible by using the pillows and quilts inside the farmhouse. Laura wonders what people will think of them since they broke into someone’s house. Bill thinks when they see why they did it, they’ll understand and thinks there’s someone more pressing.

Bill asks Laura about her contractions. She says they’re irregular and not as painful. She think it's because she’s so cold. Bill wonders if it's something medically wrong with her but keeps his concerns to himself.

Bill asks her to help him get her coat off and onto the table. He has put quilts on top of it. She gets on the table and Bill starts getting a fire started. He notices the wood burning stove and logs and tells Laura that they’ll be warm in no time.

(As he gets the fire going, we cut to Laura. She has a contraction and her face twists with pain but she doesn’t cry out. As she breathes in deeply, her face breaks out with perspiration. Then the pain passes and she relaxes with a sigh. Widen angle to include Bill. He takes a pail from the stove, goes to the primitive sink, pumps water into it. He puts the pail of water on the stove, then comes to her.)

Bill jokes about having twins. Laura says one’s enough. Bill feels like he’s an old west pioneer in this farmhouse. Laura think it could be worse, like delivering this baby in a snowbank. Bill tells her that he’s going to wash up and check the progress of the baby.

(As he turns away we hold on her face. Now that he isn’t watching her, her concern shows through her confident façade)

Later in the act... 

SET: Int. Farmhouse Kitchen

Bill has finished up examining Laura and pulls the quilt down over her again. He tells her to try and rest. Laura notices that the contractions have slowed down as Laura asks Bill if there’s something wrong with the baby.


SET: Int. Farmhouse Kitchen

(Up close on Laura as she lies on the table, huddled in her quilts. Angle widens to include Bill, leaning over her. He’s disturbed at what he found in his examination but is making an effort to conceal it from her.)

Bill asks how she feels and Laura tells him that she’s finally warm. Bill asks about the contractions and she says they have slowed down. Laura searches his face and asks if he’s keeping something from her.  He tries to avoid the question. She figures that the cold and the walk through the snow wouldn’t slow down the contractions this much. Bill thinks it's possible. Laura reminds him that she’s a doctor too. Laura tells him she knows something’s wrong. Bill finally confesses that he thinks the baby may be a breech.

Laura worries that the delivery will be difficult for Bill now that the baby is breech, especially with his bad arm. Bill says that he’ll be able to do it. He says if they were at a hospital, she’d be having a c-section. Laura reminds him of their isolation and the blizzard outside. Bill tells her that is why he’s not taking chances and waiting for natural birth. He says with his shoulder, performing a c-section would be risky. She asks Bill if he’ll be able to bring their baby through. Bill says he’ll do his best and kisses Laura.


SET: Int. Farmhouse Kitchen

(Up close on Laura, lying on the farmhouse kitchen table, her face bathed in perspiration as another contraction hits her. Establish, then pull back to show an anxious Bill beside her, holding tightly to her hands)

Bill tells her to go with the pain as he wipes her face with a towel. Laura says that she has to get the baby born. She says she has to be in Salem tomorrow for Mickey’s hearing. Bill tells her she can’t think about that right now. Laura tells him that Mickey’s counting on her testimony in order for his release from Bayview. Bill thinks Mickey might not remember her. Laura thinks Mickey can recover with outpatient counseling but if he’s confined at Bayview she thinks it's poor for his state of mind. Bill tries to get her back to concentrating on their baby first.


SET: Int. Farmhouse Kitchen

(Up close on Laura, as another pain hits her. Pull back to show Bill watching her anxiously. This time the pain is not so strong or long lasting. When it's over, she looks up at him)

Laura tells Bill that the contractions are getting weaker. Bill tells her not to worry. She tells him that he’s probably right about the breech. Laura asks him what he is going to do. Bill tells her that he’s going to try and turn the baby.


