Daytime Serial Newsletter Monthly Recaps: 1972-1974

December 1972

Susan Martin decides against giving her child out for adoption and brings her home, intending to tell Greg, before Eric does, that his brother, Eric is the rapist in the park, the father of her daughter. However, Eric’s new closeness with Greg and his family makes it impossible for her to actually tell him. Susan names the baby Ann after Greg’s mother. Eric becomes very ill and, in Greg’s absence, Susan rushes him to the hospital, possibly saving his life. He develops double pneumonia and doesn’t respond to treatment. He tells Susan he is sorry for everything and begs to see the baby. Thinking she won't bring the child, he insists his mother read his manuscript (which slanders Susan with a falsified version of the episode in the park) if he dies. She is planning to bring the child, however.

On Doug Williams' advice, Scott Banning is beginning to treat Julie with a heavy hand. The suggestion of firmness appears to be correct, but Julie still hopes that someday Doug will return to her. Doug and Scott encourage Julie and Addie (Julie's mother, Doug's wife) to mend their relationship if only for David’s sake if not their own. They agree to try. Julie now realizes how much she loves her son David and what her leaving him would have done to him. She is now grateful she didn’t leave. Scott gives her an expensive fur coat for Christmas. She calculatingly gives Addie and Doug the portrait of Doug she painted and learns that Addie gave Doug a new watch to replace the engraved one Julie had given him last year.

Mickey Horton, seeing Mary Anderson’s obvious interest in his brother, Bill, tries to encourage this relationship, but Bill is unaware of Mary’s infatuation. Julie warns Mary that Bill is in love with Laura, but Mary still turns down the marriage proposal of her long time steady, Burt. Laura and Bill, still very much in love, are satisfied that their being apart has convinced Michael that Bill is no longer a threat to his parents’ marriage and so he has reestablished his relationship with his Uncle Bill (NOTE: Michael and Mickey, Laura's son and her husband, do not know that Bill is actually Michael's real father).

January 1973

Mary and Bill dated occasionally but Bill still felt Mary would eventually marry Burt and he was still unaware of Mary’s feelings for him. Laura was concerned sensing Mickey wanted to resume marital relations which they stopped last year when she learned of his affair with Linda. Mickey had been overworking and had chest pain. Bill warned that tension could cause another attack.

Susan took baby Ann to visit Eric in the hospital. His fever broke shortly after her visit and he recovered rapidly. He thanked Susan for all she did for him. He planned to return to his parents’ home instead of his apartment. Greg was upset to inadvertently learn that Eric had concealed the fact he had had a young man, Jeff Michaels, sharing his apartment for the last six months. Eric hastened to assure Greg the relationship is financial only. When he learned Greg and Susan plan to marry on Valentine’s Day, Eric visited her and admitted that he was the man in the park but insisted he wasn’t the agressor, she was. Susan vigorously denied this and told Laura the whole story branding Eric a sick liar. Then, Eric visited Laura’s office and told an equally convincing story of meeting distraught Susan in the park, comforting her, bringing her to his apartment, talking, dancing and eventually making love, after which she ran from the apartement. Laura told Susan she couldn’t tell whose story is the truth, if either is, and Susan insisted on examination under sodium pentahol to vindicate herself. Under the drug, she unwillingly confirmed Eric’s story saying she ran from him when her mind visualized him as David Martin. Out of the drugged state, she refused to believe she said this until she heard the tape recording Laura had made. Laura explained it was traumatic amnesia induced by the David Martin image. Sure her future with Greg was shattered, Susan ran from Laura’s office.

Julie, unhappy and unfulfilled, began to accept the fact that Doug was happy with her mother and would not come back to her. After baby sitting for Susan, she considered and then rejected the idea of having the child Scott longed for as she felt she didn’t love Scott. Having realized how wonderful the Anderson’s marriage was, Julie wanted this kind of love and happiness herself and asked her attorney Don Craig to file for a divorce. She planned to tell Scott that evening but he was seriously injured at the Anderson construction site when a steel beam fell and hit him. Bill performed surgery, repairing internal injuries, but told Julie Scott was very critical. Julie, blaming herself for what she had put Scott throught, insisted she wouldn’t let him die. Her reactions upset Tom who called Laura to be with Julie. Meanwhile, Addie told Alice she thought she was pregnant and feared Doug’s reaction.


