Thirty Years Ago in Salem: "Days of Our Lives" Cast Chart: December 1982
Deidre Hall (Marlena) & Wayne Northrop (Roman) Lead Rankings with 19 Episodes

Set Lists:

12/1/82: Shenanigans, Nurses’ Station: 5th & 10th Floors, Abe & Roman’s Office, Doug & Julie’s Apartment, Roman’s Apartment, Marlena’s Office, Doug & Julie’s Bed (Limbo), Marlena’s Bed (Limbo), Eugene’s Bed (Limbo), Phone Booth (Limbo).

12/2/82: Nurses’ Station & Staff Lounge: 7th Floor, Salem Inn Dining Room, Chris’ Hotel Room in Los Angeles, Marlena’s Inner & Outer Office, Roman’s Apartment; On Location: Knott’s Berry Farm.

12/3/82: Roman’s Apartment, DiMera Study, Doug’s Place Entertainment Area, Neil’s Townhouse, Chris’ Hotel Room, Carrie’s Bed (Limbo), Marie’s Dressing Table (Limbo), Secluded Phone in Doug’s Place (Limbo); On Location: Knott’s Berry Farm.

12/6/82: Doug’s Place Entertainment Area, Neil’s Townhouse, Lakehouse, Nikki’s Bed & Sitting Room, Chris’ Hotel Room, Abe’s Office Phone (Limbo); Stock Footage of Wade Mansion at Night.

12/7/82: DiMera Study, Roman’s Apartment & Secret Room, Abe & Danny’s Apartment, Nurses’ Station & Staff Lounge: 7th Floor, Marlena’s Inner & Outer Office, Neil’s Bed (Limbo).

12/8/82: Chris’ Office, DiMera Living Room & Entry, Abe & Roman’s Office, Gwen’s Office, Shenanigans, Riverfront, Chris’ Bed (Limbo), Don’s Office Phone (Limbo).

12/9/82: Chris’ House, Lakehouse, Penthouse, Doug & Julie’s Apartment, Abe & Roman’s Office, Marlena’s Office, Table at Salem Inn (Limbo), Chris’ Bed (Limbo).

12/10/82: Shenanigans, Lakehouse, Abe & Roman’s Office, Salem Inn Dining Room, Alex’s Salem Inn Room & Bathroom, Roman’s Apartment, Orby’s Taxi.

12/13/82: Doug’s Place Entertainment Area, Alex’s Salem Inn Room & Bathroom, Int. & Ext. Roman’s Apartment & Secret Room, Mickey’s Permanent Prison Room, Roman’s Bed (Limbo), Penthouse Phone (Limbo).

12/14/82: Nurses’ Station & Staff Lounge: 5th, 7th, & 10th Floors, Shenanigans, Roman’s Apartment, Doug’s Place Entertainment Area, Parked Station Wagon, Pay Phone (Limbo), Tent in Jungle (Limbo).

12/15/82: Shenanigans, Doug’s Place Entertainment Area, Don’s House, Abe & Roman’s Inner & Outer Office & Corridor, Lakehouse, Alley Behind Shenanigans, News Desk (Limbo), Pay Phone (Limbo).

12/16/82: Doug’s Place Entertainment Area, Chris’ Office, Don’s House, Gwen’s Apartment, DiMera Study.

12/17/82: Don’s House, Horton Kitchen, Abe & Roman’s Inner & Outer Office, DiMera Study & Foyer, Shenanigans, Alex’s Salem Inn Room.

12/20/82: Chris’ Office, Alex’s Hotel Room, Penthouse & Elevator Lobby, Nurses’ Station & Staff Lounge: 5th & 10th Floors, Captain Cummings’ Office, Carrie’s Bed at Penthouse (Limbo).

12/21/82: David’s Apartment, Shenanigans, Riverfront, Horton Living Room, Renee’s Car, Examination Room.

12/22/82: Tony’s Car, Nurses’ Station & Staff Lounge: 9th Floor, Operating Room, Shenanigans & Front Entrance.

12/23/82: Doug’s Place Entertainment Area, Shenanigans, DiMera Living Room, Doug & Julie’s Apartment, Lakehouse & Ext. Bushes Near Woodpile.

12/24/82: Penthouse, Nurses’ Station: 5th Floor, Lakehouse, Mickey’s Permanent Prison Room, Horton Living Room, Mickey & Maggie’s Christmas Tree (Limbo).

12/27/82: Penthouse, Coffee Shop, Mickey’s Permanent Prison Room, Don’s Office, DiMera Living Room, Jungle in Venezuela, Salem Inn Table (Limbo).

12/28/82: Salem Inn, Nurses’ Station & Staff Lounge: 10th Floor & Emergency, DiMera Living Room, Examination Room, Alex’s Salem Inn Room, Lakehouse Phone (Limbo).

12/29/82: Doug’s Place Entertainment & Powder Room Areas, Nurses’ Station & Staff Lounge: 5th & 7th Floors, Shenanigans, Alley Behind Shenanigans, Neil’s Townhouse, Roman’s Apartment (Limbo), Don’s Office (Limbo), Marie’s Dressing Table (Limbo).

12/30/82: David’s Apartment, Shenanigans, Marlena’s Penthouse, Doug & Julie’s Apartment, Hospital Room & Corridor, Doug & Julie’s Bedroom (Limbo).

12/31/82: Shenanigans, DiMera Study, Hospital Room & Corridor, Lakehouse, Doug’s Place, Penthouse.