Jon-Michael Reed (January 1985-May 1986) & Nancy M. Reichardt's (June 1986-onward) Syndicated Weekly Synopses: "Tune in Tomorrow"

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1/7/85-1/11/85: Following a lead on Stefano, Marlena left for Caracas, but lied that she was lecturing in Acapulco. Shane helped Kimberly burn the blackmail tape of her past, which Linda had used against Kimberly. On Speed's behalf, Gwen filed a malpractice suit against Tom for causing Paul's death. Speed hid the medical bracelet that would have told Tom that Paul was allergic to morphine. Bo learned that Megan was Stefano's daughter. Jimmy was working for Stefano, who disguised himself as an old woman, Mrs. Lafferty, then met face-to-face with an unsuspecting Marlena. Bo and a recuperating Shawn patched up their feud. Megan schemed to cause Hope to have a fatal "accident." Melissa panicked to learn that she unwittingly had been transporting drugs for Barry. Melissa assured Hope that she was not interested romantically in Bo and that Bo still loved Hope.

/14/85-1/18/85: After she tipped the cops that he's dealing drugs, Barry warned he'll see that Melissa goes to jail with him. Shane felt like a creep after Kimberly agreed to reacquaint herself with a former john, Leopold Bronksy, who the ISA thinks is in cahoots with Stefano. Bo agreed to work with Shane, but fumed that Shane knows Stefano's whereabouts but won't tell Bo. Tony refused to let Jasmine model for Anna DiMera Designs after Anna conned Alex and Linda into financing a splashy campaign to introduce Jasmine to the public. Stefano and Jimmy made a copy of Marlena's house keys, which she'd given to Diane. Don was furious when Diane and Bo told him to postpone Diane's lawsuit to get custody of Zach. To get closer to Megan, Bo staged his own mugging. Hope captured a would-be stickup man. Calliope and Liz's scheme to set up Eugene with a "dog" of a date fizzled.

Hiding from the cops, Melissa, who's using an assumed name, bunked with Ivy, who's Speed's sister. Barry was arrested before he could skip town and he lied that Melissa masterminded the drug scam. Kimberly made contact with Leopold, who's bringing an ice-capades show to the United States. Fearing Stefano's next move, Marlena hired a body guard for her twins. Stefano eavesdropped on Jimmy and Marlena, who said she's determined to find Stefano. Pete dated Ivy, who calls him P.J. Eugene didn't recognize Calliope, who disguised herself as a Southern belle to impress Eugene. While trying to get info on the whereabouts of the prisms, Bo fought to elude Megan's loving arms. Stefano insisted to Jimmy that he never wanted Roman dead. Shane and Kimberly shared a romantic kiss. Jasmine's tired of taking orders from everyone.
1/28/85-2/1/85: Paul's Medic Alert bracelet was found in Tom's jacket pocket, right where Speed put it. Pete gave Melissa (a.k.a. Mary) money to skip town. Bo suspected that the third prism would change hands during the visiting Russian ice skating show. Eugene played along with Calliope after he realized that "Tiffany" really was Calliope. Jimmy reluctantly helped Stefano plot against Marlena. Megan arranged for Hope to die in a hot tub rigged with electrical wiring. The Hortons hired a private eye to find Melissa. An unknowing Gwen believed that she had a good case against Tom now that the Medic Alert bracelet had appeared. Even though Bo is escorting her to the ice show, Megan made plans to receive the third prism. Alex schemed to make money off of Jasmine's "natural" talents.
2/4/85-2/8/85: Stefano kidnapped Marlena's twins, ignoring her tearful plea for their return. Megan was fried in an electrified hot tub. Hope later found the body. Bo tracked down Melissa and brought her home. Larry worried that he had been targeted for death since other members of Stefano's cartel were being murdered. Jasmine was shocked when Alex unwittingly sent her on a call for a prostitute. Linda bought a pharmaceutical company through which she laundered the money she had made from prostitution. Bo freaked out to learn that Kimberly was a hooker. Larry had nightmares in which he murdered Megan. Hope took a security guard job at the ice capades show. Gwen nixed Larry's offer to skip town with him. Stefano plans to raise Roman and Marlena's twins on his own.

Marlena nixed Stefano's offer to go off with him and raise her twins together. Larry recalled pushing Megan, who had died when she hit her head on the sauna room wall. Liz signed a contract with music agent Charles Baxter, who is in cahoots with David LeBec's righthand man, Jeff. Jeff is out to get Neil. Stefano let Marlena visit with her twins, but Jimmy cautioned she'll never see them again if she tells anyone where they are. Melissa was remanded to a probation officer, and refused to accept Linda's motherly comfort. Abe is puzzled over Marlena's behavior. Bo found the prism, but he and Hope are unaware that because the prism was freed from the ice, it will explode when it warms up. Alice secretly hired Howie to find out who's framing Tom for Paul's death.

Bo and Hope spent a love night together while locked in the ice arena. Bo and Hope found the prism, but later lost it. Stefano later got the prism, which warmed up, changed color, and is about to explode. Vowing not to leave town with Stefano, Marlena held him at gunpoint at the ice arena. Bo was trapped in the ice arena with Marlena and Stefano, and the lethal prism. Nurse Kate Honeycutt has been taking care of Samantha and Eric while awaiting word to take the twins to Caracus. Bronsky wants to marry Kimberly. Bronsky and Larry discussed the prism, which was developed by Larry's father, Victor Chorvat. During a struggle with Jimmy and Stefano, Marlena's gun went off and Jimmy was shot. Eugene and Calliope schemed to get married even though his mother, Vanessa Van Kessler, objects. Gwen refused to leave town with Larry.
2/25/85-3/1/85: Marlena was arrested for murdering Stefano, who she shot before he fell off a catwalk to his death. Shane recovered the third prism, which caused a fire to break out on the catwalk at the ice arena. Bo saved Marlena from the inferno. Bo also rescued Samantha and Eric from Kate and Jimmy. During a showdown between Bo and Hope, and Kate and Jimmy, Hope was shot. Anna met a real live dream-man, Prince Nicholas Arani. Bo hovered over a comatose Hope and vowed to marry her when she's well again. Shane dropped the prism into the ocean, then quit the ISA. Kimberly and Shane romped in the sack for the first time. Larry needlessly
fretted that Gwen will blab that he killed Megan. Ivy was upset when Alice accused Speed of setting up Tom to take the rap for Paul's death. Admitting he still loves Melissa, Pete felt guilty that he's slept with Ivy.

Under the threat of arrest, Alex stopped an insurance claim he had made after Anderson Manufacturing burned down. After her talk with Alice, Ivy dropped the malpractice suit against Tom. Melissa consoled Ivy, who suspects she's pregnant by P.J. (Pete). Marlena was freed on bail, but prosecutor Hart Bennett vowed she'll go to prison for killing Stefano. Liz decided she doesn't want to work with agent Charles Baxter. Chris worried about Gwen, who's confused by Larry's mood changes. Bo prevented Kate from killing Hope with a lethal injection. Jasmine, who moved to her own pad, is sick of having Tony and Alex feud over her. Pete admitted to Melissa that he's been seeing another girl, but she's unaware that girl is Ivy. Bo and Hope set a wedding date. Melissa reported to her probation officer for the first time.
3/11/85-3/15/85: Pete freaked out when he learned from Melissa that Ivy is pregnant. Ivy made wedding plans while Pete pursued Melissa. Fearing that Gwen will squeal that he killed Megan, Larry plotted to silence Gwen forever. Don harbored prison escapee Sonia, the Russian spy who had worked with Bronsky. Kimberly experienced fainting spells, headaches, and blurred vision. Liz doesn't trust her agent Charles. Pete left Ivy waiting for him at the justice of the peace office. Hope is upset that everyone is trying to plan her wedding for her. Shane suspects that prosecutor Hart Bennett and Kimberly have renewed their former sexual relationship. Kimberly and Shane prevented Linda from setting up a blackmail scam against Hart. Nicky (Prince Nicholas Arani) gave Anna an expensive car. Shane considered leaving town.

Eugene and Calliope tried to keep Vanessa in the dark that Eugene's only marrying society matron, Madeline, in order to collect his inheritance. Pete and Ivy were married, but Pete can't keep his mind off of Melissa. Tony doesn't trust Nicky, who seems to have no past. Shane mysteriously left town for a few days after he found a drunken Hart at Kimberly's pad. Hope and Bo's plan to elope was thwarted when the Hortons threw them an engagement party. Don agreed to let Sonia crash with him after learning she can't return to Russia because she's a descendant of the last Czar. Don defended Marlena as her trial began. Nicky asked Anna to accompany him to his mother's country. Larry stepped up his plan to poison Gwen, who quizzed him about Megan's death. Hope tried to console Melissa over Pete's marriage.
3/25/85-3/29/85: Melissa is attracted to her probation officer, Ian, who got her a job teaching dance classes. After giving Gwen massive doses of arsenic poison, Larry confessed that he killed Megan. With Gwen near death, Larry had a change of heart and called an ambulance for her. Marlena was shocked to learn that Kimberly had once been Hart's personal prostitute. Anna flew off with Nicky to his mother country, which is in the midst of a civil war. Bo and Hope changed their minds about getting married and decided to go on a pre-honeymoon trip to New Orleans. Farm couple Henry and Alma befriended Bo and Hope. Ivy turned up alive and well after Pete wrongly suspected she'd committed suicide. Pete and Melissa agreed not to see each other again. Shane and Kimberly's romance is on again.

Larry lied that he was planning to commit suicide with the poison Gwen "accidentally" ingested. Gwen recuperated in the hospital. Liz and Neil fretted over Noel, who was diagnosed as a victim of juvenile diabetes. Shane told Kimberly he doesn't intend to return to Stockholm. Anna tried to cover up the fact that Calliope, not Anna, is the creator behind Anna DiMera Designs. Anna returned home without Nicky, who stayed in his mother country. Bo and Hope squabbled over the pros and cons of marriage. Pete was furious to learn that Melissa and Ivy are sparring with each other. Marlena's murder trial got underway with all the evidence stacked against her. Jimmy lied that Marlena had an affair with Stefano. Kate testified against Marlena. Marlena told the court about her past troubles with Stefano.
4/8/85-4/12/85: Anna accepted Nicky's marriage proposal, then went nuts when he was later found murdered. Gwen left town after recovering from the poison Larry had given her. Bo worried about Hope, who saw Nicky die. The murder charges against Marlena were dropped when Hart admitted that the prosecution had no case against her. Kimberly had more dizzy spells and blurred vision. Larry admitted that he had killed Megan. Neil and Liz tried to cope with the fact that Noel has juvenile diabetes. Hart sought psychiatric help from Marlena. Pete tried to comfort Melissa, who was mugged. Shane suspected that Nicky's killer also killed Shane's wife, Emma. Tony was jealous of Anna's love for Nicky. Don's not completely happy. Anna agreed to sign Anna DiMera Designs over to Calliope.

Calliope seethed while Eugene married Madeline Rutherford. Liz and Neil let Janey, the singer, crash at their place after she collapsed on stage. Alex hired Speed, who had tried to blackmail Linda over the torching of Anderson Manufacturing. Shane learned from his I.S.A. boss that a mysterious killer called "The Dragon," had killed Nicky and Shane's wife, Emma, because they were descended from British royalty. Bo failed to prevent The Dragon from murdering Sonia, Don's house guest. A mysterious man who had been beaten arrived to see Janey. Liz secretly believes that Neil tried to keep her from learning that Noel was diabetic. Hope accused Bo of being afraid to commit to marriage. A woman that looked like Shane's dead wife Emma was spotted boarding a plane to England. Melissa fended off Pete, who kissed her.
4/22/85-4/26/85: Liz was shocked when her brother Tod Chandler arrived on her doorstep. Tod is smitten with Janey, who refused to sing at Chris' new nightclub. Linda found Hart, who was hospitalized after attempting to commit suicide. Ivy was upset when Pete pulled a no-show after she had planned a romantic evening for them. Marlena felt guilty that she didn't try to help a recuperating Hart deal with his emotional problems. The Dragon made a failed attempt to kill Hope. Kimberly admitted that she loves Shane and agreed to accompany him to London. Pete schemed to be around Melissa as much as possible. Calliope went into a rage when Madeline refused to give Eugene an annulment so that he can marry her. Vanessa schemed to keep Eugene married to Madeline. Tony passionately kissed Anna. Alex paid Speed to trash the Brady family fish market.

Alex and Linda want to buy up waterfront property, so they hired Speed and his pal Chino to terrorize the neighborhood. Ivy suspects Speed and Chino of the vandalism. Tod was upset when his "business" partner, Savannah, arrived in Salem. Janey admitted to Tod that she's suspicious of Savannah. Marlena resigned as the hospital psychiatrist after refusing to treat Hart, who shot himself to death. Neil treated Kimberly, who was shocked to learn that she may be going blind. Anna admitted that she's still in love with Tony. Tony insisted to Jasmine that he doesn't love her. Pete and Melissa romped in the sack. Later, Pete worried about Ivy, who was hospitalized with stomach pains. Marlena learned Abe's new police boss had been a pal of Roman's. Ian reprimanded Melissa for skipping a probation meeting.

5/6/85-5/10/85: Savannah reminded Tod that they had to produce a music video tape soon or their mystery boss would kill them. Liz was puzzled that Tod objected when Savannah wanted Liz to make a music video. A guilty Melissa confessed to Ian Griffith that she was mixed up about her feelings for Pete. Pete promised to stick by a bed-ridden Ivy. Tod talked Janey out of leaving town. Marlena insisted to a disbelieving Tom that she had resigned from her job so she could spend time with her children. Ian bawled out Melissa for missing a probation session. Tony staged an elaborate, romantic scene to seduce Anna. Ian and Pete engaged in a wrestling match over Melissa. Marlena and Abe reminisced about Roman. Bo, Hope, Kim and Shane worked together to search for the Dragon. Kimberly was curious about Shane's past and his deceased wife, Emma. Larry used Linda's money to buy waterfront property.

In England, Shane was shocked to see that his wife, Emma, was alive. Marlena was intrigued by Richard Cates, the new police chief. Marlena came out of her professional slump long enough to convince jailbird Jake Sellers not to kill his hostages, Melissa, Ian and Latoya, Melissa's dance student. The Dragon abducted Hope, who escaped from an eerie castle by swimming across a moat. The castle is owned by the Duke of Earle, who Shane thought could be a future victim of the Dragon. Abe's brother, Theo Carver, arrived in town. Theo menaced Tod and Savannah. Theo claimed he was a record producer. Bo's vocal talents were a hit at a local London disco. Mickey agreed to help waterfront store owners who were concerned over the vandalism in the area. Anna and Tony romped in the sack. Alex was smitten with Savannah. Pete was jealous to see Ian embrace Melissa.

The Dragon was arrested after he got into a sword fight with Bo. A grateful member of British royalty paid the plane fare so that Bo and Hope's families could come to London, where Bo and Hope were married. Shane restrained Emma, who was "programmed to kill" Bo and Hope during their wedding ceremony. The Dragon escaped from jail and vowed to kill Bo and Hope. Shane learned that The Dragon is a member of royalty. Kimberly feared that she's lost Shane forever now that he has Emma back. Shane admitted to Marlena that he's madly in love with Kimberly, who had more dizzy spells. Hopa and Bo started off their honeymoon in a London jail cell. Tod argued with Savannah, who wants to sign Liz to a music video contract. Melissa told Ian that she loves him. Eugene kept mum that he's writing an advice to the lovelorn column under the name Battina Lovecraft. Abe thinks Theo's up to no good.
5/27/85-5/31/85: Theo got Bo and Hope out of the London jail, then secretly begged Bo to help him find the men who killed a friend of Theo's. Theo admitted he was ousted from the police force. Theo said his friend was involved with the video music company that Tod works for. Marlena rescued Richard, who was slightly injured in a gas explosion at police headquarters. Savannah warned Tod that he's a dead man if he crosses their "organization" boss. Ian reluctantly admitted that he's smitten with Melissa. The Dragon secretly reprogrammed Emma to kill Bo and Hope. Bo was furious that Shane had brought Emma to Salem. Kimberly begged Neil to keep mum that she's going blind. Kimberly insisted to Shane that she won't be his mistress and is upset that he's still married to Emma.

6/3/85-6/7/85: The Dragon (the Duke of Earle) fell out a window to his death during a fight with Shane. Emma recovered from the "spell" the Dragon had put her under after her second attempt to kill Bo and Hope was foiled. Shane worried about Emma, who is an accessory to the murders committed by The Dragon. Bo freaked out to learn that Theo's murdered friend was Danny Grant. Melissa smooched with Ian, who turned her case over to a woman probation officer, Margaret Kellogg. Marlena and Richard like each other. Pete was upset to see Melissa in Ian's arms. Ivy's skeptical that Pete's share of Chris' new disco, Jump, is going to make Pete rich. Neil advised Shane to stay away from Kimberly, who kept mum to Shane about her blindness. Hope was upset that Bo had not told her that he was accosted by the Vipers' gang members. Eugene admitted that he's Battina Lovecraft, lovelorn columnist. Theo checked out Savannah Wilder's past.

Eugene and Calliope celebrated after Madeline agreed to give him a divorce. Anna's male secretary, Lionel, is in love with Calliope, who rejected his advances. Kimberly told her shocked family, and Shane, that she's gone blind. Bo punched out Shane, who said he didn't know anything about Kimberly's eyesight problems. Neil was disturbed when Tod had a fit about Liz's trip to a New York City music studio. Tod suspects that Savannah is using Liz as an unwitting courier to pass info to Tod and Savannah's mystery boss. Alice advised Marlena to forget the past and accept a date with Richard. Bo spotted a mystery man, who wears an eye patch, lurking about town. Ian agreed to take Melissa to her high school prom. Tony and Anna resumed their volatile love affair. Theo announced that he's managing Bo's budding rock music career. Chris is attracted to Savannah.
6/17/85-6/21/85: A devastated Emma overheard Shane admit that he loves Kimberly. Ian is finding it hard to continue resisting the sexual pleasures Melissa is offering him. Savannah desperately tried to rescind her order to her henchman, Patch, who she ordered to kill Bo and Theo. Marlena fumed when Richard kissed her soundly then told her to start living in the present, not the past. Calliope and Eugene plotted to spend time alone. Vanessa schemed to keep her share of Eugene's inheritance money, while Eugene doesn't care if he loses all the money. Marlena tried to help Jake, who refused to name the fellow prisoner who had beaten him up. Melissa convinced Ian not to go through with plans to transfer to another police precinct. Larry is undermining Alex and Linda's business partnership. Tony and Anna spent their time making love and fighting.

Melissa was shocked when Ian's wife, Dale, said Ian can continue his little romance with Melissa, but she won't divorce him. Neil didn't have the time of day for Liz, who bubbled with excitement over her budding musical career. Tod was livid that a roll of microfilm had been slipped into Liz's purse during her visit to the New York music video studio. Savannah is desperate to recover the microfilm. Patch trashed Kimberly's pad looking for the microfilm. Marlena is protecting Jake, who is supposed to be in a prison. Richard can't stay away from Marlena. Anna agreed to marry Tony, who later postponed the impromptu ceremony. Bo and Hope threw a party for Alice, who was upset to learn her grandson Mike won't be coming to Salem to finish medical school. Upset over her blindness, Kimberly cried on Neil's shoulder. Shawn disapproves of Bo's lifestyle.

7/1/85-7/5/85: Patch warned that he plans to kill Bo. Kimberly was upset that Shane considered taking a London job offer. Emma can't face the fact that her marriage to Shane is over. Hope got in the way of Bo and Theo's investigation of the Salem music studio that Savannah and Tod are working out of. Savannah and Patch searched everywhere for the missing microfilm. Kimberly considered Neil's suggestion that she get a job working with handicapped children. Marlena fought her budding feelings for Richard. Pete offered Melissa a shoulder to cry on after learning of her aborted romance with Ian. Ivy was upset to learn that Pete outfitted Melissa's dance studio. Larry continued his plot to drive a wedge of suspicion between Linda and Alex. Anna and Tony planned a posh wedding ceremony.

Ivy was hospitalized with abdominal pains, but told a visiting Pete to get lost. Emma taunted Kimberly that she'll get Shane back. Kimberly cried her troubles out on Neil's shoulder while Liz was busy in the video recording studio. Speed told Ivy that Pete is having an affair with Melissa. Marlena failed to elude Richard's kisses. Bo unwittingly found the microfilm that Savannah and Patch are looking for. Bo and Theo found heroin hidden in a video tape cartridge, indicating that Tod and Savannah are mixed up with a drug ring. Hope planned to make a big drug bust in order to earn her policewoman's wings. Eugene fought in court to keep his inheritance. Savannah romped in the sack with Chris while keeping Alex at her beck and call. Liz unknowingly delivered a shipment of heroin for Savannah.