February 1973

Susan was horrified to learn that she, not Eric, was the agressor the night Ann was conceived. She went away and her note to Greg told him she loved him but couldn’t marry him until she found out who and what she really was. Eric felt Susan and Greg had to marry and didn’t want Greg to learn he was Ann’s father. He tried to get chapter 14 of his autobiographical manuscript deleted by the published because it was about Susan and that night in the park.

Laura and the whole Horton family were concerned that Mickey was overworking himself into a second heart attack. He was adamant about being his own man and reminded her that this meant being a husband to her in every way.

With Scott badly injured, Julie suddenly realized how good a husband and father he was. Despite all efforts, Scott died and Julie had to break the news to David. She gently but lovingly helped him through the agonizing pain he felt and helped him to accept that his father was gone. Bob arranged an educational trust fund for David but Julie refused his offer of money for her despite the financial problems she realized she would have due to the inadequacy of Scott’s estate. Julie realized that David was trying to fill Scott’s place. The Horton men and Doug tried to fill the void for him but Julie decided she needed a father for David and a husband for herself as quickly as possible. She methodically made a list: Don, Burt, Greg, Doug. Ironically, Don, Burt and Greg all called to take her to lunch while Doug sent a gift for David.

Addie learned she was pregnant. She was afraid to tell Doug who had told her he didn’t want a child because he’s sure she could not longer have one. Addie realized Doug was emotionally involved with Julie and her problems and she wouldn’t try to hold him with a child. Laura made Addie promise she wouldn’t have an abortion without discussing it with Doug first.

September 1973

Julie, although dating Don, realises she is still in love with Doug. She is hurt by Doug’s angry words when she jokingly refers to their past affair, not realising that he is pre-occupied with Addie’s health. Meanwhile Julie is becoming aware that Bob’s attentions are more than casual, and, out of friendship to Phyllis, she tries to keep it light. She is deeply touched when Bob offers to pay for David’s military schooling as a memorial to Scott. But when Bob admits he hasn’t told Phyllis about the money Julie tells him she can’t accept the money under those terms. Bob says he will tell Phyllis and asks her to reconsider. Bob sees Laura professionally about his conflicting love for his wife and his attraction to a younger woman. Laura doesn’t mention that Julie told her that she feels Bob is growing too fond of her. Don is very jealous of all of Julie’s male admirers; Julie tells Don she needs a no strings attached relationship right now.

The Andersons are stunned to learn Mary has gone to South America. They now realise that she is trying to get over her feelings for Bill. Dr. Bailey, Addie’s obstetrician, finds her blood count is too high and orders a bone marrow test. He finds she has acute myelogenous advanced leukaemia and he tells Tom. Tom tells Addie and explains that chemotherapy can help control it, maybe for years. Addie insists Doug not be told, but Tom tells him, feeling he must know. Doug is shattered, but pretends he doesn’t know anything. Addie is upset to learn chemotherapy could harm the baby. Doug, realising what she’s thinking, stresses that she is the most important thing in his life.
Michael is furious that Laura is considering selling Mickey’s law practice. He’s sure his father, missing now for months, will return and wants everything waiting for him.

Laura realises that Mickey’s clients need help now and is grateful when Jim offers to temporarily handle the practice. Since Jim’s ex-wife, and Mickey’s former mistress, Linda, disappeared with her child at the same time Mickey did, everyone assumes they’re together. Michael resents Jim’s offer, feeling it’s like saying Mickey is dead. Tom asks Laura to give up on Bill as it will be seven years before Mickey can be declared legally dead. Laura tells him she can’t do that. Bill, upset about Addie’s illness, tells Laura that life is short and they can’t wait any longer to be together. She replies that they are not the type to sneak nights together and says she will live with him openly. Michael tells Bill his mother could never be happy living with him while she is still married to Mickey. Bill begins to realise he can be a substitute father to Michael, if he gives up Laura. Laura tells Bill her need for him is as important as Michael’s image of her and they have to face reality.

