The First-Ever Award for "Days of Our Lives!"

One of the most rare and unique pieces in Jason47's "Days" collection is what could be the first award "Days" ever received!

What makes it so rare is that the award is for the year 1965, when "Days" had only been on the air for two months.

Macdonald Carey, as seen below in the bottom left picture, was named the Best Daytime Actor by TV editors polled for
the 19th Annual TV Radio Mirror Awards (TV Radio Mirror was one of the earliest entertainment magazines).
The page below, announcing the results, is from the June 1966 edition of the magazine.

The award, now over 46 years old, is still in great shape!
As noted below, it states:

1965 TV Radio Mirror
Macdonald Carey
Days of Our Lives
Best Male Star on Daytime TV