Guestbook Comments: May 1999-March 2003

5/2/99, Rain, “Hi Jas. Wonderful website! Keep up the great work. :) Have a great day.”
5/3/99, Marie, “Your web page is the best one ever. I visit your page often. Keep up the good work.”
5/3/99, Hollie, “Hey Jason, really great page! I enjoyed my visit, and I will definitely be back! Thanks and keep up the GREAT work!”
5/4/99, Sharon, “I really enjoyed browsing through your website. It has anything and everything I could possibly want to know about DOOL. Keep up the good job and I'll be sure to pass your web address along to my soap fan friends.”
5/6/99, Courtney, “I really like your web page. I go to it every day to see what is going to happen. Keep up the good work!!”
5/7/99, Della Street, “Great page Jason, always look forward to your spoilers and detailed events of what is going to happen. Keep up the good work!”
5/8/99, Terri Ann Townsend, mpr9206666 “I think this website is pretty nice.”
5/10/99, Kathie Edwards, “I am new to the page, but I can't wait to explore! It looks great!”
5/18/99, Tracey, “I totally love your page.”
5/18/99, Pat, “This is the best page for Days I have seen in a long time. Keep up the good work Jason. I can always count on you for a very good page.”
5/20/99, Kim, “I love this site. I visit it every day. I just read that you're going to the daytime Emmys. Have fun and scream loud for "Days"!”
5/25/99, Marie, “I love your website. Keep up the good work.”
6/2/99, Gretchen Zwinge, “I love this site. I love everything about it.”
6/6/99, Anne Carter, “I really like your webpage. It has lots of great things. You can tell you put a lot of time and work into it and that you like Days of Our Lives. I have you bookmarked and check back regularly. Thank you.”
6/7/99, Dyzlo, “Hi, I think you have a great page, I visit it every day to keep up with Days, because I live in Holland and there we can't see the newest episodes yet. Keep up the good work!”
6/9/99, Juanita Smith, “Your website is really cool! Now I have another resource when I need a daily or weekly update. Thanks.”
6/13/99, Joanne Severance, “I love the many things you have. Especially the dates of  first appearances, contract info, etc. You have put a lot of hard work into this and I applaud you. Keep up the good work.”
6/13/99, Heather, “You really have put together a great site with lots of info and different stuff. Keep up the excellent work!”
6/14/99, Beth, “Hey Jason! Your whole website is very good...very informative. :) Well, keep up the great work and enjoy the "Days" of your life.”
6/16/99, Asaf, “Hi, Jason. Your site is the best!!”
6/21/99, Keri Reede,, “Cool page, I love it.”
6/21/99, Denise, “Very informative web site. As I live in Australia our episodes are way behind the USA.”
6/22/99, Julie, “I love your website Jason. It's the best!!”
6/24/99, Natalie, “Great site!!”
6/28/99, Jammie, “I like your page. It's pretty cool and you give a lot of information. Keep up the good work.”
7/5/99, Nicole Rose Vamos, “Hi Jason! I love your page, and I enjoyed clicking around on it.”
7/5/99, Darleen Dull, “I think this site is really good. I learned a lot about the history of the show and the actors and what they have been up to. Keep up the good work!”
7/6/99, Beth, “ “Great web site, keep up the great work.”
7/8/99, Jessica, Bterflyqt3 “Great Site!!!! It tells everything about Days!!”
7/12/99, Kathy Moody, “Wow - tons of information. I especially like the 'history' pages. You must have done an incredible amount of work to get this page up!!! Great site!”
7/31/99, Jen, “Very nice page, Jason! You have a lot of info! Keep up the great work!”
8/1/99, Fac, “Love your page!!”
8/8/99, Jyoti Hansa, “First time accessing your website. I will now have difficulty deciding which one to use. Yours or Dustin's. They're both informative and well done.”
8/9/99, C. C., “I am very impressed with your site. I have bookmarked it so I will be checking in on a daily basis. Great job. Keep it up!!”
8/9/99, Diane Washington, “I enjoyed your page. Anything about Drake Hogestyn and I will run to read it. I can't get enough of him.”
8/9/99, T.J., “Great going.”
8/9/99, Robin Howard, “I really enjoy your web page. There’s lots of info and you answered a lot of questions I had. Keep up the good work!”
8/9/99, Sheila, “This is THE BEST Days site going!!! Thanks for all the work you do!!! You're the best.”
8/9/99, Ann Welch, “Your web page is great! I really appreciate it!”
