Had a nice day in New York City on Thursday, November 17. Started off the morning at "Live! With Regis & Kelly", the last regular studio audience show for Regis before he signs off Friday with a special, invitation-only, audience. Two co-hosts for the price of one, with both Kelly and Kathie Lee together for one last time. Plus Josh Groban sang a wonderful rendition of "Smile" as a montage tribute of all the "Live!" guests who have passed away was shown, including three members of the "Live!" family, "Mrs. Greenthumbs" (Cassandra Danz), Chef Tell and entertainment reporter Claudia Cohen. During a commercial break, Kelly Ripa said that the late Claudia Cohen would have been in awe that Josh Groban was singing a song while Claudia's picture was on the screen. Afterwards, Regis did a brief book signing for his new autobiography just released this week, and then had to leave quickly for his appearance on "The View."

Due to the off-and-on rain all day, I had less luck with checking out two primetime shows that were scheduled to be taping outdoors, "Blue Bloods" and "Person of Interest." No sightings of Tom Selleck, Donnie Wahlberg or Michael Emerson to report.

To finish off the day, a taping of "The Late Show With David Letterman", with (you guessed it), Regis Philbin as the main guest. Dave forgot to mention a special Regis tribute clip package after doing the Top Ten list, so he ended up having to re-do the whole Top Ten list again. Odd hearing the same Top Ten jokes told again just minutes after hearing them the first time, but that's show biz! As a gag gift, Dave gave Regis a scooter. However, when Regis attempted to ride it...he fell right off it, but luckily was uninjured! After more than a 15-minute pause waiting for John Fogerty's band to set up, the one-hour show ended up taking almost 90 minutes to tape.

For this long-time Regis fan, it was a fun and memorable day. I attended 5 or 6 tapings of "Live!" through the years, and Regis is probably the nicest celebrity I have ever met. In person, he's just the same as you see him on TV. If there was one thing I could have changed about today, it's that we'd still have Regis to look forward to on next Monday's episode. Thanks for the many years of laughter & fun, Regis!

Below: My signed copy of Regis' new autobiography

Kathie Lee Gifford, Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa reminisce.

Art Moore, Executive in Charge of Production, smiles.

Executive Producer Michael Gelman smiles.

Kathie Lee waits by the empty chairs of Regis & Kelly during a commercial break.

Long-time staffers: Stage manager Julian Abio and camerawoman Patty Clark.

Regis, Kelly & Gelman watch a tribute clip from Kelly's son, Joaquin Consuelos.

Regis & Kelly chat with guest Josh Groban.

After the show ended, Kelly taped a promo for a local TV station.

The empty studio after the show finished taping.

"Person of Interest" filming was rained out at 79th & Broadway.

"Person of Interest" taped at the Apthorp at 79th & Broadway all week.
Look for exterior shots of this building in an upcoming episode in 2012.

A "Blue Bloods" taping at 23rd & 1st was also rained out and re-scheduled for Friday.

The "Late Show with David Letterman" marquee.