EPISODE # 1000
Air Date: October 29, 1969

Episode # 1000: Actress Sandy Roberts presents Macdonald Carey (Tom) with the blown-up version of a telegram from production company Screen Gems congratulating "Days" on the taping of its 1000th episode.

Cast: Tom, Mickey, Bill, Tommy, Kitty, Laura, Sandy, Janene, Michael.
Sets: Michael's Hospital Room, Corridor with Elevator Outside Michael'sHospital Room, Bill's Quarters (Limbo), Kitty's Hospital Room, Janene's Living Room, Tommy's Office.

The master telecast report & script cover for # 1000:

EPISODE # 2000
Air Date: November 8, 1973

Episode # 2000: Executive producer Betty Corday feeds Macdonald Carey (Tom) a piece of cake, as Corinne Conley (Phyllis), Jed Allan (Don), Mark Tapscott (Bob), John Clarke (Mickey), Susan Seaforth (Julie) and Patricia Barry (Addie) look on.

Cast: Tom, Julie, Addie, Bob, Phyllis, Don, George/Jewelry Salesman.
Sets: Tom’s Hospital Office, Anderson Living Room, Bob’s Studio, Table for Two at Restaurant, Williams’ Living Room (Limbo), Jewelry Store (Small Set), Phone for Julie (Limbo), Phone for Don (Limbo), Fantasy Set for Bob & Julie Dance Sequence.
The episode happened to air on the show's 8th anniversary in 1973!

The master telecast report & script cover for # 2000:

EPISODE # 3000
Air Date: October 4, 1977


Episode # 3000: Twins Andre Hall (Samantha) and Deidre Hall (Marlena) sit in front of the "Days" 3,000th episode cake, as the rest of the cast looks on. Also featured in the photo are Bill Hayes (Doug), Susan Seaforth Hayes (Julie), co-executive producer Wes Kenney, Margaret Mason (Linda), Suzanne Rogers (Maggie), Frances Reid (Alice), Wesley Eure (Mike), Kaye Stevens (Jeri), John Lupton (Tommy), Robert Clary (Robert), Brooke Bundy (Rebecca), NBC Daytime executive Dean Craig, executive producer Betty Corday, [unknown], Josh Taylor (Chris) and Rosemary Forsyth (Laura). RIGHT: Executive producer Betty Corday holds the special numbers with original cast members Macdonald Carey (Tom) and Frances Reid (Alice).

Cast: Bill, Mike, Neil, Don, David, Trish, Mary, Laura, Chris, Samantha, Walter Griffin, Karl Lemley, Ed, Messenger, Nurse.
Sets: Chris’ Office, Phyllis’ Living Room, Trish’s Apartment, Laura’s Den, Bar, Patient’s Room at University Hospital, Don’s Bedroom.
Storylines featured that week included Samantha signing off on Marlena's shock treatment; Phyllis paying off Chris to pay attention to Mary; and Maggie accompanying Jean to a meeting for battered wives.

The script cover & cast/set page for # 3000:

EPISODE # 4000
Air Date: August 14, 1981

Episode # 4000: Back Row: Stephen Brooks (Joshua), Gloria Loring (Liz), Melinda Fee (Mary), Philece Sampler (Renee), Brenda Benet (Lee), Suzanne Rogers (Maggie), Joseph Gallison (Neil), John Clarke (Mickey). Front Row: Lane Davies (Evan), Deidre Hall (Marlena), Macdonald Carey (Tom), executive producer Betty Corday, Frances Reid (Alice), Gregg Marx (David) and Tammy Taylor (Hope) pose in the Horton Living room set. 

Cast: Tom, Alice, Mickey, Maggie, Neil, Marlena, Lee, Joshua, Renee, Mary, David, Evan, Guard, Nurse, Thug (FBO).
Sets: Body Connection Exercise Area, Hospital Coffee Shop, Nurses’ Station, County Jail Visiting Room, Marlena’s Office, David’s Jail Cell (Limbo).
Storylines featured that week included Alex finding out that he is paralyzed; Mary giving drug evidence about David to Don; Lee pursuing Stuart; Hope introducing Jessica to Jake; Liz preparing for her wedding to Don; Marie and Alex moving into a new apartment; and Maggie trying to stay friends with Evan.

