Adam Caine (Edmund Crumb)
Birthplace: London, England...Birthday: April 20, 1967.
Personal: Single. Moved to America in April, 1996. Real last name: Clarke.
Filmography: TV Appearances: "Bugs", "Snoops", "Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place." Movies: "That Summer in L.A.", "Mind Games."
Days Airdates: January 8, 1998-May 8, 1998.
Recently: Has not acted since 2003. Current whereabouts unknown.

John Callahan (Dr. Richard Baker)

Birthplace: Brooklyn, New York...Birthday: December 23, 1953.
Personal: Single. One daughter: Kaya Mckenna (born 12/6/01) from a previous marriage to actress Eva LaRue. Co-hosted the "77th Annual Miss America Pageant" in 1997.
Filmography: TV Series: "General Hospital" (Leo Russell: 1984-1985), "Falcon Crest" (Eric Stavros: 1986-1988), "Santa Barbara" (Craig Hunt: 1989-1991), "All My Children" (Edmund Grey: 1992-2005), "Weddings of a Lifetime" (Host: 1995), "Watch Over Me" (Richard Porter: 2006). Internet Series: "The Bay" (Mackenzie Johnson: 2010). TV Appearances: "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers", "Emerald Point, N.A.S.", "Fantasy Island", "Hotel", "Murder, She Wrote", "Spin City", "Hope & Faith", "Desperate Housewives", "Cold Case." Movies: "Marvin's Room", "His and Hers", "Lost in the Woods", "eCupid", "Tentacle 8."
Awards: SOD Award (lead actor, 1998); 3 SOD nominations (supporting actor, 1994; hottest male, 1995; lead actor, 1997).
Days Airdates: Recurring: November 24, 2008-November 25, 2008. Contract: December 1, 2008-May 13, 2009. Recurring: August 12, 2009-August 31, 2009; April 22, 2010-August 26, 2010.
Recently: Continues to act.

Stephanie Cameron (Jennifer Horton)
Birthplace: St. Louis, Missouri...Raised: Virginia Beach, Virginia...Birthday: June 25, 1969.
Personal: Single.
Filmography: TV Series: "Melrose Place" (Audrey Williams: 1999). TV Movies: "The Hollywood Mom's Mystery", "Detective."
Days Airdates: December 18, 1995-June 5, 1998.
Recently: Continues to act.

Joseph Campanella (Harper Deveraux)
Birthplace: New York City, New York...Birthday: November 21, 1924.
Personal: Wife: dancer/singer Jill Bartholomew (married in June, 1964). 7 sons: Philip (1965), Robert Yale (1966), Joseph Anthony Jr. (6/16/67), Dominic Peter, (12/27/69), Anthony F. (9/27/74), John Mario (12/9/77), Andrew Michael (10/2/79).
Filmography: TV Series: "Guiding Light" (Joe Turino: 1959-1960), The Nurses" (Dr. Ted Steffen: 1964-1965), "The Bold Ones: The Lawyers" (Brian Darrell: 1969-1972), "Science International" (Host: 1976), "This Is Your Life" (Host: 1983), "The Colbys" (Hutch Corrigan: 1985-1986), "Dallas" (Joseph Lombardi Sr.: 1988-1989), "Emergency Call" (Host: 1991-1992), "The Bold & the Beautiful" (Jonathan Young: 1996-1997, 2000-2003), "That's Life" (Joe: 2000-2001). TV Appearances: "Kraft Television Theatre", "Naked City", "The Untouchables", "Route 66", "The Fugitive", "Mission: Impossible", "The Virginian", "Night Gallery", "Marcus Welby, M.D.", "Mannix", "Gunsmoke", "McCloud", "Ironside", "The Rockford Files", "One Day at a Time", "The Love Boat", "The Golden Girls", "Murder, She Wrote",  "Knots Landing", "Baywatch", "Touched by an Angel", "Melrose Place", "The Practice", "Cold Case", "CSI."
Awards: Daytime Emmy nomination (supporting actor, 1989). Primetime Emmy nomination (supporting actor, 1968, for "Mannix.")
Days Airdates: Recurring: May 8, 1987-May 3, 1988. Contract: May 10, 1988-July 5, 1988. Recurring: August 9, 1988-October 21, 1988; March 9, 1990-April 22, 1992.
Recently: Continues to act.