SET: Int. Farmhouse Kitchen

(Laura’s deeply concerned face as Bill, the examination finished, covers her with the quilts. He moves up to stand beside her)

After his examination, Bill concludes that the baby is indeed breech. The baby’s rear is coming out first. Laura says it’s the worse possible position. Bill says he’s going to try and move the baby so it’ll come out feet first. Laura asks if he can do that with his bad arm. Bill says there’s nothing wrong with his left arm. Bill tries to mask his concern and Laura tells him to not try to hide his concern because she can see it. She asks that she’s in for a “bad time,” and Bill tells her that it won’t be easy. Laura tells him that having a c-section before with Michael makes natural birth much more dangerous. Bill agrees. Laura tells him that the pressure could rip open the original incision. Bill says that’s a possibility but hopeful that won’t happen because the baby is small.

Laura is thinking maybe they’ll be better off if Bill tries to do a c-section. Laura tells him not to spare her of any news. Bill says they can’t do a c-section because of his arm. Laura thinks it's something else and correctly guesses that it’s too late to do a c-section. Bill tells her that she’s right- the baby has entered the birth canal. Laura tries to comfort Bill by telling him that even if they were at a hospital it wouldn’t help them now.

Bill is really worried. Laura tries to tell him that the baby will be fine. Bill says he worried about her. She tells him that his first concern must be the baby, nothing must happen to it. Laura tells him that there’s something else she’s not telling him. That the baby could die from lack of oxygen if he doesn’t get it out in time. Bill asks her if she can face those facts and put her trust in him. She says of course she trusts him. Then Bill tells her she has to relax so she can help him with the birth. Laura says she won’t tighten up and will help all she can. Bill says that they have to get the baby out as soon as possible. She agrees.

Bill tells her he’s going to move her and get to sit so that gravity will help her deliver the baby. Laura understands. Now Bill gets ready to tell her all the facts because Laura wants to know everything. Laura beats him to the grim news- if the baby dies inside her, she can die too. Bill says all they can do is hope and pray.

Episode #2571
Air Date: Friday, February 6, 1976
Story Consultant: William J. Bell
Head Writer: Pat Falken Smith

Edward Mallory...Susan Oliver...Fran Ryan
Bill Horton...Laura Horton...Rosie Carlson


SET: Int. Farmhouse Kitchen

(Open on tight shot of Laura’s face reflecting the difficulty of the labor, the worry. Establish, then pull back to include Bill at her side. He is also showing the strain, but does his best to keep her relaxed, at base)

Laura is concerned about the baby. Bill says the baby will be all right. Laura thanks him for being so gentle and understanding. He says their baby will be born perfect. A contraction hits and Laura screams out Bill’s name. Bill tells her to breath through the contraction. Laura reminds him she knows what to do- she’s a doctor. Bill tells her she’s a mother and to try and relax but it's obvious in her face that she can’t. She complains about her back and Bill tries to alleviate the pain by putting his fist onto her spine. She feels a bit of calm.

Laura tries to lighten the mood by saying people say that she has a flair for the dramatic. Bill tells her who else would have a baby in a blizzard, only his wife.

Another contraction and Laura screams out Bill’s name again. He tells her that they’re less then two minutes apart. He tells her to try and stay loose. She says she’s trying but from her face we can see she’s having trouble. Laura tells Bill she can’t do it. Bill tells her she can and to remember Michael and their family. She wants him to make her a promise if she doesn’t make it. Bill makes her stop before she finishes her thought. He tells her that he turned the baby. Laura asks him if he turned the baby enough. Bill tells her that the baby is coming out kicking.  Another contraction. Laura goes back to asking about the promise. If she doesn’t make it, she wants him to go back to Salem and help Mickey, make sure they don’t commit him to Bayview. He promises. She also wants him to tell Michael that she loves him, then she tells him that she loves him. Bill jokes that she better and that rumor is that he’s the baby’s father. He tells her that they’ll get through his. Laura apologizes. Bill tells her to stop apologizing and to concentrate on what their son or daughter will look like.