EPISODE # 5000
Air Date: June 28, 1985 


Episode # 5000: The "Days" cast celebrates its milestone 5,000th episode. Front Row: Frances Reid (Alice), John Clarke (Mickey), Macdonald Carey (Tom), Andrea Barber (Carrie). 2nd Row: Charles Shaughnessy (Shane), Patsy Pease (Kimberly), Jane Windsor (Emma), Elaine Princi (Linda), Lisa Trusel (Melissa), Kristian Alfonso (Hope), Peter Reckell (Bo), Deidre Hall (Marlena), Arleen Sorkin (Calliope), Samantha Barrows (Noel), David Wallace (Tod), Leann Hunley (Anna), Thaao Penghlis (Tony). 3rd Row: Josh Taylor (Chris), Darby Hinton (Ian), Andrew Masset (Larry), Michael Leon (Pete), Holly Gagnier (Ivy), Joseph Gallison (Neil), Gloria Loring (Liz), Shannon Tweed (Savannah), Quinn Redeker (Alex). Top Row: James Reynolds (Abe), Rod Arrants (Richard), Lew Brown (Shawn), Barbara Beckley (Caroline), Marty Davich (Marty), Don Frabotta (Dave), [unknown], Stephen Nichols (Steve), Rusty Cundieff (Theo).

Cast: Tom, Alice, Mickey, Neil, Marlena, Liz, Abe, Tony, Chris, Anna, Hope, Bo, Melissa, Pete, Tod, Savannah, Calliope, Patch, Ian, Carrie, Young Mickey, Young Tommy.
Sets: Anna’s Townhouse, Curtis Living Room & Front Door, Shenanigans, Horton Living Room, Neil’s Office & Corridor, Pier, Wilder Video Control Room, Street for Young Mickey/Young Tommy Videotape.
Storyline: Anna complained to Calliope that Tony called off their wedding at the last minute. Tony explained that he felt a "city hall"-type wedding was not good enough for them. Tod admitted to Savannah that he accidentally left the film canister that her organization wanted in Neil's doctor bag, and the bag was now in Kimberly Brady's apartment. Savannah met with Patch and told him to break into Kim's apartment and get the canister. Hope and Bo got many Salemites together for a surprise party for Tom and Alice. Marlena and Carrie were left with the job of stalling Alice and Tom until everyone arrived. Later, Bo noticed Patch and ran after him. Patch knocked him out and left him unconscious on the pier. Bo later awoke and made it to the Horton party. At the party, the gang watched home movies of a young Mickey and young Tommy (with small children in the roles) and a young Hope ice skating (actual footage of Kristian Alfonso as a child). They also watched a video which was from the pilot episode. Mickey toasted Alice and Tom: "Salem's premiere couple. We all love you!" The Horton family and guests (Tom, Alice, Mickey, Hope, Bo, Melissa, Neil, Liz, Marlena, Carrie, Chris, Abe, Tony, Anna, Calliope and Tod) assembled for a picture as the episode ended.

The final scene of episode # 5000:

EPISODE # 6000
Air Date: May 16, 1989 


Episode # 6000: "Days" castmembers Wally Kurth (Justin), Judi Evans (Adrienne), Judith Chapman (Anjelica), Richard Biggs (Marcus), Peggy McCay (Carolone), Matthew Ashford (Jack), James Luisi (Earl), Mary Beth Evans (Kayla), Stephen Nichols (Steve), Macdonald Carey (Tom), James Hampton (Saul), Melissa Brennan (Jennifer), Steve Eastin (Jericho), Frances Reid (Alice), George Jenesky (Nick), John Aniston (Victor), Patrice Chanel-Carter (Gail), Jay Robinson (Monty), Joy Garrett (Jo), Frank Parker (Shawn) and Mindy Clarke (Faith), celebrate the show's 6000th episode.

Cast: Adrienne, Anjelica, Caroline, Faith, Gail, Jack, Jennifer, Jericho, Jo, Justin, Kayla, Marcus, Patch, Saul, Shawn, Victor, Earl, Yvette, Mrs. Simms, Hannah, Nurse, Baby Yogi/dog.
Sets: Brady Fish Market, Faith's Hospital Room & Corridor, Penthouse Living Room, Park with Pay Phone, Loft & Exterior, K&D Reception Area, Curtis Living Room & Foyer.
Storyline: Steve and Kayla tell Shawn and Caroline that Roman is still in a coma. Steve finds out that his father's twin brother, Earl, has been released from prison. Steve goes to tell his mother Jo, and is surprised to see that Earl is already there. Jo admits to Steve that she was the one who turned Earl in and had him spend years in prison. Saul confronts Marcus about Faith's upcoming surgery. Later, Marcus invites Gail to join him when he goes to South Carolina to research his past. Adrienne is concerned when she finds out Justin is old friends with Yvette, a former prostitute who has just arrived in town. Victor wonders about the project that Anjelica is agreeing to work on with Alfred. Jack and Jennifer are happy to learn from Mrs. Simms that Jennifer has been approved as Hannah's new foster parent. However, they are quite surprised when Mrs. Simms hands Hannah over to Jennifer earlier than expected. 

