Jon-Michael Reed's Syndicated Weekly Synopses: "Tune in Tomorrow"

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6/14/76-6/18/76: Rebecca told Johnny the truth about her expected baby before they were to be married. He wrote a Dear John letter and left her waiting at the altar. She was hysterical. Amanda regained consciousness, but she has a loss of memory. Jeri left for Phoenix to confront James Stanhope and force him to tell Trish the truth.

6/21/76-6/25/76: Mike tried to comfort Trish about the Stanhope business - in bed - but it was a no go. Mickey has a new shrink: bleached blonde Marlena Evans. Adele did Bob proud at an AA meeting. Phyllis paid for Amanda's therapy. New triangle in town: Hank, Rosie and Nathan.

6/28/76-7/2/76: Brooke tries to patch things up between Michael and Trish; he's living with Linda. Don broke Kim's inheritance story, leaving Doug free to divorce her; Julie's ecstatic. New twosome: Don and Marlena. Jilted Rebecca received a proposal of marriage from Robert. Bill and Mike tried to make amends.
7/5/76-7/9/76: Rebecca and Robert were married. Jeri was grateful to Stanhope for Trish's sake; he's wary of Jack. Marlena was furious that Don used her to make Julie jealous. Alice found Linda and Michael in bathrobes; Linda was outraged at the assumption that she would seduce a child. Amanda's regaining her speech, but not her memory.

7/12/76-7/16/76: Adele needs an operation. Brooke told David she wouldn't be a beggar for Horton money then stole checks from Bob's office. Don and Julie were engaged. Doug pretended he had a yen for Kim. Linda admitted she's out to win Mickey. Phyllis is out to make Neil forget Amanda.
7/19/76-7/23/76: Tommy filled Mickey in on the past. Johnny returned to secretly check up on Rebecca. Amanda remembered Neil, but not Greg. Phyllis is pregnant. Nobody's pleased with Julie's choice, especially David. He and Mike got drunk. Mike passed out in Linda's bed and Trish had a fit.

7/26/76-7/30/76: Doug flaunted Kim. Julie pretended she didn't care. Brooke accused Valerie of being too close to David for comfort. Phyllis told Mary she's afraid to tell Neil she's pregnant. Linda got fed up with rumors about her and Mike. Brooke deposited the stolen checks. Susan flicked Amanda's memory. Bill tried to perform surgery but failed. Maggie was thrilled to date Mickey.
8/2/76-8/6/76: Marlena confessed to Julie she'd been interested in Don. Bob grew suspicious of Brooke and Adele's money situation. Maggie's evening with Mickey turned sour when he had flashbacks of sanitarium days. Mickey defended Laura to Mike. Linda sent Mike away. Phyllis and Neil argued and he went gambling again.

8/9/76-8/13/76: Rebecca gave birth to Doug and pledged that father Doug would never learn the truth. Johnny arrived and was warned to stay away from Rebecca. Amanda was ready to tell Neil she remembered their past when Mary interrupted with the news of Phyllis' pregnancy. Jack pestered Trish and Jeri. Tommy and Maggie commiserated about Mickey.

Mickey turned from Maggie to Marlena. Neil told Bob to leave his wife alone. Bob countered with accusations about Amanda. Adele stumbled into Doug's Place drunk. The Grants argued about helping her. David rushed to aid hemorrhaging Adele. Mike confessed his need for Linda.

8/23/76-8/30/76: Linda told Mike she'd slept with him only to assuage his doubts about his manhood: then she dated Johnny. Marlena began sessions with Laura. Mike was urged to reconcile with Laura. Doug asked Kim to be his wife. Brooke prayed for Adele, then lashed out at Bob.

Mary was upset about Don's engagement. Rebecca received a baby gift from Johnny, but assured Robert she'd stay with him. The Kim-Doug and Julie-Don nuptials were set for the same day. Tom ordered Bill never to operate again. Adele recuperated. David asked Valerie to marry him.

Julie, Paul, and Danny seemed to accept David's intentions to marry Valerie. Helen and Brooke didn't. Laura returned to work and fought with Marlena over Mickey's treatment, then met with him. Adele's condition worsened. Bob hired detectives to discover who stole the checks.
9/13/76-9/17/76: David covered for Paul by taking blame for the stolen checks. Danny grew jealous of Paul's dependence on David who saved Paul from an alcoholic bender. Doug's car crashed. Amanda fell into Neil's arms then turned him out.

9/20/76-9/24/76: Bill was furious that Laura had seen Mickey. Linda clashed with Trish, Laura, and Maggie over Mike, who admitted his love for Linda to Alice. Julie and Don were prepared for their wedding when she learned about Doug's accident. Kim was hysterical.

Don and Kim bowed out, leaving Julie and a recovered Doug to wed. Everyone attended, even Kim. Robert and Rebecca consummated their marriage. Marlena consoled Don. Bob fired David.

10/4/76-10/8/76: Bob asked Paul for his resignation. The Grant family came apart when Valerie accepted David's marriage proposal. Adele and Brooke left for their vacation. Mickey was released, but hedged seeing Maggie.
10/11/76-10/15/76: The Hortons celebrated Mickey's release from the sanitarium. Mickey rebuffed Maggie, admitted to Laura that he feels estranged from everyone, and turned to Linda. Neil admitted he doesn't want Phyllis' baby. Bob and Don discovered Brooke had made a deposit.

10/18/76-10/22/76: Paul and David were exonerated when Don and Bob learned Brooke had stolen the money. On her deathbed, Adele confessed to Bob that Brooke is his daughter. Robert learned that Johnny is not the father of Rebecca's child. David left Valerie to console Brooke, but was rebuffed.

10/25/76-10/29/76: Aware that Neil didn't want the baby, Phyllis went to Chicago for an abortion. Turned down because of her age, she took a bottle of pills. Kim warned Marlena that she, too, has her sights on Don. Amanda accepted Greg's marriage proposal. Bob told Brooke he wouldn't prosecute.

11/1/76-11/5/76: Red herring from last week: Phyllis was asleep, not drugged. She had a fragile reunion with Neil. Linda admitted to Mickey that she and Mike had been lovers. Maggie and Mickey tried to recapture married bliss, but he failed. Sharon and Marlena moved in on Don. Doug and Julie returned home. Bill grew jealous of Laura's concern for Mickey.

11/8/76-11/12/76: David spent a night with Brooke. Helen didn't believe it was so innocent, but Valerie believed David. Sharon's husband, Karl, came back to town. Julie took an instant dislike to him and warned Don, who grew closer to Marlena. Mary moved in with Phyllis and Neil.

Mary resisted Neil's advances, but found herself attracted to him. Jack stalked Trish. Robert apologized to Rebecca for his false accusations. Phyllis injured herself while trying to rouse a drunken Neil. Karl and Sharon argued over Don.

Amanda and Greg were married and honeymooned in Mexico. Phyllis was hospitalized. Neil blamed himself. Mickey and Maggie gave it another try. Mary fantasized about Neil. Julie saved Don's neck from suspicious Karl.

Trish lost her virginity to David who thought Val chose her family over him. Phyllis gave birth prematurely to a baby boy; he was named Nathan, after Neil's father. Jealous of Jay's attentions to Maggie, Mickey agreed to give his marriage another try. Karl told Julie he and Sharon have a free-wheeling marriage.

12/6/76-12/10/76: As Little Doug was christened, everyone but Robert learned Rebecca was tempted to run away with Johnny. At the airport, she chose Robert instead. Trish received anonymous notes calling her a hooker. Amanda and Greg returned, believing they can be friends now with Neil and Phyllis. Val forgave David when he admitted he'd been with another girl, but didn't mention names. Mike reconciled with Laura.

12/13/76-12/17/76: Phyllis and Neil's baby developed respiratory trouble and died. Phyllis didn't believe little Nathan had died, but Bob and Neil comforted her. Brooke blurted out to Mary that they are half-sisters, then later said she had lied. Marlena treated Trish's hysteria over the anonymous notes. Jack told Jeri he had reformed, but Trish suspects that Jack is the note writer. Johnny called Rebecca from Chicago. She refused to join him.

12/20/76-12/24/76: Karl and Sharon's Christmas party was the talk of the town. Mike invited Trish to spend the holiday with the Hortons, as Alice prepared a banquet. Phyllis' and Neil's holidays were not so cheery. She was released from the hospital, but they couldn't forget the trauma of losing their son.

12/27/76-12/31/76: Don and Marlena returned from a Christmas skiing weekend they coincidentally shared with Karl and Sharon. At Doug's Place, the New Year's Eve party fizzled. Rebecca couldn't assure Robert of her fidelity. Mike took Trish on a double-date with Val and David. Mike blew up at Laura and Bill -- when Bob and Linda were matched for the night. Mickey showed up with Maggie.

A janitor in Trish's apartment building was suspected of being the obscene note writer, but a drunken Jack burst into Trish's apartment, and at knifepoint began to assault her. She hit him with an iron just as Mike arrived. Marlena and Don found a scrapbook of Jack's which included photos of Trish with the notation, "hooker like her mother." Linda and Bob grew closer. Bob agreed to find Brooke a better job.

1/10/77-1/14/77: Mike took the blame for Jack's death. Trish went into a coma. The district attorney filed murder charges against Mike after they learned there wasn't any evidence of rape. Linda offered Mike sympathy and a sofa bed. Jeri refused to believe accusations against Jack.

1/17/77-1/21/77: Mike ran away from the police and turned up at Mickey's. Trish developed multiple personalities -- bitter Cynthia, who says her mother is dead, and gentle Lisa, who doesn't remember Jack's murder. Laura wondered why Trish acts like herself only with David. Phyllis was pleased that Bob is seeing Linda. Julie brought guests to Jeri's memorial service for Jack, but none of his own friends showed up.

Mike told Mickey he loved Linda and was jealous of Bob. Mike was torn between running away from the police or helping Trish after witnessing her jaded "Cynthia" personality. Linda and Bob confessed their love for Mickey and Julie, but Linda's determined to marry Bob. Maggie fretted that Mickey would return to Salem.

1/31/77-2/4/77: Mike finally turned himself in and was charged with murder. Linda asked Bob to put up bail. Jeri witnessed Trish's other personalities, which resisted hypnosis. Robert told Rebecca he can't continue with the mockery of their marriage. Mike called Mickey to be at his arraignment.

2/7/77-2/11/77: Jeri changed her mind about taking Laura off Trish's case when Trish went berserk. Karl told Marlena that Sharon's tales about his unfaithfulness are a fantasy. Robert and Rebecca maintained separate bedrooms. Doug and Julie fought when he gave Jeri a steady job. Mickey warned Trish she'd end up as he did if she refused to have further sodium pentothal sessions. Laura asked Val to be her assistant.

