Los Angeles Times article, 5/29/82.
Here is a portion of the script featuring Roman finding out that "Marlena" has died.

Episode # 4197
OAD: May 25, 1982
Dialogue Writer: Maralyn Thoma
Prologue: Marlena's Apartment: (Gwen stands in the doorway, shivering, her face tear-streaked, as Roman and Abe come down the hall and into the apartment on the run, followed by three policemen (2 U/5s, one extra). The extra cop staions himself outside the door after a quick look inside.)
GWEN: Roman...she's behind the sofa...
ABE (to Gwen): Is everything the way you found it?
GWEN: I haven't touched anything, Abe.
(Go to Roman, standing over Samantha's body, thinking, as should the audience, it's Marlena. This is the end of the world for Roman. Note to director: Please see Al Rabin regarding all scenes in Marlena's apartment.)

Act I: Marlena's Apartment: (Continuation of scene. As Roman stands over Samantha's body, transfixed. Samantha's hair covers her face. He starts to kneel down, but Abe is beside him in a flash and pulls him back.)
ABE: Roman, don't.
(Two paramedics rush into the apartment, push Roman and Abe out of the way, and kneel down to Samantha.)
ABE: Roman, come outside.
ROMAN: No...
ABE: Now, Roman! You shouldn't be here...
(He half drags Roman away from the area where the body lies. One of the cops takes Gwen off to the side to question here, as the paramedics work.)
COP # 1: You're the one who found her?
GWEN: Yes...
COP # 1: May I have your name...
(As Gwen talks to Cop # 1 in the background:)
ABE: Come on, Roman.
ROMAN: No. How is she? Is she breathing?
ABE: Come on, man...let the paramedics do their job.
(Roman stands firm, not moving from the spot, his eyes never leaving the paramedics as they work. The paramedics are taking vital signs, soon discovering she's dead.)
ROMAN: She's not moving Abe. I can see the scarf...
ABE: We should talk to Gwen. Come on.
ROMAN: That's the robe she was wearing when we said goodbye.
(Abe sees that he's not going to be able to budge Roman, sees his pain and feels helpless)
ABE: Let's go outside, Roman.
(Roman doesn't answer, his eyes rivited to Samantha's body. One of the paramedics approaches Abe and draws him aside).
PARAMEDIC: It's Doctor Evans, all right...she's dead.
(Abe is in pain at hearing his fear confirmed, looks at Roman)
ABE (to paramedic): Okay. I'll tell him.
(Abe goes to Roman, taking his arm)
ABE: Roman, I'm sorry...she's gone.
(Roman stands, transfixed, not believing, as the paramedics cover her body with a sheet, leaving one arm and hand exposed. They take their equipment and move to one side. Roman pulls away from Abe and goes to Samantha, kneeling down. Abe turns away, as do the copes and Gwen, tears streaming down her face. In close on Roman as he looks at the lifeless form, then at her hand. He reaches down and touches the hand.)
ROMAN: Doc...


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