Soap Opera Digest: Important Dates: 1975-2017:
(Dates listed are SOD issue dates):
(*Note: Yearly recaps, 1975-1987; Monthly "Status Chart", 4/88-3/97; Weekly "Scorecard", 4/97-Present):

1975 (Recap from 3/13/12 issue):
Presumed Dead: David.
Marriages: Bill/Laura, Mickey/Maggie.
Pregnancies: Julie, Laura.
Miscarriage: Julie.

1976 (Recap from 3/27/12 issue):
Birth: Jennifer.

1977 (Recap from 4/16/12 issue):
Birth: Scotty.
Marriage: David/Trish.

1978 (Recap from 5/7/12 issue):
Death: Larry.
Marriage: Mike/Margo.
Cancelled Marriage: Don/Marlena.

1979 (Recap from 6/4/12 issue):
Death: Carrie Spencer.
Marriages: Don/Marlena, Doug/Lee.
Pregnancy: Marlena.

1980 (Recap from 7/9/12 issue):
Deaths: Bob, Brooke, Margo, DJ.
Marriage (vow renewal): Tom/Alice.

1981 (Recap from 7/30/12 issue):
Birth: Sarah.
Death: Kellam.
Marriage: Doug/Julie.

1982 (Recap from 8/27/12 issue):
Deaths: Samantha, Mary, Jake.

1983 (1/17/84 end-of-year recap):
Birth: Noel.
Deaths: Gretchen, Stefano, Renee, Kelly Chase, Gloria Matthews, Trista, Letitia, Daisy Hawkins.
Marriages: Roman/Marlena; David/Renee; Neil/Marie; Tony/Anna; Eugene/Trista; Alex/Renee.
Divorces: Neil/Marie; Tony/Anna; David/Renee.

1984 (1/15/85 end-of-year recap):
Births: Eric, Samantha.
Deaths: Harold Dailey, Blanche Dailey, Daphne, Roman, Andre.
Marriages: Neil/Liz, Larry/Hope.
Divorce: Mickey/Maggie.

1985 (1/14/86 end-of-year recap):
Birth: Charlie.
Deaths: Stefano, Theo, Richard Cates, Carlo, Paul Selejko, Megan, Hart Bennett, Prince Nicholas, The Dragon, Sonia, Danny, Claus, Norma Kirkland, Robert McBride, Bernardo/Viper.
Marriages: Bo/Hope; Pete/Ivy; Tony/Anna; Eugene/Madeline.
Divorces: Larry/Hope; Eugene/Madeline; Shane/Emma.

1986 (1/13/87 end-of-year recap):
Birth: Andrew.
Deaths: Billings, Tod, Britta, Ingrid, Gregory Landers, Lana Landers, Nickerson, Petrov.
Marriages: Pete/Melissa; Roman/Marlena (vow renewal); Alex/Emma, Mickey/Maggie, Eugene/Calliope, Mitch/Robin.
Divorce: Pete/Ivy.

1987 (1/12/88 end-of-year recap):
Birth: Shawn Douglas.
Deaths: Marlena, Hans, Simon Hopkins, Duke, Emma, Orpheus, Barbara.
Marriages: Jack/Kayla, Shane/Kimberly, Justin/Adrienne, Reggie/Martha (dogs).
Divorce: Neil/Liz.

Miscarriage: Kimberly; Deaths: Phillip, Matthews.
5/3/88: Miscarriage: Adrienne; Death: Janice.
5/31/88: Engagement: Neil/Grace; Death: Grace.
8/23/88: Divorce: Jack/Kayla; Marriage: Steve/Kayla.
10/18/88: Death: Ellen.
12/13/88: Engagement: Neil/Anjelica; Deaths: Rosa, Nick.
1/10/89 (end-of-year recap; not listed above): Death: Ed Daniels; Marriage: Tom/Alice; Back from the Dead: Stefano.

Marriage: Neil/Anjelica.
3/7/89: Cancelled Marriage: Roman/Diana.
4/4/89: Birth: Alexander.
5/30/89: Birth: Hannah; Death: Eddie Reed.
6/27/89: Death: Tommy Kameha.
7/25/89: Death: Barney.
8/22/89: Marriage: Nick/April.
9/19/89: Death: Saul.
11/14/89: Pregnancy: Kayla; Death: Arthur Downey; Back from the Dead: Marina.
1/9/90 (end-of-year recap; not listed above): Death: Marina; Divorce: Neil/Anjelica.

Death: Rebecca; Divorce: Justin/Adrienne; Annulment: Nick/April.
4/3/90: Death: Hank; Birth: Stephanie; Engagement: Mike/April.
6/26/90: Marriage: Justin/Adrienne; Death: Giuseppe.
7/24/90: Back from the Dead: Ernesto.
8/21/90: Deaths: Hope, Ernesto; Pregnancy: JJ; Broken Engagement: Mike/April.
9/18/90: Death: Harper; Marriage: Steve/Kayla; Estrangement: Shane/Kimberly.
10/16/90: Births: Victor, Joseph.
11/13/90: Death: Steve.
12/11/90: Death: Nick; Marriage: Lawrence/Katerina (aka Jennifer); Pregnancy: Adrienne.
1/8/91 (end-of-year recap; not listed above): Birth: Jeannie; Death: Leopold; Broken Engagement: Emilio/Melissa; Divorce: Shane/Kimberly.

Engagement: Jack/Jennifer; Death: Emilio.
3/5/91: Divorce: Lawrence/Jennifer.
4/2/91: Broken Engagement: Brian/Madeline; Marriage: Jack/Eve.
5/28/91: Marriage: Victor/Carly.
7/23/91: Divorce: Jack/Eve; Marriage: Jack/Jennifer.
8/20/91: Death: Emmy.
10/15/91: Pregnancy: Isabella.
1/7/92 (end-of-year recap; not listed above): Birth: Jackson (off-camera); Broken Engagement: John/Isabella; Back from the Dead: Marlena, Roman.

Engagement: Bo/Carly; Annulment: Victor/Carly.
3/3/92: Pregnancy: Jennifer.
5/26/92: Engagement: John/Isabella.
6/23/92: Birth: Brady; Marriage: John/Isabella.
8/18/92: Engagement: Kimberly/Philip.
10/13/92: Terminally Ill: Isabella.
11/10/92: Birth: Abigail; Death: Isabella.
12/8/92: Deaths: Lisanne, Stella.

Estrangement: Bo/Carly.
5/25/93: Pregnancy: Marlena.
7/20/93: Deaths: Stewart Levin, Mr. Woodrow.
8/17/93: Breakup: John/Rebecca.
10/12/93: Marriage: Victor/Kate.
11/9/93: Estrangement: Jack/Jennifer.
12/7/93: Death: Curtis; Engagement: Tony/Kristen.
1/4/94 (end-of-year recap; not listed above): Birth: Isabella; Breakups: Austin/Carrie, Billie/Bo; Back from the Dead: Stefano.

Breakup: John/Kristen; Divorce: Jack/Jennifer; Estrangement: Roman/Marlena; Reconciliations: Abe/Lexie, Austin/Carrie.
3/29/94: Marriage: Tony/Kristen.
7/19/94: Engagement: Bo/Billie.
1/3/95 (end-of-year recap; not listed above): Deaths: Tom, Stefano; Divorce: Roman/Marlena; Pregnancy: Vivian; Estrangement: Bill/Laura; Back from the Dead: Hope.

Estrangement: Austin/Carrie.
3/28/95: Birth: Philip; Marriage: Bo/Billie.
5/23/95: Engagement: Austin/Carrie; Presumed Dead: Kate.
8/15/95: Estrangement: Tony/Kristen; Exorcised: Marlena.
9/12/95: Broken Engagement: Austin/Carrie; Invalid Marriage: Bo/Billie; Pregnancy: Sami.
11/7/95: Estrangement: Bo/Billie.
1/2/96 (end-of-year recap; not listed above): Birth: William; Death: Tony; Marriages: Peter/Jennifer, Victor/Vivian.

Back from the Dead: Kate.
4/23/96: Death: Jude; Engagement: John/Kristen.
5/21/96: Pregnancy: Kristen.
6/18/96: Engagement: John/Kristen.
7/16/96: Engagement: Bo/Hope.
8/13/96: Engagement: Austin/Carrie.
9/10/96: Miscarriage: Kristen.
10/8/96: Death: Rachel. Presumed Dead: Stefano.
11/5/96: Back from the Dead: Stefano; Marriage: Austin/Sami.
12/31/96 (end-of-year recap; not listed above): Invalid Marriage: Victor/Kate; Pregnancy: Susan; Presumed Dead: Peter.

Broken Engagement: Bo/Hope.
3/25/97: Birth: John Jr. (aka Elvis); Invalid Marriage: John/"Kristen" (aka Susan).
4/22/97: Engagement: Bo/Billie; Hospitalized: Shawn Douglas.
4/29/97: Deaths: Roman, Viper.
5/13/97: Arrested: Billie.
5/27/97: Held Captive: Marlena.
6/10/97: Hospitalized: Laura.
7/1/97: Hospitalized: Victor; Marriage: Bo/Billie.
7/15/97: Arrested: Vivian, Kristen, Ivan, JL King.
7/22/97: Engagement: John/Marlena.
7/29/97: Back from the Dead: Roman; Held Captive: Billie.
8/5/97: Annulment: Austin/Sami.
9/2/97: Engagement: Austin/Sami; Arrested: Stefano.
9/9/97: Arrested: Max.
9/16/97: Cancelled Marriage: Austin/Sami; Reunited: Austin/Carrie.
9/23/97: Marriage: Austin/Carrie.
9/30/97: Honeymoon: Austin/Carrie; Sudden Paternity: Lucas.
10/28/97: Presumed Dead: John.
11/11/97: Proposal: Roman/Marlena; Plane Crash: John, Kristen, Hope, Stefano.
11/18/97: Birthday: Bo; Fake Marriage: Jonesy/Vivian (aka Flora Dora); Hospitalized: Roman; Cancelled Marriage: Roman/Marlena.
11/25/97: Birthday: William; Kidnapped: Jennifer.
12/30/97 (end-of-year recap; not listed above): Cancelled Marriage: John/Marlena; Death: Travis (aka Trent).

Awarded Custody: Susan of Elvis.
1/27/98: Pregnancy: Billie.
2/3/98: Birthday: Laura; Breakup: Bo/Hope.
2/17/98: Hospitalized: Hope; Kidnapped: Jennifer; Marriage: Jonesy/Vivian; Arrested: Jack.
2/24/98: Kidnapped: Sister Mary Moira; Presumed Dead: Jennifer.
3/3/98: Death: Kristen (actually Penelope). Arrested: Peter.
3/10/98: Proposal: Jack/Jennifer.
3/17/98: Back from the Dead: Kristen; Proposal: Edmund/"Susan" (aka Kristen).
3/24/98: Death: Jonesy; Engagement: Edmund/"Susan" (aka Kristen).
3/31/98: Hospitalized: Stefano.
4/21/98: Hospitalized: Laura; Invalid Marriage: Edmund/"Susan" (aka Kristen); Arrested: Laura.
5/5/98: Left Town: Susan, Edmund; Marriage: Edmund/Susan; Presumed Dead: Kristen.
5/12/98: Breakup: Franco/Sami; Reconciliation: John/Marlena.
5/19/98: Engagement: John/Marlena.
6/9/98: Miscarriage: Billie.
6/16/98: Left Town: Abigail, Jack, Jennifer.
7/7/98: Engagement: Franco/Sami.
8/18/98: Birthday: Franco.
9/15/98: Anniversary: Austin/Carrie.
9/22/98: Death: Franco; Hospitalized: Lucas; Arrested: Sami.
9/29/98: Charged with Murder: Sami.
10/6/98: Explosion: The Empress Express; Out on Bail: Sami.
10/13/98: Breakup: Eric/Nicole; Reunited: Bo/Hope.
10/20/98: Birthday: Mike.
11/24/98: Reconciliation: Eric/Nicole.
12/1/98: Proposal: Stefano/Vivian.
12/8/98: Birthday: Will; Engagement: Stefano/Vivian.
12/15/98: Breakup: Mike/Ali; Institutionalized: Vivian.
12/29/98: Marriage: Stefano/Vivian.