2/14/77-2/18/77: Maggie grew anxious when Mickey decided to handle Mike's defense. He learned a prostitute believed Jack couldn't have attempted rape because he was impotent. Trish was released as an out-patient and Brooke found a new apartment for them. Jeri feared remembering the time when Trish smashed a doll as a child.

2/21/77-2/25/77: Bill and Laura worried about Mickey's belief that Mike is lying. Maggie and Don arranged for Mickey to handle the case by himself. Phyllis gave Neil a Mercedes for his birthday. Trish and Jeri had a forgiving reunion. Brooke found Trish in their old apartment but Trish couldn't remember the murder. Later, Trish showed up in Marlena's office as Lisa.

2/28/77-3/4/77: Rebecca and Dougie left Robert to go to California with Johnny. Karl told Sharon there would be no more game playing in their lives, but he refused to tell her what he does to earn his money. Mike told Trish he'll take care of her with love after she became baby Lisa again. Tom was considered as the new chief of staff, but the head of the hospital board, Bruce Jamison, who's an old friend of Amanda's, intimated his preference for Greg.

3/7/77-3/11/77: Brooke spilled the beans to Bob about Mike and Linda. Mike blew up at Mickey for using Linda to convince Mike to admit he's covering for Trish. Helen refused to attend Julie's bridal shower for Val. Neil could only think of Amanda when Phyllis was in a love mood. Don asked Julie to return to work in his office.

3/14/77-3/18/77: Mike convinced Trish to resume therapy. Julie and Doug had a tiff when she turned his club into an art gallery. Karl suggested he, Sharon, and Julie open their own art gallery. Val quit her job with Neil and told David they should set a wedding date. Tommy suggested that Bill go into another branch of medicine, since he won't be able to do surgery.

3/21/77-3/25/77: Neil and Greg hired a replacement for Valerie, Betty Worth. Under sodium pentothal, Trish confessed she killed Jack. But Laura and Marlena decided they couldn't reveal the truth until Trish is well. Neil, Greg, and Tom are being considered as the new chiefs-of-staff. Hope traded her doll for another girl's baby brother because she missed Dougie. Bill considered going into pediatrics.

Laura played Trish's confession tape for Jeri. Trish stole the tape but was constantly interrupted from hearing the climax. Sharon took another overdose of sleeping pills. Karl revealed to Marlena that Sharon's father had committed suicide and arrange it so she would find him. Bob tried to reconcile with Linda after defending Linda's involvement with Mike. Phyllis continued to lavish expensive gifts on Neil.

Greg warned Phyllis not to buy the chief-of-staff job for Neil. Trish took a powder when she heard her taped confession. Rebecca told Don to proceed with her divorce. Robert agreed to sign the papers. Valerie told Maggie she and David plan to elope. Marlena suggested a therapist for Sharon. After taunts from Linda, Maggie told Mickey she's willing to stay in Salem.

4/11/77-4/15/77: Although she doesn't remember the details, Trish admitted to Jeri she killed Jack. Jeri testified at a hearing about the girl's early life with her stepfather. Val learned she won a scholarship to a southern college. Phyllis gave the hospital a large donation as a political ploy to get Neil the chief-of-staff job. Brooke and Mary argued about Mary's desire to work for Bob.

Upset about Phyllis' donation, Neil got drunk at the hospital board dinner and later made love to Mary. Greg was named chief-of-staff. Tom suffered a stroke. Don and Marlena consummated their love. Laura advised Trish to testify under sodium pentothal. Val was undecided whether to marry David immediately or finish college first.

Trish remembered everything. Her former janitor admitted he had slipped Jack's notes under her door, but refused to go to the police. Marlena nixed Don's suggestion of a more permanent relationship. Bob promoted David and Brooke, and offered to hire Mary, who was undecided whether to leave Neil. Johnny fumed that Rebecca got a part-time waitress job.

5/2/77-5/6/77: Alice told Greg she doesn't blame him for what happened to Tom. Trish underwent another drug session for the police because the D.A. didn't believe Trish and Mike's story. Brooke was hostile to Mary after they began working together for Bob. Maggie was upset that Janice doesn't want to leave the farm. Long-absent Horton daughter, Marie the nun, was asked to return and cheer Tom.

5/9/77-5/13/77: Trish is pregnant. Charges against Mike were dropped. Tom asked Bill to take over his practice, then had another seizure. Marie arrived. David turned in his notice. Brooke and Mary had a fight at work. David and Valerie experienced prejudice when they were asked to leave a restaurant.

5/16/77-5/20/77: Valerie scouted apartments and jobs for David in Washington. Trish confessed to Brooke she's carrying David's child, not Mike's. Rebecca and Dougie visited Robert. Marie decided to stay and nurse Tom. Sharon rejected Karl's suggestion that they move to Madrid. Bill was angry that Greg offered Laura the job of head of psychiatry. Neil and Mary planned an out-of-town rendezvous.

Sharon slashed her wrists and was hospitalized after Julie was disgusted by Sharon's confession of love for her. Mike walked out on Trish when she admitted she's pregnant but he's not the father. Amanda caught on to Neil and Mary's affair. Laura accepted Greg's job offer. Despite Marlena's urging, Julie refused to be involved with Sharon's problems.

Brooke told Valerie that Trish is pregnant with David's child. While Neil and Mary rendezvoused, Phyllis learned Neil wasn't at the Chicago convention. She confided in Mary that Neil's cheating with another woman and changed his story about the convention weekend. Mickey and Maggie hunted for a Salem apartment. Sharon called Julie from her hospital room but was unable to speak. Tommy tried to convince Linda to keep her hands off Mickey.

Brooke became an industrial spy against Anderson Manufacturing and learned about Neil and Mary. Salem departures included Sharon and Karl, who left for Madrid; Val, who canceled wedding plans with David and moved to Washington; Trish, who packed her bags for an out-of-town home for unwed mothers; and Rebecca, who left little Dougie with Robert and returned to Johnny. Alice felt left out of Marie's therapy sessions with Tom. Mickey and Maggie moved into a Salem apartment.

6/13/77-6/17/77: Mike visited Trish at the home for unwed mothers. She refused to tell him who the father is, but he later found out it's David. Phyllis left town to attend a wedding, leaving Neil alone with Mary. Linda dated Tommy to make Mickey jealous. Bill was furious that Greg decided to hire a replacement for Tom. Marlena learned her twin sister is planning a visit.

6/20/77-6/24/77: Bob grew jealous of Linda and Tommy. David was rebuffed by Val, who met a new friend, Dwight Lowell. Brooke found Mary and Neil together but Mary found Brooke spying on Anderson Manufacturing. Johnny landed a job in Japan, but Rebecca nixed going with him. Bill decided to retrain as an anesthesiologist, while Laura celebrated her appointment as head of psychiatric services. Mel advised Alice's she's living under an emotional strain because of Tom's illness.

6/27/77-7/1/77: Brooke blackmailed Mary not to reveal Brooke's spying in exchange for silence about Mary and Neil's affair. Maggie suspected that her new neighbor, Jean Barton, is a victim of wife-beating. Alice began to have therapy sessions with Laura to discover the cause of Alice's depression. Dr. Walter Griffin took over Tom's job. Rebecca planned to take Dougie to Japan with Johnny.

Robert warned Rebecca she couldn't take Dougie out of the country because Don had obtained a restraining order. Mary informed Bob that Brooke is the spy. Brooke said it was a lie by Mary to cover up her affair with Neil, but later confesses she'd done it to ruin Bob for not giving her his family name. Brooke started to leave town, but Mary called the police. Greg was miffed at Bill for criticizing Griffin. Marlena admitted her love for Don, but insisted on waiting before they marry. Trish arrived at Brooke's for a few weeks' visit.

7/11/77-7/15/77: Unknown to anyone, Brooke had picked up a hitchhiker while making her escape. The car crashed, one body was found burned beyond recognition, and Bob blamed Mary for Brooke's death. Jeri worried that Trish's pregnant friend, Toni, is staying with Trish in Salem, while Toni's being threatened by an ex-boyfriend. Maggie urged Jean to seek professional help for her husband's wife-beating outbursts. Phyllis admitted her suspicions about Neil and Mary to Amanda. Marlena's twin sister Samantha arrived in town.

7/18/77-7/22/77: Linda toyed with Tommy while playing up to Bob, who gave her a diamond ring. Mary apologized to Bob for telling police about Brooke, which led to her death. Neil dated Betty and became interested in Samantha. Rebecca decided to contest the restraining order. Trish introduced Danny to Toni. They didn't hit it off. David visited Valerie in Washington. Mike and Trish had a tentative reconciliation and agreed to date each other. Phyllis' suspicions increased.

7/25/77-7/29/77: Trish and Toni were roughed up by an underworld figure who was trying to get information from Toni. Danny saved the day, but Trish nearly aborted. Bill accused Griffin of being knife-happy, unaware that Griffin's treating Alice, who was diagnosed as needing a hysterectomy. Samantha stole and forged Marlena's prescription pads. She's popping pills while fretting about her married lover. Johnny joined Rebecca for her court battle, while Doug and Julie were at odds choosing sides between Robert and Rebecca. Phyllis concluded that Neil had an affair with Brooke. Maggie hedged Mickey's suggestion of a joint camping trip with the Bartons, since she's aware that Fred beats Jean. A drunken Mike caused a scene at the hospital with Trish.

8/1/77-8/5/77: Mike dated and slept with Wendy, a girl he met in a singles bar. Rebecca won custody of Dougie, but promised Robert she'll return once a year. Marlena realized that Samantha has been feeding her drug habit by forging prescriptions. Valerie weekended with Danny and was crushed to learn that David has been taking care of Trish, who was released from the hospital. Jean told Maggie she blames herself for Fred's abuse. Danny courted Toni. Bob hired Chris as a replacement for Brooke.

8/8/77-8/12/77: Valerie insisted she's calling it quits with David, who then urged Trish to marry him. Bill left for London to consult a specialist about a risky operation for his hand. Laura planned to join him. Alice insisted she'd postpone her surgery until Bill returns. Maggie called the police during one of Fred's attacks on Jean, then realized she could be making matters worse. Marlena caught Samantha red-handed. Samantha agreed to seek professional help, but then stole more drugs from Marlena's office. Larry Atwood arrived in town and proposed that Doug put in games of chance in the club but Doug refused.

Mary rebuffed Neil's advances. Phyllis learned of Mary and Neil's affair. Bob urged Mary to teach Chris better business manners. After buttering up Julie, Larry tried to convince Doug to install gambling at the club. Robert left for a vacation. David and Trish were about to be married, but she ran away at the last minute.

