This scan is from the 1930 census. It lists father Peter Mascolo (age 28) and mother Anna (age 19). Below them is their son Joseph Mascolo (age 1 year, 1 month; born March 1929). All ages listed are as of April 1, 1930. This is noteworthy since, up until now, all sources had listed Mascolo as having been born in 1935. Below the scan is an article from a November, 1950 newspaper, stating Mascolo was 21 at the time.
This is a story from the November 28, 1950 "Daily Record" newspaper from Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania (Mascolo's biography lists him as having been a West Point cadet): "Two West Point cadets were slightly injured early yesterday morning when the car they were in hit a culvert on Route 115 near the Mineola Lake entrance. Taken to Monroe County General hospital by ambulance were Salvatore Signorino, 21, owner of the car, and Joseph Mascolo, 21, who was driving...Both men, who are members of the West Point band, were proceeding back to the military academy...Mascolo saw a car stalled in the middle of the highway. He swerved off the road to avoid hitting it and crashed into the culvert."


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