Birthday: Hope; Kidnapped: Shawn Douglas.
1/26/99: Found: Shawn Douglas; Injured: Hope; Surgery: Greta.
2/2/99: Found Guilty: Sami; Released from Hospital: Hope.
2/9/99: New in Town: Claire.
3/2/99: Injured: Austin.
3/9/99: Car Accident: Mike, Carrie.
3/16/99: Sentenced to Death: Sami.
3/30/99: Birthday: Carrie; Jailed: Austin; Shot: Roberto, Sami.
4/13/99: Proposal: Lucas/Nicole; Released from Jail: Austin.
4/20/99: Returned Home: Bo, Greta; Studying Out of Town: Shawn Douglas.
5/4/99: Proposal: Eric/Nicole.
5/25/99: Marriage: Lucas/Nicole.
6/1/99: Escaped from Prison: Sami.
6/8/99: Sentenced to Death: Sami.
6/15/99: Charges Dropped: Sami.
6/22/99: Released from Hospital: Sami.
7/20/99: Marriage: John/Marlena.
7/27/99: Hospitalized: John; Injured: Stefano.
8/3/99: Released from Hospital: John.
8/17/99: Suddenly Aged: Belle.
8/24/99: Divorce: Stefano/Vivian.
9/7/99: Kidnapped: Mike.
9/14/99: Arrested: Ali; Hospitalized: Mike.
9/21/99: Visiting: Doug, Julie.
10/26/99: Birthday: Marlena; Injured: Sami.
11/9/99: Fled Hospital: Sami; Injured: Austin.
11/16/99: Arrested: Shawn, Brandon; Hospitalized: Austin; Left Town: Billie.
11/23/99: Back in Town: Mike; Released from Hospital: Austin.
11/30/99: Engagement: Mike/Carrie.
12/28/99 (end-of-year recap; not listed above): Left Town: Mike, Carrie; Suddenly Aged: Shawn, Philip.

Hospitalized: Nancy.
1/11/00: Engagement: Bo/"Hope" (aka Gina); Hospitalized: Philip.
1/18/00: Invalid Marriage: Bo/"Hope" (aka Gina); Injured: Shawn; Shot: Marlena, "Hope" (aka Gina).
1/25/00: Hospitalized: Shawn, "Hope" (aka Gina).
2/1/00: Death: "Hope" (aka Gina).
2/22/00: Pregnancy: Hope.
3/7/00: Left Town: Vivian, Ivan.
4/4/00: Hospitalized: Hope. Stefano.
4/11/00: Arrested: Kurt.
4/18/00: Anniversary: Abe/Lexie; Birthday: Shawn; Engagement: Bo/Hope.
5/9/00: Hospitalized: Dr. Miller; Released from Hospital: Hope.
6/13/00: Back in Town: Austin; In Labor: Hope, Marlo.
6/20/00: Birth: Baby boy Brady (aka John Thomas); Marriage: Bo/Hope.
6/27/00: Adopted: Isaac; Death: Marlo.
7/11/00: Estrangement: Victor/Kate.
7/25/00: Hospitalized: Connor; Left Town: Nicholas.
8/15/00: Left Town: Eric.
9/12/00: Drugged: Sami.
9/26/00: First Kiss: Philip/Chloe; New Title: "Princess" Greta.
10/10/00: Birthday: Chloe.
10/17/00: Injured: Sami.
10/24/00: Hospitalized: John Thomas.
10/31/00: Hospitalized: Belle.
11/7/00: Birthday: Belle; Rescued: Bo.
11/28/00: Injured: Brady.
12/5/00: Death: Annie; On the Run: Brady.
12/12/00: Released from Hospital: Belle; Shot: Brady.
12/19/00: Returned Home: Bo, Jennifer.
12/26/00 (end-of-year recap; not listed above): Birth: Isaac; Returned Home: Abigail.

1/2/01: Estrangement: John/Marlena; Released from Hospital: Brady.
1/9/01: Marriage: Bo/Hope.
1/16/01: Proposal: Brandon/Sami.
1/23/01: Out of Town: Sami, Victor, Kate, Brandon, Nicole.
2/6/01: Marriage: Brandon/Angela.
2/27/01: Deaths: Angela, Vincent; Injured: John, Mimi, Greta; Presumed Dead: Victor.
4/3/01: Out on Bail: Philip.
4/10/01: Hospitalized: Lucas.
4/17/01: Hospitalized: John Thomas.
4/24/01: Out of Town: Philip.
6/5/01: Hospitalized: Lexie. Presumed Dead: John Thomas.
6/12/01: Kidnapped: John Thomas.
6/26/01: Left Town: Stefano; Found: John Thomas; Shot: John.
7/24/01: Breakup: Philip/Chloe.
7/31/01: Released from Prison: Paul.
8/7/01: New in Town: Colin.
8/21/01: First Kiss: Shawn/Belle.
9/18/01: Raped: Jan.
9/25/01: Hospitalized: Victor. Trapped: Belle, Shawn, Philip.
10/2/01: Birthday: Jennifer; Proposal: Jack/Jennifer; Shot: Paul.
10/9/01: Arrested: Nicole.
10/16/01: Hospitalized: Philip; Rescued: Belle, Shawn, Philip.
10/23/01: Hospitalized: Paul.
10/30/01: Birthday: Marlena; Death: Paul; Released from Hospital: Philip.
12/4/01: Hospitalized: Barb.
12/11/01: Attacked: Chloe.
12/18/01: Engagement: Austin/Sami.
12/25/01 (end-of-year recap; not listed above): Breakup: Victor/Kate; Divorce: Lucas/Nicole; Left Town: Lucas; Pregnancy: Barb; Returned to Town: Jack.

1/22/02: Pregnancy: Jan.
3/5/02: Regained Consciousness: Lucas.
3/12/02: Released from Hospital: Lucas.
3/19/02: Breakup: Shawn/Belle.
4/2/02: Proposal: Victor/Nicole.
4/9/02: Attacked: Shawn.
4/16/02: Cancelled Marriage: Austin/Sami; Hospitalized: Chloe; Leaving Town: Austin.
4/23/02: Unconscious: Jan; Returned to Town: Caprice.
4/30/02: Left Town: Greta; Miscarriage: Jan
5/14/02: Anniversary: Craig/Nancy.
5/21/02: On the Run: Lexie.
5/28/02: Arrested: Lexie; Released on Bail: Lexie.
6/4/02: Birthday: Brady; New Name: Zack.
6/11/02: Returned to Town: Kimberly, Melissa.
6/18/02: Leaving Town: Jan.
6/25/02: Birthday: Zack; Escaped: Lexie.
7/2/02: Anniversary: John/Marlena; Hospitalized: Chloe; Reconciliation: Shawn/Belle; Back from the Dead: Tony.
7/9/02: Death: Stefano (off-camera).
7/16/02: Returned to Town: Billie.
7/23/02: Injured: Billie.
8/13/02: Left Town: Hope.
8/20/02: Reconcilation: Abe/Lexie; Released from Hospital: Chloe.
9/3/02: Engagement: Victor/Nicole.
9/10/02: Arrested: Brady; Hospitalized: Nicole.
9/17/02: Returned to Town: Lucas, Will.
9/24/02: Out of Coma: Nicole; Birthday: Jennifer.
10/1/02: Breakup: Philip/Chloe.
10/8/02: Birthday: Chloe; Injured: Abigail; Pregnancy: Nancy.
10/15/02: Released from Hospital: Nicole.
10/29/02: Kidnapped: Hope, Zack.
11/5/02: Birthday: Belle.
11/19/02: Arrested: Lexie; Returned to Town: Shane.
11/26/02: Presumed Dead: Hope; Shot: Billie.
12/3/02: Arrested: Bo; Presumed Dead: Lexie.
12/10/02: Rescued: Hope; Shot: Larry.
12/17/02: Pregnancy: Lexie; Returned Home: Brady, Chloe.
12/24/02 (end-of-year recap; not listed above): Returned to Town: Larry.

12/31/02: Death: Raymond Grant.
1/7/03: Left Town: Philip; Released from Hospital: Nancy.
1/14/03: Birthday: Hope; Death: Colin; Marriage: Victor/Nicole.
1/21/03: Arrested: Jack; Left Town: Billie.
2/11/03: Breakup: Shawn/Belle; Hospitalized: Brady, Tony.
2/18/03: Breakup: Brandon/Sami.
2/25/03: Engagement: Jack/Jennifer; Injured: Shawn; Left Town: Belle.
3/4/03: Hospitalized: Shawn; Returned to Town: Belle.
3/11/03: Arrested: Shawn; In Labor: Nancy; Jailed: Larry.
3/18/03: Birth: Joy; Released from Jail: Shawn; Reunited: Shawn/Belle.
3/25/03: Sentenced: Larry.
4/8/03: Out on Bail: Cassie.
4/22/03: Arrested: Chaz, Vin Ramsell.
4/29/03: Arrested: Carson Palmer; Out on Bail: Vin Ramsell.
5/6/03: Kidnapped: Rex.
5/13/03: Hospitalized: Lexie, Victor.
5/20/03: Engagement: Brandon/Sami.
5/27/03: Returned to Town: Philip.
6/3/03: Returned to Town: Laura.
6/10/03: Marriage: Jack/Jennifer.
6/17/03: Birth: Theo; Hospitalized: Sami; Marriage/Annulment: Brandon/Sami; Left Town: Brandon.
6/24/03: Birthday: Zack; Breakup: Brady/Chloe; Death: Dr. Rolf; Left Town: Chloe.
7/1/03: Arrested: Cassie.
7/15/03: Released from Hospital: Sami.
8/5/03: Death: Larry; Stabbed: Tony.
8/12/03: Hospitalized: Tony.
8/19/03: Injured: Bo, Hope.
8/26/03: Hospitalized: Bo, Hope.
9/2/03: Out of Coma: Tony; Released from Hospital: Bo, Hope.
9/9/03: Attacked: Jack.
9/23/03: Resurfaced: Stefano.
10/7/03: Hospitalized: Abe.
10/14/03: Death: Abe; Returned to Town: Marlena.
10/28/03: Death: Jack; Returned to Town: Grandpa Shawn.
11/4/03: Attacked: Hope.
11/11/03: Left Town: Belle.
11/18/03: Attacked: Maggie, Mickey; Hospitalized: Maggie.
11/25/03: Arrested: Rex; Death: Maggie.
12/2/03: Death: Caroline; Returned to Town: Kimberly, Jan.
12/9/03: Death: Cassie; Released from Jail: Rex; Reunited: Roman/Kate.
12/16/03: Arrested: Kate.
12/23/03: Released from Jail: Kate.
12/30/03: Attacked: Sami; Returned to Town: Belle.