Marty is becoming close to Maggie. Jay Livingston, an old friend of Maggies, is very protective of her and is suspicious of Marty. He confronts Marty, who assures him he would never do anything to hurt Maggie. Greg is extremely touchy about Eric’s novel, as he is sure everyone realises the chapter about the girl in the park is about his new wife Susan and that Eric is the father of her child. His embarrassment and hurt make him lash out at both Eric and Susan. Laura and Julie make him realise he may be driving Eric out of Salem and that it’s harder for Susan to hold her head up. Greg apologises to Eric, explaining his image of himself was shattered.

October 1973
Julie began to feel more alone and depressed and started relying on Bob’s friendship more and more, seeing him often. When Phyllis returned from visiting relatives, she invited Julie to spend a week with her and Bob at their place on the lake. Julie convinced herself she was reading too much into Bob’s affection and felt they were like parents to her. Phyllis does feel like Julie is another daughter to her, but Bob admits to himself his desire for Julie and realises these feelings and emotions are hurting his sexual relationship with Phyllis.

Eric tried to avoid seeing Ann so as to remain emotionally unattached and Susan begins to sense this.

Addie, still convinced Doug wants this baby more than anything, continued to refuse chemotherapy. Marty is amazed when Hank points out that Maggie is falling in love with him. Doug, knowing Addie is sick and is refusing treatment makes an effort to let her know he loves her. Doug is stunned when Addie tells him he has never said that to her before. His constant declaration of love convinces her that he does love her, but she still cannot bring herself to risk injuring the baby by starting treatment.

Realising he cannot make any commitment without knowing what ties exist from his past, Marty tells Maggie he is leaving. Maggie is heartbroken but accepts his need to leave. Before he goes, Maggie begins to feel pain in her legs. Marty makes her promise to see a doctor, as there may have been a change in her condition. While on his trip Marty begins to have chest pain and gets off the bus at the next stop, which is ironically, Salem. He is then mugged and ends up at the hospital with an injured hand from the attack.

Laura, out to dinner with Jim, realises that Alice resents her having any social life at all. Knowing there will be gossip no matter what they do, Laura and Bill decide to date openly. Laura tells Tom that she is dating Bill and if and when Mickey ever returns, she will ask him for a divorce.

November 1973
Marty registers at the hospital as Michael Harris and learns from the doctor on call that the scars on his leg and chest indicate bypass surgery. He assumes his amnesia could be a result of a post-operative stroke and agrees to see the heart specialist Dr. Tom Horton.

When Tom is delayed at the hospital, Marty decides to forget it and leaves town. Tom , bothered by the similarities in both name and EKG results between Michael Harris and his son Mickey, tries to find him at the motel address he left with the hospital. Learning he is gone, he checks the signature on the register and sees it isn’t Mickey’s handwriting, though he doesn’t know that Mickey signed with the badly injured hand from the mugging that brought him to the hospital in the first place, but Tom isn’t fully convinced and decides to keep investigating. Maggie sees her local doctor as she promised Marty. The doctor tells her the damage to her legs is still irreversible and un-correctable. Maggie is hurt by the news and Jay tries to give her hope that she will walk again and reminds her he loves her.

When Marty returns and tells Maggie he feels the farm is home and implies they have a future together, Maggie finally becomes content and happy again. Michael is less than pleased about Laura and Bill dating openly, that along with his guilt about his father’s disappearance has caused him to start skipping school and forge notes from Laura. Laura is shocked when she finds out what he has been doing, feeling she has failed at communicating with her son. Michael, now on school probation, tells Laura he is thinking about copping out on college, the way his father copped out on them, he feels Mickey hates him. Laura, unwilling to wait seven years to declare Mickey dead, considers filing for divorce on the grounds of desertion. Alice blames Laura’s dating Bill for his attitude and feels Laura should sit at home and wait for Mickey to return. Laura points out that Michael is the one who needs Mickey, not her.