Bo admitted to Hope that he and Theo are trying to catch the drug dealers that Savannah works for. Hope and her police partner made a drug bust which foiled Bo and Theo's plan to find out who Savannah gets her drug shipments from. Marlena took off her wedding rings, put her memory of Roman in the past, and spent time with Richard. Patch found the microfilm, but didn't hand it over to Savannah. Neil resents the time that Liz is devoting to her career. Eugene kicked his mother, Vanessa, out of his house after he lost his inheritance. Ivy nearly had a miscarriage during an emergency appendectomy. Shane kissed Kimberly while Emma plotted to win Shane back. Speed told a reporter that Ian is having an affair with Melissa. Bo wrongly blamed Patch when Shawn was injured by masked holdup men, who are secretly working for Alex.
7/22/85-7/26/85: Anna and Tony fumed to learn that their marriage was a sham since Alex had hired an actor to perform the wedding ceremony. Anna and Tony went on their honeymoon to Bangkok anyway. Oriental tycoon, Baba, abducted Anna into his harem before she could marry Tony for real. Bo's mom, Caroline, was shocked to see her former lover, the wealthy and mysterious Victor Kiriakis, is back in town. Victor gave Pete money to pay for Ivy's hospital bills. Bo remembered long ago catching his then best friend Patch in bed with Bo's girl. Ian told Melissa he's being forced to resign from the police force even though he didn't really have an affair with her. Emma vowed to get revenge when Shane asked for a divorce. Shane's I.S.A. boss, Mr. Lancaster, wants him to find a crime figure who has reportedly moved into Salem. Patch searched for photos made from the film that Savannah wanted. Pete threw the photos away.

Victor, who is Savannah's and Patch's boss, was livid that they let Pete and Melissa get out of town with the photos Victor wants. Hope's superior, Office Bob McBride, is on Victor's payroll. Ivy freaked out when Pete phoned to say he and Melissa are heading for Los Angeles. Savannah sent Patch after Pete and Melissa. Alex notice that Linda is afraid of Victor. Chris captured an arsonist that Linda and Alex hired to torch Chris' club. Savannah threatened Alex, admitting that she knows he's behind the recent waterfront disasters. Shane's gathering all the info he can on Victor, past and present. Shane is upset that Kimberly is seeing Victor. Liz is afraid to have another child for fear it will contract juvenile diabetes. Tony and Eugene rescued Anna and Calliope from Baba's harem.
8/5/85-8/9/85: Pete and Melissa got jobs at a Hollywood movie studio and tries to find out why the photos they had were so valuable. Victor's henchman failed in several attempts to kill Pete and Melissa. Tony and Anna were legally married - by a real minister this time. Hope became friends with her police partner, Norma Kirkland, after the two settled their differences. Patch taunted Hope about Bo's keeping a secret from her. Eugene and Calliope celebrated when he won the lottery. Liz avoided lovemaking with Neil because she was frightened of having another child. In the labor room, Ivy called out for Pete, who was in California with Melissa. Victor forced Linda and Alex to abandon their plans to buy up all the waterfront property in Salem. Emma was surprised that Shane already knew about Kimberly's prostitute past. Emma propositioned Ian.

The rebellious doctor who saved Ivy and her baby's lives is Mike Horton, who was given a hospital residency thanks to Ivy's support. Theo stopped Abe from reporting housekeeper Denise's allergic reaction to trying heroin because it would ruin his investigation. Bo raged when Hope got a fake tattoo to match the one on his back. Bo had memories of making love to a woman with the same tattoo. Pete and Melissa escaped Victor's henchman, who was killed at the movie studio. Victor ordered Savannah to force Tod to fly Pete and Melissa from L.A. to Dallas aboard a private plane. Vanessa tried to cash in on Eugene's newfound wealth. Chris suspected Savannah's cold-shoulder act hides her true feelings. Pete and Melissa resisted the love urge, then he learned he has a newborn son.
8/19/85-8/23/85: Victor comforted Kimberly, who refused to believe her latest diagnosis that she has hysterical blindness. Shane was reunited with his I.S.A. partner Miss Peach (Peachy) who will help him get the goods on Victor. Tod pulled a gun on Pete and Melissa, then demanded they give him the rest of the missing photos. Victor gave a stunned Caroline a kiss and an expensive birthday necklace. Savannah gave Victor the photos Tod had already stolen from Pete and Melissa. Anna was in a tizzy to learn that she's flat broke. Pete snuck in and out of Salem to see his son. Shane freaked out to learn that Kimberly spent a platonic night at Victor's pad. Bo worried that Patch will tell Hope about the woman in Bo's past. Vanessa nearly died when Eugene donated his lottery winnings to a child-abuse clinic. Mike realized that Ivy's homelife is not idyllic. Shane bugged Victor's pad.

A recluse doctor saved Tod's life after Tod was injured in a shootout. A worried Maggie returned to Salem after Melissa phoned her. Melissa and Pete worried that Tod would die. Tony secretly paid some of Anna's bills, while she thinks that he's in the dark about her financial troubles. Mickey is jealous of Maggie's friend, Clay. Victor moved Kimberly into his house after having his bodyguard terrorize her. Richard put his feelings for Marlena on hold after learning that she's afraid to make a romantic commitment. Abe and Theo rescued Denise and Latoya from their abusive father. In hopes of finding Tod, Liz agreed to do a promotional tour for her music video. Pete learned that crooked cop, McBride, is hot on Pete's and Melissa's trail. Alice is concerned about Bo, who's keeping to himself lately.

9/2/85-9/6/85: Hope was livid that Bo would not tell her about his past with Patch. Pete and Melissa got jobs in a carnival in Missouri. Tod was recuperating from his gunshot wound. Victor gave Savannah one week to find Pete, Melissa, and the photos he wanted. Carney worker Kip suspected that Pete and Melissa were impostors. Pete was arrested by the local police. Caroline and Shane were upset to learn that Kimberly had moved into Victor's pad. Mike helped Ivy get a job at the hospital. Peachy posed as a designer so that she could get inside info on Victor's gang. Kimberly realized that Caroline and Victor shared a past. On Alex's orders, art dealer Claus van Zandt conned Anna into trading a valuable Buddha statue for a fake Picasso. Richard surprised Marlena with a passionate kiss. Mike caught Savannah and Chris in bed together.

Anna was arrested for murdering Claus after she was caught fleeing from his office. Abe quizzed Claus' widow, Tracy van Zandt, about Claus' murder. Mike helped Ivy bring her newborn son home. Bo and Theo gave Richard proof that the drug ring is storing their cocaine stash in Savannah's recording studio. Liz was shot during Bo, Theo, and Richard's unsuccessful drug raid on the studio. Pete and Melissa can't keep their hands off of each other. McBride pursued Pete, Melissa, and Tod to Chicago on their quest to find the mysterious treasure. Bo was furious that Hope and her partner, Norma, went on an out-of-town police assignment. Kimberly was haunted by Shane's statement that Victor is dangerous. Tracy came on strong with Tony. The police arrested and then released Kip, who they mistook for Pete.
9/16/85-9/20/85: Richard is in cahoots with Savannah and McBride. Hope told Richard that Melissa phoned to say that McBride is a "bad" cop. Hope's police partner, Norma, was shot by an unseen gunman. Before she died, Norma told Hope that Richard was with Norma's assassin. Liz survived throat surgery after being wounded in the drug bust shootout. Richard fumed at Abe, who went against his orders and led the raid on the music studio. Shane came to the rescue, foiling Emma's attempt to cause Kimberly's death. Richard threw Bo into a prison cell after Norma's shooting. Anna denied having a long-ago affair with Claus. Marlena and Richard tumbled under the sheets together. Mike gave Ivy's baby a blood transfusion when the tot became ill. Savannah's thugs tailed Pete, who donated blood for his son. Victor wants to be the godfather to Ivy and Pete's son. Tony and Anna stole proof that Tracy benefited financially from Claus' death.

Tod and Melissa pretended to be married after they were taken in by a farm couple, Grace and Conrad Walker. McBride killed Pete's friend Bernardo, who had helped Pete escape from him. Anna and Tony vowed to find out who's framing Anna for Claus' murder. Ivy and Pete named their son Charles (Charlie). Kimberly regained her eyesight after Shane rescued her from the stable fire Emma had hoped would kill Kimberly. Shane objected that Kimberly is pretending she's still blind and working with Peachy to get info on Victor. Pete jumped to the wrong conclusion when he found Tod and Melissa sharing the same bed. Pete was unable to prevent Victor from becoming Charlie's godfather. A battered Hope was rescued by a monk, Francis, who hid her in a monastery. Richard searched for Hope. Tony checked out mystery woman Felicity York. Liz worried her career is over.
9/30/85-10/4/85: Tod befriended Gertie, who slept in the Walker's barn after her car broke down. With help from nurse Michelle, Bo escaped from his captors. Francis fought his attraction to Hope. Marlena spent time with Richard and his son Kevin after Richard got custody of the boy. Kimberly and Peachy told Shane that McBride is crooked. McBride paid off Latoya's child-beater father, Lloyd, who lied that Abe is a pervert. Richard later suspended Abe from the police force. Abe and Theo witnessed McBride making a drug deal. Tod freaked out to learn that Liz had been shot. Neil and Noel were unable to cheer up a despondent Liz. Kimberly panicked when Victor said he's taking her to Miami with him. Shane agreed Kimberly could try to find out the connection between Caroline and Victor. Neil kept mum that he knows Kimberly has regained her eyesight.

Maggie and Mickey took Latoya in so that Lloyd can't use her as a punching bag. Mike was shocked to learn that his little sister Jennifer (Jenny) and her friend Nancy have run away from home together. In New York City, Tony learned that Alex was Claus' silent partner in an art forgery ring. Larry agreed to marry Emma so that she won't be deported. Emma promised to convince Victor to hire Larry as his personal lawyer. Richard hid a stash of cocaine in his boathouse. An unwitting Kevin found Hope's car hidden in the boathouse, but assumed Richard bought the car for him. Michelle believed Bo's story that Richard's a crooked cop and later she delivered a letter explaining Bo's predicament to Alice. Pete, Melissa, Tod and Amy (formerly Gertie) had left the Walters' farm by the time the police raided the place. Tod is smitten with Amy. Lloyd enrolled in Marlena's therapy group for abusive parents.
10/14/85-10/18/85: Abe was devastated when Theo was shot and killed by a rifle that Richard had rigged with a trip-wire. Alice, Shane, and Theo rescued Bo from Richard and later hid Bo in the tunnel beneath Liz's mansion. Larry made Emma sign a pre-nuptial agreement. A woman calling herself Felicity York told Tony that Alex had killed Claus. Brother Francis let Hope cry on his shoulder, but found it hard to resist her womanly charms. Bo rescued Michelle from Richard's clutches. Jennifer's boyfriend Matt tried to persuade her to ask Mike for some money. Mike came to the rescue when the police arrested Jennifer. Alex is being blackmailed by a mystery person who has a videotape of Alex supposedly killing Claus. Richard was delighted that Marlena has won Kevin's heart. Richard learned that Hope is hiding in the monastery.

Tony disappeared after he found out who had murdered Claus. Bo rescued Hope, but not before Richard shot and wounded Brother Francis. Shane witnessed Richard's attempt to escape from Abe, who was forced to shoot and kill Richard. Richard told Abe he got mixed up in selling drugs because he needed money. Kevin hates Abe because he killed Richard. Marlena and Kevin comforted each other over the loss of Richard. Pete and Melissa found the last clue to the mysterious treasure they're looking for. Bo and Hope took over the mysterious treasure hunt from Pete and Melissa. Tod rescued Amy from Patch, who took the photos that Victor has been searching for. Victor told Savannah they're closer to finding the treasure. Liz can't believe that Tod could be a criminal. Savannah told Chris that she was abused as a child. Someone's blackmailing Claus' widow, Tracy.
10/28/85-11/1/85: After learning that Kimberly had regained her eyesight, Victor forced her to split with Shane and then go to Victor's Miami estate. While snooping around Victor's estate, Shane fell into an alligator pit. The treasure clues led Hope and Bo to Miami. Liz was shocked to find Tod and Amy have been hiding out in the attic of her mansion. Patch terrorized Hope with a knife, then took all of the treasure clues. Emma turned out to be the mysterious Felicity York who had met with Tony before he disappeared. Anna was indicted on murder charges. In Miami to conduct a drug deal, Savannah was shocked when Chris arrived at her hotel room. Pete tried to warn Ivy that Victor's an evil man. Mike insisted that he wants to help Jennifer cope with her problems. Kevin tried to turn Marlena against Abe.

11/4/85-11/8/85: Victor distrusts Petrov, who took over Stefano's empire after Stefano had disappeared. Tod is unaware that Amy is working for Victor. Petrov forced Amy to spy on Victor. Shane, Victor and Petrov are looking for a record book that can lead them to the treasure they're seeking. Kimberly rescued Shane from the alligator pit, then they romped in the sack in her room at Victor's mansion. Patch kidnapped Hope. Mike worried about Jennifer, who was accused of being a pickpocket. Amy kept a hitman from icing Tod. Maggie was reunited with Melissa, who's still not feeling well. Tracy Van Zandt seemingly vanished. Anna began to crack under the strain of Tony's disappearance and her impending murder trial. Chris is becoming suspicious of Savannah's strange behavior.

11/11/85-11/15/85: Bo rescued Hope from Patch, and later they found the record book that leads to the mystery treasure. Chris was shocked to learn that Savannah leads a life of crime. Victor tried to sink Shane's craft during a boat race. Patch and Savannah plotted to kill Bo and Hope at sea. Mike denied Ivy's suspicion that he's the man who has raped several women at the free clinic. Liz was discouraged that she hasn't regained her singing voice yet. Tod is still unaware that Amy is working against him. Petrov desperately wants the record book that Bo and Hope found. Victor suspects that Kimberly is deceiving him. Emma (Felicity) left a videotape incriminating Alex's assistant, Robert Brennan, in Claus' murder. Ivy warned Melissa to stay away from Baby Charlie. Melissa agreed to someday marry Pete.

Shane rescued Bo and Hope, who were nearly blown up when the treasure chest exploded. Patch was arrested after Bo saved him from drowning. Chris felt betrayed by Savannah, who was arrested for drug dealing. The Miami police also arrested Victor, who hid the record book. Kimberly kept mum to Shane that she'd slept with Victor in order to give Shane time to escape from Victor. Shane's I.S.A. boss, Nickerson, secretly wants the mystery treasure for himself. Petrov also wants the treasure. The real Felicity is upset that Anna is being charged with killing Claus. Claus, who's not really dead, met with his cohort, Emma. Felicity, who's Emma's cousin, threatened to blow the lid off Emma's insurance fraud scam. Jennifer feels alienated by her peers. The clinic rapist secretly stalked Marlena. Melissa and Pete returned home. Tod was arrested on drug charges after he helped Amy elude the cops.
11/25/85-11/29/85: Marlena counseled Maggie, who was raped by the clinic rapist. Kimberly was ecstatic to learn that she's pregnant, until she realized that either Shane or Victor could be the child's father. On a tip from Emma, Anna tracked down Claus, but found herself in the midst of murder and mayhem. Abe questioned Mike, who is a suspect in Maggie's rape. Patch escaped but was arrested after he destroyed photos and negatives that Kimberly had taken of a mysterious man at Victor's Miami estate. Victor was released from prison after Larry was arrested for being the mastermind behind Victor's crimes. Victor told Caroline tha the's not a crook. Shane, Victor, Petrov, and Nickerson are looking for someone called "The Pawn." The Pawn is a link to the treasure everyone's after. Chris tried to bury his love feelings for Savannah, who was released on probation. Emma asked Alex to marry her.

Petrov and Nurse Kate Honeycutt brought "The Pawn" to Salem after forcing him to undergo facial plastic surgery. Savannah was jealous that Chris turned to Marlena after rejecting Savannah's efforts to rekindle their romance. Anna met with Claus, who was later murdered - for real this time. Anna freaked when Tony wrote her from Europe that he's through with her and wants her to sign his divorce papers. Victor blackmailed Alex into helping him snatch "The Pawn" from Petrov. Caroline can't forget her past with Victor. Bo admitted to Hope that he caused Patch to lose his eye when Patch and Bo fought over an ex-girlfriend of Bo's. Calliope and Eugene announced their impending marriage. Shane tried to decide whether to rescue "The Pawn" from Petrov's clutches or save Bo and Hope, who were cornered by Victor's thugs. Mike had a run-in with surgeon, Dr. Curry. Caroline learned Kimberly's pregnant. Pete and Ivy agreed to a divorce.
12/9/85-12/13/85: Pete searched for Ivy, who split town, taking Charlie with her. Hope visited Larry in prison but he refuted her suspicion that he didn't mastermind Victor's drug deals. Hope made herself a partner in Howie's detective agency. Hope vowed to find out what part Roman had played in the feud between Bo and Patch (Steve Johnson). Savannah is involved in Victor's plot to take over the local shipping industry. Anna started running Tony's business empire. Shane and Bo think "The Pawn," who has been brainwashed by Petrov, is really Stefano. Kimberly told Shane that she's pregnant, but didn't admit that she'd slept with Victor as well as with Shane. Marlena counseled Maggie during a rape-crisis seminar. Even though they shared a night of passion, Chris nixed reconciling with Savannah.

Shane was shocked when he was suspended from the I.S.A. Hope begged Howie to help her learn the secrets of Bo's past. Hope worried about Bo, who went on a fact-finding trip to New Mexico. Jennifer was attacked by the hospital rapist. Ivy returned from Haiti after getting a quickie divorce from Pete. Dr. Curry resigned after admitting to Mike he's having a breakdown. Shane was puzzled that Victor knew he'd been axed from the I.S.A. Kimberly accepted Shane's marriage proposal but never had the courage to tell Shane that she's pregnant. Patch captured The Pawn, who had escaped from Victor. Kate was fooled by The Pawn, who pretended that he's comatose. Chris sold Shenanigans to Pete and Tod, who's out of jail. Hope investigated a magician who may be a jewel thief. Claus, who managed to elude death once again, was jailed.

Shane was shocked when Peachy told him he'd been suspended from the I.S.A. because they believe him guilty of espionage. Victor assigned Savannah to find The Pawn. Patch's tauntings elicited a response from The Pawn, who'd been pretending he was catatonic. Shane was thrilled when Kimberly told him he's going to be a father. Kimberly followed Caroline's advice and didn't admit that she's not sure Shane fathered her baby. Hope and Howie searched for clues to the hostility between Bo and Patch. Bo arrived back from New Mexico in time for the family Christmas celebration. Ivy was surprised when Victor gave her a mink coat for Christmas. Melissa received an engagement ring from Pete. Chris was unable to ignore his feelings for Savannah. Anna misses Tony terribly. Mickey wants to remarry Maggie.

Victor saved Shawn from death when a boat exploded on the waterfront. Bo is convinced Victor somehow caused the explosion. Shane and Kimberly celebrated the new year and their expected child. Bo and Shane concocted a plan to break into the I.S.A. office to get a peek at Shane's supposed espionage records. Eugene and Calliope were married in an elaborate outdoor ceremony in the park. The Pawn roamed the streets of Salem after walking out of Patch's pad. Ian returned and told Melissa that he divorced his wife. Alex married Emma. Jennifer's hospitalized friend, Kristie, was attacked by the hospital rapist. Ivy still has feelings for Pete. Pete was jealous to see Ian with Melissa. Even though the evidence points to him, Mike insisted that he's not the hospital rapist. Savannah fumed over Chris and Marlena's New Year's Eve kiss.

1/6/86-1/10/86: Hoping to get evidence that Victor is behind all the trouble on the waterfront, Bo took a job as a dockhand. The Pawn dreamed about Marlena. Bo flipped out when he learned that Patch (Steve) is his new dock foreman. Shane stalled the I.S.A., who want him to plead guilty to espionage charges. While honeymooning in Finland, Eugene and Calliope shared their hotel suite with a Russian couple, Boris and Svetlana. Svetlana gave Calliope some old Russian coins. Chris can't ignore Savannah's charms. Abe questioned Mike about the hospital rapes. Neil is puzzled by Kimberly's strange behavior. Victor told Caroline that he's not a criminal. Calliope dropped her passport, which Boris and Svetlana later returned to her. Bo had to abort his plan to help Shane break into the I.S.A. files. Jennifer's pal, Matt, demanded that she procure drugs for him.
1/13/86-1/17/86: Brother Francis came to Anna's rescue when she was harassed by two bums. The Pawn returned to Patch's pad. Kimberly had nightmares that Emma told Shane that Kimberly's having Victor's baby. Mike didn't hit it off with the hospital's new head of surgery, Dr. Robin Jacobs. Chris insisted to Savannah that her romance is over. Kimberly suffered abdominal pains. Fearing that she'll be raped again, Maggie began carrying a gun. Patch confronted Victor about The Pawn. Mickey told Maggie that he wants to remarry her. Hope tailed Bo, who went to New York City in search of a former I.S.A. agent who was Shane's buddy. Miss Peach agreed to keep mum that she caught Bo and Shane after they broke into the I.S.A. office. Pete and Melissa argued after he bought her an expensive condo. Marlena and Chris agreed to be friends forever.
1/20/86-1/24/86: Bo and Hope located Cameron Davis, Shane's former I.S.A. partner. Bo remembered being arrested by Cameron when he was in Stockholm. Shane tailed Alex and Victor, who held a meeting with organized crime leaders. Mike saved Robin from the hospital rapist. Pete and Melissa and Mickey and Maggie decided on a Valentine's Day double wedding. Anna was shocked to realize that she's smitten with Brother Francis. Due to a lack of evidence, the I.S.A. dropped the espionage charges against Shane. Bo was badly beaten up by Victor's thugs when he tried to turn the dock workers against Victor. The Pawn removed his bandages and assumed a fake name. Tod tried to help Jennifer deal with the hostility she has toward her family. Liz lamented that she'll never be a singing star. Pete borrowed money from a shady source. Ex-con Jake began working for Ian.