David and Trish tied the knot. Mike was too late in his attempt to reconcile with Trish. Samantha turned to an obliging Don for money to skip town, while telling Marlena she's leaving to accept a movie role. Alice and Marie reconciled after an argument about Marie usurping Alice's position. Phyllis told Bob of Neil and Mary's affair. Bob warned Neil to stay away from Mary. Phyllis swore revenge. Mary tried to put some class into Chris' office act.

8/29/77-9/2/77: Neil lied to Phyllis, saying his affair was with Brooke, not Mary, and Phyllis pretended she believed him. No one would give Samantha the money to leave town. She went on a drunken binge and slipped Marlena a sleeping pill while Marlena was helping her pack. Bill learned that his hand can't be operated on. Tom learned of Alice's surgery and disapproved. Amanda was upset that Greg spends all of his time with hospital business. Mary and Chris called a truce.

9/5/77-9/9/77: Samantha drugged Marlena and assumed Marlena's identity. Then she placed Marlena in a sanitarium, warning the doctors not to believe any of her sister's paranoid stories. Mary and Neil received love notes and gifts from each other that neither had sent. Phyllis was responsible and had signed their names. Chris hired Mike. Doug couldn't get his liquor license renewed. Atwood offered assistance but Doug was jealous of Atwood and Julie's mutual interest. Bill had a blowup with Griffin about Alice's operation.

9/12/77-9/16/77: Mickey suggested that Julie buy Doug's club but that it couldn't be with their community property. Julie was thrown together with Larry Atwood in an art charity project. Phyllis taunted Neil about the loss of his "manly charms." David went to Washington on business for Bob and said his goodbyes to Valerie. Linda resorted to telling Bob that Tommy has asked her to marry him. Samantha pulled the wool over Laura and Don's eyes that she's Marlena.

Phyllis got Neil's goat by strutting around with her tennis instructor.
Samantha threatened to give Marlena shock treatment if she didn't behave herself but Don and Laura were suspicious when he received a letter from the real Marlena which only she could have written. Marlena escaped. Mary was frustrated with Chris' attempts to be a perfect gentleman. Alice had a D&C and was released after Tommy was unable to find evidence of complications.

9/26/77-9/30/77: Marlena called Don after escaping from the sanitarium. The police found and returned her. Don was confused after talking to the fake Marlena and was refused permission to see Samantha (Marlena), who was sedated and prepared for shock therapy. Samantha played up to Chris, whom she used to convince Don that "Marlena" had no interest in him any longer. Mickey and Fred got into a tiff when Billy socked Janice. Maggie found Jean bruised again and convinced her to consult Laura. Doug and Julie closed the nightclub and considered reopening it as a cafe. Marie accepted a social service job in town. Alice advised Mike to forget Trish.

Samantha signed Marlena's name to a release allowing shock treatment on Marlena. Neil was miffed when Phyllis ran off with her tennis instructor. She sent a check to Chris so he would pay attention to Mary. Maggie accompanied Jean to a meeting for battered wives. Trish and David were on a picnic when she went into labor and Samantha took them to the hospital to avoid a confrontation with Laura. Wendy planned to leave town.

10/10/77-10/14/77: Mike confessed his love to Trish after she gave birth to a baby boy whom she and David named Timothy. Phyllis returned and gave Neil more trouble. He got drunk and was rebuffed by Betty. Doug's new cafe opening wasn't a complete success. Laura was sidetracked from encountering the real Marlena. Dr. Griffin had an argument with his daughter, Patty, after catching her necking with her boyfriend Ron. Jean had a rough time of it at another battered wives meeting.

Don caught Samantha leaving for Hollywood, realized what she had done to Marlena, and rushed to the asylum. But Marlena was missing. Doug and Julie signed the transfer of the cafe ownership to her. Jean begged Maggie to cover up for her whereabouts to Fred because he had ordered her not to attend any more battered wives meetings. Betty told Neil to find a new nurse, and he hit the bottle while rebuffing Phyllis' offers for help.

Don and Laura found Marlena and struggled to help her recover. An old beau of Marlena's, Dr. Paul Whitman, came to treat her. Mike had a fling with Margo, a girl from work who was introduced to him by Chris. David and Trish had parenthood problems. Doug and Julie left for New England. Fred beat up Jean when she suggested they seek professional help. Linda gave Tommy the chill after leading him on.

10/31/77-11/4/77: Kate realized she's falling for Bill. Marie helped Jean move into a shelter for battered wives, while Fred accused Maggie of being a homewrecker. Patty has taken an interest in Mike. Don was jealous of Marlena's dependence on Paul, who left his invalid wife to care for Marlena. Larry decided to force Julie out of business. Trish comforted Toni whose baby is near death.

11/7/77-11/11/77: Don and Marlena argued over Samantha after Don had her arrested and returned to Salem. Samantha later was released into her parents' custody. Phyllis told Neil and Mary that she is taking an extended trip abroad. Neil began drinking heavily after Phyllis left town. Tom, who wants to return to work, was shocked when Bill told him he thought Dr. Griffin would not easily give up Tom's old job. Jean ran out on Fred after an unsuccessful attempt at reconciliation and Fred tumbled down a flight of stairs while going after her. Dr. Griffin confessed to Marie that he operates promptly because his wife died when surgery wasn't done in time. David wasn't happy that Trish invited Toni to stay with them.

11/14/77-11/18/77: Amanda and Greg argued when he suspended Bill and Kate for performing unauthorized surgery on Fred. Jean blamed herself for the accident. Marlena confessed she still loves Paul. She rushed to Samantha's side during Sam's trial. Larry taunted Doug and Julie, saying he has hired Jeri. Doug's Place was reopened under Julie's ownership. Walter had another blowout with Patty about Ron.

11/21/77-11/25/77: Mike brought Margo home to meet the folks on Thanksgiving. Fred regained consciousness and threatened to sue all the Hortons when he realized his legs are paralyzed. Laura suggested it might be an hysterical reaction. Samantha's hearing was put on ice when she was packed off to her parents' hometown where she'll undergo psychiatric care. Marlena forgave Sam and Paul left as well. Doug took to the bottle because of his club fiasco. Linda denied she's using Tommy to keep Bob on the hook. The doctor Bill replaced on Fred's surgery was forced to give damaging evidence at Bill and Kate's medical board hearing.

Bill and Kate were fired. Greg and the board reinstated Tom after Walter relinquished some of his duties. While Doug left for an out-of-town singing engagement, Larry secretly undermined the employees at Julie's club. She called him for help when she and Robert disagreed. Marlena and Don reunited. Fred's lawyer advised him that he could sue everybody. Fred twisted Jean around. Trish opened an act at the club. Mary and Linda clashed over business matters.

12/5/77-12/9/77: Doug returned, but Julie kept mum about the club difficulties. She realized Jeri is interested in Larry. Greg resigned over Bill and Kate's firing. Mary fumed when Linda succeeded in seducing Bob. Don was offered a Senate seat, and political backer Jim Bradley approved of Marlena. Jean brought Fred home and was cool to Maggie. Mike realized Patty had a crush on him.

12/12/77-12/16/77: Tom advised Greg to stay on staff and testify for Kate and Bill who grew chummy while Laura grew jealous. Doug struck out on a record deal and cancelled a singing date with Hope and Julie for the holidays. Chris reconciled with Mary after raking her over the coals when he learned of her past affair with Neil. Marlena was upset when Don jumped to the conclusion that they would get married.

12/19/77-12/23/77: Laura spent Christmas at the Hortons'. Bill gave Kate a present and a kiss. It was on again, off again when Chris discovered Neil on Mary's doorstep, unaware that Mary was kicking Neil out. Patty dated Ron on the sly. Larry wined and dined Jeri. David was suspicious when he overheard Margo tell Trish that Mike talks about Trish all the time. Samantha's doctor suggested Marlena come for a visit. Larry's spy tried to talk to Trish, and was called on the carpet by Robert.

12/26/77-12/30/77: Walter threatened to send Patty to auntie's in Toledo after he learned she was seeing Ron. Marlena visited Samantha and reported that her condition is improving. Don kicked off his senatorial campaign, but worried that his past would be exposed. Some drugs were planted on Doug while he was on the road. The police discovered the dope and he was arrested on New Year's Eve. Chris spent the night with Mary, and they were called on the carpet by Linda for being late the next morning. Bob insisted that Linda return Tommy's ring. David was upset at the attention busboy Arlo paid to Trish.

Doug called Julie and lied about his club engagement being extended. When she learned he'd actually been arrested, Julie crumbled -- smack into Larry's comforting arms. Maggie convinced Jean to return to the battered wives' meetings. Doug was released and no charges were pressed when he insisted he'd been set up by a showgirl. The company was in Linda's hands when Mary rushed to Los Angeles, where Bob was hospitalized for fatigue. Laura told Bill she's fed up with his and Kate's trial problems. Everyone urged them to settle out of court. Valerie returned briefly and realized David was right to marry Trish.

1/9/78-1/13/78: Linda gave Tommy the brushoff but he insisted she keep his ring. Kate admitted to Laura that she loves Bill but won't allow him to stay with her. Doug warned Julie to stay away from Larry. Doug's liquor license decision was postponed for another 30 days. Margo began an improvement program to impress Michael, but he was only interested in hanky-panky.

1/16/78-1/20/78: Maggie was jealous of the time Mickey spent with Laura while working on Bill's case. Trish fumed when David suggested she abandon her career for a larger family. Jean ran out when Fred had another raging fit; he was stuck in an elevator with Marlena. Ron split after Patti was cleared of their car accident charges. Julie fired Arlo and blamed Mickey and a drunken Neil for making a shambles of Doug's liquor license hearing. Marlena decided not to attend a political meeting with Don. Bob used his health problems to hold Linda at bay.

Marlena and Fred were rescued from the elevator but not before he became hostile when she tried to analyze his problems. Larry had Arlo beaten up when Arlo threatened blackmail. Linda was miffed when Bob made David her assistant. Jeri spent the night at Larry's. Kate told Bill she'd never have an affair with a married man. Patti took an interest in Mike while Mickey assured Maggie that he loves her.

Marlena convinced Fred that if he changes his ways, Jean will return. He regained the use of his legs and walked into the courtroom against his lawyer's advice. Julie planned to accompany Doug on a singing cruise job, but couldn't when Robert developed pneumonia. Rosie taunted Bill that Laura went out with another man. Kate still refuses his advances. Arlo disappeared from the hospital. Linda planned to send David out of town on business.

