"Days of Christmas Past: 1969"
Head Writer: William J.

Macdonald Carey...John Clarke...Denise Alexander...Edward Mallory...Susan Flannery...Mike Farrell
Tom Horton.....Mickey Horton.....Susan Hunter.....Bill Horton.....Laura Horton.....Scott Banning

Episode # 1038
Airdate: Tuesday, December 23, 1969
Script Writer: Pat Falken Smith


(Int. Bill's Hotel Room. Scene in progress between Bill and Susan. Altough this is a continuation of yesteday’s scene, this episode may play after the special Christmas show, in the event there is a pre-emption—so it will be a self contained scene. Bill is smoking. There is silence in the room. Susan sits nearby, studying Bill, wanting to comfort him but knowing there is very little she can do or say)

Susan and Bill are talking about the night when Bill went to Kitty’s apartment. Susan is asking him questions about the night and he’s trying to answer them. He is nervously smoking but tells her that he never laid a hand on Kitty. Bill brings up Laura’s name. He wonders how she feels about what she’s heard about him. He asks Susan to guess about Laura’s feelings and Susan tells him that she’s human, don’t expect much support or sympathy from Laura. Susan can't believe how Laura can get over what happened two years ago (the rape.) Bill doesn’t want Susan to bring it up. Susan says Laura was learning to live with what happened. Bill now thinks Laura thinks he’s a monster. Bill asks about Mike. Susan tells him that they have brought him home from the hospital. Susan tells Bill that she believes in his innocence but there’s a lot of evidence (that he killed Kitty) and for the sake of all he loves, they needs explanations. Bill tells her that he cares what the people he loves think of him...especially Mike...and worries about what Mike will think of him when he’s older.


(Int. Scott’s Office- Short time later. Scene in progress between Scott and Susan, who is talking about her visit with Bill)

Susan is telling Scott that she thinks Bill’s not telling her the whole story of that night in Kitty’s apartment. Scott asks her if she thinks he was having an affair. She doesn’t believe he was, at least, she knows that he wouldn’t. Scott questions how well do people know each other, that people’s relationships keep changing. Susan tells him if Bill could tell anyone what happened that night, it would be her. Scott asks if it's possible he’s not telling you because he’s guilty. Susan doesn’t believe he is guilty. Scott, with a hint of jealousy, asks if she’s blinded by their "special friendship." Susan tells him that they were never lovers and wants Scott to know that. She says her friendship with Bill is important to her. Scott tells her that other men might think there’s more to their special friendship, but he understands and respects it. They change the subject to Julie. Scott is upset that Julie won't let him have custody of Brad any time during the holidays. Susan says she told him so- as long as she’s in his life, then Julie will always hate her and think of her. Susan tells Scott that the hate that Julie has for her keeps her life going until she gets revenge. Scott can read into Julie’s intentions. He just hopes that they would set up a fair visitation schedule and get about their lives, taking the next steps in their relationship.


(Int. Bill's Hotel Room. Open on a close shot of an overflowing ashtray. Then camera pulls back to reveal Bill alone, very somber, as he hears Susan’s voice again:)

Bill is recalling the conversation that he had earlier between him and Susan. He recalls Susan telling him that she won't give him support or sympathy through this ordeal. He remembers her telling him that she was learning to live with it [the rape] but now feels disillusionment. Now we have Bill thinking back to another conversation, this time with Laura. He recalls the cross examination of Laura asking (rhetorically) how he could leave Kitty alone with her heart condition, how he could leave Sandy without a mother, how he could do that to his entire family. He remembers Laura brining up the terrible night between them and how difficult it's been for her to try to get over. She tells him in order to live with the secret about Mike, she had to learn to forgive Mike’s biological father (Bill). She tells him that she believed him when he said it would have never happened and only happened because he was drunk. She keeps telling him that she believed in him…but now, she’s appalled by what he’s done…a cheap affair. He tells her that he never had an affair and only went to Kitty’s apartment that night because of her, because of their son. Then he decides right there to tell Laura the truth of that night and turns to look at the phone. While Bill is thinking, there’s a shot of Laura in her living room looking at Mike.

(Int. Mickey and Laura's Living Room. Take it up immediately, with Laura holding little Michael, a sober expression on her face)

Laura is smiling at Mike and telling him how good it is for him to be back home.