Sandra Canning (Grace Jeffries)
Birthplace: Trinidad...Raised: St. Thomas, Virgin Islands...Birthday: October 10, 1965.
Personal: Single. Half-sister of TV personality Lisa Canning. Cast in the "Charlie's Angels" TV series remake "Angels '88", which never aired.
FIlmography: TV Appearance: "Family Ties." Movies: "Dragnet", "Marked for Death."
Days Airdates: January 2, 1990-June 6, 1990.
Recently: Since leaving "Days" in 1990, has not acted. Now a program director for Capital Media Network in Florida. Also is a photographer. Here is her website: Sandra Canning Photography.

Macdonald Carey (Tom Horton)
Birthplace: Sioux City, Iowa...Birthday: March 15, 1913.
Personal: Married to Elizabeth Heckscher (1943-1969). Daughters: Lynn Catherine (10/29/46), Elizabeth Macdonald "Lisa" (7/12/49), Anna Theresa (7/12/52). Sons: Steven Anthony (3/30/51), Edward Macdonald Jr. (4/22/54), Paul G. (2/7/56). 1 son, Edward Joseph, died at birth (11/25/47). Real first name: Edward.
Filmography: TV Series: "Dr. Christian" (Dr. Mark Christian: 1956), "Roots" (Squire James: 1977). TV Appearances: many appearances including "Wagon Train", "Rawhide", "The Alfred Hitchcock Hour", "The Outer Limits", "Burke's Law", "Lassie", "Bewitched", "Police Story", "Fantasy Island", "Murder, She Wrote." Movies: Over 40 films between 1942-1965.
Awards: 2 Daytime Emmys (Lead Actor, 1974, 1975); 3 Daytime Emmy nominations (Individual Performance, 1968, 1973; Lead Actor, 1976); 4 SOD Awards (Mature Actor, 1978, 1979, 1984, 1985).
Days Airdates: November 8, 1965-February 9, 1994.
Died: March 21, 1994 at the age of 81 in Beverly Hills, California of lung cancer.

Patrice Chanel-Carter (Gail Carson)
Birthplace: Dallas, Texas...Birthday: December 24, 1950.
Personal: Husband: singer/entertainer Albert Joseph Carter Jr. (married 8/24/86). 2 daughters: Jolie Fredieu (from a previous marriage to Ollie Channel, born 1/19/72) and Caysie Anne (born 11/10/87). Maiden name: Dotson (dropped one N from her ex-husband Ollie Channel's last name for her stage name)
Filmography: TV Series: "Fame, Fortune and Romance" (Correspondent: 1986). TV Appearances: "The Fall Guy", "Crazy Like a Fox", "The A-Team", "Hunter", "Mike Hammer", "In the Heat of the Night", "Sister, Sister", "Renegade", "Family Matters", "Diagnosis: Murder", "Days of Our Lives" (Joan Hunt in 1998).
Days Airdates: March 21, 1989-October 3, 1989.
Recently: Since leaving "Days" her second time after her short stint as Joan Hunt in 1998, has not acted. Since 1994, she has been a teacher/choroegrapher/producer at Campbell Hall High School in California and since 2006 she has also become a fashion consultant.

Lane Caudell (Woody King)

Birthplace: Asheboro, North Carolina...Birthday: April 25, 1950.
Personal: One son, Lane Toran (10/15/82), from a previous marriage to Mo Lauren. Real name: Mitchell Caudill.
Filmography: TV Movies: "Good Ol' Boys", "Battles: The Murder That Wouldn't Die", "The Archer: Fugitive From the Empire." Movies: "Satan's Cheerleaders", "Goodbye, Franklin High", "Hangin' On a Star."
Days Airdates: Recurring: February 3, 1982-April 23, 1982. Contract: April 30, 1982-January 7, 1983. Recurring: February 10, 1983-June 28, 1983.
Recently: Has not acted since leaving "Days." Now lives in Asheboro, North Carolina, where he continues to write and record country music. Co-owns Cauley Music Group.

