As "Days of Our Lives" celebrated its 40th anniversary on the air hundreds of people took this quiz, highlighting both onscreen and offscreen moments in Salem's four decades of history. The winners, with 37 correct answers are: Heather from Caledonia, Illinois & Hilary from Boston, Massachusetts. Congratulations to both of them, and thanks to all for playing!

1. What is the name of the actress who played Alice Horton in the unaired pilot? Mary Jackson
2. What is Macdonald Carey's real first name? Edward
3. Which current "Days" actor auditioned for the role of Bill Horton in 1965, but didn't end up getting a contract role until the 1980's? Frank Parker, Grandpa Shawn Brady since 1983
4. What two characters made up the first interracial couple in the 1970's? David Banning & Valerie Grant
5. Who are the only two actors to have died while under contract to "Days" since 1990? Joy Garrett (Jo) in 1993 & Macdonald Carey (Tom) in 1994
6. What was the name of Brian Scofield's dog? Fluffy
7. What first name did Bonnie Lockhart go by before Judi Evans began playing the role in 2003? Maureen (when Kathy Connell & Robin Riker played the role)
8. Which role has been played by the most actors ever on "Days?" 14 actors have played Mike Horton (most recently Michael T. Weiss & Roark Critchlow)
9. What famous location did Suzanne Rogers work at in New York City before landing the role of Maggie Simmons Horton? Radio City Music Hall as a Rockette
10. Why was Ivan G'Vera's character name changed to Ivan after he started working on "Days?" He could not remember his character's name when he was called to the set, so they started calling his character by his real name, Ivan.
11. What newspaper did Jack Deveraux once own? The Spectator
12. Which organization (for example, the Chicago Cubs) did Drake Hogestyn play baseball for in the 1970's? New York Yankees
13. Which two singers made "Friends and Lovers" a # 1 hit, thanks to its continual airings on "Days"? Gloria Loring and the late Carl Anderson
14. What special meal was Jo Johnson famous for making her son, Jack Deveraux? Green tuna noodle casserole
15. What is Roman Brady's middle name? Augustus
16. Who kidnapped Marlena Evans in 1992 and held her in a pit, even serving her Thanksgiving dinner, before Marlena finally escaped? Stella Lombard
17. Logan Michaels was the real name of which infamous Aremid resident known by a nickname? Parrot Man
18. What is Alice Horton's maiden name? Grayson
19. What long-time "Days" actress' mother once was the head writer of "Days?" Susan Seaforth Hayes' (Julie) mother, Elizabeth Harrower, in 1979
20. Which comedian played Lawrence Alamain's father for a short time in 1990? the late Avery Schreiber
21. How many people have spoken the famous line "Like sands through the hourglass" that opens each episode? Two: actor Ed Prentiss from the pilot through March 1966, and Macdonald Carey (Tom) ever since.
22. What year did "Days" expand from a half-hour to an hour? 1975
23. Who did Mike Horton believe to be his father before finding out Bill Horton was his real dad? Mickey Horton
24. Jack and Jennifer Deveraux's daughter, Abigail Johanna, is named after which two women? Abigail Grayson (Alice's mother) and Jo Johnson (Jack's mother)
25. Who did Sami Brady end up shooting in the groin after he tried to rape her? Alan Harris
26. What is the name of Bo and Hope's boat? Fancy Face (all three editions)
27. What name did Steve Johnson use while undercover, and patch-less, in 1989? Daniel Lucas (fans disliked the patch-less Steve so much that they had to write in Patch getting injured in his eye again so the patch would be back).
28. Why did Marie Horton decide to become a nun? She inadvertently had a romance with Mark Brooks, who turned out to be her amnesiac brother Tommy Horton, who was thought to be dead, but had plastic surgery and looked different.
29. What exact date did "Days" 10,000th episode air on? February 21, 2005
30. Which of Tom and Alice's five children has only been played by one actor? Tommy Horton (by John Lupton).
31. How many actresses have portrayed Jan Spears? Three: Natalie Ramsey, Heather Lauren Olson and Heather Lindell
32. What current "Days" star portrayed the prison doctor when Doug Williams first appeared in 1970? John Aniston (now Victor Kiriakis)
33. What was the name of Shane Donovan's butler? Simmons
34. What song was playing in Isabella Toscano's dream as she died in John Black's arms? "The Glory of Love" (as sung by Bette Midler)
35. "Up Where We Belong" was which couple's song in the 1980's? Roman & Marlena
36. Which actor appeared on "Days" for the longest amount of time, without ever having a contract? Don Frabotta (Dave the waiter), who appeared for a total of 24 years without a contract
37. Which character famously went to mail a letter in 1985 and was never heard from again? Jed Allan's Don Craig
38. Which two of these people, famous for other roles, never appeared on "Days": Christina Applegate, Ruth Buzzi, Cindy Crawford, Bob Eubanks, Mike Farrell, Farrah Fawcett, Leeza Gibbons, Kathie Lee Gifford, Kathy Griffin, Sally Kirkland, Mila Kunis, Jay Leno, Sharon Osbourne, Regis Philbin, Tara Reid, LeAnn Rimes, Pat Sajak, French Stewart, Larry Storch, Donald Trump, Betty White? Jay Leno & Regis Philbin (Buzzi, Farrell, Gifford, Kirkland, Reid and Sajak had long-term roles; Applegate, Crawford, Fawcett, Kunis and Stewart had guest roles before making it big; while Eubanks, Gibbons, Griffin, Osbourne, Rimes, Storch, Trump and White made cameos after already being famous).
39. Which long-time "Days" actress used to sing backup for Bette Midler? pre-accent Tanya Boyd (Celeste)
40. What actor, whose son would also later appear on "Days", got special billing at the end of the credits in the 1980's? Robert Alda (Stuart Whyland in 1981), father of Antony Alda (Johnny Corelli in 1990-1991) and Alan Alda (of M*A*S*H and The West Wing fame)


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