Here are some daily episode synopses from 1965-1970 that appeared in newspapers at the time:

11/8/65: After being caught stealing a fur from a department store, Julie Olson gives her last as Horton to the police. Tom and Alice Horton discuss how their house will feel empty once Marie gets married. Marie and Tony discuss wedding plans.

11/9/65: Mickey explains the severity of the pending charges to Julie. Tom tells Julie she must act grown up and be prepared for what will happen. Tony hides his unexplained pains from Marie.

11/10/65: Ben argues with Mickey over how to handle Julie's case. Ben makes Julie go home with him and Addie. Craig and Marie get ready to say goodbye to Tony.

11/11/65: Ben and Addie see footage of Julie stealing the fur. Julie tells her brother Steve that she wants to leave Salem and attend modeling school in Chicago. In Boston, Tony meets up with his friend Jim Fisk and wants to check on getting a job.

11/12/65: Marie asks Julie to help with her wedding. Craig has a warm-hearted chat with Marie. Mickey gets upset with Ben and says he should not "buy" justice for Julie. In Boston, Tony experiences another terrible pain.

12/23/65: Alice and Bill discuss his Christmas vacation from medical school. Craig brings Christmas gifts for the Hortons. Marie still feels down and visits Tom in his office.

12/24/65: In Boston, Craig asks if Tony is coming home for Christmas. Back in Salem, Alice is putting the finishing touches to the decorated Christmas tree. She and Barbara have a chat before Mickey arrives.

12/27/65: In Boston, Lil meets Tony's father. Tom and Alice discuss Marie and Tony's break-up. Marie chats with Tom about the true meaning of Christmas.

12/28/65: Friendship between Tony and Lil becomes more firmly cemented even though Tony confesses he still loves Marie.

12/29/65: The malpractice suit against Dr. Horton overshadows Bill's romantic problems as his brother Mickey, an attorney, reveals defense plans in his father's behalf.

12/30/65: The Hortons have guests for dinner and Craig finally breaks through Marie's shell.

12/31/65: Jean Sawyer pushes for a trial date in the malpractice suit which charges her father died by Dr. Horton's negligence.

1/3/66: It's New Year's Eve at the Hortons and Bill tries to cheer up his sister Marie, as Dr. Tom and wife, Alice, reflect on events of the old year.

1/4/66: Attorney Ferguson questions Rusty Lincoln about a perforated ulcer which may have bearing on the malpractice suit against Dr. Tom Horton.

1/5/66: Alice offers Dr. Tom Horton an "out" in the malpractice suit after Craig Merritt visits Marie.

1/6/66: Mickey Horton finds a new witness in the malpractice suit against his father.

1/7/66: Mickey Horton, attorney for his father, and Attorney Ferguson meet with the judge in a pre-trial hearing.

1/10/66: Newspaper headlines announce Dr. Horton's malpractice trial date.

1/27/66: Dr. Tom Horton is under direct examination, but his mind also is on a patient scheduled for surgery following day.

1/31/66: Marie Horton makes a startling entrance in the courtroom where her father, Dr. Tom, is undergoing brutal interrogation by the prosecuting attorney.

2/1/66: Mickey Horton and Prosecutor Ferguson meet in the judge's chambers to discuss the bizarre turn of events.

2/2/66: Salem's newspaper carries full details of Marie's action and subsequent halt to the malpractice suit. Tony is visited by Lil in his hospital room in Boston.

2/3/66: Dr. Tom confronts Rusty Lincoln in his office, while Julie discusses her desire to remain in the Horton home with Alice.

2/4/66: Craig tells Diane Hunter about his interest in Marie. The new boyfriend telephones Julie.

2/7/66: Tony is released from the hospital and is shocked to hear of Marie's court appearance.

2/9/66: Rusty visits Alice in the hospital. At home, Marie assumes household responsibilities.

2/22/66: Dr. Tom and son Mickey have a serious talk with Julie over her new boyfriend.

2/25/66: Craig proposes to Marie while out on a date.
3/11/66: Marie and Craig are married.

4/11/66: David finally confesses to Dr. Horton that he and Julie had driven to Woodstock.

4/12/66: Alice visits Marie and voices concern over Tony being in the same house. Marie and Tony are once again alone.

4/13/66: Diane Hunter comes to Marie for advice on how to manage her teenage daughter, Susie.

4/14/66: Marie complains to Craig about Mrs. Anderson, while at the Horton household Julie's health improves.

4/15/66: Dr. Horton and Rusty embark on an over-all test of cultures to determine the cause of the poison bacteria. Alice visits Tony.

4/18/66: Dr. Tom Horton and health officials pinpoint the poison at Woodstock and, at the Merritt house, Marie and Tony tread on treacherous ground.

4/19/66: Marie sits stunned while Tony packs to leave, and later Marie avoids telling her father and Craig what prompted the sudden departure.

4/20/66: Dr. Tom announces that Woodstock industries are responsible for the mysterious poisoning, and this brings Mickey to his office for a stormy confrontation.

4/21/66: Alice visits Marie at the Merritt home, and Diane Hunter calls on Mickey in his law office.

4/22/66: Dr. Tom and Rusty retrace the route followed by David and Julie on the night Julie was stricken. Mickey discusses the poison accusation with his client.

4/25/66: Mickey and Alice comment on Tony's departure from the Merritt home, and Craig tells Marie how grateful he is that Tony was permitted to come into their home to recuperate.

4/26/66: Julie seeks Tom's counsel about David's future and Mickey demands that his father "lay-off" on the Woodstock industries pollution matter.

4/27/66: Salem newspapers headline a new water pollution outbreak in Woodstock. Diane tells Mickey that Susie's father doesn't want her, and Tom gives Tony a clean bill of health.

4/28/66: Susie informs her mother that she is going to New York to live with her father, and Tony refuses to leave Salem feeling certain that the marriage between his father and Marie is a loveless one.

4/29/66: Alice receives an anonymous call threatening Tom. David tells Julie he wants to marry her some day and Craig confronts his son for an explanation as to why he refuses to leave Salem.

5/2/66: Craig, still troubled, seeks explanations from Marie and Tom about Tony's decision and Tom receives a threatening note.

5/3/66: Alice is shocked by Tony's decision to stay in Salem and Jim accuses Tony of having no regard for his father.

5/4/66: Alice prevails upon Mickey to have Tom do something about Tony, and Mickey defends Woodstock industries to his father.

5/5/66: Jim urges Marie to get Tony out of her life. Later, Mickey explores the Tony situation with Marie, and she explodes.

5/6/66: Tom suggests that Craig get a medical checkup from the airline doctor and Alice finds Tom's study a shambles and is terror-stricken.

5/10/66: Julie shows signs of strain over the fury at the Horton home.

5/11/66: Tom and Rusty prepare to do an aniline test at Woodstock.
5/12/66: Mickey tells his father that an early trial in the Woodstock matter will be sought.

5/16/66: Alice fears that Tom's life will be endangered when the Woodstock Industries' trial begins, and Tom advises Julie and David to postpone announcing their engagement.

5/17/66: Jim Fisk accuses Tony of seizing any excuse to bump into Marie, and Tom questions Marie about Craig.

5/18/66: Alice urges Tom to give up fight against Woodstock Industries, and David is unhappy about the delay in the announcement of his engagement to Julie.

5/19/66: Tom suggests to Tony that he leave Craig and Marie alone, and Craig becomes painfully aware of Tony's photo on mantel.

5/20/66: Mickey tells Diane that he can not set date for divorce proceedings, and Susie and Diane become further estrangement.

5/23/66: Marie urges Tom to be careful now that the trial has started, and Jim and Tony clash over the latter's refusal to leave Salem.

5/24/66: Julie and David recall an incident which gives Tom the evidence he needs to support his case in the trial.

5/25/66: Alice pleads with Mickey to give up the Woodstock Industries case rather than oppose his father, and Mickey accuses Tom of being prejudiced.

5/26/66: Marie argues with Mickey about opposing their father in court but Mickey begins a ruthless cross-examination of Tom.

5/27/66: Craig becomes annoyed with Tony, and Tom's explosive outburst at Mickey creates a courtroom scene.

5/30/66: Marie is embarrassed by a chance meeting with Tony, and David Martin gets his notice to appear for an Army physical.

5/31/66: Jim condemns Tony for still attempting to see Marie, and Mickey, puzzled by the Woodstock Industries case, tracks down former Water Commissioner Walter Bennett.

6/1/66: Bennett tells Mickey that he'll testify that the town council refused to approve money for additional safeguards against water pollution.

6/2/66: Tom and Alice are surprised by turn of events in trial and Tom is elated to learn that Marie is to be a mother.

6/3/66: At final day of trial, Mickey makes a brilliant but surprising summation.

6/13/66: Julie and David write to their respective parents of their wishes to become formally engaged.

6/14/66: Tom urges Alice to invite Mickey for dinner and Julie suggests they also invite Diane Hunter.

6/15/66: Alice begins to soften towards Mickey but is concerned over his seeming interest in Diane.

6/17/66: Rusty seeks Tom's advice about hiring a female intern. Julie and David prepare for tomorrow's graduation. Susie and Julie discuss men, Mickey in particular.

6/20/66: Julie tells Mickey of Susie's gossip about him and Susie again accuses Diane of not loving her.

6/28/66: Susan learns Diane's divorce will (illegible).

6/29/66: Craig tells Tom about plans to spend more time with Marie.

7/4/66: Rusty tells Tom not to be too hard on Laura and Bill at the hospital, and Julie and Tom discuss Ben's resentment of David.

7/5/66: Mickey and Bill discuss the latter's future. Diane gets advice from Mickey and Julie is concerned about Susan.

7/6/66: Susan regrets her romantic interlude with David, and Alice asks Tom to talk to Mickey about his intentions toward Diane.

7/7/66: Craig and Marie discuss Tony, who in turn talks to his father about Marie. Julie gets a phone call from David.

7/8/66: Susan sends Tom for a medical checkup. Julie sees David again and promises to go away with him to get married.

7/21/66: Susan tells David she's pregnant.

7/25/66: Susan refuses Bill's invitation to join Mickey and Diane and Julie lies about not loving David.

7/26/66: Tom and Mickey discuss Julie's breakup with David and Diane is curious about Susan's date.