A shocked Kimberly read an old letter in which Caroline admits that she had a child fathered by Victor. Kimberly was horrified to realize that she slept with Victor without knowing that he might be her father. Robert LeClair returned and everyone learned that he's Robin's uncle. The I.S.A. arrested Shane on espionage charges after Emma lied that Shane had sold secrets to the Russians. The Pawn, who's using the alias John Black, began to have flashes of memory about his unknown past. John remembered seeing photos of Abe, Marlena, and Anna. Savannah is convinced that Marlena is sleeping with Chris. John (The Pawn) prevented an attempted robbery. Pete borrowed money from Victor in order to pay off a loan shark. Caroline confronted Victor about whether or not he'd slept with Kimberly. Robert and Robin don't get along.
2/3/86-2/7/86: At the opening of Shane's espionage trial, Bo shocked everyone with the admission that he, not Shane, was a spy. Bo explained he'd delivered a package for his ex-girlfriend, Britta Englund, then learned that she was a Russian agent. Supposedly Britta is dead. John Black (The Pawn) saved Marlena from the hospital rapist. Later, it was revealed that Ian is the rapist. Pete unwittingly rescued Melissa from Ian, who was about to attack her. Kimberly is desperate to find out if Victor could be the father of her unborn baby. Shawn and Caroline argued over Victor's attempts to help a jailed Bo. Marlena and John are becoming close friends. Hope went to Europe with Patch in hopes of finding proof that Bo's not guilty of treason. Shawn is upset that Bo almost let him take the rap for being a spy. Mike was surprised to see that Robin has a vulnerable side.

Bo was able to escape during the confusion when the jail was wrecked by an explosion. Shane had something to do with the explosion. Bo arrived in Stockholm on Hope's and Patch's heels. Bo and Patch realized that they'd both been taken by Britta, who they believe has assumed a new identity. Pete and Melissa and Mickey and Maggie were married in a double ceremony. Melissa is suspicious of were Pete's getting all the money he's spending on her. Hope grilled Britta's brother, Lars, for information on Britta. Kimberly underwent tests that will hopefully reveal who fathered her baby, Shane or Victor. Anna sensed that she's met John (The Pawn) before, but couldn't place his face. Ian plotted revenge against Melissa, who refused to let him attend her wedding. The Bradys' neighbors accused the whole clan of being Russian spies.
2/17/86-2/21/86: Bo unmasked "Lars," who turned out to be Britta, who is using the name Deborah Skinner. Bo concocted a scheme to rescue Hope, who was taken prisoner by Russian KGB agents. Chris didn't believe Savannah, who said she's given up her life of crime. After sharing a romantic kiss, Chris and Marlena realized they're falling in love. Brother Francis tried to resist Anna's charms. A ski-masked Ian knocked Pete out cold, but Ian's plan to rape Melissa was foiled when she escaped from him. Patch wants to rekindle the old romance he once shared with Britta (Deborah). John (The Pawn) struggled to remember his past. Victor fumed at Emma, who said she knows he spent the night in Kimberly's bed. Mickey and Maggie's honeymoon got off to a shaky start. Liz and Neil's relationship is crumbling. Britta (Deborah) is reluctant to help Bo's espionage case.

2/24/86-2/28/86: Emma blabbed to Victor that Kimberly may be carrying his baby. Kimberly flipped when Victor told her he'll raise her child if he's the baby's father. Patch rescued Britta from KGB agents while Hope's attempt to escape from her KGB captors was foiled. KGB agent Ingrid offered to return Hope safely to Bo if he in turn delivers Britta to the KGB. John (The Pawn) dogged Marlena in order to protect her from the hospital rapist. Liz was upset to overhear Neil say that she may never be able to sing again. Shane flew to Stockholm to help Patch, Bo, Hope, and Britta. Kimberly contemplated an abortion after Emma taunted her about the fact that Victor may have fathered Kimberly's baby. Emma tampered with Kimberly's hospital records. John (The Pawn) remembered snippets of his past. Ian stalked Melissa after her return from her honeymoon.

3/3/86-3/7/86: Shane was upset to learn that Kimberly fears Victor, not Shane, might have fathered her baby. Kimberly was relieved when Caroline told her that Victor isn't Kimberly's father. John (The Pawn) arrested Ian on charges that he's the hospital rapist just as Ian was about to rape Melissa. Hope was rescued from her KGB captors. Shane kept Abe in the dark that Bo is eluding the police by hiding in the secret tunnel beneath Blondie's Place. Britta nixed telling the police that Bo is not a spy unless her brother Lars is rescued from his KGB captors. Robin's father, Eli Jacobs, doesn't get along with his brother, Robert. Patch's schemes put Bo's life in danger. Neil comforted Kimberly. Marlena helped John solve the hospital rapist case, bringing the two closer together. Kimberly recovered from an auto accident that almost killed her.

At Caroline's request, Victor anonymously paid Bo's bail after Bo was arrested for breaking out of jail. Shane went into a rage after confirming the fact that Kimberly had slept with Victor. Marlena is puzzled that John (The Pawn) knows so much about her and her family but can't explain where he gained the knowledge. Chris freaked out to learn Savannah arranged for a "rapist" to attack Marlena so Savannah could impress Chris by rescuing Marlena. John (The Pawn) realized he'd once been held captive in Victor's house. Victor wants Pete to launder dirty money for him. Britta continued to stall testifying on Bo's behalf until her brother Lars is safe. Robin was puzzled to see Mike crying over a terminally ill patient, unaware that he was reminded of his dead wife, Margo. A frustrated John looked for clues to his real identity. John found the photos that Victor used to "program" John's mind.
3/17/86-3/21/86: Shawn doesn't like the fact that Bo is in debt to Victor for bailing him out of jail. Fearing that she's lost Shane forever, Kimberly decided to leave town, but Victor intercepted her departure from the airport. Pete worried that Victor is gaining control of Pete's disco, Jump. Shane, Bo, and Patch concocted a plan to help Lars elude his KGB captors. Robin was jealous to see Mike in a cozy scene with Ivy. Patch and Britta realized they still have feelings for each other. Jennifer kept mum that she's been handing out stolen test answers to all her pals at school. John (The Pawn) learned that the real John Black died several years ago. Robin confided to Mike that she's worried about the long-time feud between her father, Eli, and her Uncle Robert. Alex and Victor schemed to use John (The Pawn) in their "organization."

Maggie arranged for the Russian Ballet to appear in Salem after Bo told her that Lars is a member of the troupe. The KGB plotted to foil Bo and Shane's plan to rescue Lars. Victor warned Kimberly that she can never run away because he'll find her no matter where she goes. Miss Peach failed to reconcile Kimberly and Shane. Melissa is upset by Pete's obsession with running his disco, Jump, while he ignores her. After her latest attempt to snare Chris failed, Savannah went back to work for Victor. Robin was sympathetic after learning about the death of Mike's wife, Margo. Marlena is curious about John's (The Pawn) mysterious past. Mike and Robin realized that they're attracted to each other. Unaware that John's the man he's looking for, Victor hired John to find "The Pawn."
3/31/86-4/4/86: Bo, Shane, and Patch's plot to rescue Lars while he performed with the Russian Ballet was foiled by KGB agents. Britta realized that the KGB is willing to give up Lars in order to capture her. After a drinking spree, Savannah and Tod were involved in an auto accident that killed Tod. After Tod's death, Kimberly and Shane shared a few moments of togetherness. John (The Pawn) agreed to let Marlena help him try to piece together the puzzle of his past. Neil is unaware that Liz has been spending time in a neighborhood bar. John remembered that Britta and Victor worked together as spies in Stockholm. Tom and Alice were shocked to learn that Jennifer has been selling exam answers to her school pals. Bo came up with a new plan to rescue Lars. Pete is cracking under the pressure Victor is exerting upon him. Britta and Patch are fighting the feelings they still have for each other.

4/7/86-4/11/86: A returned Doug was shocked to learn of Hope's part in rescuing Lars from the KGB. Britta told the press she and Lars are happy to be in America. Patch tried to cover up his feelings for Britta. Melissa, who had dizzy spells, was furious to learn second-hand that Pete had bought Tod's disco. After Lars was freed, Britta testified in court that Bo isn't guilty of espionage. Victor vowed never to forgive Caroline after he learned she's kept mum for years that Bo is their son. Liz decided to prosecute Pete because he served Tod the booze that killed him. Savannah feels guilty that she talked Tod into drinking. Mike took tender loving care of an ailing Robin. Victor and Shane nearly came to blows while arguing over who fathered Kimberly's baby. Neil has become Kimberly's best pal. Shane quizzed Britta about her past association with Victor.
4/14/86-4/18/86: Marlena hypnotized John (The Pawn) then followed him as he revisited places from his forgotten past. Victor argued that since Shane dumped Kimberly, she must be carrying Victor's baby, not Shane's. Doug was shocked to learn that Robert had been a Holocaust victim. Melissa and Pete's relationship is suffering now that Liz formally charges Pete with causing Tod's death. Marlena was shocked when John led her to a place that reminded her of Roman's death. Savannah was in tears after Chris told her their romance is over forever. Emma changed some dates on Kimberly's medical records, causing Victor to believe he's the father of Kimberly's baby. Hope urged Patch to fight for Britta. Robin and Mike were trapped in a cave-in at one of Victor's mines. Victor offered Britta a job. Hope, Bo, and Howie became partners in a detective agency.

4/21/86-4/25/86: Patch and Britta alternately made love and argued, but neither could admit that they love the other. In an effort to learn John's (The Pawn) real identity, Marlena and John searched for the plastic surgeon who reconstructed John's face. Savannah is haunted by the fact she had enticed Tod to drink, thus causing his death. John (The Pawn) rescued Marlena who was held prisoner by Kate, who's working for Victor. Pete schemed to get out from under Victor's thumb. Liz hired lawyer Jarred McAllister to prosecute Pete for giving booze to Tod. Patch and Bo clashed over their respective feelings for a dying Britta. Emma sabotaged Shane and Kimberly's attempt to patch up their romance. Before their rescue form the mine cave-in, Robin and Mike realized their physical attraction for each other but resisted sexual temptation. Peach kept a motherly eye on Kimberly.
4/28/86-5/2/86: Marlena failed in an attempt to kill John (The Pawn), who she believed is Stefano returned from the dead once again. Plastic surgeon Dr. Peterson tipped off the KGB, who began pursuing John and Marlena. One of Victor's men shot Britta, who is recovering from her injuries. John rescued Marlena from KGB agents. Mike is furious that Robin won't admit she's sexually attracted to him. A raft that John and Marlena were riding on capsized in the rapids. Summoned by Marlena, Bo, Hope, and Shane set out to rescue her from John. Savannah kept mum to Liz that Pete wasn't the person who coaxed Tod into drinking the booze that killed him. Melissa got chummy with Lars, who misses the Russian dance troupe he performed with. Victor insisted to Kimberly that he's convinced she's carrying his baby. Kimberly and Caroline patched up their relationship after their quarrel.

5/5/86-5/9/86: Lars fumed that Victor forced him to hire Melissa to dance with the ballet company Lars is forming. John (The Pawn) saved Marlena, who nearly drowned after their raft capsized. Shane and Bo rescued Hope who nearly drown in the rapids. Miss Peach suffered a mild stroke. Sexual sparks flew between Marlena and John (The Pawn), who are hiding out in a cave. Liz insisted that Savannah move into her home while she's recuperating. A sneaky Victor offered jobs to the minors put out of work when he closed his mine. Caroline begged Victor to stop harassing Kimberly, but he's still convinced Kimberly is carrying his child. Shane prevented Bo from doing physical damage to John (The Pawn), after Bo learned John is Stefano. Victor is still hunting for John (The Pawn). Kimberly and Victor were nowhere to be found after the helicopter they were riding in crashed and burned. Liz's lawyer is smitten with her.
5/12/86-5/16/86: John (The Pawn) went over the side of a cliff while fighting with Bo, who was shocked when Marlena screamed out that John is really Roman, not Stefano. Victor agreed to deliver John to the KGB agents who are desperate to capture him. In the wilderness, Shane tended to Kimberly, who gave birth to a son after she and Victor survived the helicopter crash. Bo rescued Hope from a cougar. Roman (John) and Marlena dreamed of making love to each other. Robin can't resist Mike, but feels their backgrounds are too different. Alex forced Britta to get out of town and she left Patch (Steve) and Lars Dear John letters explaining her exit. Savannah moved in with Liz and Neil. Lars thinks he can't get along without Britta. Jennifer is smitten with her schoolmate, Glenn. Chris passed his bar exams.

5/19/86-5/23/86: During a fight with Victor, Bo pointed a loaded gun at him while Caroline blurted out that Victor is Bo's real father. After learning that John (The Pawn) was really Roman, Bo saved Roman, who had fallen down a cliff. Shane and Kimberly reconciled after the birth of her son, Andrew, who was named after Shane's father. Later, Victor's paternity tests proved that Victor, not Shane, is Andrew's father. Marlena admitted she still loves Roman and the two made love for the first time since she learned his real identity. Carrie refused to accept the fact that John is really her father. Hope is haunted by nightmares about the lady KGB agent she had to kill in order to save her own life. Mike struggled to rescue Robin, trapped in a burning mine shaft. Liz told a somewhat disappointed Neil that she doesn't want to have another child right now. Emma continued to plot against Kimberly.

Robin is worried that she won't be able to perform surgery because she injured her hand in the mine fire. Caroline was devastated when Bo screamed that he hates her because she had kept it a secret that he's Victor's son. Shane and Kimberly vowed to raise Andrew together while Victor insisted he wants to raise the boy. Patch secretly terrorized Bo and Roman's sister, Kayla, who came to Salem for a visit. Carrie rejected Roman's efforts to get close to her again. With Andrew in mind, Emma arranged a mysterious adoption scam. Bo rejected Victor's expensive gifts as well as his desire to be a father to Bo. Marlena stood by Roman, who is still upset that he can't remember his past. Pete and Melissa's marriage is in trouble. Caroline tried, but failed, to cut her ties to Victor. An angry Shawn moved out of the Brady house. A mysterious man is tailing Eugene, who has invented a time machine.

In the nick of time, Bo prevented a distraught Caroline form carrying out her plan to shoot Victor. Marlena rejected Roman's idea to leave town because his return from the dead has upset his entire family. Kimberly moved out of Shane's guest house so he wouldn't have to suffer through Victor's visits with Andrew. Victor decided to sue Kimberly for custody of Andrew. Mike and Eli tried to comfort Robin, who is worried that her injured hand won's heal properly. Emma is paying Patch to harass Kayla. Roman had flashbacks about his forgotten past. Melissa spent more time working with Lars' ballet troupe. Pete was relieved to learn there may be a witness who can prove Tod didn't leave Pete's disco in a drunken state on the night he died. Chris comforted Savannah, who had nightmares she was driving the car when it crashed and killed Tod. Melissa was upset to see Pete with Ivy.

6/9/86-6/13/86: Frightened of Roman, who threw a temper tantrum, Carrie ran into the street and was struck down by a speeding car. Kimberly was relieved when Victor dropped his custody suit over Andrew. Bo and Hope moved into Victor's mansion and Bo allowed Victor to try to be a father to him in exchange for Victor's promise that he would stop harassing the Brady clan. Kimberly was surprised when Shane said he wants to marry her before she and Andrew move in with him. The mystery man kept tabs on Eugene, whose attempts to build a time machine have so far been a bomb. Robin and Mike shared kisses over a romantic dinner. Jennifer tried to help her friend Matt, who is hooked on drugs. Lars secretly contacted Britta. Liz dropped her lawsuit against Pete because she feels Savannah's to blame for Tod's death. Emma continued working on her baby adoption plot. Chris smooched with Savannah. Shawn is feuding with Bo.

Marlena fell off a ledge after saving Jennifer's drugged boyfriend Matt from committing suicide. Savannah began undermining Liz and Neil's marriage. Emma plotted the kidnap and sale of Kimberly's baby. Bo accepted a job as manager of one of Victor's companies. Victor ordered Patch to secretly keep an eye on Bo. Patch, who's smitten with Kayla, found it difficult to follow Emma's orders to terrorize Kayla. Roman worked hard to gain Carrie's confidence as she recovered after being hit by a car. Shawn and Caroline reconciled. Shane and Bo are pretending to be on the outs to get inside info on Victor. Hope is angry over Bo's sudden devotion to Victor. Lars and Melissa are developing a friendship. Mike was jealous of newcomer, Mitch, who's taken a shine to Robin.
6/23/86-6/27/86: Disguised as a nurse, Emma kidnapped Andrew from the hospital nursery. Neil operated on Marlena, who suffered from head injuries from her fall off the window ledge. Suspecting that she might be pregnant, Hope wouldn't agree to pose as Shane's childless wife as part of his scheme to see if a baby seller has Andrew. Roman rejoined the police force. Mike and Mitch, who has the approval of Robin's father, vied for Robin's attention. Shane reluctantly agreed to let Kimberly pose as his wife when he questions adoption agencies in hopes of finding Andrew. Hope was furious at Bo, who refused to help Shane look for Andrew because Bo suspects that Victor might be behind the kidnapping. Bo is sure that Victor can lead him to Andrew. Melissa is confused by her growing feelings for Lars. Savannah continued her plot to get revenge against Liz. Roman fretted that Marlena might die.

Melissa agreed to perform in New York City with Lars, even though Victor is financing their trip. Melissa learned that Pete is laundering dirty money through his disco. Hope was shocked that Bo is unhappy she's pregnant. Marlena is in a coma. On an extension phone, Patch heard Britta tell Lars that her love for Patch is over. Bo manhandled Patch and then warned him to stop harassing Kayla. Kayla took a job running a medical clinic that Victor is funding. Shane and Kimberly are upset that they haven't found Andrew. Eugene, and his time machine, disappeared. Robin and Mike admitted that they love each other. Victor told Bo he wasn't responsible for Andrew's abduction. Lars smoothed things over when Pete caught him embracing Melissa. Kayla was impressed when Patch saved Bo from a gang of angry dock workers. Savannah expanded her schemes against Liz.

7/7/86-7/11/86: Kimberly was in tears when the lawyer who arranged for her and Shane to "buy" Andrew aborted the deal at the last minute. In New York City, Lars was grateful to Melissa, who helped Britta elude KGB agents who want to kill her. Britta admitted to Lars that she knows secrets that could cost her her life. Roman remembered bits of information about Stockholm and his past with Britta. Eli wasn't pleased to see Mike kissing Robin. Kayla is both attracted to and terrified of Patch, who seems to enjoy harassing her. Roman was critical of Bo's attitude toward Hope's pregnancy. Unaware that Melissa is sharing a hotel room with Lars, Pete was in a tizzy after Lars answered Melissa's phone. A memorial was held for Eugene, who supposedly died in his time machine. Calliope can see Eugene, who is invisible to everyone else. Victor's thugs beat Patch, who refused to spy on Bo.

Kayla played nurse to Patch, who told her that Dr. Dennason tried to sell Andrew to Kimberly and Shane. Kimberly was upset after she learned Miss Harris took Andrew out of town. Bo tried to stop Hope and Abe from ruining his undercover work by telling the police that Victor is receiving illegal shipments of electronic equipment. In Cleveland, Kimberly and Shane confronted Dr. Dennason, who arranged for Andrew to be sold to another couple. Kimberly and Shane were locked in a basement by thugs, thus preventing them from tailing Miss Harris and Andrew. Savannah turned all her womanly charms on Neil. Roman was encouraged when Marlena came out of her coma. To help Britta, Lars said he'd help Roman find out about his past association with Britta. Melissa was numbed by Lars' kisses.