Addie learns that Doug knows she is sick, and is convinced that his recent efforts to let her know how much he loves her were just his way of trying to convince her to have chemotherapy. Doug makes plans to build a house for Addie, who is still sure that he is playing the secrecy game to make her change her mind. Though her white blood cell count is high, she still refuses to have treatment until after the baby is born.

Phyllis and Bob hold a surprise birthday party for Julie and it becomes clear that Don and Burt are vying for her affections. Julie tells Don she is ready for marriage again, and Don admits he has healed from the death of is his wife and isn’t playing games anymore either. Don tells Julie the earrings, a gift from Bob and Phyllis, which Bob picked out, have real diamonds. Julie refuses to believe it, the Andersons are like parents to her. When Julie discovers they are real and cost $2,500, she confronts Bob and coldly asks if he is trying to buy her. Julie is stunned when Bob admits he is madly in love with her. He rages with jealousy when he sees her with another man and wants to spend the rest of his life with her. Anguished, Julie tells Bob to think of Phyllis and their second honeymoon cruise he is planning to take her on. Distraught over Bob’s deceit, Julie feels she can never face Phyllis again. Bob asks Julie to think it all out very carefully, and let him know what she sees in her future.

December 1973
Marty and Maggie’s relationship deepens; Jay resents Marty’s presence, as he wants a future with Maggie. He plans to dig into Marty’s past as he refuses to talk about it. Tom can’t get Michael Harris out of his mind. He speculates that Mickey could have had a post-operative stroke that affected his memory. Laura learns she can divorce Mickey on the grounds of desertion one year from the day he disappeared. She and Bill plan for their future and he gives her a ring. Michael is suffering unnecessary guilt about his father’s disappearance and resents Laura writing Mickey off and moving on with Bill. He turns to his girlfriend Sharon for understanding and comfort and invites her to his empty house to study in the afternoons.

Alice feels Laura is wrong to divorce Mickey and uses Michael’s attitude to stop her, but Laura stands firm in her decision. Eric is torn between his growing feelings to connect to his daughter and his fear of hurting Greg’s marriage to Susan. Addie’s white blood cell count is up slightly and Tom tries to persuade her to start chemotherapy. He finally agrees to postpone the treatment until the baby is born. Addie wants her baby to be born perfect and also refuses inducement. Julie, still upset about Bob’s declaration of love, tries to avoid him and tells Phyllis about the honeymoon cruise. Phyllis is overjoyed and begins preparations for the trip.

Bob continues to press Julie, he insists he can’t be a husband to Phyllis any longer, and is planning to divorce her. Julie finally makes him realise she will never be the other woman in Phyllis’ life, and tells him to go home to his wife. Julie becomes more depressed when David writes to tell her he won’t be home for Christmas; he has been invited to Switzerland. Julie begins to feel better when Don invites her on a skiing holiday to Sun Valley, but Julie begins to realise she can’t get over Doug and what they once had together. She admits to Doug it is hard to see her mother carrying the child she wanted so much to give him.

Don and Julie’s skiing trip goes well, they stay in separate rooms. Don tells her he has an important question he wants to ask her soon. Bob, unable to go through with the honeymoon cruise, decides instead to cancel the trip. He tells Phyllis they’ve grown apart and lost each other along the way. Phyllis is devastated to learn she lost her husband without ever realising it was happening. Over her objections and pleas he moves out, telling her he needs time to work things out. She’s completely destroyed by this. On Laura’s professional advice Bob considers telling Phyllis there is another woman involved.


March 1974

Jim’s detective found Linda was living with a man in Boston but he is not Mickey. Bill begged Laura not to let her guilt feelings destroy their love. At “Marty” ’s urging, Maggie visited Dr. Strothers in Salem to see if her paralysis could be cured. In Salem, she overheard Laura and Tom discussing Mickey’s disappearance and realized Mickey was Marty. She learned he has a wife and a child but accidently saw Bill and Laura kissing. She came back to the farm horrified and feared Mickey might remember his life. Ironically, Dr. Strothers told Tom his patient left before he could tell her she could be helped.

With Greg working evenings, Susan spent time with Eric for his book. She did not realize his writing is autobiographical.