(Camera pulls back to include Mickey, smiling lovingly at the picture the two of them make. A small Christmas tree stands on the table behind them.)

Mickey and Laura notice that Mike has gotten bigger and is getting stronger. They notice that he’s trying to reach for the ornaments on the tree. Laura feels so happy and missed Mike and can’t remember a time when he wasn’t in her life. Mickey says having a child changes one’s life. They embrace and both think about Bill and what has happened to dampen this Christmas. Mickey wants Laura to focus on their family and on moving when their new home is ready. Bill’s troubles shouldn’t affect their happiness. He hopes that they can give Mike a new brother or sister. Laura questions if normal life can be achieved after what has happened to their family. She wants with all her heart to escape the reality of the situation, but they can't because it will tear the family apart. She says so many lives are affected- Tommy, Sandy, Tom, Alice, especially Alice. Mickey says its Bill’s bed to lie in and he’s going to have to tell us what really happened that night. Laura is frustrated that he doesn’t want to tell anyone about that night. Mickey thinks he doesn’t want to incriminate himself. Laura can’t think that’s the case. The doorbeel rings- it's Tom. Tom has come over to check up on his grandson. Laura and Mickey tells him that he’s grown and wants to eat anything in sight. Tom tells them that is a good sign of him getting better. Tom says with two babies, we at least can put a good face on at Christmas. Laura says she’s going to put Mike down for his nap and then they can talk freely about all that’s happened to their family. Tom asks Mickey if he’s seen Bill lately. Mickey tells him he doesn’t want to see him so that he can stew a bit about that night and finally tell them the truth. Tom thinks he already knows the truth-Bill was having an affair with Kitty. Mickey needs Bill to say the words.


(A short time later. Mickey has left, Michael is now asleep. Open on Tom alone in the living room, then the bedroom door opens and closes behind Laura, as she comes into the living room to join Tom)

Tom tells her that Mickey needed to leave, but will be back as soon as he can. Laura mentions that he’s been great- taking time off from work, being there whenever she and Mike needed them. Tom says that he asked God to save Mike and if he did he could deal with whatever came his way, now he sees the irony of that statement. Laura knows how difficult it is at his home. Tom gives thanks that with David being there, he’s a welcomed distraction from all that’s happening. Laura bursts out, saying how could Bill have an affair? How could he do this? Tom continues with saying how could he walk out on a woman who was having a heart attack? Laura questions whether Bill could really leave knowing Kitty was having a heart attack. Tom counters that he’s had to believe Bill doing bad things before and mentions the night he raped her. He says he used to, at least, respect his ethics when it came to his integrity as a doctor, but now, he doesn’t even have that belief. Laura thinks Bill could have had an affair, but can't believe he would leave a woman having a heart attack there to die without trying to help her. Tom says, why not, they both have questioned his integrity as a man. Laura doesn’t know why, but remembers him saving her life and Mike’s life, that created some bond between them. Tom says a bond strong enough that she forgave him for that night. Tom tells her that he was so certain that Bill still loved her. She agrees and questions how she could have been so wrong about his feelings towards her. Tom also felt his feelings towards his son betrayed him. He mentions that he’s been so close these past days before he left Salem. Laura speculates that he’s been planning on leaving probably because Kitty must have been making demands and not to spare her pain. She feels degraded. Tom tells her she’s wrong to feel that way. She cant believe the father of her child can be this kind of monster. How can she come to terms with what he has done? She thinks he was just pretending to have this love for her. Tom says not to blame herself. Laura tells him that she needs to get away from things and will be going to visit her father in Chicago. She’ll also go see her mother at the sanitarium so she can see Mike. Tom tells her running away doesn’t solve anything. She agrees, but the pain is too much and she needs some distance. She reminds him that she had forgiven Bill and had learned to respect him and felt a bond with him because of their son. The phone rings and Laura goes to answer it. She keeps asking who’s on the other line, but no one replies and she hangs up. We see Bill in his hotel room with the phone, deciding not to tell Laura about that night.

