Charles Bateman (Maxwell Jarvis)
Birthplace: San Diego, California...Birthday: November 19, 1930.
Personal: Single.
Filmography: TV Series: "Manhunt" (Det. George Peters: 1959), "Two Faces West" (Dr. Rick January: 1960-1961), "Hazel" (Fred Williams: 1965-1966), "Cannon" (Lt. Tarcher: 1971-1973), "Lovers and Friends" (Roger Hamilton: 1977-1978), "Santa Barbara" (C.C. Capwell: 1984-1985). TV Appearances: "Lassie", "Perry Mason", "Ben Casey", "Bonanza", "The Munsters", "Get Smart", "My Three Sons", "Ironside", "Mission: Impossible", "Police Woman", "The Rockford Files", "Barnaby Jones", "Matlock", "Hunter", "Dallas", "The Trials of Rosie O'Neill." Movies: "How to Murder Your Wife", "The Poseidon Adventure."
Days Airdates: April 22, 1980-April 9, 1981.
Recently: Retired from acting in 1991. Current whereabouts unknown.

Stephen Brooks (Joshua Fallon)
Birthplace: Columbus, Ohio...Raised: Northfield, Illinois...Birthday: August 12, 1942.
Personal: Single. Real first name: James.
Filmography: TV Series: "The FBI" (Jim Rhodes: 1965-1968), "The Interns" (Dr. Greg Pettit: 1970-1971). TV Appearances: "The Defenders", "Star Trek", "The Invaders", "Medical Center", "Vegas", "Barnaby Jones", "House Calls."
Days Airdates: April 21, 1980-November 19, 1981.
Died: December 1, 1999 at the age of 57 in Seattle, Washington of a heart attack.

Dianne Harper (Leslie James)
Birthplace: Tulsa, Oklahoma...Birthday: July 6, 1944.
Personal: Husband: Robert Cook.
Filmography: TV Series: "Lovers and Friends." TV Appearances: "Marcus Welby, MD", "Emergency!", "Ironside". "Adam-12", "Happy Days", "The Rockford Files." Movies: "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan."
Days Airdates: May 5, 1980-March 9, 1981.
Recently: Has not acted since 1982. Current whereabouts unknown.


William Joyce (Kellam Chandler)
Birthplace: Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania...Raised: New Rochelle, New York...Birthday: October 21, 1930.
Personal: Married.
Filmography: TV Series: "Somerset" (Jack Wheeler: 1975). TV Appearances: "Bat Masterson", "The Rifleman", "The Real McCoys", "Petticoat Junction", "Cannon", "The Rockford Files", "Barnaby Jones", "Lou Grant", "Falcon Crest", "Knight Rider", "Knots Landing", "Hunter." Movies: "Top Banana", "I Eat Your Skin."
Days Airdates: April 24, 1980-March 27, 1981.
Died: September 3, 1998 at the age of 67 in Encino, California.

Paul Keenan (Tod Chandler)
Birthplace: Boston, Massachusetts...Birthday: December 10, 1955.
Personal: Single.
Filmography: TV Series: "Dynasty" (Tony Driscoll: 1982-1984). Movie: "Honky Tonk Freeway."
Days Airdates: September 24, 1980-October 22, 1981.
Died: December 11, 1986 at the age of 31 in Canton, Massachusetts of complications from AIDS.