Jason47 Meets Ken Corday!

On Tuesday, May 25, 2010, I met executive producer Ken Corday for the first time at a book signing at NBC in New York City. He was very pleasant to all of the "Days" fans, and spent several minutes chatting with each one. Unlike other book signings, fans did not have to purchase a book, and instead could just chat with him and get an autographed photo. After telling Ken that I had been a fan of "Days" for twenty years, he made a special note of it when he signed his "Days" book. Also appearing was Kristian Alfonso (Hope). After posing for a photo with her, I joked with her and asked her not to "bash me over the head" (as Hope has been doing recently to all the Salem men) when I turned around. Kristian was signing autographs as well as selling items from her jewelry collection.