Jason47's Interview with Patsy Pease (Kimberly Brady)

Your resume lists an episode of "Remington Steele." Did you get a chance to work with future "James Bond" Pierce Brosnan? If so, could you tell he had a big future ahead of him?
I did work with Pierce Brosnan. It was awesome. Yes, he had that certain charisma for stardom.

Who did you do your "Days" screen test with?
I did my screen test with Wayne Northrop (Roman). I got locked in the bathroom when they called for me. Embarrassing!

Patsy's debut as Kimberly, with Thaao Penghlis (Tony) and Leann Hunley (Anna)...July 24, 1984

When was the first time you realized that Kimberly and Shane were more than just the "average" soap couple?

When the stage crew took notice. They've seen it all, heard it all, so if you get their attention, you know you hit "pay dirt."

Patsy and Charles Shaughnessy on the cover of Soap Opera Digest, June 1985

You were involved with two location shoots in just your first year with "Days." What are some memories you have from the shoots in Miami and London?
London had a lot of sheep and castles. Miami had a lot of sand and funny drinks with umbrellas.

Although the fans' most favorite Kimberly pairing was with Shane, Kimberly also had some other leading men in her life. What are some favorite stories/memories of working with John Aniston (Victor), Michael Sabatino (Lawrence) and Richard Burgi (Philip)?
I've worked with John since "Search for Tomorrow". He will always be the funniest man in T.V. Michael is wonderful, kind and generous. Richard is the only actor that took time to personally call me after I left, just to see how I was doing! Compassionate human being and sooo talented!

Patsy and Richard Burgi (Philip Collier)

You had a chance to get to know and work with the true heart and soul of "Days", Macdonald Carey (Tom) and Frances Reid (Alice). What are some of your favorite memories of working with both of those legends?
They both were hysterically funny. They made you feel so comfortable.

Patsy and the "Days" cast pose for a group shot at Alice Horton's memorial in 2010

Your TV mom, Peggy McCay (Caroline), recently celebrated her 30th anniversary with "Days" and is up for Lead Actress at this year's Emmy Awards. What would you like to say to Peggy on both of these momentous occassions?
Peggy was also an acting teacher (before Days) She taught me more just by watching her work. Thanks Mom! You deserve every award out there!

Patsy with her TV parents, Peggy McCay (Caroline) and Frank Parker (Shawn)

Watching as a fan, Frank Parker (Shawn) always seemed like such a genuine, fun man to be around.
Frank was so down to earth, you could talk to him about anything. He was also very protective and well, like a Dad!

Click here to watch Kimberly and the Bradys say goodbye to Shawn, 2008

What was it like working with Charles Shaughnessy (Shane) again in 2010, after an 18-year break. Did you pick up right where you left off? Was it nice to get some closure with the two characters after so much time had passed?
Charlie is the best acting partner I've ever had. Some actors have a built in chemistry that can't be explained. You're so thankful you can rely on it even after 18 years.

Kimberly and Shane's last episode...July 5, 2010

If you had to describe each of Kimberly's family members in just one word or phrase, what would it be?
Peggy McCay (mom Caroline): loyal
Frank Parker (dad Shawn): tender
Peter Reckell (brother Bo): real
Mary Beth Evans (sister Kayla): sweet
Wayne Northrop (brother Roman # 1): funny
Drake Hogestyn (brother Roman # 2): team player, so supportive
Billy Warlock (brother Frankie): mischievousness
Charles Shaughnessy (husband Shane): eternal respect

Patsy and Charles Shaughnessy became one of "Days" most popular pairings in the 1980s

Out of all the animals in the world, you had the rare chance to work with a penguin during Eugene's return in 1989. Any memories of the penguin acting up, or was he a "good" scene partner? Also, what are some of your memories of working with one of "Days" most beloved comedy duos, John de Lancie (Eugene) and Arleen Sorkin (Calliope)?
John and Arleen are consumate professionals. Also funny as Hell! I worked with the penguin, a tarantula and alligators. The spider was the best behaved!