Engagement: Roman/Kate; Pregnancy: Jennifer; Returned to Town: Chloe.
1/13/04: Attacked: Roman; Marriage: Roman/Kate; Out on Bail: Tony.
1/20/04: Death: Roman.
1/27/04: Charges Dropped: Tony; Left Town: Chloe; Returned to Town: Doug, Julie.
2/3/04: Birthday: Alice; Left Town: Bo.
2/10/04: Death: Tony; Injured: John.
3/2/04: Arrested: Nicole; Death: Victor; New in Town: Patrick; Returned to Town: Bo.
3/9/04: Stabbed: Jan.
3/16/04: Death: Doug.
3/30/04: Proposal: Rex/Mimi.
4/13/04: Death: Alice; Hospitalized: Sami, Jennifer, Marlena; Proposal: Shawn/Belle.
4/27/04: Arrested: Hattie.
5/4/04: Arrested: Marlena, Lucas; Death: Tina; Hospitalized: Marlena.
5/18/04: Attacked: Marlena.
5/25/04: Attacked: Patrick; Death: Marlena; Held Captive: Shawn.
6/1/04: Back from the Dead: Alice, Marlena.
6/8/04: Back from the Dead: Roman, Abe, Doug; Birthday: Theo.
6/29/04: Breakup: Lucas/Sami.
7/6/04: Back from the Dead: Tony, Jack.
7/13/04: Arrested: Patrick; Death: Captain Davies.
7/20/04: Reunited: Jack/Jennifer.
7/27/04: Back from the Dead: Caroline; Presumed Dead: Hope, Patrick.
8/3/04: Saved from Electrocution: Hope.
8/10/04: Death: Mr. Milbauer; Proposal: Lucas/Sami.
8/17/04: Birthday: Lucas; Engagement: Lucas/Sami.
8/24/04: Injured: Roman.
9/14/04: Birth: Baby Boy Deveraux (aka Jack Jr.); Escaped from Captivity: Shawn; Hospitalized: Chloe.
9/21/04: Pregnancy: Mimi; Reunited: John/Marlena.
9/28/04: Back in Town: Billie; Reunited: Bo/Hope.
10/5/04: Hospitalized: Shawn.
10/19/04: Breakup: Shawn/Belle; Released from Hospital: Shawn.
10/26/04: Back from the Dead: Colin; Proposal: Mickey/Bonnie.
11/9/04: Death: Stefano; Hospitalized: Sami; Returned to Town: Brandon.
11/16/04: Injured: John; Presumed Dead: Caroline, Cassie, Roman, Jack, Marlena, Victor.
11/23/04: Hospitalized: John, Abe; Marriage: Mickey/Bonnie; Returned to Town: Brady, John, Bo, Hope, Abe, Jennifer, Alice, Maggie, Nicole, Patrick, Doug.
11/30/04: Proposal: Philip/Belle.
12/7/04: Engagement: Philip/Belle.
12/14/04: Released on Bail: Shawn.
12/21/04: Hospitalized: Brandon; Rescued: Belle.
12/28/04: Hospitalized: Belle, Shawn.

1/4/05: Injured: Bo; Out on Bail: Julie; Returned to Town: Chloe.
1/11/05: Escaped from Captivity: Jack; Hospitalized: Brady.
1/18/05: Arrested: Shawn; Hospitalized: Belle, Shawn, Philip; Marriage: Philip/Belle.
2/1/05: Held Captive: Bo, Billie.
2/15/05: Drugged: Sami, Brandon; Returned to Town: Brandon; Shipped Out: Philip.
2/22/05: Arrested: Patrick, Billie; Hospitalized: Mimi.
3/1/05: Broken Engagement: Lucas/Sami; Released on Bail: Billie.
3/8/05: Birthday: Philip; Proposal: Rex/Mimi.
3/15/05: Held Captive: Philip.
3/22/05: Released from Hospital: Mimi; Reunited: Jack/Jennifer.
4/5/05: Injured: Shawn; Kidnapped: Jack.
4/26/05: Hospitalized: Jan; Injured: Jack; Regained Memory: Shawn.
5/3/05: Deaths: Mr. Benson, Mrs. Benson; Hospital: Chelsea, Abigail; Shot: Tony.
5/10/05: Birthday: Abigail; Engagement: John/Kate; Held Captive: Bo/Billie; Returned Home: Cassie, Roman, Jack, Marlena.
5/17/05: Broken Engagement: John/Kate; Rescued: Bo, Billie.
5/31/05: Arrested: Mimi; Shot: Sami.
6/7/05: Arrested: Tony; Jailed: Mimi; Rescued: Brady, Rex, Shawn, Philip, Lucas.
6/14/05: Escaped: Tony; Injured: Philip; Returned to Town: Brady, Rex, Sami, Shawn, Lucas.
6/28/05: Birthday: Jack; Breakup: Rex/Mimi; Pregnancy: Marlena.
7/12/05: Returned to Town: Frankie; Sentenced: Mimi.
7/19/05: Anniversary: John/Marlena; Arrested: Shawn; Released from Prison: Mimi.
7/26/05: Out on Bail: Shawn; Marriage (vow renewal): Mickey/Maggie.
8/2/05: Hospitalized: Marlena; Proposal: Brady/Chloe.
8/9/05: Miscarriage: Marlena; Left Town: Rex; Pregnancy: Belle.
8/16/05: Birthday: Lucas; Kidnapped: Hope.
8/23/05: Engagement: Lucas/Sami.
8/30/05: Attacked: Jack; Returned to Town: Bo, Caroline, Hope, Tony, Victor, Patrick, Billie.
9/13/05: Filed for Divorce: Roman; Returned Home: Will.
9/27/05: Marriage: Brady/Chloe.
10/4/05: Interrupted Marriage: Lucas/Sami.
10/11/05: Birth: Baby Girl (aka Claire); Reconciled: Abe/Lexie; Returned to Town: Austin.
10/18/05: Birthday: Marlena; Charges Dropped: Sami.
11/1/05: Cohabitating: Austin, Sami.
12/6/05: Hospitalized: Claire.
12/13/05: Missing: Jack.
12/20/05: Presumed Dead: Jack.
12/27/05 (end-of-year recap; not listed above): Broken Engagement: Rex/Mimi; Charges Dropped: Mimi; Jailed: Tony; Left Town: Brady, Chloe; New in Town: Alex; Returned to Town: Carrie, Max; Visited: Craig, Nancy, Brandon.

1/10/06: Arrested: Alex; Injured: Frankie; Proposal: Shawn/Mimi; Returned to Town: Carrie.
1/17/06: Engagement: Shawn/Mimi; Escaped from Jail: Alex; Hospitalized: Alex, Zack.
1/24/06: Death: Zack.
1/31/06: Arrested: Billie.
2/14/06: Hospitalized: Bonnie; Released from Hospital: Claire.
2/21/06: Breakup: Patrick/Billie; Charges Dropped: Billie.
2/28/06: Arrested: John; Death: Lois; Out on Bail: Chelsea.
3/7/06: Out on Bail: John.
3/14/06: Out of Town: Hope, Patrick; Returned to Town: Calliope; Shot: Billie.
3/21/06: Birthday: Carrie.
3/28/06: Hospitalized: Carrie; Injured: Hope.
4/4/06: Hospitalized: Marlena; Marriage: Shawn/Mimi.
4/11/06: Proposal: Lucas/Carrie.
4/18/06: Engagement: Lucas/Carrie.
4/25/06: Drugged: Marlena; Rescued: Chelsea.
5/2/06: Filed for Divorce: Hope.
5/9/06: Left Town: Alex, Marlena.
5/23/06: Reconciled: Sami, Will.
5/30/06: Birthday: Victor; Engagement: Jennifer/Frankie.
6/6/06: Presumed Dead: Alex; Reunited: John/Marlena.
6/13/06: New in Town: EJ; Returned Home: John, Marlena, Hope, Patrick.
6/27/06: Back from the Dead: Steve; Returned to Town: Kayla; Miscarriage: Mimi.
7/4/06: Marriage: Frankie/Jennifer; Returned Home: Jack, Steve.
7/11/06: Pregnancy: Hope.
7/25/06: Marriage: Lucas/Carrie; Returned to Town: Stephanie.
8/1/06: Blackmailed: Sami; Injured: Philip; Pregnancies: Belle, Mimi; Released from Hospital: Carrie.
8/8/06: Engagement: Austin/Sami; Out of Town: Kayla, Steve.
8/15/06: Hospitalized: Belle; Returned Home: Kayla.
8/22/06: Released from Hospital: Jack; Returned Home: Marlena, Steve.
9/5/06: Released from Custody: Sami, EJ; Released from Hospital: Shawn. 
9/12/06: Death: Eve Michaels; Cancelled Marriage: Austin/Sami.
9/19/06: Arrested: Chelsea; Job Offer: Marlena.
9/26/06: Arrested: Patrick; Escaped from Captivity: Jack, Jennifer.
10/3/06: Arrested: Philip; Breakup: Frankie/Jennifer; Left Town: Jack, Jennifer, Jack Jr.
10/10/06: Disappeared: Marlena; Hospitalized: Belle; Out of Town: John; Returned to Town: Victor, Will.
10/17/06: Cohabitating: Lucas/Sami; Estrangement: Shawn/Mimi; Exonerated: Patrick; Hospitalized: Stephanie; Reunited: Bo/Hope.
10/24/06: Left Town: Philip; Released from Hospital: Belle; Rescued: Marlena; Reunited: Abe/Lexie.
10/31/06: Arrested: Bo, Chelsea; Filed for Annulment: Carrie; Rescued: Shawn.
11/7/06: Engagement: John/Marlena; Fired: Lexie; Marriage: Austin/Carrie; Quarantined: Steve, Kayla.
11/14/06: Filed for Divorce: Philip; Flatlined: Kayla; Job Offers: Shawn, Mimi.
11/21/06: New in Town: Nick.
11/28/06: Released from Hospital: Stephanie; Rescued: Marlena; Returned to Town: Philip, Benjy; Revived: Kayla.
12/5/06: Fired: Tek; Job Offer: Lexie; Left Town: Frankie; Released from Hospital: Kayla, Steve.
12/12/06: Arrested: Bo; Assaulted: Patrick; Fired: Bo.
12/19/06: Charges Dropped: Bo; Job Offer: Sami; Marriage: John/Marlena; Memory Restored: Steve.
12/26/06: Back from the Dead: Stefano; Missing: Max, Mimi; Out of Town: Sami, EJ; Reunited: Steve/Kayla.
12/26/06 (end-of-year recap; not listed above): Left Town: Carrie, Austin.

