ABOVE: Actress Sandy Roberts presents Macdonald Carey (Tom) with the blown-up version of a telegram from production company Screen Gems congratulating "Days" on the taping of its 1000th episode, 10/7/69.
LEFT: Macdonald Carey (Tom) and Susan Seaforth (Julie) promote "Days", circa 1970.
ABOVE: NBC promotional picture advertising the 1965 premiere of "Days."
BELOW: Susan Seaforth (Julie) and Macdonald Carey promote "Days", circa 1970.
LEFT: A "Days" promotional picture celebrating the start of the 6th season and 1,290th episode in January, 1971. Macdonald Carey (Tom) is surrounded by six female leads holding one candle each, to signify each year the show was on. TOP ROW: Maree Cheatham (Marie), Susan Flannery (Laura), Frances Reid (Alice), Heather North (Sandy). BOTTOM ROW: Denise Alexander (Susan), Carey, Susan Seaforth (Julie).
ABOVE: Macdonald Carey (Tom), Frances Reid (Alice), Suzanne Rogers (Maggie), Reid, John Clarke (Mickey), and Drake Hogestyn (John) flank the "Days" signature timepiece hourglass.
LEFT: Melissa Brennan (Jennifer), Matthew Ashford (Jack), Frances Reid (Alice), and Macdonald Carey (Tom) appear in this NBC promotional ad celebrating "Days" 25th anniversary in November, 1990.


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