8/9/99, Teresa McCullough, “Jason I love your website. It has everything I want to know about Days. Thanks for your hard work.”
8/9/99, Emily, “This is hands down the best Days page on the net!! It has more information than you can dream of!! It has the most comprehensive spoilers and they are posted so far in advance. This page is deserving of many awards!!”
8/10/99, Kelli, “YOU ROCK MY WORLD! Thanks man.”
8/10/99, Yancey Derringer Banks, “Hi Jason, All I can say is WOW!!! What a wealth of information...You really know your stuff...It sounds like you are part of the "Days" staff! Keep up the good work my friend.”
8/10/99, Christy Guilliams, “Thanks a million for the info. I'm the type that can't wait to find out the good stuff. Thanks for enabling me!!”
8/10/99, Katydid, “Jason, thanks for your hard work. I tape every day and look forward to the upcoming previews. Unfortunately, Dustin's website has been blocked at my work location, so I was very happy to find yours. It gives me a new view of DOOL. Thanks again.”
8/10/99, Charlotte Thomas, “Thanks for all you hard work, I really appreciate your extra effort in helping to keep the Days fans up-to-date!!”
8/11/99, Sandra Blades, “All I can say is WOW! Thanks for the information. Keep up the good work. I have added your website to my folders.”
8/12/99, Erin Colleen, “You have a great website and I visit almost everyday. I can't help but find out what happens next on "Days" and thanks to you, I can get WAY ahead of things! Keep up the great work!”
8/12/99, Leona, “Thanks for an outstanding page, loaded with all the DOOL info!! Your time and effort is GREATLY appreciated by this DOOL fan!”
8/12/99, Charity Hughes, “This website is the BEST! I've looked all over the web for DOOL sites, and I am in love with yours! Thank you so much for doing such a great job!”
8/12/99, Nancy Meyers, “This was my first visit to your site. I will be back for more.”
8/12/99, Janet Conroy, “Jason, I really enjoy your site.”
8/14/99, Judy Davis, “Thanks for a great Days website. Keep up the good work.”
8/16/99, Jen, “I check in a few times a week. It’s so cool!”
8/16/99, Kim, “Great page for us Days Fans... Good Job! I will enjoy coming here to read from time to time. Keep up the GREAT Work!”
8/17/99, Shannon Draper, “I just wanted to say thanks for a great website. I'm a new Days fan and I found it very informative, you cleared up a lot of confusion for me. Great Job. I'll definitely visit often.”
8/18/99, Susan Booher, “I found your website extremely interesting. I've been a DOOL fan since it debuted in 1965. I will be visiting you on a regular basis. Thank you very much!”
8/19/99, Kim, “That must be a lot of work so we can enjoy this web site. I enjoyed it personally so thanks.”
8/20/99, Kari Campbell, “Love your website. I am so glad I found it. Thanks for your hard work.”
8/22/99, Patricia Kennedy, “Your page is great.”
8/23/99, Miss Nicole, “Hey Jason, you should already know that I love your webpage, so this is just to let everyone else know, too. I love the daily synopsises, and "How do you say that name?" You've done a lot of really great work on this site, Jas. Congratulations on the MAC award!!”
8/23/99, Jean, “This is the best thing that could ever happen. You do a super job and I read your website everyday. Please do not change anything because I work every day and I can't always watch the show so I turn on to Jason47's Days Website and find out everything I need to know. Thank you very very much for all the time and effort that you put into this.”
8/26/99, De Trefethen, “Jason47's "Days" Wow! Where do you get the scoop? I liked what I read... and now I'm going to check out your Site... Thanks for the great info.”
8/27/99, C.B., “WOW! Thanks so much. That was a lot of work to get it and type it all in. Thank you so much!”
8/27/99, Nancy, “Thanks!! I enjoy your website. I've been watching since about 1972 or 1973 I suppose. I have to keep up with DOOL out of tradition if nothing else!”
8/28/99, Chris Anderson, “I Love It!!”
8/28/99, Rose, “I love your website. I am practically in every day of the week!!! Thanks again!!!”
8/28/99, Wendi Epstein, “I think you site is very informative. I love the previews and the scripts from shows to come. I like reading the stars’ birthdates, real names, and other amazing facts.”
8/29/99, Anne Carter, “Hi, I love your website and check in on a regular basis. I want to thank you for all the time and work you put into the site. I love it.”
8/30/99, Pat, “Great! I love it.”