Frances Reid...Heather North...Pat Hornung
Alice Horton...Sandy Horton...Janene Whitney

Episode # 1039
Airdate: Wednesday, December 24, 1969
Script Writers: Theodore & Mathilde Ferro


(Int. Horton Living Room- Early Evening. There’s a small Christmas tree, and in place of wrapped presents under it, a manger and the three wise men. Open on the tree, then pull back to reveal Alice looking at it with very mixed emotions. Establish, then bring Tom in. Alice, knowing who it is, speaks without turning to him)

(quietly) Julie did a lovely job on the tree, didn’t she?

(Tom just looks at it, nods, his heart not really in it. Now Alice touches one of the home-made ornaments.)

ALICE: It’s so nice we still have the ornaments your mother made for the children when they were little. (She touches others like it) Each one with their name on it. Tommy…Addie…Marie…Mickey…Bill. (Beat) It was the last Christmas we had with her.
TOM: (remembering) Yes.
ALICE: I was going to make some new ones this Christmas for Julie and Sandy—and for the little ones—David and Michael. But somehow I didn’t. I guess my heart wasn’t in it. (She turns to him) Well, it’s a time when parents and children should come together under the same roof—if only for a few hours—and we haven’t been able to arrange that, have we?
TOM: No.
ALICE: Addie and Marie are abroad, or course, and I really didn’t expect them to be with us this year. But—(Long Beat) Bill’s here in Salem, and he’s not with us either.
(A moment as their eyes hold, then Tom makes a helpless gesture)
ALICE: (not aggressively) And I can’t forget that he’s the youngest son—my baby. Our baby, Tom. (beat) The years can’t change that. Nor can circumstances.
(She crosses to telephone, refers to a slip of paper, begins to dial number. Tom sits, involved with his own thoughts, not paying too much attention to her call.)
ALICE: (gets her connection) Bill…? I’m so glad I caught you.

(Have Tom react, and let him be seen in the background throughout the conversation, a man torn by his mixed feelings about his son, although deep down critical of Bill and the fix he’s gotten himself into. He listens attentively, but mostly doesn’t look at Alice. Intercut call with Bill in his hotel room)
Alice asks how he’s doing. Bill says fine. He asks about her, she answers fine. She asks if she can see him tonight. He tells her that he has lots of thinking to do and would love to see her, but not today. She asks if she can see him on Christmas. He says it would be very nice to see her then. Bill now asks about Sandy. Alice tells him that she’s been in her room most of the day. She thinks she’s coming down with a cold. Bill wishes he could say something to comfort her. Now, he asks about Tom. Alice tells him that he’s right next to her and he’s fine. She passes the receiver to him. Tom tells her that he has nothing to say to Bill. Alice asks if Bill’s still there. Bill knows the silence was from Alice trying to get Tom to talk to his son. Bill tells her that she can’t push people because it never works. She’s silent and Bill asks if she’s still on the phone. She answers and then Bill thanks her for calling. She tells him to get a good night’s rest and they’ll see each other tomorrow.

BILL: (to himself, bitterly) I’d give anything, Dad, to back you into a corner and shove down your throat that the real guilt is yours—that you’re responsible for everything that’s happened. You, and no one else.

(Hold on his deep and bitter anger)

(Int. Sandy's Room- Short time later. Sandy is at this time a girl full of grief and anger, although it is an anger directed against the world rather than against any one individual. So she is low-keyed, withdrawn. She has developed a rather bad cold and from time to time reaches for a tissue on the bedside table. Establish. Then bring Alice in, and have them look at each other. Sandy expresses no hostility to her grandmother, but nonetheless there is a small reserve, and for a moment there is silence)

Alice offers to make her soup but Sandy is not hungry. She then asks her if she wants to come downstairs by the fireplace. They are not expecting anyone and she can stretch on the couch and be comfortable in front of the fire. Sandy says that she’s not avoiding anyone and everyone has been very thoughtful to her…too thoughtful. She explains that no one mentions Bill’s name when she’s in the room. Alice agrees but says people are trying to be respectful of her feelings "under the circumstances." She questions that phrase, "under the circumstances" and what it really means. Is it something we don’t talk about? Alice clarifies it's something that isn’t "easy" to talk about. She tells her that she understands her grief and shares it but there’s a lot of what has happened that’s still unknown, that’s not understandable. Sandy tells her all she knows is that her mother’s dead and Bill is out free on bail and these event are tied together. Alice, in her understanding voice, tells her that there’s still no real proof and a person is innocent until proven guilty. Sandy says she believes in innocence but questions whether there’s any doubt that Bill is responsible for her mother’s death. She looks at her grandmother and see she has no doubt that Bill is innocent and tells her that she understands that Bill is her son, but from what she knows of the facts of the case, there’s no doubt in her mind, he’s guilty, and she hopes he pays.