(She smiles weakly at him, her eyes widen and she gasps as another pain hits her)


SET: Int. Farmhouse Kitchen

(Shot of Laura as one of the pains hits her)

Laura screams out Bill’s name. She notices that the contractions are getting closer. Laura tells him that he’s so beautiful. Bill tells her that she isn’t bad looking herself. Laura tells him that she keeps seeing Mickey’s face. Bill tells her to go with the contractions.


SET: Int. Carlson Farmhouse Kitchen

Laura is in full labor with contractions coming closer and closer. The lights of the farmhouse are flickering off and on. Bill notices this and can’t believe it. He tells her that he’s sorry.

The door bursts open. We see a shocked Rosie Carlson, the owner of the farmhouse.

(And at this point, the door bursts open. It is Rosie Carlson, a good-natured farm woman, the epitome of earthiness, warmth, strength, a female Hank. She is obviously shocked at the unexpected sight)


SET: Int. Carlson Farmhouse Kitchen

Rosie looks at the situation and can’t believe it. Bill quickly explains the situation to Rosie as another contraction hits Laura. Rosie asks how far apart the contractions are. He says three minutes. Rosie asks if he’s ever delivered a baby before. Bill tells her that he’s a doctor. Rosie clarifies if he’s delivered in this situation before. Bill tells her no. Rosie tells Laura that she’ll take care of things and removes her coat. She thought that someone broke into her house. Bill says that they did break in. Rosie warmly tells Laura that she has to take her time.

Rosie then says that she didn’t see their car. Bill tells her it's down the road. Rosie says she almost got stuck in town, but she has a truck. She asks how long they’ve been here. Bill tells her that it's been several hours. Rosie tells Bill that it's up to them to help Laura out since all the lines are down, but not to worry.


SET: Int. Carlson Farmhouse Kitchen

(Shot of Rosie as she dampens Laura’s mouth with a wet cloth)

Rosie tells Laura that it’s almost over and it’ll be easy. Bill is scrubbing at the sink and Rosie joins him. Bill tells her that it’s not going to be easy. Rosie says she noticed the breech.


SET: Int. Carlson Farmhouse Kitchen

(Take it up on Rosie, Bill and Laura. The tension is thick, although Rosie tries to keep it on an even keel)

Rosie asks for Bill’s name because she’s been calling him “doc.” Laura screams. Rosie tells her not to worry. Bill tells her that she’s been through this before. Rosie says she’s been through it before as well- from calves to kids. She’s even delivered one of her own.

Laura tells Bill that she’s close to giving birth. Bill tell Rosie that he needs all her strength now. She says that she’s good at following orders. Rosie tells them they’ll birth a beautiful healthy baby. Bill tells Laura to hang on. Rosie tries to distract Laura by saying that her baby will be gutsy.

Bill is giving Rosie instructions on helping him bring the baby out. Rosie tells him not to worry. Laura’s contraction hits and Bill tells her to push. Rosie massages her legs and tells her to stick out her neck like a chicken and push.

(A short time later)

SET: Int. Carlson Farmhouse Kitchen

(To Laura’s face in close, as she gasps. And pull back to show Bill and Rosie, preparing for the delivery. The tension in the room thick.)

LAURA: (gasping) Bill! The baby’s coming! (As Rosie looks at Bill)


SET: Int. Carlson Farmhouse Kitchen

(To tight shot of Rosie, in on her face as she assists with the birth)

ROSIE: (excited) Push a little more now!

BILL: (Low, tense) The cord—make sure the cord—

ROSIE: That’s it!

(And we hear a near shriek from Laura as the baby is thrust into this world)

ROSIE: I got it—it’s all right! Look at that!

(And tight on Bill’s expression as a smile breaks across his face, as the baby...SOUND: CRIES)

BILL: It’s all right, Laura.

LAURA:  Oh, Bill—

ROSIE: (stay with Bill and Laura’s faces as they smile at one another) Lookie there! All ten fingers and toes! (beat) She’s a beauty!

BILL: (looking from the baby to Laura) Just like her mother.