Roman freaked out when Marlena, who came out of her coma, later suffered cardiac arrest. Mr. Slater, the father of a young boy awaiting a heart transplant, went berserk and held Melissa and Jennifer at gunpoint while demanding that the doctors perform surgery on his son. Screams were heard as Slater fired off several gunshots. A returned Britta was upset to see Patch and Kayla together. Patch was livid that Bo and Hope's arrival scared off Miss Harris before Patch could rescue Andrew. Shawn told Caroline that he still loves her, despite her past with Victor. Patch warned Shane that his "enemy" (Emma) was responsible for Andrew's abduction. Eugene is being forced to invent electronic devices for a weirdo, Dr. Vertigo. Eugene tried to explain to Calliope that he isn't dead, he had invented a way to project his image as if he were a ghost. Mike, Pete, and Glenn attempted to rescue Melissa and Jennifer.

Mr. Slater was arrested after firing a bullet that wounded Melissa. Glenn rescued Jennifer from Slater's clutches. Patch helped street kids Frankie and Max, whose parents abandoned them. Dr. Vertigo's thugs recaptured Eugene after he escaped from Vertigo's lab. Calliope and her new friend Jake both vowed to rescue Eugene when they're released from jail. Glenn rejected a relationship with Jennifer because of his mother, who became an alcoholic after his brother's death. Roman took care of an ailing Britta, who helped him contact a spy cohort, Billings. Billings was found dead after Britta told Victor that Roman planned to meet Billings. Patch didn't believe Britta, who said she split town to protect Patch and Lars. Kimberly was furious to learn that Shane kept mum about his suspicion that Emma had kidnapped Andrew. Afraid of her attraction to Lars, Melissa spent more time with Pete.

Shane arrested Emma as she was leaving town, but Emma refused to divulge Andrew’s whereabouts. Patch was unable to prevent a social worker from separating Max and Frankie. Victor insisted to Roman that he didn’t order Billings’ death. Roman was relieved when Marlena showed more signs of coming out of her coma. No one believed Calliope and Jake, who insisted that Eugene is being held prisoner in Europe. Hope insisted that she’s leaving Bo because he agreed to accompany Victor on a shady “business” trip to Europe. Roman and Britta tried to decipher spoken clues Billings murmured before his death. Robin felt guilty that she was daydreaming about Mike at the time her father, Eli, had a heart attack. Melissa was unable to resist Lars’ kisses. Jennifer and Glenn shared a steamy reconciliation kiss.

After Marlena came out of her coma and was released from the hospital, she and Roman agreed to renew their marriage vows. Neil caught onto Savannah, who has been tempting him with her body in order to split up Neil and Liz. Kimberly and Shane found Andrew, but Mrs. Harris’ thugs knocked Shane out and ran off with the child again. Hope and Bo patched up their differences, but he’s still going to Europe on business with Victor. Patch found Max, who ran away after a social worker separated Max and Frankie. Kimberly went off with Victor in hopes that he’ll find Andrew. With the law hot on their tails, Calliope and Jake tried to rescue Eugene from Dr. Vertigo’s clutches. Jennifer was shocked to learn Glenn’s former girlfriend is staying at his parents’ home. Pete encouraged Melissa to continue as Lars' dance partner. Sparks flew when Patch kissed Kayla. Britta's afraid for her life.
8/18/86-8/22/86: Roman arranged to meet tattoo artist Gregory, a former spy contact from Sweden. Patch found Gregory, who was murdered before he got a chance to talk to Roman. Britta had secretly arranged for Gregory to arrive in Salem the day before he was to meet Roman. Kayla reunited Max and Frankie, who are under her supervision. Marlena and Roman renewed their marriage vows. Marlena's friend, Tamara Price, sang at the ceremony. Savannah secretly arranged for Liz to go to Hollywood to test for a movie role. Roman received a letter that Billings had mailed before his death. Glenn insisted to his former girl, Claudia, that their romance is over. Neil feels ignored by Liz, who's concentrating on a budding movie career. A judge declared Emma incompetent to stand trial for kidnapping Andrew. Pete is oblivious to Melissa's feelings for Lars. Victor warned that he better not find out that Emma knows where Andrew is.
8/25/86-8/29/86: Hope went into premature labor after arguing over the phone with Bo, who isn’t coming home from Europe as soon as he’d planned. Patch rushed Hope to the hospital, but she miscarried her baby anyway. Marlena hypnotized Roman, who began to remember what happened to him when he was in Stockholm. At a cabin owned by the KGB, Marlena and Roman barely escaped injury when they accidentally set off a buried land mine. Roman found a waterlogged letter that Gregory had written to him before Gregory was found in the Salem River. Patch and Britta romped in the sack. Neil feels that he’s losing Liz to the glitz and glamour of her budding Hollywood career. Jennifer’s friend Nancy died after her leukemia went out of remission. Melissa gets jealous when Lars is around other women. Kayla is determined to find out what makes Patch tick. Patch is puzzled about the way Bo is treating Hope.
9/1/86-9/5/86: Under hypnosis, Roman remembered Britta gave him some treasury plates in Sweden and that Roman was to give the plates to Victor. Roman doesn’t remember what happened to the plates. Charlie nearly died from an allergic reaction to the antihistamine Mitch prescribed for him. Jennifer told Glenn that she likes him just the way he is and doesn’t care if he ever measures up to his deceased brother, Dean. Sexual sparks flew between Kayla and Patch. Tamara refused to return to mystery man, Mr. Coleman. Liz became upset to find that Tamara has taken over her singing job at Blondie’s. As an old friend, Victor comforted Sylvie when she received a letter from her husband, who wants a divorce. Liz and Neil’s marriage is on the skids. Patch destroyed the film after Britta photographed the tattoo on Bo’s shoulder. Eugene escaped from Dr. Vertigo, who is really ISA director, Mr. Vaughn.

9/8/86-9/12/86: Roman panicked when a mystery phone caller said that he’d just kidnapped Marlena. Roman told Britta that he knows she’s looking for the missing treasury plates, then warned that if she continues the search her life will be in danger. The mystery man who's been tailing Roman reported to his unseen boss that Roman doesn't want anything to do with the I.S.A. or the spy business anymore. Frankie has eyes for Jennifer, who's intrigued by him too. Max is beginning to come out of his shell, thanks to Patch's friendship. During their belated honeymoon, Hope forgave Bo for not being there for her when she had her miscarriage. Melissa is in a dither over her budding feelings for Lars and her marital commitment to Pete. Kimberly asked Eugene to use his psychic powers to find Andrew. Savannah’s trying to charm Neil out of Liz’s arms. Mike was jealous to see Robin on a date with Mitch.
9/15/86-9/19/86: Roman tried to save Britta, who died after she was shot by a mystery person. Marlena’s kidnappers ordered Roman to find the treasury plates or they’ll kill Marlena. Marlena escaped from her captors, who work for Vaughn, the ISA chief. Kimberly comforted Neil, who was despondent that Liz rushed off to Hollywood to film a movie role. Doug went to Europe to talk to Julie about a divorce. Bo and Hope split up again when he returned to work for Victor. Patch ran off into the night after Kayla told the cops that she heard him threaten to kill Britta. Kayla and Patch escaped from two thugs who took them captive then quizzed Patch about Britta. Frankie found the gun used to kill Britta, Gregory, and Billings. The gun had belonged to Britta. Shane was unhappy when the ISA sent Peachy away, then assigned him a new partner, Gillian. Mike decided to stay in Salem.

9/22/86-9/26/86: As planned by Vaughn, Marlena was allowed to phone Roman after she escaped from her kidnappers, Ralph and Clark. The two thugs later recaptured Marlena, who was moved to a new hideout. Shane isn’t thrilled to be working with Gillian, who’s secretly keeping Vaughn appraised of Shane and Roman’s every move. Kayla told Patch that she no longer believes he killed Britta. Melissa was angry to learn that Pete is back in business with Victor. Kimberly was jealous to learn that Gillian is Shane’s new partner. Ralph told Roman to find the missing treasury plates or Marlena would be killed. Neil was furious when Liz returned from Hollywood and then immediately left to do a benefit concert. Frankie watched Jennifer and Glenn, who were making out on the beach. Mike promised Robin time to deal with her love for him. Savannah failed in another attempt to seduce Neil. Kimberly made friends with newcomer Barbara Stewart.
9/29/86-10/3/86: Robert told Mike and Robin that he suspects newcomer Dr. Fred Miller is really a Nazi war criminal named Dr. Fredrich Kluger. Bo flipped out when Hope said she’s filing for a legal separation. Mickey decided to run for district attorney and Doug is running for mayor. Vaughn secretly led Roman to Marlena, whose kidnappers have wired her body with explosives. Patch physically attacked Fred so that Mike could check for a birthmark that will prove Fred is Dr. Kluger. Mike notice a scar where the birthmark had been removed. Kayla was thrilled when Patch finally got a mute Max to communicate with them. Patch teamed up with Roman to find out who killed Britta. Eli told Robin that Dr. Kluger caused the death of her grandmother. Jennifer couldn’t go through with making love with Glenn. Melissa nixed going on a dance tour with Lars. Patch was released on bail after being arrested for killing Britta.

10/6/86-10/10/86: Dr. Miller was arrested after he shot and wounded Robert, who proved that Miller was really a Nazi war criminal, Dr. Fredrich Kluger. Kimberly got upset when Barbara talked about her infant son, Teddy. Barbara’s husband, Paul, is helping build a new child-abuse clinic. A hospitalized Emma forced Alex to help her when she learned that Andrew’s adoptive parents live in Salem. Hope agreed to keep mum that she had reconciled with Bo, who told her he’s trying to get the goods on Victor. Hope, Patch and Roman went to Stockholm to meet Lana, who was murdered before their arrival. Marlena’s kidnapers whisked her away after her meeting with Roman. Ralph destroyed the electronic bug Roman had given Marlena. Melissa said goodbye to Lars, who left on a dance tour. Abe wrongly suspected that Tamara's sweet on Jimmy, a man from her past.
10/13/86-10/17/86: Robert left town to speak about the Holocaust on a lecture tour. Liz learned that Savannah had arranged Liz’s first movie role. In Stockholm, Hope got Roman out of jail after he was arrested for murdering Lana. Shane caught a man who lied that he had kidnapped Andrew and then tried to steal the ransom money he’d demanded from Shane, Kimberly, and Victor. Robin’s hand is completely healed and she can perform surgery again. Mike kissed Robin, who resisted sharing his bed. Kayla flew to Stockholm to take care of Patch, who was wounded when he and Hope escaped from the police. Caroline is jealous that Victor is planning a birthday bash for Sylvie. Jennifer and Glenn patched up their romantic quarrel. Gillian helped Bo find proof that indicates Victor is behind the murders of Lana and Britta. Melissa sneaked off to be with Lars, but refused to sleep with him. Vaughn let Roman think Marlena was kidnapped by a man called "Orpheus."

Liz moved to Hollywood, leaving Neil and Noel behind in Salem. Savannah also left town after confessing her part in Tod’s death and admitting that she tried to split up Neil and Liz. Melissa admitted that she loves Lars, then rushed off to be with Pete, who was paralyzed in an accident while transporting stolen goods. Jennifer cheered on Glenn, who received an award from his school. Sylvie reminded Glenn that he’ll never measure up to his dead brother. Marlena learned that her kidnappers have taken her to Stockholm. Roman found a photo of Orpheus in a tattoo parlor and believes that Orpheus killed Lana and Britta. Kayla and Patch were ecstatic when Max spoke the first words he’s uttered in years. Mike flipped when he learned that Mitch had proposed to Robin. Vaughn warned Gillian that Roman must not learn that Orpheus didn't really kidnap Marlena.
10/27/86-10/31/86: Patch and Roman searched for Orpheus, who kidnapped Marlena right from under their noses. Emma panicked when she learned that Shane and Kimberly were having dinner with Barbara and Paul, who have unwittingly adopted Andrew. Robin and Mike made love for the first time. Vaughn’s scheme to capture Orpheus was a failure. Kimberly began spending more time with Neil and Noel, but was upset to see Shane out on the town with Gillian. Gillian warned Vaughn that Roman plans to use Patch to lure Orpheus out into the open. Abe was puzzled when Tamara rushed off to see mystery man, Mr. Coleman. Patch feels that he will never fit into Kayla’s life. Frankie saved Jennifer, who was almost killed in a tornado. Glenn told Jennifer that his attempt to live with his father was a flop. Chris had a run-in with assistant district attorney, Leslie Landman. Melissa told Lars that she can’t abandon Pete.

Bo tailed Victor, who had a secret meeting with Orpheus. Mickey won the election for district attorney, but Doug lost the mayoral race to Alex. Doug suspects that Alex’s win was rigged. Patch rescued Kayla from Orpheus. Roman is suspicious that the ISA has fumbled the ball whenever there’s a lead on Marlena’s whereabouts. Paul told Kimberly that he and Barbara adopted their son Teddy (Andrew). Kayla and Patch stole Orpheus’ drawings of the tattoo worn by Britta, Bo, and Patch, then showed them to Roman, who realized they’re a clue to the whereabouts of the treasury bonds. Unaware that Orpheus also knows the bonds are in Stockholm, Roman and Patch made plans to retrieve the bonds. Mike was shocked to learn that Robin and Mitch set a wedding date right after Robin slept with Mike. Marlena is still being held captive by Vaughn’s men. Hope told Bo she’s expecting another baby.

11/10/86-11/14/86: Pete played the helpless cripple act for all it’s worth after he saw Lars and cozy up to Melissa. Jennifer was shocked to learn the police made a drug raid on a party thrown by Glenn. Alex reported to a still hospitalized Emma that her problems related to Andrew (Teddy) may soon be over. Kimberly consoled Paul when Teddy (Andrew) was ill. Alex named Savannah as his executive assistant after she threatened to tell everyone that she has the ballot boxes containing the real votes for the mayoral election. Tamara is getting closer to Abe, but still keeping secrets from him. In Stockholm, Roman found the treasury bonds, then was forced to turn the over to a gun-toting Orpheus. Patch and Kayla were trapped in a flooded storm drain while searching for Orpheus. Mike is determined to win Robin’s love. Vaughn forced Gillian to lure Shane out of town on a fake lead to Andrew’s whereabouts.

Orpheus escaped after a tussle between Roman, Bo, Vaughn, and everyone else who is trying to get their hands on the treasury bonds. Bo rescued Gillian, who was almost taken hostage by Orpheus while she was impersonating Marlena. Marlena escaped from her captors and then met Orpheus, who she wrongly believes will take her to Roman. Kimberly consoled Neil, who learned that Liz doesn’t plan to come home anytime soon. Paul is working closely with Kimberly, who complimented his designs for a hospital youth wing. Orpheus shot and wounded Shane who was trying to protect Gillian. Patch and Kayla were rescued from the flooded storm sewer by a woman agent who’s been tailing them. Victor learned that Bo is working against him. Glenn refused to return home after his mother let him spend a night in jail on drug-use charges. Melissa can’t stop thinking about Lars. Roman learned Vaughn had Marlena kidnapped.

Barbara freaked out, but kept it a secret that her adopted son, Teddy, is really Kimberly’s kidnapped son, Andrew. Orpheus tranquilized Marlena, then pretended to shoot her. Roman remembered how he had accidentally shot and killed Orpheus’ wife during a shootout. Patch and Kayla rescued Roman and Marlena from Orpheus. Orpheus escaped from a flooded storm strain and is back on the loose. Melissa told Lars that she loves him, but that she has to stand by Pete until he is no longer paralyzed. A recuperating Shane was returned to Salem. Shane and Gillian teamed up to oust Vaughn from the ISA. A heartbroken Kimberly is convinced that Shane now loves Gillian. Mike made a last ditch effort to stop Robin’s wedding, but she ended up marrying Mitch. Frankie kept mum about his love feelings for Jennifer while he helped Glenn to reconcile with her. Orpheus gave the Treasury bonds to the ISA.

In Stockholm, Patch was contacted by an old “friend” who ordered Patch to smuggle a cache of emeralds into the United States. At the last minute, Patch left a jacket containing the emeralds behind, but Kayla took the jacket. Kayla later stashed the emeralds before she was searched by customs officials. Barbara wants to leave town before Kimberly recognizes Teddy. Remembering that drug use caused his brother’s death, Glenn agreed to help Abe nab drug dealers that sell to high school kids. Savannah was taken off to jail after Abe found her in possession of the mayoral ballot boxes. Abe put a stop to Alex’s mayoral inauguration ceremony. Patch was stabbed when he tried to tell his “friend” that he no longer has the emeralds. Roman hired a guard to protect Marlena from Orpheus. Putting herself in jeopardy, Gillian leaked the story of Vaughn’s past deeds to the press. Robin and Mitch cut their honeymoon short.
12/8/86-12/12/86: Orpheus planted a bomb in Marlena and Roman’s home. The bomb went off while Marlena was in the house. Kayla returned the emeralds to Patch, who gave them to his Stockholm contact, Werner. Glenn told Abe he feels guilty that he’s ratting on fellow students who are using drugs. A mystery woman searched Patch’s pad. Mike was surprised to learn that Robin helped him secure a grant for leukemia research. Robin learned that Mike and Ivy slept together. Roman asked Hope to find out if Victor has connections with Orpheus. Hope moved back into Victor’s mansion with Bo, who is working his way back into Victor’s good graces. Kimberly was surprised to learn that Barbara is moving out of Salem, even though Paul doesn’t want to leave. Barbara spoke to Emma, who told Barbara to get Teddy (Andrew) out of town as soon as possible. Jennifer caught Glenn with some cocaine, then learned that he’s a narc.

Kimberly and Shane arranged to get Emma out of the mental hospital as part of a plan to trick Emma into revealing Andrew’s (Teddy) whereabouts. Roman flipped out that he couldn’t save Marlena, who died in the explosion set off by Orpheus. It was later revealed that Marlena isn’t dead, but here whereabouts are a mystery. Chris tricked Pete into revealing that he’s no longer paralyzed. Caroline insisted to Kayla that Patch isn’t the man for Kayla. Jennifer fumed when Glenn turned in one of their pals for drug use. Mitch was jealous to learn that Mike and Robin are working together on the leukemia project. Carrie realized that Frankie really cares for Jennifer. A memorial service was planned for Marlena. Pete tailed Melissa and caught her smooching with Lars. Later, Melissa and Pete broke up after she learned that he isn’t paralyzed. Orpheus gloated to a mystery woman that he enjoys watching Roman suffer.
12/22/86-12/26/86: Hope is worried that Bo has become so attached to Victor that he won’t use the evidence they’re hoping will put Victor behind bars for life. Pete left town after his breakup with Melissa. Kayla and Hope saw Patch dressed up as Santa Claus and giving presents to the less fortunate. On the phone, Emma warned Barbara to cancel her plans to bring Teddy (Andrew) to see Paul during Christmas. Gillian and Shane spent the holidays together. Victor spent Christmas alone while Bo and Hope were with the Brady bunch. Mitch is losing his patience with Robin, who refuses to sleep with him. Mike learned that Robin underwent a pregnancy test, but she later said that she’s not pregnant. Mike overheard Robin admit that she hasn’t slept with Mitch because she loves someone else. Shane and Gillian kidnapped Emma, gave her a “truth drug,” then quizzed her about Andrew’s (Teddy) whereabouts. A mystery woman crossed paths with Patch.

Abe suspected it was murder when Emma was found dead of an apparent drug overdose. Shane kept mum that he suspects Kimberly might have killed Emma because she wouldn’t tell them Andrew’s (Teddy’s) whereabouts. At a ski lodge, Roman made friends with a woman named Olivia. Robin broke up with Mitch after she and Mike had a heart-to-heart conversation. Alex caught Emma trying to frame him for Andrew’s kidnapping. Because Bo disapproves of Patch and Kayla’s romance, Victor arranged for Kayla to find out that Patch had once been spying on her. As planned, Kayla threw Patch out on his ear. Before her death, Emma announced publicly that Shane and Kimberly will never find Andrew (Teddy). The mystery girl, Adrienne, lamented the fact that Patch didn’t recognize her from his past. Paul rejected Alex’s offer of kickbacks on construction of the new hospital wing. Emma told Alex that she was going to divorce him.

1/5/87-1/9/87: Abe arrested Kimberly on suspicion that she murdered Emma. Gillian was surprised when Shane said he's keeping her as his I.S.A. partner. Ivy was hurt by the news that Mike and Robin are back together now that Robin and Mitch are having their marriage annulled. Patch had another run-in with Adrienne. Maggie warned Melissa not to jump into a romantic relationship with Lars. Chris is intrigued by lady district attorney, Leslie Landman. Patch is convinced that Kayla is better off if he's not involved in her life. Alex flushed pills down the toilet after learning that the police know that Emma was poisoned. Glenn was furious with Jennifer, who unwittingly foiled his attempt to capture the pusher who's selling drugs to their friends. It was learned that the high school football coach is the pusher. Kimberly admitted having a fight with Emma.

