Jon-Michael Reed's Syndicated Weekly Synopses: "Tune in Tomorrow"

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1/7/80-1/11/80: Melissa told Mary who told Phyllis about Linda's fake pregnancy. Sam underwent a transplant. Don received a "pasted together" nude photo of Donna, but told Marlena he will pursue the porno investigation even if Donna's reputation is kaput. Phyllis got sleeping pills after Alex insisted that marriage is out of the question. Then Phyllis spotted Alex and Mary together. Doug wouldn't believe that Neil and Julie are just friends. Julie also dated Jordan, while trying to persuade Doug that Lee is trying to separate Doug and Hope. Marie returned to Salem with a file on what happened to her daughter.
1/14/80-1/18/80: After Mother Superior died, Marie headed to the unwed mother's clinic, while Cathy had pregnancy symptoms. Phyllis squealed to Bob that Linda was not pregnant. Earl and Terry feared that Mike and Trish could testify about their operations, and Earl decided to release the porno flick that Donna unwittingly had "starred" in. Alex told Marie not to interfere if he decided to get married. Tom's health was on the bum, and Doug's plans for a hospital fundraiser fell through. Lee made arrangements to send Hope to a private school. Because she had encouraged Donna to become an actress, Samantha blamed herself for Donna's plight. Lee pressured Doug for a trip to the Orient.
1/21/80-1/25/80: Samantha and Chris became chummier. Bob had chest pains while uncovering all of Linda's schemes to hide her fake pregnancy. Cathy couldn't understand why Marie started giving her the cold shoulder. Alice fretted about Tom's health. Earl set up a screening of Donna's movie to scare off Don. Donna was frantic because she unwittingly helped hoods ruin Don's career.
1/28/80-2/1/80: Donna went truckin' with a trucker, then gave him the slip. Don and Marlena agreed to pay off Earl for Donna's porno film. Phyllis refused Neil's money offer to leave town. Mimi arrived to get Durand's diamonds from Trish. Mimi renewed her chumminess with Robert and also attracted Neil's roving eye. Bill visited Laura who may be improving. Mike told Mickey everything about Earl. Mickey plans to move Mike and Margo out of town for safety, but Margo's looking pale and wan. Bob told Melissa he'll love her even if he breaks up with Linda.

2/4/80-2/8/80: Robert warned Neil to steer clear of Mimi. Don and Mickey fired Linda. Maggie was heartbroken when Cathy packed to move into the student dorm. Donna was picked up by the highway patrol after escaping from a punk who tried to molest her. Don warned Terry never to go near Donna. Sam noticed that Marlena is ill. Mimi told Trish to replace the fake diamond with the real thing. Linda fought with Bob and left him without noticing he had collapsed. Bob ordered Stephanie to help Mary's career. Stephanie passed out on David's couch.
2/11/80-2/15/80: Phyllis hospitalized Bob after Linda kept his medicine from him. Stephanie told Bob she's really Brooke. Bob changed his will to give Linda's share to Stephanie. Earl burned his office and split after denying that he had switched Trisha's real diamond for a fake one. Doug and Lee's honeymoon was cut short when she contracted a disease. Don and Donna delivered an antipornography lecture. Alex convinced Mary that Stephanie is lying about being Brooke, who was in a car crash after Alex admitted plans to wed Mary. Neil came on strong with Julie. Linda panicked that Bob would remember she left him for dead.

Services were held for Stephanie (Brooke) who died after her car crash. Alex assumed Bob's chores at Anderson Manufacturing and asked Mary to be his wife. Trish got a loan from Doug so she could pay off Durand. Bob remembered that Linda had left him to die. Lee had a change of heart after realizing how much Doug's friends mean to him and suggested they buy a new house in Salem. Terry turned state's evidence against Earl so Don would go easy on him. Jordan intimated that Marie wasn't emotionally able to cope with her unwed mothers' clinic duties.
2/25/80-2/29/80: Marlena gave birth prematurely to a boy, Don Jr. Bill warned Margo against a pregnancy because her illness seems to be flaring up again. Chris returned and fought with Alex about Anderson policies. Laura made progress and wants to return home with Bill. Bob wasn't thrilled by Alex and Mary's engagement, and Jordan noticed Marie's concern about Alex's motives. Bob told Mickey that he wants custody of Melissa and that Linda only deserves a cash settlement in the divorce. Julie fumed that Lee and Doug are buying a new house. Maggie planned an anniversary party for Tom and Alice. Cathy is living and working in Chicago.

3/3/80-3/7/80: After one more futile plea to start over with Bob, Linda left town. Bob was upset that Melissa chose to go with Linda. Donna left town to live with Don's mother when school chums taunted her about her porn film experience. Don Craig Jr.'s heath isn't gaining ground. Margo's leukemia surfaced. Bill made plans to bring Laura to the Senior Hortons' anniversary party. Bill rejected Jordan's suggestion that Laura practice psychiatry again. A man named Anthony Kingman tried to contact Julie. Alex refused a request by Ray Stone, his Magnus crime partner, for a slice of the action at Anderson Manufaturing.

3/10/80-3/14/80: Julie's old beau, Tony, romanced her and convinced her to expand into interior decoration. A dying Margo spent her last hours in Mike's arms. Robert moved to Paris to help his sister. Lee wasn't happy that Robert left Dougie with her and Doug. Maggie quit Chez Julie to spend more time with Mickey and offered to care for Dougie. Bob hired a detective to bring back Melissa to Salem. Phyllis moved into the lake house to play nurse and loving companion to Bob. Laura's appearance at Tom and Alice's anniversary party improved her spirits and convinced Bill that she's ready to be released from the asylum.

Julie comforted Doug after Robert took Dougie to Paris. David opposed Trish joining a rock group. Neil was jealous of Tony's interest in Julie and agreed with Lee to pursue Julie himself to keep Julie out of Doug's life. Chris will be best man at Alex and Mary's wedding next week. Melissa called Mickey but wouldn't reveal her and Linda's whereabouts. Margo went into a coma. Don and Marlena spoiled Donny. Phyllis admitted to Julie that she still loves Bob. Marie accused Alex of loving power, not Mary. Trish won't tell David about the diamond mess since she's off the hook with the mob.
3/24/80-3/28/80: Bob died shortly after Mary's and Alex's wedding. Bob had planned to reunite with Phyllis. Tony recognized Lee from Paris, which intrigued Neil. Mickey tried to locate Melissa, who has been dumped into a private school by Linda. Margo came out of her coma, and she and Mike pretended she isn't terminal. Don agreed that Marlena can return to work, but only if it's at home to counsel Mike and Margo. Marie couldn't bring herself to talk Mary out of marriage to Alex, who's gloating that he'll have a clear field at Anderson's now that Bob is dead. Julie fantasized having Doug's child after she met Donny. Lee convinced Doug she wants to work at the club.

Mary wouldn't let Alex touch her following Bob's death. Alex seethed that Bob's will named Chris trustee and head of Anderson Mfg. Marlena was jealous when Don worked with curvaceous PTA members. Phyllis decided to leave town since Bob is gone and Mary doesn't want her help. Mary's in an emotional vacuum. Alex tried to win David over to his side of the company. Trish nixed joining the rock band. Samantha told Marlena she may return to Hollywood. Tony flirted with Maggie before asking Julie to join him on a business trip. Everyone donated blood for Margo. Lee got uptight that Doug fretted about Julie's reaction to Bob's death.

Doug spotted Julie being kissed by Tony. Bill told Tom he's moving to a Lakewood staff spot for Laura's sake. Donna arranged to live with Grandma Craig because Don Jr. is a constant reminder of her own lost child and she can't live down the porno reputation. Lee noticed that Doug wasn't happy in bed. Tony teased Lee about their past relationship, which she insisted was a drop in the bucket. Alex began proceedings to contest Bob's will. Maggie transferred Melissa to a nicer boarding school. Mike and Margo leveled with each other about the inevitability of her death. Mary told Alex it's hands off until she can get her head together about Bob's death. Don and Marlena picked out a new house.
4/14/80-4/18/80: Samantha packed her bags for Hollywood and a movie role. Alice and Lee pretended to Doug that they got along. Marie learned that Cathy is engaged to a Chicago intern. Margo continued to spend her final hours, minutes, and seconds with Mike while Marlena conducted "death acceptance" therapy. Julie and Lee shot barbs at each other at Doug's Place, though Julie told Trish she's not bothered about Lee. Mary continued the cold-fish treatment to Alex, whose former partner, Ray, wants a cut of company profits because Ray knows of Alex's past dirty dealings. Hope questioned Tony about being the new man in Julie's life.

Doug suggested that Neil find a girl friend. Neil's ears perked up when he learned that Julie was starting a new interior design firm. Mickey suggested that Doug open a casino, as Doug wanted to close the club and gambling soon would be legal. Lee pressured Doug to buy a larger house. Marlena had trouble juggling her domestic life, raising Donnie, and therapy duties. Alex lost his cool with Mary's remoteness, and she grew suspicious of his business greed. Businessman Maxwell Jarvis questioned Mickey about Anderson's ability to pull through after the change in control. In therapy, Mike complained to Marlena that he felt Margo was abandoning him.
4/28/80-5/2/80: A slew of Salem newcomers included Jessica Blake, a scholarship student sent by the nuns to work with Marie; Kellam Chandler, who was running for governor and courting Don's favor; Kellam's stepdaughter, jetting setting Liz; Kellam's roustabout son Todd; mysterious Josh Fallon, caretaker of the mansion Doug bought to convert into a casino if gambling were legalized; Flora Chisholm, ailing ex-owner of the mansion; and Leslie James, Chris' new executive assistant. Chris and Alex argued about the ad campaigns for the solar energy device. Alex secretly arranged for government man Harold Rankin to force Leslie on Chris. Mickey approved of Doug's investment, but Don was working against legalizing gambling.

Alex funded Jessica's education, but warned Tom to keep his donation a secret. Leslie arrived by landing her private plane on a company service road. Alex led David to believe that Leslie was a corporate spy. Leslie denied to Chris that she had been planted at the company by Alex or the government. Marlena had bad vibes about Don's association with Kellam's campaign. Liz warned Todd to clean up his act, since Kellam wants to present a good family image. Lee was upset at Doug's gambling casino idea. Liz's arrival in Salem mysteriously upset Lee. Julie is redecorating the Chandler mansion for Doug. Jessica works with lab technician Cassie, who's Todd's girlfriend. Kellam's manager, Max Jarvis, opposed Doug's sheltering of Mrs. Chisholm.
5/12/80-5/16/80: Julie worried over Josh who suffered from a resistant strain of malaria he contracted in Vietnam. Jessica helped Mike pick out a new dress for Margo who attended Julie's design shop opening. Kellam warmed up to Marlena and refused Liz's request to accompany Don on campaign business out of town. Alex accepted Tom's hospital board position. Jessica and Margo are becoming fast friends. Julie told Hope she wouldn't be seeing a lot of her now that Lee is Hope's new mother. Alex was upset that he had no say in Chris and Leslie's firing of Anderson employees who didn't like Chris and weren't good workers.

5/19/80-5/23/80: Leslie and Chris hired Dylan O'Grady. David spied on Les and Chris for Alex. Kellam ordered Todd to drop Cassie because she's "cheap." Mike moved Margo to Mickey's farm where she can die peacefully. Josh was suspicious that Liz acted friendly. Lee blew up, then acted cool about Doug hiring Julie to decorate Doug's casino. Kellam told Jarvis to convince Don to order an injunction against the casino. Liz knows something about Lee's past in Paris. Alex cooperated with Kellam's planned takeover of Anderson Manufacturing after blackmail was threatened. Liz warned Kellam not to get hot over Julie, then he eyed Marlena. Now it's Mary's turn to want sex while Alex won't budge.

5/26/80-5/30/80: Don got on Marlena's back after Don Jr. was a victim of crib death. Leslie spent a birthday night with Chris but said it can't happen again. Jessica tended an abandoned child and complained to Marie about her illegitimacy. Alex sweet-talked Mary into merging with Kellam. The gambling bill passed, but Don, working for Kellam, got an injunction against Doug's casino. Don was conferring with Liz when D.J. died, and his guilt led to blaming Marlena for their son's death. Allen Hamlin, who is Alex's "plant," was hired after Dylan was bought off. Alex used Kellam's dough to pay for Jessica's tuition. Marie collapsed from exhaustion. Josh remembered that his mother died after his father sent him to military school.

6/2/80-6/6/80: Chris suspected Alex was to blame when a truckload of supplies, headed for Anderson Manufacturing, was run off the road. Jarvis, who wanted Kellam to speed up the Anderson takeover, had instigated the derailing of the equipment. Doug got his gambling license, and Lee was miffed that Julie was decorating the casino for Doug. Liz accused Julie of setting her cap for Kellam, which Julie denied. Marie was sent off to a convent to rest. Jessica accepted a blind date arranged by Cassie and was shocked when Josh turned out to be the man. Don refused Marlena's request that they try to have another baby. Liz flirted with Josh. Doug learned that Liz had known Lee in Europe.
6/9/80-6/13/80: Kellam charmed Marlena. Alex made a play for Leslie. Josh was amused by Liz's flirting. Josh warned Tod to keep away from Jessica, who caught Tod's eye. Mary asked Mickey to investigate Alex's past. Neil suggested Doug prevent Lee from popping "nerve" pills. Kellam warned Jarvis against any further rough stuff to get Anderson Manufacturing. Doug denied to Julie that he and Lee aren't happy. Chris and Leslie learned a third of the trucking shipment needs repair. Mike tells Mickey he will need him when Margo dies.

Liz and Neil agreed to satisfy their sexual appetites with each other. Mary was jealous of Alex's attentions to Leslie, who didn't tell Chris about Alex's advances. Marie returned and learned Alex is funding Jessica's education and Tom is going to Chicago for surgery. Rebuffed by Julie, Kellam persuaded Marlena to join the campaign trail. Trish rehearsed at Doug's casino while David fumed that Joshua offered to baby-sit Scotty. Alex persuaded Kellam to help fund the free clinic, but dispelled Leslie's suspicions that someone's sabotaging Anderson Mfg. The old sparks fizzled during Don and Marlena's lovemaking.

Julie admitted to Maggie that she has feelings for Kellam. Alex told Marie that he married Mary because he couldn't have Marie. David blew a fuse over Trish being friendly with Josh. Leslie couldn't shake thoughts of Alex while she was in Chris. Liz told Neil about her love-hate relationship with Kellam. Doug was jealous that Julie dated Kellam. Lee complained to Doug that she's feeling poorly. Jessica got the wrong idea when she spotted Josh with Liz. Josh and Don commended Marlena's courage with children at the free clinic.
6/30/80-7/4/80: Lee hired gunman Brent Cavanaugh to tail Doug and Julie. Brent got rough with Lee when she gave him orders. Chris and Leslie argued about her business trip with Alex. Mary departed to nurse an ill Phyllis. Josh admitted to Tod that he had put flowers on Sunny's grave at Mrs. Chisholm's request. Tom had a dangerous operation, and Alice worried. Jarvis ordered Hamlin to get rid of Leslie if she was any trouble at the plant. Josh beat up an intruder who almost scared Mrs. Chisholm to death. Alex gave David a bonus for snooping on Kellam. Marie laid into Alex for suggesting he might divorce Mary.
7/7/80-7/11/80: Max and Kellam had hired Mrs. Chisholm's intruder because she knows something about Sunny's death. David flared at Trish for telling Chris about Alex's bonus. Leslie threw a snit that Chris suspected an affair between her and Alex. Jessica met Sally Kirk, who is pregnant and unwed. Max tipped off Kellam that Liz and Neil are a hot item. Jessica followed Cassie's advice to make Josh jealous of other guys. Marlena joined Kellam's campaign staff. Lee panicked when Doug wanted to file a police report on the missing diamond ring she gave to Brent, who followed Doug and Julie to an overnight auction.

7/14/80-7/18/80: After spending a love night with Julie, Doug told Lee their marriage is over. Neil warned Doug against aggravating Lee's blood pressure by asking for a divorce. Marlena and Don argued about not facing D.J.'s death, then Don split for a trip. Trish grew suspicious of David working against Leslie for Alex. Leslie was injured in a plant accident after Max ordered Hamlin to stop her interference. Julie broke off with Kellam. Neil "broke in" Liz's apartment by staying overnight. Brent forced Lee to pay his "fee" with her body, after he proved Doug and Julie's lovemaking.

7/21/80-7/25/80: An anonymous caller told Leslie not to talk about her accident. Chris fired Hamlin for possible sabotage, and Chris and Mary questioned Alex's involvement with Hamlin. Mrs. Chisholm encouraged Josh and Jessica's budding romance. David took to drink. Marlena persuaded Don to attend Doug's casino opening despite Kellam's disapproval. Liz flaunted Neil to irk Kellam. Liz blabbed about finding her ex-husband in bed with another woman, which deterred Lee from crashing Doug's opening (Lee was the other woman).

7/28/80-8/1/80: Joshua hinted that Marlena consider adoption. Lee agreed to divorce Doug, then called Brent to do "a job" on Julie. Mike was devastated by Margo's long-awaited death. Alex denied Mary's accusations that he helped sabotage the plant, then he shifted the blame to Chris for the insurance investigator's benefit. Chris asked Leslie to marry him after he realized she's protecting him. Joshua confided to Jessica that his Viet Nam experiences make him cautious about personal involvements. Alex fretted that David wouldn't stick to a planned script for the investigator. Alex told Mary that divorce must be her decision.

8/4/80-8/8/80: Brent arranged a fake burglary at Doug's casino, shot Julie, then escaped from Joshua. Leslie agreed to marry Chris. Carol Welles, a casino dealer, took a shine to Joshua. Chris promoted Mike, who's pitted against David at the plant. Liz got Tod's gang on the hook during Cassie's birthday party, which grew into a skinny-dipping romp led by Cassie. Don was skeptical that he and Marlena should adopt Johnny, but agreed to give it a try. Maggie threw a bash for Tom's homecoming. Neil won't consider Liz's marriage proposal until after the campaign. Cassie was peeved that Tod paid attention to Jessica while Cassie had stomach pains.

8/11/80-8/15/80: Julie's condition stabilized and Lee acted concerned for Doug's benefit, though she was worried that Josh could identify Brent as Julie's assailant. Neil turned down Kellam's money offer to break off with Liz. Kellam convinced Don to handle the Anderson takeover, but Mary insisted she wouldn't sell out. Jessica learned that Alex is her scholarship sponsor. Jessica tutored Tod, much to Josh's dismay. Mary told Chris she knows Alex was responsible for losing the government contract. Doug was suspicious that he had been diverted to leave Julie open to assault.
8/18/80-8/22/80: Football player Kyle McCullough got a kick out of Maggie at the casino. Mary filed for divorce from Alex after David admitted to working for Alex in the takeover scheme. She ordered David to leave town or she'd get the cops on him. Trish found that David and Scotty are gone. Jessica told Tod they're just friends and shoved him toward Cassie. Tod retaliated by gossiping about Josh and Carol's date. Don realized he needs Johnny's love. Mike wants to join Chris' new marina project. Mary told Alex to get out and that she'll fight the Chandler takeover. Lee panicked, thinking the police have a description of Brent.
8/25/80-8/29/80: Kyle couldn't complete a pass to Maggie, so he got drunk and had a car accident. Victoria Wallis handled Mickey's cases while he tried to locate David and Scotty for Trish. Mary was in a stew that David's disappearance meant that Alex couldn't be exposed and that Kellam's takeover negotiations resumed. Marie discouraged Jessica from persuading Sally to keep her baby. Lee stalled her divorce from Doug. Liz flew in from the campaign trail to shack up with Neil. Marlena was angry that Don's career came first and he was hedging on adopting Johnny. Jarvis assured Kellam that their detective would find David and keep him quiet and that they could dump Alex soon.

9/1/80-9/5/80: Lee had a stoke when she thought Brent was arrested for shooting Julie. Marie realized that Jessica was her daughter when she saw her wearing a medallion Marie had left with the child she gave up for adoption. Marlena and Don took Johnny home. Jessica moved into an apartment with Sally. Jarvis insisted that Alex vacate his Anderson position until things cooled down. Kellam fended off Tod's questions about his mother. Marie thought it ironic that Alex said he thought of Jessica as a daughter. Alex tried to win over Victoria, who was handling Mary's divorce.