Larry cornered Julie who was revolted when he admitted his love and offered to straighten things out for Doug if she returned his love. Jeri fought with Larry over Julie. Judge dismissed the case against Bill and Kate. Fred and Jean reconciled and he agreed to undergo therapy with Marlena. Laura was convinced Bill's in love with Kate and was comforted by Mickey. Robert was released from the hospital, but can't work for awhile. Kate tried to give Bill the brush off. Trish called Laura for an appointment. Marlena worried that Trish may revert to a split personality.

2/13/78-2/17/78: Kate left when Bill admitted he loves Laura. Mike and David blamed each other after Trish disappeared with Timmy. David hired a private detective. Julie went to Larry about his "love offer" after Doug's liquor license was turned down again. Cruise director Helen made a pass at Doug. Mickey suspected someone's using influence over the licensing. Patti and Walter arranged to return to Chicago. Don and Marlena decided to live apart rather than jeopardize his campaign.

2/20/78-2/24/78: Larry forced himself on Julie, then laughed at the thought that anyone would believe he raped her when she threatened to go to the police. Maggie was angry that Mickey spent time comforting Laura, who refused to forgive Bill. Marlena finally accepted Don's marriage proposal. Chris and Mary argued about his getting a better job at the company. Linda nixed Bob staying the night because of Melissa.
2/27/78-3/3/78: Julie wondered if Larry was responsible for Doug's liquor license finally coming through. Trish wrote David she left Timmy with someone who could take better care of him. Laura admitted she still loves Bill but can't take him back so easily. Chris was uncertain whether he received a promotion through Mary's pull. Maggie had an engagement party for Don and Marlena. Jeri wanted out of her contract with Larry and acquired sleeping pills. Julie used a letter opener to fight off another of Larry's seduction attempts.

Lorraine Temple, a down-and-out woman from Don's past, arrived in town. Doug returned but Julie hesitated to tell him about Larry. Jeri accidentally learned about Larry and Julie and wrote Doug an anonymous letter about the affair. Laura inched back into Bill's life. Bob and Linda announced their engagement. Chris hired Margo as his secretary, but Linda gave her a hard time. Margo admitted she loved Michael, who said he considers her a swell friend. The baby sitter informed Doug that Julie had returned home one night with a torn dress.

3/13/78-3/17/78: Lorraine demanded hush money from Don, claiming he's the father of her teen-age daughter, Donna. Julie told Doug about being raped by Larry. Jeri and Larry argued violently. Dominic, Larry's henchman, tried to collect a gambling debt from Neil. And who should turn up dead but Larry. Amanda saw Julie wandering about the murder site. Julie thought Doug had done it. Jeri tried to hop a plane for New York. Doug insisted he never found Larry. Detective Denton noticed blood on Julie's dress. Chris advised Mary not to get involved with Linda and Bob's marriage plans.

3/20/78-3/24/78: Julie was arrested and charged with murder after police found the gun with her fingerprints, an address book with blood stains matching Larry's blood type, and Amanda's reluctant confession that Julie was at the scene of the murder. Dominic blackmailed Neil about Neil's gambling debt to Larry. Jeri was stopped at the airport by police and questioned about Larry's affair with Julie. Chris and Mary argued over each one's interest in Neil and Margo. Don told Marlena that Lorraine's paternity story is false. Margo, who has been feeling ill, consulted Tom.

3/27/78-3/31/78: Linda put Mary on the spot by asking her to be maid of honor at Linda's late April wedding to Bob. Tom and Mike feared Margo may have the same type of leukemia that Addie had. Don ordered Marlena to ignore Lorraine, who arranged for Donna, Don's purported child, to come to Salem. Mickey bailed out Julie, who finally admitted she had been raped by Larry, but insisted Mickey not tell anyone. Jeri admitted to Don she hated the idea of Larry and Julie's affair. Hope was in a tizzy about Julie's predicament and Doug planned to send her to boarding school during the trial. Chris felt uncomfortable in his ivory tower executive position.

4/3/78-4/7/78: Margo was admitted to the hospital for chemotherapy treatments. Lorraine used her theft-prone daughter, Donna, to make Don squirm. He wouldn't budge, so Lorraine called a reporter. Mary wondered if Bob and Linda's marriage should be postponed after Bob had dizzy spells. Dominic put the money screws to Neil again after Mickey offered Dom money for information on Larry's other murder suspects. Amanda and Julie reconciled. Julie and Jeri had a heated confrontation about Jeri's letter and Julie's supposed affair with Larry.

4/10/78-4/14/78: Reporter Arlene Harris printed Lorraine's allegations. Don issued a denial to the press. Doug and Mickey pressured Julie to see Laura professionally so that Julie would be in top shape for the upcoming trial hearing. Margo's mother, Bobbie Jeannine, arrived and was more concerned about money than Margo's condition. Linda convinced Mary to bury the hatchet, though Mary's worried that the wedding is scheduled so soon after Bob's palpitation attack. Chris noted that Mary is jealous of his concern for Margo.

Jeri attempted suicide. Don and Mickey thought it was because she was guilty of Larry's murder. Donna told Lorraine's lawyer that the paternity story is a lie. Lorraine made plans to head for Texas and leave Donna, who was arrested for shoplifting in Salem. Laura advised that Doug's impotence is temporary. Linda was miffed when Bob asked Chris to be his best man. Margo began losing her hair because of the chemotherapy. Neil insisted Bob have another checkup. David found a note from Arlo in Trish's belongings.

At Linda and Bob's wedding reception, Tommy insinuated she's a golddigger while Neil got drunk. A policewoman tipped off reporters that Don's alleged daughter was arrested and that Lorraine skipped town. Don lost the election, and Marlena blamed the bad publicity. Margo returned to work for Chris but needs periodic treatments. Julie's trial began, but Mickey didn't make an opening statement. Mickey told David he suspects there's a connection between Arlo and Trish's joint disappearances. Donna refused Marlena's professional help.

5/1/78-5/5/78: A mysterious woman spied on Maggie and Janice after learning that Janice is adopted. Mike announced he and Margo plan to marry but Margo disappeared after learning she has leukemia. Mickey antagonized the judge at Julie's trial and Doug asked Don to sit in on the case. Marlena insisted on taking temporary custody of Donna despite Don's objections. Chris and Mary are on the outs after he dated an old girlfriend, Suzie. Neil implicated Dominic in the theft of Larry's secret money before Larry was killed. Mickey ruthlessly grilled Amanda on the witness stand.

5/8/78-5/12/78: Prosecutor Hazeltine discredited Julie's reputation as a faithful wife by dredging up her past during the trial. Julie took the stand and was forced to admit she thought Doug had gone gunning for Larry because Larry had raped her. Mike trailed Margo to her mother's home. Bob and Linda returned from their honeymoon, and she was suspicious that Bob's concern for Julie was a memory of better times. Marlena failed to patch up differences between Donna and Don. Chris and Mary resumed a better relationship.

5/15/78-5/19/78: Margo returned to Salem with Michael, who convinced her to have further treatments. David's detective found Arlo in Chicago. Arlo was placed in custody after blurting out that he had nothing to do with Larry's murder, just as the jury reconvened to deliver Julie's verdict. Arlo tipped off Trish, who's working in an Indiana nightclub under the assumed name of Tracy Keaton, that detectives are on her trail. The woman who's been tailing Janice and Maggie took an apartment in town. Arlo remembered killing Larry in self-defense.

5/22/78-5/26/78: Julie was cleared when Arlo admitted killing Larry during an argument. Don and Marlena planned to turn Donna over to foster parents. Samantha called asking to be Marlena's maid of honor. Chris quit his job with Bob. Joanne, asking to be the mysterious lady, secretly met Janice in the park but made her promise not to tell anyone. Bill urged Mickey to have a physical. Julie and Amanda reconciled, and Julie left on a vacation with Doug.

5/29/78-6/2/78: Janice kept mum to Maggie and Mickey about her secret meetings with Joanne. Samantha returned for Marlena and Don's wedding, which was postponed when Marlena rushed off upon hearing that Donna threatened suicide and was perched on a hotel ledge. David departed to search for Trish and the baby. Linda discouraged Bob from asking Chris to return to the firm, while Chris refused Mary's offer to help start his own business. Samantha regretted her past actions and admitted she is off drugs. Chris accepted a day laborer's job.

6/5/78-6/9/78: Don saved Donna from leaping off the ledge, then tumbled himself, was hurt, and underwent surgery. He and Donna reconciled while he was recovering. Joanne consulted Tom about her heart condition, then took Janice to the airport, leaving Mickey and Maggie a note about borrowing the child. Linda rebuffed Neil's advances, then was shattered because her new house burned. The bank refused to give Chris a loan for his own business. He moved into a storefront office. Samantha blamed herself as a jinx to Marlena's happiness. Tom assured Margo that Mike truly loves her.

6/12/78-6/16/78: Janice went into shock after Joanne fainted in their Florida hotel room. Mary resigned from Anderson Manufacturing and went to work with Chris. David learned that Valerie was coming home for the summer. Margo refused to marry Mike. Marlena made a professional appointment with Neil. Bob encouraged Linda to accept Neil's offer of the lake house. Maggie blamed Mickey for Janice's disappearance.

In Paris, Doug and Julie heard from her brother Steve Olson. The FBI located Janice and Joanne in Florida and Joanne admitted to Maggie that she is Janice's natural mother and wanted to see her before she died. Samantha returned to Hollywood. Mike took a job out of town and Jeri left to reunite with Trish. Neil told Marlena that her kidney infection wasn't serious. David and Valerie ran into each other and agreed to be friends. Linda reluctantly agreed to reside at the lake house until she refurbishes the Loomis house.

6/26/78-6/30/78: Michael was jealous when Margo dated her co-worker Tony Viola. Steve charmed Doug and Julie into giving him loans and promised to return to Salem. Mickey and Maggie brought Joanne to Salem so Bill could perform a heart bypass operation. Greg suspected that Marlena is ill and not merely rundown as everyone suggests. Neil made another pass at Linda.

7/3/78-7/7/78: Doug hired a new singer, Theresa Harper, who attracted Steve's attention and made Julie jealous. Donna lost her foster home and stood vigil while Don underwent surgery for internal bleeding. Marlena freaked when she learned Don must undergo another operation because of infection complications. Alice convinced Maggie that Janice is too young to learn Joanne is her mother. Linda fumed that Chris accepted a job with Jim Bradley that would pit Chris against Bob's company in an environmental fight. Jeri agreed to care for Timmy while Trish films a European movie. Mike and Margo reconciled. Robert suspected that Theresa had stolen money from the club.