9/1/99, Donna Wills, “I have been a "Days" fan from the very beginning. I had forgotten about some of the older characters. This has become my most favorite web site. Thank you!!”
9/3/99, Christa, “I really like this website. I seem to get a lot of information here that I can't find anywhere else. Thanks.”
9/6/99, Connie Weber, “Hello Jason! I think that your website is the best, you have put a lot of work into. I really enjoy visiting it....Thank You”
9/11/99, Betty Bannerman, “I just want to say how much I enjoy this website. It is nice to be able to come on to this website and get the updates. Keep up the good work.”
9/12/99, Torri, “I love your page!! Thanks for putting your time into it!”
9/18/99, Liz Simon, “This is best "Days" site I have visited!! Great up-to-date information.”
9/21/99, Days Freak, “Thanks. I'm a Days freak and really appreciate all your hard work.”
9/25/99, Sharon, OWILDE8@AOL.COM “As always, I appreciate and enjoy your site very much, Jason. Thanks for keeping me informed each and every day. You obtain information that even Soap Opera Digest does not have. It is always a pleasure to read.”
9/26/99, Brooke, “I love your website.”
10/8/99, Carly, “Awesome website, Jason-- it's always filled with so much insider information... It's great and it's a great place to check in for the latest! Thanks for taking the time to create such a great site!”
10/25/99, Jammie, “I like being kept up on what's going to happen and all of the other cast on the show. Keep up the good work.”
11/2/99, Linda, “Your page is cool.”
11/2/99, Michelle Davis, “Jason, this is an awesome Days of our Lives site. You seem to have worked really hard on it and it paid off. Keep up the good work!”
11/3/99, Verna Wills, “This website is wonderful.”
11/3/99, Jeannie Grimsrud, “Just wanted to sign your book and say this is the best website for Days. You have so much information, I don't know how you keep up with it all.”
11/3/99, Wyldefyre, “I can describe your site in one word: AMAZING!
11/9/99, Gina, “Hi Jason! I really love your site. With your site I always know what is going on. Thanks for keeping me posted!”
11/11/99, Rosalind Chambers, “I love your site!!! I appreciate the fact that you have taken the time to create this site for my favorite soap. The only advice that I can give you about your web site is keep doing what you've been doing.”
11/16/99, Helen Dougherty, “I have raved about your website. Thanks.”
11/26/99, Shawnlover, “Your page is pretty cool.”
11/28/99, Christine, “This is a really great page! Lost of good/interesting stuff.”
12/11/99, Carol, “Thanks so much Jason for all you have done for us DAYS fans--- great site—Thanks again.”
12/12/99, Traci Donovall, “I love this website. Keep up the good work.”
12/24/99, Roxie Henderson, “This website is the best. Anything and everything you want (or ever wanted to know) is here!!!”
1/17/00, Patty Byers, “Best Days site I've found. Thank you!”
1/22/00, Cherie, “Excellent web page. Keep up the wonderful job.”
1/28/00, Missy C., “This is a great page. I think it is a very interesting page. Keep up the good work!!”
2/11/00, Marcy Luigi, “I enjoy your Days of our Lives website! It is so interesting and professional. Thank you for all the work you have gone to for all of us fans.”
3/2/00, Jammie Coughlin, “I love your web site. It is very good. It covers everything and pics are very good. I love reading your site every week. I even read it every couple of days when I have time. I think you’re doing a great job, keep up the good work.”
3/6/00, Sharon Sinclair, “You have a great web site. I learned a lot here. Your site is very informative and I see your name mentioned all over the Compuserve Days Forum.”
3/9/00, Marianne Hamilton, “Tells me just about everything I need to know about my favorite show that I have been watching since 1966”
3/9/00, Jade Beasley, “I love Days of our Lives! I stumbled onto your page and I'm glad of it. Keep up the good work.”
3/14/00, Caleb Marek, “Great website!”
3/24/00, Kathy Lou Cropley, “Amazing - my arm is so tired from reviewing everything you have that I just don't have any umph left. This is excellent - I'll be keeping a close sight on your site (no pun intended) Thanks!!”
3/31/00, Kali, kbear47 “Love this site.”
4/11/00, Pat, “I truly enjoy visiting your website. I have been watching Days since 1965. I can't get enough.”
4/17/00, Renee Rozany, “Thank you for your very informative website. You did a very good job plus you are very accurate. Can see why you won the award! Keep up the good work. I know that true Days fans appreciate all your hard work.”