7/27/66: Jim suspects that Tony still loves Marie. Mickey gives Marie advice about her marriage, and Tony and Laura have a pointed discussion.

7/28/66: Tom warns David to stay away from Julie, who in turn tells Tom that Susan has begged her to be present at the wedding.

7/29/66: Julie reluctantly agrees to be present when David and Susan are married, and David is shocked to learn that she will witness the ceremony.

8/1/66: Diane anticipates meeting Susan's date, and Julie and David suffer mental torture as he and Susan exchange marriage vows.

8/2/66: Tom and Alice discuss the possibility of Julie's doing nurse's aid work. Susan and David break news of their marriage to Diane.

8/3/66: Mickey learns about Susan and David from Diane and the newlyweds continue to antagonize each other.

8/4/66: Tony and Laura make a date and Craig tells Marie of his plan for spending more time at home.

8/5/66: Tom and Alice discuss their daughter's marriage.

8/8/66: David gives Susan an ultimatum. Tom and Bill learn that the life of Marie's baby hangs in the balance.

8/9/66: Alice and Mickey discuss Diane. Marie, regaining consciousness, is fearful she will lose the baby.

8/10/66: Marie's illness worsens, and Tony first learns of her condition from Laura.

8/11/66: Tom, Bill and Alice spend a tragic vigil at the hospital and receive sad news from Dr. Hendricks.

8/12/66: Tony tells Jim that he still loves Marie. Craig rushes to Marie's bedside and hears tragic news about the baby, offset by good news about Marie.

8/22/66: Tom and Mickey discuss Marie's inability to cope with her marriage. Tony tells Laura that he's not sure when he'll leave Salem.

8/23/66: Tom tells Craig that Marie is able to leave the hospital, but Bill disagrees with his father's diagnosis.

8/24/66: Tony attemps to bait his father about Marie, and Craig takes Marie home.

8/25/66: Alice tells Julie that she must make a decision about living in Europe and Marie undergoes an emotional experience after returning home.

8/26/66: David begs Julie not to go to Europe and Susan finds herself growing fonder of Helen Martin.

8/29/66: Tom and Diane speculate on Susan's future, and John Martin continues to have his doubts about Susan.

8/30/66: Tony attempts to use Laura as a pipeline to learn about Marie, and Tom disagrees with Craig's handling of Marie's emotional problem.

8/31/66: Julie seeks Tom's help to remain in Salem. Susan again blames Diane for her unhappiness.

9/1/66: Tom, concerned over Marie's inability to adjust to the loss of her baby, forces her to make a difficult move.

9/2/66: When Marie at last accepts the loss of her baby, Craig realizes that Tom was right in his drastic treatment.

9/12/66: David and Julie are concerned over Susan. Susan's talk with her father helps her make a difficult decision.

9/13/66: Following a family reunion dinner, Marie makes it plain to Craig that she is not yet ready for romantic involvement.

9/14/66: David is surprised by Susan's decision. Helen Martin and Susan have a talk and Richard Hunter and Diane receive an invitation from the senior Martins.

9/15/66: Alice is convinced that Marie is making a successful readjustment. Tony tells Tom that his transfer to Cape Kennedy is imminent and Marie and Tony have a brief encounter.

9/16/66: When Julie learns of Susan's decision, she realizes that she and David must still keep their love secret.

9/19/66: Richard Hunter meets David and is impressed by his son-in-law. Richard tells Tom he knows the truth about Susan's marriage.

9/20/66: Mickey and Bill discuss Diane and Susan. Tom and Mickey have a talk about Bill. Marie continues to rebuff Craig.

9/21/66: Richard and Diane join Susan and David at the senior Martins. Susan seeks the reason for her parents' divorce. Richard assures Susan of his love.

9/22/66: Tony tells Jim he still loves Marie and is grateful his transfer to Cape Kennedy is imminent. Craig is elated over Marie's interest in his private airport.

9/23/66: David and Susan realize they must announce the expected baby.

9/26/66: Bill tells Alice that Susan will bear watching. Mickey questions Tom about Susan's marriage and Diane tells Susan the real story about herself and Richard.

9/27/66: Susan is happy in the knowledge that her mother has always loved her. Diane's joy over being reunited with Susan prompts her to break with Mickey.

9/28/66: Craig's excitement over the private airport is overshadowed by Marie's inability to be a real wife. Alice and Craig seek Rusty's advice.

9/29/66: David and Susan plan to tell their parents about the baby and Mickey tells Tom abut his break with Diane.

9/30/66: Alice and Tom join Marie and Craig to celebrate the airport venture and Jim plans a farewell for Tony.

10/24/66: Marie questions her father about Craig. Tony believes that Craig is a sick man.

10/25/66: Marie is stunned when Tony tells her of Craig's decision to back out of the airport deal. Craig asks Marie for a divorce.

10/26/66: Marie breaks down after agreeing to give Craig his freedom. Tony and Mickey become further concerned over Craig's health and his insistence that he's going to drop the airport project.

10/27/66: David is forced to postpone a meeting with Julie while he and Susan help his parents celebrate their wedding anniversary. Susan has an accident as a result of David's drinking.

10/28/66: David is frightened when he discovers Susan lying unconscious after a fall and calls Tom. Susan is hospitalized but upon recovering gives David an ultimatum.

11/7/66: Craig tells Tony he is divorcing Marie because he never loved her. Tony returns to his apartment to discuss business complications with Mickey and offers a new solution.

11/8/66: David agrees in a meeting with Julie that going away might be the best answer for her. Meantime, Susan has a visit from her father and initiates a scheme to reconcile him with her mother.

11/9/66: Alice questions Marie's motives for divorce and suggests Tony Merritt for the first time. Bill visits Marie, briefs her on divorce procedures and tries to find out her future plans.

11/10/66: Tony outlines a plan for Mickey that might salvage his father's business investment. Tom Horton suggests that Marie come home to live.

11/14/66: Tom visits Susan and learns from Bill that she has been playing a game with hospital and staff. Tom returns to his office and finds a visitor out his past, Miss Jean Patterson.

11/16/66: Richard subtly attempts to dissuade Susan and David from carrying out their plan to give up the baby.

11/17/66: Susan uses subterfuge to bring Diane and Richard together again.

11/18/66: Tom and Alice discuss the divorce of Marie and Craig. Alice hears Craig admit that he never loved Marie and Tony offers Marie any help she might need.

11/21/66: Bill attempts to learn what is bothering Julie. Mickey and Bill feel that Tom and Alice have interfered too much in the divorce.

11/22/66: Bill tries to imagine what Laura is like away from the hospital. Tony agrees to take over the airport for Craig and Bill gives Marie some advice.

11/25/66: Tony's efficiency in taking over the airport pleases Craig. Tom and Alice are overjoyed at Marie's return home.

11/29/66: Tony and Jim discuss Marie and Craig. Marie prepares to go to court for the divorce proceedings and Tom and Alice disagree about Tony and Marie still being in love.

11/30/66: Susan accuses David of being rude to Julie, who has a nightmare in which she believes David and Susan are really in love.

12/1/66: Julie tells Tom that she has decided to join her parents in Europe. David and Susan discuss Julie, who later meets David secretly.

12/2/66: Marie begins her period of readjustment and Tony tells Craig that he is going to contact Marie again.

12/5/66: Bill goes to Laura's for dinner and is surprised to learn that Tony lives across the hall. Marie gets a call from Tony.

12/6/66: Craig returns to the house for the last time. Marie and Tony have dinner and agree to see each other occasionally.

12/7/66: Tony asks Marie if she thinks it is possible that they can pick up where they left off. Bill tells Marie that he doesn't want to see her involved with Tony again.

12/8/66: Richard and Diane reminisce about early married life. Julie goes to David and Susan's apartment to reassure herself that he and Susan are sleeping in separate rooms.

12/9/66: David assures Julie that he still loves her. Julie convinces Tom that she plans to remain in Europe and Susan convinces John that he should send David to the Cleveland office.

12/12/66: Craig completes the sale of the airport. Marie and Julie discuss the latter's trip to Europe and Mickey tells Marie that Tony is a great guy.

12/13/66: Craig refuses Tom's request that they continue their friendship despite Craig's divorce from Marie. Alice wonders about Tony and Marie, and Mickey and Bill again clash over Tony.

12/14/66: Tom and Alice are disappointed that Bill might accept the Johns Hopkins appointment. Bill and Laura discuss medicine and a compliment gives Bill second thoughts.

12/15/66: Susan and David make preparations to leave for Cleveland.

12/16/66: Marie and Julie discuss the future.

12/20/66: Marie and Mickey talk about Bill. Bill tells Laura he's no longer interested in doing his internal medicine residency at John Hopkins.

12/21/66: Craig tells Tony he's signed up to fly cargo to the Far East. Julie joins the Hortons for her first tree trimming with the family. Bill tells Tom and Alice that he might be staying in Salem for a surgical residency.

12/22/66: Julie and David exchange Christmas gifts. Richard asks Susan if there's anything he can do to change her mind about the upcoming divorce and adoption. Susan is elated when Diane tells her that she and Richard are going to get married again.

12/23/66: Susan tells David that her parents are getting married again. John and Helen surprise David and Susan with a new house.