7/10/78-7/14/78: To save Don's life, Bill administered an experimental drug that caused Don to lose his hearing. Mike and Margo were married. Steve took a shine to Mary. Chris was jealous, and Doug was suspicious that Steve's only interest was in Mary's inheritance. Joanne recovered from surgery performed by Bill. Steve returned the club's cash box and money and let Robert think Theresa had taken it. Tom and Alice took Donna into their home. Linda insisted on throwing a welcome party for Steve to outdo the Hortons. Doug hired Steve.
7/17/78-7/21/78: Janice was antagonistic toward Maggie after Hope spilled the beans that Joanne is Janice's real mother. Don apologized to Marlena for his bitter behavior, then heard his first sound in a week. David comforted Valerie after her father died. Doug blew up at Julie for consulting with Steve about buying a boutique. Doug grew chummier with Theresa. Mary dated Steve and argued with Chris over his opposition to Bob's building plans.

7/24/78-7/28/78: Alice comforted Margo about her death fears. Doug reluctantly signed the lease for Julie and Steve's new business. Julie feared that Theresa was using Doug to build Theresa's record career. Don refused to move in with Marlena during his recuperation and she resented Donna's intrusion into Don's life. Maggie and Mickey consulted Laura about Janice and Joanne checked out of the hospital. While Jeri told Timmy that they were going to Italy, David learned Trish's new address. Linda fished for information on Brooke's association with Bob.

7/31/78-8/4/78: Chris considered concentrations on his inventions rather than his company after he refused Mary's financial offers because he felt guilty about pitting Mary against Bob. Marlena left Don in a huff after arguing that Donna is playing up to him. Joanne promised she wouldn't get in touch with Janice. Trish left for Italy before David could reach her. He was unaware that Jeri is keeping Timmy. Doug insisted he isn't interested in a record career, but Theresa tormented him. Mike wouldn't face Margo's impending death.

8/7/78-8/11/78: David caught up with Jeri and retrieved Timmy. Amanda opposed the idea of Greg accepting a Chicago job offer. Mary and Chris agreed to live together but not on her money. Theresa moved in on Doug while Julie went to Europe on an antique buying spree. Linda didn't respond to Bob's suggestion of starting a family. Donna neglected to relay a phone message from Don to Marlena. Janice complained to Maggie about being adopted.

8/14/78-8/18/78: David learned from Danny that Valerie had returned to Washington, and she severed her relationship with David for good. Joanne became Linda's housekeeper. Don and Marlena made up, and Don suggested Donna find friends her own age. Theresa scored points with Doug when Hope took a liking to Theresa. Mickey fretted to Laura that he couldn't give Maggie a child of their own. Linda failed to turn Bob against Mary, despite his disapproval of Mary's living arrangement with Chris.

8/21/78-8/25/78: Julie and Steve returned and she warned Theresa to stay away from Doug. Tom and Alice became Donna's foster parents while Don visited his ill mother. Linda accused Mary and Chris of being a negative influence on Melissa. Laura told Maggie that she was overreacting to fears that Joanne is trying to steal Janice from Maggie, who was tempted to turn to drink during Mickey's business absence. Doug urged Theresa not to leave town.

8/28/78-9/1/78: Neil's cousin, Pete Curtis, arrived and took a shine to Donna but was warned she's only 15. Marlena's professor, Paul Whitman, returned to the scene and admitted he still loved her but she insisted Don's the only man for her. Donna phoned Don and implied that Marlena's keeping company with Paul. Maggie went on drunken binges and a fire started in the kitchen. Robert was on better terms with Theresa. Chris' sister, Amy, arrived and needed a job for school tuition. Chris nixed Mary's offer to loan her the loot. After spending a night in Marlena's guest house, Paul departed. David wanted to change Timmy's name to Scott in honor of David's father.

9/4/78-9/8/78: Maggie ordered Joanne and Janice not to see each other again. Joanne and Mickey worried about Maggie's binges. Amy worked with David and cared for Scott, Timmy's new name. Donna rubbed it in that Marlena was the last to learn that Don returned. Chris decided he couldn't sponge off Mary and moved out. Steve and Mimi met again in Paris and plotted to skim off the profits of Julie's business. Neil dated Dora, Marlena's secretary. Linda and Bob hired Stephanie Woodruff. Pete got Donna drunk.

9/11/78-9/15/78: Donna regretted her night with Pete, which ruined Neil's intentions for Dora. Chris nixed Stephanie's suggestion that he have a TV debate with Bob about their environmental arguments. Marge and Amy were distrustful of Stephanie's motives. Linda was convinced to fire Joanne for Maggie's sake. Maggie and Joanne told Janice about Joanne being her natural mother. Neil advised Julie to start a family before it's too late. She inadvertently kept Doug from participating in the opening of her and Steve's new shop. Don and Marlena reconciled.

9/18/78-9/22/78: Mary, Bob, and David were disturbed that Stephanie reminds them of Brooke Hamilton, whose body was identified in an auto crash. Amy was jealous that David seemed interested in Stephanie. Pete conned his way into staying in Salem and persuaded Donna to weekend with him while Neil's away. Maggie was relieved to hear from Dora that Joanne intended to leave town, but continued to drink and had an auto accident.

Maggie was booked for drunken driving after the accident in which Janice received a mild concussion. Chris rejected Bob's job offer after Bob won the building battle against the environmentalists. Mary accepted a date with Steve. Mickey locked up Maggie's liquor. Joanne promised Janice she wouldn't leave town. Marlena was vexed that Don is becoming more convinced that he is Donna's father. Bob passed out from chest pains.

10/2/78-10/6/78: Neil made a play for Linda while Bob was hospitalized in critical condition. Stephanie took a shine to Chris, seemed unduly interested in Bob's condition, and had a recurring memory of a car crash. Joanne consulted legal aid for grounds to sue for Janice's custody. Bob asked Chris and Mary to return to the company but Linda acquired power-of-attorney forms from Mickey. Don searched for Lorraine after Donna's birth certificate date suggested she might be his daughter. Donna suspected she's pregnant. Bill and Mickey argued about Tom being medically fit to be Greg's replacement. Maggie consulted Laura.

10/9/78-10/13/78: Linda secured power-of-attorney but Bob insisted she rehire Chris. Mary was miffed that it was Stephanie who buttered up Chris to return. Maggie received a fine for drunk driving, then received notice that Joanne is seeking custody of Janice. Janice witnessed Maggie fall down drunk. Neil massaged Linda. Donna consulted Toni Johnson about going to a clinic to check her pregnancy suspicions. Marlena was burned that Don wants to legally adopt Donna. David defended Stephanie to Mary and confessed he finds Stephanie a cute cookie.

10/16/78-10/20/78: Dora kicked Joanne out after learning Joanne reneged and is suing for Janice's custody. Nick feared Maggie is going off the deep end. Donna told Pete she's pregnant and Neil later informed her that Pete had skipped town. It was revealed that Stephanie is actually Brooke after Steph went to Brooke and Adele's graves and swore that Bob will pay for what he did to them. Doug learned that Steve padded Julie's bills and pocketed the money. Before Amanda left with Greg for Chicago, Neil said he would love her forever. Bob didn't want to hear Mary's power play accusations against Linda.

10/23/78-10/27/78: Donna drugged Don, undressed, and wrapped him in a blanket, and later hinted to Laura she was having trouble with an older man. Robert realized he's falling for Theresa. Marlena was upset that Don didn't tell Donna he's her father. Chris suspected Stephanie was after his body. Neil lent Linda romantic support when she complained of being lonely. Don warned Virginia McGuire, Joanne's lawyer, that Joanne can be charged with kidnapping.

Fearing she'd lose the custody case since Joanne and Virginia dug up Mickey's breakdown and sterility, Maggie snuck off to the farm with Janice. Linda felt guilty after spending a night with Neil, but cuddled up again when she learned that Phyllis owns a block of Anderson's stock. Everyone searched for a missing Donna. Mary cried on David's shoulder after finding Chris and Stephanie together in a convention hotel room. Chris tried to explain he was only leading Stephanie on to learn Linda's intention. Doug discouraged Julie from making Steve a full partner. Margo discussed her gravesite with Mike.

11/6/78-11/10/78: A mechanic tipped off Mickey about Maggie and Janice's whereabouts, but she refused Tom's pleas to attend the hearing, even though Mickey's not well. Neil snatched kisses from Linda in a hospital linen closet and they were later spotted by Chris. Julie noticed that Theresa has sunk her hooks into Robert. Donna sent Don a note that she's okay. Chris tried to smooth it over with Mary, inferring he's not having an affair with Stephanie. Bob received flowers from Phyllis. Chris gave Mike a promotion.

11/13/78-11/17/78: Steve told Robert he's not interested in Theresa, but Steve concocted another shady business deal without Julie's knowledge. Mary spied Linda and Neil in the act. Maggie dragged herself into court. Janice fell into a lake while playing with Melissa. Linda and Neil were otherwise engaged at the time. Robert told Doug that Theresa only dates Robert because she can't have Doug. Joanne squirmed when all the Horton skeletons were brought out at the trial.

11/20/78-11/24/78: Chris saved Janice from drowning. Maggie stayed off the booze, even after learning that Janice may have suffered brain damage. Bob returned home, and Mary fretted he'd die if he learned of Neil and Linda's affair. Chris asked Mary to marry him but she didn't think it would work. David used Amy to try to make Stephanie jealous. Margo noticed that Stephanie has migraine spells.

Don and Marlena's marriage plans exploded when Donna returned and claimed Don had slept with her. Donna later admitted it was a lie when Don informed her he's her father. Joanne was awarded temporary custody of Janice until and if Maggie can conquer her alcoholism. Robert learned Steve has been buying fake antique boxes from Earl Roscoe. Pete called and learned that Donna's in juvenile hall. Julie asked Steve to be a full partner. Jeri returned with news that Trish's film job was a flim-flam.

12/4/78-12/8/78: Don and Marlena reconciled. Donna admitted to Don she's pregnant after Marlena guessed as much from Toni's insinuations. Maggie and Mickey had sexual problems, and Janice wrote she's enjoying living in San Francisco with Joanne. Mary dated Steve. Stephanie warned Chris that Linda is pulling a power play with Anderson Mfg. Linda panicked when Pete's return interrupted her liaison at Neil's pad. Doug objected and Mickey was cautious when Julie insisted Steve become a full business partner.

Maggie and Doug talked about the absence of children in their respective marriages; Mickey's impotent and Julie's preoccupied with her business. Linda secretly negotiated a company merger that would give Mr. Victor of Amalgamated Ltd. control over Anderson Manufacturing. Pete failed to convince Donna to have an abortion. Amy gave her notice to David since she's heading for school. Stephanie plotted to sell Chris' carburetor invention to another company. Steve was reminded he's in debt to loan sharks. Mike insisted to Chris that there's a company construction problem.