Steve/Billie; Held Captive: Max, Mimi; Returned to Town: John, Marlena, Sami, EJ.
1/9/07: Arrested: Patrick; Birth: Baby Girl (aka Ciara); On the Run: EJ; Rescued: Max, Mimi, Lucas; Shot: John.
1/16/07: Arrested: Connor; Hospitalized: John.
1/23/07: Out on Bail: Connor; Subpoenaed: Belle, Shawn.
1/30/07: Awarded Temporary Custody: Philip (of Claire); Kidnapped: Claire; Left Town: Stephanie; On the Run: Belle, Shawn.
2/6/07: Fired: Lucas; Missing: Lexie, Tek; Pregnancy: Sami; Rescued: Philip; Returned to Town: EJ.
2/13/07: Arrested: Shawn; Pregnancy: Willow.
2/20/07: Arrested: Steve; Attacked: EJ; Released from Custody: Shawn.
2/27/07: Charges Dropped: Steve; Escaped from Mental Ward: Steve; Proposal: Lucas/Sami.
3/6/07: Stranded: Belle, Shawn, Claire.
3/13/07: Committed: Steve; Kidnapped: John; Left Town: Mimi.
3/20/07: Injured: Claire.
3/27/07: Escaped from Hospital: Steve; Framed: Chelsea.
4/3/07: Injured: Billie; Returned to Hospital: Steve.
4/17/07: Returned Home: Kayla, Max.
4/24/07: Exonerated: Chelsea; Hospitalized: Kayla.
5/1/07: Drugged: Lucas, EJ; Returned to Town: Stephanie.
5/8/07: Reunited: Shawn/Belle.
5/15/07: Breakup: Nick/Chelsea; Drugged: Philip; Hospitalized: Sami; Out on Bail: Willow; Returned to Town: Adrienne; Shot: Shawn.
5/22/07: Held Captive: Steve; Injured: Stephanie; Marriage: Lucas/Sami; Reunited: Nick/Chelsea.
6/5/07: Disappeared: Claire; Held Captive: Sami; Out of Prison: Tony.
6/12/07: Regained Consciousness: John; Rescued: Sami.
6/19/07: Death: Willow; Returned to Town: Doug, Julie.
6/26/07: Rescued: Sami, EJ; Returned to Town: Lexie.
7/3/07: Found: Claire; Returned to Town: Anna.
7/10/07: Blackmailed: Nick.
7/24/07: Rescued: EJ.
7/31/07: Found: Tony; Hospitalized: Andre.
8/7/07: Engagements: Shawn/Belle, Nick/China Lee; Kidnapped: Sami.
8/14/07: Arrested: Andre; Beaten Up: Max; Death: Bart; Fired: Nick; Recovering from Surgery: Roman.
8/21/07: Marriage: Nick/China Lee; Reconciled: Abe/Lexie; Regained Consciousness: Roman; Rescued: Lucas.
8/28/07: Annulment: Nick/China Lee; Stabbed: Bo.
9/4/07: Breakup: Nick/Chelsea; Jailed: China Lee;
9/11/07: Hospitalized: Benjy; Drugged: Roman.; Revived: EJ.
9/18/07: Presumed Dead: Stefano; Shot: Jett.
9/25/07: Rescued: Max, Stephanie.
10/2/07: Buried Alive: Roman; Fired: Jett; Poisoned: Pocket; Rescued: Belle; Shot: Stefano; Stabbed: Steve.
10/9/07: Death: Benjy; Shot: Lucas.
10/16/07: Rescued: Hope, Roman, EJ; Survived: Andre.
10/23/07: Charges Dropped: Steve; Deaths: Benjy, Lauren Chaffee; Injured: John; Poisoned: Pocket.
10/30/07: Death: John; Left Town: Jeremy.
11/6/07: Arrested: Harry Jenks; Births: Baby Girl (aka Allie), Baby Boy (aka Johnny).
11/13/07: Left Town: Artemis, Demarquette.
11/20/07: Marriage: EJ/Sami; Shot: EJ.
11/27/07: Charges Dropped: Ford; Paralyzed: EJ.
12/4/07: Left Town: Will; Marriage: Shawn/Belle.
12/11/07: Back in Town: Chloe.
12/18/07: Death: Ford.
12/18/07 (end-of-year recap; not listed above): Back from the Dead: Dr. Rolf; Death: Andre.

Breakup: Max/Morgan.
1/8/08: Returned: Tony.
1/15/08: Arrested: Lucas; Estrangement: Shawn/Belle.
1/22/08: Back from the Dead: John.
1/29/08: Arrested: Stefano, Dr. Rolf; Kidnapped: Claire; Reunited: John/Marlena.
2/12/08: Alive: Colleen; Left Town: Adrienne, Justin, Joey Kiriakis, Victor Kiriakis II.
2/19/08: Death: Colleen; Left Town: Billie; Pregnancy: Kayla.
2/26/08: Death: Grandpa Shawn.
3/4/08: Hospitalized: Bo, Steve.
3/11/08: Visiting Town: Kimberly.
3/25/08: Reconciled: Shawn/Belle. 
4/1/08: Surgery: Bo, Chelsea.
4/8/08: Kidnapped: Hope; Left Town: Belle, Shawn, Claire.
4/15/08: Hospitalized: Kayla; Returned to Town: Nicole.
4/29/08: Fell Ill: Chelsea; Shot: Hope.
5/6/08: Arrested: Ava; Hospitalized: Chelsea; Kidnapped: Stephanie.
5/20/08: Breakup: Nick/Chelsea; Out on Bail: Ava.
5/27/08: Birth: Baby Boy (aka Joey); Death: Martino Vitali.
6/3/08: Engagement: Tony/Anna; Released from Prison: Lucas.
6/10/08: Divorce: Brady/Chloe; Arrested: John; Marriage: Tony/Anna.
6/17/08: Left Town: Marlena.
6/24/08: Blackmailed: Nicole; Returned to Town: Marlena.
7/1/08: Presumed Dead: Paul Hollingsworth.
7/22/08: Arrested: Lucas; Divorce: Victor/Nicole; Hospitalized: Victor.
8/5/08: Released from Hospital: Joey; Returned to Prison: Lucas; Shot: Philip.
8/12/08: Alive: Paul Hollingsworth; Flatlined: Victor; Released from Prison: Lucas. 
8/19/08: Arrested: Bo, Max, Stephanie; Awoke from Coma: Stefano; Left on Town: Ava; Out on Bail: Melanie; Marriage (vow renewal): Bo/Hope.
8/26/08: Kidnapped: Joey; Paralyzed: Marlena.
9/2/08: Found: Joey.
9/9/08: Breakup: Daniel/Chelsea; Regained Consciousness: Marlena; Released from Hospital: Philip; Released from Jail: Max, Stephanie.
9/16/08: Arrested: Stefano, Paul Hollingsworth.
9/23/08: Arrested: Sami; Proposal: Stefano/Kate; Shot: Nick.
9/30/08: Hospitalized: Kate.
10/7/08: Death: Trent; Promoted: Bo.
10/14/08: Arrested: Caroline; Breakup: Philip/Morgan; Left Town: Morgan; Pregnancies: Sami, Nicole.
10/21/08: Arrested: Nick.
10/28/08: Death: Mayor Marino.
11/4/08: Breakup: Max/Stephanie.
11/11/08: Arrested: Nicole.
11/25/08: Divorce: John/Marlena; Out on Bail: Nicole; Returned to Town: Brady.
12/2/08: Arrested: Nick; Rescued: Melanie.
12/9/08: Miscarriage: Nicole; Released from Hospital: Kate.
12/16/08: Engagement: Lucas/Chloe; Hospitalized: Kate.
12/23/08: Hospitalized: Chloe; Stabbed: Rafe.
12/23/08 (end-of-year recap; not listed above): Divorce: EJ/Sami; Released from Prison: Nicole.

Hospitalized: Bo.
1/6/09: Rescued: Theo.
1/13/09: Engagement: EJ/Nicole.
1/20/09: Breakup: Daniel/Kate; Hospitalized: Theo.
1/27/09: Death: Hilda.
2/3/09: Arrested: Charlotte; Left Town: John, Marlena; Marriage: John/Marlena.
2/10/09: Births: Baby Girl (aka Sydney), Baby Girl (aka Grace); Stabbed: Rafe.
2/17/09: Death: The Mayor's Killer; Shot: Kayla.
2/24/09: Broken Engagement: Lucas/Chloe; Estrangement: Bo/Hope.
3/10/09: Estrangement: Philip/Stephanie; Hospitalized: Lucas; Reunited: Bo/Hope.
3/17/09: Reconciled: Lucas/Chloe.
3/31/09: Marriage: Lucas/Chloe.
4/7/09: Hospitalized: Tony.
4/14/09: Death: Tony; Injured: Philip.
5/5/09: Hospitalized: Philip; Marriage: EJ/Nicole.
5/19/09: Hospitalized: Dr. Baker; Left Town: Chelsea; Proposal: Philip/Stephanie; Rescued: Sami.
5/26/09: Engagement: Philip/Stephanie; Left Town: Dr. Baker.
6/2/09: Kidnapped: Stephanie.
6/9/09: Arrested: EJ; Hospitalized: Stefano; Taken Hostage: Brady, Melanie.
6/16/09: Arrested: Owen; Hospitalized: Grace; Rescued: Brady, Stephanie, Melanie.
6/23/09: Death: Grace; Visiting: Chelsea.
6/30/09: Awarded Custody: EJ; New in Town: Nathan.
7/7/09: Injured: Stephanie.
7/14/09: Broken Engagement: Philip/Stephanie.
7/21/09: Hospitalized: Chloe; Left Town: Max.
8/11/09: Arrested: Daniel.
8/25/09: Breakup: Rafe/Sami; Kidnapped: Ciara; Returned to Town: Justin.
9/8/09: Deaths: Brenda, Kyle; Injured: Bo, Dean; Rescued: Ciara.
9/15/09: Death: Dr. Baker; Engagement: Philip/Stephanie; Visited: Craig.
9/22/09: Arrested: Dean; Broken Engagement: Philip/Stephanie; Breakup: Brady/Arianna; Shot: Justin.
9/29/09: Arrested: Melanie, Nathan; Awoke from Coma: Chloe; Knocked Unconscious: Rafe.
10/6/09: Estrangement: Bo/Hope; Hospitalized: Lucas; Marriage: Stefano/Kate; Out on Bail: Nathan, Melanie; Proposal: Daniel/Chloe.
10/13/09: Engagement: Daniel/Chloe; Ill: Sydney; Taken Hostage: Rafe.
10/20/09: Estrangement: EJ/Nicole; Hospitalized: Stefano; Annulment: Lucas/Chloe.
10/27/09: Death: Lawrence; Rescued: Rafe.
11/3/09: Returned to Town: Carly.
11/10/09: Moved Out: Hope.
11/17/09: Arrested: Carly; Reunited: Rafe/Sami.
11/24/09: Released from Prison: Carly.
12/1/09: Exonerated: Carly; Out on Bail: Nicole; New in Town: Gabi; Returned to Town: Vivian; Reunited: Sami/Sydney.
12/8/09: Kidnapped: Sydney; Skipped Town: Nicole.
12/15/09: Breakup: Nathan/Melanie; Hospitalized: Nicole; Missing: Sydney; Returned to Town: Lucas.
12/22/09: Arrested: Nicole, Fay.
12/29/09: Arrested: Stefano.