12/30/66: David reminds Susan that her parents have to keep thinking they are a happy couple. Richard and Diane get married at a small church.
1/16/67: After Susan hemorrhages, Dr. Hendricks performs a C-section and the baby boy is placed in an incubator.
1/17/67: David donates blood, but Susan is yet to wake up.
1/25/67: Marie is sulking after her divorce from Craig and tells Tony she won't go to a skating party with him.
2/1/67: In Burma, Craig writes a letter to Marie.
2/8/67: Susan tries to explain to Diane why David is not living with her.
2/9/67: David tells Julie that he and Susan will soon get divorced and give the baby up for adoption; Bill thinks Susan has postpartum depression because she doesn't want to see the baby.
2/10/67: David calls an adoption agency in New York; Bill takes Susan to see her baby for the first time.
2/14/67: In Rangoon, Craig's persistent headaches continue.
2/20/67: Alice tells Tom that she now knows David is the man Julie loves. David makes arrangements for the trip. Susan goes to the hospital and holds her son for the first time.
2/21/67: Susan can not forget the experience of holding her baby. On the night before she and David are to take the infant from the hospital, Susan decides she can't give baby Dickie away.
2/22/67: David is dumbfounded when Susan says she will not give up the baby. Tom is gratified by Susan's decision. Julie, learning of the situation, tells David that she will talk to Susan.
2/23/67: Susan tells Helen Martin that David has left her. Julie confronts Susan and tells her of her love for David and of his for her. She says she will stop at nothing to get David.
2/24/67: Mickey informs Susan that he will not handle a divorce for David. Nurse Jean Perkins tells Laura that Mickey is handling the divorce. Laura innocently tells Bill and he and Mickey clash.
2/27/67: Bill, still convinced that Tom resents him, storms out of the house. Tony and Marie relive their college romance and he tries to convince her that it can be the same again.
2/28/67: Tony gives Marie an ultimatum regarding their future and Tom agrees with him. Mickey reveals his feelings about Bill and Laura learns that Bill has had a falling out with his family.
3/1/67: Susan tells Tom that she hasn't heard from David but is convinced he will return. David tells Mickey that Susan has decided to keep the baby. Julie and David decide to play a waiting game.
3/2/67: Mickey realizes he's falling in love with Laura. Alice pleads with Tom to heal his breach with Bill. Tom is indicted by Bill who accuses him of having lavished all his attentions on Mickey and young Tom.
3/3/67: Tom tells Mickey of his clash with Bill. Mickey confronts Bill and the two have a fist fight.
3/6/67: Tom, still shocked over the fight between his two sons, asks Mickey to make up with Bill. Marie attempts to pry from Bill the reason for the fight and Laura hears Dr. Cooper make a surprising admission.
3/7/67: Richard tries to convince David to return to Susan but to no avail. Susan tells Richard she won't give up her baby of give David a divorce. Julie tells David of her plan to force Susan's hand.
3/8/67: Susan tells Helen and John the truth about her marriage. John goes to David's apartment and has a bitter confrontation with his son.
3/9/67: Alice is concerned over the friction between Tom and Bill and Mickey and Bill. Bill comes to see Alice and she realizes that he has no intention of ever living at home.
3/10/67: Bill and Dr. Cooper argue over a patient. Mickey tells Tom that he wants nothing more to do with Bill. Laura learns that Bill's hand, injured in his fight with Mickey, still bothers him.
3/13/67: Susan asks Bill to be the baby's godfather. Tom argues with Julie about David. Julie learns the truth about the marriage.
3/14/67: Tom tells Alice not to interfere with Marie and Tony. Mickey introduces Laura to his mother. Bill's hand continues to trouble him.
3/15/67: Alice tells Tom that she's sure Mickey is in love with Laura. Marie has three weeks to make up her mind about Tony, who informs her he is being transferred to Cape Kennedy. Bill realizes he is falling in love with Laura.
3/16/67: Tom is not sure Mickey wants to marry Laura until he talks to his son. Laura is surprised by Bill's embrace and Nurse Perkins tells Laura which one she would choose between Mickey and Bill.
3/17/67: David lands a job and he and Julie continue to plan their future. Susan gets help from mother Martin and Julie intercepts Susan's envelope to David.
3/20/67: Tony tells Tom that he hopes Marie will agree to marry him and accompany him to Florida. Alice and Mickey have a talk about Laura, whom Mickey says he wants to marry.
3/21/67: Alice is anxious to know what Marie has decided about Tony. Marie tells Bill that Mickey is in love with Laura and Bill makes a last-minute date.
3/22/67: Tom learns about Bill's ailing hand. Dr. Cooper lays the law down to Bill and then gives him an unexpected opportunity. Bill's date with Laura provides him with a hoped-for answer.
3/23/67: Tom tells Julie to walk away from David before it is too late. Julie again pleads with Susan to find another man but her words fall on deaf ears.
3/24/67: David sees his son for the first time. Julie tells David that she's going to New York and will not see him again until he is free of his son and Susan.
3/27/67: Mickey asks Alice not to hint at wedding bells when Laura comes to dinner. Tom and Mickey wonder what Marie's decision about Tony will be, and Tony offers Marie a lifetime of happiness.
3/28/67: Bill prepares to present a patient at a surgical staff meeting. Laura has dinner at the Hortons and realizes she must make up her mind between Mickey and Bill.
3/29/67: Marie tells Tom she'll give Tony his answer in two days. Bill asks Laura to tell him if he's wasting his time. Dr. Cooper tells Bill he has a great potential and Bill becomes concerned about his ailing hand.
3/30/67: Susan learns from Tom that Julie has gone to New York. David relives the moment when Julie gave him an ultimatum. Tony offers Marie a wedding ring as he awaits her decision.
3/31/67: Marie gives Tony his answer. Laura wrestles with her emotions trying to decide between Bill and Mickey. Bill can't hold a scalpel as he prepares to operate.
4/3/67: Alice is delighted over Marie's decision not to marry Tony. Bill becomes increasingly concerned about his hand and Laura persuades him to see an orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Harkins.
4/4/67: Mickey believes he's responsible for Bill's ailing hand. Tom is distraught when he hears Dr. Harkins' diagnosis. Dr. Cooper refuses to let Bill operate and Laura tells Bill he's not being realistic about his injury.
4/5/67: Marie asks Mickey how to regain use of her maiden name. Dr. Cooper baits Bill into facing reality and returning to Dr. Harkins to learn the truth about his hand.
4/6/67: Bill tells Laura that Dr. Harkins' diagnosis was tuberculosis.
4/7/67: Susan tells David that if he won't be a father to his child that she will take Dickie away and that he not only won't see his son again but that she'll never give him a divorce.
4/12/67: Dr. Cooper tries to distract Bill by asking him to look in on a patient.
4/25/67: David accuses Susan of overprotecting Dickie.
4/27/67: Dr. Harkins gives Tom and Dr. Cooper prognosis after Bill's operation.
5/8/67: Susan tells David she's hired Mrs. Riley as the cleaning lady.
5/10/67: Helen tells John she visited Julie.
5/11/67: Bill tells Alice and Tom he is leaving Salem.
5/12/67: Susan argues with David about going to the church carnival with her and Dickie.
5/15/67: Susan thinks about giving David a divorce. David tells Helen that he's quit his job and is moving to New York to be with Julie. Before leaving town, David pushes Dickie on the backyard swing. Dickie falls off the swing.
5/16/67: Marie and Tom have their first lunch date since she started working at the hospital and talk about Bill leaving town. David tells Tom and the neurologist, Dr. Dunbar, that Dickie never regained consciousness. David calls Susan and tells her about Dickie.
5/17/67: David tells Helen and John about Dickie. Susan reminds David she didn't want Dickie to use the swing. Tom tells Susan chances are fifty-fifty for Dickie, who most likely had a brain hemorrhage.
5/18/67: Susan begs Dickie to get better. Tom sends Susan home to rest. Complications develop with Dickie.
5/19/67: David tells John that Susan blames him for the accident. Susan prays in the hospital chapel. Tom tells Susan that Dickie has died.
5/22/67: Susan, still in a state of shock over Dickie's death, goes home. As she sits alone, her thoughts become increasingly incoherent. David arrives and Susan fires six shots at him.
5/23/67: Susan babbles incoherently as she stands over the lifeless David. Mrs. Riley summons Tom, who turn calls Mickey. Susan confesses to the police that she killed David.
5/24/67: Mickey questions Susan and warns her not to say anything further to the police unless he is present. Police Lt. Danton questions Mrs. Riley and Tom, and takes Susan to the station to be booked for murder.
5/25/67: Lt. Danton questions Susan on the way to the station. Tom and Mickey discuss the possibility of Susan being temporarily insane. Helen Martin becomes hysterical upon learning of David's death.
5/26/67: At the station, Susan continues her irrational rambling. Lt. Danton tells State Attorney Wayne Charles he's convinced Susan is faking.
5/31/67: Susan's trial begins.
6/1/67: In Pine Grove, Bill rents a room from Mary McCall.
6/7/67: Lt. Danton interviews Nurse Perkins about the night of Dickie's accident. Mickey talks to Dr. Sands about Susan's case.
6/8/67: Dan McCall would rather not have Bill around.
6/14/67: Bill awaits news about Susan.
6/15/67: Marie regains her maiden name.
6/20/67: Tom and John discuss Helen's drinking problem.
6/21/67: Susan goes to the hospital.
6/22/67: Tom and Laura bring Bill back to the hospital.
6/23/67: Mickey learns Nurse Perkins believes Susan was mentally disturbed while Dickie was hospitalized.
7/3/67: Susan reacts when Mickey informs her that Bill called.
7/6/67: Charles berates Danton for the way he got Susan's confession.
7/10/67: Dr. Mark Brooks listens to Mary McCall describe Bill's problem with his hand. Bill guards his remarks when Mark calls. After Mark meets Bill, he wonders what he is hiding.
7/11/67: Susan borrows money from her father when he visits the hospital. She outwits police matron Ward and escapes from the hospital.
7/12/67: Lt. Danton accepts the offer of Laura and Mickey to help find Susan. Laura tells Danton that Susan is only dangerous to herself.
7/13/67: Tom informs Julie about Susan's escape and he insists she return home for her safety. Mickey cautions Richard about discussing Susan's escape with Danton.
7/14/67: Dr. Brooks wonders if Bill is in Pine Grove to check on him. Susan is confused as she searches for Dickie's grave. Bill reads about Susan's escape and almost returns to Salem.
7/17/67: Mickey and his sister Marie discuss Susan's escape, and the anniversary of their brother Tommy's death in Korea.
7/18/67: Lt. Danton apprehends Susan at the cemetery. He and Charles conclude Susan was running away after discovering she had registered at a hotel under an assumed name, but had checked out.
7/19/67: Laura dines with Mickey to discuss Susan. In Pine Grove, Bill and Dr. Mark Brooks meet. Dan McCall has a possibly ruptured appendix.
7/20/67: Bill, in emergency surgery, helps Mark to remove Dan's appendix. Afterwards, Bill notices a slight movement in two fingers. Mark urges Bill to remain in Pine Grove to assist him.
7/21/67: Laura visits Susan at the jail hospital. Susan suddenly realizes she is in jail because she shot David, and begs Laura for help.
7/24/67: Dr. Brooks cautions Mary McCall about her health. Bill and Mark Brooks become better acquainted.
7/25/67: Julie continues to avoid people. She tells Alice she only wants to see David's parents, the Martins. She visits and shocks them by saying she is carrying David's baby.
7/26/67: Dr. Mark Brooks talks to Bill about helping him with his patients. Bill accompanies Mark on a house call.
7/27/67: Laura tells Mickey that Susan knows she is in jail for shooting David and is competent to stand trial. Mickey and Charles appear before Judge Alexander, who sets an early trial date.
7/28/67: Marie, Julie and Alice discuss the state's asking the death penalty for Susan. Marie argues with Julie about her hatred for Susan. Panic overtakes Susan when Marie visits her in jail.
7/31/67: Mickey visits Susan in jail and says that state psychiatrist Dr. Roberts will examine her. He informs Charles he believes Susan was sane when she shot David.
8/1/67: Mickey tells Susan he can not let her testify because she can only hurt her case. Susan believes Mickey does not have a defense.
8/2/67: Bill agrees to assist Dr. Brooks. Dr. Cooper informs Laura he will explain why she should not have accepted Bill's engagement ring.
8/3/67: Laura visits Cooper shortly before he leaves for duty in Vietnam. Cooper says the reason she asked Bill to marry her was out of pity.
8/4/67: Laura visits Susan in jail. Susan recalls important moments in her life. Later, Laura dines and dances with Mickey, who realizes she is disturbed over something.
8/14/67: Mrs. Riley, Susan's housekeeper, is questioned by Mickey and State Prosecutor Fleming concerning David's murder and Susan's behavior after the shooting.
8/15/67: Laura and Susan discuss Mrs. Riley's testimony. Lt. Danton gives details of Susan's confession and escape.
8/16/67: Mickey cross-examines Danton, who recounts Susan's irrational conduct. The flower vendor affirms Susan's odd conversation at the cemetery.
8/17/67: Julie voices her hatred of Susan to Alice and Marie. Later, Julie lies to Tom about her relationship with David, knowing it may cost Susan her life.
8/18/67: Mark must have surgery, he tells Bill, explaining another doctor will assist Bill. Laura discusses her affection for Bill with Alice and Tom, and says she is not sure she loves him.
8/21/67: Laura doubts her love for Bill after she meets Mickey late at night ostensibly to discuss Susan's case.
8/22/67: John Martin testifies about Susan and David's marital relationship, his expected inheritance, Susan's fear of guns and her promise to divorce David.
8/23/67: Mickey discredits Helen Martin's testimony that Susan married David only for his money by showing the Martins continued to have good relations with Susan.
8/24/67: Tom advises John to engage a psychiatrist for Helen because of her traumatic experience since David's death, her increased drinking, and her mounting hatred of Susan.
8/25/67: Tom testifies about Susan's mental condition at the hospital when her baby died, and later finding her at home, standing over David's body with a gun.
8/28/67: Tom continues his testimony.
8/31/67: Alice tells Tom that Bill believes Tom is partly responsible for Tommy enlisting and eventually getting killed in Korea. In St. Louis, Kitty tells Greg about her daughter Sandy.
9/4/67: Richard Hunter takes the stand in Susan's defense, relating details of her childhood household conflicts and her mental health.
9/5/67: Jail matron Mrs. Ward testifies. Tension builds between Mickey and Laura over Susan, until a surprising phone call causes them to embrace.
9/6/67: Fleming's cross-examination shatters the testimony of Mickey's surprise witness. Mickey tells Tom he will call Susan to the stand.
9/7/67: Susan's outburst in court causes the judge to order an adjournment. Laura advises Mickey that Susan's flare-up may be the key to her problem.
9/8/67: Laura shows Susan that her drive is toward self-destruction. Laura later explains this to Mickey, and begs him to put her on the stand.
9/11/67: Mark, deciding his true identity is safe, tells Bill he is having plastic surgery in Salem. When Kitty learns Greg is married, she contacts Alice and Tom, who embrace her.
9/12/67: Tom repeats Susan's conversation before the shooting. Laura testifies about Susan's mental condition, which drove her to attempt suicide.
9/13/67: Under cross-examination by Fleming, Laura says Susan did not take the gun until she heard David.
9/14/67: Susan tells Mickey why she shot David. Helen and Julie's hatred for Susan increases, and they separately vow vengeance. 
9/15/67: While sleeping, Mark relives his nightmare of being tortured by Colonel Chengsu. Bill tells Mark he is returning to Salem to help Susan. Laura admits to Mickey her uncertainty about loving Bill. Mickey again asks her to marry him.
9/18/67: Susan takes the witness stand in her own defense, retelling the background of her relationship with David.
9/19/67: While Susan pleads her innocence, Helen Martin's outburst causes her removal by the bailiff.
9/20/67: Fleming cross-examines Susan about her threats to David, her affection for Dickie and her so-called suicidal tendencies.
9/21/67: Mickey discovers that Julie is pregnant when she inadvertently leaves her purse in his office. Mickey and Susan are surprised when Fleming calls Julie to the stand.
9/22/67: The court is in an uproar as Mickey destroys Julie's testimony against Susan. He then reveals that Julie is carrying David's baby.
9/25/67: Julie tells Tom and Alice she wants to have David's baby, and is leaving Salem to rejoin her parents in Europe.
9/26/67: Tom and Alice welcome Kitty into their home. Bill leaves Pine Grove for Salem, planning to marry Laura. Mark gets ready to depart for plastic surgery.
9/27/67: Tom visits Susan before court reconvenes and she expresses remorse over shooting David.
9/28/67: The jurors vote on Susan's fate.
9/29/67: Kitty deliberately ingratiates herself with Tom and Alice. Laura searches for the answer as to whether she was in love with Bill when they became engaged.
10/2/67: Bill asks Mickey to arrange a meeting for him with Susan before the verdict. Bill tells Tom and Alice about Dr. Mark Brooks, who befriended him and who is arriving for plastic surgery.
10/3/67: Mickey and Laura discuss the indecision she faces of choosing between the two brothers. Mickey is told the jury is ready.
10/6/67: The jury is deadlocked and dismissed. Mickey and Fleming ask Judge Alexander to rule on the evidence in a rare legal procedure. He accepts, adding he will give the verdict after researching a point of law.
10/10/67: Judge Alexander's verdict for Susan is not guilty. Helen vows vengeance against Susan.
10/13/67: John is unaware of Helen's vindictive plans against Susan. Bill tells Susan he will help her find a new life.
10/16/67: Laura tells Bill she is uncertain about marrying him after his long absence, adding she has seen a great deal of Mickey.
10/17/67: Alice confides in Kitty regarding the Bill-Laura-Mickey triangle, and Kitty forms her opinion about the Horton men's eligibility.
10/18/67: Mickey asks Laura to help Susan decide to accept David's estate, which is hers since her acquittal. Susan insists on remaining in Salem. Laura knows this is because of Bill.
10/19/67: Marie tells Alice she thinks Laura will marry Mickey. Bill avoids Laura, and refuses her dinner invitation.
10/20/67: Tom and Kitty recall Tommy's wristwatch: his wedding present from the Hortons before he died in Korea. Mark arrives in Salem for final plastic surgery, and Bill comments about his broken watch.
10/30/67: Tom and Mickey discuss Laura and Susan. Mickey hopes to marry Laura and doesn't want Susan to see the Martins. Helen is depressed. John visits Susan who mistakes his visit as a response to her invitation.