4/21/00, Crew Lurker, “Jason, Your site has a lot of great stuff on it.”
5/7/00, Beejay, “I just found your website today. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading it and lost track of time. I've been watching DOOL since 1965. Keep up the good articles. I'm definitely coming back!”
6/5/00, Linn, “I think that your page is really good and I am on it very much.”
7/31/00, Mandy, “Wonderful site! I plan to visit it more often.”
8/7/00, Debbie, “I enjoy your page very much. In Australia we are about 4 years behind so it is nice to see what is happening in "the future". Keep up the good work.”
8/11/00, Kim “I don't know where you get your info, but your "Days" page has them ALL beat! It's the best!”
8/11/00, Dan Moloney, “I love your site. It’s the very best on the net. I hope it will stay here forever. Keep up the great work.”
8/11/00, Mandy, “Great site Jason! Other sites are okay, but yours has everything--down to the scene spoilers, cast info, lots of history stuff, and good ole fun trivia. Thanks for a great site! Hope this one stays up for a very long time!”
8/12/00, Leslie, “Your site is so cool!”
8/12/00, Kerry Dee Ambler, “Thanks for your efforts.”
8/12/00, Elizabeth Anne, “We appreciate all the time you take typing in this information. Thanks again for supporting DAYS fans!”
8/13/00, CJ Weber, “Hi Jason, Thanks for sharing your website...very nice! I will definitely be coming back...Keep up the good work! Thanks for taking the time to do this.”
8/13/00, Sandy, “Great job as usual Jason.”
8/13/00, LisaD, “Your page is great. Thanks for keeping us informed. Looking forward to more surprises!”
8/14/00, M.J. Cleeland, “Nice job, Jason! You did a really thorough job, especially on my favorite actor!!!”
8/14/00, Roxie Henderson, “I haven't had time to go through everything in your website, but what I have seen is GREAT. Keep it coming!!”
8/14/00, Charlotte, “Thanks for all your hard work!”
8/15/00, Marie, “The page looks great. You did a great job. Keep up the good work.”
8/18/00, Lynne, “Love this website! Keep up the great work!”
8/20/00, J.R., “Looks really great. Keep up the good work.”
8/20/00, Liz Simon, “Thanks for all the effort you are making for "Days" fans. I enjoy reading your pages.”
8/21/00, Ginny Smith, “Jason, I am very impressed by your website. Seeing that you have been a fan for less years than I, I am doubly impressed with the amount of information you have gathered. Keep up the good work.”
8/21/00, Betsy, “It is a very informative and entertaining page. Thanks for all the hard work it takes to keep it updated.”
8/22/00, Jill, “Great Site!”
8/22/00, Kristine, “Your page is great!! I appreciate you giving me the info on the show. I assure you that I will be a faithful reader. Keep up the good work!!”
8/24/00, Barbara, “I like your page. Lots of info.”
8/25/00, Dorothy, “I found the memo a fun thing to read. Very interesting. Thanks.”
8/27/00, A.J. Nye, “You have some unique features on your website that no one else offers.”
9/7/00, Michelle Walker, “I love your site. This is great I bookmarked it and everything. Keep up the great work.”
9/8/00, Shannon, “Great site! I love it! It's the only "cool" site. Keep it up! I always get my info here.”
9/15/00, Kat, “This website totally rocks!!! Keep it up, Jas!”
9/22/00, Kellie, “Your page is the best l have seen so far.”
9/22/00, Mae, “Thanks and keep up the great work!!”
10/21/00, Mackie, “I love your website. It is the best one I've found about Days of our Lives. Keep up the good work!”
10/26/00, Brandon Molale, “Always a fan, but I never watch the show unless I'm guest appearing.”
10/28/00, S. St.Clair, “You have the best "DAYS" page ever! I especially love your ratings archive. I've wanted to know past "DAYS" ratings for three years and thanks to you I've finally found them! Good job on keeping this page updated. A lot of other pages aren't updated for months at a time. I love this!!!”
11/11/00, Tammy, “I love this whole web page. Thank you for taking the time to make it.”
12/11/00, Megan Grindley, MEALIE0203@HOTMAIL.COM “Really great! I live in South Africa and it’s cool to know what’s going to happen and then see how everything develops.”
12/19/00, Ger, “What a great site you have!! I enjoyed it very much, and have saved it in my favorites and will come back to visit often.”
1/6/01, Hilari, “This is one of the best Days sites on the net, love it!!”
