Deidre Hall (Dr. Marlena Evans)

Birthplace: Milwaukee, Wisconsin...Raised: Lake Worth, Florida.
Birthday: October 31, 1947.

Personal: Single. 2 sons: David Atticus (8/23/92) and Tully Chapin (1/19/95) (both with the help of surrogate mother Robin Buchanan). Her twin sister, Andrea, appeared on "Days" as Marlena's twin sister, Samantha Evans (1977-1982) and as Hattie Adams (2000-2001). Played Hattie Adams herself for two episodes in April, 2004 and Samantha Evans in August, 2008. Has a jewelry collection, occasionally sold on QVC.
Filmography: TV Series: "Emergency!" (Nurse Sally Lewis: 1972), "The Young & the Restless" (Barbara Anderson: 1973-1975), "Electra Woman and Dyna Girl" (Lori/Electra Woman: 1976-1977), "Our House" (Jesse Witherspoon: 1986-1988), "Wiseguy" (Claudia Newquay: 1988). TV Appearances: "Celebrity Bowling", "San Francisco International Airport", "Night Gallery", "Adam-12", "Karen", "S.W.A.T.", "Hot Pursuit", "Hotel", "Columbo", "Perry Mason", "Murder, She Wrote", "Women of the House", "Intimate Portrait: Deidre Hall." TV Movies: "The Million Dollar Face", "A Reason to Live", "Take My Daughters Please", "And the Sea Will Tell", "For the Very First Time", "Woman on the Ledge", "Never Say Never: The Deidre Hall Story" (autobiography), "OP Center." Movies: "Pray TV", "Special Delivery."
Awards: 3 Daytime Emmy nominations (supporting actress, 1980; lead actress 1984, 1985). 6 SOD Awards (lead actress, 1982,1983,1984,1985,1995; couple [with Drake Hogestyn, John], 2005). 3 SOD nominations (hottest romance, 1998; lead actress, 1999, 2005). 2 SOU Awards (best Days actress, 1994,1995).
Days Airdates: June 21, 1976-April 24, 1987; August 2, 1991-January 23, 2009; September 26, 2011-Present.  (Also played Hattie Adams: April 12, 2004-April 13, 2004; November 30, 2016-October 25, 2017).

Drake Hogestyn (John Black)

Birthplace: Fort Wayne, Indiana
Birthday: September 29, 1953.

Personal: Wife: Victoria Ann Post (married 12/31/84). 2 daughters: Whitney N. (7/20/85) and Alexandra Lane (12/9/88). From Victoria's previous marriage, 1 stepson, Benjamin William (11/6/81), and 1 stepdaughter, Rachael Lynn (6/15/79). Real first name: Donald. Minor league baseball player with NY Yankees in the 1970's.
Filmography: TV Series: "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" (Brian McFadden: 1982-1983). TV Appearance: "Otherworld." TV Movies: "Generation", "Beverly Hills Cowgirl Blues."
Awards: 3 SOD Awards (hottest male, 1994,1995; couple [with Deidre Hall, Marlena], 2005); 2 SOD nominations (hottest male, 1997; hottest romance, 1998). 12 SOU Awards (best actor, 1992,1993, 1994,1995, 1996,1997; best Days actor, 1992,1993,1994,1995,1996,1997).
Days Airdates: January 24, 1986-January 23, 2009; September 26, 2011-June 14, 2013. Recurring: July 17, 2013-July 18, 2013. Contract: March 4, 2014-November 1, 2016; April 3, 2017-Present.

Olivia Rose Keegan (Claire Brady)

Birthplace: San Rafael, California.
November 22, 1999.

Personal: Single.
Filmography: TV Appearances: "A.N.T. Farm", "Modern Family", "Sam & Cat", "Enlisted", "Growing Up Fisher", "Wilfred", "The Thudermans."
Days Airdates: Recurring: November 25, 2015-May 26, 2016; Contract: June 21, 2016-Present.

Victoria Konefal (Ciara Brady)

Birthplace: Brooklyn, New York.
Birthday: October 29, 1996.

Filmography: TV Appearance: "Modern Family." TV Movie: "The Wrong Crush."
Days Airdates: December 1, 2017-Present.


Lauren Koslow (Kate DiMera)

Birthplace: Boston, Massachusetts.
Birthday: March 9, 1953.

Personal: Husband: Nicholas Louis Schillace, a makeup artist (married 5/3/87). 1 son: Zachariah Nicholas (11/6/88). 1 daughter: Emilia Katari "Millikate" (10/9/90).
Filmography: TV Series: "The Young & the Restless" (Lindsey Wells: 1984-1986), "The Bold and the Beautiful" (Margo Lynley: 1987-1993, 2002). TV Appearances: "Mike Hammer", "Spies", "Silk Stalkings", "Valley of the Dolls", "The Nanny", "Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior." Movies: "Hard to Hold", "Zork: Nemesis."
Awards: 1 SOD nomination (supporting actress, 2000).
Days Airdates: January 25, 1996-Present.