2/1/72: Horton Living Room, Mickey Horton Den, Laura’s Kitchen, Mickey Horton House-Front Steps, Mickey’s Office.

2/2/72: Mickey Horton Den & Hallway, Mickey’s Office, Rick’s Flophouse Hotel Room, Phone for Miss Rogers (Limbo).

2/3/72: Banning Apartment & Hallway, Horton Living Room, Sam Blake’s Office & Hallway, Table in Restaurant (Small Area), Phone Booth for Michael (Limbo).

2/4/72: Greg’s Office at Clinic, Bill’s Office at Clinic, Mickey Horton Den, Horton Living Room.

2/7/72: Bill’s Office at Clinic, Mickey Horton Den & Hallway.

2/8/72: Bill’s Office at Clinic, Horton Living Room, Phone for Laura (Limbo), Park Setting with Bench.

2/9/72: Rick’s Apartment, Peters’ Living Room, Susan’s Apartment, Phone for Eric (Limbo), Greg’s Office at Clinic.

2/10/72: Banning Living Room, Greg’s Clinic Office, Corridor Outside Greg’s Office, Banning Bedroom.

2/11/72: Greg’s Office at Clinic, Banning Living Room, Banning Bedroom, Susan’s Apartment.

2/14/72: Horton Living Room, Horton Kitchen, Susan’s Apartment.

2/15/72: Julie’s Bedroom, Phone for Greg (Limbo), Laura’s Office at Clinic & Hallway, Susan’s Apartment.

2/16/72: Laura’s Office at Clinic, Greg’s Office at Clinic, Peters’ Kitchen.

2/17/72: Laura’s Office at Clinic, Greg’s Office at Clinic, Julie’s Apartment.

2/18/72: Greg’s Office at Clinic & Hallway, Small Restaurant, Rick’s Apartment, Eric’s Apartment & Hallway.

2/21/72: Mickey’s Office, School Classroom, Rick’s Room, Mickey Horton Den.

2/22/72: Laura’s Office at Clinic, Susan’s Apartment, Peters’ Living Room, Peters’ Kitchen.

2/23/72: Mickey Horton Kitchen, Mickey Horton Den & Front Hallway, Horton Living Room.

2/24/72: Michael’s Bedroom, Mickey Horton Bathroom, Mickey & Laura’s Bedroom, Sergio’s Dining Area, Sergio’s Phone Area, Mickey Horton Den, Hall Outside Mickey’s Bedroom.

2/25/72: Sergio’s, Phone Area at Sergio’s, Mike’s Bedroom (Limbo), Tom & Alice’s Bedroom (Section), Mickey Horton Den & Front Hall, Park Bench (Night), Park Area Near Bushes (Night).

2/28/72: Horton Living Room, Mickey’s Bedroom, Mickey Horton Den & Front Hallway, Michael’s Bedroom (Partial set), Susan’s Apartment, Park Bench Area, Park Area Near Bushes.

2/29/72: Horton Living Room & Hallway, Ext. Horton Front Porch, Mickey Horton Den & Front Hallway, Bench Area in Park, Street Near Park, Back of Truck (Night).