Matt Cedeno (Brandon Walker)
Birthplace: Moses Lake, Washington...Birthday: November 14, 1973.
Personal: Wife: actress Erica Franco (married 7/31/09). 1 son, Jaxon Cruz (born 8/7/13). Former model.
Filmography: TV Appearances: "Boy Meets World", "Life With Roger", "The Weakest Link", "That 70's Show", "CSI: Miami", "Half & Half", "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia", "Psych", "Desperate Housewives", "Brothers", "The Mentalist", "Melissa & Joey", "Common Law." TV Movie: "Romancing the Bride." Movies: "Price of Glory", "Hot Tamale", "4-Bidden", "K-11", "Retribution."
Days Airdates: June 8, 1999-June 3, 2003. Recurring: October 18, 2004-February 22, 2005.
Recently: Continues to act.

Judith Chapman (Anjelica Curtis)
Birthplace: Greenville, South Carolina...Birthday: November 15, 1951.
Personal: Dating: restaurateur James Offord. Real last name: Shepard.
Filmography: TV Series: "As the World Turns" (Natalie Hughes: 1975-1978), "Ryan's Hope" (Charlotte Greer: 1983), "General Hospital" (Ginny Webber: 1984-1986), "One Life to Live" (Sandra Montaigne: 1987), "The Young & the Restless" (Gloria Abbott: 2005-Present). TV Appearances: "Kojak", "Fantasy Island", "Barnaby Jones", "The Incredible Hulk", "The Love Boat", "Magnum, P.I.", "Knight Rider", "The Fall Guy", "Remington Steele", "Highway to Heaven", "MacGyver", "In the Heat of the Night", "Matlock", "Murder, She Wrote", "Silk Stalkings." Movies:  "False Face", "And God Created Woman", "28 Days", "The Sweetest Thing."
Awards: SOD nomination (lead actress, 1986).
Days Airdates: April 7, 1989-March 19, 1990. Recurring: January 22, 1991-January 23, 1991.
Recently: Appearing as Gloria Abbott on "The Young & the Restless."

Crystal Chappell (Carly Manning)

Birthplace: Silver Spring, Maryland...Birthday: August 4, 1965.
Personal: Husband: actor Michael Sabatino (Lawrence Alamain on "Days", 1990-1993), (married 1/6/97). 2 sons: Jacob Walker (born 4/00) and Dylan Michael (born 9/2/03).
Filmography: TV Series: "Santa Barbara" (Jane Kinglsey: 1990), "One Life to Live" (Maggie Carpenter: 1995-1997), "Guiding Light" (Olivia Spencer: 1999-2009), "The Bold and the Beautiful" (Danielle: 2012-Present). Internet Series: "Venice: The Series" (Gina Brogno: 2009-Present). TV Appearances: "Diagnosis: Murder", "Walker, Texas Ranger", "Burke's Law", "Silk Stalkings", "Pensacola: Wings of Gold." Movie: "Lady in Waiting."
Awards: 2 Daytime Emmy Awards (supporting actress, 2002; special class short format executive producer of "Venice", 2011). 7 Daytime Emmy nominations (supporting actress, 2005, 2006; lead actress, 2007, 2008, 2010, 2012); (special class short format/executive producer for "Venice": 2011). SOD Award (hottest female, 1993).
Days Airdates: June 12, 1990-October 18, 1993; October 2, 2009-September 22, 2011.
Recently: Appearing as Danielle on "The Bold and the Beautiful" and exective producer/star of the Internet series "Venice: The Series."