EPISODE # 7000
Air Date: April 9, 1993


Episode # 7000: Top Row: Don Frabotta (Dave), John Aniston (Victor), Wayne Northrop (Roman), Michael Sabatino (Lawrence), Ivan G'Vera (Ivan), Wayne Heffley (Vern), Marilyn McIntyre (Jo), Matthew Ashford (Jack), Melissa Reeves (Jennifer), Thyme Lewis (Jonah), Frank Parker (Shawn). Middle Row: J. Cynthia Brooks (Taylor), Robert Kelker-Kelly (Bo), Crystal Chappell (Carly), James Reynolds (Abe), Renee Jones (Lexie), Ariana Chase (Kimberly), Alison Sweeney (Sami), Christie Clark (Carrie), Bryan Dattilo (Lucas). Bottom Row: Louise Sorel (Vivian), Erik vonDetten (Nicholas), Macdonald Carey (Tom), Frances Reid (Alice), John Clarke (Mickey), Suzanne Rogers (Maggie), Drake Hogestyn (John), Patrick Muldoon (Austin).

Cast: Abe, Bo/Mitch, Carly, Ivan, John, Lexie, Marlena, Nicholas, Rebecca, Roman, Taylor, Vivian, Trucker.
Sets: Alamain Mansion, Abe’s Office, Taylor’s Apartment, John & Rebecca’s Mountain Resort Room, Roman & Marlena’s Mountain Resort Room, Nurses’ Station & Staff Lounge, Mountain Resort Lake, Road with Taylor’s Car, Phone Booth for Trucker.
Storyline: Bo's crooked partner, Taylor, is trying to help Mitch (Bo's crooked lookalike, played by Robert Kelker-Kelly and voiced by Larry Hayden) escape from Salem. She is driving him out of town when they come face-to-face with Bo at a police checkpoint. Vivian, upset with losing Nicholas to Carly, decides to take some of Carly's pain medication and commit suicide. Abe is very upset when Lexie tells him that she never wants to have a child. She feels life is too difficult and heartbreaking for her to bring a child into the world, but Abe thinks there's another reason. An uncomfortable Marlena accidentally walks into John and Rebecca's hotel room while they are kissing. Later, Marlena decides to go for a swim in the lake. John notices her from his window and takes off to see her.

EPISODE # 8000
Air Date: March 21, 1997

Episode # 8000: Renee Jones (Lexie), Peggy McCay (Caroline), John Aniston (Victor), Collin O'Donnell (Shawn-Douglas), executive producer Ken Corday, Drake Hogestyn (John), James Reynolds (Abe), Frances Reid (Alice), Peter Reckell (Bo), John Clarke (Mickey), Eileen Davidson (Kristen/Susan), Suzanne Rogers (Maggie), Jaime Lyn Bauer (Laura), Ivan G'Vera (Ivan) and Joseph Mascolo (Stefano).

Cast: Abe, Austin, Billie, Bo, Carrie, Hope, Jennifer, J.L., Kate, Kristen/Susan, Laura, Lucas, Lynn, Sami, Max, Therapist/Grace, Kristen/Susan Body Double, Eddie/Foreman, Cop/Jennings, Jack (FBO), Guard (FBO).

Sets: Sami's Hospital Room & Corridor, Austin's Apartment & Corridor, Jennifer's Living Room & Kitchen, Street, Susan's Apartment, Alleyway, Kate's Office, J.L.'s Office, Austin's Bedroom.
Storyline: Sami continues to work with her therapist, Grace. Carrie is happy that Austin has decided to join her at Green Mountain Lodge. Lucas sees Kate searching for the blackmail that Sami has on her. Lucas visits an amnesiac Sami, trying to help her regain her memory. Billie tells Bo she will leave town, even though she still loves him. Bo tells Abe that if something happens to him with J.L., please tell Hope that he never stopped loving her. An annoyed J.L. pulls a gun on Bo when Billie fails to show up. Susan wonders how to get baby Elvis away from Kristen and considers talking to Marlena about it. Jennifer prepares a baby shower for Kristen. Laura tells Kristen when she remembers what happened, she'll tell John everything. Kristen tells Lynn to make sure that doesn't happen.

