"Days of Our Lives: Original Soundtrack" was released in December 1998. It contains the main title theme music, the closing credits theme music, and 28 background music tracks. The title theme tracks were written by Charlie Albertine, Tommy Boyce, and Bobby Hart in 1965. The other 28 compositions were written by the "Days" music composers, D. Brent Nelson and Ken Corday (who also serves as executive producer and owner of the show), in 1998. The tracks are as follows (with how long each track is listed in minutes and seconds):

Main Title Theme* (0:32)
There's Danger (0:58)
Mysterious Affair (1:24)
Look Behind You (1:41)
When We're Alone (2:00)
Hidden Agenda (1:29)
Oh Bo! (1:55)
Who is Gina? (1:31)
John of the Jungle (1:07)
Jungle Passions (1:51)
Hiding in the Shadows (2:02)
More Threats (1:41)
Late Night Romance (1:43)
Deception (1:42)
Susan & Edmund's Theme (1:57)
John & Marlena (2:07)
In the House of DiMera (2:05)
Love (2:17)
Intrigue (1:24)
Sami (2:13)
Franco's Theme (1:47)
Salem (2:27)
Reunited (2:43)
Hope's Mystery (1:08)
In the Bayou** (1:14)
Swamp Girl** (1:46)
Sneakin' and Peekin' (2:17)
Soul of the Bayou** (2:04)
Emergency Room (1:09)
Closing Credits Theme (3:30)

*Spoken words by MacDonald Carey.
**Vocals by Carmen Twillie, Julia Waters, Maxine Waters.