Julie refused to move in with Doug until Lee recovered. Kyle underwent another operation and asked Maggie to stay by his side. Carol succeeded in seducing Josh. Chris, Mike, and Leslie found a marina site. Chris gave Leslie and engagement ring. Josh had doubts about identifying Julie's assailant after the police picked up the wrong man. Jessica convinced Kellam that she continued tutoring Tod, but she felt uneasy about Tod's feelings for her. Alex secretly signed a loan for Jessica when she refused his financing.
9/15/80-9/19/80: Marie confessed to Alice that Jessica is Marie's daughter. Trish accepted a singing tour to get money to hire detectives to locate Scotty and David. Kellam warned Alex to keep his divorce from Mary out of the publicity spotlight, but Mary won't be quiet unless nothing violent happens to David. Johnny wants Josh for a dad instead of Don. Maggie encouraged Kyle to believe he can walk again since she was once crippled like he is. Victoria joined Mickey's firm. Liz told Neil that Kellam is trying to bed Marlena. Jarvis suggested that Kellam bust up Liz and Neil by threatening to disinherit her. Kellam and Jarvis tried to blackmail Chris to return to Anderson or they won't give him money due which he needs for his marina project.

9/22/80-9/26/80: Neil broke off with Liz to save her relationship with Kellam, but she believed Jarvis' lie that Neil had accepted a bribe. Alex bought Chris' marina site, but Lesley arranged a lease for Chris with Alex without Chris' knowledge. Lee can't move since her stroke and is leaning on Doug to help her recover. Sally gives birth to a baby girl. Jessica convinced Sally to keep her baby and was upset that Marie suggested adoption. Marlena disapproved of Don's broken promises to Johnny. Don and Liz commiserated about their lousy personal lives and fell into each other's arms. Kellam offered Marlena sympathy while Liz and Don "blazed" on the campaign trail.
9/29/80-10/3/80: Liz and Don were ashamed of their one-night fling, and he resolved to tell Marlena. But Jarvis and Kellam had already arranged for Marlena to hear about it. Lo and behold, Joshua is actually Mr. Talbot, son of Sunny, Kellam's wife who died under mysterious circumstances. Only Mrs. Chisholm knows the whole story. Sally couldn't accept motherhood, and Jessica again blamed Marie for putting the adoption bug in Sally's ear. Mickey accused Maggie of getting too involved with Kyle, who concentrated on the married redhead now that his football career is kaput. Cassie smoldered when Tod's eyes lit up for Jessica. Doug and Julie kept a depressed Neil from gambling. After a nude swim, Joshua found Carol snooping through his wallet.

10/6/80-10/10/80: Josh confessed to Mickey that he's John Talbot, Sunny's son, and that Kellam was responsible for Sunny's death. Mickey told Josh to get more evidence from Mrs. Chisholm. Lee stopped her therapy in order to twist Doug's arm to stay with her. Carol worked for Jarvis against Josh, who was suspicious of her and realized that Kellam intends to get rid of him. Maggie asked Mickey not to harp about her friendship with Kyle, but Victoria told Mickey that Kyle's a notorious lady's man. Cassie begged Jessica to dissuade Tod from any romantic notions. Jessica wouldn't listen to Marie's advice about her tardy work habits. Kellam turned on the charm to Marlena, who's distressed about Liz and Don.
10/13/80-10/17/80: Don spotted Kellam kissing Marlena, who insisted it was merely a comforting gesture. Chris and Leslie set a Christmas Day wedding. Barred from gambling at Doug's Place, Neil played poker at the Salem Inn and lost a bundle. Joshua's room was ransacked and since Mrs. Chisholm wouldn't reveal the details of Sunny's death, Joshua located Sunny's maid, Betty Parker. Trish signed Mel Copley as her agent and promoted her new record. Max ordered Carol out of town. Kyle refused to talk about his ex-wife, but agreed to dine with Maggie and Mickey. Julie cautioned Maggie about becoming personally involved with Kyle. Kyle realized that he may be stalling her recovery to hold onto Doug. Kellam told Tod that Cassie is barred from Tod's birthday party.

10/20/80-10/24/80: Before disappearing, Betty told Joshua that Max gave Sunny a "hypodermic" before Sunny died. Mrs. Chisholm confirmed that Kellam knew Sunny was murdered. Marlena was miffed because Don dropped out of Kellam's campaign to accept the D.A. spot without consulting her. Cassie crashed Tod's party, where Tod announced that Jessica soon will be his wife. Cassie accused Jessica of using their friendship to steal Tod. Julie guessed that Joshua is Sunny's long lost son. Alex persuaded Mary not to tell Chris that Alex owns the development company. Marie insisted that Alex not try to trace Jessica's parents. Don wouldn't accompany Marlena to Kellam's party for Tod, who confided to Liz that he was breaking off with Cassie in favor of Jessica.
10/27/80-10/31/80: Julie stopped Joshua from gunning down Kellam. Joshua was beaten by a hood while watching Tod and Cassie on a boat. Later, Cassie's dead body was washed ashore, and Joshua's memory was fuzzy. Jessica was humiliated by Tod's surprise engagement announcement. Marie tried to help Jessica's turmoil, but because she is afraid of getting too close to Jessica, Marie asked Alex to serve as Jessica's surrogate father. Don and Marlena argued about her joining Kellam's staff. Liz didn't believe Neil when he explained that he didn't accept Kellam's bribe, and his gambling debts mounted. Leslie was peeved when Chris agreed to work with Mary on the marina's publicity. Julie felt Doug was cutting her off. Alice urged Marie to tell Jessica that Marie is her mother. Mary accused Don of using Kellam to get the D.A. appointment.

Tod begged Jessica to lie for him because the cops wouldn't believe that Cassie's death was accidental. Julie resigned herself to the fact that Doug can't divorce Lee because Lee wouldn't be able to finish her therapy. Maggie got wise to Lee using the situation to her advantage. Mary made Leslie sweat thinking Chris will find out that Alex is the secret backer of the marina. Chris refused to deal with Alex again and Mary has her attentions geared to Chris. Alex was disturbed when Marie refused to help Jessica's turmoil and sent him to handle the mess. Marlena blamed Don when Kellam lost the governor's race. Mike visited Trish and they reminisced about past heartaches and hopeful futures.

11/10/80-11/14/80: Chris hit the road after learning that Alex owns the marina. Mary forced Leslie to tell Chris, who was unsure he could trust Leslie. Don and Marlena separated. He decided to seek a reconciliation after finding Kellam comforting Marlena. Trish offered to help Neil with his gambling debts. Kellam insisted that Tod continue lying about Cassie's death. Jessica lied to save Tod's neck, but Alex advised her to tell the truth at the inquest. Liz was hostile when Neil suggested a reconciliation. Marie insisted that Alex help Jessica since he, as Jessica's father, has a stake in her life. Max cautioned Kellam about "making the same mistake twice" with Marlena as he did with Sunny.

11/17/80-11/21/80: Marie explained to Alex that they are Jessica's parents. Tod and Jessica were charged with Cassie's murder after Don got testimony that they had lied about the incidents of that fateful evening. But Joshua remembered witnessing Cassie's accidental drowning. Tod and Liz walked out on Kellam for forcing Tod to cover up the truth. Liz realized Neil was Kellam's pawn, and Liz and Neil had a tentative reconciliation. Kyle had a therapy setback and Maggie pleaded to be allowed to continue helping him. But she cautioned Mike against teasing Mickey about her and Kyle. Mary goaded Leslie about being left high and dry by Chris. Kellam snatched a kiss from Marlena. Marie begged Alex to keep the secret of Jessica's parentage.
11/24/80-11/28/80: Joshua's testimony cleared Tod and Jessica. Kyle fantasized about Maggie, while she assured Mickey that Kyle can't break up their marriage. Mike and Trish realized that their friendship has rekindled the old spark. Neil had Lee tranquilized when she ranted about discontinuing therapy if Doug leaves her in the penthouse with a nurse while he cavorts with Julie. Marlena spent Thanksgiving with Kellam and Johnny, then tried a reconciliation dinner with Don that ended in shambles. Liz and Neil fell into each other's arms after he borrowed money from loan shark Pippin to pay gambling debts. Jessica nixed Alex's offer to locate her real parents, in deference to the memory of the Blakes, who raised her. Tod asked Julie for a job because he's having a tough financial time since walking out on Kellam.

The loan shark closed in on Neil to collect his debts. Neil had convinced Liz that he had stopped gambling. Liz takes a part-time job singing at Doug's casino. Trish is fearful Liz will be a bigger success than she is. Lee forced a nurse to walk off her case, since Lee wants only Doug to tend to her. Tod avoided Jessica at every turn. Alex offered Leslie a job she couldn't resist. Joshua was rattled that Tod is working for Julie. Jessica decided to move into her own apartment and Joshua expressed his affection. Kellam moved in on Marlena after her failed attempt at a reconciliation with Don.

12/8/80-12/12/80: Julie was upset that Lee conned Doug into spending the night in the penthouse on her first night home. Marie pleaded unsuccessfully with Alex against his plans to adopt Jessica. Marie accused Alex of killing his brother. Kellam urged Marlena to adopt Johnny. Tod ran into Jessica, who got a waitress job. Pippin had Neil beat up. Liz asked Kellam for money to pay Neil's gambling debts. Kellam will give Liz the money if she drops Neil and returns home.

12/15/80-12/19/80: Jessica accepted Alex's adoption offer and Marie approved it. Neil disappeared and Marlena caught Don comforting Liz. Marlena asked Don for a divorce. Tod fought with Joshua over the right to romance Jessica. Leslie accepted Alex's job offer. Mrs. Chisholm suspected Joshua was more interested in revenge on Kellam than romance with Jessica. Liz accused Marlena of going after Kellam as revenge against Liz and Don. Liz rejected Kellam's money offer to drop Neil. Doug laid into Lee for visiting and taunting Julie. Julie tells Tod not to give up on Jessica. Maggie suggests to Marlena that she confront Liz.
12/22/80-12/26/80: Tod and Liz tell Kellam they want him to stay out of their lives. Trish is saddened when David writes that neither he nor Scotty will be with her for Christmas. Lee ruined Doug and Julie's Christmas Eve by having nurse Mabel wheel Lee into the casino. Doug got even by spending Christmas Day with Julie and the Hortons. Because of a mixup, the hospital's children's ward had two feuding Santas, Don and Kellam. Chris returned home as Leslie fell into Alex's arms, even though Alex's thoughts were on Marie. Tod withheld Jessica's gift because she spent Christmas Eve with Joshua. Liz asked Mickey to hire a private eye to find Neil. Marie got teary while spending Christmas with Jessica and Alex. Doug asked Liz to substitute at the club for Trish, who got a singing job in Chicago. Doug asked Mike to be Trish's manager while Joshua filled in for Mike at the club.

12/29/80-1/2/81: (No regular synopsis this week. Info from alternate column as well as Soap Opera Digest & cast/set lists):
Mike and Trish ask Leslie to spend New Year's Eve with them so they won't be alone. Lee is getting threatening phone calls and tells Mabel they must be coming from Julie. Marie, about to go on a retreat, is overjoyed when Jessica says how much she'll miss her. Kellam gets more involved with Marlena. As Marie gets ready to leave for a retreat, Jessica begs her to stay in Salem. Marie prays to fight her attraction to Alex. Johnny suggests Marlena marry Kellam, and that he'd make a great dad. Renee arrives in town and tells Doug that she's Emily (Lee)'s little sister. Neil surprises Liz when he shows up at her door.

1/5/81-1/9/81: Lee resented the arrival of her sister, Renee. Neil returned and asked Liz to marry him, but she wouldn't accept because he refused to tell her where he had been or how he paid off his gambling debts. Marie went on a religious retreat after Alex's protestation that she always has been the only woman for him. Joshua explained to Jessica that he can't commit himself to her until he clears up something in his past. Chris avoided Leslie after finding her with Alex. Alex and Jessica signed adoption papers. Tom prepared for hip surgery. Mike arranged Trish's Chicago singing engagement as her road manager. Liz taunted Kellam about "stealing" Marlena from Don. There's lots of dirt in Renee and Lee's past, and Renee announced Lee's real name is Emily.

1/12/81-1/16/81: Marie insisted to Alex that she never would join his and Jessica's "family." Chris and Joshua formed a partnership to build a gym. Julie packed her bags after Doug confirmed that he nixed Lee's offer of an immediate divorce. Mary confided to Don that she was working at Anderson's to get evidence against Kellam and Alex. Jessica bristled about Renee's yen for Tod, then boasted that she was close to Joshua. Lee ordered Mabel not to tell anyone about the mysterious phone calls she was receiving. Max blackmailed Kellam into a partnership to keep him from telling Marlena about his maneuvering. Mary teased Alex about stealing Leslie from Chris. Maggie and Mickey became closer after Kyle moved to Florida.
1/19/81-1/23/81: Alice was flabbergasted that Alex was Jessica's father. Doug followed Julie, who insisted it was endsville for them. Despite Joshua and Renee, Jessica and Tod realized they still were hung up on each other. Liz agreed to marry Neil, although he clammed up about his absence. Renee threatened Lee about telling Doug of Lee's trampy affairs. Mary investigated Alex and Marie's relationship. Brent returned and followed Renee. Don and Marlena embraced after Maggie forced a meeting before the Craig divorce was final. Chris invited Trish to dinner to make Mike and Trish realize they were a match made in heaven. Joshua offered Tod a gym job and Renee wants to join the club staff.

Marlena and Don's divorce was finalized after they made love, then argued that sex isn't everything. Renee ranted after she seduced Tod, who admitted loving Jessica. Alex was suspicious of Mary's friendship overtures. Chris told Leslie they're kaput. Joshua bowed out of Jessica's love life. Don disagreed that Liz should confess their affair to Neil. Doug and Julie didn't recognize Brent, who had had plastic surgery, and who offered Renee a chance to milk money from Lee. Julie kicked out Lee when Lee asked decorator advice to make a comfy home for Doug. Mary dropped hints to Neil about Don and Liz's relationship. Mary tested Marie by suggesting Mary might try another go-round with Alex.

2/2/81-2/6/81: Using the hocked ring as a threat, Renee hit Lee up for $25,000 as a partial payment to Brent. Brent assumed the name Brad Connors and dated Julie. Alex told Marie he wants her to leave the church and marry him. Mary, suspecting Jessica's relationship to Marie and Alex, began investigating Jessica's past. Liz told Neil of her one-night stand with Don. Joshua began sessions with Marlena, who was stymied by his resentment of Kellam. Joshua met "Brad" and thought he looked familiar. Max was turned on to Mary. Lee found herself able to walk but kept mum.

Brent told Lee he intends to finish the job on Julie. Renee, who told Jessica of her interest in Tod, rebuffed Brent's overtures. Alex fumed when Tod and Jessica dated. Marlena remained on Kellam's staff despite a growing patient load, which now includes Lee. Neil forgave Liz for her fling with Don, but shared Marlena's fear that the affair may not be kaput. Max supported Tod financially. Renee caught Lee out of her wheelchair. Mary flew to Montreal seeking answers about Jessica's background after Alice told Mary that Marie had been in Montreal 20 years ago. Alex and Marie followed Mary in the Chandler company plane, which Max rigged to crash and exterminate Alex.
2/16/81-2/20/81: Marie and Alex found their way to a deserted cabin after crashing the Chandler plane. Mary found Jessica's birth records in Montreal and learned Marie is Jessica's mother, but noticed the father's name was omitted. Neil, the recipient of a secret phone call, let it slip to Trish that he had been to San Diego. Trish received a letter from David postmarked Los Angeles. Marlena wondered how Max maneuvered Kellam into a partnership agreement. Joshua dropped Marlena as his therapist because of her friendship with Kellam. Lee made progress in her sessions with Marlena. After hearing Don tell Julie he is investigating her shooting, Brent told Lee he would kill Julie unless Lee sped up his payments. Kellam proposed to Marlena.

Lee admitted to Doug she'd once been a prostitute. Doug asked Mickey to investigate Lee's connection to Brent after Liz told Doug about Lee's sordid past. Marie felt warmer toward Alex until she remembered how he had forced her into sadistically kinky sex scenes in their youth. Max was confident that Alex and Marie won't be found alive. After Julie rebuffed Brad's (Brent's) advances, he plotted to kill her and plant the gun on Lee. Liz fumed when Neil went on a "mystery" trip. Renee delivered Lee's payoff money to Brent. Kellam persuaded Marlena he'd be a good husband and father to Johnny. Mary taunted Jessica about her real parents.

Lee went off the deep end after killing Brent, who was holding Julie hostage. Kellam turned purple when Marlena nixed his marriage proposal. Marie prayed to resist Alex's passion, then she kissed him and prepared to remove her nun's veil. Don pressed for Lee's prosecution while Marlena argued that Lee is mentally unstable. Neil further alienated Liz with his secrets. Neil is dealing with David on the sly. Mickey tipped off Joshua that Kellam is pressuring Marlena about marriage. Renee guiltily promised to stick by Lee. Doug and Julie reunited. Trish considered seeking custody of Scotty.

Kellam showed signs of a breakdown after Joshua told Marlena that he had ordered Sunny murdered. Marlena told Johnny that Kellam was out of their lives. Marie, who returned to Salem with Alex, told Tom that she and Alex were Jessica's parents. Mary talked Max into transferring Leslie out of Salem. Tod proposed to Jessica. Lee signed the divorce papers and allowed Renee to remain in the penthouse. Marlena suspected Lee was withholding painful facts about her marriage to Byron. Neil advised Trish not to divorce David. Tod blamed Marlena for Kellam's condition.
3/16/81-3/20/81: A paranoid Kellam plotted to eliminate Don, Alex, Joshua, and Max. Alex accused Kellam of engineering his plane crash. Julie refused to press charges against Lee, who was whisked to Bayview sanitarium. David wrote to Julie with hopes of reconciling with Trish, who was determined to get Scotty back. Trish saw the San Diego postmark on David's letter and associated it with Neil. Mary confronted Marie with her information about Jessica. Marie suspected that Mary wanted Alex back. Jessica told Alex to butt out of her love life. Neil drunkenly clashed with Don over Liz, who slapped Kellam in a verbal free-for-all. Chris dated Renee.

Kellam attacked Marlena, then was accidentally shot dead by Tod in a struggle. Joshua told Tod they are half-brothers and that Kellam had Max kill Sunny. Don investigated Max's wrongdoings. Trish plotted to snatch Scotty from David in California. Marie came closer to kicking her nun's habit. Mary pulled out all the stops to seduce Alex. Joshua comforted Marlena, who turned Don away. Tod spent the night on Jessica's cot and was discovered by an angry Alex. Renee disregarded Chris' advice to forget Tod. Julie and Doug planned to remarry soon.
3/30/81-4/3/81: Just as Marie decided to leave the church, she caught Mary seducing Alex. Trish narrowly escaped an armed David and whisked Scotty to Salem. Tod and Joshua each received half of Kellam's estate, but Tod promised Liz a portion. Jessica agreed to marry Tod, whom Alex encouraged Renee to seduce. Renee told Max that Tod and Joshua are half-brothers. Don called an inquest concerning Tod and Joshua's part in Kellam's death. Tod ousted Max from the corporation after reading Sunny's letters. Max searched frantically for incriminating papers. Alex warned Max not to harm Mary. Liz accused Marlena of leading Kellam on. Julie fumed at Neil for keeping mum about David.

4/6/81-4/10/81: Max went to jail after Tod found papers proving that he had killed Sunny. Don dismissed Joshua and Tod's inquest when it was proven that Kellam had confused Joshua with Johnny in his will. Marlena revealed to Don that Kellam had raped her. Alex backed off on sabotaging Tod's and Jessica's romance when Tod threatened to publicize documents incriminating Alex. Tod assumed control of the Anderson plant. David arrived to stop Trish from divorcing him. Alice refused to do Alex's bidding. Tod kissed Renee after Jessica nixed lovemaking. Lee made progress at Bayview. Maggie's eyes lit up when Neil started a surrogate mother program at the hospital.

4/13/81-4/17/81: Tod and Renee almost made love, but Tod escaped when Chris arrived. David considered renewing business ties with Alex, who feared that David would make trouble. Chris vowed to watch David like a hawk. Julie and Doug encouraged David to pursue Trish. Tom and Alice advised Marie to leave the church. Marlena resumed her hospital practice and suggested Joshua talk out his problems with her. Don gave up on Marlena after she nixed his offer of a date. Chris discussed his estranged brother, Jake, with Joshua. David told Tom that his boss, Stuart Whyland, might move to Salem.