In 1986, you received not just one, but two, Soap Opera Digest Awards. What was the feeling that day, especially with it being a fan-voted award?
I don't think my feet touched the ground! I felt a very grateful connection to the fans.

Patsy & Charles Shaughnessy accept the Supercouple Award at the 1986 Soap Opera Digest Awards

Thinking as Kimberly, what type of jobs do you think both of your children, Andrew and Jeannie, have nowadays?
Well, since they were raised in L.A. around "show people", I just hope they didn't become actors or drug dealers!! Lol

What are your thoughts on "Days" reaching its 48th anniversary later this year? What does it feel like to have been a part of NBC's longest-running series?
You always want to feel part of something bigger than yourself..and I was graced the privilege of beng part of the greatest Soap on the planet!

You recently moved back to the East Coast. What would you like to update fans on what you've been up to recently?
My father became very ill in N.C. so I wanted to dedicate at least a year, so when the time comes for him to seek "the light in the next room" we will have closure. I wanted him to have peace of mind and a quiet heart. It's what I got too.

Fans got a chance to submit questions for Patsy, and here are her answers to six of those questions!

Was it difficult/more time-consuming to film the scenes when Charles Shaughnessy was doing the dual role as Drew?
Not really. Production is super organized, so we taped one set of scenes with "Shane". Then Charlie would do his wardrobe change and we'd tape "Drew''. BTW, where is Charles Shaughnessy's Emmy??? He deserved to be recognized for his wonderful portrayal of these two incredible characters! :)

When Kimberly developed split personalities, the refined Claire and the less-than-refined Lacey showed up

When it has been a few years between Kimberly appearances, do you feel the need to watch any old scenes to get back into character, or is it just second nature at this point?
Great question! I do have to review past scenes to get into the flow and relationships already established with other characters. I can't remember what I had for lunch yesterday, so brushing up the old noggin does help! Thank God for YouTube!!!

Did you find the faster-paced shooting schedule difficult to get used during your return in 2010?
My head is still somewhere in the parking lot at NBC Studios Burbank! I felt like I was spat out of a food blender! I would have been better prepared if I'd practiced spinning on my head while reciting "The National Anthem" backwards!

The parking clearance for one of Patsy's episodes during her last return to "Days" in 2010.

How much creative freedom did you and others have in performing a scene? Were things pretty tightly controlled or did you have freedom to interpret and perform things as you felt appropriate?
I feel "Days" was very supportive and trusting in actor's choices. As long as the Story was told to make the audience happy. As an actor, I'm just there to carry the story forward..that's basically my job...story telling. :)

How did you prepare for Kimberly's blindness storyline and how did you do it so convincingly?
First of all thank you! The L.A. School For The Blind allowed me to sit in on all classes. I was allowed to interview students and their parents. Funny, while I was there one day, I saw MacDonald Carey. He was working on a poetry book. "Mac", I called.."What are you doing here?" As he turned to answer....a blind girl stood up alert and said," Kimberly...Kimberly Brady??? You sound just like you do on Television!" People always compare how you "look" on T.V. This was a refreshing first! It made MacDonald burst into happy laughter!

Shane finds out Kimberly is blind...June 14, 1985

Do you still get recognized as Kimberly nowadays? Do you still watch the show sometimes?
It's funny, I get recognized mostly in Doctor's Offices. Just today I went in for an endoscopy and the head nurse told me my name reminded her of a famous actress. I sat there with her for 5 minutes trying to figure out what famous actress she was talking about , until I realized she was talking about me! We cried and hugged. I'm taking autographed pictures to the Endoscopy Dept. at Jacksonville, G.I. Hosp. Lol (oh, everything was fine)

Gloria Loring and Carl Anderson sing Kimberly and Shane's theme, "Friends and Lovers"...September 10, 1985