10/31/67: Alice meets Tom and discusses Mickey and Laura. Helen invites Susan to the house. Mickey calls John and the two realize the situation is fraught with danger.
11/1/67: Susan arrives at the Martin home. Her plea for understanding falls on deaf ears as Helen points a gun at her.
11/2/67: Alice expresses concern to Tom that Bill might be interested in Susan. Susan is lying near death in the Martin living room, as John comes rushing home. Bill is on duty as Susan is brought to the hospital.
11/3/67: Tom and Alice learn of the shooting. Tom encounters Mickey at the hospital, where Bill is operating.
11/6/67: Tom and Bill discuss the dilemma of whether Susan should have more blood following her surgery. They are concerned that transfusion would tax her damaged heart.
11/7/67: John Martin pays a brief visit to Susan, who is in critical condition. John tells Tom to fly doctors in from anywhere, and to do anything, at any cost, to save Susan's life.
11/8/67: Susan regains consciousness for a second time and asks Bill if she's going to be all right. Elsewhere Bill tells Laura that even if Susan does survive, she will be an invalid for life.

11/9/67: Susan tries to tell Tom what happened that brought her to the hospital, but she is weak. Meanwhile Mark undergoes nightmares as he relives his experience as a prisoner of war during the Korean conflict.
11/10/67: Tom and Bill discuss the lengths to which they will go in telling Susan about her condition. Bill tells Susan she's going to be all right and outlines the surgery he performed.
11/13/67: Mickey stops by to see his mother and tell her that Laura and he will be married soon. Meanwhile Laura talks to Bill about Susan's condition.
11/14/67: Laura feels she may have done something to the relationship in the Horton family. Mickey tries to comfort her. Tom toasts the future wedding of Laura and Mickey.
11/15/67: Bill shows his bitterness toward his older brother and tells his sister he wishes Laura and Mickey would get the marriage over with soon. Bill continues to reassure Susan about her condition.
11/16/67: Alice is happy about Mickey's forthcoming marriage to Laura but at the same time she knows how much Bill has been hurt. Mark talks of having to have another operation.
11/17/67: Kitty and Dr. Kincaid meet on pretty unfriendly terms. Tom and Laura speculate about Kitty's relationship with Dr. Kincaid.
11/20/67: Marie tries to pump Kitty into revealing what happened when she met Dr. Kincaid. Kitty reminisces about her conversation with Dr. Kincaid in a flashback. Mark and Dr. Kincaid share a professional secret.
11/21/67: Mickey and Laura discuss wedding plans and exchange vows of love. Bill tells Laura how he feels about his brother. Susan talks to Laura about her future.