1/12/87-1/16/87: Patch spent time in jail after Roman learned that he had stolen, and then returned, evidence that points to Kimberly as Emma’s killer. Roman said goodbye to Olivia and rushed home to help Kimberly. Alex testified that Kimberly had once tried to kill Emma. Kimberly told the judge that the “attempted killing” was part of a plot to get Emma to reveal Andrew’s whereabouts. Roman is suspicious of Adrienne’s interest in Patch. Kayla was forced to share her pad with Adrienne, who said she had been robbed. Robin was pleased to learn that Mike plans to convert to the Jewish faith. Chris and Leslie spent more time together outside the courtroom. Frankie was disappointed when Jennifer said she’ll wait as long as necessary to patch up her romance with Glenn. Melissa rejoined Lars’ dance troupe. Roman doesn’t believe that Kimberly murdered Emma.
1/19/87-1/23/87: Roman was surprised to see Olivia Reed, who accepted a job in Salem. Tom was forced to suspend Kimberly from her job at the clinic because her patients think she’s a murderess. Adrienne interrupted Patch and Kayla, who were about to make love. Hope is worried that Victor has a hold over Bo. Mike gave Robin and engagement ring. Alice isn't sure that Mike should convert to the Jewish faith. Mitch took a job at Salem General Hospital. A social worker refused to let Kimberly spend time with Max, now that Kimberly's accused of murder. Kimberly moved back into Shane's home. Barbara, Paul and Teddy (Andrew) moved into a home in the suburbs. Olivia helped Roman sort through Marlena's belongings. Emma left behind a videotaped message that she'd never reveal Andrew's whereabouts. Mike split his time between his family and spending the Jewish holidays with Robin. Kayla offered Adrienne a clinic job.

After learning that Glenn is a narc, the coach fired shots at Glenn and Jennifer. Patch rescued Adrienne from two thugs. Kayla caught Patch searching Adrienne’s belongings for a clue to Adrienne’s past. Mr. Coleman spied on Tamara, who shared a kiss with Abe. Roman suspects that Kimberly’s fingerprints were planted on the vial of poison used to kill Emma. Barbara is making sure that Kimberly will never see Teddy (Andrew). Tom was jealous when Alice heard from an old boyfriend, Tiger. Marlena was seen sitting a beautiful garden. Orpheus kept tabs on Roman, Carrie, and Olivia. Victor and Orpheus agreed not to interfere in each other's business from now on. Leslie subpoenaed Paul and Neil to testify against Kimberly. Melissa was thrilled to be included in a TV interview with Lars. Robin urged Mike to think about his decision to convert to the Jewish religion. Hope had false labor pains.
2/2/87-2/6/87: Adrienne admitted to a stunned Patch that she’s his sister. Victor, Bo and Hope were shocked when Victor's nephew, Justin, who's been living in Paris, announced that he's moving into Victor's mansion. Frankie saved Glenn from Coach Locke. Before he was arrested, Locke shot Max, who had been following Frankie. Mike and Robin performed surgery that saved Max’s life. Lars and Melissa romped in the sack for the first time. Patch searched for proof of Adrienne's claim that they are siblings. Chris warned Shane and Kimberly not to spend time together before her murder trial since their past romance is reason for Kimberly to have wanted Emma dead. When Melissa talked of marriage and kids, Lars reminded her that they have careers to think about. Alice rendezvoused with Simon (aka "Tiger"). Neil punched out a reporter who badgered Kimberly. Tamara freaked out when Mr. Coleman confronted her.

Kayla patched up Adrienne and Patch’s mother, Jo, who had been severely beaten. Justin, who considers Bo a threat to Justin’s eventual takeover of Victor’s empire, snooped through Bo and Hope’s belongings. Kimberly anxiously awaited the jury’s decision on her murder trial. Doug rushed off to Switzerland to see Julie, who was injured when her store was robbed. Chris tricked Alex into admitting that he poisoned Emma, but Roman and Gillian learned that someone else actually killed Emma with a legal injection of a poison other than the one Alex used. Robin is being sued on charges that she put Mike in charge of the leukemia research grant because they’re lovers. Patch and Jo haven’t spoken in years. Melissa rebuffed Justin’s come-on. Leslie and Chris spent time together. Simon told Alice he still loves her. Frankie told Jennifer that their friendship is over. Glenn wants to make love with Jennifer.
2/16/87-2/20/87: Kimberly freaked out when the jury found her guilty of Emma’s murder. Patch can’t forgive Jo for sending him to a foster home when he was a youngster. Shane and Kimberly reaffirmed their love and romped in the sack the night before she was sent to prison. Marlena, who’s being held captive by Orpheus, warned him that she can’t replace his deceased wife. Orpheus refused to let Marlena see Roman or her children. Shane learned that Barbara had visited Emma at the mental hospital. Roman saved Olivia, who nearly fell through the river ice while skating with Roman and the children. Justin was curious that Melissa kept mum to Lars that she was injured in a fall while she was practicing her ballet routine. Mr. Coleman told Tamara he’d go legit if she’d return to him, but he didn’t say that he’d leave his wife. Patch attacked his abusive father, Duke, who has been beating up Jo for years. Dr. Wilson dropped the lawsuit against Robin.

Shane realized that Teddy is really Andrew after Paul showed him a baby picture of Teddy. Patch admitted to Kayla that when he was a youngster, he tried to burn the house down in an effort to kill his abusive father. Barbara underwent surgery after a car crash while Teddy (Andrew) escaped injury. Shane believes that Barbara killed Emma. Olivia admitted that she loves Roman, who felt he was betraying Marlena’s memory when he kissed Olivia. Justin gave Victor a dossier that Bo complied on Victor. Bo spotted Orpheus in town, but wasn’t able to catch him. Patch attacked Duke, who slapped Kayla when she tried to break up a fight between Patch and Duke. Patch pulled a gun on Duke, threatening to kill him. Leslie admitted to Chris that she doesn’t feel good about having put Kimberly behind bars. Orpheus showed Marlena photos of her children and of Roman and Olivia.

3/2/87-3/6/87: Barbara died after admitting to Shane and Paul that Teddy is really Andrew. Abe quizzed Barbara, who admitted that she plotted to kill Emma. Barbara died before she could reveal that someone else had killed Emma. Kimberly's murder sentence was rescinded because everyone believes Barbara killed Emma. Orpheus voiced his concern that Olivia, who is his cohort, is falling in love with Roman. Mike told Robin he wants to speed up his conversion to the Jewish faith so that they can get married right away. Adrienne shot and killed Duke, who had beat her up. To protect Adrienne, Patch lied to the police that he killed Duke. A heartbroken Paul turned Andrew over to Kimberly, but the baby cried when Paul left him. Shane and Kimberly announced that they're engaged to be married. Fearing that Lars will oust her from the ballet troupe, Melissa kept mum about her injured leg.

3/9/87-3/13/87: Patch pleaded guilty to murdering Duke. Kimberly counseled Adrienne, who doesn't remembered that she killed Duke after he beat and raped her. Alice is amused that Tom is jealous of her old flame, Simon. Jennifer realized that Frankie broke up with his girlfriend, Sasha, because he has feelings for Jennifer. Justin taunted Bo that Victor doesn't trust Bo anymore. Orpheus thinks Olivia, who is his sister-in-law, is getting too close to Roman and his family. Bo told Roman that he overheard Victor talking on the phone with Orpheus. Robin urged Maggie to have medical tests after Maggie collapsed. Melissa and Justin are spending more and more time together. Kayla is upset that Patch refuses to see or talk to her. Shane nixed Kimberly's suggestion that she and Andrew move in with Paul until Andrew gets used to Kimberly. Jennifer was surprised when Glenn told her that Frankie has a crush on her.
3/16/87-3/20/87: Gillian's twin sister, Grace, arrived in town. Armed with a loaded gun, Roman prepared to face Orpheus. Anjelica, the wife of Senator Hayes Deveraux, moved in with Neil while the two were working on a project to benefit diabetes. Patch freaked out when Adrienne said that she wants to search for their brother, Billy, who Jo had given up at birth. A cab driver admitted to Shane that he had driven Barbara to the Curtis house the night of Emma's murder, but added that another woman had been at the house ahead of Barbara. Justin comforted Melissa after a doctor told her that she should never dance again because of her knee injury. Glenn is jealous of Frankie's "friendship" with Jennifer. Kimberly spotted Grace, but doesn't know that she's Gillian's twin. Gillian witnessed the cab driver's murder. Maggie is upset that her illness hasn't been diagnosed yet. Justin wasted no time in seducing a willing Anjelica.

Orpheus showed a devastated Roman video tapes of Marlena with Orpheus' children, then nixed telling Roman if Marlena is dead or alive. Gillian convinced her twin sister, Grace, to help Gillian, who's determined to take Shane's love away from Kimberly. Shane suspects that Gillian might have killed Emma and the cab driver. Patch's bail was rescinded when the cops caught him using a knife to protect Kayla from a gang of thugs. Anjelica snubbed Justin after their one-night-stand, but pretended an interest in Justin when Alex came on to her. During sessions with Kimberly, Adrienne remembered that Duke raped her. Mike and Robin checked Maggie into the hospital for more tests in hopes of diagnosing Maggie's illness. Shane realized something weird is going on with Gillian. Shane had several encounters with Grace, whom his mistook for Gillian. Kimberly moved in with Paul in an effort to help Andrew adjust to Kimberly.
3/30/87-4/3/87: Just as Patch was about to be sentenced for murder, Adrienne rushed into court and announced that she remembered shooting Duke after he raped her. Caroline thanked Victor, who purposely arranged for Justin to tell Bo that he's not really Victor's son. Leslie and Chris talked about becoming partners in a law firm. Justin, who romped in the sack with Anjelica, is attracted to Adrienne. Kimberly and Shane staged a public argument to convince Gillian that they've split for good. Olivia almost told Roman that Marlena is Orpheus' captive. Abe checked out Mr. Coleman after Tamara said she's resumed her relationship with Coleman. Lars promised Melissa that he won't stop loving her just because she can no longer dance professionally. Gillian, who wrongly believes Kimberly is out of Shane's life for good, confided to Grace that she's sure Shane is falling in love with Gillian.

Charges that Patch killed Duke were dismissed after Adrienne's courtroom testimony that she shot Duke. The judge didn't pass charges against Adrienne since she acted in self-defense. Bo and Hope became the proud parents of a baby boy, Shawn Douglas Brady. Roman flipped when he realized that Olivia is in cahoots with Orpheus. While on an overnight school trip, Glenn stomped out on Jennifer when she nixed sleeping with him. Victor assigned Justin to work on a riverfront project with Anjelica. Patch kept Kayla at arm's length, then was jealous to see her with an old friend, Jack. Frankie came to Jennifer's rescue when their friends poked fun at her for being a virgin. Gillian surprised Shane, who was in New York to check out Gillian's past. Paul realized that both Kimberly and Gillian have plans to spend time in New York with Shane. Maggie panicked when she lost her voice.

Mike was shocked to see his old friend, Diana Colville, who was hospitalized after someone beat her and cut her with a knife. Jack Deveraux, who's in town to undergo cancer treatments, passed out while dining with Kayla. Anjelica fussed over Jack who is her stepson. While headed home on their own, Frankie and Jennifer videotaped a robbery in which a store owner was shot to death. Frankie and Jennifer were later captured by the gang that committed the robbery. While working on the dock project with Anjelica, Justin met up with Adrienne, who agreed to a date. Patch doesn't feel that he can compete if Jack decides to woo Kayla. Bo and Hope bought a boat and planned a world cruise. On the boat, a mysterious man held Hope at gunpoint. Roman continued his search for Marlena. As part of Shane's plan to expose Gillian's plots, Paul agreed to marry Kimberly.

Patch and Bo fended off the man who held Hope at gunpoint. Bo and Hope and their baby, Shawn Douglas, sailed off into the sunset on a world cruise. Roman went to the island where he believed Orpheus was holding Marlena. Orpheus was shot to death while fighting with Roman. Olivia, who was wounded, told Roman that Orpheus had put Marlena on a plane. Roman rushed to the airport in time to see the plane crash, presumably killing Marlena. For Gillian's benefit, Kimberly and Paul were "married" by a fake minister. Shane drugged Gillian then later lied to her that they had made love. Shane answered a call from Grace (who returned to England) just as Gillian walked into the room with Shane. Patch became a spokesperson for Salem's less fortunate citizens. Justin kept mum to Adrienne that he's Victor's nephew. Kayla spent time with Jack. Neil, who received final divorce papers from Liz, consoled Anjelica, who is worried about Jack's health.
4/27/87-5/1/87: Mike saved Diana's life for a second time when a man posing as a doctor injected poison into her life-support system. Melissa said goodbye to Lars, who accepted a dance job in New York City. Gillian planted a bomb in Kimberly's car, but her attempt to kill Kimberly was foiled. Just as Shane feared he's have to go through with his offer to marry Gillian, Kimberly appeared on the scene with Grace in tow. Gillian confessed that she committed all of her evil deeds so that she could have Shane to herself. After Gillian's arrest, Kimberly accepted Shane's marriage proposal and they decided to tie the knot right away. Victor phoned a mystery person who wants Mike's research project halted. To get away from her would-be killers, Diana secretly bunked with Kayla. Patch failed in an attempt to get Diana to talk about who is trying to kill her. Roman grieved over losing Marlena for good.

Kimberly and Shane exchanged wedding vows then honeymooned in Paris. Patch, who refuses to admit his true feelings for Kayla, gave Jack his permission to pursue Kayla. Justin rejected a bedroom romp with Anjelica, then spent the night dreaming about Adrienne. Anjelica was flirting with Justin when her husband, Senator Harper Deveraux, arrived for a hospital fund raiser. While riding the Orient Express, Shane tried, but failed to capture, a purse snatcher. Kayla and Patch were trapped in a lab explosion that was meant to kill Mike. Gillian admitted that she killed Emma. In Paris, Shane and Kimberly had a weird encounter with a man named Hans. Diana had nightmares about the man who killed her friend, James. Diana admitted the mystery man is connected to the death of a friend of hers. The Hawaiian man phoned a mysterious person to say that he can get to Mike anytime he wants to.
5/11/87-5/15/87: Patch and an injured Kayla were rescued from the rubble of Mike's laboratory. Diana realized that it wasn't an accident that Mike's research was destroyed. Melissa agreed to keep it a secret from Adrienne that Justin is Victor's nephew. Jack, who is falling for Kayla, helped rescue her and Patch from the collapsed laboratory building. To help his own political career, Harper took the opportunity to tell the press about Jack's act of heroism. Victor, who wants custody of Andrew, declared that Kim is an unfit mother because she's a former hooker. Disguised as Harper, Kai, the man with the braid, talked Patch into faking an attempt on Harper's life, then lied that it was part of an "FBI investigation." Patch realized he'd been set up when the bullet he fired actually felled Harper. Patch dove into the river as Kai tried to shoot him. Carrie got angry when Frankie told her not to date tough kid, Derek.

Patch went on the run after tending to a wounded Harper until the police arrived. As mystery man, Hans, tried to talk to Kimberly, a hit-and-run driver struck Andrew's carriage. Patch vowed to find out why Alice's friend, Simon, set him up to kill Harper. Kimberly was in tears when a judge forced her to turn Andrew over to Victor. Kimberly vowed to fight for custody of Andrew. Alex gloated that he knows that Emma doctored the hospital records that proved Shane is Andrew's real father. Diana began her own investigation of the events surrounding Harper's shooting after admitting to Mike that James was more than a friend, he was her husband. Justin learned that Adrienne has organized a protest against Anjelica's waterfront restoration project. Simon, who is Kai's boss, had Kai follow Kayla to Patch's hiding place. Frankie consoled Carrie, who was suspended from school for fighting.
5/25/87-5/29/87: Kimberly told Shane that Andrew's blood tests prove that Shane, not Victor, is Andrew's father. Mike and Robin performed surgery on Andrew. On Simon's orders, Kai shot Hans, who has been trying to talk to Kimberly. Diana found a photo of Hans and her deceased husband, James. Adrienne was shocked to find out that Justin is Victor's nephew. To escape from Kai, Patch and Kayla stole a small plane, which later crashed into a mountainside. Anjelica hired thugs to cause a riot during Adrienne's organized protest of Anjelica's waterfront project. Justin failed to rescue Adrienne, who was arrested at the riot scene. While lurking around the hospital, Hans freaked out when he nearly ran into Simon. Maggie learned that she's suffering from a disease called myasthenia gravis. Jennifer realized that Carrie has a crush on Frankie. Hans underwent surgery.

A thug shot Robin and then stole a computer disk that had belonged to Hans, who died of a gunshot wound. Patch and Kayla survived the plane crash, a bear attack, and Patch's fall from a cliff. Melissa agreed to work as Jack's personal assistant. Adrienne refused to forgive Justin for keeping his relationship to Victor a secret from her. Grace asked Neil to read and critique the novel she wrote based on Gillian's escapades. Frankie's former girlfriend, Sasha, destroyed a school project Frankie and Jennifer worked on. Jennifer won't graduate from high school unless she turns in the project work. Maggie told Mike she'll undergo the risky surgery that may cure her of her illness. Diana was upset to learn that James had lied to her about working for a secret government organization. Shane learned that Hans was a scientist and was involved in a secret research project. Andrew was released from the hospital.
6/8/87-6/12/87: Diana sneaked into Harper's hospital room for a chat after learning he was out of his coma. Simon saw to it that Harper returned to a comatose state before he could tell Diana the story of James' death. A critically wounded Robin survived surgery. Shane found Robin's copy of Hans' computer disk. Paul said goodbye to Kimberly and Andrew, then moved to New York City. Shots were fired at Patch and Kayla, who were hiding out in a honeymoon cottage. Adrienne refused to forgive Justin for lying to her about his wealthy background even though his money is making is possible for her to search for Patch. Maggie underwent surgery for her illness. Victor is Simon's mystery boss. Victor ordered Simon to have Patch, Kayla and Adrienne killed. Jack suspects that there was something going on between Anjelica and Justin.

Kai's attempt to kill Patch and Kayla was foiled once again. Robin came out of her coma and later broke up with Mike since she feels they'll never surmount their religious differences. Adrienne and Justin joined up with Patch and Kayla, who are determined to prove that someone set Patch up to murder Harper. Jennifer is upset that she didn't graduate from high school, but she went to Frankie's graduation. Roman arrested two thugs who Simon and Victor had ordered to steal the copy of Hans' computer disk. The thugs were also told to kill Kimberly and Diana. Maggie is recuperating from her surgery. Patch, Kayla, Adrienne, and Justin went to the UCLA campus, where they searched the college records and learned Simon was involved with the Kava Chemical Company. Alex secretly bought a share of Anjelica's waterfront partnership deal with Victor. Frankie and Jennifer got jobs with Victor's construction company.
6/22/87-6/26/87: After meeting the real James Dixon, Diana was shocked to learn that the James she was engaged to had been an industrial spy named James Pearson. Melissa comforted an ailing Jack, who passed out. On the phone, Kai told a mystery person that he's keeping an eye on Diana. Patch started checking out Kava Chemical, which is located just outside of Salem. Kimberly and Shane argued over his protectiveness of Miss Peach, who returned to Salem with a boyfriend in tow. Kayla, Justin, and Adrienne returned to Salem. To protect Kayla, the trio told the police that Patch had "kidnapped" Kayla. Mike and Diana talked about how they've both been losers in the game of love. Jo cried to Neil that she's sure Patch can't forgive her for putting him in a Los Angeles orphanage when he was a child. Jennifer fought with Sasha after learning that Sasha sabotaged Jennifer's high school graduation project.

Diana freaked when she received a phone call from her father, Phillip Colville. Miss Peach insisted to Shane that she's going to marry her fiance, Geoffrey, even though Shane learned that the man is a known con man. Mike knocked Kai out with chloroform and tied him up after Diana realized that Kai had been following her. Maggie returned home after her surgery, but feared she'll never completely recover from her illness. Justin continued to see Adrienne, despite Anjelica's objections. Diana warned Mike not to let Alice get wind of the fact that Simon is behind the mysterious goings-on in Salem. Jennifer and Frankie tried to help a stoned Sasha, who admitted that she's afraid of her boyfriend. Neil and Grace are becoming close friends. Roman admitted to Kayla that he's suspicious of the F.B.I. man who's after Patch.

7/6/87-7/10/87: Diana learned that Kai has been working for her father, Phillip Colville, who is holding Diana hostage "for her own good." Phillip's thugs captured Mike, who tailed Diana's Aunt Pamela to Phillip's compound. Frankie and Max agreed to let Caroline and Shawn adopt them so that they'll have a real family. Kayla was furious when Roman had Patch arrested to protect him from the people who are out to kill Patch. Patch doesn't trust Justin even though he helped Patch plan to break into the Kava Chemical building. Melissa kept mum that she's falling for Jack, who talked about his plan to win Kayla's love. Shane and Neil threw a surprise costume party in honor of Kimberly's birthday. Grace and Neil are spending a lot of time together. Mike and Diana were surprised to learn that Kai, who's been wearing a disguise, has been secretly protecting Diana. Anjelica is making life miserable for Adrienne.

