A poster at YouTube recently posted an episode of "Days of Our Lives" from 1966. Take a step back in time and watch episode # 185, which was aired 43 years ago on Friday, July 29, 1966. The cast members featured in the episode are Macdonald Carey (Tom), Charla Doherty (Julie), Clive Clerk (David) and Denise Alexander (Susan). Only Alexander is still alive. This episode is the 18th written by William J. Bell, who was in his first month of being head writer of "Days." This was also one of the last episodes taped before co-creator/executive producer Ted Corday died on July 23, 1966. The episode was taped on July 20, 1966 and Corday's name is seen in the credits for one of the last times. As of episode # 188, his widow, Betty Corday, would become the executive producer. Three sets are used in the episode: Horton Front Porch, Tom's Study, and David's Car. Three flashbacks are also seen in the episode, two from episode # 172 and one from episode # 181.

Episode # 185, July 29, 1966: Part 1

Episode # 185, July 29, 1966: Part 2

Episode # 185, July 29, 1966: Part 3