11/22/67: Tom gets firm with Alice about accepting Laura as a daughter-in-law. He also gets firm with his son Bill about accepting the forthcoming marriage of Laura and Mickey.
11/24/67: Tom visits Susan and assesses her condition. He talks her case over with Mark. Tom and Bill review Susan's case and raise the possibility of a drastic medical move.
11/27/67: Dr. Kincaid pursues his desire for Kitty to leave Salem. However, Kitty, unwilling to move, persuades Dr. Kincaid to meet with her in a cocktail lounge to talk it over.
11/28/67: Kitty refuses to be dragged into a discussion about her meeting with Dr. Kincaid. Mickey talks with his parents about Laura's folks and asks his father to be best man.
11/29/67: Tom agrees to have Mark move in with Bill at the hospital. Mark gets a tour of research facilities for his work while recuperating. Susan gets out of her hospital bed.
11/30/67: John Martin learns of Susan's real condition and asks for permission to see the girl. Once in the hospital room he tells Susan she is not responsible for his son's death.
12/1/67: Bill shows Mark around his new quarters. Italian dinner between Bill and Marie turns out to be a conversational fiasco. Bill is still bitter about Laura and Mickey.
12/4/67: Laura and Mickey discuss wedding plans. Laura says she'd like to have Susan as her maid of honor. She talks it over with Tom and later does ask Susan.
12/5/67: Mickey talks to his mother about the wedding details. Later Laura and Bill have a chat and in the course of the meeting he kisses Laura.
12/6/67: It appears that Marie has an interest in Dr. Brooks, which worries her father. Marie later comes to Mark's laboratory to help him.
12/7/67: Susan's curiosity about her condition grows stronger. Bill asks her parents to return to New York for Susan's sake. Susan finally insists on the truth.
12/8/67: Tom and Mickey discuss Mickey's marriage plans. Susan finally is told the truth about her condition.
12/11/67: Laura is concerned with fact that Susan will not be able to have any more children. Meanwhile Susan looks inside the room where own baby died several months ago.
12/12/67: Alice and Kitty share moment of Christmas cheer. Kitty learns that Sandy does not want to come to Salem and uses her feminine wiles to borrow the fare to visit Sandy. Meanwhile Mark and Kitty accidentally meet at the hospital.
12/13/67: Marie and Mark talk about the doctor's operation and about Kitty. Later Kitty talks to her daughter, Sandra, who displays hostility towards her mother.
12/14/67: Laura tries to get Mickey to help her bring Bill back into the family. Laura also visits Susan and they talk about the latter's forthcoming role as maid of honor.
12/15/67: Marie chats with her father, Tom, in his laboratory. Bill his sensitive areas in talking with Mark. Tom approves of Mark's research findings.
12/18/67: Tom gets ready to discharge Susan from the hospital. He cautions Diane, Susan's mother, against making an invalid of Susan. Bill puts up a small Christmas tree for Susan.
12/19/67: Alice and Marie talk about Sandy's visit to Salem. At the hospital Bill tries to find out if Mark is interested romantically in Marie. Later Marie is in the lab helping Mark.
12/20/67: Kitty is planning to pick up her daughter Sandy in Salem. Kitty cautions her daughter to forget the past for the Hortons' sake. However, Sandy indicates there may be some crises.
12/21/67: Alice and Tom await anxiously the arrival of Sandy, their granddaughter. Sandy later tells Tom how she'd like to study medicine. But Sandy demonstrates that she can not keep pretending.
12/22/67: Alice and Tom reminisce about the early years of their marriage and about their family. Bill, dressed up as Santa Claus, chats with Mark in the hospital. Bill comes home.
12/25/67: Sandy quizzes Tom about her father. Bill talks to Mark about Tommy and Mark prepares to meet Mrs. Horton. Mickey recalls how he won the affection of Laura.
12/26/67: Sandy argues with her mother, Kitty, after the girl meets Dr. Horton. Marie shows Sandy around the hospital. Mark chats with Sandy in the laboratory.
12/27/67: Tom meets with Susan and her mother and later gives Susan a heart test. Bill later tells his father that Susan ultimately will decide to take the drug which might give her a new life.
12/28/67: Laura meets Bill again to try to convince him to come to the wedding. He tells Laura he still loves her. Mark and Marie are together, and do not know that they are sister and brother.
12/29/67: Laura and Alice talk about their wedding and the bride's trousseau. Mickey and Laura are married. Bill does not attend the wedding.

1/2/68: Bill reviews his courtship with Laura the day after Laura and his brother are married. Marie and Bill argue over Mark coming to dinner at the Horton residence.
1/3/68: Sandy has a blowup with her mother, Kitty. Tom tells Dr. Kincaid how impressed he is with his granddaughter. Dr. Kincaid relents and agrees to let Kitty stay in Salem.
1/4/68: The wedding of Laura and Mickey occupy much of the thoughts of Marie and her family. The scene shifts to Laura and Mickey talking about raising a family as they sit on the beach.
1/5/68: Mark meets Alice Horton for the first time. Alice begins to suspect that she knows who Mark is. Tom also has second thoughts about Mark's identity. Marie becomes more interested in Mark.
1/8/68: Alice tells Tom that she feels she has seen Mark before.
1/9/68: Bill learns Julie is planning to give the baby out for adoption.
1/10/68: Mark is evasive when Marie talks about his parents.
1/11/68: Julie and Alice discuss John Martin's suggestion and cruel plot against Susan is set in motion.
1/30/68: Julie meets with Janet and Scott Blake and agrees to let them adopt her baby.
2/9/68: Laura tells Bill that his behavior could be reported to the hospital.
2/26/68: Mickey and Tom discuss the results of an investigation of Mark's background. Tom wants to tell Marie about Mark but Marie tells Tom, instead, of her love for the young doctor.
2/27/68: The plot thickens as Tom notices a notation on a medical book written by his "lost" son, Tommy. Marie, meanwhile, is to have dinner with Mark that night and Tom wants to speak to Mark.
2/28/68: Tom is extremely upset by the similarity of handwriting between Tommy and Mark and urges that the investigation under way, to find out who Mark really is, be kept very confidential.
2/29/68: The plan this day is for Mark's fingerprints to be taken on a cocktail glass and sent to the FBI. Mickey carries out this part of the plan but does not know why his father is suspicious.
3/1/68: Mark's prints are sent to Washington as Tom is beside himself not knowing whether Mark is really his son, Tommy. 
3/4/68: Mickey and Tom learn that Mark's fingerprints match Tommy's.
3/7/68: Mickey and Tom revive Alice, who then wants to go to her son.
3/8/68: Alice is still in some sort of shock. She can hardly believe that Mark is really her son.
3/26/68: Laura remains ecstatic about her pregnancy She tries to reach her husband to tell him the news but he is unavailable. Meanwhile Tom tries to reassure Mickey about his sterility test.
3/27/68: Susan, confident about her heart condition, asks Tom Horton's permission to take on a part time job. Dr. Horton says "no." Mickey's test results are in and prove he is sterile. 
3/28/68: Laura learns that Mickey is sterile, so the baby she is expecting must be Bill's. Tom, meanwhile misunderstands Laura's disappointment. 
3/29/68: Laura relives her personal tragedy — married to Mickey, yet carrying his brother's baby. She reaffirms her decision to tell Mickey she is pregnant and the baby is his. 
4/1/68: Mickey is very happy on learning that Laura will have a baby, but he has not yet learned the results of the sterility test. 
4/17/68: Research is done on Colonel Dubovik, who found Tommy in a Korean jungle and took him to Russia.
4/18/68: Tom and Mickey go to Italy, the last known place where the CIA had Colonel Dubovik staying.
4/19/68: Dr. Tufano informs Tom that Colonel Dubovik suffered a heart attack.
4/23/68: Tom saves Colonel Dubovik's life after he has another heart attack. 
4/24/68: Mark looks for Sandy at her boarding school.
5/6/68: Bill tells Susan about Mark's identity. Kitty breaks a date with Dr. Kincaid. Sandy tells her mother, Kitty, that she has never loved her father.
5/7/68: Sandy gets ready to go to Salem to see her father while Kitty watches and hopes Mark will accept her as his wife. Laura, meanwhile, tells the family that Mark's amnesia is deep-seated.
5/8/68: Mark starts to see Sandy now. Laura starts to tell Tom about her baby, but loses her courage. Mickey is really happy about Laura's pregnancy.
5/9/68: Laura and Mickey plan a vacation before the baby arrives, but Laura is worried about telling Tom the hushed story. She vows that Mickey won't ever know.
5/10/68: Alice asks Tom to have Mark over for dinner as one of the first signs of accepting him as their son. Sandy, meanwhile indicates how much she needs her father.
5/13/68: Susan and Laura talk. Laura says she's feeling ill without telling Susan of her expectancy.
5/14/68: Mickey is delighted that Laura's condition is good. Mark has dinner with his family. Kitty is establishing her interest in Mark meanwhile.
5/15/68: Mickey tells his mother about Laura's pregnancy and Alice is overjoyed. However, Laura is preparing to tell Tom the truth about the baby.
5/16/68: Laura is pained to know that Mickey has revealed her pregnancy to Alice. She is on her way to tell Tom the truth when she runs into Bill.
5/17/68: Laura goes to Tom and tells him the truth.
6/10/68: Janet and Scott Blake discuss staying in Salem, since they have changed their last name to Banning, and since Julie would never recognize them or their baby. Meanwhile, in San Francisco, Julie thinks about the baby she gave up for adoption.
7/1/68: Laura and Tom discuss Bill's relationship with her after her marriage to Mickey. Kitty and Sandy continue to discuss Mark.
7/2/68: Bill has invited Marie to lunch. Later Mark tells Laura that he's not ready to resume his marriage with Kitty.
7/3/68: Kitty feels that she's forcing Mark into accepting her as his wife. Alice talks to Mark and pleads with him to reconsider his feelings about Kitty.
7/4/68: Mark agrees to go back to Kitty in order to be near Sandy, his daughter. Kitty agrees to accept Mark's partial love until they learn about each other again.
7/5/68: Tom and Alice are concerned with Sandy. Alice still hopes that Kitty and Mark will get together.
7/8/68: Mark, and his daughter Sandy, talk over the feelings of being a family again. Kitty is anxious about Mark's new interest in their daughter.
7/9/68: Tom and Laura talk over Bill’s interest in Laura’s expectancy. Bill tells his father he thinks the new relationship between Kitty and Mark won’t work. 
7/10/68: Janet and Scott Banning get acquainted with Bill and Susan. Bill and Susan talk about Susan's deceased baby. 
7/11/68: Marie talks to Susan about taking the drug which may correct Susan's heart condition. Mickey is happy that Bill has found an interest in Susan.
8/2/68: Susan finds Janet lying unconscious on the floor.
8/9/68: Scott meets with Judge Turner about finalizing the adoption for Brad.
8/29/68: Scott meets with a lawyer to ask how Janet's brain tumor might affect the adoption.
9/2/68: The judge tells Scott he can't finalize the adoption and awards him temporary custody of Brad.
9/9/68: Alice and Tom wish each other a happy 40th anniversary as they reminisce about the day they were married.
9/12/68: As the Hortons celebrate Tom and Alice's 40th anniversary, Bill and Laura are in a car accident.
9/19/68: Dr. Bailey wonders how harmful an X-ray would be for the pregnant Laura.
9/23/68: Susan rushes to the hospital, but Bill is not happy to see her. X-rays reveal Laura's baby may still be alive.
9/24/68: Bill favors postponing surgery on Laura for two weeks, to enhance her baby's chances for survival. But Mickey decides postponement would risk Laura's life.
9/25/68: Bill agrees to assist at Laura's operation. There is slight hope that immediate surgery will not be required.
9/26/68: Following debate, doctors still maintain the necessity of immediate surgery. Laura then shows signs of regaining consciousness.
9/27/68: When Laura comes out of shock, Mickey explains the circumstances. Laura insists on postponing the surgery for two weeks, so that her baby may have a chance to live.
10/14/68: Dr. Spencer and Bill cannot persuade Laura to have immediate surgery and she refuses to sign consent papers. Mickey's pleas for surgery fall on deaf ears.
10/15/68: Susan asks Scott's permission to leave Janet for an hour so that she can donate blood for Laura. Bill promises Laura that he'll try to save her and the baby.
10/16/68: When Mark spurns Kitty's romantic overtures, her thoughts turn to Eliot.
10/17/68: Eliot and Kitty have dinner. Tom and Mark are puzzled over Bill's maneuver to be alone with Laura before the accident. Laura's blood pressure drops and Bill tries to reach Eliot.
10/18/68: Kitty proposes to Eliot, and Marie and Sandy wonder why Kitty isn't home. Laura's condition worsens and Bill and Dr. Bailey plan to rush her to surgery.
10/21/68: When Eliot cannot be reached in time, Bill prepares to operate on Laura. Mark questions Kitty as to her whereabouts that evening.
10/22/68: Bill operates successfully on Laura, without causing her to go into labor. Tom sternly reprimands Eliot for failing to leave word where he could be reached.
10/23/68: When Mark questions Kitty's relationship with Eliot, she becomes very indignant. Laura regains consciousness and Bill tells her the good news about her baby.
10/24/68: Laura is surprised to hear that Bill performed the surgery, and expresses her gratitude to him. Mark asks Bill about Eliot's personal life.
10/25/68: Mickey tells Laura he has purchased the property for their new home. Bill accepts a dinner invitation from Susan.
11/7/68: Laura goes into labor.
11/8/68: Mickey is ecstatic when Laura gives birth to a baby boy.
11/11/68: Dr. Andrews announces that, although the baby was born four weeks premature, he seems to be fine.
11/12/68: Bill wonders if he'll be able to pretend to be the baby's uncle. Wanting to talk to someone about becoming a father, Bill tells a bartender he's celebrating the birth of his son.
11/13/68: Mickey sees the baby for the first time. Later, Bill visits the nursery but is told the baby is sleeping. Laura and Bill see a photo of the baby for the first time.
11/18/68: Susan decides she will bring up the subject of marriage to Bill that evening. Eliot consents to let Bill attend a surgeon's convention in New York.
11/19/68: Bill tells Susan he wants to discuss their future when he returns from New York. Mark's private investigator watches as a taxi arrives at Kitty's home.
11/20/68: Laura and Mickey make a decision on the baby's name. Kitty goes to Eliot's apartment as Mark awaits Jerry Barnes' call.
11/21/68: Barnes informed Mark of Kitty's whereabouts. As Kitty and Eliot decide to wait until after the holidays to further their plans, Mark knocks at the door.
11/22/68: After confronting Eliot and Kitty with utter contempt, Mark leaves to break the news to Sandy. Eliot and Kitty quarrel over their future. Laura sees her baby for the first time. Bill learns the baby's middle name is William.
11/25/68: Kitty complains of severe chest pains. Tom decides she should go to the hospital for tests, but Mark believes it's something else that's making Kitty uncomfortable.
11/26/68: At the hospital, Tom and Alice notice Mark's strange lack of concern for Kitty. Mark calls Eliot to the hospital, and questions him about his romance with Kitty.
11/27/68: Kitty is released from the hospital. Mark tells Kitty he wants her to file for divorce, and that Sandy must never know the truth about her mother.
11/29/68: Laura tells Tom she still wonders if Bill knows the truth about the baby. Mark demands that Kitty inform Sandy of the divorce immediately, since he wants Kitty out of the apartment that evening.
12/2/68: Kitty pleads with Mark to postpone the divorce until after the Christmas holidays. Mark agrees, but warns Kitty that his feelings toward her will not change.
12/3/68: Mark refuses to carry out a masquerade of happiness with Kitty, in Sandy's absence. Susan tells Laura about Bill's promise to discuss their future.
12/4/68: A baby gift from Bill stirs Laura's anxiety. Mickey is elated over the news that Laura can leave the hospital the next day.
12/5/68: Mickey brings Laura home to their apartment. As Mickey questions Tom about Laura's emotional behavior, Bill is on his way back to Salem.
12/6/68: Scott expresses fears for Janet, if Susan becomes a wife. Bill meets Laura and Mickey at the hospital, and reveals that he has decided to ask Susan to marry him.
12/11/68: Julie calls Tom and Alice and says she'll visit Salem for the holidays. Bill tells Susan that Mickey is sterile and that Bill is the father of Laura's baby.
12/13/68: Laura holds her baby for the first time.
12/20/68: Lou tells Julie he wants to marry her, but Julie says she needs to leave San Francisco and get back to Salem.
12/23/68: Julie reunites with Alice and Tom.
12/24/68: Julie asks Alice about Susan. Susan tells Bill she'll marry him once he resolves his feelings for Laura and Michael.
12/25/68: The Hortons celebrate Christmas together.
12/26/68: Scott meets with the judge about finalizing the adoption. Julie notices a Christmas card from the Bannings and asks Tom who they are.