12/18/78-12/22/78: Chris and Mike were rescued from a construction site accident. Pete warned Donna against hoping for marriage. The Hortons trimmed the Christmas tree, while Doug and Maggie realized they are becoming closer. Chris and Mary decided to start fresh and go to his folks' house for Christmas while Stephanie accepted an invitation to go to Bob and Linda's.

12/25/78-12/29/78: Stephanie gave Bob a royal holiday shock by lying that Chris is negotiating with another firm to sell an invention. Meanwhile, she acquired a copy of Chris' signature to forge the transaction. Mary accused Linda of framing Chris and hinted to Bob about Neil and Linda. Marlena sought Laura's help in dealing with Donna's wedding fantasies. Theresa learned that Steve's antique music boxes are copies and hinted as much to Julie, who was reluctant to believe her brother was in cahoots with art forger Earl.

Bob got wise to Linda and hired a detective to tail her and Neil. Laura, who developed vision problems, okayed Bill's intention to rehire his former paramour, Kate Winograd, after he accepted the chief of surgery post. Stephanie played hard to get with David, who hired Jeri as Scotty's babysitter, which irked Julie. Mickey was jealous of the time Maggie and Doug spent together producing a smash musical benefit. Donna forced Pete to agree to an elopement after the benefit, but Neil offered to perform an abortion. Theresa tipped off Robert about Steve's fake antiques. Linda was miffed that Bob gave Chris another chance and was unaware that Bob stripped her of power of attorney.

1/8/79-1/12/79: Trish surfaced in L.A., couldn't locate Jeri, and had a call to David intercepted by Stephanie who kept mum to David. Donna miscarried after she and Pete had a cycle crash on their way to a justice of the peace. Margo was re-hospitalized. Doug and Maggie halted being too close for comfort, but Steve taunted Julie that Doug's got a thing for Maggie. Kate told Bill and Laura that her infatuation with Bill is long gone. Mary and Chris made wedding plans, as did Don and Marlena. Bob caught Linda on Neil's doorsteps. Artie got Trish a singing job in L.A.

1/15/79-1/19/79: Bob and Linda tussled about her affair with Neil. She tumbled downstairs and developed amnesia. Steve convinced Julie and Doug wanted her to go on a buying trip so he could snuggle up to Maggie. Marlena asked Samantha to her wedding. Sam told Trish that Jeri and Timmy (Scott) are in Salem. David spent a night with Stephanie. Pete left for school, and Donna made amends with Don and Marlena. Trish hinted to Artie that she did "bad things" to get plane fare back to the states. Mickey feared he's losing Maggie, who went to the farm. Margo was released but Tom couldn't say how long she has to live.

1/22/79-1/26/79: Julie felt guilty for doubting Doug after Maggie told her that they shared problems but not desires. David told Trish there is nothing left between them. Stephanie goaded him about Trish being a lousy mother. Doug learned from Amanda that Steve's antique music boxes are definitely fakes but didn't tell Julie. Laura hid her dizzy spells from Bill. Bob blamed himself for Linda's condition and won't desert her. Chris and Mary agree to live together again before they marry. Margo considered Trish's return a blessing since Mike could fall back on Trish if Margo dies.

1/29/79-2/2/79: Doug forced Steve to sign a secret confession and a promissory note to Doug for paying Steve's debts. In return, Doug saved Steve's reputation for Julie's sake. David wouldn't allow Trish to see their baby. Mickey found Maggie visiting with her old beau, Jay Livingston. Bill and Laura gave Mike money to buy a house for Margo. Chris told Bob that either Linda or Stephanie had forged his name in the carburetor fiasco. Robert learned that Johnny and Rebecca had been killed in a crash, but no news about Dougie. Julie told Doug she'd like to start a family. Mary chewed out Neil about Linda. Samantha arrived at Marlena's.

2/5/79-2/9/79: Robert headed for Japan to get Dougie, who was not on the fatal plane. Stephanie became Bob's executive assistant but worried when David said she'd been talking in her sleep. Trish took over temporarily for Theresa at Doug's Place. Because of her uncertain future, Margo nixed Mike's plans to buy a house. Bill and Kate volunteered to help out-of-town flood victims, leaving Laura behind. The illness of Marlena's mother may postpone Marlena and Don's wedding again. Linda looked forward to going home, and Samantha returned to Los Angeles.

2/12/79-2/16/79: Laura gave Bill the royal love treatment after he returned from work duty with Kate. Julie committed herself to becoming pregnant. Melissa inadvertently mentioned Bob and Linda's fight to a still-amnesiac Linda. Maggie reluctantly rejoined Mickey. Don and Marlena's wedding was stalled when her mother was hospitalized. David refused to allow Trish to see Scotty. Stephanie urged David to divorce Trish. Amanda reported that her marriage to Greg was faltering. Margo encouraged Mike and Trish to make amends for the past.

2/19/79-2/23/79: Laura underwent extensive medical tests at Bill's request. Robert returned with Dougie, but refused Theresa's offer of help. Steve took an interest in Amanda while she resisted Neil's renewed advances. Trish was upset when Stephanie told her that David wanted a divorce. Maggie's volunteer work with hospitalized children reminded her of Janice. Margo told Trish they were the only two women Mike ever loved. Marlena and Don set a March wedding date. Mary told Chris Stephanie reminds her of Brooke Hamilton.

2/26/79-3/2/79: Jeri goaded Trish to hire lawyer Jerry Rheinhart for a custody battle with David, who cooled it with Stephanie so there would be no proof that he's an unfit father. Linda tried to piece together her past by forcing Mary to confess Linda only married Bob for his money. Mickey was shocked that Linda remembers their affair as though it were yesterday. Laura learned she suffers from slight anemia and needs total rest. Neil kept quiet that Dougie is Doug's son because of Rebecca's artificial insemination. Theresa split. Don and Marlena's family arrived for the wedding.

3/5/79-3/9/79: Don and Marlena were married. Linda went out of town in hopes of regaining her memory. Maggie told Mickey she wants to work things out, then Joanne wrote that she intends to marry and wants complete custody of Janice. Julie noticed that Doug spoils Dougie as though he were the boy's father, which he unknowingly is. Mary was upset with Chris for blabbing that they're living together. Trish became pals with Donna, who babysits Scott, so Trish could have secret visits with her baby. Robert was concerned that Dougie is ill. Trish laid into Jeri for spying on David and Stephanie.

Trish claimed she was near David's apartment when someone tried to molest her. Later, Alice learned that Donna allowed Trish to visit Scott secretly. Bob hired a detective to locate Linda and instituted security checks at the plant when he signed to do a government project. Stephanie stalled being fingerprinted and burned her hand on purpose. Amanda's long-distance marriage to Greg grew strained and she agreed to a date with Neil. Marlena and Don honeymooned. Doug and David told Julie not to interfere with David and Stephanie's relationship.

Chris walked out when Mary refused to accept his engagement ring. Bob assured Stephanie she needn't worry about the security checks because of her burned hands. In New York, Julie ran into Linda, who said she was consulting a doctor about her memory lapse. Margo was upset that Mike moonlighted to pay for their new house. Doug advised Maggie to allow Janice to remain with Joanne. Marlena and Don returned and understood why Donna is allowing Trish to see Scott secretly.
3/26/79-3/30/79: Mike lost his garage job and became a car attendant at Doug's Place. Linda returned to Salem, kept separate rooms with Bob, was miffed to learn Stephanie has taken over at work, experienced bits of memory, and resolved to stick with Bob while telling him she'll give him his freedom. Chris took over Neil's date with Amanda when Neil was called on an emergency. Laura acted irrationally with Marlena after learning Laura's mother is making progress at a mental institution. Steve questioned Robert about who was the insemination donor for Dougie. Trish and David were on better terms.

4/2/79-4/6/79: Marlena was upset that Laura demoted her and planned to hire another psychiatrist for the department. Amanda was courted by Steve, Chris, and Neil. Chris also dated Trish, which miffed David. Robert discovered a safe-deposit box in Rebecca's name. Don teased Donna about her infatuation for a teacher. Linda pulled a sympathy act with Bob about her past deeds as detailed in Bob's investigator's report. Steve learned that Trish worked for a shady friend of his in Paris. Steve hit Tom for a loan. Marie wrote that she's returning home. Mike went further in debt to lavish Margo with new home furnishings.
4/9/79-4/13/79: Laura asked Mike and Mickey to attend her mother's funeral, but not Bill. Marlena was forced to move her offices to make way for psychiatrist Jordan Barr. Marie arrived. Laura was haunted by her mother's ghost for not saving her from suicide. Rebecca's safe deposit box contained a letter for Doug, who returned with Julie from Europe. Maggie decided to break ties with Janice. Trish tended Scotty and David which irked Stephanie. Amanda found herself drawn to Chris. This didn't pass Neil's sarcastic notice. Linda warned Mary that Stephanie is out to gain control over Bob and the company. Bob gave Stephanie stock shares.

4/16/79-4/20/79: Mary met Phyllis in San Francisco, where Phyllis has a boyfriend but is determined to seek revenge on Neil. Doug learned from Rebecca's letter that he's Dougie's father, but Doug kept the news from Robert. Bob criticized Mary after her "innocent" magazine article cost the plant a government contract. Laura refused Marlena's resignation, then later was hostile to her again. Jordan arrived. Mary assured Phyllis that she had washed her hands of Neil, who has renewed an interest in Amanda. Trish nursed David, who has pneumonia. Marie explained her religious devotion to Julie.
4/23/79-4/27/79: Stephanie broke up with David because of Trish. Chris fumed when Julie warned against his romance with Amanda. Linda seethed when Bob invited Stephanie to stay in Mary's quarters. Linda enticed Bob into bed, but he nixed further forays. Laura acted neurotic with Kate, who dated Neil but told him she was quitting her job. Laura's mother's ghost cautioned that Jordan is out to grab Laura's job. Julie was set ablaze during a kitchen fire at Maggie's. Donna visited Don's mother. Doug had Don put Rebecca's letter under lock and key and hid the facts from Julie. Mike and Margo moved into their new house.

4/30/79-5/4/79: Neil was lovey-dovey with Kate. Julie was hospitalized for her burns. Marie nursed her, Laura insisted on helping her psychologically, and Maggie blamed herself for the accident. Amanda postponed returning to Greg because her help is needed with Hope. Chris got his own apartment so that he and Amanda can be together privately. Donna returned with expensive gifts for Don and Marlena. Neil lied to Robert saying that Doug's artificial insemination donation didn't work out. Stephanie ingratiated herself further in Bob's life, much to Linda's dismay.

