JULY 7, 1915-SEPTEMBER 14, 2006

     Terry O'Sullivan, who played Richard Hunter on "Days of Our Lives" from May 1966-December 1967, has died. O'Sullivan passed away of pancreatic cancer on September 14, 2006 at Our Lady of Good Counsel Home hospice in St. Paul, Minnesota. He was 91.
     Richard Hunter was married to Diane Hunter (Coleen Gray). They were parents to Susan Hunter (Denise Alexander). While Susan would remain in Salem until 1976, her parents were last seen at the end of 1967.
     O'Sullivan was born on July 7, 1915 in Missouri. He started his career in the late 1930s in tent shows, appearing in small theaters, before moving to radio, and later to television.  He got his big break on "Search For Tomorrow" as Arthur Tate in 1952, a role he portrayed for twelve years until leaving in early 1966 and joining "Days." He also appeared on "Valiant Lady" before his last major role, on "The Secret Storm" in 1969. He moved to Minnesota in the early 1970s, where he continued to work in local theater, as well as take on various acting and modeling jobs. He is survived by four daughters, nine grandchildren and eleven great-grandchildren.
A clipping from the April 9, 1966 Chicago Tribune mentions why O'Sullivan was written off "Search for Tomorrow" after twelve years (which opened the door to his role on "Days" a month later).


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