Engagement: Philip/Melanie; Released from Jail: Stefano.
1/12/10: Arrested: Nathan, Philip.
1/19/10: Death: Mickey; Sentenced: Nicole.
1/26/10: Reconciled: Will/Mia; Returned to Town: Melissa.
2/2/10: Rescued: Arianna.
2/9/10: Arrested: Troy.
2/16/10: Returned to Town: Anna.
2/23/10: Kidnapped: Carly; Injured: Hope; Marriage: Philip/Melanie; Thought to be Pregnant: Chloe.
3/2/10: Hospitalized: Hope, Melanie; Not Pregnant: Chloe; Released on Bail: Carly.
3/9/10: Presumed Dead: Sydney; Reunited: Rafe/Sami.
3/16/10: Ailing: Maggie; Returned: Sydney.
3/23/10: Engagement: Brady/Arianna.
3/30/10: Exonerated: Carly; Returned to Town: Max.
4/6/10: Breakups: Will/Mia, Chad/Mia; Pardoned: Nicole; Returned to Town: Adrienne.
4/13/10: Cancelled Marriage: Brady/Arianna; Returned to Town: Nicole.
4/20/10: Hospitalized: DA Woods; Left Town: Bo.
4/27/10: Mugged: Justin.
5/4/10: Alive: Dr. Baker; Left Town: Adrienne; Underwent Surgery: Daniel.
5/11/10: Hospitalized: EJ.
5/18/10: Attacked: Brady.
6/1/10: Arrested: Arianna; Attacked: Roman; Poisoned: Anna; Returned to Town: Bo.
6/8/10: In Jail: Rafe; Marriage: Victor/Vivian.
6/15/10: Injured: Johnny; Out of Town: Vivian, Victor.
6/22/10: Ailing: Alice; Emergency Surgery: Chloe; Visiting: Jennifer, Marie.
6/29/10: Freed from Captivity: Shane, Rafe; Hospitalized: Brady; Postponed Marriage: Daniel/Chloe; Visiting: Melissa, Bill, Laura, Kayla.
7/6/10: Death: Alice; Breakup: Brady/Arianna; Left Town: Mia; Pregnancy: Chloe; Visiting: Carrie, Kimberly, Mike, Lucas, Allie.
7/13/10: Returned to Town: Rafe; Reunited: Shane/Kimberly.
7/20/10: Left Town: Kimberly, Shane; Out on Bail: Arianna.
8/3/10: Death: Madeline; Hospitalized: Bo.
8/10/10: Proposal: EJ/Sami; Released from Hospital: Bo.
8/17/10: Arrested: Hope, Dr. Baker.
8/24/10: Engagement: EJ/Sami; Off the Wagon: Brady.
8/31/10: Attacked: Melanie; Injured: Nathan; Sent to Prison: Hope.
9/7/10: Cancelled Marriage: EJ/Sami.
9/14/10: Engagement: Rafe/Sami; Shot: EJ.
9/21/10: Recovering from Surgery: EJ.
9/28/10: Attacked: Hope; Buried Alive: Vivian.
10/5/10: Regained Consciousness: EJ; Returned to Town: Kayla.
10/12/10: Faking Amnesia: EJ.
10/19/10: Divorce: Bo/Hope.
10/26/10: Attacked: Gus; Death: April; Marriage: Daniel/Chloe; Released from Hospital: EJ; Resigned: Rafe.
11/2/10: Arrested: EJ; Injured: Arianna.
11/9/10: Death: Arianna; Proposal: Nathan/Stephanie.
11/16/10: Engagement: Nathan/Stephanie; Held Captive: Maggie; Left Town: Kayla; Rescued: Vivian.
11/23/10: Birth: Parker; Drugged: Sami; Injured: Nicole; Returned to Town: Jennifer.
11/30/10: Quarantined: Nathan, Melanie.
12/7/10: Marriage: Rafe/Sami; Rescued: Maggie.
12/14/10: Recovering: Nathan, Melanie.
12/21/10: Breakup: Stefano/Kate.
12/28/10: Ailing: Johnny.

1/4/11: Beaten Up: Hope; On the Run: Bo, Hope; Promoted: Rafe; Recovering: Johnny.
1/11/11: Attacked: Philip; Baptized: Parker; Engagement: EJ/Nicole; Hospitalized: Caroline; Out of Town: Nathan, Stephanie; Released from Hospital: Johnny; Returned to Town: Kayla.
1/18/11: Breakup: Brady/Nicole; Separated: Daniel/Chloe, Philip/Melanie; Stranded: Vivian, Gus.
1/25/11: Breakup: Nathan/Stephanie; Hospitalized: Johnny; Returned to Town: Chad; Under House Arrest: Caroline.
2/1/11: Pregnancy: Melanie; Reconciled: Stefano/Kate.
2/8/11: Hospitalized: Rafe; Rescued: Vivian, Gus.
2/15/11: Arrested: Warden Smith; Breakup: Bo/Carly; Held Captive: Rafe; Hospitalized: Jennifer; Returned to Town: Taylor.
2/22/11: Released from Custody: Bo.
3/1/11: Ailing: Rafe; Left Town: Kayla.
3/8/11: Hospitalized: Chloe; Marriage: EJ/Nicole.
3/15/11: Miscarriage: Melanie; Released from Hospital: Chloe; Returned to Town: Abigail.
3/22/11: Ailing: Fay; Engagement: Justin/Adrienne; Hospitalized: Melanie; Memory Erased: Rafe.
3/29/11: Filed for Divorce: Daniel/Chloe, Jack/Jennifer.
4/5/11: Institutionalized: Rafe.
4/12/11: Attacked: Fay; Drugged: Carly; Left Town: Nathan.
4/19/11: Hospitalized: Fay.
4/26/11: Death: Fay; Out of Town: Sami, Johnny, Sydney; Ran Away: Ciara, Theo.
5/3/11: Attacked: Melanie; Comatose: Troy; Escaped from Asylum: Rafe; Left Town: Philip, Parker.
5/10/11: Returned Home: Ciara, Theo; Trapped: Rafe.
5/17/11: Blackmailed: EJ; Rescued: Rafe.
5/31/11: Reunited: Rafe/Sami.
6/14/11: Breakup: Victor/Maggie; Hospitalized: Gabi.
6/21/11: Blackmailed: Chloe.
6/28/11: Emergency Surgery: EJ.
7/5/11: Arrested: Nicole, Taylor; Regained Consciousness: EJ.
7/12/11: Proposal: EJ/Taylor.
7/19/11: Engagement: EJ/Taylor; Escaped: "Rafe"; Released from Custody: Nicole.
7/26/11: Breakup: EJ/Taylor; Jailed: "Rafe"; Returned Home: Allie.
8/2/11: Death: Rafe2; Hospitalized: EJ.
8/23/11: Ailing: Stefano; Assaulted: EJ; Hospitalized: Maggie.
8/30/11: Entered Rehab: Carly; Shot: Chad.
9/6/11: Ailing: Sami.
9/13/11: Attacked: Chloe; Released from Hospital: Maggie.
9/20/11: Comatose: Chloe.
9/27/11: Arrested: Quinn.
10/4/11: Arrested: Gus; Breakup: Brady/Nicole; Left Town: Nicholas, Vivian, Dario, Quinn, Carly, Taylor; Regained Consciousness: Chloe; Released from Rehab: Carly; Returned to Town: Jack.
10/11/11: Arrested: John; Left Town: Kinsey, Chloe; Proposal: Victor/Maggie; Returned to Town: John, Marlena, Austin, Carrie.
10/18/11: Engagement: Victor/Maggie; Hired: Sami; Out on Bail: John.
10/25/11: Apologized: Jack; Mysterious Memories: John. 
11/1/11: Fired: Rafe; Moved In: Austin; Out of Town: Carrie; Surprise Child: Maggie.
11/8/11: Secret Child: Daniel.
11/15/11: Blackmailed: EJ; Hired: Rafe; Returned to Town: Quinn, Carrie; Stranded: Jack, Jennifer.
11/22/11: Hypnotized: John; Kissed: Brady/Madison; Marriage: Victor/Maggie; Missing: Johnny.
11/29/11: Found: Johnny; Made Love: EJ/Sami; Pleaded Guilty: John.
12/6/11: Sentenced: John.
12/13/11: Breakup: Will/Gabi; Emotional Breakdown: Jack; Won Award: Abigail.
12/20/11: Kissed: Chad/Melanie.
12/27/11: Breakup: Daniel/Jennifer; Returned to Town: Kayla, Joey.
End of Year Recap (not listed above): Divorce: Victor/Vivian; Marriage: Justin/Adrienne.