Jessica was elated when Alex told her he is her natural father. Mary overheard Alex advise Marie to reveal herself as Jessica's mother. Mickey nixed Maggie's idea to become a surrogate mother. Lee took a shine to Neil. Liz seduced Don. Tod fought his attraction for Renee. Maggie predicted that Michael would fight David for Trish. Julie and Doug were impressed by David's plan to build up the area adjacent to Doug's capital place. David recommended Stuart Whyland as a possible new hospital administrator. Renee tried to get Mabel to move out of the penthouse.

Mickey allowed Maggie to become a surrogate mother. Marie told a hurt Jessica she was her mother, then decided to leave the church. Maggie and David questioned Neil's hesitation to hire Stuart as hospital administrator. Renee began to enjoy Chris' attention. Don and Liz's relationship progressed. Marie and Alex warned Mary to steer clear of Jessica. Maggie learned that Michael would be returning in two weeks. David handled Stuart's purchase of Alex's marina property.

5/4/81-5/8/81: Marie kicked her nun's habit and began anew with Alex, but Mary vowed to put up a fight. Jessica disappeared. Tod fumed at Renee for trying to match Joshua with Jessica. Renee taunted Mary about Alex and Marie's relationship. Neil wondered if Maggie could handle surrogate mother status. Neil acted strangely around Stuart, who became the hospital administrator. Stuart purchased Chris' therapy invention and offered Marlena a radio talk show.

5/11/81-5/15/81: Mike returned and resented David for pursuing Trish. Lee tried to turn Hope against Julie. Marlena informed Lee she would be sprung from Bayview soon. Liz warned Marlena away from Don, who purchased a house for himself and Liz. Stuart dated Marlena. Maggie vehemently opposed Mickey's suggestion that she postpone surrogate motherhood. Marie blamed Mary for Jessica's disappearance. David and Marlena joined Stuart's radio station, where Renee clamored for her own talk show.
5/18/81-5/22/81: Lee was released from Bayview then confused Hope about Julie's qualifications as a stepmother. Alex received a letter from Jessica postmarked in Salem. Hoping to win back Alex and the Anderson plant, Mary set out to locate Jessica. Neil dated Mary to get her off Alex's back. Mike convinced Mickey to support Maggie. Stuart had eyes for Maggie. David stepped up his campaign for Trish, who kept company with Mike. Mike joined the medical center as a paramedic. Liz's career skyrocketed. Stuart offered Neil a radio talk show.

5/25/81-5/29/81: Lee failed to stop Doug and Julie's wedding. Trish and David's divorce came through, but David picked up Trish's disappointed vibes. Mary located Jessica at a convent, where Jessica was becoming a nun. Renee edged closer to Tod, who lamented Jessica's decision. Jessica turned Marie away. Lee, grateful for Marlena's friendship, set out to make Liz's life miserable. Mike advised Trish to lay down the law to David. Mabel warned Renee against keeping Chris dangling. Julie and Doug honeymooned in Japan.

6/1/81-6/5/81: Maggie became pregnant as part of the surrogate mother program. Tod told Joshua he will consider him his brother if Joshua persuades Jessica to leave the convent. Tod nixed selling Mary the Anderson plant. Chris warned Tod not to lead Renee on. Lee realized Renee is using Chris as Tod's backup. Unknown to Marlena, Lee told Don that Marlena wants a reconciliation. Mickey confided to Marlena that he's still apprehensive about Maggie's pregnancy. Mike gloated in triumph when David saw him dining with Trish. Chris told Renee about his estranged brother, Jake.

6/8/81-6/12/81: Don and Liz planned to tie the knot. Renee realized she has a prize in Chris, who suffered a concussion in a scuffle with Tod. Doug consulted Marlena about Hope, who distrusts Julie. Hope decided to live with Tom and Alice. Lee gave up on pursuing Doug and started anew. Lee promised trouble for Tod unless he leaves Renee alone. Trish assured Julie she won't rush into a hot romance with Mike. Mickey sensed Don is still hung up on Marlena. Chris was delighted when Jake moved to Salem.
6/15/81-6/19/81: Alex implied to David that he knows something shady about David's San Diego activities. Maggie comforted Stuart, whose daughter-in-law died in San Diego. Alex caught on to Mary's campaign to turn Jessica further against Marie. Marie told the Mother Superior that Jessica is rushing into becoming a nun. Marlena suspected Don when a strange man pleaded for her help on her radio show. Jake wowed Hope. Renee moved Jack into Mrs. Stoner's rooming house, thinking she would soon share Chris' apartment. David informed Chris that someone else patented his invention. Marlena convinced Stuart to hire his son, Evan, at the medical center.

Doug made a scene after finding Hope in Jake's sleazy room. Tod apologized for clobbering Chris. Stuart consulted Marlena about Evan, who was grieving over his wife's death. Jessica encouraged Mary to grab Alex away from Marie. Don investigated Marlena's weird phone call. Mickey feared that Maggie wouldn't surrender her child once it was born. Mike befriended Evan, who was David's buddy in San Diego. Renee told Julie she thought Jake had a dishonorable reason for remaining in Salem. David agreed to Renee's radio talk show idea.
6/29/81-7/3/81: Chris broke off with Renee after she admitted her love. Jessica gave Alex her half-hearted blessing to wed Marie. Jessica rebuffed Tod and daydreamed of Joshua. Hope turned Doug away. Julie didn't share Doug's distrust of Jake. Stuart dined with Lee. Stuart harangued Evan for snapping at Maggie. Mickey grew insecure over Maggie and Stuart's mutual admiration society. Marie and David questioned Alex's sudden trip to San Diego. Mary believed she was close to purchasing the Anderson plant from Tod. Tod and Renee commiserated over their broken hearts.

Alex, who had something on David from San Diego, hit David up for a loan so he could purchase the Anderson plant. Mary pushed Tod to sell her the plant by promising to steer Jessica his way. Mike proposed to Trish. Liz accused Don of neglecting her for Marlena, who admitted to Joshua that Don is not yet our of her system. Lee tried to throw Neil and Liz together for Marlena's sake. Evan opened up to Maggie about his grief. Jessica befriended Evan. Evan and Neil's San Diego conflicts resurfaced. David warned Marie about Alex. Jake taunted Renee about her pursuit of Tod.

7/13/81-7/17/81: Alex was shot by a mystery assailant. Renee told police that she saw David removing fingerprints from a gun. Neil confirmed Evan's suspicions that Evan fathered Maggie's child through the surrogate mother program. Evan pursued Maggie in order to win his child. Chris suspected Tod of shooting Alex. Trish supported David. Jake accused Renee of capitalizing on Alex's publicity. Doug and Hope made amends. Marlena comforted Don over his handling of Alex's shooting.

7/20/81-7/24/81: David was charged with shooting Alex after Don forced Doug to admit he had heard David threaten Alex. Julie fumed at Doug for implicating David. Stuart and Neil discouraged Maggie's friendship with Evan. Jessica ran scared after addressing Marie as "Mom." Alex's condition stabilized. Mike and Trish argued over her concern for David. Lee dated Stuart. Lee disapproved of Renee's campaign to smear David. David refused to tell Doug what Alex has on him.
7/27/81-7/31/81: Jessica formed a sleazy alter ego named Angel. She kept mum that she was evicted from the convent and continued to wear a nun's habit. Alex lost consciousness before he could name his assailant. Stuart and Neil remained secretive about Maggie's child, which Evan fathered, unbeknownst to Evan. Evan comforted Maggie after the press had fun with her pregnancy. Marlena received an ominous note. Liz pressed Don to marry her pronto. Tod experienced depression. Jake pursued "Angel." Marie asked Marlena to treat Jessica. Trish put off marrying Mike. Renee publicized David's secret.

Alex regained consciousness and revealed he had not seen his assailant, then Mary fed his suspicion that David was the culprit. Tod, who kept watch on Alex, told Liz he had a drunken blackout on the night of Alex's shooting. Don investigated Marlena's strange letters. Liz feared Don was putting off their wedding. Mickey felt slandered by the article about Maggie. Neil failed to pry Evan away from Maggie. Lee taunted Maggie about her pregnancy. Trish lit into Renee for smearing David. Doug helped David's case at the trial.

8/10/81-8/14/81: Alex realized he's paralyzed. Mary prevented David from stealing Alex's report about David shuttling drug packages in California. Mary gave the report to Don, who entered it as evidence. David insisted he was unaware the packages contained dope and refused to name his mob bosses. Trish wrote David off. Lee pursued Stuart. Hope offered to introduce Jessica to Jake, who doesn't know Jessica is Angel. Liz planned a splashy wedding to Don. Marie rented a pad for herself and Alex. Maggie insisted on salvaging her friendship with Evan.

8/17/81-8/21/81: Mike and Trish made it to the sack and became engaged. Don agreed to marry Liz in two weeks. David was convicted of shooting Alex, then swore Renee to secrecy that he, Trish, and Scotty are mob targets. David's cell mate was hired to kill him. The syndicate also monitored Renee. Evan comforted Maggie when she had pregnancy complications, and decided not to leave town. Jessica, in her Angel disguise, left nasty notes on Marie and Alex's door. Marie put off sleeping with Alex. Hope resumed dating Jake, this time with Doug's cautious approval. Hope gave Julie the cold shoulder. Renee set out to clear David.
8/24/81-8/28/81: Jessica, in her "Angel" personality, pursued Jake and harassed Marie and Alex. David broke out of jail and had a car accident, then called Renee without disclosing his whereabouts. David hid in Stuart's radio studio. Reporter Mark Garrett pestered Mickey and Maggie. Maggie had second thoughts about surrendering her child and failed to pry info from Neil about the adoptive parents. Hope went ape over Jake. Marlena received more frightening calls. Alex clashed with Marie and Julie over David. Mike suspected Renee knows dirt about David. Don and Liz tied the knot.

8/31/81-9/4/81: Mary conceded defeat to Marie for Alex and teased Neil about rekindling old sparks. Renee taped conversations with David after finding him in Stuart's studio, and became his ally to get a scoop. Marlena worried that her caller killed a girl. Alex was depressed that Marie avoided sexual contact. Jake broke a date with Hope to party with Angel. Tod dug Hope. Hope warmed up to Julie. Renee taunted Lee about her intentions toward Stuart. Lee noticed Renee's tape recorder. Mike tried to win over Scotty. Jessica rebuffed Tod, who considered sessions with Marlena. Tod and Joshua reconciled. Neil and Stuart tried to block a neurosurgery department so that Evan would leave.
9/7/81-9/11/81: Mike scared away a henchman who held Trish and Scotty at gunpoint. Lee intercepted David's latest call to Renee and warned Renee that she is keeping an eye on her. Jake narrowly escaped seeing Jessica while consulting Neil about Angel's headaches. Neil caught Jessica hallucinating. Hope decided to locate Angel to find out what she has that thrills Jake. Liz turned green when Don and Marlena joined forces to catch her mystery caller. Julie feared that Mike and Trish are turning Scotty against David. Neil dated Mary. Lee tried to match Renee with Evan. Renee hid David in the Body Connection basement.

9/14/81-9/18/81: Hope saw Jake in a clinch with Jessica (Angel), then discovered Jessica was booted out of the convent. Mike discovered David's hideaway, but promised David and Renee he would keep mum. Renee developed the hots for David. Stuart forced Mark not to print his story on Maggie. Evan suspected Maggie wants to keep her baby. Alex planned a risky operation for his paralysis. Marie finally set a wedding date with Alex, but was leery of Alex and Mary's new friendship. Stuart was further enchanted by Lee. Jessica's "Angel" persona vowed to terminate Jessica.
9/21/81-9/25/81: Marie realized that Jessica has an alter ego and tried to prevent "Angel" from eloping with Jake to Las Vegas. Don soothed a terrified Marlena, whose "caller" is on a murder rampage. Tod's depression worsened. Don and Liz argued over his devotion to Marlena. Joshua told Marlena he has feelings for her. Renee tried to charm David out of his gym shorts, but he couldn't shake the thought of Trish. Stuart caught Evan making a pitch for Maggie. Trish suspected Mike was keeping David's whereabouts a secret.

Marie stopped Jake and Angel's wedding ceremony, and hospitalized Jessica. Alex accused Tod of shooting him. After a session with Tod, Marlena told Don not to monitor her caller. A mob figure asked Renee out in order to get to David. Lee hired Philip Briggs to investigate Stuart. Lee played hard-to-get with Stuart. Joshua told Marlena he isn't over Jessica. Don and Liz had more tiffs over Marlena. Trish held off in marrying Mike, who caught on to Renee's attraction to David. Mickey noticed Evan is uncomfortable around him.

10/5/81-10/9/81: David moved to a rooming house after discovering Renee's tape recorder. Renee decided not to release her story on David. Lee played on Stuart's sympathies after a thug broke into her penthouse. Lee was besieged by creditors. Trish told Mary how disliked she is. Mary tried to seduce Neil. Mary taunted Liz about Don and Marlena's renewed chumminess. Mike helped David don a facial disguise. Marlena received another call from the murderer during her radio show. Doug and Julie decided to go out of town for a few days.

10/12/81-10/16/81: Tod, who flipped out, was arrested after Don prevented him from strangling Marlena. Don realized Tod was Marlena's caller. Philip informed Lee that Stuart was lovey with a woman who disappeared in Paris and that the woman knew one of Liz's ex-hubbies. Renee returned from a mystery jaunt in Los Angeles. Mickey and Maggie learned that Maggie's child would be adopted by a doctor. The mob edged closer to David using Renee. Trish sensed that Mike and Renee knew David's whereabouts. Don was fed up with Liz's jealousy of Marlena. Joshua comforted Marlena.
10/19/81-10/23/81: The cops nab Bart, the mobster pursuing Renee, after David and Renee trapped him. Marlena's caller struck again while Tod was locked in the slammer. Tod was suspected of killing two girls, but booze dulled his memory. Joshua and Jake competed for Jessica, who progressed in therapy. Mike helped Alex search for clues about his assailant. Neil and Mary resumed their old fling. Lee investigated Stuart in Paris. Doug and Julie went to Miami.

10/26/81-10/30/81: David disappeared after escaping a gunman. Mike and Renee admitted they sheltered David. Stuart tailed Lee to Paris after he discovered Lee is investigating him. Don also is in Paris on secret business for Liz. Marlena felt that Alex's disapproval of Jake is impairing Jessica's progress. Jake declared his love for Jessica. Jessica convalesced at Tom and Alice's and continued to revert to her "Angel" persona. Julie advised Jessica to consult Trish about a split personality syndrome. Neil told a fuming Marlena that Mickey has no right to Maggie's child.

11/2/81-11/6/81: Valerie Grant returned and kept company with Sgt. Abe Carver. Evan dated nurse Lorie Masters, who eyed Joshua. David was shot by a thug, then held hostage by a blackmailing fugitive. Mary suspected Neil was taking kickbacks through the surrogate mother program. Neil shook in his boots when Mickey and Maggie considered keeping Maggie's child. Marlena distrusted Neil, who withheld details of Valerie's patient's death. Abe believed David was the strangler of prostitutes. Abe noticed Jake's stranglehold on a man who hounded Jessica. Mike nixed marrying Trish until David was cleared. Julie and Doug investigated Alex's shooting. Valerie became an intern at the medical center.

11/9/81-11/13/81: Count Tony DiMera arrived claiming Liz was still his missus. Liz left Don to protect his reputation. Tony employed Stuart as his secret liaison in his quest for Anderson Manufacturing. After Alex informed Stuart he remembered Stuart's butler shot him, Stuart arranged to botch Alex's surgery. Unbeknownst to Stuart, Neil switched Alex to another operating room. Stuart reminded Neil that he was Stuart's property because Stuart had paid Neil's gambling debt in San Diego. Tom and Evan discovered Neil was boozing. Tony wanted Trish's bod. Neil discovered Stuart was taking kickbacks from supply houses. Nick, David's captor, demanded ransom from Doug. Don returned from Paris after investigating Tony.
11/16/81-11/20/81: Abe apprehended Nick while David escaped to Valerie's apartment. Danny, Val's brother, was reunited with David. Liz, who withheld the reason she can't divorce Tony, filed for a divorce from Don. Joshua comforted Marlena when her caller contacted her at home. Marlena talked Jake and Jessica out of a hasty marriage. "Angel" wanted her old job back at the Twilight bar. Suspecting Valerie is harboring David, Abe placed Val's pad under police watch. Valerie fretted about Danny's floundering ways. Danny disliked Abe. Don installed a tracer on Marlena's radio station phone. The cops briefly collared Julie and Doug for awaiting Nick in a deserted warehouse.

11/23/81-11/27/81: Alex regained the use of his legs after surgery. Anxious to purchase the Anderson company for Tony, Stuart urged Alex to remarry Mary if he wanted Marie and Jessica to live. A man watched Evan and Lorie as they got cozy on her couch. David vanished. Marlena received a strangled doll from her tormentor. Don suspected Lee was somehow under Tony's thumb. A patient died in the operating room originally meant for Alex's use. Joshua advised Jessica to examine her feelings for Jake. Trish and Liz became roomies. Evan suggested that Tom resume chief of staff duties.

11/30/81-12/4/81: Joshua found Lorie's strangled body. Doug and Julie located a man who had seen a British gentleman enter Alex's room before the shooting. Abe closed in on David at Valerie's pad. Neil won a hospital reprieve but warned Evan against making further trouble. Neil made a pass at Marlena, who recommended he get counseling. Tony pursued Trish through her new friendship with Lee, who was one of Tony's emissaries. Abe questioned Joshua about the strangulations. Abe discovered that Renee had sheltered David. Evan cried to Maggie after Lorie died. Trish, Doug and Julie went undercover to locate David.

12/7/81-12/11/81: Robert returned and hid with David in the Twilight basement. All he tells David about the past year is that Dougie is in a Swiss boarding school. Under pressure from Stuart, Alex named David as his assailant and backed out of marrying Marie. Roman Brady, Abe's partner, appointed himself Marlena's protector. Jessica and Jake became engaged despite her schizophrenia. Maggie learned she was carrying twins. Renee told Lee she was hot to trot with David. Abe cooled his relationship with Valerie. Neil and Valerie became professional opponents. Julie and Doug suspected that Alex was being forced to incriminate David and that Liz was under pressure to divorce Don. Robert wanted to elude Julie and Doug. Trish and Danny began working at the Twilight.

12/14/81-12/18/81: Maggie gave birth, and instead of delivering twins as she expected, had a baby girl. She asked to meet the adoptive parents. Knowing what the child means to Maggie, Mickey decided to file for custody. The strangler assaulted Renee, but she lived to tell the tale. Evan learned that Stuart had skipped town. Mike and Trish called it quits. Trish and Scotty confronted David, who masqueraded as a clown at Renee's birthday party. The strangler called Tom to threaten Jessica. Roman sacked on Marlena's floor to protect her from the strangler. Marlena advised Jessica to take on Angel's more honorable traits. Tony had the hots for Trish, Lee, and Renee. Tony purchased the Twilight. Lee revealed she is Renee's mother, not her sister.

12/21/81-12/25/81: David turned himself in to the cops. After Maggie had her child, Mickey discovered Evan was the daddy. In a conversation with Tony, Lee referred to Renee as "my little girl." Lee told Tony she wanted out of his father's employ. The strangler had stalked Renee, who was comatose in the hospital. Jessica admitted she was abused by her adoptive parents. Don fought Tony for Liz. Neil encouraged Evan to get his child away from Mickey and Maggie. David pressed Mickey to give Alex a lie detector test.

12/28/81-1/1/82 (from Lynda Hirsch's column): Val confesses to police she aided a wounded David, which gives him an alibi for one of the times a victim was strangled. On Stuart's order, Evan moves out of the house and sells it to Tony. When Tony accidentally spills a drink on Liz, she changes into one of his robes. Don shows up and assumes that Liz and Tony have bedded down. Tony tells Tom he believes Stuart was involved in Alex's shooting. Trish holds Alex at gunpoint until he admits that David did not shoot him. Alex is to be head of the board of directors. Joshua is a strong suspect in the strangling case. Neil is getting deeper into booze and is reprimanded for telling Maggie she was carrying twins before he did complete tests. When Neil rejects Mary, she plans to get even. Evan decides to fight for custody of his infant daughter. Neil shows interest in Marie.

