Jim's earliest promotional photo as Abe Carver. 1981

Abe's first romance, Dr. Valerie Grant (Diane Sommerfield). 1981

Abe's second romance, his secretary, Nikki Wade (Renee Jones). A decade later, Jones began playing Abe's wife, Lexie. 1982

Abe gets cozy with Nikki Wade (Renee Jones). Also pictured: Roger Aaron Brown as Danny Grant. 1983

Police partners and buddies, Abe Carver and Roman Brady (Wayne Northrop). 1983

Abe appears in the wedding party of best friends Roman and Marlena. From left to right: Catherine Mary Stewart as Kayla, Lanna Saunders as Marie, Suzanne Rogers as Maggie, Deidre Hall as Marlena, Wayne Northrop as Roman, Andrea Barber as Carrie, Jim Reynolds as Abe, Josh Taylor as Chris and John de Lancie as Eugene.  1983

Abe and friends get bad news at the Brady Fish Market. From left to right: Frances Reid as Alice, Jim Reynolds as Abe, Peggy McCay as Caroline and Lew Brown as Shawn. 1985

In happier times, Abe with his brother Theo (Rusty Cundieff). Theo was killed off later that year. Abe and Lexie's son is named after him. 1985

Abe as best man in Roman and Marlena's second wedding. From left to right: Suzanne Rogers as Maggie, Deidre Hall as Marlena, Drake Hogestyn as Roman and Jim Reynolds as Abe. 1986

Abe's last romance before Lexie, with singer Tamara Price (singer Marilyn McCoo in real life). 1986

Here's Abe with Lexie # 1, Cyndi James Gossett.  1988

Here's Abe with Lexie # 2, Angelique deWindt Francis. Francis left the role in 1992 to raise her children. 1989

Shellye Broughton played Lexie # 3 for two episodes in January 1993. Since her stint was so short, she never even got to have a scene with Abe. She was seen at the hospital while Abe was in surgery after being shot. 1993

After going through three Lexie's in just under five years, Renee Jones took over as Lexie # 4 in February, 1993. She's been with the show ever since. Here she is with Abe in her first year on the show. 1993

A Carver family portrait: Thyme Lewis as Jonah, Renee Jones as Lexie, Jim Reynolds as Abe. 1995

James Reynolds (Abe), Renee Jones (Lexie), Deidre Hall (Marlena), Drake Hogestyn (John), Kristian Alfonso (Hope) and Peter Reckell (Bo). 2000

Abe Carver had an affair with Fay Walker in the 1970s, which produced a son, Brandon. Fay (Valerie Wildman) reappeared in Salem in 1999, and Abe didn't find out about being Brandon's father until a few years later. 2001

Abe with his son Brandon (Matt Cedeno) and wife Lexie (Renee Jones). 2001

 Tanya Boyd as Celeste, Renee Jones as Lexie, Jim Reynolds as Abe and Kavi Faquir as Theo. 2006

The Carver Family today: Renee Jones (Lexie), Terrell Ransom Jr. (Theo) and James Reynolds (Abe).