"Days of Christmas Past: 1965"
Head Writers: Peggy Phillips & Kenneth M.

Episode # 32...12/23/65...Recap:
Alice and Bill discuss his Christmas vacation from medical school, Christmas shopping and shopping for a Christmas tree. Craig brings Christmas gifts for the Hortons. They discuss Julie's gift (a china-silk cheong-seon). Bill opens his gift, which Craig says he got in Manila, Phillippines: a mohogany/ivory chest set; Alice opens her gift: an exquisite, gossamer-wool stole-length scarf; during the gift opening, Marie quietly leaves. Later, in Tom's Office at the hospital, he is listening to Christmas carols from his desk radio as Marie comes in. Tom tells her that he came into the office early because he couldn't stand the Christmas spirit...it reminded him of good times in the past. Marie still feels down, so Tom invites her to join him and Bill in getting the Yule log. Marie declines and leaves. Later, Bill and Tom discuss gifts and they leave to go get a tree. Deck the Halls is playing on the radio as they leave.

Episode # 33...12/24/65...Recap:
At a restaurant in Boston, Craig shows Tony a photograph of the snow in Salem. Tony says it looks like a Christmas card. Craig asks if Tony is coming home for Christmas. Tony says he can't afford it. Craig offers to pay for plane fare as an extra Christmas gift. Tony declines because he believes it's not the best idea right now. Craig insists that he not spend Christmas alone. Tony says he has a lot of work, but Craig tells him that Christmas is not for working, but rather for enjoying things that make life worth living...like relaxing with family, visiting friends, spending time with people you care about. Meanwhile, back in Salem in the Horton Living Room, Alice is putting the finishing touches to the decorated Christmas tree. She and Barbara discuss wrapping Christmas presents. Later, Mickey enters with half a dozen or more Christmas gifts. He offers to help Alice with Christmas tree decorating and expresses how beautiful the tree is. Below is video of that exact scene, featuring the first-ever look at a Horton Christmas tree...

The First Horton Christmas Tree...12/24/65

The first "Days" Christmas Eve episode, # 34, was scheduled to air on December 24, but due to a preemption, aired on December 27, 1965.
Here is the first page of the script:

"Days of Christmas Past":  
The First Christmas Episode:

Here's the first-ever "Days" Christmas episode, featuring Macdonald Carey (Tom), Frances Reid (Alice),
Marie Cheatham (Marie), Dick Colla (Tony), David McLean (Craig) and Frances Spanier (Lil).

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Frances Reid remembers the above scene on the special Christmas 2001 episode: