"I really want the love, compassion and warmth Jim and I have for one another to come across on-screen."
Renee Jones, February 1993

"Mission accomplished, Renee!"
Jason47, June 2012

Goodbye, Lexie Carver...
Farewell, Renee Jones

Jason47's Tribute to Lexie Carver Video

Farewell Messages from Fans:
My favorite Lexie scene would have to be in Aremid when she confronts Stefano and Celeste in the cave announcing that she knows that Stefano is her father. Such an epic scene. - Shane

Your fantastic character portrayal as Lexie Carver has been a true pleasure to watch. I love when the writers would give you a fantastic storyline because I knew it would be acted to perfection. You are a wonderful actress. You really make your scenes full of raw emotion and most of all you make each scene you are asked to do believable. Sometimes this can be a difficult task to pull off but it appears super easy for you...and that's AMAZING! I feel I am right there with you going through whatever it may be: pain sorrow, grief, or happiness. I respect your wishes to leave Days ,however, I of course wish you would never have made the decision to leave. Thank you for giving me fantastic VERY well acted scenes to look forward to so much so that you made me excited to watch. I wish you the best of luck with your future. You have been a treasure in the soap acting world for Days!  Best of luck with your future endeavors!!!  -Erin

Thank you so much for bringing to life the character of Lexie and making her someone I cared about for the greater part of 20 years. DOOL will never be the same with out you! Although you will be greatly missed, I have no doubt you will enjoy retirement to the fullest. Congratulations on moving on to the next phase of your life. I hope you can make every second count! Many happy thoughts and prayers for continued happiness in life! -Jennifer

I will always love Lexie. I loved her scenes with Joe and James. She was one of the best on Days. -Alin

What a loss Days will suffer when you leave, Renee. You are a wonderful actress and I will always remember the time you've spent with the show. You have a special place in my heart as does Lexie. Prayers going up for you and
I sure will miss seeing you. -Robolynn

 I just want to wish Renee all of the best in her future endeavors. My favorite storyline of Lexie's was the Baby Switch. -Marie

Renee Jones taped her first episode of "Days of Our Lives" as Nikki Wade, Abe's girlfriend, on July 13, 1982.
Thirty years later, she appears in her last episode of "Days of Our Lives" as Lexie Carver, Abe's wife, on June 28, 2012.
During her first run on "Days" from 1982-1983, Renee played Nikki Wade. Here is her first publicity photo for "Days."

Renee's Recipe for "Days of Our Lives Celebrity Cookbook: Volume II", 1983

The Cast & Set List for Renee's First Episode of "Days"
Episode # 4242...Air Date: July 27, 1982
Renee was paired romantically with James Reynolds a decade before joining the show as Lexie.
From July 1982-August 1983, she played Abe's secretary & love interest, Nikki Wade.

The Credits Sheet for Episode # 4250, August 6, 1982
Note that Renee is near the bottom of the list, in the guest cast, as Nikki Wade

This parking clearance from Episode # 4256 shows Renee reporting to work 30 years ago with many
of her current castmates, including Suzanne Rogers, Josh Taylor, James Reynolds and Deidre Hall

Five years after playing Nikki, and five years before playing Lexie,
Renee & Jim both appeared in this "Highway to Heaven" episode
"Country Doctor", January 13, 1988
Renee's character gives birth, while Jim's character is a doctor!

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