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A look at the "Days" family in 1930. Census images are released to the public by the government 72 years after being taken. The 1930 census was released in 2002. Every person living in America at the time is listed. The 1940 census will be released in 2012. Co-creator Ted Corday, born in 1908, was Canadian and still living in Canada at the time, thus his information is not available. Below is information on some of the "Days" family, past and present. All information is as of April, 1930.

Elizabeth N. Shay Corday (Co-Creator/Executive Producer, 1965-1987)

FYI: Ken Corday would later play Judge Shay, in honor of his mother, in 2005 for "Days" 10,000th episode.
Living at: 200 Circle in Hartford, Connecticut. Rented for $50 a month.
Father: John T. Shay, age 43, married at 24. Born in Massachusetts. Occupation: Commercial sales. Parents born in Massachusetts.
Mother: Martha G. Shay, age 43, married at 24. Born in Massachusetts. Parents born in Massachusetts.
Daughter: Elizabeth N. Shay, age 18. Born in Massachusetts.
Daughter: Jenean Shay, age 16. Born in Massachusetts.

Edward Macdonald Carey (Tom Horton, 1965-1994)

FYI: As a teen, Macdonald Carey had a house servant with the last name of Reid. Years later, he would be married on-screen to an actress with the same last name.
Living at: 2711 Jones in Sioux City, Iowa. Rented for $50 a month.
Father: Charles S. Carey, age 48, married at age 30. Born in Illinois. Occupation: Real estate manager. Parents born in Ireland.
Mother: Elizabeth M. Carey, age 47, married at age 29. Born in Iowa. Father born in Scotland. Mother born in Ireland.
Son: Edward Carey, age 17. Born in Iowa.
Son: Charles P. Carey, age 13. Born in Iowa.
Son: John G. Carey, age 13. Born in Iowa.
Servant: Gladys V. Reid, age 25. Born in Iowa. Occupation: Private home servant.

Frances Reid (Alice Horton, 1965-Present)

FYI: Frances Reid is the last remaining original castmember of "Days" from 1965.
Living at: 16 Hillenes Court in Berkeley, California. Owned for $20,000 value.
Father: Charles W. Reid, age 49, married at 28. Born in Arkansas. Occupation: Stocks & bonds investor. Parents born in Arkansas.
Mother: Anna M. Reid, age 44, married at 24. Born in Missouri. Parents born in Missouri.
Daughter: Dorothy Reid, age 19. Born in Oklahoma.
Daughter: Mildred Reid, age 17. Born in Oklahoma.
Daughter: Frances Reid, age 15. Born in Texas.
Daughter: Anna May Reid, age 10. Born in Texas.
Mother-In-Law: Emma (unreadable), age 71, widow. Born in Arkansas. Father born in Kentucky. Mother born in Virginia.

William Foster Hayes, Jr. (Doug Williams, 1970-Present)

FYI: Bill Hayes would later be paired with and marry actress Susan Seaforth (Julie).
Living at: 13 151st Street in Thornton Township, Illinois. Owned for $16,000 value.
Father: William F. Hayes, age 30, married at 21. Born in Kentucky. Occupation: Sales manager for World Book. Parents born in Kentucky.
Mother: Betty Hayes, age 28, married at 19. Born in Illinois. Father born in Virginia. Mother born in West Virginia.
Son: George N. Hayes, age 8. Born in Illinois.
Son: William F. Hayes Jr., age 4 years, 10 months.
Son: Philip L. Hayes, age 1 year, 2 months.

Arnold Wayne Heffley (Vern Scofield, 1988-1993, 2002-2003)

FYI: Wayne Heffley, who would later play a character named Vern, had a brother with the middle name Vern.
Living at: 49 Sixth Street in Township 8, Contra Costa, California. Rented for $25 a month.
Father: Arnold Heffley, age 23, married at 20. Born in Nebraska. Occupation: Butcher. Parents born in Nebraska.
Mother: Annie Heffley, age 24, married at 21. Born in Missouri. Parents born in Arkansas.
Son: Arnold Wayne, age 2. Born in California.
Son: Carl Vernon, age 1. Born in California.

John H. Ingle (Mickey Horton, 2004-2006)

Living in: McPherson Township, Oklahoma. Rented for (unreadable) a month.
Father: Ed M. Ingle, age 46, married at 28. Born in Texas. Occupation: Farmer. Father born in Kentucky. Mother born in Oklahoma.
Mother: Ruthie J. Ingle, age 40, married at 22. Born in Texas. Parents born in Texas.
Son: Alzie W. Ingle, age 17. Born in Texas. Occupation: Farm laborer.
Daughter: Jola May Ingle, age 14. Born in Oklahoma.
Son: Eulia A. Ingle, age 12. Born in Oklahoma.
Son: Willie W. Ingle, age 10. Born in Oklahoma.
Son: E. M. Ingle, age 7. Born in Oklahoma.
Son: A. B. Ingle, age 5. Born in Oklahoma.
Son: Jack H. Ingle, age 2. Born in Oklahoma.


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