EPISODE # 9000
Air Date: February 26, 2001

Episode # 9000: Front Row: Farah Fath (Mimi), Kirsten Storms (Belle), Julianne Morris (Greta), Alison Sweeney (Sami), Melissa Reeves (Jennifer), Peggy McCay (Caroline), Frances Reid (Alice), John Clarke (Mickey), Suzanne Rogers (Maggie), Kristian Alfonso (Hope), Patrika Darbo (Nancy), Deidre Hall (Marlena). Back Row: Valerie Wildman (Fay), James Reynolds (Abe), Jay Johnson (Philip), Heather Olson (Jan), Millicent Martin (Lili), Arianne Zuker (Nicole), Nadia Bjorlin (Chloe), Josh Taylor (Roman), Jason Cook (Shawn), Kyle Lowder (Brady), Megan Corletto (Abigail), Frank Parker (Grandpa Shawn), Steve Blackwood (Bart), Kevin Spirtas
(Craig), Will Utay (Rolf), Matt Cedeno (Brandon).

Cast: Belle, Brady, Brandon, Chloe, John, Kate, Lucas, Marlena, Mickey, Mimi, Philip, Sami, Shawn, Victor, Gene Briscoe, Nurse, Hotel Employee, Austin (FBO).

Sets: Chloe's Hotel Room & Corridor/France, Kirakis Mansion, Brandon's Apartment, John's Hospital Room & Corridor/France, Mimi's Hospital Room/France, Victor's Hideout/France.

Storyline: Philip tells Chloe she's the only person he can trust. Chloe sees Brady fall off his crutches, but does not help him. While Brandon is kissing Sami, his towel falls off, leaving nothing to Sami's imagination. Kate and Lucas are celebrating after they speak with Victor's lawyer, Gene, thinking they are about to inherit all of Victor's money. However, Victor ends up not being dead after all, having worn a bullet-proof vest. Mimi questions Shawn about what their kiss meant to him. Belle figures out that the argument John and Marlena had was about Brady.

EPISODE # 10000
Air Date: February 21, 2005

Episode # 10000: FRONT ROW: Judi Evans (Bonnie), Christopher Gerse (Will), Ashley Benson (Abigail), Peggy McCay (Caroline), Renee Jones (Lexie), Lauren Koslow (Kate), Alison Sweeney (Sami), Kristian Alfonso (Hope), Suzanne Rogers (Maggie), Frances Reid (Alice), executive producer Ken Corday (Judge Shay), Susan Seaforth Hayes (Julie), Melissa Reeves (Jennifer), Arianne Zuker (Nicole), Heather Lindell (Jan), Martha Madison (Belle), Farah Fath (Mimi), John Aniston (Victor), Tanya Boyd (Celeste). BACK ROW: John Ingle (Mickey), Josh Taylor (Roman), Daphne Bloomer (Eugenia), Frank Parker (Grandpa Shawn), Patrika Darbo (Nancy; face obscured); Bryan Dattilo (Lucas), Julie Pinson (Billie), Peter Reckell (Bo), Drake Hogestyn (John), Kyle Lowder (Brady), Deidre Hall (Marlena), Brody Hutzler (Patrick), Bill Hayes (Doug), Steve Blackwood (Bart), Matthew Ashford (Jack), Jason Cook (Shawn),
Kyle Brandt (Philip).

Cast: Alice, Belle, Billie, Bo, Brandon, Hope, Jennifer, Kate, Lucas, Mickey, Mimi, Philip, Rex, Sami, Shawn, Dr. Aubrey, Lt. Bilbo, Judge Shay, Bailiff, Tom (FBO).
Sets: Horton Living Room, Bo & Hope's Living Room, Bo & Hope's Kitchen, Mimi's Hospital Room, Shawn's Loft, Marine Base, Lucas' Apartment, Courtroom.
Storyline: Original cast member Frances Reid opens the show as herself, flashing back to the pilot episode, and thanking the loyal and devoted fans for forty years. In the episode, Hope tells Bo she wants Billie to move out today. Billie's hearing is run by Judge Shay (played by executive producer Ken Corday; Shay was Elixabeth Corday's maiden name). Unless Billie can provide a permanent address, she will be taken back into custody. Bo decides to let Billie stay with him, even though it will anger Hope. Mimi is about to confess to Rex that she had an abortion, but he interrupts her and proposes to her. Shawn asks Belle whether she is choosing him or Philip. Lucas tells Sami her betrayal (she was found in bed with a drugged Brandon) will prevent them from getting married. Kate (who engineered the drugging) is ecstatic as Lucas grabs the marriage certificate and rips it up. Frances Reid returns to close the show, telling the audience to stay tuned as "Days" begins its next 10,000 episodes.