A new girl in town, Eve, spied on Shane and Kimberly. Geoffrey split town, leaving it up to Shane to tell a heartbroken Miss Peach that Geoffrey was a bigamist. Frankie and Jennifer found Sasha after her boyfriend, Nick, beat her up and stoke her spending money. Anjelica tricked Alex into investing in a bad real estate deal that later caused him to lose everything he owns. Neil found out that Eugene had deserted Calliope months ago, but she'd kept mum about it. Melissa's feelings for Jack deepened, but he's only interested in Kayla. Phillip released Mike and Diana from his compound, but assigned two of his thugs to guard Diana. Kayla and Patch romped in the sack. Jennifer and Frankie suspect that Sasha may be working as a prostitute. Roman lectured Carrie about boys. Patch and Kayla learned that Diana owns a major share of Kava Chemical Company.
7/20/87-7/24/87: Alex was sent off to jail after he set his hotel on fire in hopes of collecting the insurance money. Patch thwarted Simon's attempt to murder Harper, who is still in a coma. Simon took Alice hostage.
Eve kept tabs on Shane and Kimberly. Diana learned that she's the major owner of Kava Chemical Company, and suspects that her father, Phillip, bought the stock in her name. Adrienne overheard Anjelica admit to deliberately arranging for Adrienne to learn of Anjelica and Justin's past affair. Kimberly was mortified to learn that a "spy" she had downed with a karate chip was really Shane's I.S.A. pal, Thomas. Caroline and Shawn adopted Frankie and Max. Jack is totally ignorant of Melissa's growing feelings of love for him. Maggie is upset that her medical condition hasn't improved much since she had surgery. Secretly working with Patch and Kayla, Diana asked her father to help her check out Simon.

Patch rushed into the hospital room and shoved Alice away from Simon, who was then shot and killed by the police. Alice kept mum to Tom that during her hostage crisis she suffered a slight heart attack. Kimberly was puzzled by Eve, who asked questions about Shane and then split when she learned that Andrew is Kimberly and Shane's son. After a rough beginning, Calliope hit it off with Shane's English school chum, Trevor. Kai, who was a double-agent working for the government and for Phillip, told Diana that Simon had killed her fiance, James. Kayla was amused when Anjelica tried to pair her up with Jack. Justin told Victor that Kai was a double-agent who is working for Phillip. Later, Kai was found lying in an alley mortally wounded. A dying Kai warned that "they" won't stop until they get the computer disk that Shane is trying to decipher. Kimberly told Shane that she's pregnant again.

8/3/87-8/7/87: Jo, and later Patch, learn that Jack is really Jo's son and Patch's little brother, Billy, whom Jo had given up for adoption when he was a baby. Nick lured Eve into his teen prostitution ring after hiring a thug to threaten her. Mike comforted Diana, who related how her mother had deserted her after she learned of Phillip's organized crime connections. After Kai's death, Shane tried to talk Patch into going undercover to trap Ed, the phoney FBI agent. Adrienne accepted a big bucks bribe from Victor, who wants her to stay away from Justin. Phillip threatened his sister-in-law, Pamela, who then coerced Diana into reconciling with Phillip. Eve pumped Carrie for info on Shane and Kimberly and then secretly stole a cameo that belonged to Kimberly. Harper told Patch he doesn't hold it against Patch that he shot Harper. Frankie fretted about Jennifer, who was abducted by Nick.

Frankie rescued Jennifer from Nick's teen hooker ring, but she is worried that she wasn't able to find their missing friend, Sasha. After Jack was rushed to the hospital, Patch learned that Jack has cancer. Neil and Grace shared a tender kiss. Tom told Mike that Mike's father, Bill Horton, is taking over Robin's former job as chief of surgery at Salem Hospital. Harper, who recognized Jo, warned her to keep mum that she's Jack's (Billy's) real mother. Abe was wounded by an armed thug when his new police partner, Lexie, didn't get to him in time to prevent the shooting. Eve stole a photo of Emma and Shane. Patch decided not to propose marriage to Kayla after he learned how much Jack (Billy) loves her. Adrienne admitted to Justin that she accepted money from Victor, then insisted that her romance with Justin is over for good. Nick paid Eve's bail after she was arrested on shoplifting charges.
8/17/87-8/21/87: Kimberly, who came down with a case of the measles, fretted that her unborn baby will be affected by the disease. Carrie calmed Abe's little brother, Jonah, who fretted that Abe will die from his bullet wound. After a night of lovemaking, Kayla was stunned when Patch said that they have no future together. Justin realized that Adrienne was tricked into accepting the bribe money from Victor. Later, Adrienne joined Justin and they boarded a plane to Greece. Eve studied a collection of newspaper clippings about Kimberly and the stolen photo of Emma. Patch agreed to help Shane and Roman get the goods on crooked FBI agent, Ed Daniels, by going undercover for the ISA. Ed later agreed to cut Patch in on his schemes. Frankie consoled Jennifer, who went into a tizzy after receiving a letter from her father, Bill Horton. Kayla was devastated when Patch said he doesn't love her.

Nick took both Frankie and Jennifer hostage and then schemed to force them to take part in the filming of a porno movie. Justin and Adrienne were stranded on a deserted island when their boat drifted out to sea. Justin was understanding when Adrienne said she loves him, but isn't ready to hop into bed with him. Neil spent more time with Grace after he decided to put his past life with Liz on the shelf and get on with his future. Mickey isn't crazy about the fact that Bill is returning to Salem. Justin was surprised when Victor said he approved of Justin's romance with Adrienne. Later, Victor confided to Ed that he plans to use Adrienne to keep Patch in line. Diana was shocked to catch her father, Phillip, in bed with her Aunt Pamela. Roman attempted to help Diana, who nixed telling him her problems. Kayla turned to Jack for comfort after another quarrel with Patch. Eve quizzed Kimberly about Donovan Manor.
8/31/87-9/4/87: Shane fretted over Kimberly, who was forced to take antibiotics when she came down with pneumonia as well as the measles. Eve fantasized that Kimberly had died and that Shane, Eve, and Andrew lived happily ever after. Roman and Diana argued. At a rape crisis meeting, Adrienne admitted she fears that she'll never have a normal, loving relationship with a man. Kayla overheard Patch tell Jack (Billy) that Patch and Kayla's romance is over forever. Kayla was torn by her feelings for Jack (Billy), who asked her to marry him. Roman and Lexie rescued Jennifer and Frankie from Nick before he could force them into participating in a porno flick. Eve escaped from the police, who arrested Nick. Sasha kept mum to Jennifer that Eve is one of Nick's teen hookers. Patch told Jo he believes he's doing the right thing by bringing Kayla and Jack (Billy) together. Eve lied to Sasha that Nick's going to kill her.

Jennifer wasn't on hand when her father, Bill Horton, returned to Salem. Mike got re-acquainted with Bill, who was upset to learn that Jennifer had moved into a dorm room on the college campus. Melissa was heartbroken when a hospitalized Jack (Billy) asked her to pick out an engagement ring so that he can give it to Kayla. Shane and Abe set up a scam to trap Ed Daniels. To test Patch's professed loyalty, Victor decided to order Patch to murder Shane. A thug who works for one of Victor's organized crime rivals pulled a gun on Justin, Patch, and Adrienne. After fighting off the gunman, Patch didn't believe Justin's story that they were victims of an attempted mugging. Diana fumed when she realized that Phillip asked Roman to try to talk Diana into moving back into Phillip's mansion. Neil and Grace are becoming a hot romantic twosome. Patch and Shane he doesn't know the identity of Ed's boss yet.
9/14/87-9/18/87: Patch told Shane that Victor has ordered Patch to murder Shane. After another awkward meeting with Patch, Kayla accepted Jack's marriage proposal. Frankie and Jennifer talked about getting married after deciding they're not ready to engage in premarital sex. Neil romped in the sack with Grace. Roman was grateful to Diana, who saved Jonah and Carrie from drowning after their boat capsized. Shane was reunited with his old flame, Gabrielle, who is going to pretend to be Shane's romantic interest as part of his plan to get the goods on Victor and Ed. Gabrielle lied to Ed that she once used sex to persuade Shane to tell her ISA secrets. Victor and Ed are determined to get possession of the computer disk that Diana was trying to decipher. Victor hired a bodyguard to protect Justin from Victor's enemies. Mike learned that Bill will decide whether Mike gets a hospital staff job.

Patch told Shane that Victor is Ed's criminal mystery boss. As part of their plan to get info on Victor and Ed, Shane had himself fired from the ISA and then staged a bitter break-up with Kimberly. ISA chief Tarrington arranged for Gabrielle Pascal to be Shane's contact while he's trying to expose Victor and Ed. Patch debated whether to stop the wedding as Kayla walked down the aisle to marry Jack (Billy). Frankie, who is secretly engaged to Jennifer, rejected her suggestion that they elope. Adrienne was reluctant to accept Justin's suggestion that they go away together for awhile. Diana was furious when she realized that Shane put Roman up to asking her to spy on Victor. Eve secretly took Andrew to see Shane, who warned her not to arrange any more secret meetings behind Kimberly's back. Diana didn't believe Roman, who said she's in danger as long as she spends time with Victor.

Maggie is thrilled that Janice Barnes, who was once adopted by Maggie, is attending med school in Salem. Patch didn't stop Kayla, who married Jack (Billy). Frankie secretly gave Jennifer an engagement ring. Diana agreed to spy on Victor after she learned that he was behind the death of her fiance, James. Frankie told Carrie, who has a crush on him, that he'll always be her friend. Jennifer was forced to live with her father, Bill, after he refused to give her money to live on. Nick, who was released from prison, forced Eve to continue working as one of his hookers. Justin rescued Adrienne, who was sexually harassed by a thug hired by Anjelica. Neil promised Grace that he'll share her life and her career. Shane made plans to tail Diana, who agreed to go to Greece with Victor. Adrienne joined Justin on a trip to Montreal. Bill had dinner with Janice.

In Montreal, Adrienne accepted Justin's marriage proposal. Jennifer was devastated when she overheard Bill tell Janice that Laura, who is Bill's wife and Jennifer's mother, is mentally ill. Kayla is secretly relieved that because of his illness, Jack (Billy) can't make love to her. Eve arranged for Nick to harass Kimberly, then panicked when she learned he had locked Kimberly in a warehouse that was to be demolished. Eve secretly arranged for Shane to rescue Kimberly. Because Kimberly had the measles during her pregnancy, she feared her baby could be born abnormal. Jonah and Carrie spied on a man they think is an alien from outer space. While working on the waterfront project together, sexual sparks flew between Patch and Kayla, who were forced to find shelter in a cabin during a rain storm. Harper and Jo argued over Jack (Billy). In Greece, Roman kept tabs on Victor and Diana.
10/12/87-10/16/87: Eve promised to keep mum that she caught Gabrielle and Shane alone in the house while Kim is out of town. Harper stole Jack's (Billy) original adoption papers from Jo, then fired her from the housekeeping job that enabled her to be near Billy (Jack). Melissa was attracted to Calliope's friend, Trevor Lodge. Jack (Billy) didn't know whether to believe Patch and Kayla's story that they spent a platonic night together while trapped by the storm. Eve conned Shane into convincing Kimberly to go to a seminar in Hawaii. In Greece, Diana and Roman saw Victor pass the mysterious computer disk to a Greek man who was later murdered. Another man stole the disk from the Greek. After returning from his recent trip to Greece, Victor talked Justin and Adrienne into going to Greece to get married. Jennifer had nightmares about going crazy like her mother, Laura. Eve's attempt to have Nick killed was a failure.

10/19/87-10/23/87: Nick forced Eve to admit that she is Shane and Emma's daughter. Harper started putting poison in Kayla's drinks because he thinks that she knows about Jack's (Billy) true parentage. As soon as Kimberly returned home, Eve let it slip that Shane had spent time with Gabrielle while Kimberly was in Hawaii. Adrienne and Justin threw themselves an engagement party. A jealous Roman watched as Diana used her charms on Victor. Eve was jealous to hear that Kimberly's latest amniocentesis tests indicate that her unborn baby, which is a girl, is healthy. Serena and her henchman, Stavros, schemed to use an unwitting Adrienne in their plan to destroy Victor and his family. Jennifer freaked out when she learned that she could inherit the tendency to be manic depressive like her mother, Laura. Abe "arrested" Jonah for spying on the man Jonah thinks is an alien from outer space.
10/26/87-10/30/87: Adrienne, Justin, & Victor arrived in Greece where Victor is looked upon as a "Godfather" by the locals. Eve took Andrew to the park in order to make Kimberly and Shane think that the boy had been kidnapped. Gabrielle told Shane that she saw Eve take Andrew. Phillip is worried about Diana, who didn't tell him that her trip to Greece is part of an ISA mission to get the good on Victor. Roman followed Diana to Greece. Patch unwittingly saved Kayla's life when he wasn't able to give her the bottle of poisoned pills she left behind when she and Jack (Billy) left on their honeymoon. Serena was upset when her henchman, Stavros, failed in an attempt to kill Justin. Bill and Janice are seeing a lot of each other. Eve was furious when Kimberly convinced Shane to boot Eve out of their lives and their home. Jonah asked the man he believes is an alien to beam him up to another planet.

Shane was skeptical when Eve confessed that she's his daughter. Serena, strangely, ordered Stavros not to kill Victor and Justin when she saw that Diana was with Victor. Janice and Bill smooched after quarreling about Mike. Bill accused Mickey of aggravating Maggie, who was hospitalized when she had trouble breathing. Gabrielle hopes that she never becomes as lonely and bitter about life as Patch is. Eve was arrested after she stole a car and then accidentally ran over Maggie's daughter, Sarah. Kimberly objected when Shane bailed Eve out of jail and brought her back into their home. Roman and Diana began making love after they were locked in a fortress together while tailing Serena. Justin flipped when Victor told him that Stravros is the man who killed Justin's parents. Stavros was left unconscious on the street after he was followed by an unidentified person.

11/9/87-11/13/87: Unable to resist each other, Bill and Janice romped in the sack, but later insisted that they won't make love again. Stavros was murdered. Kimberly and Shane joined Roman in Greece. Adrienne was upset when she heard someone say that either Victor or Justin had murdered Stavros. Harper started poisoning Kayla as soon as she and Jack (Billy) returned from their honeymoon. Mike and Bill performed risky surgery in order to save Sarah's life. Eve fretted that Shane and Kimberly will send her to juvenile hall. Roman and Shane tailed Serena but didn't catch her. Patch insisted on going to Greece with Jo, who was summoned by Adrienne. Adrienne isn't sure that she should go through with her marriage to Justin. Jennifer freaked out when she learned that Laura had tried to commit suicide. Kayla lied to Patch in a letter that she's very happy being married to Jack (Billy).

Adrienne and Justin were finally married. Diana flipped out when Serena revealed that she's Diana's mother. Victor fumed when he realized that Roman and Diana are having an affair. Patch doesn't believe for a minute that Kayla is happily married to Jack (Billy). Shane, Roman, and Patch searched for the computer disk that Serena stole from Victor. Roman escaped from Serena's henchman and then shot Serena when she pulled a gun on him. Diana told Roman that Serena is her mother. Victor and his thugs surrounded the fortress where Serena and her thugs were holding Roman and Diana prisoner. Patch had Gabrielle analyze the pills Kayla has been taking and flipped when he learned that the pills contained poison. Bill and Janice are at odds about their feelings for each other. Melissa found Jack's adoption papers. Adrienne overcame her sexual hangups and made love with Justin on their honeymoon night.
11/23/87-11/27/87: Alice gave Patch an antidote for the poison that Harper has been giving Kayla. Diana is worried about Serena, who may be paralyzed forever because the doctors can't remove the bullet from her wound. Gabrielle agreed to let Patch hide Kayla at her pad. Eve was devastated when Shane said he doesn't have enough proof that she's his daughter. Victor told Diana that he can clear Serena of any criminal charges, but in return he wants Diana to marry him. Justin and Adrienne narrowly escaped from Serena's thugs, who tried to kill them. Harper fumed that Jack (Billy) asked Abe to help them find Kayla. Jennifer poured out her emotional trouble on the teen hotline and then freaked when she realized Frankie was the person she'd spilled her guts to. Diana broke off her romance with Roman, who insisted that Serena must be prosecuted for her crimes.

11/30/87-12/4/87: Victor is proud of Justin, who finally decided to join his uncle in the organized crime business. Dr. Marcus Hunter, who grew up in the orphanage with Patch, gave Patch more antidote for a recuperating Kayla. Diana agreed to marry Victor, who said he'd see to it that Serena never serves a day in jail for her crimes. Mike left to set up a surgical unit in a hospital in the Appalachian mountains. Diana doesn't know that Serena sanctioned Diana's marriage to Victor in order to save her own skin. Jennifer spent time with an old friend, Alan Brand. Jo is worried about Neil, who is popping more and more pep pills to keep up with Grace's busy social life. Roman was upset that Phillip wasn't able to convince Diana to give up on Serena. Bill visited Laura, who had another mental setback. Victor had his thugs set fire to the free clinic. Just freaked when Adrienne was trapped in the building.

Patch and Marcus rescued a semiconscious Kayla from the man that Jonah and Carrie think is an alien from outer space. After Eve was arrested on prostitution charges, it was revealed that she is Gabrielle's daughter. Gabrielle kept mum about her relationship to Eve while defending her in court. Justin rescued Adrienne from the clinic building fire. Abe and Roman suspect that the fire was deliberately set. Serena decided to undergo a dangerous surgical procedure that might reverse her paralysis. Gabrielle was shocked when Shane admitted in court that DNA tests indicated that Eve is his daughter. Jennifer tried to get Alan a job at the hospital after learning that he's a pre-med student. Diana's upset Roman plans to bring legal charges against Serena. A delirious Kayla told Patch that she loves him. Frankie was amused when Caroline thought he was dating an older woman, Paula.

Kayla was shocked when Patch admitted that Jack is really his brother, Billy (Jack). Gabrielle's ISA boss nixed her request to end her spy partnership with Shane. Patch refused to let Kayla return to Jack until he finds out who was poisoning Kayla. Harper announced that he's running for president of the United States. Justin freaked when an unwitting Adrienne picked up a package of laundered money from one of Justin and Victor's crime contacts. Kimberly wasn't thrilled when Shane told her that the DNA test results prove that Eve is his daughter. Shane was suspicious when Gabrielle slipped and said she knew Eve was born in Shropshire, England. Roman pressed criminal charges against Serena, who was called into court after she recovered from her surgery. Victor told Diana that he'll clear Serena's name after Diana marries him. Correction for last week: Eve is on probation for stealing a car and running down Sarah.

12/21/87-12/25/87: Shane was stunned when Gabrielle admitted that Eve was the result of a three-day love affair that he and Gabrielle once had. Patch and Kayla made love after he said he gave her up to Jack (Billy) so that Jack would have a reason to fight his cancer. Justin kept Adrienne in the dark about his meetings with organized crime leaders. Jo fantasized that Neil loves her. Jack (Billy) found Kayla by tailing Marcus to Kayla's hiding place. After learning that someone had been poisoning Kayla, Jack (Billy) agreed to move into the Brady home until Kayla's would-be murderer is captured. Paula talked Frankie into taking her to a college dance, where he ran into Jennifer, who was with Alan. Victor gave Diana an engagement ring. Diana nixed running away with Roman. Janice comforted Bill, who is worried about Laura's deteriorating mental condition. Shane didn't tell Kimberly that Gabrielle is Eve's mother.

12/28/87-1/1/88: Roman kidnapped Diana just as she was about to marry Victor. Harper arranged for the police to find poison pills and Melissa's unset love letters to Jack (Billy) in Melissa's condo. He then gloated when Melissa was arrested on charges that she had poisoned Kayla. Patch and Kayla shared a New Year's Eve kiss, but were unaware that a reporter snapped a photo of the touching scene. Shane sent Eve to live with Gabrielle for a while because Eve is driving Kimberly crazy. A furious Diana made Victor and Serena cancel their plans for a big-deal wedding for Diana and Victor. Justin freaked when a lady reporter quizzed Adrienne about Justin and Victor's connection to crime family leaders. Eve was stunned to learn that Frankie is the teen hotline counselor she's been pouring her heart out to about being ashamed that she works as a teen hooker. Bill is upset that he hasn't heard from Mike since he left town.

1/4/88-1/8/88: Melissa admitted to Jack (Billy) that she loves him, but she insisted that she didn't try to poison Kayla. Diana and Roman made love. Jo was happy for Adrienne, who suspects that she might be pregnant. After escaping from Roman, Diana flipped out to overhear Serena and Victor talking about the fact that Serena really is a crook. Eve sabotaged Frankie and Jennifer's plans to go skating together and then "consoled" Frankie, who thought Jennifer stood him up. Ethan admitted to Calliope that he fled his Kentucky home to avoid being the groom in a shotgun wedding. Justin presided over the ground-breaking ceremony for a new clinic, but secretly felt guilty that he was responsible for burning down the old clinic. Gabrielle kept mum when Eve said that she's upset that she'll never have a real mother. Kimberly dreads the day that Shane will want Eve to live with them again. Bill and Janice smooched.

