"Days" Says Goodbye to 545 Sycamore Street: The Horton House

As "Days of Our Lives" gets ready to say goodbye to Alice Horton, "Days" fans will also be saying goodbye to another part of "Days" which has been around since the first episode on November 8, 1965: The Horton House.

Did You Know? Although the Horton Living Room set has been used since the first episode, there is only one original piece of the set that has been used since then: the doorknob of the front door.

Just before "Days" fans met Alice and Tom Horton in the pilot episode, an exterior shot was seen of 545 Sycamore Street, the home which Alice has lived in since before the show premiered in 1965.

Here is the first time the Horton Living Room is mentioned in the script:

Alice and Tom share their first hug on "Days" in the living room set, November 8, 1965.

Maree Cheatham poses in the living room set for her first promotional
photo as Marie Horton. Notice on the mantle is a picture of Marie and her fiance, Tony Merritt
(Dick Colla). Marie and Tony would become the first failed wedding in "Days" history.

The first "Days" Christmas from December 24, 1965, with Mickey (John Clarke) visiting Alice (Frances Reid).
The flashback was shown on the special Christmas 2001 episode of "Days."

The script pages of the above scene, from the special Christmas 2001 episode.

The Horton family poses for a group photo in the Horton Living Room in 1971.
Edward Mallory (Bill), John Clarke (Mickey), Marie Cheatham (Sister Marie), John Lupton (Tommy), Frances Reid (Alice), Macdonald Carey (Tom) and Patricia Barry (Addie).

In 1982, Tom & Alice dance to their favorite song "Always" in the Horton Living Room:
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Tom & Alice: "Always"

Alice shows off the beautiful foyer of the Horton house.

Alice sits in a chair in the Horton living room.
The area where she is seated is where the Horton Christmas tree stands each Christmas.

Alice sits in her husband Tom's favorite chair.
She and Tom spent many a night with their family in this room.

The blueprints of the entire Horton House, as featured in the book
"Days of Our Lives: A Tour Through Salem" by Lorraine Zenka.

Alice remembers her time with Tom after his death in June, 1994.

In the Horton Living Room set, Doug sings "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas."
The scene ends as Alice speaks her last line of dialogue "Merry Christmas, Tom", which
ended up being the last episode Frances Reid appeared in on December 26, 2007.