5/7/79-5/11/79: Marie questioned Laura's methods in handling Julie's therapy which made Julie's mental outlook worse instead of better. Chris fantasized seducing Amanda. Linda has been remembering more of her past, but has kept up the amnesia act. Mike borrowed money from Chris and Mickey without Margo's knowledge. Neil was shocked by Phyllis' return. Mary also had a surprise when she found Stephanie with Bob in a compromising situation. Marlena fretted about how Donna is paying for expensive gifts she's handing out. Julie suggested that Hope stay with Maggie and Mickey until Julie is well. Don was flabbergasted when Steve suggested suing Maggie for Julie's accident.
5/14/79-5/18/79: Julie was hysterical that she'll lose Doug if skin grafts don't work. Linda and Mary united against Stephanie, although Bob assured Mary it's strictly business with him and Steph. Hope added to Maggie's guilt by blaming her for Julie's accident. Phyllis offered to sell her stock to Bob and noticed Stephanie's hold over Bob. Linda almost blew her amnesia cover in front of Phyllis. Amanda hesitated over moving in with Chris. Laura tried to keep visitors away from Julie, who swiped sedatives in case she can't face the future. Laura hid her growing madness, visions of her mother, Carrie.

5/21/79-5/25/79: Amanda was thrown for a curve when Greg arrived. He returned to Chicago after a night of marital "performance failure" and suspected that another guy is in the picture. Laura's madness, which has Julie contemplating suicide, spread to Jennifer, whom Laura filled with nightmarish tales. Marie and Jordan met. Julie insisted she won't give her blessing to a reconciliation between Trish and David. Mike borrowed money from practically everyone. Chris felt guilty about Greg and tried to cool it with Amanda. Marlena fretted when Donna came up with another expensive gift, this time for Samantha, who won a drama award. Don advised Phyllis that Neil can't interfere in her stock-selling plans whether she divorces him or not.

The search was on for Julie, who slipped out of the hospital with drugs. Phyllis pretended to be taken in by Neil's appeals that they start all over again. Laura didn't tell anyone that Julie had called and Laura hadn't discouraged her from running away to think things through. Mickey fretted about Maggie's reaction that Linda was rehired at the law office. The Julie crisis brought Amanda and Chris together. An out-of-town doctor advised Julie to return to her husband and the hospital. Stephanie was intrigued by the news that whoever buys Phyllis' stock will have veto power but not controlling interest.

6/4/79-6/8/79: Julie returned to undergo her plastic surgery operation, but Doug, Marie, and Jordan are convinced that Laura has been detrimental to Julie's case. Steve dated Mary in front of Amanda and Chris. Donna stole a ring from Chez Julie and gave it to Marlena for her birthday, saying it was a family heirloom. Robert made a will specifying that Dougie be sent to Robert's sister in France should anything happen to Robert. Mary tipped off Phyllis that Neil is snooping into Phyllis' reasons for wanting to sell her stocks. Maggie failed to cope with Hope's increasing antagonism. Bob suspected that Linda's memory has returned, while Julie was surprised at Stephanie's understanding of her surgery.

6/11/79-6/15/79: Amanda and Chris succumbed to their desires after she told Mickey to start divorce proceedings against Greg. Linda lit up when Bob offered a complete reconciliation. Don didn't tell Marlena that he learned the truth from Steve about Donna's thieving ways. Laura hired Donna as Jennifer's babysitter, then, in a crazed state, took Jennie and left the babe alone on a bus. Bill and Marlena resisted Jordan's pleas that Laura's wacko, until Bill realized what Laura did to Jennifer. Laura also didn't remember forcing Mike to repay her loan and he had to deal with a loan shark while Laura lit into Margo for driving Mike to the poorhouse. Robert helped settle a tiff between David and Trish.
6/18/79-6/22/79: The bus driver returned Jennie to Bill, who insisted that Laura is not bonkers, despite Marie's counsel. Marlena fretted that Laura's behavior might be hereditary. Julie's surgeon encouraged her, indicating that there won't be tissue-transplant rejection. Neil got the jitters when Phyllis noticed Dougie's resemblance to Doug. Robert considered going to Paris with Dougie. Phyl's "darling" called, offering her a trip to Hawaii. Jordan's pal, Todd Russell, arrived to substitute for Laura. Laura snuck into Julie's room and made her hysterical by saying Doug had lied about Julie's operation and his emotions.
6/25/79-6/29/79: Carrie's "ghost" pushed Laura over the edge. Laura swallowed drugs, locked herself in her room, and tried to hang herself. Bill and Alice came to the rescue. Bill finally accepted it that Laura has to be institutionalized. Chris accidentally bumped into Mary with his car after a fight resulting from his admission that he's through with her and serious about Amanda. Doug freaked out when Robert announced he's taking Dougie to Paris. Stephanie suspected that Linda had snooped around Steph's office, and noted that Linda recognized David, which didn't jibe with Linda's amnesia story. Steve hinted that Mary ought to sue Chris.

7/2/79-7/6/79: Prompted by Steve, Mary asked Don to handle her lawsuit against Chris for the accident. Trish and David decided to make another go of their marriage. Julie felt she's a burden to Doug, but attended the Horton holiday picnic. Linda witnessed Chris and Mary's accident and realizes that Mary and Steve are lying about the circumstances. Neil implied he'd like to reconcile with Phyllis. Donna swiped a valuable bracelet from a wealthy baby sitting client. Bob chose Chris to deal with a potential new client, Alex Marshall, who Phyllis knows personally.

7/9/79-7/13/79: Julie's first skin grafts didn't "take," and Steve took her to Chicago for another doctor's opinion. In Paris, Robert got along smashingly with Mimi, Steve's old girlfriend. Jordan showed more than a spiritual interest in Sister Marie. Bob encouraged Chris to take Amanda to San Francisco on a business trip. Steve left Maggie in charge of Chez Julie. The Chicago doctor advised Julie to undergo further treatment with her present doctor or else learn to live as she is. Mike took over Robert's maitre d' duties. Don and Marlena accused Donna of stealing the bracelet, then were proved wrong when the baby-sitting client found it. Neil refused Phyllis' request for a divorce.
7/16/79-7/20/79: Steve joined Mimi and resumed their affair. They met wealthy Byron Carmichael, who resembled Doug. Marie confided to Jordan about her tragic past with Tommy. Jordan took over as Laura's replacement after Marlena refused. Julie returned to Salem to tell Doug she had divorced him in Mexico. Marlena and Don argued about conflicts of interest between her patient, Lester, and his client, Trask. Mike was conned into working as loan shark Earl's "collector." Bob laid into Linda after he realized her memory had returned and she had been stringing him along. Trish hid a handful of diamonds. Steve and Mimi remembered that shady guy Durand had it out from Trish because she cheated him on a deal. Mickey offered to find a shop for Maggie since she dug working at Chez Julie.

7/23/79-7/27/79: Byron's wife, Lee, made it clear she can't wait til he kicks the bucket, but Steve put the thought in his head that Doug may be his long-lost brother. Doug was depressed about Julie's divorce and she moved into a studio apartment. Marie's keeping mum about her life before she entered the convent. Chris and Amanda bought each other rings, but Greg popped up and insisted he's not letting her go without a fight. Phyllis met Alex Marshall in San Francisco but swore Chris and Amanda to secrecy. Bob had trouble with his heart again and was warned to take it easy. He refused to believe Linda's tales that Mary's lying about her accident and is out to screw Chris to the wall.

Stephanie convinced Mary to drop the lawsuit against Chris because of Bob's health. Stephanie also confessed to Julie that she's really Brooke Hamilton and had plastic surgery which was as successful as Julie's can be. Margo found Trish's hidden diamonds, but Trish swore her to secrecy. Donna likes Arthur, the son of Marlena's patient, Lester. Doug hit the bottle, while admitting to Neil that he was raised an orphan and his real name is Brent Douglas. Byron's lawyer, Desmond, convinced Doug to meet with Byron, who's convinced Doug is his brother. Steve agreed to smuggle diamonds for Durand, who cautioned him not to run off with the goods, which his last carrier, Trish, had done. Steve met Lee and they got along swimmingly. Don urged Marlena to get pregnant.
8/6/79-8/10/79: Doug was devastated after a brief call from his brother Byron, who died soon afterward. Stephanie's confession, Jordan's urgings, and Steve's tauntings about Doug being a rotten egg made Julie reconsider another operation. Amanda confessed to Julie that she's pregnant, but told only Chris that she's going to Chicago to straighten things out with Greg. Phyllis convinced Alex to return to Salem with her. Linda pushed Steve and Mary together. Steve and Lee agreed to work together for their own best interests. Maggie took over the management of Chez Julie. David assumed that Mike continues to work at Doug's just to be near Trish.

8/13/79-8/17/79: While Doug and Marie talked about his past, she had a flashback to a "wild period" before she became a nun. Samantha returned and lamented to Marlena about her lousy boyfriend, Phil. Byron left the bulk of his fortune to Doug, and Lee will be disinherited if she contests it. Julie's landlord assured her she's beautiful despite her scars. Stephanie panicked, fearing Alex knows the plastic surgeon who performed her surgery. Stephanie was caught off guard, realizing she's genuinely attracted to Bob. Mary was jealous that Bob gave Stephanie a car. Doug asked Mickey to track down his mother and set up a secret trust fund for Julie. Phyllis dated Alex under Neil's nose, but allowed Neil to peck her on the cheek lovingly. Amanda was in the dumps to be in Chicago with Greg.

8/20/79-8/24/79: Samantha blurted out to Donna that Marlena is pregnant. Greg refused to give Amanda a divorce, even though she insisted she's pregnant with Chris' child. Greg told Chris that the baby is Greg's. Julie's landlord, Adam Blake, persuaded her to pose for a painting. Robert and Dougie returned from France. Samantha consulted Neil about a kidney ailment. Maggie was alarmed that Steve keeps a gun in the shop, and she nixed a Washington trip with Mickey. Margo tried to get Mike off the loan hook to Earl by giving Earl one of the diamonds Trish gave her. Alex snooped into Bob's business affairs. Linda suggested to Mary that they arrange to replace Stephanie with Steve at the company. Lee pulled a widow sob act on Doug.
8/27/79-8/31/79: Doug fell for Lee's sympathy act and offered financial support after he inherited Byron's estate. Julie refused to see Hope. Bill dined with Maggie during Mickey's absence. Linda hired an investigative firm to tail Stephanie. Julie promised to keep mum about Stephanie being Brooke unless Stephanie hurts Bob. Steve paid court to both Mary and Lee until he learned Lee is poor as a church mouse. Alex flirted with Maggie. Amanda had pregnancy problems after learning that her baby will legally belong to Greg even if it's Chris' child. Jordan helped Julie psychologically at Linda's urging. Mary asked Bob to hire Steve. Don became a city councilman. Chris rehired Mike at Anderson's, thanks to Margo.