1/4/82-1/8/82: Liz moved back with Tony under pressure from his father, Stefano, who threatened Don's life. Roman let David out of prison to investigate Alex's shooting. David snatched Scotty. Valerie investigated Bart, a man who might know why the mob is after David. In Rome, Tony confronted Stuart about the Salem murders. Stuart ordered Neil to discredit Valerie, who is snooping about the deaths. Tony sought to replace Stuart with Alex in Stefano's organization. Don cleared David of suspicion in the strangulations. Roman suspected the strangler is a hospital staffer. Tony warned Alex to come clean about who shot him. Valerie and Danny located David and Scotty in a deserted warehouse. David told Valerie they can only be buddies. Roman was jealous of Marlena and Don's renewed friendship.

1/11/82-1/15/82: Roman was suspended for six months under suspicion of helping David escape. Bart told David a European man was after David and had shot Alex. Stuart instructed Alex to buy Anderson Manufacturing before Tony could and also put out a contract on David. Renee regained consciousness and insisted David wasn't her attacker. Maggie's baby had respiratory problems. Mickey began a custody suit over the baby, and lady lawyer Gwen agreed to take Evan's case. David returned Scotty to Trish and Alice. Mary accepted Alex's kiss and noticed that Gretchen came on strong to Josh during self-defense classes. Jessica postponed her engagement party.

1/18/82-1/22/82: Upset at Stuart's drug dealing and hospital fund skimming, the DiMeras turned Stuart over to the Salem police. They threatened Evan's life if Stuart disobeyed them. David was cleared of shooting Alex when Stuart admitted to hiring a hitman. Abe received multiple gunshot wounds while saving David from Stuart's hitmen. Stefano told Tony he had future plans for Julie. Maggie's baby improved after surgery. Robert told Doug he fled from trouble in Paris and that Dougie was in a boarding school. Roman's sister Kayla dated Mike and suspected Renee knew her attacker. Marlena was taken to a deserted cottage by former mental patient, Eugene Bradford, who had strangled his wife. Eugene's apartment walls were papered with stories on the Salem Strangler.

1/25/82-1/29/82: Renee recuperated at the DiMera home. Roman was reinstated and he and Don rescued Marlena from Eugene. Abe improved after a visit from his little brother, Jonah. Lee avoided Stefano's ardent attention, although he wants to resume where they left off years ago. Jessica and Jake made wedding plans. Tony told Lee he's not romantically interested in Renee. David vowed to get Renee's attacker, but said he wants to try to work things out with Trish. Gwen began Evan's baby custody case.

2/1/82-2/5/82: Alex convinced Mary to sell Anderson Manufacturing to Tony. Jessica was upset to find Alex and Mary sharing a bed. Marlena agreed to help Gwen defend Eugene, who they don't believe is the Salem Strangler after all. Doug refused Stefano's offer to buy Doug's Place and realized Robert is afraid of the DiMeras. David rented a basement apartment in Trish's building and refused Stefano's job offer. Trish hired country singer Woody King. Jake accused Josh of still loving Jessica. Mickey encouraged Maggie to fight for her child.

2/8/82-2/12/82: Lee admitted to Marlena that Renee was really Lee's daughter. Jessica realized Josh still loved her when they were stranded at a country inn. Julie and Renee found Stuart's medical center financial records under the carpet at the DiMera home. Doug snooped into DiMera's background while Stefano blackmailed Liz into persuading Doug to sell his club. Liz indicated that she was back with Tony because she wanted to be, not because Stefano wanted her there.

2/15/82-2/19/82: The Salem Strangler stalked Mary. Jessica was concerned about Jake's fits of jealousy over Josh. Gwen brought up Maggie's alcoholic past and Mickey's mental instability as proof they weren't fit parents for Sarah. Jake helped Jessica reconcile with Alex after Jessica's outburst at Alex and Mary's affair. Tony kicked Liz out of his bed, insisting she didn't love him. David became the Twilight's business manager. Roman and Don sparred over Marlena. Abe's condition improved. Marie warned Mary she wants Alex back. Tony ignored Lee's vehement warning to stay away from Renee.

2/22/82-2/26/82: Mickey caught Maggie and Evan in a clinch after Evan learned that Stuart died of a heart attack in prison. Stefano denied any connection with Stuart's death. The Strangler chased Mary around town, finally did her in and turned out to be Jake. Scotty urged Trish and David to reconcile, but she's more interested in her career. David confirmed that the Anderson Co. books had been tampered with. Lee told Marlena that Stefano was Renee's father. Julie discovered a secret passage in the DiMera house. Woody took a romantic interest in Trish, who held a horror-themed opening for Shenanigans.

After strangling Mary, Jake made threatening phone calls to Marlena, his next intended victim. Jessica reverted to Angel because of Jake's jealousy over Josh. Stefano forced Liz to go against Doug and Julie so that Stefano could take over Doug's Place. Don and Roman found the Strangler's tennis shoe prints at the scene of Mary's murder. Liz gave Neil the money to pay back what Stuart had stolen from the hospital. Abe left his hospital bed to find the Strangler. Roman suspected Josh was the Strangler. Neil asked Phyllis home for Mary's funeral. Eugene Bradford was put in a mental hospital.
3/8/82-3/12/82: Gwen agreed to defend Jake, who secretly added Joshua's name to his hit list. Jessica told Roman that she and Jake had tried to elope the night Denise was killed. Stefano paid off Stuart's debt to the hospital before Neil could warn Liz to stay away from Neil. Mickey encouraged Mike to follow in Bill's medical footsteps. Evan left town to get a grip on his life after Maggie and Mickey won custody of Sarah. Robert refused to explain a photo Julie found that showed him taking money from the DiMera's vault. Tony learned that Phyllis and Mary's stepsister, Melissa, inherited Anderson Manufacturing. Gwen failed to seduce Don.

Melissa arrived in Salem after running away from boarding school. Linda returned for the reading of Mary's will. Neil consoled Phyllis, whom Jake added to his hit list. Stefano instructed Alex to seduce Phyllis to get Anderson Manufacturing. David fumed that Woody and Scotty got along famously. Robert told Doug he stole DiMera money for a lady boss. Marlena counseled Eugene who remembered that a man followed his wife home the night she died. Jake decided Renee would be the next to die. Roman shared Marlena's bed.
3/22/82-3/26/82: Don and Roman foil a meeting between Stefano and local mob biggies. Jake turned his killer sights from Phyllis to Renee, who remembered seeing the Strangler's shadow in a mirror. Phyllis clung to Neil, who asked Liz to move in with him. Phyllis arrived as Alex attempted to steal Mary's will. Alex learned Mary left Anderson Manufacturing to Melissa and Phyllis. Tony swore he'd split with Stefano if he had mob ties. Woody found Melissa hiding at Shenanigans and reunited her with her family. Joshua said he's help Jessica exorcise Angel. Phyllis was sarcastic to Alex, who said Linda is a comfort to him. Mike applied for medical school. Renee turned to Tony, although David insisted he didn't want Trish back. Robert continued to think of his days as a money go-between for DiMera.

Jake found a tunnel connecting the DiMera house to the wine cellar at Doug's Place. Tony interrupted Jake's attempt to strangle Renee, but they couldn't identify Jake. Liz told Neil she can't move in with him or divorce Tony. Suspecting Linda wants her inheritance, Melissa refused to live with her. Stefano was worried that he can't find Stuart's "business" records. Jessica admitted her love for Joshua. Roman continued to sleep in Johnny's room instead of bedding with Marlena.

4/5/82-4/9/82: Liz took supplies to Tony, who hid Renee in a motel. Lee was hysterical that Tony and Renee were alone. Jake suspected Jessica was a tramp when she suggested that they try sex before marriage. Mike left for college. Trish and David clashed over Scotty's upbringing. Woody told Trish about his migrant worker childhood. Linda told Alex she wouldn't let the DiMeras get Melissa's share of Anderson Manufacturing. Jake remembered drugging Jessica the night he killed Denise. Marlena and Roman found the Strangler's buried scarf. Jake followed Liz to get to Renee.
4/12/82-4/16/82: Jake and Jessica set up hotel digs next to Tony and Renee. Melissa admitted stealing from her school chums. Marie encouraged Marlena to have a fling with Roman. Stefano ordered Lee not to search for Tony and Renee. Phyllis considered selling her share of Anderson Manufacturing to Stefano. David dated Kayla. Trish fought her attraction to Woody. Mickey and Maggie bought Phyllis' lake house. Tony promised Liz a divorce when the Strangler is caught. Gene had a premonition that a girl would die in a hotel.

Lee resolved to tell Stefano that Renee is their daughter. Tony and Renee escaped the Strangler. Maggie and Mickey decided to fight Linda to keep Melissa. Roman vowed to catch the Strangler or resign. Jessica broke her engagement to Jake and told Josh she loves him. Renee tended a feverish Tony who refused to share a bed with her. Don saw Gwen socially and warned Stefano he'd be deported if he met with the mob. Phyllis told Neil she's leaving town.

Liz took a hospital job to be near Neil. Jake pursued Marlena, his next intended victim. Doug and Julie found files on everyone in Salem in the DiMera secret chamber. Tony and Renee motel-hopped while Josh and Jessica cuddled. Don learned Gwen is broke and living in her office. In order to get info on Stefano, Doug let him assume he could buy the club. Marlena felt romantically neglected by Roman. Lee disappeared.

Gene had bad vibes about Jake, who took a hospital job. Tony and Renee moved to a mountain cabin. Gwen moved in with Marlena as things heated up romantically between Marlena and Roman. Mickey and Linda geared up for their custody fight over Melissa. Robert admitted he had taken money out of Italy illegally for the DiMeras. Trish sacked with Woody. Stefano bought Phyllis' half of Anderson Manufacturing. David dated Kayla and took a part-time job with Josh.

5/10/82-5/14/82: Lee wrote Marlena that she has left Salem for good and left a letter telling Renee of her parentage. Neil romanced Liz behind Stefano's back. Tony proposed to Renee. Mickey and Maggie got custody of Melissa. Gene tried to remember where he had met Jake before and told Roman that Marlena is the Strangler's next victim. Stefano okayed Liz helping Tony. Marie ignored Alex's romantic advances. Abe dated Valerie.

5/17/82-5/21/82: Renee refused to marry Tony, who doesn't know they're half brother and sister. Jake sneaked into Marlena's apartment with the "strangling scarf." Don admitted he cares for Gwen. Mickey and Maggie helped Doug spy on Stefano. Alex flirted with Dana in front of Marie. Valerie applied for a New York job. Tony refused to divorce Liz. Abe realized Jake drugged Jessica the night they tried to elope. Liz warned Neil that Stefano might kill them if they keep seeing each other.
5/24/82-5/28/82: Don and Roman mourned Marlena's murder. But Eugene had a premonition that Marlena was still alive. Sure enough, the coroner reported to Roman that it was sister Samantha who had been strangled by Jake. Roman swore to kill Jake. Renee confided to David that Lee was her mother, but kept Tony in the dark. Stefano left town unexpectedly. Danny was smitten by nurse Sally Johnson. Valerie split when Abe said he was not the marrying kind. Gwen comforted Don while Kayla tried to calm Roman's anger.

Don found Marlena at the gate house and told her of Samantha's murder. Jake followed Marlena and confessed his sins. Chris arrived too late to save Jake, who died in a gunfight with Roman. Woody hit Trish for a loan. Maggie assured Chris he wasn't responsible for Jake's actions. Stefano ordered Liz to get Renee back under the DiMera roof. Josh asked Jessica to marry him. Maggie and Mickey sheltered a shell-shocked Marlena. Oliver, a mystery friend of Melissa's, was coming to Salem. Don agreed that a homeless Gwen could use his digs.

6/7/82-6/11/82: Chris and Maggie were trapped on her farm in a rainstorm while Mickey was out of town. After snatching Lee's letter, Tony pressured Renee for proof they're half brother and sister. Roman took a despondent Marlena on a romantic Mexican vacation. Woody and Trish made whoopee despite her suspicion he only wants her money. Chris went ga-ga over Marie's new look and considered Tony's job offer. Mickey introduced Melissa to Tony, her Anderson Mfg. partner. Neil and Liz schemed for time alone. Doug was asked to join the hospital board. Marlena told Eugene he didn't kill his wife.

Marlena admitted she loves Roman but realized he's troubled by something in his past. Don dated Marie while Gwen dated Chris to make Don jealous. To keep tabs on Melissa's interests, Chris took a plant manager job at Anderson Mfg. Mickey was amused that Chris and Maggie spent the night in a barn. Woody lied to Trish about why he needs a loan. Stefano made sure Doug was elected to the hospital board. Jessica accepted Josh's marriage proposal. Renee panicked because Stefano learned where Lee is. Alex tipped off Stefano to Liz and Neil's clandestine affair.

6/21/82-6/25/82: Stefano threw a party to introduce Renee as his daughter after taking tests to prove her parentage. David insisted to Kayla he isn't ready for a romantic commitment even though he's jealous of her and Chris' mutual teases. Doug used the secret DiMera room to spy on Stefano. Stefano blackmailed Alex into secretly working for him. Tony was jealous that Chris dated Renee. Roman asked Mickey to help with a legal problem from his past. Don gave his blessings to Roman and Marlena's romance.

Alex accused Stefano of faking a heart attack to keep Tony from leaving town. Gwen received mysterious phone calls from a man in her past. Tony refused to divorce Liz, who accepted an engagement ring from Neil. Don made love to Gwen, who refused to talk about her family. Evan Whyland wrote Tom that he met Sandy Horton in Hawaii. Renee moved back to the DiMera house. Doug questioned a Mrs. Matuso whose deceased husband did survey maps for Stefano. Eugene panicked that Marlena said he's ready to rejoin society. Chris agreed to be Josh's best man.

7/5/82-7/9/82: Julie was jealous that Mitzi Matuso came on to Doug. A bomb intended for Neil was planted after Stefano ordered Alex to keep Neil and Liz apart. Mickey was upset that Evan wrote Maggie. Roman and Marlena moved into Lee's old penthouse. Neil took a leave of absence to help Liz plan an out-of-state divorce. Gwen was mysteriously upset that Abe, Roman, and Don began an organized crime investigation. Tony objected that Stefano thinks David would make a good husband for Renee. Kayla admitted she loves David. Renee accepted Chris' Body Connection job offer. Marlena realized Roman's past problems were caused by a woman.

Evan returned to operate on Neil, who was injured by Stefano's bomb. Roman and Marlena became engaged after he admitted he had a pregnant wife, Anna, who presumably drowned. Tony accused Renee of coming on to Chris. Melissa had a secret meeting with Oliver. Gretchen seduced Woody. Alex insinuated that Neil's bombing was because of a gambling debt. Abe investigated the bombing. Maggie noticed Evan's hardened demeanor. Roman petitioned the court to have Anna declared legally dead. Tony backed Trish and Woody's album.

Maggie accepted a secretarial job with Chris. Liz agreed to return to the DiMera house if Stefano would lay off Neil, who has pneumonia. Evan taunted Stefano that Stuart left papers attesting to Stefano's dirty deeds. Marlena is upset because Johnny's natural mother wants him back. Renee admitted she still has romantic feelings for David. As part of his plans to trap Stefano, Doug signed Doug's Place over to Stefano. Oliver pressed Melissa for money. Alex as upset that Stefano wants to date Marie. Marlena convinced Chris to check out Eugene's bizarre inventions. Abe agreed to share Danny's digs.
7/26/82-7/30/82: Marlena tearfully returned Johnny to his real mother. To protect Neil, Liz returned to Tony, who demanded that she produce an heir for him. Chris gave Eugene a janitorial job. Renee turned to David after learning Liz and Tony are still married. Abe and Roman have a new secretary, Nicole Lee. Julie reluctantly helped Doug persuade Mitzi their marriage is on the rocks. Mitzi and her friend Hal secretly schemed against Doug. Josh and Jessica's wedding plans were marred by arguments. Gwen kept Don in the dark about her mother being a janitor. Evan accused Stefano of wanting local mob control. Marie kept vigil over Neil, who is improving.

Renee decided to take David away from Kayla. Roman was shocked when a woman claiming to be Anna was admitted to the hospital. The woman has a daughter, Carrie. Liz kept Neil in the dark that she's back in Tony's bed. Eugene promised to keep quiet about Oliver if Melissa keeps mum that Gene perfected a robot behind Chris' back. Abe warned Nikki (Nicole) not to gossip about Roman and Marlena's seemingly shattered romance. Trish was hurt that Tony asked Woody to sing on her record album. Robert investigated Stefano's past while vacationing in Rome. David wants custody of Scotty. Tony announced that he and Liz will remarry to cover up the fact they never divorced.

8/9/82-8/13/82: Trish agreed Scotty could spend the summer with David; then she left on a trip. Sandy Horton arrived. Roman was suspicious of Anna's story that she was forced into white slavery. Marlena fell in love with Carrie, Roman's supposed daughter. Tony is jealous of Renee's attraction to David. Josh and Jessica quarreled right up to their wedding day. Gwen was livid that Don lent Marlena a shoulder to cry on. Liz began drinking heavily but promised Tony he'd have his heir. With Mickey out of town, Chris moved in with Maggie and Melissa to protect them from a "prowler," who's really Oliver. Gene had a vision Oliver's in trouble with the law.

8/16/82-8/20/82: Anna insisted she'll divorce Roman, but asked him and Marlena to raise Carrie. Sandy accepted an internist job and Evan's marriage proposal, but he told Stefano he doesn't love her. Chris fought his growing attraction to Maggie. Renee admitted trying to buy Scotty's friendship to get close to David. Tony made Danny manager of Shenanigans. At Marlena's request, Evan forbade Liz to visit Neil. Abe doubted Anna's story that she'd been held captive for five years and also checked out Nikki's background. Doug and Julie continued their scheme to get info on the DiMeras.

8/23/82-8/27/82: Chris consoled Kayla, who split with David after spotting David bedding Renee. Evan "potted" a safe-deposit box key in one of Maggie's plants. Stefano and Alex want the key because the box contains Evan's blackmail evidence that Stefano is dealing drugs. Anna denied knowing heiress Dorothea Simpson, who said Anna was a willing prostitute. Delia, Stefano's maid and confidant, agreed to spy on Maggie while working as Sarah's babysitter. Melissa promised Oliver an Anderson Mfg. job. As part of their plans to get Stefano, Doug and Julie announced that their marriage is kaput. Anna moved in with Tom and Alice. Liz is pregnant.

Marlena called off her engagement to Roman so he can help Anna and Carrie. Chris let a drunken Kayla spend a platonic night in his bed. Mitzi schemed to marry Doug in order to get the mysterious "treasure" under Doug's Place. Oliver told Melissa that he repaired the tunnel between the DiMera house and Doug's Place for Stuart Whyland. Mickey learned Tony isn't involved in Stefano's dirty deals and that Evan got Sandy's engagement ring from Stefano. Josh and Jessica returned from their honeymoon. Renee is miffed that David is concerned about Kayla. Gwen fumed that Marlena cried on Don's shoulder.

Julie got the code to the Doug's Place treasure from an unknowing Mitzi, who has the code tattooed on her derriere. Melissa worried over Oliver, who said he knew about the Doug's Place secret. Marlena turned to Don when Roman consoled Anna, a multiple sclerosis victim. Stefano realized that Doug and Julie weren't really on the outs. Abe found a video tape of Anna having a fun time on the yacht on which she supposedly was a prisoner. Neil told Marie that he still yearned for Liz and that he was sure Stefano had tried to kill him. Gwen took her mother in but tried to keep Don from meeting her. Chris unveiled his robot project for the hospital. Delia found Evan's safe deposit box key in Sarah's rattle.

Woody and Gwen agreed to hush up that they are brother and sister and that mama, Esther, was living with Gwen. Liz feared her pregnancy would keep her tied to the DiMeras. Sandy broke her engagement to Evan after catching him in the sack with nurse Kelly, who secretly worked for Alex. Doug and Julie called off their fake separation after learning there supposedly was a titanium deposit under Doug's Place. Renee encountered Stefano's wrath after spending a night in David's bed. Delia gave Stefano Evan's secret key. Stefano and Alex shredded Evan's blackmail evidence. Alex plotted Evan's demise. Marlena accepted a date with Eugene and was upset that Anna moved into an apartment with Roman and Carrie.

