"Days" last remaining original castmember, Frances Reid (Alice Horton), turned 90 on December 9, 2004. Below is an image from the 1930 U.S. Census, showing Frances as a 15-year-old girl in Berkeley, California. The image, being 75 years old, is somewhat hard to read. The top line shows Frances' father, Charles W. Reid, age 49, born in Arkansas, and who was a stocks & bonds investor at the time. The second line is Frances' mother, Anna M. Reid, born in Missouri and age 44 at the time. The next two lines show Frances' older sisters, Dorothy, age 19 and Mildred, age 17, both of whom were born in Oklahoma. The bottom line is Frances' younger sister, Anna May, age 10, born in Texas. On the fifth line, is Texas native Frances herself, age 15. All ages are as of January 1, 1930. Image courtesy of www.ancestry.com (All census images from the 1700's through 1930 are located there, for an annual fee).


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