BELOW: Michael Sabatino "Days" interview, "A Solitary Man" (by Ray Richmond), Soap Opera Digest, 4/16/91.


Louise Sorel is back as Vivian Alamain on "Days of Our Lives" this fall! After writing to Louise in early 2000 to thank her for her eight great years in Salem, I was pleasantly surprised to receive this personal note from her below, which happened to arrive in the mail on February 22, 2000, her last day on "Days!"  In the note, she mentions that she looks forward to working with Lynn Herring, who played Lisanne Gardener on "Days" during Louise's first year on the show in 1992.

BELOW: Louise Sorel "Days" interview, "Louise Sorel: Drama Queen" (by Ellen Byron), Soap Opera Digest, 11/24/92.