9/20/82-9/24/82: Alex arranged for Sandy to operate on Evan after he and Maggie had a car accident arranged by Alex's henchman. One of Alex's cohorts then switched Evan's medical records, and Sandy unwittingly gave him a dose of penicillin, which was lethal because Evan was allergic. Josh and Jessica played matchmaker for Kayla, who smooched with Chris. Mickey and Doug were suspicious that Stefano left on a business trip following Evan's death. Mitzi warned she won't give up Doug. Marlena became attached to Carrie while Anna stayed with the Hortons instead of Roman. Maggie suffered bruises in the accident after rejecting Evan's plea to run off with him and Sarah.

9/27/82-10/1/82: Neil punched out Tony when he announced Liz's pregnancy but Liz kept mum that she thought the baby was Neil's. Julie and Doug shocked Stefano with news that there was no titanium under Doug's Place. Roman was puzzled to find a lot of money and a Swiss bank deposit ticket secreted in Anna's suitcase. Don and Mickey realized Evan was blackmailing Stefano. David admitted he loved Renee. Sarah inherited Evan's estate. Marie dated Stefano to get proof that he had tried to kill Neil. Kayla got closer to Chris, who was delighted the hospital agreed to use his robot. Sandy was put on probation pending an investigation of Evan's death.
10/4/82-10/8/82: Alex's cohort, nurse Celeste Dalton, told Roman that Sandy had misread Evan's medical chart. Gwen was livid that Don had loaned Sandy a shoulder to cry on. Roman learned that the man who held Anna captive was in the States. Oliver used the secret tunnel to eavesdrop on Stefano. David suspected that Renee hadn't really gotten over Tony. Mickey went to South America to check out Evan's past. Liz told Sandy she believed the DiMeras were powerful mob figures. Marlena feared she still could lose Roman to Anna. Renee fantasized about having Tony's child. Stefano broke his lease on Doug's casino. Gwen agreed to be Sandy's legal representative.

10/11/82-10/15/82: Stefano held Mickey hostage and admitted that he destroyed Evan's blackmail evidence. Roman learned Anna received threatening letters before she disappeared with the yacht captain who had held her captive. A jealous Gwen secretly fed the police information that could ruin Sandy's career. Danny wrongly suspected that Nikki's wealthy father is her sugar daddy. Chris and Gene perfected Chris' robot, SICO. Neil suspected Liz is carrying his baby even though she denied it. David and Renee made wedding plans.
10/18/82-10/22/82: Roman arrested Capt. Cyril Edwards, who had Anna stowed in a sea trunk. Chris stood by Maggie, who refused to believe that Mickey died in a plane crash secretly engineered by Stefano. Stefano panicked that Sandy linked him with Mickey's trip to get Evan's blackmail evidence. Marlena was devastated that Roman stalled signing Anna's divorce papers. Tony flipped at the news of Renee and David's engagement. Mickey's attempt to escape his jungle mansion "prison" was thwarted by mystery woman Laura. Sandy's patients began to defect. Woody realized Gwen is sabotaging Sandy.

After secretly checking Liz's conception date, Neil was convinced that she was carrying his baby. Tony's mother, Daphne, realized he did not love Liz. Renee was surprised to learn that David soon would inherit mucho bucks. Nikki persuaded Abe to escort her to her debutante party. At Anna's insistence, Roman signed their divorce papers. Cyril confessed that he had held Anna by force. Robert returned from Europe with more info on the DiMeras, and Doug and Julie left for Europe to check further into Stefano's past. Oliver worried about Melissa, who mourned Mickey. Tony pleaded with Stefano to drop his grudge against Daphne and hired Anna as his secretary.

11/1/82-11/5/82: Anna demanded advance payment for the secret "job" she's doing for Stefano, confessed planning her and Roman's original boat accident, paid Cyril to say he kidnapped her and said she never intended to stay married to Roman. Marlena confided to Dr. Toni Stone she feels guilty taking Roman from Anna. Gene suspected Woody is after Melissa's money. Don learned that the nurse who testified Sandy misread Evan's medical chart was found dead, while another nurse remembered seeing two charts the night Sandy operated on Evan. Abe and Roman suspected that drug shipments are coming from the River Rat, a boat secretly owned by Stefano. Mickey fumed to see a newspaper clipping of his "funeral."

Sandy was reinstated at the hospital while the police searched for Evan's real killer. Daphne told Liz she was convinced that Stefano still had mob connections. A terrified Renee escaped Tony's drunken romantic advances. Gene admitted he had romantic fantasies about Marlena. Gwen lied to Sandy that Don had been sleeping with Marlena. Alex cried to Anna that Stefano blamed him for the raid on their drug shipment. Gwen dreamed of marrying Don even though he said he didn't love her. Liz staged a romantic scene with another man to convince Neil she didn't love him.
11/15/82-11/19/82: Daphne informed Tony that he wasn't Stefano's son. Tony rushed to halt David and Renee's wedding, but to no avail. Daphne was hospitalized for mental exhaustion. Danny unwittingly made drug deliveries for Alex and Stefano. Doug and Julie searched for a former mistress of Stefano's. Melissa feared Linda would reclaim her now that Mickey is "dead." Gene fantasized about his "love mermaid," who turned out to be a married commercial actress. Mickey continued to resist Laura's welcoming arms while devising his escape plan. SICO became a hero by putting out a hospital lab fire.

Oliver was revealed to be Gwen and Woody's brother. The trio's mean ol' daddy, Orby Jensen, arrived. Vacationing in Mexico with Marlena, Roman suspected that he was being followed. Neil got closer to Marie. Don consoled Maggie, who still missed Mickey. Renee didn't believe Tony's story that Stefano wasn't Tony's father. Liz was happy that Tony said he would divorce her but objected to the fact that he wanted to raise her baby. Anna launched her plan to use Carrie to discredit Roman. Robert learned that Stefano's ex-mistress, Lola Jasper, was in Salem. With Toni's help, Marlena rid herself of the guilt she felt about Samantha's death. Renee and David honeymooned in Paris.

11/29/82-12/3/82: Sandy opened a family practice clinic. Doug searched for Lola (a.k.a. Lady Vivian Carlyle) who Stefano warned to split town. After a romantic date with Neil, Marie warned Liz to stay away from him. Eugene helped Mollie, a pregnant teen runaway. Kayla and Chris spent a night of love in a hotel. Using the secret tunnel, Oliver eavesdropped on Tony to get stock tips. To make it look like Roman is one the take, Anna hypnotized Carrie, who planted a bank deposit receipt in Roman's apartment. Abe was suspicious of Roman, who used a secret computer room to contact his mystery boss. Gwen told Don the truth about her family.

Abe discovered Roman's secret computer room and bugged his conversations with his mystery contact. Everyone in Salem learned that Gwen was Woody and Oliver's sister. Anna seduced Alex. Julie fumed that Doug and Robert had visited a madam in their search for Lola (Vivian). Alex was furious that Marie was sharing Neil's bed. Mickey was assigned a roomie, Catherine. Tony moved Daphne to a secret hospital. Liz warned Tony that she would fight dirty to keep her baby. Renee insisted to Tony that she loved David.

Mickey was caught sending messages with a homemade transmitter. Abe learned Roman was a secret International Security Alliance member. Stefano engineered Roman's suspension from the police force after he and Abe intercepted one of Stefano's drug shipments. Eugene fantasized romance with Marlena, but settled for a date with Gretchen. Neil told Liz he was starting a new life without her. Don comforted Liz, who admitted she was carrying Neil's baby and that she had split with Neil so the DiMeras wouldn't kill him. Tony pestered Renee with his declarations of love. Maggie and the kids spent the night with Don during a power outage.
12/20/82-12/24/82: Don kissed Maggie under the mistletoe. With David out of town, Tony pursued Renee, who fought her feelings for Tony. Eugene and Marlena ignored Roman's protests and set out to prove he's not a drug dealer. Alex made sure Don found the bank deposit records Anna had Carrie hide in her music box. Mickey was beaten for trying to phone Maggie. Liz was upset to see Neil and Marie cozying it up. Scotty had an emergency appendectomy. Gwen's law license was suspended after Don had learned she conspired to ruin Sandy. A madame, Foxy Humdinger, helped Doug search for Lola.

12/27/82-12/31/82 (from Lynda Hirsch's column): Marlena goes to Shenanigans and may have gained information to set Roman free and to erase drug-dealing charges. Stefano and Alex decide that they must "neutralize" Roman. Liz decides to blackmail Tony in order to gain her freedom. Marie and Neil grow closer.

1/3/83-1/7/83: As a warning to Roman, Stefano secretly had Kayla poisoned. Renee kept mum that she fell down the stairs while eluding Tony's arms. David later agreed Renee could recuperate at the DiMera house but warned Tony to stay away from her. Marie slept with Neil even though he doesn't love her. Chris insisted he'd find the person who tried to kill Kayla. Orby told Alex he was worried that the police will learn about their drug shipments. Roman lied about having a truck driving job in order to go on assignment in Zurich. Woody went on a singing tour.

Alex programmed SICO who poisoned Roman's buddy, Hall, who died. Kayla, who was also poisoned by the robot, is recovering. Don resigned as D.A. to defend Roman at his upcoming trial. Stefano was puzzled that Tony seems to be turning against him. Liz plotted to exploit Tony and Renee's love, unaware that they are not siblings. Don admitted his love for Maggie. Searching for a way out of the jungle, Mickey was bitten by a snake. Alex and Stefano marked Alice as their next victim if Roman doesn't butt out of their business. Doug and Julie talked to Lola, who admitted she smuggled money into the United States for Stefano. Renee pleaded with Tony to keep mum that he's not Stefano's son.

Liz took photos of Tony cozying up to Renee. Alex had SICO poison Gretchen after she overheard Alex and secret contact, Mr. H20, planning Alice's demise. Gretchen told Doug and Roman of the plot against Alice, but Gretchen died before she could implicate Alex and Stefano. Eugene fantasized romance with Marlena and Gwen. Marlena's cousin Trista arrived for Marlena's wedding. Marie was jealous to find Neil innocently talking with Liz. Gretchen told Gene she caught Anna smooching Alex smooching Alex, who objected to Marlena's plan to set up a shelter for teen drug users.
1/24/83-1/28/83: Stefano discovered the secret room in the DiMera house and learned that Renee's portrait painter, Astrid Langstrom, is Roman and Abe's spy. Two farmers rescued a delirious Mickey from the jungle. Don fought his love for Maggie. Tony and Renee smooched behind David's back while Liz taped their conversations. Eugene had visions that Roman wouldn't make it to his wedding. Stefano schemed to kill Roman, who was taken off the DiMera investigation by his secret superior. Liz admitted to Julie that she had returned to Tony in order to protect Neil.

Roman realized that his tailor is Stefano's hit man. Neil punched Alex, who insisted Marie still loves Alex. Mickey recovered from his snake bite. Tony was upset that David made love to Renee. Stefano found the secret tunnel from his study to Doug's Place. In order to remain close to Tony, Renee lied that she needs more recuperation time at the DiMera house. Marlena advised Renee to stay away from Tony. Maggie insisted she's not dating Don, who wished Roman and Marlena marital happiness. Stefano made Doug an unwitting part of a back-up plan to kill Roman.

Roman and Marlena exchanged marriage vows after he killed Stefano's first hitman in a scuffle. Marlena fumed that Don took her on a "honeymoon" so Roman could secretly question a second hitman, who was jailed. Marie was jealous that Neil doctored Liz because Sandy is out of town. Don agreed with Liz that something is up between Renee and Tony, who eavesdropped on David and Renee's constant quarrels. Stefano ordered Alex to find Daphne and Anna, who has dropped out of sight.

Disguised as Mr. Snow, Roman got Stefano's hitman to squeal on Stefano. Don lost Marlena who went off to find Roman. Stefano made a run for it taking Liz and Marlena hostage and leaving a wounded Chris in the secret tunnel. Stefano found Daphne who admitted Tony isn't his son. Liz snapped photos of Tony and Renee smooching then left Neil a note that he fathered her baby. Stefano's men returned Mickey to his jungle prison. Anna resurfaced and together with Alex plotted to betray Stefano by taping his phone conversations. Chris looked for Ridgecrest, Stefano's secret hideaway. Oliver showed Chris the secret tunnel.
2/21/83-2/25/83: Prompted by Eugene, Alice told Roman and Abe where Ridgecrest is located. Neil successfully operated on Chris, then joined the search for Liz and Marlena. Tony's true parentage was revealed, and David warned Tony to stay away from Renee. Anna and Alex lied that they knew nothing about Stefano's dirty dealings. Alex intercepted Liz's baby note to Neil and Anna stole Liz's photos of Tony and Renee. Don suspected Alex knows all about Stefano's business.

Roman and Abe captured Stefano. Neil arrived in time to deliver Liz's daughter, but she went into a coma before she could tell him he's the father. Maggie was annoyed when Don gave Gwen a secretarial job. Marlena's cousin Trista arrived just as Roman and Marlena were leaving on a belated honeymoon. Anna set her sights on Tony and the DiMera fortune. Set up by Anna, David flipped to find Renee comforting Tony.

3/7/83-3/11/83: Convinced that his romance with Liz was over, Neil asked Marie to marry him. Renee was devastated that Stefano died of a stroke after warning her to stay away from Tony. Anna consoled Tony when blood tests proved that he hadn't fathered Liz's baby. Liz blackmailed Tony to stay off Neil's back and give her her baby and her freedom in exchange for silence about Tony's love for Renee. Trista settled into the hospital nursing school. Maggie smooched with Don and gave Eugene romantic advice. Anna and Alex were relieved that Stefano kept mum about their dirty deeds. Don encouraged Gwen to date other guys.

3/14/83-3/18/83: As Maggie and Don grew closer romantically, Mickey escaped from Stefano's Caracas hideout. Neil and Marie eloped. To everyone's horror at Marie and Neil's wedding celebration, Tony blurted out that Neil fathered Liz's baby. Anna spied on a devastated Tony who learned Renee is pregnant by David. Trista won Eugene's name-the-robot contest, but refused the prize -- a date with Eugene. For financial reasons, David was upset about Renee's pregnancy. Neil insisted he won't let Liz leave town. Roman confided to Marlena he's a secret agent.

Tony fumed that Daphne had tried to play matchmaker for him and Renee. Marlena set up a youth shelter after Oliver rescued teen drug addict Pamela. Reluctantly, David announced Renee's pregnancy, then warned her to stay away from Tony. Julie warned Renee never to hurt David. Tony got a quickie divorce from Liz. Anna schemed to marry Tony, who invited her to see Woody's Las Vegas club act. Trista confided to Eugene that her mother was murdered. Kayla moved out after Chris admitted he couldn't make a marriage commitment to her. Neil spent time with Liz and their daughter, Noel, but insisted he loves Marie. Oliver berated Gwen after she had sent Maggie a poison pen letter. Unaware that Mickey is on his way home, Maggie dated Don.

Mickey collapsed after overhearing Maggie tell Don she loves him. Anna got Tony drunk, found the crooked judge Alex told her about, and married Tony. Tony awoke from a drunken stupor to find out he's married to Anna. Renee admitted to Daphne she loves Tony, then rode off alone on her horse after a tiff with David. Roman's dad, Shawn, was upset by a letter from his younger son, Bo. Eugene got closer to Trista who suspected she's being followed. Marie declared war on Liz who vowed to win Neil back.
4/4/83-4/8/83: Renee miscarried after a fall from her horse. Julie accused Renee of planning the accident. Recuperating from a heart attack, Mickey refused to go home with Maggie, but warned Don he would fight to win her back. Trista confided to Marie that she was haunted by her mother's murder. Tony rejected Renee's love proclamation, as he's a married man. Maggie told Don she still has feelings for him. Marie had a fit that Liz was keeping close tabs on Neil. Marlena and Roman bought a house. Gwen set out to win Don back. Eugene got a hospital engineering job.

Anna lied to Tony she's pregnant after learning the first DiMera offspring will inherit a bundle of loot. Roman rescued Hope who ran away from boarding school and later fell from a car driven by a drunken friend. To get her DiMera inheritance, Renee moved into Stefano's house and schemed to stay married to David for one year. Gwen's law license was reinstated. Trista was reminded of her mom's murder when she found a gun in a trash can. A mystery man tailed Trista. Marie was upset by hospital gossip about Liz and Neil's relationship. Maggie and Gwen had a cat fight over Don.
4/18/83-4/22/83: Doug was upset that Julie and Hope could not get along. Unable to resist, Neil kissed Liz. Maggie flipped when she found out that Mickey suspected she had had an affair with Don. Hope sympathized with David, who refused to move into the DiMera house. Renee hired Gwen to stall David's divorce. Anna seduced Tony and convinced him to accept his inheritance. Liz ignored Marie's warning to keep away from Neil. Daphne encouraged Renee to prove that Anna was pregnant. Alex agreed to fake pregnancy papers for Anna. Roman and Marlena remodeled their dream house. Hope came on to Oliver. Roman sent Bo a loan.

Chris worried that Liz carried a gun after her assault by a mugger. Julie and Marlena were unable to quell the violent arguments between Liz and Marie. Gwen urged Renee to seduce David to stall his divorce proceedings. With Daphne's help, Liz lured Neil to her bedroom. Eugene smooched with Trista after a grandfather clock reminded her of her mother's death. Maggie told Mickey she hadn't slept with Don. Hope overheard Liz say that she hated Marie. Roman feared the consequences for Marlena if Anna decided she wanted custody of Carrie. Abe and Danny were jealous when Nikki dated another man, Craig Daniels.

5/2/83-5/6/83: Hope hooked up with Bo. Bo couldn't get along with Roman, but he was smitten by Marlena. While Marie supposedly was out of town, Liz seduced Neil in his bedroom. Awaiting Neil's return from the hospital, a frightened Liz fired shots in the dark at an intruder. David fumed to realize Renee slept with him to stall his divorce. Realizing that he still had feelings for Renee, Anna struggled to hold on to Tony and the DiMera fortune. Don broke up a hair-pulling, name-calling cat fight between Liz and Marie. Maggie told Don and Mickey that they both could court her. Maggie went to Neil's house for help when Mickey suffered chest pains. Trista told Eugene that she was not ready for an involvement, then accept a part-time job with Alex.

A panicked Liz fled the scene after realizing she had shot Marie. Maggie later found Marie. Liz confessed the shooting to Chris and Daphne, but feared the police would never believe it was an accident. Neil hovered over Marie who came out of a coma but is paralyzed. Mickey arrived to visit Melissa and flipped to find Don with Maggie. Daphne blurted out that she knows Anna is a criminal. Liz was shocked when Daphne said Stefano left a second will which disinherits Tony. Kayla and Trista rented Roman's old apartment. Hope and Bo resisted their attraction to each other. On Daphne's advice, Liz threw her gun into the river.
5/16/83-5/20/83: Tony became curious about Anna's past when she admitted having been arrested as a child. Melissa told Maggie that she resented her dumping Mickey. Liz was relieved that Marie did not know who shot her. Marie, whose speech was impaired, told Neil that he was free to be with Liz. Neil decided to stick with Marie. Daphne searched for Stefano's second will, which was hidden in Scotty's backpack. Mickey argued with Don, who shared a romantic kiss with Maggie. Alex sided with Renee against the Hortons. Nikki moved in with Kayla and Trista.

Teen drug addict, Pamela, snatched Noel from her carriage. Chris was suspicious of Liz and Neil who secretly agreed to Pamela's ransom demands. Daphne found Stefano's second will. Melissa and Hope joined a therapy group at Marlena's clinic, The Right Connection. Marlena is upset because Roman's job takes all his time. Gwen was hurt that she can't take Don's mind off Maggie. Oliver was jealous when Hope was smitten by Woody. Anna feared Woody would ruin her plans for Tony. An improving Marie refused to fight to keep Neil. Roman realized the person who shot Marie had a key to Neil's house. The man tailing Trista tied her up and beat up Eugene after ransacking her pad. Tony resisted Renee's sexual advances while Anna was out of town.
5/30/83-6/3/83: Oliver helped Chris rescue Noel from Pamela who was arrested. Noel was returned to Liz who sensed Neil is slipping away from her for good. Gwen took a legal job with Anderson Mfg. Alex agreed to Anna's plan that he romance Renee, since he knows Stefano's second will leaves everything to Renee. Chris dodged Roman's questions about Liz's possible involvement with Marie's shooting. Trista learned that her father didn't kill her mother, who was being blackmailed. Bo accepted a job as tennis instructor at Doug's inn. Don was shocked when Mickey tried to bribe him to leave town. Hope came on to Roman after Bo rescued her from a masher. Marie insisted that she wants a legal separation from Neil.