(Take it up in tight on Laura’s and Bill’s faces as Rosie places the baby in Laura’s arms)

LAURA:  Oh, Bill!

BILL: A daughter—almost as pretty as you.

(And as Bill, beaming, kisses his wife, take Rosie, a tear in her eyes, then back to Laura, and fade out...)

Episode #2572
Air Date: Monday, February 9, 1976
Story Consultant: William J. Bell
Head Writer: Pat Falken Smith

Edward Mallory...Susan Oliver...Fran Ryan
Bill Horton...Laura Horton...Rosie Carlson


SET: Int. Rosie’s Kitchen- Dawn the next morning

(The light of dawn gives a beautiful, gossamer effect as we see Bill’s hand reach out to Laura’s face, touching her gently)

BILL:  It’s dawn Laura.

LAURA: A new day, a new life…

(Pull back as they look down at Laura’s arms, which hold the baby)

BILL: A little girl. We have a baby girl.

LAURA: Our—baby girl.

BILL: Ours.

(Their eyes hold, knowing what that word means to them. A child Bill can openly acknowledge. But they do not speak of this, the moment too precious to them. Then Laura look down at the baby)

LAURA: Have you ever seen anything as beautiful?

BILL: (nods) Her mother.

LAURA: (beat, eyes misting) Bill—thank you—for our baby girl.

BILL: Quite a night we shared, Mrs. Horton.

LAURA: It has to be the most beautiful birth in the world. The two of us—bringing our child into the world together…

BILL: (beat) I can say it now. I was scared to death.

LAURA: Oh darling…

BILL: Knowing it was going to be a breech baby, that there was no way to get you to the hospital to take the child by section…

LAURA: You turned out to be quite an OB man, Doctor Horton.

BILL: Think I should change my field?

LAURA: Only when I’m having the baby.

BILL: What do you think we have here? A six pounder?

LAURA: Not much more, I’d say.

BILL: And every inch of her perfect
(Laura’s eyes search his momentarily)

LAURA: You—did check her thoroughly…

BILL: (a grin) Typical mother. Just look at those fingers, all twelve of them perfect.

LAURA: Bill Horton…

(Bill touches her tenderly)

BILL: She’s just like her mother, Laura. Perfect in every way.

LAURA: (beat) We’ve been—so blessed.

BILL: You better believe it. (hurting as he recalls)  I could have lost—both of you…

LAURA: (tenderly) Never. You’re stuck with us for life.

BILL: Is that a promise?

LAURA: We promise, don’t we Jennifer?

BILL: Jennifer.

LAURA: (eyes twinkling) Jennifer—Rose?

BILL: (warm grin) I’ll buy that. Jennifer Rose Horton.

LAURA: Where is Rosie?

BILL: Trying to rig up some kind of baby basket…

LAURA: And trying to give us some time alone, I’ll bet.

BILL: Right.

LAURA: What a dear woman. The way she took us in.

BILL:  Took us in? She found us already in.

(Laura laughs happily, but she is weak and tired)

LAURA: What she must have thought when she walked in…

BILL: Lucky she was able to make it home in that blizzard…

LAURA: How you ever found this farmhouse…

BILL: I—must have had a little help.

(Looks at him tenderly. Takes his hand)

LAURA: Yes. God was beside us—all night long. (beat)  He knows we never meant to hurt Mickey. And I think—this was His way of telling us that.

BILL: (hurting) I just hope He sticks around—through the rough times ahead for my brother—and for Michael, too.