(Int. Horton Living Room-Same Time. Take Tom just about to light his pipe when the doorbell rings. He crosses to hall, opens door. Janene is standing there. She’ll be a little uptight throughout, tense)

Janene Whitney is a friend of Bill. Tom didn’t recognize her until she reminded him of the time they met at Bill’s Quarters in the hospital, the day he left for New York. She tells Tom that she should have called first, but took a cab straight away after hearing about Bill. She hopes that she could talk to Bill and came to see if he’s here. Tom tells her that he’s at a hotel. She asks if he’s talked to him. He tells her his mother has talked with him this evening. She reacts to that statement as Alice comes down the stairs. Tom introduces Janene to Alice and Alice remembers that she's the girl who made the trip to New York with Bill. They go to sit in the living room. Janene explains that she doesn’t want to cause any more heartache but has been worried about Bill and wants to know any information they can share and she can tell them about the information she knows. Alice is grateful that she can share what happened that day. Janene tells her that everything’s so mixed up her head. She really can't say that she knows Bill well, but she thinks he’s the finest man she’s ever known. Alice is pleased that she has another person that feels like she does about Bill and thanks her for the kind words. Alice thinks she’s fond of him and she agrees but he’s not suppose to know that. She tells Alice that Bill was very happy and excited to start his new life in New York. He just had found an apartment that morning. They were both planning a big night on the town- dinner, theater. Then the police came. Tom asks Janene if the police questioned her and she said yes. It doesn’t make sense to her how Bill could have behaved so happy and excited if he was running away from something. Alice is so happy to hear this that she smiles and takes Janene’s hand. Tom’s expression is impassive. Janene asks them where Bill is staying because she needs to see him. Tom says he’s staying at the Hillcrest Hotel and Alice goes to write the address for her. Janene is about to leave, but Tom asks her to stay as he has some questions to ask her.


(Take it up immediately. With Janene sitting, her eyes on Tom. Alice’s eyes are on him too.)

Tom tells Janene that she was the only eye witness to the events before Kitty’s death. She was with Bill from the time he left the hospital, to the airport. Her testimony is very important to his family as well as the police. He asks her if she has a clear memory of these hours. She can say she can try to describe what she heard and saw that day. Janene tells Tom and Alice that Kitty called Bill before he came in to say goodbye. Bill seemed upset by Kitty's call and told Janene that he might stop by Kitty's place before he left for the airport. Tom tells her that Bill never mentioned this. Janene said as he got in the taxi, Bill wasn’t sure he would go to Kitty's...like it was something out of obligation that he had to go and see her. Then she tells them that Bill decided to go and Janene went to the airport. Tom then wonders why they wasn’t on the earlier flight of 6 o’clock and why she had changed the flight to 7pm. Janene explains that she thought Bill was going to be late and made arrangements for the later flight. Alice asks Tom if this line of questioning is necessary. He tells her it is. Next, Tom asks for Bill’s disposition as he arrived at the airport. Janene says that Bill looked annoyed, maybe upset but preoccupied. But she says that Bill can be moody, so she really didn’t think his behavior was out of the ordinary. Janene looks at her watch and Tom tells her that he has just a couple of more questions. She tells him that she doesn’t mind. Tom brings up the scratch by Bill's temple. Tom asks if Janene noticed it while at the airport. At first Janene can't recall whether she asked Bill. Then she remembers that she did and Bill said he got the scratch in the cab. Janene tells them she didn’t question Bill's answer further because she didn’t have a reason to. Tom adds that she’s correct, but Bill hasn’t denied that the scratch came while he was with Kitty. Janene stands and defends Bill’s character. She knows herself and without a doubt doesn’t believe that Bill would leave a woman to die. She reiterates that she was with him on the plane in New York and not once did he seem guilty. He was hopeful of his new life. Alice completely believes in what Janene has told them.