Frances Reid opens and closes the 10,000th episode:

EPISODE # 11000
Air Date: January 21, 2009

Episode # 11000
Front Row: Shelley Hennig (Stephanie), Bryan Dattilo (Lucas), Molly Burnett (Melanie), Rachel Melvin (Chelsea), Kristian Alfonso (Hope), Suzanne Rogers (Maggie), Lauren Koslow (Kate), Renee Jones (Lexie), John Aniston (Victor), Joseph Mascolo (Stefano). Back Row: Eric Martsolf (Brady), Nadia Bjorlin (Chloe), Galen Gering (Rafe), Arianne Zucker (Nicole), Darin Brooks (Max), Peter Reckell (Bo), James Scott (EJ), Shawn Christian (Daniel), Jay Johnson (Philip), Josh Taylor (Roman).

Dr. Baker, Bo, Brady, Chloe, Daniel, EJ, Hope, John, Lucas, Marlena, Nicole, Rafe, Sami, Charlotte, Sister Theresa, Killer.
Sets: Pub, Convent, DiMera Mansion, Dr. Baker's Office, Horton Cabin, Hospital Corridor, Marlena's Townhouse, Pier, Safehouse

Storyline: Chloe tells Lucas that she wants to be only with him. Late, Chloe runs into Daniel and tells him it's over between them. Lucas tells Chloe he can't go with her to her audition in Vancouver. Bo tells Hope he's thinking about resigning as police commissioner, but she asks him to reconsider. EJ wants to accompany Nicole to Chicago, not knowing she really wants to go there to be there when Mia gives birth. An upset Chloe shows up and blurts out to a shocked Nicole that Sami is pregnant. At the convent, Sami prays for Rafe's safety. Rafe shows up at the safehouse and confronts the killer as they get into a brawl. Brady tells John that Charlotte has been deceiving him and that he did make some progress in the hypnotherapy session. John accuses Brady of spying on him so Brady shows his dad the video he got from Charlotte's computer. John wonders why the doctor would do that to him. Charlotte rummages through her purse after Marlena invites her in. They begin to accuse each other and Charlotte announces she has come to Salem to see the end of Marlena's career. John calls Marlena and tells her not to confront Charlotte but Marlena tells him it is too late. Charlotte pulls out a syringe filled with a muscle relaxant as she rants about how her dad always praised Marlena and how much it hurt Charlotte when he did. Marlena asks Charlotte if she is to blame for her unhappy childhood and says maybe Charlotte just didn't measure up. Marlena knocks a lamp off the table and they start fighting as John, Hope, Bo and Brady rush in the door. Charlotte jumps up and injects John in the back with the muscle relaxant. Marlena performs CPR on John as Bo calls for an ambulance.

EPISODE # 12000
Air Date: January 11, 2013


Episode # 12000: Front Row: Greg Vaughan (Eric), Camila Banus (Gabi), Eric Martsolf (Brady), Arianne Zucker (Nicole), Bryan Dattilo (Lucas), Deidre Hall (Marlena), Drake Hogestyn (John), Suzanne Rogers (Maggie), Melissa Reeves (Jennifer), Kate Mansi (Abigail), Mary Beth Evans (Kayla), Lauren Koslow (Kate), Joseph Mascolo (Stefano), John Aniston (Victor) and Josh Taylor (Roman). Back Row: Shawn Christian (Daniel), Blake Berris (Nick), Casey Deidrick (Chad), Nadia Bjorlin (Chloe), Nathan Owens (Cameron), Chandler Massey (Will) and Galen Gering (Rafe). AT RIGHT: The 12,000th cakes waiting to be eaten!

Cast: TBA.
Sets: TBA.
Storyline Sneak Peek: Most of Salem gathers for a wedding!