1/16/01, Meghan, “I love this site, I visit it everday.”
2/4/01, Alix DiMera, Alix “I like your site. There are some really interesting features that I have not seen at others DAYS sites. Keep up the good work!”
2/7/01, Mary Lou Martin, “This site is really great - I've been watching Days since the very beginning and really love it.”
2/8/01, Aimee Addington, “Love your page. Very informative. Added to my favorites bookmark. Keep up the good work. Thanks very much!!”
2/14/01, Juanita, “Have enjoyed this site the past 2 years. Keep up the good work. Your site is very informative.”
2/17/01, Joann Benson, “Thanks so much for your website. Unlike others you have a bit of the past. Keep up the good work.”
2/20/01, Matt, “This is no doubt the best Days page I have seen. The information is totally up to date. I love it! Well done Jason!!”
3/12/01, greatgran2, “Great site!”
3/16/01, Shannon Sorrell, “The site is wonderful. Nothing else to say.”
3/22/01, Elaine, “What a great "Days" site. I was very impressed. I've been watching the show for over 20 years and I have to say you have a lot of great information. Keep up the great work and I definitely will be checking back from time to time.”
3/26/01, Rachel Cook, “Love the page and everything you've done with it!”
4/7/01, Barb F, BARBQC#CS.COM “I have really enjoyed your site. Your site has a lot of interesting facts and good pictures and so much more. I have booked marked your site and will tell others about it. Thank-you for all of the good memories. Your site is great thanks for all the hard work you put into it.”
4/18/01, Nadav, “I'm from Israel. Your site is wonderful!!”
4/29/01, Shana, “Your site is great! I found the link for it from the "Early Edition" website and have been visiting it religiously ever since. I really enjoy your episode previews. I'm able to get an idea of what is going to happen in the next week or two. Keep up the good work!”
5/20/01, Stacy, “I enjoy your page very much!”
5/26/01, Kim, “I love this website! You have really outdone yourself. I love looking at old cast pictures. Thanks and keep up the good work!”
6/4/01, Shelley Winstead, “This is an awesome website. I've spent two hours here and am amazed at all the inside info! Thanks for the hard work it took to compile all of this.”
6/15/01, James Reid, “You have a great little site that you seem to enjoy updating. It seems like few of the sites really contain fun facts and historical tidbits that some of the true Days fans love to read.”
6/15/01, Linda, “Hi Jason...thanks for all the inside scoops and info. Had fun reading about all the sets used.”
7/6/01, Amanda Cruce, “Cool website.”
7/12/01, Mary, “Your webpage is the bomb!!! keep it up!! You’re awesome!!”
7/13/01, Roz, “I really enjoy your website. Keep up the good work and thanks for keeping us up to date.”
7/19/01, Pam, “Really nice job. I enjoyed my visit very much. I will be back too. Keep up the good work!”
8/18/01, Dustin, “I love this site!!”
8/21/01, R.C. Murawski, “Great site with lots of info.”
8/21/01, Dorothy, “Your site it so informative, Jason.”
8/21/01, Sophie, “I love Days of our Lives and the spoilers are great!”
8/22/01, Karen, “Thanks for your web site. When I miss a show I know I can find the scoop here.”
8/22/01, Eric, “Great Site! This definitely ranks up there with the best!”
9/1/01, Ally, “What a great web site! Congratulations!”
9/16/01, Becca, “Hey! Nice site! You did a very good job.”
11/4/01, Verla Long, “Thank you so much. I really did enjoy every bit of it!”
11/5/01, Isabelle, “Thank you for creating and updating this site on a daily basis. I enjoy it VERY much. It is one of the best.”
11/6/01, Samantha, “This site is awesome! It has the latest information! Very Fun!”
11/25/01, Megan, “I love this is constantly updated and easy to use!”
12/14/01, Amber Martin, “Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate this web site. This is my official home page on my computer. I look up updates on the show everyday through this web page. Thanks for keeping it updated. I really appreciate it. I just die to know what is going on from day to day. Thanks again.”
12/26/01, Michelle Mabe, “Keep up the good work.”
1/2/02, Carol Ann, “I found this site by accident and am thrilled that I did. You never know what you find while surfing the internet. Your site is so well put together, has a plethora of information and completely enjoyable. I have learned so much from reading all of the various items on this site. Thank you so much for putting so much time and effort into your wonderful website. I hope you win many awards for it.”