Gwen agreed to speed up David's divorce after Alex told her the terms of Stefano's second will. Marlena rebuffed Roman and Shawn's demand that she close the Right Connection. Tony was suspicious of Anna who was nervous about a call from her brother, Brett. Chris realized he's falling for Liz. Liz panicked that Marie remembered a woman had talked to her after she was shot. Bo caught a strange man trying to steal some of Trista's papers. Marie asked Don to handle her separation from Neil. Roman searched for proof Liz might have shot Marie. Renee took a hospital public relations job.
6/13/83-6/17/83: Neil took Marie home after making her realize that the cause of her paralysis had been emotional. Anna paid Woody blackmail money to keep mum that her marriage to Tony wasn't legit. For big bucks, Gwen agreed to Mickey's plan to let Maggie think that Don was seeing Gwen on the sly. Melissa helped Hope, who ran away after another tiff with Julie. A strange man tailed Hope. Liz was relieved that Maggie remembered talking with Marie right after she was shot. Trista was lured to a warehouse full of memorabilia from her childhood. Eugene was upset to read a hate letter from an old flame of Trista's. Hope befriended a troubled teen, Jane. Bo vowed to solve the murder of Trista's mother and also searched for Hope.

Trista ran from the warehouse without seeing Alex in the shadows. A lying guard told Gene and Bo that Trista never visited the warehouse. Alex paid the guard to skip town, but Gene found evidence that someone had rigged the joint. Hope was befriended by Mr. Randolph; he set her up with a john who beat her up for not getting cuddly. Melissa kept mum that she gave Hope money and knows her whereabouts. Liz denied Neil's accusation that she was present at Marie's shooting. Marie found an initialed scarf and remembered hearing a woman's scream. Anna used David to foil Renee's plan to meet Tony. Maggie suspected Don's hot for Gwen just as Gwen and Mickey planned. Trista realized her mother's killer is searching for the murder weapon.

6/27/83-7/1/83: Bo and Roman rescued Hope and arrested Mr. Rudolph and his would-be rapist friend. Hope later moved in with Roman and Marlena, who mediated rap sessions between Hope and Julie. Chris urged Liz to forget her plans to leave town. Neil fought his feelings for Liz and planned a solitary vacation. Don smoothed things over after Maggie heard Melissa say she saw Don smooching with Gwen. Daphne suspected there are other copies of Stefano's second will. Woody told Gwen he's blackmailing Anna. Alex told Gwen about his plot to marry Renee, and Gwen tried to speed up David's divorce. Roman and Abe looked for proof the mystery scarf belongs to Liz. Anna panicked when Tony seemed remote during phone calls.

Liz and Neil rekindled their old flame when they found themselves at the same resort. Liz tried explaining to Neil how she shot Marie, but Roman arrived to arrest her. Marie's shocked that her husband rendezvoused with her assailant. Roman asked Bo to guard Marlena against tough hoods like Peter Jannings at the Right Connection. Eugene disapproved of Alex's attentions toward Trista, who's arranging student nurses' mixers. Gwen left a doubt in Maggie's mind about the supposed kissing incident with Don. Don panicked he won't be able to defend Liz since Daphne spilled the beans.
7/11/83-7/15/83: Renee's plan to kill Anna backfired when Tony was injured in the rigged boating accident. Roman was unaware that Hope has a crush on him. To help his career, D.A. Larry Welch charged Liz with attempted murder. Hope testified she heard Liz say she hated Marie. Maggie told Don and Mickey she's through with both of them because of their fighting. Neil confessed to a devastated Marie that he loves Liz and will stick by her. Roman fumed that Marlena took Pete on as a patient. A court date was set for David's divorce case. Tony told Anna he knows she tricked him into marriage. Alex took Marie to his pad and demanded Neil resign from the hospital. Mickey agreed to handle Marie's divorce from Neil.

Mickey told Gwen to seduce Don in order to drive Maggie and Don further apart. Sandy Horton returned and took an interest in Tony. Anna miscarried after saving Tony's life. Renee set up David as her alibi for the boat accident. Tony asked Mickey to handle his divorce from Anna. Alex steamed that Anna had let Tony live because Tony knew about her schemes. Neil was forced to admit he slept with Liz the night Marie was shot. Liz was found guilty of attempting to murder Marie. Marlena learned that something in Bo and Roman's past had caused the rift between them. Bo went to Florida to check a lead on Trista's mother's murderer. Renee realized Anna had lied in saying that she once had been forced into prostitution.
7/25/83-7/29/83: Don planned an appeal for Liz who was sent off to serve five years in jail. Anna insisted she loves Tony who rejected Anna's story that Renee is a killer. Under hypnosis, Trista remembered picking up the gun used to kill her mother, Barbara. Listening to a tape of Trista's session, Alex learned the gun he fears was missing from his collection is still missing. Eugene questioned Alex's former mistress Nora about Barbara's death. Barbara's old pal, Gloria Matthews, admitted Alex once had an affair with Barbara. Melissa was shocked Hope admitted she's smitten with Roman. A jealous Bo confessed he cares for Hope. Kayla befriended Renee who fumed that her divorce went through. Sandy was concerned for Tony who mourned the loss of his unborn son.

8/1/83-8/5/83: Eugene tricked Nora who admitted she killed Barbara in a jealous fit over Alex. Roman arrested Nora who failed in a last-ditch attempt to kill Alex. Jane agreed to help Hope who schemed to be alone with Roman. Julie ordered Hope to move home after realizing Hope is infatuated with Roman. Trista was baffled that Eugene disappeared after he received a mysterious letter. Kayla spent time with David and Chris. Trista admitted to Eugene she was once married to a man named Mack. Liz made Neil Noel's legal guardian. Alex nixed Gwen's hope that their affair could turn to love. Mickey urged Gwen to discredit Don who pressured Maggie for a commitment. Roman and Marlena planned a vacation. Anna vowed to fight Tony's divorce.

8/8/83-8/12/83: Jane failed to detain Marlena who freaked to find Roman in a clinch with Hope. Bo punched Roman who was shocked that Hope said she loves him. Anna lost her cool when her brother, Brett Fredericks, arrived. Daphne hired a detective to find the suspected copies of Stefano's second will. Alex rented Renee a penthouse pad and made hasty plans to marry her. David threatened to kill Renee who screamed he was a terrible lover. Mickey had a fit to learn Don and Maggie planned a weekend tryst. Eugene flew to Haiti to see his dying grandfather who claimed the Bradford family is cursed. Marlena learned Pete hates women.

Eugene's grandfather died after telling Gene there's an amulet in a secret vault that will cure the Bradford curse. Trista pooh-poohed Gene's talk about the voodoo curse, but was shocked Gene's airline seat-mate suddenly died of a heart attack. Mickey pressured Gwen to speed up their plot to discredit Don. Hope fumed that Bo ridiculed her feelings for Roman. A distraught Marlena fought the feeling she's losing Roman's love. Alex promised Anna he'd give Brett a job. Anna hired Bo to prove Renee caused Anna and Tony's boat accident. Alex tightened his web around Renee who began to fall for his love talk. To convince Anna their marriage is over, Tony came on strong with Sandy. Marlena learned Jane's suicide threat had been a fake.

Renee secretly married Alex after Tony rejected her. Abe clashed with efficiency expert Sgt. Joan Hopkins. Using faked photos of Gwen and Don in bed, Mickey thwarted Maggie and Don's plan for a weekend tryst. Alex instructed Gwen to lock the copies of Stefano's will in Alex's safe. Trista urged Gene to dispose of the "key" to his grandfather's secret vault. Doug and Julie fretted over David, who drowned his sorrows in booze. Pete made a rude pass at Hope, who patched things up with Marlena. Liz was harassed by fellow prison-mates. Roman investigated Tony and Anna's claim that Renee caused their boat accident. Gene was upset that Alex fired him from his hospital job. Gloria, another acquaintance of Gene's, unexpectedly kicked the bucket and he blamed the Bradford curse.

Kelly let Renee find Alex's copy of Stefano's will. Realizing Alex married her for her money, Renee threw a party to publicly expose Alex's scheme. The party-goers were shocked when Delia found a murdered Renee. Julie heard David threaten to kill Renee. Long-time family employee, Tilson, brought Gene new facts of the Bradford curse. After quarreling, Renee bedded down with Tony. Liz is terrified of her cell mate who's serving a life sentence for murder. Pete taunted Marlena that Roman and Hope are still an item. Sandy wined and dined Chris. Maggie turned to Mickey after refusing to tell a baffled Don why she broke off their romance. Melissa learned Mickey and Gwen faked the photos of Don and Gwen. Trista accepted Gene's marriage proposal. Marie forgave Neil for hurting her. Nikki is jealous of Joan.

To protect David, Julie confessed to Renee's murder. Gene suspected the curse killed Renee since she was the third person to die after literally bumping into Gene. Tony accused Alex and Anna of plotting Renee's murder. Gene had a premonition about Renee's death and mysterious green plants. Liz's cell mate, Billie, promised favors if Liz behaves herself. Brett took a shine to Hope after learning her family is rich. Doug paid detective, Stickey, to get David out of the country. Anna remembered overhearing a violent argument between Renee and Alex. Melissa pondered whether to tell Don about the fake photos as Maggie made plans to remarry Mickey. Neil assured Liz he won't fall out of love with her. Anna took a job at Anderson. Chris spent a night on Sandy's couch.

Maggie called off remarrying Mickey when Melissa ratted about the fake photos. Maggie tried to patch up her romance with Don. Gwen lied that Mickey forced her to pose for the photos. Pete admitted to Marlena that a girl he once cared for had died. Roman and Abe learned Renee was poisoned and then stabbed. Gene blamed the Bradford curse when Nurse Kelly Harper was killed in the same manner as Renee. Liz got a new cell mate, Charlene. Kayla stuck by David, who secretly paid a Mr. Wilkins to give him an alibi for the time of Renee's death. Roman was puzzled when Renee and Kelly were found with a Raven's feather clutched in their hands. Bo was jealous that Hope spent time with Brett. Julie was released from jail. Neil got his divorce from Marie but worried that Liz's face was bruised.

Eugene and Trista were married in a Haitian ceremony arranged by Tilson. Sandy refused to press charges against Pete, whom Roman suspected had tried to rape her. Pete saved Sandy but kept mum that a fellow gang member had attacked her. Tony offered a reward for information on Renee's killer. Neil flipped out when he realized someone is beating up Liz. Gene was haunted when a soothsayer warned him that someone close to him will die. Marlena was upset when the police took her off Peter's therapy case. Melissa fretted she might have to return to her real mother when Maggie and Mickey divorce. Alex schemed to get his mitts on the DiMera fortune as soon as possible. Abe learned that the poison on the knives used to kill Renee and Kelly was extracted from a rare tropical plant. Joan had Nikki fired.

Eugene freaked to find Trista murdered in the same manner as Renee and Kelly. Pete's gang members beat up Bo and warned him to stop investigating Pete. Sandy confirmed Neil's suspicions that Liz is being abused in prison. Hope smooched with Bo. Roman found a Raven's feather clutched in Trista's hand. Julie still has to face legal charges for lying that she killed Renee. To keep tabs on Liz, Sandy agreed to do volunteer medical work at the prison. Tom realized that all the murder victims were hospital employees. Marie stuck by Alex and Gwen lied she was with him the night Trista died.

10/3/83-10/7/83: Neil began drinking again when his request to marry Liz was denied by prison officials. Gwen was attacked after she moved into Neil's old apartment. Gene and Tilson tried to decipher the inscriptions on an art object Gene had received from his grandfather. Hope tended to Bo, who was badly beaten by two members of the Vipers. Gene's cousin, Latisha, has several pet birds, including a raven. Liz's cellmate, Charlene, and her boyfriend, Tex, plotted against her. Billie, who has been beating up on Liz, is after Liz's money. Maggie told Don she loves him. Mr. Wilkins, David's alibi for Renee's murder, pressured David for money. Alex bought up Anderson Manufacturing stock. Tom agreed to help Sandy get a volunteer medical job at the prison.

10/10/83-10/14/83: The attempt on Gwen's life was foiled when the Salem Slasher "stabbed" a pillow instead of Gwen. Joan was puzzled to find a note from the Salem Slasher stating that next time he won't fail his mission. Charlene taunted Liz about being in prison, inciting her to cause a disturbance. Marie resigned from the hospital after a run-in with Neil. Roman suspected that Alex, who inherited the entire DiMera fortune, is behind the attempt to kill Gwen. D.A. Larry pressured Roman to arrest Eugene for the Salem stabbings after learning that Gene and Leticia keep a pet raven. David admitted to lying about his whereabouts the night Renee died, but insisted that he didn't kill her. Neil tried to cope with his job and single parenthood. Pete's a suspect in the Salem stabbings.
10/17/83-10/21/83: Maggie spent a platonic night with Don, who was in the dumps that Liz's appeal fizzled. Neil hired Bo, who devised a plan to infiltrate Rinehart prison. With help from lady executive Kate, Alex tricked Tony into selling Anderson Manufacturing. Chris flipped when he was fired by Alex. Anna saw Alex pay off security guard Tyler Malone who set Gene up as a suspect in Gwen's attack. Roman was ordered to arrest Gene, who mysteriously disappeared. Neil landed in jail for punching out Larry. Gwen nixed bedding down with Larry. Bo suspected Trista died because she knew something about the Salem Slasher. Daphne blackmailed Delia to keep mum that Daphne isn't really a semi-invalid.

Roman questioned Anna, who admitted that she found Renee's body, but insisted she didn't kill Renee. Hoping to get a reward, Brett told Tony and Roman that he saw Anna with blood on her hands the night Renee died. To help Liz, Doug set up phony credentials for Bo's fictional film company. Sandy's being stalked by a stranger. Prison superintendent Mrs. Whiting tried to keep Bo and Danny from dong a documentary on Rinehart prison. Sandy avoided Chris' romantic advances. Marlena fumed because Roman and Chris closed the Right Connection while she was out of town. Brett told Roman that Trista had also seen the blood on Anna's hands. Anna came on to Tyler, whom Alex put in charge of a mystery international organization. Gene's still in hiding.
10/31/83-11/4/83: Anna found some of Kelly's belongings in Tyler's room. Liz pretended not to know Bo and Danny who were shown the confines of Rinehart prison by warden Edith Baker. Letitia hit Gene in her home, but she's not convinced he isn't a killer. Joan got a computer message that the Salem Slasher has picked his/her next victim. Chris bought Shenanigans from Tony. Marie was named hospital administrator. Pete is fascinated by Melissa. Liz was shocked when Billie asked her for sexual favors. For a big payoff, Mrs. Whiting helped Billie and Charlene plot a prison break to coincide with Liz's wedding day. Hope became mixed up in Bo's prison investigation. Sandy spent time with Tony. Gwen learned that Alex considers Roman his worst enemy.

It appeared that Gene stabbed Leticia but later he didn't remember the killing. Roman questioned Gene, while Marlena insisted Gene isn't a killer. Attorney Courtney Martin agreed to defend Gene. Bo passed Hope off as his wife to Mrs. Whiting. Maggie and Don's romance heated up on their Hawaiian trip. Obsessed with catching the Salem Slasher, Roman neglected Marlena. Anna found a letter stating that Kelly had left damning information about Alex with a friend, Kathy. Liz pretended that she didn't know Bo, Danny, and Hope. Pete shadowed Melissa. Brett disappeared from town. Mrs. Whiting and her accomplices plotted to get Bo, Danny, and Hope out of Rinehart before their prison break plans were thwarted. Melissa covered for Hope.

11/14/83-11/18/83: During a temper tantrum, Roman punched out Alex. Later, Roman spied on Alex and Gwen. Sandy and Marlena freaked out to see Roman stab prostitute Daisy. Bo, Danny, and Hope escaped Rinehart prison with tapes proving Warden Baker's suspicion that Mrs. Whiting and her staff were corrupt. Neil got permission to marry Liz. Hope refused to stop seeing Bo. Alex ordered Tyler to silence Anna, who bragged she had damning information against Alex. Billie and Charlene plotted their prison break even though Mrs. Whiting had been fired. Bo told Hope he was not ready for marriage. Joan learned that Roman once underwent therapy. Tyler realized that Anna had stolen Kelly's letter from his room.

Alex freaked when Anna played taped conversations that prove Alex was in cahoots with Stefano's evil plots. Pete kidnapped Melissa. Abe reluctantly arrested Roman, who insisted he was framed by Daisy's real killer. Marlena suspected that someone who looks like Roman killed Daisy. Melissa was upset to learn from Marie, not Maggie, that Don and Maggie are engaged. Billie swore vengeance on Liz, who squealed to Warden Baker that Billie beat up on her. Daisy's killer, who appeared to be Roman, chose Gwen as a future victim. Gwen learned that Alex has been sleeping with Kelly's former prostitute pal, Kathy. Anna realized that blackmailing Alex won't be easy, but gloated that she got the tapes from Kathy. Mickey was livid to learn about Don and Maggie's marriage plans.

Joan comforted Abe, who found a box of raven feathers, knives, and photos of the Salem Strangler's victims in Roman's bedroom. A disguised Bo took Roman out of jail after Alice baked Roman some donuts laced with a knockout drug. Melissa and Pete hid out at Maggie's farm and Melissa realized that he's not as tough as he makes out to be. Don told Marlena that he's not optimistic about Roman's chances to beat a murder rap. Two paramedics told Abe that they saw Roman run from Gwen's house the night that she was attacked. Anna realized that her attempt to blackmail Alex was foiled even though he paid her some money. Mickey suspected that Melissa had run away. Chris was jealous that Sandy is getting close to Tony. Billie and Charlene plotted their jail break after Liz asked Charlene to be her maid of honor.

12/5/83-12/9/83: Tyler's bullets missed Anna but he did get the tape linking Alex to Stefano's plots. Tyler lied to Alex that Anna still has the tape. Anna went on the run with Roman after she unwittingly hid in his car. She later told Roman about the tape. The real Slasher, who was disguised as Roman, attacked Joan but she fought him off. Alice was briefly jailed for helping Roman escape. Billie and Charlene got a gun and initiated their jail break during Liz and Neil's wedding. Melissa was rescued by the police but begged them to go easy on Pete. Melissa was surprised by her feelings for Pete. Bo was accused of stealing electronic equipment from Anderson Mfg. Gwen complained that Alex doesn't spend enough time with her.

Neil helped capture Charlene but Liz was shot in the shoulder and suffered a blow to the head. Liz awoke in the hospital with no memory of the last two years, including Neil and Noel. Roman fumed that Anna phoned Carrie. Listening on the extension phone, Marlena learned Anna and Roman are on the run together. Neil was upset that Liz thinks she's married to Don. Chris told Sandy he hasn't found the girl of his dreams. Hope was miffed that Bo nixed a romantic evening with her to secretly meet with Roman. Neil is upset that he and Liz aren't legally married. Marie was sympathetic toward Neil's plight, but not thrilled that Liz's appeal went through and she's legally a free woman. Billie turned state's evidence against Charlene, who had her thrown into solitary before the prison break attempt.
12/19/83-12/23/83: With info from secret informant Joan, Tyler kept close on Roman and Anna's heels. Roman's friend and former KGB double agent Nicolai hid Roman and Anna in a secluded cabin. Roman disguised himself and snuck into the hospital to see Carrie, who came out of a coma that had been caused by a fall on some ice. Roman realized that someone in the police force is revealing his and Anna's secret hiding places to Tyler and Alex. Anna secretly called Joan in an attempt to get police protection. Liz told a shocked Maggie that she loves Don. Hope's plot to seduce Bo didn't work, but she invited him to her 18th birthday party anyway. When Larry said that he was interested in Hope and her money, Gwen warned him that Hope is jail-bait. Pete was released from jail when Melissa refused to testify that he had kidnapped her.