1/3/69: Mark confronts Kitty about her affair with Kincaid.
1/8/69: After telling Sandy about the divorce plans, Kitty and Sandy move into the Parkside hotel.
1/16/69: A sad Sandy gets a pep talk from one of her classmates.

2/3/69: Tom visits Laura and is informed of Dr. Spencer's offer. Bill admits to Susan that he still can not stop thinking about Laura or her son.
2/4/69: Tom warns Julie that she must find something to make her life more useful. Mickey learns from John Martin that Julie no longer receives money from him.
2/5/69: Julie and Bill quarrel over each other's attitude toward Susan. Alice begins to side with Julie, and defends her case to Tom.
2/6/69: Laura returns to work at the hospital, as her father accepts an opening there. Mark admits to Bill that he does not plan to live in the same house with Kitty.
2/7/69: Miss Williams sees Scott about the question of Brad's adoption. After visiting Susan, Miss Williams informs Scott that there must be follow-up visits.
2/10/69: Laura and Mickey advise Susan to tell Scott about her past.
2/24/69: Julie tells Tom she hasn't decided whether or not to accept Susan's offer. Mickey is introduced to Brad at Susan's apartment.
2/25/69: Alice questions Laura as to why she did not choose Julie as Michael's godmother. Laura warns Bill that Susan may eventually find herself involved with Scott.
2/26/69: The Horton family prepare for the christening ceremony. Susan warns Bill that he must not do or say anything to ruin the event.
2/27/69: Bill tells Susan about his urge to reveal the truth at the christening. Tom learns from Julie that she plans to accept Susan's offer.
2/28/69: John and Julie visit Helen Martin at the sanitarium. Susan looks over the personal effects of David's estate.
3/11/69: A caseworker pays an unexpected visit on Susan and Scott. Susan phones Julie, and they agree to meet that afternoon.
3/12/69: Alice tells Tom of her apprehension about Julie's meeting with Susan.
3/13/69: Scott visits Laura and Mickey to discuss the blueprints of their future home. Julie arrives at Susan's apartment.
3/25/69: John Martin meets with his attorney to discuss reuniting Brad with his real family.
3/26/69: Laura and Susan discuss Julie's strange reaction to her visit with Susan.
4/3/69: A distraught Julie visits lawyer Wilbur Austin in regards to the custody of Brad.
4/4/69: Susan tells Scott she would like to tell him more about her past.
8/25/69: Kitty learns that Peter is not completely trusting. Claire asks Kitty if she has seen another woman visiting Peter.
8/26/69: Julie makes another attempt to convince Scott that she wants to do what's best for Brad. Laura tells Bill how Mickey feels about him.
8/27/69: Kitty contemplates her own reasons for concern over Michael's illness. Claire asks Peter to remain in the business.
8/28/69: Kitty begins to gather information valuable to her eventual plans. Peter admits to Claire the real reason he wants a divoce.
8/29/69: Michael's condition shows no sign of improving. Claire's reaction to Peter's admission motivates him to consider a new course of action.
9/29/69: Susan's visit to the hospital results in a vivid recollection of her past. Wil tells Peter the shocking news he has learned.
9/30/69: Kitty offers a suggestion to Mickey and Laura regarding the decision they face. Peter angrily phones Kitty and demands to see her immediately.
10/1/69: Scott makes plans to go out with Susan, but then receives a phone call from Julie. Kitty devises a way to temporarily avoid a confrontation with Peter.
10/2/69: Laura tells Tom about a new factor that could influence the decision she and Mickey must make. Julie again discusses the subject of visitation rights with Scott.
10/3/69: Alice has serious discussions with both Mickey and Bill about their behavior toward each other.
10/27/69: Kitty considers a new plan that would make her secret information more valuable. The Horton family finally receives a report on the progress of Michael's surgery.
10/28/69: Alice asks Mickey to try and convince Bill that he should stay in Salem. Kitty phones Bill with a request to see her about an important personal matter.
10/29/69: Sandy begins to question her feelings about Kitty. Bill completes his plans to leave for New York.
10/30/69: Bill decides to spend his final evening in Salem with Tom and Alice. Kitty makes another attempt to talk to Bill.
10/31/69: Tommy describes his discomfort about Sandy to his father. Laura and Bill are puzzled over Kitty's persistent inquiries about Bill.
11/3/69: Scott's request to see his son is followed by a phone call to Julie from Susan. Laura relays Kitty's important message to Bill.
11/4/69: Julie attempts to explain to Scott why she feels the way she does toward Susan. Bill spends his final evening in Salem with Alice and Tom.
11/5/69: Bill has a big surprise when he returns to his office. Sandy pays a visit to Kitty, despite her mother's desire to be alone.
11/6/69: Kitty informs Peter of her intention to renege on the money, and Peter makes a hard decision. Bill visits Laura and Michael for a moving farewell.
11/7/69: Bill and Susan say their goodbyes. Laura visits Kitty and hints that she needs psychiatric help. Laura's news that Bill is leaving that night comes as a shock to Kitty. Peter makes an important appointment with Claire.
11/10/69: Kitty at last reaches Bill with a warning that worries him. Peter starts a fateful explanation to Claire.
11/11/69: A worried Bill mulls over whether to heed Kitty's summons to her apartment. Peter faces up to a difficult scene with Claire.

