After filming at NBC's Burbank Studio 9 from 1965-1983, "Days" moved its operations briefly to Sunset Gower Studios in Hollywood from 1983-1989.
Since 1989, "Days" has been back at NBC Burbank, in studios 2 & 4.
Other current tenants at the Burbank studios include "Access Hollywood" and "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno."
Past tenants have included "Laugh In", "Sanford and Son", "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air", "Saved by the Bell", "Santa Barbara", "Super Password" and "The Ellen DeGeneres Show."

Executive Producer Ken Corday first joined the show as a music composer in 1977, a job he still performs today. He became executive producer of "Days" in 1986.

Ken Corday sits at his desk. In the background on the far right is a picture of Corday's father, the creator of "Days", Ted Corday.

Co-Executive Producer Greg Meng has been with Corday Productions since 1992 and also serves as Executive in Charge of Production.
Lisa De Cazotte joined the "Days" staff in 2012.

Director Herb Stein has been with "Days" since 1976.
Director Phil Sogard joined the staff in 1992.
Albert Alarr has been directing "Days" since 2003, and has been doing double duty as a producer since 2011.
After 18 years of playing Sami Brady, Alison Sweeney directed her first episode of "Days" in August, 2011.
Steven Williford joined the "Days" staff in March, 2012.
Director Grant Johnson has been with the show since 2007, but a photo of him is not available.

Head Writers Gary Tomlin and Christopher Whitesell both have pasts with "Days."
Tomlin was head writer from 1980-1981 while Whitesell first worked on the show in 2000.

Breakdown writer Rick Draughon was the show's first website producer in 2000.
Breakdown writer Christopher Dunn joined the show in June 2011.
Breakdown writer Ryan Quan still does double duty as one of the show's writers' assistants.
Breakdown writer Lorraine Broderick was previously the show's head writer in 1999.
Breakdown writer Dave Ryan joined the show in 2012.
Script editor Fran Myers has been with the show, off-and-on, since 1992.

The dialogue writing staff of David Cherrill, Carolyn Culliton, Richard Culliton, Jeanne Marie Ford, Janet Iacobuzio and Melissa Salmons.

Senior Coordinating Producer Janet Spellman Drucker, Coordinating Producer Randy Dugan and Production Coordinator Sara Peterson.

The music team of D. Brent Nelson, Steve Reinhardt and Paul F. Antonelli.

The Art Deparment: Production Designer Dan Olexiewicz, Asst. Art Director Danielle Mullen and Art Director Tom Early.

Associate Director Michael Fiamingo at his desk.

Stage Managers Francesca Bellini De Simone and Stuart W. Howard.
Fran has been with "Days" since 1975, longer than any other staff member.
Click here to see a video interview Fran did about her long-career in TV.

Production Associates Holly Metts and Brenda Glazer.

Former Prop Master Mary Cares poses with some of "Days" most famous props, the Horton Christmas Tree ornaments.
Prop Master Steve Dempsey.
Prop Assistant Pamela Masters gets ready to put some "alcohol" into a bottle.

Assistants to the Producers: Lois Winslow, Kathy Edwards, Charles Shrewsbury and Jessie Harrison.

The team that pays the bills! Production finance members Cynthia Aamoth and Terri Lynn Doubet above,
with Production Manager Jeff Voorhees and Paula Quasarano hard at work at their desks.

Writers' Assistant Tyler Topits, Publicist Maya Frangie, Casting Director Marnie Saitta and Casting Associate Bob Lambert.

Some of the members of the Wardrobe Department:
Costume Designer Richard Bloore along with Adam T. Talbott, Tammy Williamson, Sara Auhagen and Nikki Scrano.

Wardrobe stylist Jammie Harris at work sewing.

Lauren Koslow (Kate), with her husband, head makeup artist Nicky Schillace.

The Makeup Department: Former head makeup artist Gail Hopkins and former makeup artist Glen Alen Gutierrez pose with Deidre Decker, former makeup artist Joleen Rizzo and Nina Wells.

Former Hairstylist Margie Puga proudly shows off her Daytime Emmy. Current hairstylist Armando Licon.

Long-time Technical Directors Mike Caruso in the booth & J.C. O'Neill manning a camera.

Lighting Directors Mark Levin and Ted Polmanski.

Audio technician Roger Cortes makes sure the sound you hear is perfect!

Boom Operator Harry Young.

Long-time Cameramen Mike Mecartea (who retired in October 2012) and John Sizemore have been behind the "Days" cameras since the early 1990's.

Lugh Powers, Jenee Muyeau and Tina Keller put some of the finishing touches to each episode in post production.

Zoli Osaze makes sure all of the audio sounds fine at his post production work station.

Alexis Dellar Hanson recently returned as Senior Video.

Long-time Messenger Ramsin Babanejad sorts the mail, while Messengers Wendy De La Cerna and Ramsin Givergis fool around!

Mike Russell, Chief Financial Officer of Corday Productions
Barry Felsen, Legal Counsel for Corday Productions

Director: Grant A. Johnson
Associate Director: Joseph H. Lumer
Assistant to the Producer: Lucy Yalenian
Writers' Assistant: Natalie Michaud
Wardrobe: Cleo Mannell
Hairstylist: Leigh Ann Pitchon
Boom Operator: Stu Rudolf
Boom Operator: John Woods
Camera: Steve Clark
Camera: Barbara Langdon
Camera: Mark Warshaw
Assistant Editor: Christopher Lewis
Video Tape Operator: Brian Duclos
Electronic Maintenance: Marko Fox
Special Effects: Gregg Church

"Days of Our Lives" most iconic set, the Horton Living Room, in use since the first episode on November 8, 1965.