(Int. Bill's Hotel Room- Later. Take Bill lying on the couch, lighting a cigarette, tossing the match into a tray, lost in thought. Establish. Then a knock on the door. He rises slowly, heavily, crosses to door, opens it, admits Janene)

Bill is surprised to see Janene there since she has a modeling job back in New York City. She tells him what kind of friend would she be if she didn’t come back to Salem and see how he was doing. She tells him that the police also want her to be available to possibly testify in the trial. She asks how’s he doing. He tells her that he feels battered but still standing. He thanks her for her support. She clarifies to Bill that she’s only willing to testify at trial but will not answer any more questions if the police contact her.
Bill tells her that her idea may make things worse for her. She should answer the questions if the police contact her because it might look as if she's hiding something and this could get her in trouble. She doesn’t care saying that she’s been in trouble before. Bill tells her that he doesn’t want her to get involved and it's his problem. She tells him that he’s not alone, he has friends and family. Bill says that some are believing what’s already out there. She mentions his father. He asks why she brought his name up? She tells him that she went to see his parents to get his location and he wasn’t too supportive of him. Bill sarcastically says that his father is a great one for reserving judgment and sitting in judgment. He apologizes to her but not about the relationship he has with his father. Janene says that she doesn't think he is responsible for Kitty’s death…then questions him asking him if he is? Bill uses his words carefully and tells her that he’s not responsible in the way the police and his family think he was responsible or for the reasons that they assume. He asserts that he didn’t lay a hand on Kitty. He wants her to believe that and she tells him that she does. She tells him she’s sorry for asking and asks for his forgiveness. She turns away and back to him to ask if he'd rather stay with her in her apartment. He tells her that’s not a good idea because it may complicate things for her. He wants her to completely stay out of this mess he’s gotten himself into and forget she ever knew him. Janene tells him that she’s already involved and not leaving.

Susan Seaforth...Chad Barstad
Julie Olson...Brad/David Banning

Episode # 1040
Airdate: Thursday, December 25, 1969
Script Writers: Theodore & Mathilde Ferro


(Being the Christmas show, this is a firm air date of December 25, 1969, regardless of any pre-emptions.)
(Int. Bill's Hotel Room- Morning. Open on curtains blowing in the open window, and then on Bill in bed, turning, walking, looking about, orienting himself, propping up pillow behind his head, reaching for cigarette, lighting it, and then the inevitable thought occurring, this is Christmas and here I am)
Bill (in voice over) is wishing how he could go back to the Christmases when he was a kid, uncomplicated and full of happiness. He wishes he could just go home and wish everyone a Merry Christmas…then tells the audience that he’ll give anything for that…but he can’t

Int. Horton Living Room. To the Christmas tree, with many presents underneath it, some opened, some not. Then pull back to reveal Tom entering (wearing bathrobe) he places package for Alice under tree. Stands looking at tree briefly, his manner sober, for Bill is on his mind. He turns as Alice enters. A moment before either speaks.)

ALICE: (quietly) Merry Christmas, Tom.
(He kisses her, holds her for an extra moment)
TOM: (quietly) Merry Christmas. (Adds gently) Another Christmas for us.
ALICE: Yes, we can’t let ourselves forget that today. I mean, we’ve been together all these years—shared so much—so much happiness.
(He nods, aware that she’s thinking of Bill)
ALICE: We have to remember that there are also blessings in this house. We have a baby with us—a grandson—little David. (beat) And just knowing he’s here—that at least we can love him—cherish him—
(Take Tom’s reaction, then to avoid pursing this further, he stoops, picks up the present for Alice, hands it to her. She takes it, simultaneously picking up her present for him)
TOM: Merry Christmas.
ALICE: Merry Christmas. Oh Tom—when did you have the time to think about me.
TOM: (Quietly) I could ask you the same question, Alice.
(They both half smile, and Tom begins to open his present, but Alice doesn’t open hers, instead she speaks)
ALICE: Tom—will you go with me to see Bill later in the day?
TOM: (long hesitation) I—I think it would be better if I didn’t. (adds) Perhaps one day soon, but not just yet. (beat- she looks at him) Try to understand, Alice.
(At this moment David, in pajamas & robe, toddles into the room, followed by Julie, also in a robe)
JULIE: David—say Merry Christmas to grandma and grandpa.
(She bends down, tries to get him to say it, as Tom and Alice beam, watching. Maybe David does, maybe he doesn’t)
ALICE: I think he has his eyes on what Santa Claus has brought.
TOM: I don’t think—I know.
(They all laugh. So either David greets his grandparents, or Julie leads him to the tree, hands him a gift to open. Now we take some pictures—of David, his excitement, of Julie, her pleasure in her son, but most importantly of Alice and Tom, standing close together, sharing this happy moment, yet somewhat shaded, even to the point that their smiles fade as other thoughts intrude. Then a final picture of David opening package, and then superimpose as we DISSOLVE TO: Int. Susan’s Apartment. Susan in her living room. And the effect we want here is of Susan, now with David’s picture superimposed on her, imagining what is going on in the Horton living room this very moment. Hold this for as long as possible, then as David’s picture and activity fade, and we dissolve clearly into Susan, let’s see her with tears in her eyes, and we hear her:)