Charges Dropped: John; Left Town: Daniel; Marriage (vow renewal): Rafe/Sami.
1/10/12: Breakup: Chad/Abigail; Resigned: Sami.
1/17/12: Diagnosed: Daniel.
1/24/12: In Therapy: Bo, Hope; Resigned: Brady.
1/31/12: Hired: Abigail; Spying: Sami.
2/7/12: Left Town: Daniel.
2/14/12: Caught Kissing: Rafe/Carrie; Declaration of Love: Brady/Madison; Moved Out: Will; Quit: Sami.
2/21/12: Kissed: Austin/Abigail; Moved Out: Rafe; New in Town: Ian; Proposal: Brady/Madison.
2/28/12: Breakup: Brady/Madison; Kissed: Ian/Kate; Already Married: Madison/Ian; Won Election: Abe.
3/6/12: Estrangement: Abe/Lexie; Kissed: Will/Neil; Learned the Truth: Rafe, Nicole; Out of Town: Stefano.
3/13/12: Pregnancy: Nicole; Returned to Town: Lucas, Daniel; Reunited: Brady/Madison.
3/20/12: Beaten Up: Roman; Comatose: Bo; Engagement: Lucas/Autumn; Returned to Town: Billie.
3/27/12: Confessed: Sami; Injured: Billie.
4/3/12: Arrested: Abe, Jennifer; Held Captive: John, Hope; New Mayor: EJ.
4/10/12: Out on Bail: Abe.
4/17/12: Anniversary: Abe/Lexie; Came Out: Will; Diagnosed: Lexie; Kissed: Ian/Kate; New in Town: Cameron; Reconciled: Austin/Carrie; Returned to Town: Celeste; Staying in Town: Lucas.
4/24/12: Escaped: John, Hope; Kissed: EJ/Sami.
4/30/12: Awake: Bo; Engagement: Brady/Madison; Paternity Reveal: EJ.
5/7/12: Attacked: John, Marlena; Broken Engagement: Lucas/Autumn; Kissed: Lucas/Sami; Terminally Ill: Lexie.
5/14/12: Drugged: Brady; Explosion Victims: John, Marlena, Bo, Hope, Rafe, Carrie; Made Love: Lucas/Sami; Returned to Town: Shane.
5/21/12: Presumed Dead: John, Marlena, Bo, Hope, Rafe, Carrie; Reunited: Lucas/Sami; Stopped Treatment: Lexie.
5/28/12: Arrested: Stefano; Drugged: Brady.
6/4/12: Collapsed: Lexie; Pregnancy: Carrie.
6/11/12: Fired: Will; Kissed: Cameron/Abigail, Daniel/Nicole.
6/18/12: Arrested: Will; Death: Stefano.
6/25/12: Drugged: Brady; Out on Bail: Will.
7/2/12: Death: Lexie; Kidnapped: Melanie; Reunited: Victor/Maggie; Staying in Town: Cameron.
7/9/12: Had Sex: Daniel/Nicole.
7/16/12: Attempted to Escape: Melanie; Blackmailed: EJ; Job Offered: Cameron.
7/23/12: "Failed" Polygraph Test: EJ; Kissed: Lucas/Sami.
7/30/12: Arrested: EJ; In Rehab: Brady.
8/6/12: Left Town: Carrie, Austin; Mugged: Sami; Rescued: Melanie.
8/27/12: Deaths: Jack, Madison; Hospitalized: Nicole; Injured: Roman, Lucas; Knocked Unconscious: EJ; Rescued: Sami, Abigial, Gabi, Melanie.
9/3/12: Back from the Dead: Stefano; Back in Town: Tad; Beaten Up: Sonny; Confessed: Gabi; Death: Andrew; Escaped from Captivity: EJ; Kissed: Will/Sonny.
9/10/12: Had Sex: Will/Gabi; Resigned: Will; Out on Bail: Sami, EJ; Up for Parole: Nick.
9/17/12: New Job: Kayla; Proposal: Chad/Melanie; Released on Parole: Nick; Visiting: Jessica.
9/24/12: Engagement: Chad/Melanie; New Job: Nick.
10/1/12: Attacked: Nick; Fought: EJ/Rafe.
10/8/12: Blackmailed: Rafe; Breakup: Chad/Melanie; Confessed: Gabi; Left Town: Melanie.
10/15/12: Miscarriage: Nicole; Kissed: Nick/Gabi; Resigned: Bo; Reunited: Rafe/Sami.
10/22/12: Ailing: Caroline; Alive: Kristen; Arrested: Jennifer.
10/29/12: Busted: Rafe, Nicole; Learned the Truth: EJ; Out on Bail: Jennifer; Returned to Town: Kristen.
11/5/12: Charges Dropped: Jennifer.
11/12/12: Had Sex: Nick/Gabi; Left Town: Bo, Caroline; Released from Hospital: Nicole; Resigned: Daniel.
11/19/12: Confessed: Nicole; Learned the Truth: Daniel.
11/26/12: Cleared: Nicole; Had Sex: Will/Sonny; Pregnancy: Gabi; Returned to Town: Eric; Unconscious: Brady.
12/3/12: Hospitalized: Brady.
12/10/12: Apologized: Nicole; Divorce: Stefano/Kate; Enrolled in Clinical Trial: Daniel; Proposal: Nick/Gabi; Returned Home: Caroline.
12/17/12: Ailing: Jennifer; Engagement: Nick/Gabi; Failed Treatment: Daniel; Had Sex: Brady/Kristen; Hired: Nicole.
12/24/12: Cured: Daniel; Emergency Surgery: Jennifer; Under Suspicion: Gabi.
12/31/12: Confessed: Eric.

 Kissed: Daniel/Jennifer.
1/14/13: Back in Town: Chloe; Confessed: Kristen, Marlena; Injured: John, Brady; Kissed: Chad/Abigail.
1/21/13: Interrupted Marriage: Nick/Gabi; Learned the Truth: Chad, Daniel.
1/28/13: Brawled: Chad, Rafe; Exposed: Gabi, Nick, Will, Chloe; Marital Strife: John/Marlena.
2/4/13: Left Town: John.
2/11/13: Came Clean: Marlena, Nicole; Kissed: Sonny/Brian; Left Town: Billie; Postponed Marriage: Gabi/Nick.
2/18/13: Breakup: Will/Sonny; Had Sex: EJ/Sami; Proposal: Brady/Kristen.
2/25/13: Had Sex: Rafe/Kate; Hospitalized: Parker.
3/4/13: Attacked: Eric; Held at Gunpoint: Nicole; Hospitalized: Gabi; Moved: Chloe, Parker.
3/11/13: Blackmailed: Will; Fought: Chloe/Abigail; Reunited: Will/Sonny.
3/18/13: Back in Town: John, Stefano, Nancy; Kissed: Daniel/Chloe.
3/25/13: Back in Town: Stefano; Drugged: Daniel; Marriage: Nick/Gabi.
4/1/13: Engagement: Brady/Kristen; Fought: Nick/Sonny; New in Town: Vargas.
4/8/13: Blackmailed: Jennifer; Confessed: Nick; Moved In: EJ, Sami.
4/15/13: Breakup: Daniel/Jennifer; Confessed: Sonny; Kissed: Daniel/Chloe; Secret Life Revealed: Cameron.
4/22/13: Accused: Chloe; Exposed: Sy.
4/29/13: Coming Home: Bo; Hooked Up: Nicole/Vargas; Left Town: Chloe; Proposal: EJ/Sami.
5/6/13: Quit: Nicole; Rehired: Jennifer.
5/13/13: Breakup: Rafe/Kate; Stole Money: Sami.
5/20/13: Knocked Unconscious: Rafe; Returned to Town: JJ; Started Adoption Process: Brady.
5/27/13: Breakup: John/Marlena; Held at Gunpoint: Nick/Gabi; Cancelled Marriage: Brady/Kristen.
6/3/13: Fought: JJ/Daniel; Birth: Baby Girl (aka Arianna); Shot: Will.
6/10/13: Confessed: Nick.
6/17/13: Accused: Sami, EJ; Breakup: Brady/Kristen; Came Clean: Hope; Shot/Death: Bernardi.
6/24/13: Arrested: Sami; Breakup: John/Marlena.
7/1/13: Exposed: JJ; Fired: Nick; Had Sex: Brady/Nicole; Hypnotized: Sami.
7/8/13: Arrested: JJ.
7/15/13: Collapsed: Eric; Indicted: Sami.
7/22/13: New in Town: Theresa.
7/29/13: Annulled Marriage: Nick/Gabi; Got High: Theresa.
8/5/13: Arrested: Sami; Reconciled: Brady/Kristen.
8/12/13: Medical Tests: Chad.
8/19/13: Reconciled: Daniel/Jennifer.
8/26/13: Handcuffed: Julie.
9/2/13: Arrested: Vargas; Had Sex: Nick/Gabi.
9/9/13: Breakup: Daniel/Jennifer; Engagement: Brady/Kristen.
9/16/13: Arrested: JJ.
9/23/13: Not Pregnant: Kristen; On Trial: Sami.
9/30/13: Fired: Theresa; Had Sex: Chad/Abigail; Made Deal: EJ, Stefano; Set Free: Sami.
10/7/13: Hypnotized: Eric; Offered Job: Nicole.
10/14/13: Quit Job: Nicole.
10/21/13: Arrested: JJ; Attacked: Marlena; Breakup: Nick/Gabi.
10/28/13: Shot: Chad.
11/4/13: Overdosed: Theresa.
11/11/13: Blackmailed: Lucas; Breakup: Chad/Abigail; Left Town: Will.
11/18/13: Exposed: Eric, Kristen.
11/25/13: Apologized: Eric/Nicole; Back in Town: Will; Fought: Brady/Eric; Left Town: Kristen; Offered Job: Gabi; Cancelled Marriage: Brady/Kristen.
12/2/13: Back in Town: Shane, Kimberly; Kissed: Daniel/Nicole; Suspended: Eric. 
12/9/13: Attacked: Gabi; Death: Nick.
12/16/13: Kissed: Rafe/Jordan; Off the Wagon: Brady.
12/23/13: Blackmailed: JJ; Discovered the Truth: Sonny. (End of Year Recap): Death: Jensen; Engagement: EJ/Sami.
12/30/13: Lied: Nicole; New in Town: Liam.

Back in Town: Stefano.
1/20/14: Had Sex: EJ/Abigail; New in Town: Sheryl.
1/27/14: Held Captive: Eric, Nicole.
2/3/14: Confessed Love: Eric/Nicole.
2/10/14: Alive: Nick.
2/17/14: Case Postponed: JJ; Tricked: Theresa.
2/24/14: Had Sex: Rafe/Jordan.
3/3/14: Case Dismissed: JJ; Told the Truth: JJ.
3/10/14: Engagement: Will/Sonny; New in Town: Ben.
3/17/14: Back in Town: John; Blackmailed: Sami; New in Town: Paige.
3/31/14: Busted: Brady, Theresa; Not Pregnant: Abigail.
4/7/14: Confessed: Jordan; Exposed: Kate.
4/14/14: Destroyed Evidence: Nicole; Marriage: Will/Sonny.
4/21/14: Suspended: Daniel.
4/28/14: Blackmailed: Nicole; Fought: Nick/Rafe; Kissed: JJ/Paige.
5/5/14: Threatened: Sami (by Nick).
5/12/14: Death: Liam.
5/19/14: Shot: Nick.
5/26/14: Confessed: Nicole; Death: Nick; Kissed: Ben/Abigail.
6/2/14: Confessed: Lucas; Engagement: Eric/Nicole.
6/9/14: Confessed: Will.
6/16/14: Confessed: Gabi; Fought: Brady/John; Offered Job: Theresa.
6/23/14: Broken Engagement: Eric/Nicole; In Jail: Gabi.
6/30/14: Back in Town: Eve; Fired: Kate; Fought: Sami/Nicole; Had Sex: Rafe/Kate.
7/14/14: Arrested: EJ; Graduated: JJ; Marriage: EJ/Sami.
7/21/14: Busted: EJ/Abigail; Hostile Takeover: Kate, Sami; New in Town: Clyde; Out of Town: Brady, Theresa.
7/28/14: Comatose: John; Fought: Eve/Abigail; Marriage: Brady/Theresa.
8/4/14: Confessed: Ben; Fought: Sami/Will; Redecorated: Sami, Kate.
8/11/14: Blackmailed: Theresa; Fired: Abigail; Held Hostage: Daniel; Out of Town: Eric, Nicole.
8/18/14: Fought: Kate/Jordan; Court Battle: Jennifer/Eve; Held Hostage: Kristen.
8/25/14: Back in Town: Kristen, Daniel.
9/1/14: Offered Deal: Eve; On Trial: Kristen.
9/8/14: Admitted Attraction: Aiden; Dueted: JJ/Eve.
9/15/14: Had Sex: Brady/Theresa; Kissed: Hope/Aiden; Offered Job: Nicole; Annulled Marriage: Brady/Theresa.
9/22/14: Began College: JJ, Paige; Kissed: Sami/EJ; Offered Job: Will; Underwent New Treatment: John.
9/29/14: Back in Town: Chad; Filed for Divorce: Hope/Bo; Roofied/Drugged: JJ.
10/6/14: Awakened from Coma: John; Fought: Chad/Ben; Marriage (vow renewal): EJ/Sami.
10/13/14: Had Sex: Abigail/Ben; Visiting: Susan.
10/20/14: Lied to Police: John; Regained Memory: John.
10/27/14: Death: EJ; Received Injection: EJ.
11/3/14: Back in Town: Jill; Offered Job: Ben; Under Surveillance: Eve, Anne.
11/10/14: Busted: Theresa; Kissed: Chad/Jordan, Daniel/Kristen; Injured: Eve; Left Town: Sami, Johnny, Allie, Sydney, Will.
11/17/14: Breakup: JJ/Paige; Fought: Brady/Daniel; Had Sex: JJ/Eve; Left Town: Kristen; New in Town: Bree; Punched: Chad; Pregnancy: Theresa.
11/24/14: Kissed: Clyde/Kate; Left Town: John; Had Sex: Aiden/Hope; Reconciled: JJ/Paige; Reinstated: Abigail.
12/1/14: Appointed Co-CEO: Chad; Blackmailed: Kate; Knocked Out: Daniel.
12/8/14: Back in Town: Melanie.
12/15/14: Had Sex: Clyde/Kate; New in Town: Serena; Out of Town: Eve, Paige.
12/22/14: Back in Town: Will, Arianna; Charges Dropped: Melanie; Had Sex: Chad/Jordan.
12/29/14: Kissed: Eric/Serena, Daniel/Nicole.