A judge decided Melissa would have to stand trial for attempting to murder Kayla. Melissa insisted she was innocent. Roman shot and killed Ed Daniels, who wounded Diana's father, Phillip, when Ed realized that Phillip tried to prove Ed was in cahoots with Victor. Kimberly wasn't happy to learn that Eve's adoptive parents had decided to give Shane full custody of Eve. Diana agreed to help Roman find out who Victor has hired to erase the criminal charges against Serena. Diana agreed to help Roman "persuade" Serena to reveal the secret that would unlock the info on the computer disk Roman and Victor are hot to obtain. Neil told Justin about Adrienne's pregnancy before Adrienne could. Bill is thinking about divorcing Laura. Patch fretted over Max, who underwent surgery for an eye surgery. Jennifer stayed away from Frankie when she saw Eve comforting him over Max's surgery.
1/18/88-1/22/88: Diana was at Philip's hospital bedside when he died from his bullet wound. Bill admitted to Janice that he can't guarantee he would stay with her if Laura were to someday regain her mental faculties. Patch and Frankie were relieved to learn that Max will regain full use of his injured eye. Kimberly, who learned that Eve is a hooker, was injured trying to rescue her from a john. Shane was devastated when he learned that Kimberly had lost their baby. Victor fumed that Serena gave Roman the computer disk and the information to unlock the info on it. After receiving the candid photos of Kayla and Patch kissing, Jack (Billy) forced Kayla to submit to his lovemaking. Harper and Anjelica were thrilled when Jack (Billy) won the election. Shane found a battered Eve, who kept mum that she was beaten by a john. Serena started scheming against Diana, who inherited Phillip's estate.

After her rape, Kayla left Jack (Billy) and rushed into Patch's arms. Eve was stunned when she overheard Shane admit that Gabrielle, not Emma, is Eve's mother. Jack (Billy) called in a favor from Victor, who had his thugs beat up Patch. Roman tried to talk Diana out of printing an expose on Victor in the newspaper she inherited from Philip. Paula seduced Frankie, who admitted he had been a virgin. Patch accompanied Kayla when she told Jack (Billy) that she wants a divorce. Jennifer asked Frankie to patch up their romance after she admitted she stayed away from him because she had feared she'd go crazy like her mother. Jo comforted Neil, who was devastated when Grace rejected his marriage proposal. Kayla confided in Marcus, who promised not to tell Patch that Jack (Billy) had raped her. Mike was surprised when a nearly catatonic Laura showed signs of recognizing Jennifer.

Roman didn't believe Diana, who said her phone wire crossed that of her neighbor, Brett Matthews, who is plotting a kidnapping. Kimberly freaked when Eve blurted out that Gabrielle is Eve's mother. Using her own experience as a hooker, Kimberly tried to tell Eve that hooking is a dead end lifestyle. Jack (Billy) was surprised to learn that Melissa loves him and Kayla doesn't. Patch and Kayla went off to a secluded cabin to get away from things, but Jack's thugs caught up to them and beat Patch to a pulp again. Adrienne considered having an abortion after she realized that Justin's men beat Patch up the first time. Diana told a stunned Adrienne that Justin had arranged the fire at the emergency medical center. Patch vowed revenge after he forced Kayla to admit that she'd been raped by Jack (Billy). Frankie broke off his relationship with Paula after he reconciled with Jennifer.
2/8/88-2/12/88: Roman found Brett Matthews, who had been murdered. Shane told Kimberly that he kept her in the dark that Gabrielle was Eve's mother because he didn't want to cause Kimberly any more stress. Diana received a note demanding a ransom for Serena, who was kidnapped. Adrienne lied to Justin that she went through with her plans to have an abortion. Diana agreed to let Adrienne accompany her to Peru, where Diana believes Serena is being held by her captors. Justin and Roman later headed for Peru in search of Adrienne and Diana. Patch, who was badly beaten by Jack's (Billy) thugs, struggled to make his way to Kayla. Jack (Billy) forced Kayla to return home with him by threatening to have his thugs kill Patch. Eve plotted to keep Frankie and Jennifer apart. Carrie was upset that she didn't make her school cheerleading squad. Janice was stunned to learn that Mike is Bill's son.
2/15/88-2/19/88: Shane rushed Eve to the hospital after her face was slashed by a knife-wielding man who attacked her in the park. While fighting with Patch, Jack (Billy) fell off a building roof and suffered internal injuries. Patch donated a kidney to Jack (Billy), who needed a transplant because of his injuries. Shane flipped out when he learned that Kimberly had kept him in the dark that Eve has been working as a hooker. In Peru, Diana told Roman that she's afraid Serena will be killed by her kidnappers if they find out Roman is working on the case. Roman's attempt to rescue Serena failed. Diana, who borrowed the ransom money from Victor, was arrested for killing a cop who had accused her of stealing the money. Adrienne told Justin she won't reconcile with him if he doesn't sever his ties with Victor. Paula told Frankie not to feel guilty about the fact that they slept together.

Jack (Billy) and Patch's kidney transplant surgery went as expected, but Patch suddenly lapsed into a coma during the operation. While in the coma, Patch had an out-of-body experience in which he met his alter ego, Steven, who told Patch that he has everything in the world to live for. After being arrested for killing a Peruvian cop, Diana realized she'd been set up when she saw that the cop was still very much alive. Diana was stunned when Serena admitted that she faked her kidnapping in order to bilk Diana of her money. Marcus consoled Eve, who is worried that her face will be scarred for the rest of her life. Jo was devastated when Neil announced that Grace had accepted his marriage proposal. Kayla insisted to Jack (Billy) that there's no future for them because she's in love with Patch. Roman, Justin, and Adrienne attempted to break Diana out of jail, but the military police were hot on their trail.
2/29/88-3/4/88: Victor kept tabs on Roman, Justin, and Adrienne, who managed to break Diana out of the Peruvian prison. Frankie, who can't forget that he made love to Paula, assured Jennifer that he won't pressure her to sleep with him. Justin broke all ties with Victor after Adrienne told Justin that she didn't have an abortion. Kimberly allowed Shane to spend time with Andrew, but she refused to reconcile with Shane. The knife-wielding slasher attacked Gabrielle after mistaking her for Eve. Mike flipped out when he caught Janice kissing Bill. Jack (Billy) accused Kayla of airing their dirty laundry in public when she enrolled in a rape therapy group. Roman and Diana romped in the sack. Both Gabrielle and Eve are hopeful that, with Shane, they can become a family group. Alice was surprised to learn that Tom secretly owns a nightclub with Calliope and Ethan.

Patch was surprised when Kayla told him she's decided to have the police arrest Jack (Billy) on charges that he raped her. Roman pressured Diana to give him an answer to his marriage proposal. Mike rushed Janice to the hospital after The Slasher cut her and left her for dead. Eve enlisted the help of her friend, Alan, to help her bust up Frankie and Jennifer's resurrected romance. Shane freaked out when Kimberly refused to talk to him. Shane was jealous when he noticed that Mike and Gabrielle get along so well. Janice insisted to Mike that she instigated her affair with Bill. Shane moved Gabrielle into his home while she's recuperating from being attacked by The Slasher. Victor made sure Diana couldn't get a newspaper job in Salem. Justin fretted over Adrienne, who worried that she might lose their baby. Jo wasn't happy to hear that Neil and Grace set a wedding date.
3/14/88-3/18/88: Bill and Mike were devastated when they couldn't save Janice, who died of knife wounds inflicted by The Slasher. Working as a team once again, Shane and Gabrielle are investigating The Slasher cases. Jack (Billy) pleaded guilty to assaulting Kayla and then warned that he'll make her pay by dragging his name through the mud. Roman was suspicious when he saw Diana acting very chummy with Serena. Adrienne had Jo sell her jewelry so that Justin and Adrienne could pay Adrienne's hospital bills. Eve didn't want to believe Gabrielle, who insisted that there are no feelings of love between Shane and her. Bill resigned from his hospital job and decided to move back to Chicago to be near Laura, who is still hospitalized. Eve was furious when she learned that Jennifer and Frankie's romance is still on because Jennifer decided not to move to Chicago with Bill. Melissa comforted Jack.

Victor rushed Adrienne to the hospital when he found her unconscious on the floor, but she later miscarried her baby. Kayla had Jack (Billy) served with divorce papers, but he warned her that he plans to drag the proceedings out for months, or maybe even years. Eve got upset when she overheard Shane and Gabrielle arguing over Gabrielle's budding friendship with Mike. Eve secretly made sure that Paula was forced to admit to Jennifer that Frankie and Paula had made love. Victor sent some of his henchmen to trash Diana's office after she started publishing her own newspaper. Marcus admitted to Patch that he'd like to settle down with the right woman. Shane came close to kissing Gabrielle, but at the last minute he reminded her that he's still married to Kimberly, who he loves. As a favor to Eve, Nick tried, but failed, to run Jennifer down with his car. Noel doesn't like Grace.
3/28/88-4/1/88: Roman rescued Diana from Victor's thugs, but not before the creeps demolished Diana's newspaper equipment. Because she's penniless, Diana agreed to help Serena break into a gallery to steal a valuable icon that Victor would also like to get his hands on. Nick told Shane that he witnessed Janice's stabbing, then he gave him a description of The Slasher. Patch agreed to help Roman put a stop to a gang war that's about to erupt in Salem. Mickey strongly objects to Melissa's infatuation with Jack, who hired a detective to prove that Melissa didn't try to poison Kayla. Eve fumed when Paula convinced Jennifer to patch things up with Frankie. Caroline still harbors feelings of love for Victor. Abe and Marcus vied for the attentions of a police officer, Lexie. Kimberly returned home at the precise moment that Gabrielle and Shane succumbed to the urge to share a passionate kiss.

4/4/88-4/8/88: Kimberly was stunned when she saw Shane kissing Gabrielle, but Shane insisted that it was a one-time thing and that he loves Kimberly. Kimberly refused to move in with Shane until she sorts out her feelings. Kayla went into a panic after she learned that Patch's Washington, D.C. bound plane had crashed. Frankie was furious when Paula was suspended from her college job because of her one-night stand with Frankie. Calliope agreed to help Diana steal the icon for Serena. Roman, who realizes that Diana is up to no good, warned her not to do anything illegal. Harper is worried that Jack (Billy) will learn that Harper, not Melissa, tried to murder Kayla. After The Slasher's latest victim was found on the waterfront, Shane and Gabrielle quizzed Nick about the killing, but he lied that he was with Eve. Abe fumed that Marcus blew Lexie's cover while she was working on The Slasher case.

Kayla and Patch made love after he told her that he didn’t perish in the plane crash because he missed the flight to Washington, D.C. Roman forced Diana to return the icon which she’d stolen from the museum, but he later learned the icon she left behind was a fake. Diana insisted that she wanted to steal the icon, sell it to Victor, and then tip the Greek authorities so that they could arrest Victor with the icon. Crime boss Torres gave Justin a lot of flack after Justin admitted to a Washington committee that he was once involved with organized crime. Eve was devastated to learn that her facial scar, which is a constant reminder of her brush with The Slasher, may never go away. Jack (Billy) became a suspect in The Slasher case when his handkerchief was found in the possession of a murdered hooker. Melissa covered for Jack (Billy).

Roman jumped the gun and shot a street gang member, Raul, as he and his brother, Emilio, held Patch hostage. Patch and Kayla were shocked when they learned that Raul and Emilio are the sons of their street bum pal, Monty. Serena confessed to Diana that she’s been having an affair with Victor. Disguised as bums, Calliope and Diana met with Victor, who agreed to pay them big bucks for the icon. Kimberly and Shane signed legal separation papers even though they care for each other deeply. After hearing about Shane’s split with Kimberly, Eve was convinced that Gabrielle and Shane will soon become a romantic item again. Justin, who’s having a hard time adjusting to a lack of money, took a job as Neil’s stable hand. Adrienne realized that Jo is in love with Neil. Jennifer split up with Frankie again because he spends so much time with Paula. Eve wants Frankie for herself.
4/25/88-5/2/88: Jo comforted Neil, who became uncontrollably upset when he learned that The Slasher had killed Grace. Frankie witnessed Grace's murder from the window of Paula's apartment, but had Paula lie that she was the eye-witness so that no one would learn that Frankie was at Paula's pad. Paula later identified Nick as Grace's killer. Victor stepped in front of Justin just as one of Torres' men fired shots at Justin. Roman forced Diana to admit that she sold the icon to Victor, who turned the icon over to Roman. Diana and Calliope gloated that they got away with the money Victor paid for the icon. Shane rushed to Gabrielle's hospital bedside after learning that someone tried to kill her by injecting poison into her IV tube. Emilio fumed when a judge remanded him into Patch's custody. Kimberly is determined to regain Shane's love.

Frankie admitted to the police that he witnessed Grace's murder. With the help of a police artist, Frankie described Grace's killer, who fit the description of Professor Schenkel, a.k.a. "The Alien." The police arrested Schenkel. Justin vowed to get revenge against Torres, who shot Victor. Victor survived the shooting. Adrienne fretted that Justin will revert to his underworld ways to get even with Jose. Kimberly and Shane made love, but Shane's feelings for Eve and Gabrielle is still upsetting to Kimberly. Jack took the credit after Kayla convinced the district attorney to drop the charges that Melissa tried to kill Kayla. Eve started to move in on Frankie the minute she learned that Melissa had nixed making up with Frankie, who was forced to admit he had been at Paula's pad the night of Grace's murder. Jo feared she may have breast cancer.
5/9/88-5/13/88: Frankie saved Paula, who was attacked by The Slasher. After Professor Schenkel admitted that he killed Grace, Abe and Roman realized that he was a copycat killer and that the real Slasher is still at large. Dressed as a hooker, Kimberly searched for The Slasher on her own. Roman and Justin banded together to get the goods on the Torres crime "family." Diana was in tears after she found Roman smooching with a blonde woman, Bianca. Bianca told Roman that her "family" is beginning to trust him, which is something considering they don't like cops. Diana fretted that Roman is a crooked cop after she overheard him make a deal with some drug dealers. Mike caught Emilio's sister, April, stealing drugs from the clinic. Jack (Billy) paid Emilio to spy on Patch and Kayla. Jo underwent successful breast cancer surgery. Serena realized that Caroline still has feelings for Victor.

After finding a body microphone on Diana, Jose Torres ordered Roman to kill Diana to prove his desire to become a part of the Torres crime family. Abe helped Roman fake Diana's death, then Roman shot Diana in the face in front of Jose and his thugs. Shane was devastated when Kimberly was arrested on prostitution charges, but she kept mum that it was all part of her scheme to smoke The Slasher out of hiding. Abe comforted Lexie, who still hasn't regained the use of her gun hand. Alan is still hot to trot for Jennifer, but Frankie interrupts every time Alan tries to kiss her. When Harper refused to father a child for Anjelica, she decided that Justin would be the perfect daddy for her child. Someone attacked Kimberly. Roman warned Diana that she's to stay in hiding now that Torres believes she's dead. Melissa wants to show Jack the proof that Harper adopted him.
5/23/88-5/27/88: Shane jumped into action and saved Kimberly just as The Slasher was about to slit her throat. During the struggle, The Slasher fell into the Salem River, but later dragged himself up on the pier. Roman took an ailing Diana to the free clinic where Mike performed her appendectomy. Roman then took Diana to recuperate at his home so that Torres' thugs wouldn't find her and kill her. Mike caught April stealing drugs for her mother, Rosa, who is dying of cancer. A jealous Bianca ratted to Jose that Roman didn't kill Diana. Jose made arrangements to have Roman killed during a drug deal. Torres told Victor that Justin is in cahoots with Roman. After learning that Kimberly is trying to catch The Slasher, Shane agreed to work undercover with her, much to Gabrielle's chagrin. In an effort to close the community center, Jack (Billy) spread the word about the drug thefts.

Patch saved Kayla from perishing in the fire that started while she fended off The Slasher. Later, Kayla regained consciousness, but she is unable to speak or hear, so she can't tell anyone that she saw The Slasher's face. Abe came to everyone's rescue when Diana stepped in and tried to prevent the Torres family from murdering Roman and Justin during a sting operation. Justin got drunk after Adrienne refused his attempts to reconcile with her. Anjelica had no trouble getting Justin to make love to her even though he wasn't sober. Frankie told Jennifer that he'll always love her more than he could ever have loved Paula, who left town. Roman and Abe received promotions after they put the Torres crime family out of business. Alan, who again tried to buy Kimberly's services as a prostitute, is a prime suspect in The Slasher case.

6/6/88-6/10/88: Miguel and Jose, who are out on bail, harassed Diana and threatened to get even with Roman for busting up their organized crime ring. Adrienne reconciled with Justin, who promised her that he'll make Victor's crime organization legit within a year. Victor returned home from the hospital and immediately informed Justin that he'll be running his own crime organization from now on. Kayla wrote Patch a note telling him that she can't remember what her attacker looked like. Anjelica told Justin she'll keep mum that they slept together, but secretly, Anjelica thinks that she's already pregnant. Patch promised Jo that he'll prevent Jack from finding out that he's really Jo's son, Billy. Meanwhile, Jack (Billy) told Adrienne that he has hired a private detective to find her long lost brother Billy. Mike couldn't promise a despondent Kayla that she'll regain her hearing and her speech.

Patch moved out of the loft to give Kayla a chance to come to terms with losing her speech and her hearing. Kimberly taught Kayla to use sign language. Frankie fretted when he learned that Max's abusive father, Trent Becker, is in town. Jack (Billy) continued his search for Adrienne's brother, "Billy," despite Harper's objections. Patch went to California to make sure that Jack doesn't get any information from the agency that handled the adoption of Billy (Jack). Harper kept mum that he's sterile when Anjelica told him she's pregnant. Harper ordered Anjelica to have an abortion. Shane caught Eve, who had Alan try to scare Kimberly by phoning her and claiming to be The Slasher. Diana accidentally shot Roman, who wasn't injured because he was wearing a bullet proof vest. Roman saved Diana from an attacker and then sent her off to Japan. Mike is attracted to April. Alan is still a Slasher suspect.
6/20/88-6/24/88: After confiding to Jennifer that Max isn't really his brother, Frankie took Max and they ran away to elude Trent. Patch told Kayla that he had the California adoption agency give Jack incorrect information about Billy's (Jack) adoption. Later, Jack became upset when he learned that he's really Billy, but he doesn't want to accept the fact. Eve refused to believe Shane and Gabrielle, who told her that Alan is their main Slasher suspect. To protect his political career, Harper agreed to let Anjelica keep her baby after the press learned of her pregnancy. Mike and April are spending a lot of time together. Roman went off to Japan to search for Diana, who hasn't been in touch with him. Gabrielle tried to seduce Shane. The Slasher approached Kimberly on the dock, but Nick's arrival scared the man away. Shane fumed that The Slasher got away.

Just as Roman was about to fly off to Japan to search for Diana, she returned to Salem. Bianca posed as Diana after she realized that Jose had sent his henchman to abduct Diana at the airport. Diana and Roman flew to the Bahamas. Anjelica began blackmailing Harper over the fact that he tried to poison Kayla. Melissa was in tears after Jack (Billy) told her that he can never trust her again because she kept his adoption papers a secret from him. Jack (Billy) still refuses to believe that he's a Johnson and not a Deveraux even though Harper admitted Jack was adopted. Kayla wrote the name of her attacker on a piece of paper, but when Kimberly phoned Shane to tell him it, Kimberly was attacked and she lost the paper. Harper confessed to Anjelica that he's sterile. In the Bahamas, Roman had flashbacks of a man falling off a cliff.
7/4/88-7/8/88: Patch and Shane rescued Kimberly and Kayla from Harper, who was arrested and later admitted that he was The Slasher. Determined to prevent Roman form testifying at Miguel's organized crime trial, Jose Torres planted a bomb in Roman's car. Roman, who hit his head after the car bomb exploded, suffered a partial memory loss and had more flashbacks to an island in the Caribbean. Jack (Billy) was devastated when he learned that Harper was The Slasher. Kayla was relieved when Jack finally agreed to give her a divorce. Melissa's name was cleared of criminal charges after Harper admitted that he had poisoned Kayla. Eve realized that she had Kimberly pegged all wrong after Kimberly admitted she was only posing as a hooker in order to help Shane catch The Slasher. Anjelica once again insisted to Justin that he's not the father of her baby even though she said that Harper isn't the daddy either.