Susan wishes David a Merry Christmas and hopes that next year he’ll be with her. She’s trying not to cry thinking about him.


(Int. Horton Living Room, where we find David still the center of attention. Opening gifts etc., probably with Julie’s help. With Tom and Alice watching, Tom with his arm around Alice. This is a bittersweet moment for them. Let’s say David has a toy now, a simple something that has to be put together, however)

JULIE: Oh dear—Mummy’s afraid it’s too complicated for you.
TOM: (crossing to David) Well now…let’s see if grandpa can lend a helping hand—put this together for you. (He squats beside the boy) (Smiles) Yes, young man this is a little complicated even for your grandfather. Oh—now I see. Easy does it.
(He puts it together, holds it up. Let’s hope David is interested. If not, or if he still clings to it, then Tom can say)
TOM: All right, you do it, and grandpa will watch. (Or opening another present) Look David, see what Santa Claus has brought you. A teddy bear. (whispers) You can take him to bed with you.
(Whatever, and ad libs are probably in order with what David does, Tom is now on the floor with his grandson. It’s a warm moment, he’s enjoying himself, and Alice and Julie, standing together, are watching with pleasure)
ALICE: (As she and Julie move to one side. David’s chatter making background noises) When are you expecting Mr. Banning?
JULIE: Not until nine thirty or so. (beat) He may want to stay for a few hours—he really sees so little of David.
ALICE: I’d be very happy to have him stay for dinner with all of us, Julie. Why don’t you ask him.
JULIE: Thank you, grandma. (beat) I—I did ask him as a matter of fact—knowing he has other plans.
ALICE: Oh…too bad.
JULIE: Yes, it is. (beat, thinking of Susan) But then I might have guessed someone else would have invited him to Christmas dinner.
(The implication of Julie’s words are not lost on Alice, but the moment is broken by the ringing of the telephone )
ALICE: Excuse me… (she crosses to phone, lifts receiver) Hello?
(Intercut call with Laura in her apartment)
LAURA: (Voice is warm, but somewhat subdued) Alice…it’s Laura. Merry Christmas.
ALICE: (also warm but subdued) Thank you, my dear. And a Merry Christmas to you. And to Mickey…and little Michael. How are they both?
: Both—believe it or not—are still sound asleep.
ALICE: Really?
LAURA: Well, Mickey was up rather late trimming the tree. And Michael’s still too young to know about Santa Claus—and presents under the tree. (Fondly, thinking of it) Next year he’ll really be a part of it… really share Christmas with us.
ALICE: Yes, that’s what all parents want—to share their joys and pleasures with their children.
(A moment of silence between them, for the significance of Alice’s words are not lost on Laura.)
LAURA: (beat) Alice… we’ll bundle Michael up--bring him over later in the afternoon. Will that be convenient for you?
ALICE: (hesitates) Any time really. You know how much we’re looking forward to seeing you—but I—well—I’ll be leaving the house around three, and may be gone for a couple of hours.
LAURA: (suspecting Alice is going to see Bill) Oh…
ALICE: But Laura—if I’m not here when you arrive—you will wait, won’t you, dear?
LAURA: Of course, Alice. We’ll see you later then. Please tell everyone- Merry Christmas.
ALICE: I will. Goodbye, dear.
LAURA: Goodbye, Alice.
(Stay with Laura as she hangs up. Her manner reflective)

Laura is thinking of Bill and how Alice needs to be there for him because he’s her son. She feels so sad for both Alice and Bill. She then changes her mood to that of disillusionment of Bill. She’s tired of always defending him and making excuses for him.