1/4/02, Mariah Hart, musicbox@ earth “I love your website. It is very cool. One of my favorites.”
1/17/02, Shirley Lindquist, “I love your website. Keep up the great work.”
2/3/02, Kathy, “Your doing a great job Jason!! I've been watching Days for 15 years and your site gives me all the latest info.”
2/9/02, Bernicia, “I really like your page...I always have to keep on coming back in this to get the updates and everything else!”
3/1/02, Dolly Alejars, “Your page is very nice and has a lot of interesting info.”
3/2/02, Amber Martin, “This is the best "Days" site I've been to yet....It is my official homepage and everything....The info is always up to date, which is really cool... Keep up the good work.”
3/7/02, Terry, “This has got to be one of--if not the best Days website I have seen. Keep it up Jason. My friends and I love it.”
3/16/02, Lisa, “Excellent site. Very informative.”
3/21/02, Elizabeth Pereira, “Even when I am overseas for the summer, I go to your website to keep up.”
3/27/02, Andrea Foster, “I just found this web site. Pretty nice!!”
4/6/02, Audrey, “Love your web site, different and interesting.”
5/2/02, Sue P., “I love it. You have so much varied information I don't know where to start! Thanks for all of your hard work putting this together and keeping it updated. Just wonderful!”
5/7/02, Jane Burgess, “I just love this website ~ it is the most complete listing of news, info, trivia about DOOL that I've ever seen. Thanks for all the enjoyment I get from it.”
5/18/02, Amber Grunder, “This is a GREAT site! Keep up the great work! Your site is being bookmarked in my "favorites.”
5/18/02, Janelyn, “I really love your website. It really keeps me up to date with DOOL. Keep it up!”
5/18/02, Nalews, “This site is fantastic. You have more info than any other site I've visited. Keep up the good work.”
5/19/02, Vonda, “This page is great! Thanks for all the great info!!”
5/25/02, Tina, “Awesome website Jason! I check your website every day for your daily summaries. Keep up the great work!!”
5/31/02, Fernize, “I just want to say this is a great page. Keep up the great work.”
6/4/02, Pat Girafalco, “Great site. Lots of info and very interesting. Keep up the good work.”
6/10/02, Michael, “This is one great site you got here Jason. I normally don’t even bother signing guestbooks but I took this time to sign yours since this site rules!!! Keep up the great work.”
6/17/02, Sandra, “Great fun! Thanks.”
6/29/02, Jane Burgess, “I'm a regular visitor to your site and check on data often. You have, by far, the best info for Days anywhere. Thanks for putting together such a terricific web site.”
6/29/02, Shany, “I just wanted to say that your page is Great!!”
7/2/02, JJ, “I just wanted you to know that your webpage is wonderful and is #1 on my list of Dool Favorites! Thanks for all the information regarding my favorite soap and for keeping your webpage updated ! It's really nice to be able to surf and find a great and updated page. Thanks for all your hard work! Keep it up! Thanks.”
7/8/02, Christene, “I enjoy viewing you website. Thank you.”
7/17/02, Beth, “This is a pretty cool web site! Lots of info, especially for the newbie to Days. I found it by accident, but have it bookmarked and will return!”
7/17/02, Cyndee, “An absolutely wonderful all the memories. Thank you so much for all of your hard work.”
7/21/02, Stacie, “WOW! I love your site!! It's awesome. Great place to get Days ahead shows and see what’s going on. Keep it up!!”
7/21/02, BellaBella, “I love your site. Thanks for all your hard work!!”
7/22/02, Charlie, “I just discovered your site. I like it. It's right up there with "Early Edition" and Dustin's site”.
7/24/02, Betsy Devore, “You have the most informative page I have ever seen. Thank you for all of your hard work.”
7/24/02, Sara, “I really like the site a lot! It is awesome!”
7/25/02, Emily, “I'm a HUGE fan of DOOL. You do such a great job with this website. Keep up the good work!!”
7/25/02, Amanda, “I like your page. It’s cool.”
7/31/02, Michelle, “I think your website is great.”
8/2/02, Tommy, “Awesome site....I had never been here before and you have so much information that I spent over two hours here on my first initial visit. Good job and keep it up!”
8/5/02, Tuesilley, “I adore your site. PLEASE keep doing so as much as you can - I know it must be a great deal of work. Thank you so much for the continued scoops.”
8/6/02, Sarah Hart, HJANE32@AOL.COM “I just found the website and find it the best and most informative I have seen. Keep up the work.”
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