Betty Corday Addresses Overuse of Contract Cast
October, 1969

Contract Actor Status Report
Episodes # 982-1012 (7 weeks)
Note that newcomer Susan Seaforth (Julie) had just a 1-per week guarantee.

Bill Bell Brings Up Possibility of Expanding the Contract Cast
October, 1969

Contract Castmembers Need to Give Advance Notice to be Written Out
In this case...Susan Flannery

Susan Flannery Asks for Time Off
August, 1969
(Note: Address & Phone Number removed...although she's probably moved since then!)

Future "M*A*S*H" Star Mike Farrell Gives Advanced Notice of His Unavailability
Not Having a Contract, He Doesn't Need to Get Permission For Time Off

Even Mac Needs Time Off Sometimes!

Hey, Where's Bill Hayes??
Here's an Early Suggestion of Who Might Play Doug Williams