9/3/79-9/7/79: Amanda was rushed to the hospital and must have a therapeutic abortion. Simpson came for his canes with the smuggled diamonds, and Steve flared at Maggie for unwittingly selling one to Tom and one to Trask. Marie admitted to Tommy that she had a disastrous affair before she entered the convent. Julie reminded Jordan of a woman he once loved and lost. Alex let Stephanie know that he's aware of her real identity. Steve retrieved Tom's cane, but Trask went to Europe, and Steve failed to persuade Trish to give up her diamond supply. Lee gladly accepted Doug's invitation to live under his roof. Greg arrived and learned from Tom that Amanda may have a malignancy. Alex told Phyllis he's not the marrying kind. Donna returned from Hollywood. Julie finally saw Hope and realized the child isn't repulsed by Julie's scars.

9/10/79-9/14/79: Steve intimated that Maggie and Bill were up to no good after they dined together. Cathy Breton joined the hospital cafeteria staff. Greg agreed to a divorce after Amanda had a hysterectomy. Jordan persuaded Doug to leave Julie alone after she got hysterical because he bought her a house, which she refused to accept. Because Lee is moving in on Doug and his loot, Steve expects to be her partner. Marlena learned that Samantha has a kidney problem. Trish re-hid her diamonds, then was threatened by Simpson. Trish asked Margo to return the one diamond she had lent her to pay off Earl. Maggie found Simpson in the shop, and a gunshot was fired. David asked Bob for a transfer because of Stephanie.
9/17/79-9/21/79: Maggie was questioned by the police after Simpson died of a gunshot wound inflicted during their struggle at the shop. Steve pushed for a job at Anderson Manufacturing. Phyllis warned Bob that Stephanie may be out to take over the company -- and him. Jordan warned Doug not to contact Julie, who agreed to another skin graft. Alice told Julie that Lee may be out to get Doug and his money. Mickey returned from Washington to stand by Maggie. Chris reassured Amanda that he loves her even though she can't give him children. Trish and Steve feared their link to Simpson would be discovered. Marlena talked Donna out of an immediate Hollywood acting career.

9/24/79-9/28/79: Amanda returned to Chicago with Greg, leaving a bitter Chris behind. Margo returned Trish's diamond to her, not knowing Earl had substituted a fake. Marie had memories of a past violent sexual encounter with Alex. Stephanie trained Stephen as her assistant after Bob transferred David to another Anderson job. Julie went to San Francisco with Jordan for her skin graft. Lee talked Doug into buying her jewelry back from Stephen. Marlena hasn't been feeling well. Chris refused Mary's offer of friendship. Alex unsuccessfully tried to get Anderson Co. information from Linda and Chris.

10/1/79-10/5/79: Mickey opposed Maggie's suggestion that they shelter Cathy. Julie's first skin graft in San Francisco was successful. Don and Donna didn't tell Marlena that Samantha is having health problems because Marlena is ill. But Marlena guessed that Sam is back in the drug scene. Marie realized that Alex recognized her as a former lover. Mike fumed after learning that Margo borrowed money from Trish. Chris and Bob speculated that Alex has an inside source at Anderson Manufacturing because he knew details about Chris' solar device. Lee worked her charms on Doug.

10/8/79-10/12/79: Julie spotted Doug and Lee together and compared Lee's flawless beauty to her own partial disfigurement. Bob ordered Mickey to cut Linda out of Bob's will in favor of Mary. Alex asked Phyllis to trade her Anderson stock for Magnus shares. Marie guessed that Julie is experiencing patient "affection transference" to her therapist, Jordan. Earl loaned Mike more money to keep Mike unwittingly working Earl's "runner" operation. Cathy disregarded Marie's advice and agreed to date intern Joe Cook. Marlena wanted Samantha returned to Salem because of Sam's kidney ailment, but Don was skeptical because of Sam's past actions.

10/15/79-10/19/79: Earl threatened to harm Mike if Margo blows the whistle on Earl's loan shark deals. Donna met Terry Gilbert, who promised to teach her to be a model. Lee convinced Doug that Julie won't improve without Jordan's love, then she seduced a drunken Doug. Alex undermined Tom's abilities. Linda lied that she's pregnant after learning that Bob cut her out of his will. Don and Marlena were suspicious when Alex donated to Don's campaign and put in a good word to the mayor. Julie visited Laura, who's improving and who urged Julie to have final surgery and return to Doug. Neil told Marlena that Samantha's condition is worsening. Stephanie spent the night with Alex and persuaded Mary that Stephanie and Bob's relationship isn't sexual. Cathy became Alex's maid.

10/22/79-10/26/79: Marie warned Alex to keep his filthy paws off Cathy. Alex countered that Marie wouldn't want her family to know about her past. Neil was concerned that Samantha may be terminally ill. Julie learned of Doug's drinking problem. Doug told Lee he can only love Julie. Terry and Earl are in cahoots to use suggestive photos of Donna for their financial gain. Phyllis sold her Anderson stock to Alex. Earl threatened Margo's life if Mike didn't continue doing his illegal work. Julie decided to undergo her final surgery after Steve assigned his share of Chez Julie to Doug in return for the loan he owes. Cathy realized how bitter Chris is about romantic involvements.
10/29/79-11/2/79: Linda lured Bob to bed. Samantha discouraged Donna from an acting career. Bob agreed to Alex's loan. Alex is using Stephanie and tried to put the make on Maggie before Mickey interrupted. Neil agreed to divorce Phyllis when she threatened to name Mary and Linda in a lawsuit. Neil warned Alex not to ditch Phyllis because she has a history of suicide attempts. Lee gained ground in seducing Doug. Tom financed Cathy's entrance into the nursing program, while Mickey and Maggie decided to have her move in with them. Don worked to get the goods on a new syndicate operation in Salem.

11/5/79-11/9/79: Julie went to show Doug the results of her surgery and learned that he and Lee had a quickie marriage. Lee had intercepted several calls for Doug from Julie before the marriage. Marlena was torn apart upon learning that Samantha must use a dialysis machine and is in pain. Terry convinced Donna to pose alluringly and plotted future soft-porn photo sessions. Don won the city council election. Hope broke her arm while Doug was marrying Lee and refused to accept Lee as her new mother. Steve bought the cane that contains the missing diamonds from Trask, but Maggie's suspicious that Steve paid a lot of money for it.

11/12/79-11/16/79: Chris' cousin, Stan, roused Cathy's interest. Don investigated porno in Salem, unaware of Donna's "modeling" for Terry. Mickey opposed searching for Cathy's parents. Don worried about Marlena after Samantha was released and moved in with the Craigs. Steve threatened to blackmail Lee if she stays married to Doug. Neil and Robert blamed Jordan for Doug and Julie's bust-up. Earl fired bullets at Mike and Margo's house to keep them in line. Phyllis planned a post-divorce trip to Las Vegas, assuming that Alex would join her.

Alex pretended to leave town to scare Bob into accepting Alex's loan, which Bob did. Linda faked pregnancy symptoms to trick Bob into changing his will. Alex made a pass at Maggie, then slipped Stephanie "joy" pills because he thought she was running off with Phyllis. Alex had no intention of marrying Phyllis. Earl threatened the lives of Mike's friends should Mike try to report him to the cops. Chris and Mary reminisced about old times.

Julie warned Jordan she wants only a doctor-patient relationship. Margo and Mike clammed up after Earl's henchmen pushed Margo down a flight of stairs. Doug noticed Lee's selfish qualities. Mickey couldn't trace Cathy's parents. Earl ordered Terry to get porno shots of Donna just in case Don's investigation leads to their door. Alex plotted to control Anderson Manufacturing. Marie remembered that Alex's brother Harley jumped or was pushed from a terrace. Alex gave Stephanie the rough-and-tumble drug treatment.

12/3/79-12/7/79: Stephanie got strung out on Alex's pills. Cathy lost her virginity to Stan after being rebuffed by Alex. Chris saved Samantha's life when she collapsed after feeling guilty for causing friction in the Craig household. Bob told Mickey to put Linda back in his will. Melissa overheard Neil tell Linda she isn't pregnant. Neil warned Marlena she's endangering her pregnancy because of concern for Samantha. Lee hedged telling Doug about her family. Mimi wrote Trish that drug smuggler Durand is in jail. Neil and Julie cried that they're losers at love.

Doug shocked Robert by telling him that he is Dougie's father. Stephanie, stoned on pills, almost told Bob she's his daughter. Terry faked a nude photo of Donna that Earl plans to use against Don. Neil and Julie got close. Marie left for the Mother House in Canada. Sam refused to come home with Marlena. Mike learned Donna is working for Terry, who works for Earl.

Alex refused Stephanie's marriage proposal. Marie's Mother Superior remembered that Marie was pregnant many years ago. Steve told Bob he bought an engagement ring for Mary. Little Dougie ran away after overhearing Doug and Robert argue about Robert taking the child to Paris. Mickey advised Doug he'd lose a court battle over Dougie. Julie learned about Doug contributing to an artificial insemination. Samantha returned to the Craigs. Neil and Jordan warned Marlena to forget being a kidney donor for Sam, since that would terminate Marlena's pregnancy. Neil refused Linda's request that he tell Bob that she miscarried.

Doug returned little Dougie to Robert after Julie found him wandering the streets. Marie remembered that her pregnant friend Denise gave up her baby for adoption before Marie, who also was pregnant, entered the convent. Chris spent Christmas with Samantha, but still mooned about Amanda. Mary nixed Steve's marriage proposal. Bob suspected Linda's game when Melissa cried that she'd die if Bob ever abandoned Linda and Melissa. Doug agreed to hand Robert the deed to the club if Robert and Dougie stay in Salem.
12/31/79-1/4/80: Mother Superior reminded Marie that she could not trace Angelique, the daughter Marie gave up for adoption. Steve went to Paris. Trish feared Durand would tail her. Terry got ga-ga-eyed over Trish, who brushed him off, saying she was married. Phyllis lost a bundle in Las Vegas, and Linda kicked her out of the lake house. Samantha was to receive a kidney transplant when Mr. Pearson's daughter dies. Greg nixed Tom's offer to return and run the hospital. Chris dated Sam and noticed Alex kissing Mary on New Year's Eve. Robert agreed to stay, change Dougie's name to Charles, and name Doug the child's guardian in Robert's will, in return for Doug's silence about Dougie's parentage.