"Days of Our Lives" premiered as a half-hour daytime drama on November 8, 1965. It took almost ten years, on April 21, 1975, for it to expand to a full hour. There was a special hour-episode (episode # 2265) presented by NBC on Wednesday, November 20, 1974, in order to see how feasible it would be to expand several of their daytime programs to an hour. Obviously, the episode was a success, as NBC decided to expand their lineup, first with "Another World" on January 6, 1975, and then with "Days" just five months after its hour special!
Los Angeles Times, 11/20/74
On Thursday, February 27, 1975, NBC made the announcement that "Days" would be expanding in April. Giving another half hour to "Days" meant the demise of the daytime drama "How to Survive a Marriage." Washington Post article, 2/28/75.
Lin Bolen, then-vice president of NBC daytime, helped make "Days of Our Lives" into an hour soap on Monday, April 21, 1975. Washington Post article, 4/17/75.
Another article on the expansion of "Days" to one hour.


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