Int. Bill’s Hotel Room. Bill is dressed now, but in shirtsleeves)
Bill stands at the hotel room window staring at the snow, feeling alone and desolate.

(Int. Susan's Apartment. Take Susan changing the position of an ornament on the Christmas tree, then the door bell rings and she hurries to the door, admitting Scott. He’s wearing an overcoat, his arms full of presents.)

Susan wishes Scott a Merry Christmas. Scott hands her a present from himself and Brad. She thanks him and tells him to thank Brad with a big kiss when he sees him. She hands him his present. She asks if they will wait until after he comes back from seeing Brad. He agrees. She tells him she made a Christmas cake and coffee but understands if he wants to get going to see Brad. Scott does want to see Brad in the morning, opening his presents, but he realizes that he’s a bit early and can stay with Susan. He tells her that he doesn’t need coffee because Julie will probably be offering him some at the Hortons. Scott takes off his coat and sits by the tree. Susan hands him a present for Brad. She tells him it’s a sweater. She tells him the clerk at the store said she should buy a bigger size because boys grow so fast. She tells him that she didn’t put her name on the box and tells him that he’s going to love the electric train that he got him. He says it’s a grown up toy, but Julie thinks he’ll enjoy it. He tells her that he’ll also like the sweater. He thanks her for wrapping all his presents so nicely. He thanks her again for the wrapping as well as being there for him and Brad. She looks at her watch and tells him not to hurry for dinner. She wants him to take as much time with Brad as he needs. He tells her that he’ll try to get back in plenty of time. He starts to get ready to leave as Susan starts mentioning Bill probably being alone on Christmas. She asks if it's possible to invite him for dinner. Scott doesn’t mind and Susan goes to call him. She tells Scott not to forget to give Brad a big hug and kiss from her. He says that’s one of the first things he’s going to do when he sees him.

DISSOLVE TO: Julie in a limbo set)
Julie is talking to David/Brad about seeing his daddy. She’s tying his shoe and telling him that if Daddy has a good time maybe he can stay for Christmas dinner.


(Int. Horton Living Room. Take Tom standing near the fireplace in which a fire is burning, knocking out his pipe, when the door bell rings Tom crosses to door, admits Scott)

SCOTT: Dr. Horton.
TOM: Mr. Banning.
SCOTT: Merry Christmas to you.
TOM: (somewhat subdued) Thank you. The same to you. Why don’t you put the packages on the table here—and let me have your coat.
SCOTT: Thank you.
(Puts packages down, gets out of coat. Tom takes it, is putting it in hall closet when Julie, holding David’s hand comes down the stairs)
JULIE: (bending down to David) Say Merry Christmas to Daddy.
(A moment as Scott waits, but mostly likely David will not say anything, probably just stare, so Scott goes to him, bends down. Their faces are close)
SCOTT: Maybe it would be easier if Daddy wished you a Merry Christmas and… (remembering Susan) gave you a big hug and kiss. (He does so. Then holding the boy close, looks up at Julie) Forgive me. Merry Christmas, Miss Olson.
JULIE: (warmly) And a Merry Christmas to you. (beat) David’s been waiting for you, haven’t you darling? And so impatiently.
SCOTT: I hope so. (looks around at the opened presents scattered on the floor.) But I can see that Santa Claus has been here, so he’d had other things to think about—besides Daddy. (smiles) Like teddy bears and music boxes and cowboy hats and candy canes…
JULIE: And now a very special gift… (Scott crosses to table, hands the big package to David) Oh—wait until you see what’s in this little pretty box that Daddy brought you. You’re going to love it.
(Perhaps they help him open the package, and we would hold this moment when the train is produced, holding on David’s reaction, Julie perhaps pushing it across the floor, David following it, plopping down beside it. And hold on them as they watch, and catch some of their pleasure. Let Tom watch, then he exits, so they can be alone)
JULIE: Little boys and trains seem to go together.
SCOTT: Trains, planes, trucks—(smiles) Anything that moves—makes a noise.
(Camera moves past them, past the playing child on the floor to the hall where we see Alice coming down the stairs, and Tom crossing to her, his expression one of inquiry)
ALICE: (shakes her head) No, Tom. Sandy’s decided to stay in her room. She doesn’t feel up to seeing people.
TOM: Well…maybe she’ll come down later.
(Alice nods, casts a concerned glance upstairs, then aware that Scott has arrived, moves into the living room with Tom, putting herself out to be cordial and friendly)
ALICE: Merry Christmas, Mr. Banning.
SCOTT: Thank you, Mrs. Horton.
TOM: (looking at David) I see the train’s made a big hit.
JULIE: Yes, he just loves it.
(A moment as they watch David, playing with train)
ALICE: (finally) Mr. Banning, we’re having our dinner earlier then we usually do on Christmas. I could set an extra place. We’d be very happy to have you. We’ll just be family.
SCOTT: I—wish I could. It’s very kind of you, Mrs. Horton…but I do have other plans.
JULIE: Well—if you can’t stay for dinner—please don’t think about us—and our plans—stay with David as long as you can.
SCOTT: Thank you, Miss Olson. I’ll do that—if I may.