Melissa was upset to receive a phone call from her mother, Linda. Chris laid down strict ground rules after being appointed Pete's legal guardian. Neil moved out of Liz's apartment, and she agreed he could start courting her again. Joan kept Alex and Tyler informed as Roman and Anna changed hideouts. Marlena and Roman each investigated the Bradford curse with the hope of solving the Salem Slasher murders. Don told Liz that there's no future for them and that he intends to marry Maggie. Alice kept mum to a suspicious Tom that she had helped sneak Roman into the hospital to see Carrie, who is now at home. Hope's scheme to seduce Bo after her birthday party was a flop. Bo's partner, Howie, cast a roving eye at Marie.

1/2/84-1/6/84: Hope blamed herself when Doug had a heart attack while arguing with her and Bo. Roman resisted Anna's sexual advances, insisting that he loves Marlena. Delia was suspicious of Tony, who began acting weird. At Roman's request, Bo planted listening devices in Alex's home. Gene and Marlena checked out various voodoo curses, looking for a lead to the Salem Slasher. Neil warned Larry away from Liz. Larry comforted Hope while she fretted over Doug, who is improving. Gene sensed that Gwen is lonely. Pete was jealous to see Melissa out on a date. Bo kept mum to Hope that he loves her. Alex put Marlena and Tony in charge of a hospital fundraiser he cooked up.

1/9/84-1/13/84: Delia cautioned Tony not to blow their relationship with mystery contact "Phoenix." A new doctor, Veronica Kimball, took a shine to Neil. Tony and "Phoenix" plotted to use Alex's hospital fundraiser to their benefit. Gene tailed Bo in hopes of finding Roman's hiding place. Neil encouraged Liz to pursue her singing career, and she agreed to perform at the fundraiser. Maggie agreed to marry Don as soon as her divorce is final. Liz mooned over Don while Neil tried to court her. Alex fired Tyler, who fumed that he accidentally had erased Anna's blackmail tape about Alex. Hope was upset that Bo insisted they cool their romance. Melissa helped Pete study to get a high school diploma. Tony plotted to get close to Marlena.
1/16/84-1/20/84: Roman learned that Gene's family is linked to the DiMera family by marriage, and that the Baka has affected the pasts of both families. On orders from "Phoenix," Tony had a thug steal the Baka from Gene. Bo stole Marlena's photos of the Baka for Roman, who noticed a Phoenix Bird symbol on the Baka. Hope and Bo broke up and she made Doug legal executor of her trust money. Liz decided to put some space between her and Neil. Alice was jealous when her old friend Mary Ellen came on to Tom. Gene had a premonition that the Salem Slasher will soon strike again. Roman went after Anna, who gave Bo the slip and returned to Salem. Larry convinced Hope that he's her friend. Marie had her hands full controlling Bo's partner, Howie, who was hospitalized with stomach pains. Tyler mysteriously disappeared. Joan told Alex that she wants out of his organization.

Larry rescued Hope from the Salem Slasher who appeared to be Roman. Later, Tony took off a latex mask of Roman's face. Tony wondered why "Phoenix" had ordered him to make the intentionally unsuccessful attempt to kill Hope. Anna lied to Abe that she wasn't on the run with Roman. Tony was upset to learn that Delia knows everything about "Phoenix's" plans when he doesn't. Bo hid Roman in Gene's basement which connects via a tunnel to Alex's house and Doug's Place. Gwen teased Larry about his intentions toward Hope. Anna accepted Alex's money offer to find out if Tony's tapping Alex's Swiss bank accounts. Delia fumed when Tony rehired Anna and let her move in with him. An overly cautious Doug was released from the hospital. Roman and Bo plotted a fake death for Roman. Tony sent Daphne to live in Florida.
1/30/84-2/3/84: A disguised Roman rented Alex's old house and plotted with Bo to blow the place up as part of a plan to fake Roman's death. Pete's sister Tess returned after a five-year absence. A jealous Neil dragged Liz off the stage when she sang a love song to Don. Bo insisted that Hope must stay out of his life. Chris rescued Hope when Pete's pal Speed roughed her up in an effort to learn Roman's hiding place. Pete and Speed want the reward offered for finding Roman. Anna was curious about the locked room in Tony's penthouse. Delia warned "Phoenix" that their enemies are closing in on them. Chris comforted Sandy when one of her patients died. Hope rented Bo's old pad over Shenanigans. Doug is frightened that his sex life is over because of his heart attack. Tony romanced Anna. Hope accepted Larry's date offer. Anna argued with Marlena that Roman's not crazy.

2/6/84-2/10/84: Bo planted rumors that Roman is in Salem; then he and Roman set off an explosion, supposedly blowing up Roman along with Alex's house. Tess agreed to keep Pete out of trouble while Chris goes on a ski trip with Sandy. Delia haunted Eugene with phone calls, seemingly from both of his dead wives. Neil started seeing more of Veronica after he nearly raped Liz during a fit of passion. As ordered by "Phoenix," Tony stabbed a gatekeeper and plotted to poison Marlena in order to smoke Roman out of hiding. Bo tried to stay away from Hope, who was jealous that newcomer Janet put the make on Bo. Larry told Hope that he may be the next lieutenant governor; then he hinted to Doug that she's still seeing Bo. Delia had a mystery person withdraw more money from Alex's bank accounts.

2/13/84-2/17/84: Everyone freaked out when a body, presumed to be Roman's was found in the rubble of Alex's old house. Marlena awoke form a dream about Roman and was puzzled to see a man, who appeared to be Don, in her bedroom. Tony voided his plan to kill Marlena, but vowed to kill anyone who got in his way of attaining "the good life." Delia had the last of Alex's money withdrawn from his Swiss bank accounts. Abe resigned from the police force after an argument with Larry. Sandy and Chris made love. Hope told Doug and Julie that she's moving into her own pad. Larry beamed that Hope made a hit as his date at a political bash. Anna duplicated Delia's key to the locked room in Tony's penthouse. Hope warned Janet to stay away from Bo. Gene saw Trista's "Ghost."

Marlena freaked to see Roman, who had used a mask to pose as Don, after Alex's house exploded. Roman's ex-spy pal paid off a police pathologist who lied that Roman died in the explosion. Marlena and Abe hid Roman in Eugene's basement. Abe spread word of Roman's death so that he can track the Salem Slasher. Bo agreed to dump Hope because she inadvertently bungles his detective work. Larry set up Hope to find Bo with another woman. Delia realized that Anna has a key to Tony's secret room. Anna and Alex were surprised to see that the room appears to be a den. Phoenix ordered Tony to kill Alex. Pete and Melissa kissed after he passed his high school equivalency test. Roman questioned Gene, who admitted that he had kept mum about his being a wealthy distant DiMera relative.
2/27/84-3/2/84: Tony met with "Phoenix," who is really the supposedly deceased Stefano DiMera. Bo befriended former hooker Diane, who moved into his pad to make everyone think Bo's dumped Hope for good. Abe and Roman checked out the information on Slasher victim Kelly. Peter was embarrassed when Chris threw a party to celebrate Pete's passing of his high school equivalency test. As planned by Larry, reporter Chet tried to blackmail Hope with a story stating that she caused Doug's heart attack. Larry later agreed to help Hope out of her jam with Chet. "Phoenix" (Stefano) ordered Tony to forget his plans to vacation with Anna, who spent the night in Tony's bed. Tom was shocked to learn that Alice had helped Roman escape from jail. Julie was jealous that Doug interviewed models for the charity fashion show.
3/5/84-3/9/84: Stefano plotted Roman's death after learning that he is still alive. Liz recalled seeing a picture of the Baka at Stefano's European home. Delia used the Baka as a key to open a secret room in Tony's library. Alex ordered Anna to find out what Mickey knows about some unreported robberies at Anderson Manufacturing. Neil tried to persuade Liz to get psychiatric help to regain her memory. Gene met with Kelly's sister, Molly, who said that Kelly had banked a large sum of money the day Stefano died. Stefano admitted to Tony that Kelly had faked his death by giving him a special drug. Stefano also remembered that Trista had come into his hospital room after his drug injection. As planned, Hope fell into Larry's arms after he saved her from Chet's blackmail scheme. Julie realized Foxy is in love with Doug.

Tony and Stefano taunted a masked mystery prisoner that Stefano is keeping chained in a dungeon-like room. Two armed robbers held Liz at gunpoint, and then ordered Doug to hand over the receipts from Doug's Place. Tony told the mystery prisoner that Anna had agreed to marry Tony. Don was puzzled to learn that Marlena is not sleeping at home. Marlena kept mum that she's been with Roman. Roman realized that his cover was blown when he discovered surveillance cameras in Gene's house. Liz agreed to re-enact her aborted wedding in hopes of regaining her memory. Abe learned that the doctor who signed Stefano's death certificate had died a day later. Bo checked out waitress Mrs. Neeley, who inherited a lot of money from her husband and was killed by the Slasher.
3/19/84-3/23/84: Stefano's mystery prisoner turned out to be the real Tony DiMera. Tony's cousin, who had had plastic surgery, was impersonating Tony. Liz's amnesia vanished when she sound of gunfire triggered her memory back to normal. Anna and Liz were suspicious that Tony (a.ka.a Andre) can't remember incidences from his past. Roman learned that Tony (Andre) owned the surveillance equipment planted in Gene's house. Gene and Bo learned that Stefano's former doctor had been murdered. Liz was upset that Neil had gone to Miami. Roman found proof that Stefano knew Mrs. Neeley's husband, who was killed by the Slasher. Larry forced Diane to lie to Hope that she was pregnant by Bo. Alice promised to keep mum that she knows Roman's alive. "Phoenix" left a note in Alex's Swiss bank admitting that he stole Alex's money.

Gene, Bo, and Roman puzzled over clues that indicate Stefano is alive. Chris went into a panic when Sandy said she loves him. Pete realized that he's not playing in the same social ballpark as Melissa. Larry's passionate kisses took Hope's breath away. Liz located the hotel Neil's holed up in. Alex was furious that someone used his name and his money to buy the Salem Inn. Bo and Gene searched Tony's (Andre's) apartment for clues to the Slasher's identity while trying to prove that Stefano's alive. Sandy is jealous of Chris' friendship with Tess. Gwen, meanwhile, nixed Larry's bedroom offers. Using one of his inventions, Gene traced the surveillance receivers to Tony's (Andre's) penthouse.
4/2/84-4/6/84: A reunited Liz and Neil made wedding plans. Stefano ordered Roman taken prisoner after learning that Roman has the Baka, which Bo found in Tony's (Andre's) safe. Roman was shocked to learn that Stefano's alive after finding his fingerprints on a chess piece in Mrs. Venable's penthouse, which is Stefano's hideout. Diane lied to Larry that she seduced Bo, as Larry had ordered. Larry resisted Hope's sexual advances, and lied that he doesn't want her on the rebound from Bo. Melissa warned that Pete may have to decide whether his loyalty lies with the Vipers or the people trying to help him. Anna told Alex that she suspects Delia is stealing his money. Chris fumed to catch Alex coming on to Tess, whom Alex hired as a housekeeper. Stefano confided to Delia that Andre will have to die to avenge Renee's death.

As he had planned, Roman was abducted by Stefano's henchman, but Stefano didn't reveal the slayer's identity. Marlena consulted Neil about her fainting spells and learned that she's pregnant. To cover up that Roman is still alive, Eugene admitted that he's the father and wed Marlena in a quickie ceremony. Delia and Andre plotted to disassociate themselves from Stefano in case he's caught. Gwen pulled away from Larry's kisses, insisting that she won't be a sex substitute for Hope. Anna stole Tony's (Andre's) key to the dungeon and let out a blood-curdling cry when she unmasked the prisoner. While Sandy is on a medical trip, Chris dated Tess.

Liz and Neil were married. Neil rescued Carlo Forenza, the son of Neil's deceased war buddy, from a Latin American prison. Tony convinced Anna of his true identity. Delia and Andre chained Anna up with Tony after catching her in the dungeon. Melissa and Pete shared their first romantic kiss. Andre revealed that he killed Renee because she had realized he wasn't Tony, but Andre admitted that Stefano hadn't ordered Renee's death. Larry investigated Bo's past. Roman, who escaped from Stefano's henchmen, was ecstatic over Marlena's pregnancy. Roman went undercover again to find Stefano. Carlo cast a lecherous eye over Liz's body. Tony insisted to Anna that he doesn't want to escape until he learns how Stefano plans to eliminate Roman.

4/23/84-4/27/84: Larry forced Diane to get info on Bo's former girlfriend, Megan Hathaway. Tess kept mum about the mysterious phone calls. Stefano recaptured Roman; let him see that the real Tony is alive; and then insisted that Marlena will be killed. Larry moved Hope into his parents' house and warned her to curb her budding alcohol habit. Carlo nixed moving in with Liz and Neil. Stefano advised Roman that his final revenge on everyone in Salem would occur during the hospital fundraiser. Diane's pimp, Nick, beat her for running away; then forced her to tell him about Larry's interest in Hope. Believing that he has bedroom plans for her, Tess nixed Chris' job offer. Hope fantasized that she married Bo. Alex was smitten by Stefano's lady friend, May.

4/30/84-5/4/84: Alex fumed after falling for May's business venture, which cost him his fortune. Roman found Anna and Tony in the dungeon. Stefano informed Roman that Marlena's at the concert with Andre, who's the killer that Roman's been searching for. Stefano took over as conductor at the concert after his men killed the real maestro. Stefano's men planted a bomb in the concert hall. Pete resisted when his gang members warned him to stop seeing Melissa. Unaware that Nick is following him, Larry convinced Hope to join him on a trip to Las Vegas. Andre was furious that Anna tried to escape from him. Chris squired Gwen to the concert after Tess nixed his invitation. Stefano told Roman that he will return to a secret island after the concert fiasco is over. Liz was upset Carlo wants to return to South America.
5/7/84-5/11/84: Bo rescued Marlena before Andre, who was disguised as Roman, could fulfill Stefano's order to kill her. Realizing that his plan to terminate Roman was fizzling, Stefano tried to escape in a limo driven by his sidekick Petrov, but the car plunged off the end of a pier. Abe saved a drunken Alex, who was in the back seat of the limo. Stefano and Petrov were presumed dead. Delia agreed to spill the whole story of Stefano's revenge plot in exchange for a lighter sentence. Tony caught Andre and both men were wounded during an impromptu sword fight. Hope stalled Larry, who proposed that they get married; then she ran home to console a wounded Bo. Eugene deactivated the bomb Stefano had planted in the concert hall. Pete and his some of his pals rescued Melissa, who was harassed by Viper gang leader Speed.

Roman allowed reporter Brenda Carlyle to move in with him and Marlena in order to write an accurate story on Stefano's plots. Bo's leg were paralyzed by a bullet fragment lodged near his spine. Hope agreed to marry Larry after believing Diane's lie that Bo only has eyes for his ex-girlfriend, Megan. Megan's father, banker Maxwell Hathaway, returned to Salem. Delia helped Andre escape from the hospital. Roman was upset that the police didn't find Stefano's or Petrov's body in the river. Tess moved into Chris' pad and took a job as his housekeeper. Pete was embarrassed when Melissa saw the shabby apartment his parents live in. Bo told Roman he won't interfere with Hope's plan to marry Larry. Tess' father, who had chest pains, accused her of being a hooker.
5/21/84-5/25/84: Maxwell warned Larry he knows Larry started the rumor that Max's bank is failing. Max made an offer to buy Alex's shares of Anderson Mfg. While on a business trip, Larry seduced Hope. Diane followed Larry's orders to keep Bo from contacting Hope, but Bo searched for Hope after he regained the use of his legs. Tess realized she has romantic feelings for Chris. Tony gave in to his desire to possess Anna even though she had made love with Andre. Brenda took a liking to Abe. Tony vowed he'll track down Andre, who split town in a stolen boat. Roman suspected Delia, who also disappeared, withdrew large sums of money from an Australian bank. Liz leased her old family mansion back from Stefano's estate. Max cast a lecherous eye at Gwen's body. Doug phoned Liz who accepted his offer to sell her Doug's Place.

Bo rushed to the church and swept Hope away on his motorcycle before she could marry Larry. Larry nearly had a stroke when he lifted his new "bride's" veil and found Bo's detective pal Howie dressed in Hope's wedding garb. Chris and Tess's attraction to each other didn't escape the notice of Chris' friends. Bo was delighted to learn that Hope had nixed sleeping with Larry before marriage. Despite Larry's threats, Diane told Bo that Larry had blackmailed her into keeping Bo and Hope apart. Tess was upset that Melissa ignored her warning to stay away from Pete. Maggie learned that Melissa lied that she's been dating Carlo while she was really dating Pete on the sly. Neil's pride was wounded when Liz wanted to use her own money to buy Doug's Place. Anna agreed to help Alex find out why Maxwell is in town.

6/4/84-6/8/84: Maxwell's thugs kidnapped Hope and beat up Bo. Larry realized that he was being forced into marrying Hope by someone with a lot of authority, but was not aware it was Maxwell. Gwen freaked to learn that her father, Orby Jensen, now known as Jens, is working for Maxwell. Carlo secretly made plans to buy some guns. Bo was jailed for kidnapping Hope and stealing a police motorcycle. Bo, who flipped out after reading the rejection note that Hope was forced to write to him, was beaten up by Maxwell's thug. Maxwell reported his progress with Hope and Larry to an anonymous cohort. Anna conned her way back into Tony's penthouse with lies that she's been receiving phone calls from Andre. Daphne returned after she was released from the institute Stefano had checked her into. Liz hired Carlo to assist her after she was signed for a concert tour.

6/11/84-6/15/84: Tony threw a penniless Anna out after learning that she lied about being harassed by Andre. With a death threat hanging over their heads, Hope and Larry (as per Maxwell's secret orders) got married. Maxwell secretly posted bail for Bo, who insisted he's innocent of charges that he had kidnapped Hope. Chris got cozier with Tess after Sandy wrote him that she's working in Africa for at least a year. In order to buy Doug's Place for Liz, Neil took a loan from Maxwell. Mickey and Pete's dad, Barney, wrecked Pete's birthday party by getting into a fight. Guns were fired at Roman and Abe, who are on a new undercover assignment. Pete, Melissa, and Carlo were swept up in the melee when the cops raided a Vipers party. Bo drowned his feelings for Hope in booze.

6/18/84-6/22/84: Bo unwittingly accepted a date with his former girlfriend, Megan, who took him to Hope's wedding reception. Mickey got drug bust charges against Melissa, Pete, and Carlo dropped. Roman wasn't happy that he's been offered a promotion to lieutenant since it means he'll have a desk job. Liz was suspicious to see Carlo hanging out with Speed, who secretly agreed to get a shipment of guns for Carlo. Hope and Larry were shocked to find out someone rented them a house and threw their wedding reception. Larry's brother, Ben, agreed to help find out which one of Larry's political backers pressured him into marrying Hope. Tess submitted to Chris' kisses. To earn a living, Anna made a deal to be Liz's fashion consultant. Vipers leader Speed vowed vengeance on Melissa, who ratted to the cops that Vipers gang members used drugs.

6/25/84-6/29/84: Megan knocked Bo's socks off by admitting that she had had a child by him. Pete came to blows with Warriors gang leader Rip, who tried to get Melissa to join the Warriors. Gwen slept with Larry, but resisted the temptation to become his mistress. Eugene lamented that he can't get to first base with Gwen. Chris kissed Tess; admitted he loves her; and was puzzled when she gave him the cold shoulder. Tess received another mysterious letter. Megan realized that Hope still loves Bo. Maxwell initiated plans to bring Bo and Megan closer together, and made good on a job offer to Bo. Delia popped up in a European theater where she's coaching an unidentified actor. Anna tried to help Tony rid himself of nightmares about Andre. The Warriors and the Vipers prepared for a rumble. Megan warned Bo to curb his alcohol intake.

7/2/84-7/6/84: During the gang rumble, Pete accidentally shot Mickey, who later underwent surgery. Melissa agonized over the fact that she's kept mum about having witnessed Mickey's shooting. Megan confessed to Bo that she had given up their now 4-year-old son for adoption. Roman admitted to Bo that he knew Megan had been pregnant, but he believed the baby had died. Carlo stuck close to Liz, who performed a rousing concert in Las Vegas. Hope was upset to overhear a thug giving Larry orders to get Hope pregnant. Larry learned that Max heads up a local business cartel. Tess admitted to Chris that she loves him. Maggie rushed to Mickey's hospital bedside. Pete urged Melissa to tell Abe what went down during the rumble. At the rumble, Speed and the Vipers used the guns Carlo had bought to send to his countrymen. Tess stole money from Chris but later gave it back and changed her mind about running away.

