Episode # 4051 Cast List: Where Are They Now?

Stephen Brooks as Joshua Fallon (1980-1981)

Several weeks after this episode aired, Brooks asked "Days" to let him out of his contract due to personal reasons. He was replaced immediately by Scott Palmer. Brooks never acted again. He died in Seattle, Washington of a heart attack on December 1, 1999. He was 57.

Macdonald Carey as Tom Horton (1965-1994)

Macdonald Carey continued to play Tom until his death, at age 81, on March 21, 1994. Carey's voice is still used today starting off each episode of "Days" with his famous line "Like sands through the hourglass so are the days of our lives."

John Clarke as Mickey Horton (1965-2004)

Clarke, now 80, retired from "Days" in January 2004. He's enjoying retirement now with his wife of over forty years, Patty.

Jack Coleman as Jake Kositchek (1981-1982)

Coleman, now 53, left "Days" in 1982 when his character was revealed to be the Salem Strangler. He went on to star as Steven Carrington on "Dynasty" the following six years and more recently appeared as Noah Bennet on "Heroes." He married actress Beth Toussaint in 1996 and continues to act.

Joseph Gallison as Neil Curtis (1974-1991)

Gallison, now 76, has been semi-retired from acting since 1995. He occassionally appears in TV shows produced near his home. He now lives with wife Melisa in Wilmington, North Carolina and teaches acting classes.

Bill Hayes as Doug Williams
(1970-1984, 1986-1987, 1993, 1994, 1996, 1999-Present)

Now 86, Hayes is still very active in personal appearances with wife Susan (Julie) and continues to appear on an occassional basis as Doug. He and Susan wrote their autobiography "Like Sands Through the Hourglass" in 2005.

Susan Seaforth Hayes as Julie Williams
(1968-1984, 1990-1993, 1994, 1996, 1999-Present)

Susan, now 68, has been married to Bill Hayes (Doug) since 1974. She continues to appear as Julie on an occassional basis, as well as making personal appearances around the world.

Cynthia Leake as Lorie Masters (1981)

Leake, now 54, left "Days" soon after this episode as her character was one of the victims of the Salem Strangler. Leake herself left acting in 1987. She now lives in Tennessee.

Quinn Redeker as Alex Marshall (1979-1987)

Right after leaving "Days" in 1987, Redeker, now 75, joined "The Young and the Restless" as Rex Sterling and stayed with that show through 1994. He briefly reprised his role as Rex in 2004. He still lives and acts in California.

Frances Reid as Alice Horton (1965-2007)

Reid, the last original cast member of "Days", passed away at the age of 95 on February 3, 2010.

James Reynolds as Abe Carver (1981-1990, 1991-Present)

James, now 65, continues his streak portraying the longest-running African-American character in television history. After over 25 years on the police force, Abe is currently the mayor of Salem. Reynolds will also have another milestone later in 2011: his 25th wedding anniversary with wife Lissa.

Lanna Saunders as Marie Horton (1979-1985)

Saunders retired from acting, due to multiple sclerosis, when she left "Days" in 1985. She was married to actor Lawrence Pressman from 1973 until her death on March 10, 2007 at the age of 65.

Jean Bruce Scott as Jessica Blake (1980-1982)

Scott, now 55, married actor Randy Reinholz (ex-Adam Scott on "Days") in 1989. She played Coleen Russo on "Port Charles" from 2000-2003. She teaches acting at San Diego State University and also is executive director for the Native Voices Theatre Company.

Diane Sommerfield as Valerie Grant (1981-1982)

Sommerfield retired from acting in 1986 and moved to Washington, D.C. She went on to be a stage manager as well as continuing to act in regional plays. She briefly taught acting at a local DC high school. In her final years, she was an associate producer of documentaries for public television. She died on March 9, 2001 at the age of 51.

Tammy Taylor as Hope Williams (1981)

Taylor, now 53, was the last person to play Hope before Kristian Alfonso took over the role in April 1983. Taylor married Glen Wexler and left acting in 1989 to be a stay-at-home mom. In an ironic twist of fate, her own daughter Jenna appeared as Young Hope on "Days" in a newly-created flashback in December 1994.

Episode # 4051
October 29, 1981
Contract Cast List

Macdonald Carey as Dr. Tom Horton
Frances Reid as Alice Horton
John Clarke as Mickey Horton
Susan Seaforth Hayes as Julie Williams
Bill Hayes as Doug Williams
Suzanne Rogers as Maggie Horton
Joseph Gallison as Dr. Neil Curtis
Jed Allan as Don Craig
Deidre Hall as Dr. Marlena Evans
Patty Weaver as Trish Clayton
Lanna Saunders as Marie Horton
Brenda Benet as Lee Dumonde
Quinn Redeker as Alex Marshall
Gloria Loring as Liz Chandler Craig
Stephen Brooks as Joshua Fallon
Jean Bruce Scott as Jessica Blake
Paul Keenan as Tod Chandler
Philece Sampler as Renee Dumonde
Melinda O. Fee as Mary Anderson
Gregg Marx as David Banning
Tammy Taylor as Hope Williams
Paul Coufos as Mike Horton
Jack Coleman as Jake Kositchek
Lane Davies as Dr. Evan Whyland
Dick Billingsley as Scotty Banning
Diane Sommerfield as Dr. Valerie Grant
James Reynolds as Abe Carver
AND: Robert Alda as Stuart Whyland