Back in Town: John; Had Sex: JJ/Eve; Reunited: Gabi, Arianna; Visiting: Doug, Julie.
1/12/15: Admitted to Cheating: JJ; Declared Love: Paul to Sonny; Diagnosed: Paul; Fired: Rafe; Had Sex: Chad/Jordan.
1/19/15: Had Sex: Daniel/Nicole; Kissed: Brady/Melanie; Offered Job: Rafe.
1/26/15: Caught Kissing: Brady/Melanie; Had Sex: Will/Paul; Hired: Rafe; Offered Jobs: John, Anne; Recovered Memory: Jordan.
2/2/15: Arrested: Ben; Fought: Serena/Nicole; Kissed: Rafe/Jordan.
2/9/15: Breakup: Daniel/Nicole; Had Sex: Theresa/Clint; Kissed: JJ/Eve.
2/16/15: Discovered Affair: Sonny; Hospitalized: Sonny; Out of Town: Hope, Aiden, Ciara, Chase.
2/23/15: Made Love: Brady/Melanie; Regained Consciousness: Sonny.
3/2/15: Back in Town: Justin; Confessed: Aiden; Dumped: Theresa; Had Sex: Eric/Serena; Kissed: Lucas/Adrienne.
3/9/15: Breakup: Chad/Jordan; Estranged: Will/Sonny; New in Town: Tori.
3/16/15: Caught in the Act: JJ/Eve; Out of Town: Sonny.
3/23/15: Charges Dropped: Ben; Left Town: Jordan.
3/30/15: Appointed CEO: Victor; Back in Town: Clint, Sonny; Drugged: Brady; Had Sex: Theresa/Clint; Left Town: Stefano; Ousted as CEO: Kate; Out of Town: Justin.
4/6/15: Drugged: Theresa; New in Town: Xander; Reconciled: JJ/Paige; Released from Hospital: Brady.
4/13/15: Left Town: Clint; Made Love: Adrienne/Lucas.
4/20/15: First Date: Xander/Nicole; Paternity Revealed: Paul; Stole Blood: Melanie.
4/27/15: Made Love: JJ/Paige; Out of Town: Brady, Melanie.
5/4/15: Caught in the Act: Adrienne/Lucas; Fired: Lucas; Hired: Kate; Ordered Hit: Clyde; Out of Town: John, Paul, Theresa, Clint.
5/11/15: Confessed Affair: Adrienne; Declared Love: Brady/Melanie; Discovered Maternity: Theresa; Kissed: Abigail/Chad; Out of Town: Marlena; Presumed Dead: Kristen.
5/18/15: Back in Town: Brady, Theresa, Marlena, Melanie, Justin.
5/25/15: Kidnapped: Marlena; Kissed: Abigail/Chad.
6/1/15: Discovered Affair: Paige; Made Love: Will/Sonny; Named: Tate; Released From Captivity: Marlena.
6/8/15: Breakup: JJ/Paige; Rejected Marriage Proposal: Melanie; Visiting: Kimberly.
6/15/15: Left Town: Kimberly, Melanie.
6/22/15: Declared Love: Daniel/Nicole; Made Love: Abigail/Chad.
6/29/15: Attacked: Nicole; Breakup: Eric/Serena; In Counseling: Will/Sonny; Kissed: JJ/Bev.
7/6/15: Captured: Xander; Charges Dropped: Stefano; Cohabiting: Abigail/Ben; Hired: Paul; Hospitalized: Eric, Nicole; Kissed: Chad/Zoe.
7/13/15: Admitted Affair: Will; Cohabiting: Brady/Theresa; Filed For Divorce: Justin.
7/20/15: Made Love: Daniel/Nicole; Pregnant: Abigail; Released From Jail: Xander.
7/27/15: Cohabiting: Abigail/Ben; Declared Love: Eric/Nicole; New Job: JJ. 
8/3/15: Divorce: Adrienne/Justin; Engagement: Daniel/Nicole; Undercover: JJ; Went on Date: Paige/Kyle.
8/10/15: Declared Love: Chad/Abigail; Dumped: JJ (by Bev).
8/17/15: Back in Town: Chloe; Had Stroke: Caroline; Made Love: Paul/Derrick; Named as Father by Paternity Test: Ben; Proposal: Ben/Abigail.
8/24/15: Engagement: Abigail/Ben; Hospitalized: Caroline; New Job: Xander.
8/31/15: Attacked: Aiden; Left Town: Sonny; New Job: John.
9/7/15: Arrested: Xander; Awarded Damages: Nicole; Kissed: Chad/Serena; Xander/Theresa; Murdered/Death: Serena; Resigned From Board: Jennifer.
9/14/15: Appointed District Attorney: Justin; Back in Town: Joey, Steve; Breakup: Kate/Clyde; Kissed: John/Marlena; Quit Job: Nicole.
9/21/15: Cohabiting: John/Marlena; Engagement: Hope/Aiden; Imprisoned: Bo; Kissed: Eve/Justin; Made Love: John/Marlena; Murdered/Death: Paige.
9/28/15: Dumped: Lucas; Fingers Broken: Aiden; Heart Attack: Stefano; Released from Jail: Gabi.
10/5/15: Attacked: Marlena; Cohabiting: Gabi/Will; New in Town: Eduardo; Out of Town: Joey, Steve.
10/12/15: Back from the Dead: Andre; Bought Company: Theresa, Kate, Nicole; Fired: Aiden; Hospitalized: Caroline; Kissed: Brady/Theresa; New in Town: Lani; Revealed as Killer: Ben.
10/19/15: Arrested: Clyde; Escaped: Bo; Underwent Experimental Treatment: Caroline.
10/26/15: Back in Town: Sami, Sonny; Comatose: Chad; Diagnosed: Adrienne; Murdered/Death: Will.
11/2/15: Captured: Steve; Extradited: Clyde; Kissed: Kayla/Steve; Left Town: Steve, Sonny; Made Date: Rafe/Lani; Released From Hospital: Caroline; Paternity Revealed: Andre.
11/9/15: Arrested: Chad; Back in Town: Shawn; Escaped: Bo, Steve; Kissed: Eve/Justin; Regained Consciousness: Chad.
11/16/15: Arrested: Bo, Steve; Back in Town: Bo, Steve; Hospitalized: Joey; Kidnapped: Abigail; Kissed: Eric/Jennifer, Brady/Theresa; Marriage: Hope/Aiden; Paternity Revealed: Lani.
11/23/15: Death: Aiden; Fired: John; Hospitalized: Hope; Kidnapped: Sami; Made Love: Brady/Theresa; New in Town: Fynn; Released From Prison: Chad.
11/30/15: Diagnosed: Bo; Formed Partnership: John/Steve; Kissed: Kayla/Steve; Made Love: Bo/Hope.
12/7/15: Back in Town: Belle, Claire; Birth: Baby Boy (Thomas); Deaths: Bo, Wendy; Escaped: Sami; Made Love: Eve/Justin.
12/14/15: Hired: Gabi, Paul; Left Town: Shawn; Memorialized: Bo; Moved Out: Theresa; Opened New Business: Doug/Julie.
12/21/15: Back in Town: Philip, Ava; Captured: Ben; Cohabiting: Brady/Theresa; Escaped: Abigail, Chad; Hired: Anne; Made Love: Brady/Theresa, Steve/Kayla; On Personal Leave: Hope; Proposal: Steve/Kayla; Resigned as CEO: Brady.
12/28/15: Arrested: Hope; Brainwashed: Chad; Cohabiting: Kayla/Steve; Death: Dr. Malcolm; Rescued: Ciara.