11/12/69: Bill meets with Kitty and receives a stunning request. Tommy worries over Sandy's seemingly growing attachment to her mother.
11/13/69: Bill searches for Kitty's evidence and grimly threatens her. An angry Kitty suddenly faces a crisis of her own.
11/14/69: Kitty, stricken by a heart attack, tries to hang on until Tom can reach her. Dr. Tom sees the disarray in her apartment and makes a fateful call to the police.

11/17/69: Janene senses that Bill is upset about something as they begin their trip. The police arrive at Kitty's apartment, ask for a lab analysis, but doubt foul play.

11/18/69: Police at Kitty's apartment begin to suspect a possible homicide when they find evidence that could link Peter Larkin to Kitty's death.

11/19/69: Police interrogate Claire and Peter because more and more they feel they are dealing with a homicide. Another clue leads in a different direction.

11/20/69: Kitty's death begins to have more effect on her acquaintances. Laura and Mickey worry that Tommy might be involved. Tom has to face breaking the news to Sandy about her mother's death.

11/21/69: Police pinpoint the fact that Tommy may have visited Kitty before her death. Tom breaks the news to Tommy and Alice as Sandy, unaware of her mother's death, starts off to see Kitty.
11/24/69: Tom goes about the difficult task of telling Sandy what has happened to her mother. Police investigators decide to question Tommy about his last visit with the deceased Kitty.

11/25/69: Sandy blames herself and Tommy for what happened to her mother. After questioning Tommy, the investigators are not satisfied with his answers, and ask to speak to Sandy.
11/26/69: Sandy reverses her decision of not allowing an autopsy when the results of a lab test are known. Bill and Janene arrive in New York.
11/28/69: Bill listens to the tape recording he took from Kitty. He then makes a decision to retain the tape, despite his realization about how potentially dangerous it is.
12/1/69: Tommy's fears that Sandy has feelings of guilt are confirmed. Danton makes it clear that Tommy is the prime suspect in the case.
12/2/69: Scott attempts to find out if Susan still cares for Bill. Janene and Bill have a serious discussion about what the future may hold for both of them.
12/3/69: Bill's name becomes prominent in the Kitty Horton case. Danton and Perry make reservations on the next flight to New York.
12/4/69: Sandy makes a decision not to let he father be hypocritical about Kitty's funeral. Danton and Perry arrive at Bill's hotel.
12/5/69: Scott changes his plans when he learns what happened to Kitty. After speaking to Bill at some length, police officers tell Bill why they have questioned him.
12/8/69: Mickey tells Bill he has no choice other than return to Salem with the detectives. Janene is questioned about Bill's whereabouts during the time in question.
12/9/69: Laura learns of Bill's presence at Kitty's apartment. Sandy shocks the family with an emotional outbreak at the funeral home.
12/10/69: Mickey prepares to tell Tom about the phone call he received from New York. When he arrives back in Salem, Bill is formally charged.
12/11/69: Tom is devastated by the news of Bill's involvement. Mickey asks Bill why he went to Kitty's apartment.
12/12/69: Tommy and Alice discuss the lasting scars that Kitty's death may leave upon Sandy. Alice demands to know what is going on between Tom and Mickey.
12/18/69:  Bill tells Alice she must accept his word on faith rather than evidence.
12/22/69: Scott asks Julie if he and Susan can spend a part of Christmas Day with Brad. A concerned Susan discusses the Kitty Horton case with Bill.
12/23/69: Bill is devastated by the news of how Laura is reacting to his situation. Susan learns of Julie's answer to Scott's request.
12/24/69: Sandy's bitterness toward some members of the Horton family deepens. Tom questions Janene about the day of Kitty's coronary.
12/25/69: The Hortons celebrate Christmas in a subdued atmosphere. Scott reluctantly turns down Alice's invitation to stay for dinner.
12/26/69: Susan decides to visit Danton, but is overcome by memories of the past. Perry questions Sandy about her mother's relationship with Bill.
12/29/69: Scott gives Julie his final decision about her terms for a visitation agreement. Bill and Mickey have a heated discussion about Bill's case.
12/30/69: Susan learns of Scott's decision. Mickey tells Laura what the future may hold for Bill if he doesn't have some answers.
12/31/69: Memories, hope and doubt surround the Hortons on this New Year's Eve, as they ponder what the future holds for each of them.

1/1/70: Alice asks Tom to visit her when she sees her son. Bill decides to accomodate Mickey's request that he write down what really happened.

1/2/70: Bill provides Mickey with the document he had asked for. Janene pays an unexpected visit to Laura, and pleads with her to go see Bill.

1/5/70: Danton and Perry come up with some interesting information about Janene's past. Bill is surprised by a visit from Laura.

1/6/70: Bill tries to talk to Sandy about his case. Will offers Julie some advice and tells her of the upcoming court appeal.

1/7/70: Scott learns that his future with Brad will be determined in a few days. Julie gets some unexpected advice from Sandy.
1/8/70: Tommy serves a warning on Bill. After Bill's indictment notice arrives, he informs Mickey of the plea he intends to enter.
1/9/70: Mickey tells Tom and Alice of the harsh charges that have been made against Bill. Julie recalls past events that have led to her present situation.
1/12/70: The long awaited appeal hearing concludes. Susan and Scott reflect on past events that have led to circumstances presently surrounding the case.
1/13/70: Susan questions the legality of an agreement between Scott and Julie. Will and Julie spend another evening together at dinner.
1/14/70: Mickey asks Will if he would consider representing Bill in court. Bill mysteriously requests to be allowed a day in New York.

1/15/70: Mickey tells Tom of his desire to withdraw from Bill's case. Tom finally decides to pay a visit to Bill.

1/16/70: Tom implores Mickey to continue representing Bill. Laura makes another attempt at persuading Bill to reveal the whole truth.

1/26/70: Sandy decides to go ahead with her planned move. Mickey explains a new phase of Kitty's will to Tommy that worries him.

1/27/70: Mickey displays his displeasure over the idea of questioning Laura about her past relationship with Bill. The presiding judge voices his opinion on ruling on Bill's sentence.

1/28/70: Julie visits Sandy at her new living quarters to discuss their individual predicaments. Bill learns he must make a monumental decision.

1/29/70: Julie and Sandy make a belated New Year resolution. Bill's case affects Tom and Alice's marriage.

1/30/70: Tommy is devastated by things Sandy says to him. Marie returns with a shocking surprise for the Hortons.

2/2/70: Bill asks Marie to promise she will not repeat her theory about his reasoning to anyone. Sandy is surprised by an unexpected visitor.

2/3/70: Julie and Scott have different ideas about how to celebrate David's birthday. Tommy comes to Bill with a plea designed to protect Sandy from the truth.

2/4/70: Danton tells Charles of a new theory he has about Bill's case. Bill finally reaches the critical decision on the plea he intends to enter.

2/5/70: When Alice learns of Bill's decision, she goes to see him. As the hearing begins, Mickey asks Bill if he would like to reconsider his decision.

2/6/70: The state's attorney and Mickey present their cases to the judge, and as Bill's hearing concludes, the court makes an announcement.

2/16/70: Sandy learns the outcome of Bill's trial. Bill clashes with Tom and Mickey. Janene promises to wait for Bill and Alice bids him goodbye as he leaves for the penetentiary.

2/17/70: Alice berates Tom and Mickey for not accompanying Bill when he surrendered himself to the sheriff. At the penetentiary, Bill gets off to a bad start with the prison criminologist, Sarah Fredericks.

2/18/70: Sarah Fredericks warns Bill what to expect from the inmates and authorities. Tom and Tommy discuss Bill's plight. Bill meets his cellmate, Brent Douglas, and gets some advice.

2/19/70: Susan tells Laura that Julie is destroying her confidence in herself as a woman. Julie makes plans with Scott for David's birthday. Susan is ecstatic when Scott says he needs her.

2/20/70: Austin and Scott meet when both deliver birthday presents for David. Scott recalls when he agreed to adopt Julie's son. Julie learns that Scott plans to marry Susan if he regains custody of David.

2/23/70: Sarah Fredericks and Brent discuss his imminent release. Bill and Sarah engage in another verbal battle. Alice and Janene write to Bill. Brent is interested in a photo of Janene and Bill.

2/24/70: Laura and Tom agree that Alice must never know that Bill is Michael's father. Brent realizes that he knew Janene four years ago. Sarah asks Dr. Eric Richards to assigns Bill to the infirmary.

2/25/70: Susan tells Tom she is sure Scott will propose if he wins the custody suit. Julie informs Austin that if Scott wins, he and Susan will leave Salem. Julie uses a subterfuge to see Scott.

2/26/70: Tom asks Alice to visit Bill. Scott arrives at the Hortons and begins to suspect that Julie magnified David's illness to bring him there.

2/27/70: Tom and Mickey discuss the position the medical board will take in Bill's case. Bill reflects on the tape in a New York safety deposit box. Bill resents his father's visit and Tom questions Bill about a key.

3/2/70: Tom tells Laura of Bill's strange reaction regarding the safety deposit key. Alice asks Julie how she feels about Scott and Austin. Tom goes to New York to claim the safety deposits contents.
3/3/70: Tom wonders what secret the key will unlock. Alice visits Bill. Austin tells Julie that the judges are ready with the custody decision.