SET: Int. Alice’s Bedroom


Tom and Alice have been fighting about Mickey. He has slept in another room and comes into the bedroom to get a clean suit. Alice accuses him of not being able to talk to him at all regarding Mickey. He said he’s not made up his mind about Mickey. He wants to know whether Laura can reach him. Then he thinks about Laura and Bill. He hasn’t heard a word from them. Alice tells him she’s worried too. She’s pregnant and overdue. She thinks they’re stranded somewhere in their car. Tom hope they made it home but can’t call because the phone’s out of order. Alice think that Bill would have come on foot to let them know what happened in the sanitarium. Tom agrees and is worried. Tom mentions that the hearing is today. Alice thinks Tom wants Mickey committed. Tom says it's barely dawn, that there’s still time to hear from Laura. Alice asks what will happen if Laura can’t get to the hearing on time. Tom says then he has to get an order to indefinite commitment. Alice can’t believe Tom can do that to his own son. Tom says it's not easy, but Mickey is potentially dangerous to the public. Alice doesn’t think so. Tom reminds her that Mickey bought a gun and tried to kill Bill. Alice says the gun went off in the struggle. Alice says if he wanted to kill Bill, then he would have shot again. Tom says he was in shock. Alice thinks it's because he realized it was his brother. Tom is frustrated and tells Alice, Mickey STILL wants to kill him AND Laura! Alice can’t believe it. Tom tells her that he said threatening things about Bill and Laura at the sanitarium. They keep arguing about Mickey.

SET: Int. Rosie’s Kitchen

(In contrast, we see the beautiful face of Laura looking down at her baby in her arms. After a moment, bring Bill in from outside, stomping the snow from his feet. Then he moves over and kisses Laura tenderly)

Bill has been shoveling a path in order to take Laura to the main road. Laura’s concerned about how hurt his arm is by shoveling. She also thinks that the main road may be full of snow as well. Bill tells her that they probably have the snow plows working on the road. He also tells her that Rosie is going to help her shovel as soon as she makes the bed for the baby. He jokes that she better decide whether she wants to breastfeed because Rosie is already donating the baby bottle that she uses to wean motherless lambs. They both laugh.


SET: Int. Rosie’s Kitchen

Bill tries the phone but the line is still dead. Laura thinks their family is bound to be worried. They know they can’t call because Mickey pulled the phone out of the wall at their home. Then, at that moment, little Jennifer starts feeding. Laura fights back tears and tells Bill that she never got to breastfeed Michael.

Rosie enters with the baby bed. Its an old laundry basket with a bottle lying in the basket. She “complains” about working herself to death while Bill and Laura “play” Mommy and Daddy. Rosie shows Laura the makeshift crib and she thinks it's wonderful. As she’s showing the bottle, Rosie notices that Laura’s breastfeeding and tells them she guesses they won’t need it. Laura is amused by the thought of using the lamb’s bottle.


SET: Int. Rosie’s Kitchen

(Close on Laura, sleeping now. Then pan over to Bill and Rosie, looking down into the makeshift crib at the baby)

Laura is asleep. Bill thinks the baby looks exactly like Laura, except for the frown. Rosie tells him all babies frown and she should know, she has seven kids. Bill tries to move his shoulder but winces in pain. Rosie asks him if she can change the bandage. Bill was trying to hide the injury, but Rosie saw the blood after he took his coat off. Bill tells her to ask no questions. She agrees.

Bill thanks Rosie for helping him with the delivery. He was afraid for Laura’s life and that of the baby. Rosie was too. She tells him she’s sorry about the phones being down. She thinks their folks are probably wondering where they are. Bill says that they have to get back to Salem. Rosie thinks it's because they have other kids at home. Bill says they only have one, a grown son, who’s not as home. Rosie tells him there’s nothing like having a “late baby.” Her youngest was born when she was thirty-eight. Rosie asks if they have a name picked out for the little one. Bill tells her that his wife picked it out- Jennifer ROSE Horton. Rosie is almost in tears and is so appreciative of the kind gesture. Bill hopes that little Jennifer grows up as beautiful as her mom and as kind as Rosie.


SET: Int. Rosie’s Kitchen

Bill is holding the baby. Laura loves the sight of him and the baby, but she’s concerned about the hearing. Bill tells her not to worry about it. Laura says that she has to be there. She can’t help but think about Mickey. Bill tells her she should try to relax and think about their family for a moment. She thinks about the little baby and says they’re all blessed.