(DISSOLVE TO Susan and Bill talking on the phone. Intercut call.)

Bill is thanking Susan for the invitation to dinner but he wants to be alone this Christmas. She tells him it will be good to be out of that room, even if it's just for an hour. He thanks her again and wishes her the best of everything and Merry Christmas. She hopes that despite everything he’s been though this Christmas, that it's still a happy one for him. He hangs up the phone and says that he hopes it's happy for his son. That he’ll gladly settle for his happiness.

(DISSOLVE TO: Int. Mickey & Laura’s Apartment. With Laura near the tree and with Mickey, holding Michael’s hand, both in pajamas entering the room)

MICKEY: Here are your two sleepy heads, Mommy.
(Laura drops to her knees, holds out her arms to Michael. And as the child goes to her, or even if he doesn’t she says:)
LAURA: Look, darling—look what Santa Claus has brought you.
(Hold on it, the child’s reaction, their pleasure)

(A short time later. Michael on the floor playing with his presents. Mickey and Laura on the couch watching)

I want to get some pictures later—once he settle down a bit.
MICKEY: The first few birthdays—the first few Christmases—they’re really for the parents, aren’t they.
(She nods.)
MICKEY: I mean—I don’t really remember the first time way back when—when my Dad led me by the hand—and said to me—Look—look what Santa has brought you. (beat) Later on of course you’re told what you did—what you said, and soon enough you know the story, and it almost seems as if you do remember. (smiles) Like Dad dressing up as Santa in the early years I know he did it, but I’ve no memory of it.
LAURA: And yet—next year—Michael will be older, and you too will probably put on a Santa costume—and the family tradition will go on. As it should.
MICKEY: Yes. And this year we have little ones to help us keep up the tradition—our Mike—Julie’s David. (beat) It’s too bad there has to be a shadow on this day. (beat) I’m thinking of Bill.
LAURA: (reacting) I know.
MICKEY: He’s in a mess now but let’s hope that one day soon, he’ll be able to settle down—marry—have a child of his own.
LAURA: (beat) Does marriage—or a child—always make a man responsible.
(Hold on Laura, then)

Int. Bill’s Hotel Room. To Bill and Alice. She’s just arrived and is uncovering a box, and he’s peering into it)
BILL: Mom—turkey—dressing—cranberries—why did you bother?
ALICE: It’s little enough to do, Bill. You’re my son, and if you can’t come to me, I have to come to you. How could I let Christmas Day go by without seeing you?
BILL: No matter what—I’m your son?
ALICE: (Turns to him) Bill, I have no favorites. You’re all my children—all of you—no matter what.
(**Jason47 Note: An ironic line with Alice saying "You're all my children." All My Children, the long-time time slot competitor of "Days" would make its debut on ABC a few weeks later!)
(She brushes tear from her eyes, then from her handbag she takes out a small gift—hands it to him, Saying:)
ALICE: It’s just a trifle, Bill.
BILL: (takes it, looks at her) Thanks, Mom.
(He turns away to conceal his emotions, then takes an extra step, opens bureau drawer, takes out a small gift for Alice, hands it to her)
BILL: I have a trifle for you, too, Mom.
(She takes it, then suddenly she draws him to her, holds him close)
ALICE: (As her voice breaks) Bill…Bill…Bill…