3/4/70: Julie, Austin, Susan, Scott and Mickey learn the court's decision in the custody hearing. Tom claims the contents in the safety deposit box and is curious about the audio tape in the envelope.

3/5/70: Alice is overjoyed at the outcome of the custody decision. Austin tells Julie that they must discuss their future. Susan and Scott are saddened by the custody outcome and Scott receives a visitor.

3/6/70: Alice berates Tommy for the resentment that he, Mickey and Tom harbor toward Bill. Tom plays the tape and what he hears leaves him stunned.

3/9/70: Tom is sure that Bill now knows he is the father of Laura's baby. Sarah and Eric discuss Bill's attitude. Bill ignores Brent's advice and Tom makes an 11th hour visit.

3/10/70: Tom arrives at the prison and pleads with Sarah for a meeting with Bill. Bill admits he knows about fathering Mike.

3/11/70: Scott and Susan contemplate their future. Alice and Julie discuss Austin. Tom learns that Bill never acknowledged fathering Michael to protect the family.

3/12/70: Bill softens toward Sarah but she tells him his attitude still leaves a lot to be desired.

3/13/70: Julie promises Austin she will give him his answer when he returns from Washington. Scott and Alice discuss Julie's antagonism toward Susan.

3/16/70: Alice is overjoyed by Julie's decision to allow Susan to see David anytime. Susan and Scott visit David and emotions run high when Susan holds David in her arms.

3/17/70: Susan tells Scott that she believes Julie has ulterior motives. Alice and Tom discuss Scott's relationship with David if Julie should marry Austin. Scott confronts Julie about her possible marriage.

3/18/70: Laura plans to return to work at the hospital. Brent gives Bill more advice. Sarah and Brent talk about his release and Bill and Sarah discuss Brent's plans to visit Salem.

3/19/70: Sarah and Eric ponder Brent's decision to go to Salem. Janene asks Susan why she never married Bill. Brent begins to formulate plans after reading Janene's letter to Bill.
3/20/70: Scott informs Susan of Austin's proposal to Julie and realizes what the marriage would mean to his relationship with David. Tom cautions Julie against a marriage borne of need rather than love. Susan and Julie promise to bury their differences.

3/23/70: Sandy and Bruce are interrupted by Tommy, who clashes with his daughter. Marie tries to console Tommy over his disappointment in Sandy's behavior. Bill receives a visit from Marie. Sandy learns the truth about Kitty.

3/24/70: Marie gives Sarah an insight into Bill's character. Tommy refuses Marie's request that he visit Bill. Sandy seeks comfort from Laura and asks Tommy to go with her to Kitty's grave.

3/25/70: Tom and Alice read a letter from Bill. Tom reflects on his visit to Bill. Tom demands that Mickey convince the medical board to delay the hearing on Bill. Austin returns to Salem and gives Julie unexpected news.

3/26/70: Scott and Susan contemplate the loss of David if Julie marries Austin. Tom and Alice learn that Austin has been offered a legal post in Washington. David says he doesn't want another Daddy.

3/27/70: Susan tells Mickey that Scott can't go on being David's father if Julie marries Austin. Tom and Tommy discuss the attraction Scott engenders in Julie. Scott learns Julie's decision about Austin.

5/4/70: Young David makes a request of Julie and Scott. Susan surprises Julie and Scott by accepting their dinner invitation.

5/5/70: Janene has second thoughts over introducing Brent to Susan. Bill asks Marie to find out more about Johnny's mother, who resides in Salem. A new patient causes Bill great concern.

5/6/70: Bill and Eric fear that Jeff Jones may be a victim of lung cancer. Tom works for a delay of Bill's medical board hearing.

5/7/70: Scott pays an unexpected visit to Susan. Susan is pleased with the outcome of Brent and Julie's first meeting.

5/8/70: Tom reveals to Alice his concern over Bill's upcoming hearing. Susan tempts Brent with a job offer.

5/11/70: Sarah chides Eric for his seemingly personal envy of Bill. Jeff Jones learns the results of the recent laboratory tests.

5/12/70: Bill tries to brace Jeff for the trying times that lie ahead. Tom knows that if introduces the celebrated tape as evidence in Bill's behalf, he will divide his family forever.

5/13/70: Bill's case is brought before the state medical board. Tom seeks to stall an irrevocable decision by the board.

5/14/70: Tom and Mickey realize that some new evidence must be brought before the medical board in order to save Bill's career. Alice asks Laura to visit Bill in prison.

5/15/70: Brent wonders why Susan has gone to such lengths to assure Julie's happiness. Tom and Alice ponder the outcome of the medical board hearing.

5/18/70: Bill begins to recognize a change in Eric's attitude toward him. Scott's guilt pangs for his rejection of Susan causes Julie to lose patience.

5/19/70: Laura asks Mickey if he would mind her going to visit Bill in prison. Susan divulges her plan for Julie to Brent.

5/20/70: Jeff Jones prepares himself for the operation that lies ahead. Johnny Beacon again asks Marie about his mother when she visits the prison. Laura tells Tom of her impending visit to Bill, and of her belief in him.

5/21/70: Eric discovers that inmate Ribiwitz feigns sickness to obtain drugs.

5/22/70: Julie sets out to make her marriage more meaningful. A well-planted thought from Susan constricts Scott's attempts to be more of a husband to Julie.

5/25/70: Scott is apologetic for not being more of a husband to Julie. Mickey tells Tom and Laura of the medical board's decision.

5/26/70: Alice hears of the medical board's decision to suspend Bill. Jeff's family pays a visit to the prison, only to learn he hasn't long to live. Laura goes to see Bill.

5/27/70: Jeff's son Howard takes an unsympathetic view of his father's terminal condition. Ribiwitz tempts Jeff with a scheme to help put Jeff's son through college.

5/28/70: Doug tries to talk Susan out of going through with her plan for Julie. Scott tells Julie of his wanting to adopt young David. Julie feels the need to discuss her future with Scott.

5/29/70: Sandy tells her father that she would like to visit Bill in prison. Doug learns that Bill may soon be released on parole.

6/1/70: Tommy and Marie check out a Skid Row woman believed to be Johnny Beacon's mother. Jeff palms pain pills in keeping with his deal with Ribiwitz.

6/2/70: Mickey and Laura get ready to move into their new home. News arrives that Bill's case will be coming up for parole.

6/3/70: Bill allows himself to think of going home again if his parole goes through. Mickey and Laura consider the possible upcoming parole with mixed emotions.

6/4/70: Bill has to go on his first interview preceding the final hearing on his parole. Bill doesn't yet know, however, that his medical license has been suspended.

6/5/70: Julie and Scott visit a judge in proceedings to adopt David. Julie is lonely, though, and seemingly vulnerable.

6/8/70: Scott tells Susan that he intends to make his marriage work. Julie asks Doug to be her friend.

6/9/70: Scott asks Laura why he was a failure as Julie's husband. Susan is intent on rescuing little David from his mother.

6/10/70: Bill is suspicious when Gracie receives a $500 "contribution" from the inmates. Alice visits Bill, but can not discuss his suspension.

6/11/70: Alice and Tom discuss Bill's shattered future in medicine. Johnny Beacon's mother refuses to visit him.

6/12/70: Mickey tells Laura that Tommy has refused to appear at Bill's hearing. The Horton family gathers in Tommy's office to change his mind.

6/15/70: Tommy and Sandy unite with the rest of the Horton family to plead Bill's case before the parole board.

6/16/70: Bill learns from his family that he is soon to be paroled. Tom and Alice ponder what Bill's return will mean to Laura.

6/17/70: Susan surprises Laura with her frank appraisal of Bill's return, and what it will mean to Laura. Doug learns of Bill's impending return and decides to tell Susan the truth about his past.

6/18/70: Susan remains adamant in her plan to expose Julie for what she really is. Julie becomes infuriated when Scott tells her of his confiding in Laura about their marriage.

6/19/70: Sandy decides to branch out from Salem and join a youth movement. Tommy once again goes to see Johnny Beacon's mother.

7/20/70: Bill is devastated when he learns of his medical suspension and struggles with the tempatation to reveal all to his brother Mickey.

7/21/70: Laura knows that Bill will not accept anything less than his full practice in Salem. Bill pleads with his father go go before the medical board with the truth about Kitty's death.

7/22/70: Susan becomes depressed over Bill's latest misfortune and hopes he will accept her offer. Susan promises Doug that she will forget about Julie for one evening, until a telephone call changes her mind.

7/23/70: Though Doug desires to spend an evening with Susan, she insists he keep his date with Julie. Julie pleasantly discovers something new about Doug.

7/24/70: Tom and Alice express their concern for Bill. Bill goes to see Laura and unashamedly declares his love for her.

8/10/70: Marie reminds Bill of his commitment to Johnny Beacon, who is still in prison. Bill is determined to keep his promise to reunite Johnny and his mother.

8/11/70: Alice expresses her gratitude to Susan for wanting to help Bill. Bill calls on Laura for professional help with Rita Beacon. Rita breaks down and asks for help with her drinking problem.

8/12/70: Bill considers harshness to be the only therapy Rita will understand. Rita makes the first step toward regaining her pride and self-respect.

8/13/70: Bill loses patience with Rita's lack of will power. Laura warns Rita of the alcoholic withdrawal symptoms she will encounter when she comes to the hospital.

8/14/70: Sarah tells Johnny of his mother's admittance to the hospital. Tired of Bill's browbeating, Tom places the real blame for Bill's troubles on the party responsible - Bill.

9/7/70: Tom realizes Bill is simply trying to establish an honest friendship with Laura. Julie receives word of her father's death in Europe. Julie decides to go to her mother in this time of need, despite their estrangement.

9/8/70: Janene tells Linda that Mickey's marriage is headed for real trouble. Mickey and Laura argue over Bill.

9/9/70: Laura tries to instill some confidence in Rita, for time is running out. Scott sees how well Susan and young David get along together.

9/10/70: Alice and Julie return from the funeral of Julie's father, leaving Tom behind to assist with the estate. Julie comes home unexpectedly to find Susan at the apartment with Scott.

9/11/70: Scott tries to avoid any argument with Julie. Mickey's secretary, Linda, makes it clear she has come to notice Mickey not just as her boss, but as a man.