With Addie’s remission, Julie was shocked when she realized how much she wanted Doug and her together again. She told Don she then wished to marry her but he refused. She ran into Bob and told him that if she wanted her, she would marry him. Ironically, Phyllis came to Julie for advice about Bill’s divorce request. Largely on the basis of Julie’s advice, Phyllis decided to give Bob his divorce. Julie told Addie she would not destroy her future. Julie and Bob visited Doug’s place announcing ther were eloping to Portofino. Unable to explain this to Phyllis, Julie mailed her a letter. Phyllis told Laura that she couldn’t take it if Bob remarried right away. In Portofino, Julie and Bob married but their wedding night is a disaster. Phyllis found the later and hysterically smashed up Bob’s studio.

April 1974
Maggie was having nightmares about Marty being Mickey Horton. Dr. Strothers wrote saying surgery could help her wal again but she felts she could not risk going back to Salem. Later, she saw she was late by the calendar and Marty and see were sure she was pregnant. Marty ordered a law correspondance course and Maggie fearedhe might be begin to remember he was a lawyer. Tom hired a detective to locate Mickey which upsets Bill.

Elderly heart patient, Ivy Howell learned her sisster was ill and penniless in Paris ans asked Greg to go with her to bring her home. This angered Susan terribly. The night before leaving, Greg even spent the night with another Curtis patient, Amanda Howard whose husband’s recent death causer her deep depression. He convinced her to see Laura to discuss why she called herself Miss Howard. Neil had been telling Amanda she needed a psychiatrist because she felt guilty over the fact she was having an affair before her husband’s death. Meanwhile, Susan was resentful of Greg’s departure and her daughter, Ann was burning up with fever. Ann had a rupture appenidx and Bill was called to do the surgery. However, Ann had peritonitis and went into a coma.

Julie’s family was quite off balance by her sudden elopement with Bob. Addie was shocked to learn that Julie did not believe she never knew Julie and Doug were in love when she married him. When Bob learned Phyllis of his remarriage, she sarcastically told him she already new. She refused his financial help. Julie was touched by Bob’s generosity. At Doug’s place, Phyllis confronted Julie. Mary, Bob and Phyllis’ daughter came home and was stunned to learn Bob’s marriage. Mary and Julie accidently met and Mary accused Julie of long range plan to trap Bob and take him everything he got.


July 1974

Doug was devastated when the police told him Addie was killed by a car. She died saving their baby Hope. Doug asked Alice to take Hope. Julie received a letter from a mother saying that despite all their problems, she loved her. Julie felt Doug blamed the baby for what happened to Addie. Jeri Clayton, a former singer agreed to sing at the club during Doug’s absence. But one night, her husband Jack accused her of having an affair with Doug.

Neil begged Amanda to assume their affair and she refused to see that he was witholding any real commitment from her. Neil had forbidden her to tell Laura he was the man. Greg took pity on Amanda when Neil canceled a date and took her to Doug’s. She was crushed to see Neil with another woman. She even picked up a bottle of pills but Greg arrived and she told him she only took two pills. Then she told Neil she saw him with the other woman and he tried to use passion to soften her.

Phyllis admitted to Laura that the accidental shooting of Mary was indeed an attempt to kill Julie. She admitted she needed help and realized her fear of growing old alone. She also realized the portrait she painted of Julie was actually of herself and her illness. Julie and Phyllis destroyed the portrait.

Tom was sure that the farmer in the newspaper could not be Mickey but after learning the farmer Marty Hansen was from Brookville, he travelled there. He confronted Maggie and when Marty arrived, Tom recognized his son. Maggie begged Tom to let Mickey alone after she admitted she knew he had a wife and a child. Tom talked to Mickey who said he did not care about the past. Tom couldn’t help but see how happy Mickey was. He left very unsure of what to do. Meanwhile, Michael was getting used to the idea of Laura marrying his uncle Bill. Tom told Laura about Mickey’s new life and she said things had to remain like that but she felt she had to see him herself. Maggie was making initial application for adoption of a five-year-old boy when Laura arrived at the Hansen farm and Mickey told him how happy and contented he felt with Maggie as his wife.