Breakup: Abigail/Chad; Hospitalized: Ava; Moved: Caroline; Promoted: Lani.
1/11/16: Engagement: Kayla/Steve; Filed For Divorce: Shawn; In Accident: Eric, Brady, Jennifer, Daniel; Kissed: Belle/Chad; Paternity Revealed: Thomas.
1/18/16: Death: Daniel; Hospitalized: Brady, Eric, Jennifer; Received Heart Transplant: Brady; Reconciliation: Abigail/Chad.
1/25/16: Engagement: Abigail/Chad; Regained Consciousness: Brady; Murdered/Death: Stefano; Visiting: Melanie, Chloe, Parker.
2/1/16: Back in Town: Shawn; Charges Dropped: Hope; Diagnosed: Jennifer; Identity Revealed: John; Kissed: Joey/Ava, JJ/Gabi, Rafe/Hope; Knocked Out: Kayla; Made Love: Belle/Philip; New in Town: Deimos.
2/8/16: Arrested: Eric; Declared Love: Joey to Ava, Ava to Steve; Held Hostage: Kayla; Scarred: Andre.
2/15/16: Confessed: Chase; Made Love: Belle/Philip, Steve/Ava; Out of Town: Steve, Ava; Rescued: Kayla.
2/22/16: Back in Town: Steve; Dumped: Eduardo by Kate; Ended Partnership: Theresa/Kate/Nicole; Fired: Philip; Graduated from Police Academy: JJ; Joined Police Force: Shawn.
2/29/16: Kissed: Eric/Jennifer; Raped: Ciara.
3/7/16: Arrested: Andre; Hospitalized: Ava; Out of Town: Brady, Theresa, Nicole; Rescued: Summer.
3/14/16: Arrested: Steve; Death: Ava; Escaped from Mental Institution: Ben; Made Love: JJ/Gabi; New in Town: Summer.
3/21/16: Kidnapped: Marlena, Arianna; Made Love: Deimos/Kate; Maternity Revealed: Summer; New Job: Philip; Returned to Work: Hope.
3/28/16: Arrested: Chase; Engagement: Brady/Theresa; Kidnapped: John, Paul; Made Date: Dario/Nicole; Marriage: Abigail/Chad; Proposal: Lucas/Adrienne; Shot: Eduardo.
4/4/16: Brainwashed: Paul, Confessed: Joey; Death: Yo Ling; Drugged: Maggie; Kissed: Ciara/Theo; New in Town: Adriana; Out on Bail: Chase; Rescued: John, Paul.
4/11/16: Extorted: Victor by Deimos; Made Love: Shawn/Lani; Paralyzed: Maggie.
4/18/16: Back in Town: Ben; Charges Dropped: Steve; Collapsed: Kayla; Hospitalized: Victor; In Surgery: Maggie; Returned Engagement Ring: Kayla.
4/25/16: Declared Love: Rafe to Hope; Hospitalized: Ben; Kissed: Rafe/Hope; Made Love: Eric/Jennifer.
5/2/16: Divorce: Belle/Shawn; Moved Out: Steve; Sent to Prison: Eric.
5/9/16: Arrested: Ciara, Claire, Theo, Joey, Jade; Committed to Mental Institution: Abigail; Made Love: Joey/Jade; Proposal: Belle/Philip.
5/16/16: Back from the Dead: Aiden; Cohabiting: Maggie/Victor/Summer; Declared Love: Hope to Rafe; Death: Clark; Moved Out: Ciara; Offered Job: Nicole.
5/23/16: Arrested: Aiden; Hospitalized: JJ, Gabi, Arianna, Paul; Out of Town: Joey, Jade.
5/30/16: Engagement: Deimos/Kate; Found Antidote: Fynn; Hired: Adriana; Kissed: Deimos/Nicole; Out of Town: Steve; Released from Jail: Aiden.
6/6/16: Dumped: Ciara, Philip, Lani; Kissed: Hope/Aiden; Made Love: Belle/Shawn; Out of Town: John, Kayla, Fynn; Sentenced: Ciara, Claire.
6/13/16: Arrested: Joey, Rory; In Surgery: Chase; Kissed: Kayla/Fynn, Deimos/Nicole; Punched: JJ.
6/20/16: Declared Love: Summer to Brady; Framed: Nicole; Ghostly Visitors: Bo, Zack, Stefano, Larry; Made Love: Dario/Summer; New in Town: Blanca; Presumed Dead: Deimos.
6/27/16: Arrested: Dirk; Back from the Dead: Deimos; Back in Town: John; Engagement: John/Marlena; Kissed: Adriana/Eduardo, Dario/Nicole, Kayla/Steve; Shot: Joey.
7/4/16: Bought Club: Eduardo; Burned: Abigail; Engagement: Adrienne/Lucas; Escaped: Abigail; Institutionalized: Chase; New Job: Ciara, Paul.
7/11/16: Exposed: Summer; Fell: Maggie; Fired: Nicole; Hired: Blanca; Kissed: Philip/Belle; Made Deal: Andre/Kate; Made Love: Deimos/Chloe; Offered Job: Nicole; Out of Prison: Andre.
7/18/16: Back in Town: Deimos.
7/25/16: Arrested: Aiden; Held Captive: Rafe; Kidnapped: Tate; Removed as CEO: Kate; Retained Lawyer: Chad.
8/1/16: Back in Town: Summer; Hospitalized: Hope.
8/8/16: Back in Town: Sonny; Declared Love: Fynn to Kayla; Hired: Claire; Injured: Theresa; Moved: Kate; Quit Job: Steve.
8/15/16: Attacked: Gabi; Back in Town: Sonny; Called Truce: Deimos/Victor; Left Town: Summer; Made Love: Deimos/Nicole; Named District Attorney: Aiden; Out of Town: John; Pregnant: Chloe; Presumed Dead: Abigail; Released from Hospital: Hope; Resigned as District Attorney: Justin.
9/5/16: Arrested: Victor; Declared Love: Ciara to Chad; Found: Tate; Kissed: Claire/Theo; Off the Wagon: Jennifer; Out of Surgery: Maggie.
9/12/16: Claimed Paternity: Philip; Hired: Dario; Out on Bail: Victor.
9/19/16: Accepted Job: Belle; Back from the Dead: Orpheus; Blackmailed: Deimos, Victor; Confessed to Kidnapping: Kate; Kissed: Philip/Chloe; Out of Surgery: Kayla; Visiting: Eve, Laura.
9/26/16: Attacked: Theresa; Escaped From Prison: Xander, Orpheus, Clyde; Held at Gunpoint: Kate; Hired: Gabi; Left Town: Belle, Shawn, Adriana; Shot: John; Started College: Ciara, Claire, Theo, Joey.
10/3/16: Left Town: Chase; Moving: Parker, Philip, Sonny, Chloe; Reconciled: Kayla/Steve; Released from Hospital: Kayla; Taken Hostage: Joey.
10/10/16: Kidnapped: Claire; Left Town: Eve; Served with Court Order: Chloe; Shot: Abe.
10/17/16: Dumped: Rafe; Escaped: Claire.
10/24/16: Apprehended: Clyde; Escaped: Joey; Left Town: Chloe.
10/31/16: Collapsed: Justin; Escaped: Xander; Injured: Paul; New in Town: Guillermo; Shot: JJ, Dario; Swallowed Fatal Drug: Orpheus.
11/7/16: Back in Town: Valerie, Laura; Kissed: Eduardo/Kate; Left Town: Aiden; New Job: Derrick, Dario; Retired: Victor; Reunited: Hope/Rafe; Underwent Surgery: Abe.
11/14/16: Back in Town: Shane; Confessed: Hope; Purchased Newspaper: Jennifer, Adrienne; Rescued: Kayla, Marlena.
11/21/16: Arraigned: Hope; Confessed: Chloe; Engagement: Kayla/Steve; Hired: Paul; Released from Hospital: Abe, JJ; Visiting: Kimberly.
11/28/16: Back from the Dead: Abigail; Back in Town: Shawn; Breakup: JJ/Gabi; Pregnant: Jade; Sentenced: Hope; Took Drugs: Theresa.
12/5/16: Called Off Wedding: Adrienne; Declared Love: Justin to Adrienne; Kissed: Chad/Gabi; Left Town: Theresa, Blanca; New Job: Ciara, Claire; Reconciled: JJ/Gabi.
12/12/16: Attacked: Hope; Hospitalized: Adrienne; New Job: Valerie.
12/19/16: Diagnosed: Adrienne; Held Hostage: Philip; Visiting: Nancy.
12/26/16: Fired: Paul; Freed: Philip; Quit Job: Gabi; Removed Engagement Ring: Nicole; Renewed Relationship: Eduardo/Kate; Set Wedding Date: Kayla/Steve.

Appeal Denied: Hope; Back in Town: Lani; Birth: Holly; Comatose: Chloe; Kissed: Abe/Valerie, Gabi/Chad; Left Town: Philip.
1/9/17: Alive: Stefano; Back in Town: Shane; Demanded Custody: Nancy; Death: Chille.
1/16/17: Declared Love: Nicole to Deimos; Hookup Exposed: JJ/Lani; Kissed: Abigail/Chad, Sonny/Paul; Left Town: Nancy; Miscarriage: Jade; Stabbed: Hope.
1/23/17: Arrested: Anna, Marlena; Dumped: Kate; Engagement: Deimos/Nicole; Out of Coma: Chloe; Out of Town: Marlena, Rafe, Steve, Paul; Promoted: JJ; Rescued: Hope.
1/30/17: Cohabiting: Ciara, Claire, Theo, Joey, Jade; Hospitalized: Chloe; Ordered Hit: Dario, Deimos; Out of Town: Kayla; Pardoned: Eric; Shot: Steve.
2/6/17: Arrested: Nicole; Hired: Anne; Maternity Revealed: Holly.
2/13/17: Back in Town: Drew; Beaten: Dario; Charges Dropped: Nicole; Hospitalized: Andre; Made Partners: JJ/Lani; Poisoned: Andre.
2/20/17: Escaped From Jail: Stefano; Kidnapped: Gabi, Chad; Kissed: Sonny/Paul.
2/27/17: Back in Town: Hope, Kayla, Shane, Marlena, Rafe, Steve, Sonny, Paul; Charges Dropped: Hope; Death: David Banning; Kidnapped: Sonny; Marriage: Kayla/Steve; Out of Hospital: Dario; Visiting: Stephanie.
3/6/17: Awarded Custody: Chloe; Broken Engagement: Deimos/Nicole; Kissed: Chad/Gabi; Left Town: Hattie; New in Town: Eli; Rescued: Chad, Gabi, Sonny.
3/13/17: Accepted Secret Mission: John; Hospitalized: Hal; Kidnapped: Holly; Kissed: Eric/Jennifer, JJ/Lani, Anne/Lucas; Made Love: Abigail/Chad, Hope/Rafe; On the Run: Nicole.
3/20/17: Kidnapped: Holly; Moving: Andre, Kate; Out of Surgery: Hal, Jade; Promoted: Raines; Reinstated to Police Force: Hope; Retired: Roman.
3/27/17: Breakup: Joey/Jade; Hired: Eric; Kissed: Abe/Valerie; Out of Town: Brady.
4/3/17: First Meeting: Steve/Tripp; Hospitalized: Gabi; Kidnapped: Abigail, Gabi; Kissed: Eduardo/Chloe; Released from Hospital: Jade.
4/10/17: Abused Meds: Jade; Beaten: Deimos; Declared Love: Brady to Nicole, Abe to Valerie, Dario to Abigail; Left Town: Brady, Tate; Out of Surgery: Adrienne; Reconciled: Adrienne/Lucas; Regained Consciousness: Gabi; Staying in Town: Valerie.
4/17/17: Made Love: Sonny/Paul; Named CEO: Sonny; Released from Hospital: Gabi.
4/24/17: Arrested: Eduardo; Declared Love: Paul to Sonny; Made Love: Claire/Theo.
5/1/17: Bailed Out: Tripp; Declared Love: Nicole to Brady; Hospitalized: Julie; Left at "Altar": Chad; Moved Out: Abigail; Out of Town: Adrienne; Reunited: John/Marlena.
5/8/17: Drugged: Lani; Kissed: Eli/Gabi; Made Love: Brady/Nicole; New Job: Abigail; New Roommates: Tripp/Jade; Tracheotomized: Roman.
5/15/17: Kidnapped: Holly, Nicole; Made Date: Eric/Jennifer; Out of Town: Deimos, Sonny, Paul; Overdosed: Lani; Shot: Brady.
5/22/17: Needs Heart Transplant: Brady; Out of Town: Eric, Hope, Andre, Chad, Deimos.
5/29/17: Attacked: Chad, Gabi; Back in Town: John; Filed for Divorce: Abigail; Hired: Chloe; Out of Town: JJ, Gabi, Sonny, Paul, Lani; Proposal: Dario/Abigail; Recaptured: Nicole.
6/5/17: Apprehended: Deimos; Back in Town: Hope, Deimos; Comatose: Brady; Crash Landed: JJ, Chad, Eli, Gabi, Sonny, Lani; Dumped: Gabi; Engagement: Abigail/Dario; Escaped: Eric, Nicole; Named CEO: Sonny.
6/12/17: Arrested: Nicole; Back in Town: Eric, Nicole; Death: Guy; Evicted: Deimos; Kissed: Chad/Gabi; Left Town: Ciara; Made Love: Lucas/Adrienne; On the Mend: Brady; Out on Bail: Deimos.
6/19/17: Attacked: Eli, Gabi; Infected with Jungle Madness: Paul; Proposal: Kate/Andre.
6/26/17: Attacked: Sonny; Back on the Scene: Anjelica; Marriage: Andre/Kate; Named CEO: Kate; Out of Town: Steve; Sentenced: Nicole.
7/3/17: Hospitalized: Paul; Left Town: Chloe; Made Love: Chad/Gabi; Released from Hospital: Brady; Rescued: JJ, Chad, Eli, Gabi, Sonny, Paul, Lani.
7/10/17: Back in Town: Anjelica; Breakup: Claire/Theo; Death: Deimos; Divorce: Abigail/Chad; Framed: Kayla; Kissed: Eric/Nicole, Eli/Lani; Placed in Foster Care: Holly; Proposal: Rafe/Hope.