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Mickey Horton has been a part of Salem since "Days of Our Lives" premiered on November 8, 1965. For over 38 years, Mickey was portrayed by John Clarke, until his retirement, with his last episode being aired on January 28, 2004. From 2004-2008, Richard Voigts, John Ingle and Kevin Dobson all briefly appeared as Mickey. But for long-time "Days" fans, the names of Mickey Horton and John Clarke will always remain synonymous. In 1973, Suzanne Rogers joined the cast of "Days" as Maggie Simmons. Except for a few brief breaks, Mickey and Maggie would become one of Salem's longest-running couples, until Mickey's untimely passing in January, 2010. The following is a tribute to Mickey Horton, his long-time portrayer John Clarke, and to Mickey's long-time romance with Maggie.

Mickey Horton Through the Years   


LEFT:  John Clarke's first head shot as Mickey in 1965. RIGHT: The Horton Family in 1966: John Clarke (Mickey),
Marie Cheatham (Marie), Edward Mallory (Bill), Frances Reid (Alice), Macdonald Carey (Tom).

LEFT: Coleen Gray as Mickey's first love interest, Diane Hunter, in 1966.
MIDDLE: One of Mickey's early cases in court in 1967, defending Diane's daughter, Susan Hunter (Denise Alexander).
Also pictured: Macdonald Carey as Tom and Byron Morrow as the judge.
RIGHT: Susan Flannery as Mickey's second love interest, Laura Spencer. Laura gave birth to Mickey's son, Michael, in 1968.
However, it was later learned that Mickey was infertile and that his brother Bill was actually Michael's father.

LEFT: Mickey's first wedding, to Laura Spencer (Susan Flannery), in 1967.
RIGHT: The Horton Family poses for a group shot in 1973: Edward Mallory (Bill), John Clarke (Mickey), Marie
Cheatham (Sister Marie), John Lupton (Tommy), Frances Reid (Alice), Macdonald Carey (Tom) and Patricia Barry (Addie). 

LEFT: On August 20, 1973, Mickey, who was suffering from amnesia and thought his name was Marty Hanson, wanders on to the farm of Maggie Simmons (Suzanne Rogers), who had been injured in a car accident which had killed both of her parents.
MIDDLE: This 1974 promotional shot shows the two faces of Mickey. His 1973 bearded face, and his 1974 clean-shaven appearance.
RIGHT: Mickey and Maggie's first wedding, January 25, 1974.

LEFT: A 1975 promotional shot, featuring the three remaining original castmembers, Frances Reid, Macdonald Carey and John Clarke.
RIGHT: A 1980s promotional photo of the two long-running Horton couples, Mickey & Maggie and Alice & Tom.

LEFT: The 1986 double wedding of Pete Jannings (Michael Leon) & Melissa Anderson
(Lisa Trusel) and Maggie Simmons (Suzanne Rogers) & Mickey Horton (John Clarke).
RIGHT: A Horton group photo from 2000: Hope (Kristian Alfonso), Jennifer (Melissa Reeves),
Lucas (Bryan Dattilo), Alice (Frances Reid), Mickey (John Clarke) and Maggie (Suzanne Rogers).

LEFT: The Horton Family in 2000: Maggie (Suzanne Rogers), Mickey (John Clarke), Alice (Frances Reid),
Doug (Bill Hayes) and Julie (Susan Seaforth Hayes). RIGHT: Mickey & Maggie in 2001.

LEFT: The Hortons celebrate Christmas Day in 2002. Back row: Belle (Kirsten Storms), Shawn (Jason Cook), Bo (Peter Reckell), Lucas
(Bryan Dattilo), Jennifer (Melissa Reeves), Jack (Matthew Ashford), Hope (Kristian Alfonso), Doug (Bill Hayes), Julie (Susan Seaforth Hayes),
Maggie (Suzanne Rogers). Front row: Mickey (John Clarke), Alice (Frances Reid), Abigail (Megan Corletto), and Will (Darian Weiss). 
RIGHT: After Maggie's supposed death in 2003, Mickey briefly romanced Bonnie Lockhart (Judi Evans). 


After John Clarke's retirement, three other actors briefly stepped into the role of Mickey:
Richard Voigts (2004), John Ingle (2004-2006) and Kevin Dobson (2008).

Mickey & Maggie: Important Dates

Script of Mickey's debut, 11/8/65

Scan of Maggie & Mickey's first scene, 8/20/73

Script of Maggie's debut, 8/20/73

Script of Mickey & Maggie's first wedding, 1/25/74

Maggie & Mickey: A Brief Timeline

August 20, 1973: Maggie Simmons (on crutches) meets Marty Hanson (Mickey Horton with amnesia), when Marty wanders onto her farm.
January 25, 1974: Maggie Simmons and Marty Hanson marry on her farm.
October 2, 1974: After he divorces Laura, Mickey and Maggie get married legally.
June 1977: Maggie and Mickey move away from Maggie's farm and move to Salem.
September 1978: Maggie becomes an alcoholic and is arrested for drunken driving. (This storyline gets Suzanne Rogers a Daytime Emmy in 1979).
November 1982: With Mickey presumed dead (having been kidnapped by Stefano), Maggie begins dating Don Craig.
April 1983: Mickey returns to Salem, but it takes several years for him to reunite with Maggie.
October 1984-August 1985: Maggie is off-camera for a year (while Suzanne Rogers is away from "Days").
February 14, 1986: Mickey and Maggie wed for the third time.
November 2003: Maggie is "killed off" by the Salem Stalker.
January 28, 2004: John Clarke retires after playing Mickey for over 38 years.
June 2004: Maggie returns alive to Salem, but finds that Mickey (now played by John Ingle) has moved on and married Bonnie Lockhart. He later divorces Bonnie.
July 18, 2005: Maggie and Mickey are married for the fourth time.
April 2006-March 2008: Mickey stays married to Maggie but is off-camera and never seen (no one plays the role for two years).
April 1, 2008: The character of Mickey returns to the canvas as Kevin Dobson debuts in the role.
October 2, 2008: Kevin Dobson's last episode is also the last time Mickey is ever seen on screen.
January, 2010: When Maggie goes upstairs to her bedroom, she finds Mickey has passed away.

The Interviews

John Clarke & Suzanne Rogers, Soap Opera Digest, 2/25/97

John Clarke: This Is Your Life, 1/27/98

John Clarke as Mickey Horton: The Video File
(Youtube links not associated with

John Clarke as Mickey Horton in the "Days" pilot episode, 11/8/65

Mickey & Alice in the first "Days" Christmas episode, 12/24/65

The Hortons sing Tom & Alice's song, "Always", in celebration of their 50th wedding anniversary, 3/7/80

Mickey & Maggie's third wedding, 2/14/86

Mickey & Maggie chat, 7/22/87

Mickey & Maggie reminisce, 11/21/90

The Hortons hang their Christmas ornaments, 12/25/92

John Clarke's last scene with Suzanne Rogers, 11/10/03

Maggie thinks back to Mickey's red shoes gift, 12/31/09

A fan's pictorial tribute to Mickey & Maggie