Hope confessed to Alice that she loves Bo, but Bo's life would be in danger if Hope tried to leave Larry. Determined not to get pregnant by Larry, Hope "doctored" her medical records and lied that she's already pregnant - by Bo. Melissa vowed never to see Pete again after Mickey said he won't press charges against Pete. Unaware that Mickey is keeping silent that Pete shot him, Pete decided to confess the shooting. Liz was heartbroken to discover Carlo put up the money for the guns the Vipers used in their gang war. Maxwell installed his henchman London as Hope and Larry's butler. Arranged by Alice, Hope and Bo met in the secret tunnel beneath Blondie's (formerly Doug's Place). Anna's upset that Tony's been sleeping around. Anna took the credit for the dress designs created by her off-the-wall partner Calliope.

During a session with Marlena, Diane revealed that she has a son who's in a foster home. Alice's friend, Blanche Dailey, hired Bo to check out her customs agent husband Harold, who kept mum he's one of Maxwell's pawns. Harold discovered a mysterious computer disk full of codes and info about the power of prisms in an art shipment sent to Maxwell. Tess got a message from a mystery man from her past. Pete considered Melissa's suggestion that they run away together after she stopped him from admitting he shot Mickey. Gwen, who's Larry's bed partner, vowed to help him get out from under Maxwell's thumb. In order to spy on Maxwell, Bo took a job as Megan's art assistant. Eugene dated nutsy designer Calliope. Neil insisted that he's happy that Liz's singing career is in full swing. Neil agreed to bring Carlo's mother, Danielle, to the States.

Tess was beaten and raped by her husband, Barry, who just got out of jail. Roman and Bo were shocked to see their sister, Kimberly Brady, in town. Tony was shocked to find Kimberly in his bed, but she explained that Daphne, who she met in Paris, had given her a key to Tony's pad. Maxwell's cartel partners insisted that Bo's loyalty must be tested before they will allow Bo to join them. Chris was confused when Tess insisted their love is a dead-end affair. Pete followed Melissa to summer camp where they met up on nightly rendezvous. Maxwell hired Nick to find a child the age of Bo and Megan's son. Harold used the computer disk evidence to try and barter his way out of helping Maxwell's henchman, Carlton. Nick pressured Diane to give up her son, who's the same age as Bo and Megan's kid, for adoption. Maxwell invited Bo to a party at his New Orleans mansion.
7/30/84-8/3/84: Customs agent Harold was found murdered. Before his death, Harold passed a safe-deposit box key to Tom, who's unaware that the box contains the mystery computer disk. Hope blew a fuse when Megan told her that she had had Bo's child after the breakup of Bo and Megan's teenaged love affair. Hope was furious to learn that Bo and Megan will be in New Orleans at the same time. Pete ended his budding romance with Melissa since he's convinced that he's no good for her. Chris was upset that Pete quit his job at Shenanigan's and moved out of Chris' pad. Megan and Maxwell are desperate to find the computer disk which contains the info on the mystery prisms. Liz planned her musical gig in New Orleans. Carlo tried to hide the crush he's developing for Liz.

Maxwell demanded that Bo must kill Diane before Bo could join Maxwell's cartel. A mystery man tailed Bo and Hope, who had joined Bo (and Larry) in New Orleans. Blanche was murdered after she discovered some notes Harold had made in a diary. Maxwell received a second computer disk that contained the info on the prisms in Maxwell's art exhibit. Pete took a topless waiter job in a male strip joint. Tess fled from Barry, who beat her up. Later, Chris beat Barry bloody after Tess confessed she was a battered wife. Diane arrived in New Orleans. Bo lied that he had killed Diane, but Maxwell's henchman, Carlton, insisted on seeing her "body." Gwen and Larry romped in the sack while Hope was busy seducing Bo. Melissa warned Pete that Don suspected that Pete had shot Mickey.
8/13/84-8/17/84: Bo went bananas when he and Carlton found Diane murdered. Given credit for Diane's death, Bo was accepted into Maxwell's cartel. Tony gave Kimberly a photography job. Bo and Howie stole the mystery prism from Maxwell's art exhibit. A mystery man who attacked Howie fell into the river with the prism in his grasp. Kimberly realized that someone's out to get her. Liz fretted over Neil, who had nightmares about the blank hospital forms Maxwell forced him to sign. Calliope feared that Tony and Kimberly will kill each other since their zodiac signs conflict. Chris insisted Tess must decide if she wants to be with Chris or Barry. To make fast bucks, Pete worked as a male stripper. Marlena fretted that Roman's secretly working for the I.S.A. again.

Liz fretted over Neil's weird behavior, while Maxwell nixed letting Neil off the blackmail hook. Howie searched for Bo to tell him that the prism is at the bottom of the Mississippi River. Howie's being tailed by hitman Shane. Melissa is unaware that Pete's working as a male stripper in order to earn money for their future. Bo and Hope staged a mock wedding, romped in the sack, and then vowed they'll always love each other. Tony was curious to spot a wad of money in Kimberly's purse right after she told him that she's penniless. Megan flared her mean temper at Maxwell, whom she pressured to reunite her with Bo. Melissa was upset that Eugene and Maggie set her up on a date with a young cousin of Eugene's.

8/27/84-8/31/84: Alex was intrigued by Madame X, who is a newcomer to town. Maggie broke off her engagement with Don and told Mickey she won't resume their marriage. Melissa was devastated to see Pete out with an "older woman." Hitman Shane is also Larry's butler. Maxwell's man, Bill, warned Hope to cooperate fully with Larry, who is running for lieutenant governor. Carlo held a tearful Liz, who cried that Neil won't tell her what's bothering him. Neil freaked when Maxwell sent him a tape recording of Neil's loan arrangement with Maxwell. Maxwell demanded more blank hospital forms from Neil. The forms will be used to make the identity of a boy the same age as Megan and Bo's son. Bo searched for the missing prism while sidestepping Megan's seduction attempts. Bo pretended to be injured after Maxwell's thugs took a shot at him. Eugene arrived in New Orleans to help Bo look for the prism. Anna was hurt that Tony said they have no romantic future together.

Disguised as a necklace, the second of the three prisms was sent to Daphne, who thinks Stefano once owned it. Daphne lent the prism to Kimberly, who lent it to Melissa. Maxwell dispatched his henchmen to get the prism, even if they have to kill for it. Madame X gave Alex money to invest in Anna's dress business, but Madame kept mum that she plans to use the business as a front for her prostitution ring. Pete made megabucks performing his strip act. Liz was shocked to realize the animal attraction between herself and Carlo. Maxwell threatened to tell Liz that Neil took out a personal loan if Neil doesn't produce more blank hospital forms. Neil took a poke at Maxwell, who taunted that he knows about Neil's sordid past. Roman nearly fainted when Marlena said they're expecting twins. Bo and Eugene tracked the first prism, which is in the stomach of a New Orleans alligator. Hitman Shane spied on Hope and Bo's romantic trysts.
9/10/84-9/14/84: Melissa was in emotional shambles after a visit from her mom, Linda. Madame X secretly gave Alex money to buy Beefcakes, the strip joint where Peter works. Anna is suspicious of where Alex got the money to invest in her dress business. Tony was not thrilled to learn that he and Alex are partners in Anna's business. Maxwell's goons failed an attempt to get the second prism from Melissa. Megan gloated that she was able to pass off Diane's son as Megan and Bo's child. Megan called a contact in Finland, then threw a fit because Maxwell has now lost two of the valuable prisms. Gwen told Larry to take a hike, then she cried on Eugene's shoulders. Hope overheard Megan brag that she'll have Bo all to herself now that he's seen his son. Neil fretted believing Maxwell knows a dark secret about Neil's past.

In Europe, Andre vowed to get Anna back, even if it means killing his cousin Tony. Hope was shocked to learn that Diane is alive and that Bo is aware that Zach is Diane's son, not Megan's. Pete began to like Madame X, who helped him improve his strip act and gave him a contract at Beefcakes. Bo was caught in the debris as Maxwell's thugs blew up Tony's safe in the hope of getting the second prism back. Tony was puzzled that Kimberly keeps him at arms' length romantically. Hope overheard Megan threaten to eliminate Hope if she gets in the way of Megan's plans. Pete fantasized about sharing the good life with Melissa. Eugene had vibes about a plane crash which caused Hope to refuse to accompany Larry on an aerial campaign trek. Chris is upset that Tess left town with her abusive husband.
9/24/84-9/28/84: Liz slapped Carlo's face when he tried to realize his romantic daydreams about her and stole a kiss. Bo, who suffered bruises in the safe explosion, continued his search for the second prism, which Daphne has hidden. Later, Daphne suffered a heart attack. Bo realized Daphne's hospital room was bugged and that someone overheard Bo and Hope make secret plans to meet. A mystery man tailed Bo and Hope, who rendezvoused in the tunnel connecting Blondie's Place with Liz's mansion. Melissa freaked out to see Peter performing his strip act. Liz was upset that Neil nixed Carlo's plans to get his own pad. Neil was upset to receive a disturbing letter from Carlo's mother, Danielle. Anna used her charms to persuade fashion coordinator Leonard Stacy to include her dresses in his upcoming fashion show.
10/1/84-10/5/84: Believing that Stefano is dead, Andre headed for Salem to retrieve the prisms. Shane forced Hope to fire him so that he could follow Bo, who went to New Orleans to find the first prism. Eugene got nowhere with Daphne, who did tell Calliope where the second prism is hidden. Neil spoke with Danielle, who told him some U.S. government types questioned her about him. Carlo agreed not to tell Neil about his feelings for Liz, who was shocked when she fantasized about making love with Carlo. Madame X ordered Alex to hire Pete for a modeling job. Anna accepted Leonard's offer to put on a fashion show using her designs. Mickey and Maggie aren't buying Linda's claim that she's a reformed person. Marlena went into false labor after learning that Andre is alive. Roman assigned Abe to find Andre.
10/8/84-10/12/84: Bo visited Diane in Paris, then went to England to search for Andre. Liz was aghast when Carlo kissed her. She then said she needs a real man - like him. Danielle warned Neil that the government types know his whereabouts. Gwen drugged Max and then made a copy of his office keys. Hope slugged Larry, who suggested they sleep together. Hope noticed the name Chorvat in Larry's family Bible. Andre moved into Tony's penthouse when Tony went to Florida. Delia's sister, Gabrielle, accompanied Andre to Salem. Melissa and Pete made up and he admitted he is dancing to earn money for their future. Maxwell was taken prisoner when he went to meet with Andre. Max's henchwoman, Nurse Honeycutt, grilled Daphne about the prism. Megan seemingly accepted Andre's takeover of Maxwell's mysterious cartel.

Megan called her real father, Stefano, to report that Maxwell disappeared. Kimberly quit her photography job then considered working as a hooker. Hoping to find the prisms, Andre and his sidekick Abigail searched Kimberly's pad. Eugene saw Megan board a mysterious yacht. Marlena presented Roman with a son and a daughter. Stefano is determined to ruin Roman. Shawn and Caroline were upset that their daughter Kimberly won't spend time with them. Bo and Diane found clippings about Roman in Andre's English theater dressing room. Carlo comforted Liz when Neil was unable to make love to her. Carlo learned from Danielle's letters that Neil is in trouble. Anna planned a fashion show at Eugene's Caribbean island home. Pete lied to Melissa that he's driving a truck for a living. Pete was blackmailed into dating society dame Suzie, who saw him at Beefcakes. Nurse Honeycutt convinced Tony to put Daphne in a Florida nursing home.
10/22/84-10/26/84: Pete unwittingly bought a stolen car from his pal Speed. Megan had a warm reunion with Stefano, who vowed he'll kill Roman. Megan learned that the second prism will be used in Anna's fashion show at Gene's Haitian home. Liz and Carlo agreed to work at Anna's fashion show. Andre vowed Roman will die because he discovered Andre was the Salem Slasher. Kimberly has become a full-time hooker. Liz worried about Neil, who was relieved of his hospital duties because of his drinking. Alex blackmailed Madame X after learning her real identity. Megan and Stefano are letting Andre do all the work to find the missing prisms. Mickey joined Maggie in New York City. Bo and Eugene learned that Larry may have Soviet ties. Hope fended off the sexual advances of Shane's henchman, Will. Marlena and Roman named the twins Samantha Gene and Eric Roman.

Stefano told Megan he must find Larry's father, Russian spy Dr. Victor Chorvat, since Chorvat had the secret technique to cure Stefano's rare brain tumor. The three missing prisms and a laser beam will release the coded surgical procedure for the brain surgery. Gwen felt guilty after telling the press that Larry was Victor's son. Bo grabbed the controls of the plane to Haiti after Andre knocked the pilot out cold. Bo had taken Roman's place on the plane because Roman had to donate blood to save an ailing Eric. Also on the plane to Haiti were Anna, Liz, Carlo, Eugene, Hope, Tony, Nurse Honeycutt, Daphne, and Calliope. Carlo let Neil think Liz is having a fling with Carlo. Melissa freaked that Pete is dancing at Beefcakes after he told her that he's driving a truck. Liz was puzzled that Neil nixed appearing on a TV talk show with her.

11/5/84-11/9/84: Roman left for Haiti, using Kimberly's old photos of the Bermuda Triangle area to chart the location of Stefano's island. Roman was surprised to learn that old friend Capt. Shane Donovan was Roman's ISA contact. Anna plotted to kill Andre after realizing he was posing as Tony again. After the plane crash, the real Tony woke up in the care of an island girl. Neil fumed to read a love note that Carlo planted in Liz's belongings. Melissa freaked out when she found a drunken Pete in bed with Madame X, who really was Melissa's mother, Linda. Liz, Carlo, Hope, Calliope, Bo and Eugene also survived the plane crash. Daphne's life is in peril, however. The pilot of the plane died of a heart attack before the crash. Megan believed that Bo is dead and resented having to look after Zach. Larry was elected attorney general. Hope was convinced that Larry died from the fall he took during an argument with her.

Alex caught Gwen and Larry in their cozy love-nest. Anna was upset when Andre cried crocodile tears over Daphne, who died. The real Tony learned that his rescuer, whom he calls Jasmine, was long ago shipwrecked on the island. Andre threatened Anna after she said she'll reveal his identity. Liz was upset to read Danielle's letter which referred to Neil's mysterious identity. Danielle arrived in Salem to comfort Neil. The plane crash survivors are unaware of Jasmine's and Tony's presence on the island. Stefano charted the location of the island where the plane crashed. Stefano had Abigail killed. Calliope found Jasmine's dog, Herschel, who later buried the prism necklace. Madame X (Linda) blackmailed Kimberly into joining Madame X's hooker stable. Pete, who doesn't know Madame X's identity, was puzzled that Melissa accused him of sleeping with Linda.
11/19/84-11/23/84: Calliope stumbled onto Tony's and Jasmine's island hut. Tony was furious to learn that Andre is alive. Bo rescued Hope, who was about to be kidnapped by Stefano's band of Amazon henchwomen. Later, during a fight, Andre and Tony landed in a pool of quicksand, but Jasmine pulls Tony from the jaws of death. Stefano and Roman struggled near a high cliff and Roman fell over the edge. Pete fumed to see Melissa hanging out with Tess' soon-to-be ex-husband, Barry Reid. Madame X (Linda) closed down Beefcakes. Melissa insisted to Chris that it was Linda she saw in bed with a drunken Pete even though Linda lied that she was out of town at the time. Bo tried to rescue Roman. The sexual attraction between Liz and Carlo reached the boiling point. Assuming that Hope is dead, Larry asked Gwen to marry him.
11/26/84-11/30/84: Bo vows to kill Stefano after Roman died in Bo's arms. Later, Bo suspected Roman's body washed out to sea, but Stefano has Roman's body at his hideout. Neil confided to Danielle he'd once been forced to work for some crooks. Liz agreed to let Carlo investigate Neil's past. Tony pampered Jasmine, taking her to live at his penthouse. Marlena reminisced about Roman. Kate convinced the law she wasn't working with Andre or Stefano, who once again escaped. Shane, who eluded Petrov, asked Bo to help him find the prisms which will reveal the results of Dr. Chorvat's Triad Experiment. Hope told the press that Stefano's cartel henchmen forced her to marry Larry. Megan fumed when Hope admitted that she knows Zach is really Diane's child, not Megan's. Peter stopped trying to convince Melissa he didn't sleep with Linda, whom he knows as Madame X.

Hope was upset that Bo has withdrawn from her. At Roman's wake, Bo told Marlena he'll get revenge on Stefano for killing Roman. After Neil wrongly accused them of an affair, Carlo & Liz romped in the sack. Neil ran out on Liz, who is checking out Neil's past to learn his true identity. Megan hid the first prism in a teddy bear after Kate Honeycutt bought the prism back from an alligator poacher. Gwen stood by Larry, who resigned from public office. Tony and Anna fumed to learn that Alex had sold their dress-design company and pocketed the profits. Tony hovered over Jasmine, who explored her new "civilized" surroundings. Anna is jealous of Tony's devotion to Jasmine. Megan kept Shane from finding the first prism, while she and Kate conspired to get the prism to Stefano, who already has the second prism. The third prism is in Russia with Dr. Chorvat.

12/10/84-12/14/84: Megan delivered the first prism to Stefano while Shane blamed Bo for losing the prism. Ex-con Rocko told Liz that Neil was once his cellmate and that Neil's real name is Alan Jackson. Neil admitted that he is really Alan, that he was once blackmailed into being a doctor for a crime syndicate, and that the government then gave him the name Neil Curtis. Carlo's father Mario was killed while under protective custody in jail with Neil. Barry used an unwitting Melissa to make a drug drop. Shane noticed that Kimberly is terrified of her uncle, Eric Brady. Calliope hoped she'll fill the bill after learning that Eugene must be married in order to inherit his grandfather's estate. Hope seduced Bo, but he nixed getting close emotionally. Marlena went on a vacation.

An unwitting Melissa delivered potted plants in which Barry had concealed cocaine. Bo and Abe goaded Hope, who called their bluff and passed the police academy entrance exam. Carlo realized Liz pretended she loves him in order to buy time for Neil to skip town. Neil's and Liz's flight from Salem was thwarted when an anvil fell on Carlo while he struggled with Neil. Shane, who's keeping an eye on Kimberly, saved her from being beaten up by a john. Kimberly freaked to learn that Eric baby-sat for Carrie. Megan established a contact in Russia, then assured Stefano she'll soon have the third prism. Calliope is frustrated that Eugene hasn't asked her to marry him. Anna fumed to realize that Jasmine and Tony are on the verge of making love. Rocko tried to convince the crime syndicate that Alan Jackson (Neil) had died.
12/24/84-12/28/84: Suffering a collapsed lung and a crushed chest, Carlo's condition is critical. A henchman, Jeffrey, reported to his underworld boss Mr. LeBec that he has located Alan Jackson, a.k.a. Neil Curtis. Carlo's grandfather, David LeBec, held Liz at gunpoint and threatened to kill Neil if Carlo doesn't pull through. Shane and Kimberly realized they're attracted to each other. The Bradys freaked out when Eric was arrested for molesting a young girl. Kimberly told Abe she was abused by Eric when she was a little girl. Bo punched out one of Kimberly's former johns, who loudly proclaimed that Kimberly is a hooker. Marlena is curious about Jimmy Porterfield, a fan of her former radio therapy show. Megan schemed to get rid of Hope - permanently. Eugene's mom, Vanessa Van Kessler, doesn't approve of Calliope, who is engaged to Eugene. Marlena vowed to get Stefano.

Danielle shot and killed her father-in-law, LeBec, because he had ordered the death of his own son, who was also Carlo's father. After arguing with LeBec, Carlo died of a brain hemorrhage. Pete and Melissa shared a New Year's Eve kiss, but she didn't reconcile with him. Hope freaked to find a near-naked Melissa in Bo's pad. Linda and Alex paid Speed's father, Paul, who blew up Anderson Manufacturing. Tom and Alice failed to save a badly burned Paul, who died from a reaction to the morphine shot Tom gave him. Marlena spent time with Jimmy, who's luring her into a mysterious trap. Shane promised to help Kimberly destroy Linda's evidence of Kimberly's prostitute past. Shawn had a heart attack after Kimberly admitted she was once molested by Eric. Abe and Don worried about Marlena, who secretly searched for Stefano and info on the Triad Experiment. Tony went to Greece looking for Stefano.