Ariana Chase (Kimberly Brady)
Birthplace: Somerset, New Jersey...Birthday: March 10, 1960.
Personal: Husband: screenwriter Jay Teitzell (married 5/16/98). Real last name: Muenker (acted under the name Ariane Munker until the mid-1980s.)
Filmography: TV Series: "Guiding Light" (Christie Rogers: 1970-1971), "As the World Turns" (Annie Stewart: 1972-1973), "Another World" (Marianne Randolph: 1975-1977), "As the World Turns" (Melinda Spencer: 1978-1980), "Ryan's Hope" (Amanda Kirkland: 1983). TV Movie: "About Sarah."
Days Airdates: December 29, 1992-June 25, 1993.
Recently: Since leaving "Days" in 1993, acted only once more, in the 1998 television movie "About Sarah." Since then, she has been a weight loss coach for Isagenix.

Marie Cheatham (Marie Horton)

Birthplace: Tulsa, Oklahoma...Birthday: June 2, 1940.
Personal: Husband: songwriter Robert Staron (married 11/22/98). Changed the spelling of her first name to Maree professionally around 1990.
Filmography: TV Series: "Search for Tomorrow" (Stephanie Wilkins: 1974-1984), "General Hospital" (Charlene Simpson: 1987-1991), "Knots Landing: (Mary Robeson: 1992-1993), "Muscle" (Dottie: 1995), "Acapulco Bay" (Victoria: 1995-1996), "Port Charles" (Charlene Simpson: 1999-2000). TV Appearances: "Ben Casey", "Gunsmoke", "Hunter", "Quantum Leap", Empty Nest", The Nanny", "The Jeff Foxworthy Show", 'Dharma & Greg", "Conan", "Caroline in the City", "Prey", "Profiler", George & Leo", "Promised Land", "Malcolm in the Middle", Judging Amy", "Scrubs", Passions", The West Wing", "Two Guys and Girl", "Drake & Josh", Desperate Housewives", "Cold Case", "Boston Legal", "Til Death", "Weeds", "Rules of Engagement", "Ghost Whisperer", "Free Agents", "Dexter", "GCB", "Hot in Cleveland." Movies: "Black Eye", "Soul Man", "Dangerous Curves", "Beetlejuice", "A Night at the Roxbury", "The Wedding Singer", "Lost and Found", "The Bachelor", "Hanging Up", "America's Sweethearts", "The Affair", "Mr. & Mrs. Smith", "Rumor Has It...", "Broken Angel", "Crossing Over", "Labor Pains", "Letters to God."
Days Airdates: November 8, 1965-March 25, 1968. Recurring: April 2, 1968-August 23, 1968; January 29, 1970-May 3, 1971; December 22, 1971-December 23, 1971; May 9, 1973-October 25, 1973; June 28, 1994-June 29, 1994; November 1, 1996-November 15, 1996; June 11, 2010-June 28, 2010.
Recently: Continues to act.

Shawn Christian (Dr. Daniel Jonas)

Birthplace: Grand Rapids, Michigan...Birthday: December 18, 1965.
Personal: Dating: actress Arianne Zucker. One son, Kameron (born July, 2000) from a previous marriage to Deborah Quinn.
Filmography: TV Series: "As the World Turns" (Mike Kasnoff: 1994-1997), "Wind on Water" (Val Poole: 1998), "One Life to Live" (Ross Rayburn: 2002), "Birds of Prey" (Wade Brixton: 2002-2003), "Summerland" (Johnny Durant: 2004-2005). TV Appearances: "Pacific Palisades", "Ellen", "Step By Step", "Charmed", "Beverly Hills, 90210", "CSI", "Crossing Jordan", "Spin City", "Friends", "Becker", "Boston Legal", "CSI: NY", "Will & Grace", "CSI: Miami", "Las Vegas", "Ghost Whisperer", "Shark." TV Movies: "Undercover Christmas", "Murder in the Hamptons", "Secrets of the Mountain." Movies: "Tremors 3", "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover", "For Your Consideration", "Killer Moves", "Meet Dave", "Mating Dance", "Small Town Saturday Night."Awards:
SOD nomination (hottest male star, 1996, as Mike Kasnoff "As the World Turns").
Days Airdates: March 4, 2008-February 12, 2016. Recurring: November 3, 2016-June 28, 2017.

Recently: Continues to act.