Diana was stunned when Roman took on a hostile personality and almost killed the thug that Jose hired to kill Roman and Diana. Roman told Abe that he doesn't know what's happening to him, but he keeps having flashbacks to the time that he was John (a.k.a. The Pawn). Patch kept vigil over Kayla, who underwent surgery that could make it possible for her to hear again. During her surgery, Kayla had an out-of-body experience in which she was shown how good life with Patch could be. When Kayla regained consciousness, she accepted Patch's marriage proposal. Justin is upset with Adrienne, who admitted that she's afraid to try to get pregnant right now. Eve considered suicide after Gabrielle was forced to move out of Shane's home. While searching for Frankie and Max, Trent told Jennifer that he's the father of Max. Jennifer later steered Trent away from Max and Frankie.
7/18/88-7/22/88: Mike told April's mother, Rosa, that her cancer is in remission, but he later warned April that the remission might not last. Just before the ceremony for Patch and Kayla got underway, Kayla regained her hearing. Mike found Emilio, who was beaten up by his own gang members that he's been trying to avoid. Shane and Gabrielle forced Eve to see a shrink. Eve told the shrink that Kimberly is keeping Eve's parents apart. Kimberly managed to bring Roman out of hypnosis, but he was shocked to learn that while he was under he had threatened to kill Diana and had scared Carrie half to death with his violent behavior. Max and Frankie weren't seriously hurt when a feverish Frankie crashed his car. Frankie is still convinced that Trent will be abusive to Max if he gets the chance. Eve accepted a date with Harris, a kid who bet his pals he can get Eve to sleep with him.

7/25/88-7/29/88: At the start of their marriage ceremony, Kayla began her wedding vows in sign language, but then miraculously regained her speech and said the rest of her vows verbally. Kayla and Patch left to honeymoon in the Orient. A stranger is secretly keeping tabs on Patch and Kayla. Trent decided not to take Max away from the Bradys. A Kung Fu master named Orion asked Diana to print a photo of a friend whom he's been looking for. The photo was of Roman before he had his plastic surgery, but Roman told Diana that he doesn't remember knowing a Kung Fu master. Eve let Harris, a schoolmate, take her to bed. Eve didn't know that Harris had a bet with his friends that Eve would sleep with him. Adrienne was depressed to learn that her chances of getting pregnant are very slim. Mike took April and Rosa for a private cruise on the yacht that Kayla and Patch were married on.

8/1/88-8/5/88: Mike is getting very close to April, who voiced her worry that her little brother, Julio, will get involved in a street gang like Emilio did. On their honeymoon in the Orient, Patch and Kayla took in a lost deaf boy, Benjy, after his mom disappeared. Diana introduced Roman to his former karate instructor, Orion. Orion thinks that this Roman is an impostor. After the gardener insinuated that Emilio desired Adrienne, he and Emilio fought. Emilio was arrested, but Adrienne helped him and saved his job. Carrie took a shine to Emilio's brother, Julio. Anjelica nixed Victor's suggestion that she marry him and let him raise her child as a Kiriakis. Kimberly and Shane agreed to remarry. Patch and Kayla brought Benjy to Salem when they couldn't find his mother. Abe briefly arrested Orion, who nearly killed two attackers.

Patch and Kayla took Benjy to the park where he thought he saw his mother, who really is in Salem. Patch caught a woman who pretended to be Benjy's mother. The woman warned Patch of impending trouble and admitted that she had been hired by Benjy's real mother. Eve took an overdose of sleeping pills because she was despondent over her encounter with Harris and the fact that Shane and Kimberly are remarrying. After looking at Bo and Hope's postcard of an Oriental pagoda, Roman had more flashbacks to the time just before he became The Pawn. Roman suspects that there's a connection between the fact that Bo, Hope, Orion, and Benjy's mother have all mysteriously disappeared at the same time. Roman, who had another one of his spells, met with a Mr. Brown, who later turned up dead. Since Roman wasn't thinking clearly before the meeting, he wondered if he had killed Mr. Brown.
8/15/88-8/19/88: At a children's fair, Benjy met up with Orion, who is the boy's grandfather. Orion made Benjy promise not to tell anyone that they saw each other. Benjy's mother, Ellen, threatened Kayla after she overheard Kayla say that she wants to adopt Benjy. Shane and Kimberly rushed Eve to the hospital, and Mike saved her from dying of a pill overdose. After Jo warned Harper that Jack's (Billy) life could be ruined by the murders Harper committed, Harper told Jack not to visit him again. Harris sent Eve flowers, while she plotted to get even with him for seducing her. Roman broke into the ISA computer and could find no record he'd ever worked for the agency. Shane is investigating Roman's past. Adrienne underwent an operation that may enable her to have children. Emilio and Adrienne are close friends because of their similar backgrounds. Jack befriended Jo to help his political career.

Shawn and Caroline refused to allow Max to go to a childrens' summer camp after they learned that another child at the camp has AIDS. Jennifer and Frankie didn't agree with Shawn and Caroline's decision to keep Max out of the camp. Jennifer decided to write a newspaper article that she hopes will help to educate people about AIDS. Patch and Kayla met with Benjy's mother, Ellen, and realized that they have to turn the boy over to her. Orion worried that Benjy's life will be in danger if Patch and Kayla return him to Ellen. Roman and Diana discovered that several ISA agents he had worked with died under very mysterious circumstances. Victor nixed giving Diana any facts about Roman's past when he was known as John Black. Adrienne was surprised to learn that Emilio can't read. Eve arranged for Harris and his pals to get in trouble with the law.
8/29/88-9/2/88: Kayla and Patch decided to let Ellen take Benjy back after she promised to take refuse in a shelter. Ellen was later found dead after she ran into Roman, who recognized her from his past. Diana is able to control Roman's trance-like state of mind, which occurs whenever he sees an Oriental pagoda symbol. Melissa was furious with Jack (Billy) and Anjelica, who dug up dirt on Mickey's past to help Jack win the Senate seat both men are vying for. Eve was on hand when Shane and Kimberly renewed their marriage vows. Max was upset that Shawn and Caroline pulled him out of summer camp and away from his friend, Johnny, who has AIDS. Frankie later agreed to supervise play sessions between Max and Johnny. Anjelica tried to use Emilio's friendship with Adrienne to cause trouble between Adrienne and Justin. Adrienne is upset that she still hasn't gotten pregnant.

Patch flipped out when he found Ellen Hawk's body on the Salem dock. Roman fretted that he might have killed Ellen during one of his blackouts. Roman asked Orion to help him put the pieces of his past together, but Orion insisted that he can't help. Shane and Kimberly left for London, but she's unaware that he's on a special ISA mission. Abe told Lexie that he loves her, and that's why he doesn't want her to go back on her former police beat. Benjy, who was devastated about his mother's death, was kidnapped while he was on a picnic with Kayla. Mickey and Jack (Billy), who both want Harper's Senate seat, got into a knock-down-drag-out fight over the smear campaign Jack has launched against Mickey. Justin welcomed his old friend Theo, and Theo's daughter, Kristina, who arrived for a visit. Kristina took more than a passing interest in Justin.
9/12/88-9/16/88: Emilio helped April get Mike to the hospital after Mike was stabbed during a street gang rumble. Emilio went out to get revenge against Mike's attacker, but was arrested for shooting officer Ethan Riley. Kayla was captured by Benjy's kidnappers after she found the boy. Orion was captured by the kidnappers when Orion, Roman, Diana, and Patch attempted to rescue Kayla and Benjy. Orion warned Roman and Patch that Benjy's father is a dangerous man. To further his political career, Jack (Billy) asked Melissa to marry him. In London, Kimberly is becoming suspicious of Shane, who told his boss, Tarrington, that he hasn't located the mystery man he's looking for. Shane became upset when he learned a man impersonating the Donovan solicitor, Oliver Guthrie, had spoken to Kimberly. Adrienne put up a fight when she realized that Victor would like to see Kristina and Justin together.

Kimberly was stunned to meet Shane's twin brother, Drew. Shane told Kimberly that Drew has been undercover since he worked on an ISA case. A matchmaking Marcus left Mike and April stranded on a deserted island. Shane's boss, Tarrington, nixed letting Shane tell Kimberly the truth about Drew's past. Alice returned from an archaeological dig. Serena moved back to Europe. Roman and Diana looked for a ring that Roman wore when he was known as John Black, but learned that the ring was stolen from the pawn shop that bought the ring from Patch. Patch and Kayla decided to go to Bangkok to look for information about Benjy's father. Adrienne was disappointed to learn that Emilio stole a brooch that belonged to Justin's mother and then gave the brooch to Rosa. Roman received a video tape in which Orion begged that Benjy be returned to his father. Justin resisted Kristina's charms.
9/26/88-9/30/88: Emilio admitted to Adrienne that he stole her brooch because he needed money for his family. Adrienne fumed when she later caught Emilio and Kristina kissing in the stable. After looking at a video tape of the pawn shop robbery, Roman and Diana realized that a mystery woman stole Roman's triple-circle ring from the shop. Eve and Drew liked each other the moment they met. Drew was stunned to learn that Kimberly is Roman's sister. Shane warned Drew that because of his past history with Roman, Drew had better keep away from Roman. Diana fretted that in Roman's eyes, she'll never measure up to Marlena. Mike helped April, who nearly failed a hospital exam because she had a hangover. Emilio refused to identify the Viper gang member who shot Ethan. Melissa accepted Jack's (Billy) marriage proposal. A man gave Diana a scarf that smelled of Marlena's favorite perfume.

Frankie moved to New York City to attend Columbia University, but Jennifer decided to stay in Salem. Alice moved into an apartment with Calliope when Tom refused to remarry Alice after they received word that their original marriage certificate was invalid. The mystery woman freed Roman and Diana, who had gotten locked inside a jewelry store while searching for Roman's triple-circle ring. Eve pushed Nick into the background after he arranged for her to model for the cover of a magazine to impress her classmates. Patch and Kayla learned that a David Hadley is listed as Benjy's father on the boy's birth certificate. A bomb blast went off while Patch and Kayla were in an Oriental chapel. April went out drinking after she overheard Mike say that marriage isn't for him. Victor and Justin plotted Harper's jail break, agreeing to let Emilio take the fall for the plan.
10/10/88-10/14/88: In Thailand, Patch and Kayla were not injured when the bomb went off in the cottage they went to in hopes of seeing Benjy's father. Patch, Kayla, and Benjy returned to Salem after a monk at the monastery told them that Benjy's father had failed in another attempt to kidnap the boy. Mike performed surgery on Rosa, who was hit by a car. Emilio fumed when Monty moved back into the family home. April is in a quandary over Rosa's request that if her condition doesn't improve, she wants April to pull the plug on her life support system. Nick realized that his friendship with Eve is ending. After Drew saw Carrie wearing the triple-circle ring on a neck chain, someone turned down the lights and attacked Carrie. Kayla nixed letting Roman talk to Benjy after Roman noticed a photo of the boy and an unidentified man wearing a triple-circle ring. Drew told a mystery person that Roman didn't recognize him.

Patch and Abe went after Harper, who was wounded during a prison break. Victor's hired goons forced Emilio to drive the getaway car fro Harper. Emilio was forced to bring Kayla to the hideout to remove a bullet from Harper. Jo confided to Patch that Jack (Billy) was behind Harper's prison escape. Diana threw printing chemicals at the masked man who attacked Carrie in the dark. The chemicals caused a fire and Diana and Carrie were forced to jump from a window into a fireman's net. Mike, Jennifer, and April attended Tom and Alice's wedding, which made their long-time "marriage" legal in the eyes of the law. April is haunted by Rosa's wish not to be kept alive by machines. Shane's boss, Tarrington, forced him to infiltrate Victor's organization. Victor hired Shane even though he doesn't believe Shane quit the ISA. Adrienne kept mum to Justin that she's taking birth control pills.
10/24/88-10/28/88: Patch and Marcus rescued Kayla from Harper's getaway plane. Later, Jo refused to rat on Jack (Billy) for helping to arrange Harper's prison escape. Kayla told Jack (Billy) to get lost when he thanked her for saving Harper's life. Diana kept mum to Roman that she received a note scented with Marlena's perfume. Later, Diana followed the mystery woman who has been keeping tabs on Diana and Roman. Everyone was stunned when Anjelica and Neil announced that they're engaged. Ethan moved away from Salem, but Calliope didn't go with him. Emilio was cleared of charges that he was in on Harper's escape plot. Mike performed more surgery on Rosa, but she's still in a coma. Adrienne and Justin are still at odds over her feelings for Emilio. Roman convinced Kayla to take him to see Benjy in hopes that the boy can she light on Roman's forgotten past. Anjelica learned Victor got to Harper's money.

During Kimberly and Shane's Halloween party, Benjy's father kidnapped Carrie. Benjy's father left a note demanding that Roman return Benjy to him if he ever wants to see Carrie again. Shane phoned Tarrington and told him that the man Shane is trying to capture has kidnapped Carrie. April was torn about whether she should honor Rosa's wishes and unplug her life support system. Later, a mystery person pulled the plug on Rosa and she died in her hospital bed. Adrienne and Emilio made love after she told him that Justin is out to get him. Maggie suspects that Mike pulled the plug on Rosa and Mike suspects that April did the deed. Stefano, who has returned from the dead once again, met with the mystery woman, who gave him one of the triple-circle rings. Justin vowed to get rid of Emilio permanently after learning he slept with Adrienne. Kayla and Patch refused to reveal Benjy's whereabouts.

11/7/88-11/11/88: Drew, who uses the code name Iago, is Stefano's ("Target") contact in Salem. Roman and Diana flew the the island where Stefano held Marlena prisoner before she supposedly died in a plane crash. April knows that Monty pulled the plug on Rosa, but she kept mum even though Mike is being blamed for Rosa's death. Victor agreed to let Shane accompany him on a meeting with "Target" (Stefano) that was set up by Iago (Drew). While standing at the altar, Melissa dumped Jack (Billy) after telling everyone in the church how she felt about him. Melissa later left town to sort out her feelings. Anjelica, who is engaged to Neil, realized there's no hope of getting together with Justin, who fathered her baby. Emilio rejected Jennifer's friendship, and doesn't want to continue his affair with Adrienne. Target's (Stefano) thugs captured Patch and Benjy, but Benjy escaped. Stefano is also holding Carrie hostage.

Eve and her friends watched while Nick was incinerated in his car, which exploded after running off a cliff. Eve's boyfriend, Jake, convinced her to keep mum that he and Nick were racing at the time of Nick's accident. Stefano's thugs captured Roman and Diana after their arrival on Stefano's island. Stefano let Carrie watch Roman on a closed circuit TV. Posing as Shane, Drew convinced Peggy tot let him take Benjy. Shane became suspicious of Drew after he found a photo of Marlena in Drew's belongings. Drew promised Benjy that he'll soon be reunited with Stefano, who is the boy's father. Kayla, Marcus, and Shane rescued Patch, who nearly drowned in a tank of water during a magic show. Adrienne overheard Justin say that he wants Emilio eliminated. Emilio nixed Adrienne's suggestion that they run away together. Emilio tended Jennifer, who was pinned under a tree during a rainstorm.

11/21/88-11/25/88: Drew brought Benjy to Stefano's island. Patch, Kayla, and Shane followed Roman and Diana to Stefano's island and they all ended up Stefano's prisoners. While searching the island for Roman, Diana came face-to-face with the mystery woman, who turned out to be Marlena. Diana was knocked unconscious while she was with the mystery woman. Later, Diana didn't tell Roman that she saw Marlena. Kayla found Benjy, who said he wants to stay with Stefano, who is his father. Shane reeled when he learned that Drew is working for Stefano. Drew lured Kimberly into Stefano's clutches. The first time Roman saw Carrie, it turned out to be a hologram that he was looking at. Later, Roman found Carrie, but they failed to escape from Stefano. Emilio hid, while Mike and April took an injured Jennifer to the hospital. Stefano accused Roman of causing Benjy to be deaf. Patch was set adrift on the ocean.

April cleared Mike's name by telling the hospital board that she pulled the plug on Rosa's life support system. Patch, Kayla, Benjy, and Carrie escaped from Stefano's island. Kimberly and Shane helped Roman find Diana, who was recaptured by Stefano's thugs. Victor told Kristina to return to Greece because she hasn't been able to seduce Justin. Jack (Billy) dropped Kristina when he realized she no longer has an "in" with Victor. Stefano put Roman into a trance and then ordered him to kill Shane and Kimberly. Roman, who is no longer under Stefano's control, only pretended to kill Shane and Kimberly. Drew was wounded rescuing Shane from Stefano's thugs. After finding a "Marlena" costume, Roman realized Stefano only tricked Diana into thinking Marlena was alive. Roman, Shane, and Kimberly escaped from the island, but Diana was still on the island when there was a sudden explosion.
12/5/88-12/9/88: Drew was in critical condition after being shot by one of Stefano's thugs. Shane and Kimberly took Drew with them when they returned to Salem. Roman searched for Diana after realizing she still was on Stefano's island when the compound blew up. Stefano told Roman via closed-circuit TV that he was holding both Diana and Marlena captive, but Roman still did not believe Marlena was alive. April was arrested for murdering Rosa. Realizing that Adrienne had walked into the trap he had set to kill Emilio, Justin tried to save her just as the barn exploded. Jo hid her love for Neil, who married Anjelica. In a video tape for her unborn child, Anjelica admitted that Justin is the baby's father. Neil offered to adopt Anjelica's baby. Patch helped a mystery man who was badly burned. When the man nixed going to a hospital, Patch let him stay in his old apartment behind Shenanigans.

Patch introduced Kayla to the mystery man Patch has dubbed "The Phantom." Phantom refused to use the medicated salve that Kayla gave him to treat his badly burned hand. Emilio helped Adrienne escape after the barn hayloft collapsed on her and Justin. Emilio also dragged a critically injured Justin out of the barn. Later, Victor refused to let Adrienne anywhere near Justin, who underwent surgery. At April's sentencing hearing, Mike realized that Monty, not April, had pulled the plug on Rosa's life-support system. April was later released from jail, but the police arrested Monty and threw him in the slammer. Shane told Roman that ISA experts examined the photo of Marlena and Diana and learned that the photo had been doctored, but said the photo of Marlena was relatively new. Stefano plotted to lure Roman back into his clutches. Benjy hid in Roman's car. Eve is tormented by Nick's death.
12/19/88-12/23/88: While rescuing Diana from Stefano, Roman and Diana came face-to-face with an actress who told them Stefano hired her to impersonate Marlena. Stefano, who let Roman "rescue" Diana, also let them take Benjy so that the boy would have a better life than he'd have if he lived with Stefano. Kayla told Patch that she'd like to have a baby. Patch took the Phantom's old coat after leaving him a new one as a Christmas gift. Patch later learned the Phantom's real identity when he saw his driver's license. Shane searched for Drew, who disappeared from the hospital. Jennifer began to get closer to Emilio after she learned that Frankie wasn't coming home for the holidays. Adrienne found the hospital where Victor had taken Justin, then forced Victor to bring Justin home. Adrienne fumed when Victor settled Justin in the guest bedroom. Jennifer convinced Emilio to teach a dance class.

The Phantom admitted to Patch that he is really Eve's former pimp (and friend), Nick. When Patch brought Kayla to talk to Nick, they learned that Nick had split from Patch's old apartment. Eve panicked when an insurance agent asked her questions about Nick's death in that fiery car crash. Fearing that the scandal over Nick's death would ruin Shane and Kimberly's lives, Eve ran away from home. Despite the fact that Jack (Billy) threatened Diana, she went ahead and printed an expose on his crooked political campaign. Jennifer and Emilio are beginning to like each other, even though Emilio won't admit it. Carrie and Julio are getting along better, but Julio still doesn't like it that Carrie's dad is a cop. Patch and Kayla agreed to think about beginning a family. Because he's paralyzed from the waist down, Justin is doing everything he can to push Adrienne away from him.

1/2/89-1/6/89: Kayla and Patch decided that it would be best if Benjy continued living with his grandfather, Orion. Patch and Kayla talked about having children of their own, but decided to wait a while. Roman and Diana learned that they'll have to postpone their wedding for a while after finding out that Roman is technically still married to Marlena because no one ever filed a death certificate after Marlena was supposedly killed in a plane crash. Shane retrieved Eve, who had run away from home. An insurance investigator told Shane that Eve's story about how Nick died is full of loopholes. Just as Adrienne decided to leave Justin, she overheard him admit that he really loves her, so she decided to stick it out despite Victor's interference in their relationship. Emilio comforted Jennifer, who learned that Frankie has a new girl in New York City.

At Adrienne's request, Patch investigated the stable accident that caused Justin to be paralyzed from the waist down. After realizing that someone rigged the stable hayloft to collapse, Patch and Adrienne confronted Emilio, who insisted that he didn't cause the accident. Anjelica realized that Justin caused his own "accident," after he cleared Emilio's name and insisted that the accident investigation be stopped. Diana was stunned when Roman said that the wedding date she picked was the same date that Roman and Marlena had gotten married. Roman told Diana that they can't get married until he finds out why Marlena's death certificate was never filed in the Florida courts. Eve admitted to Mickey and Shane that Nick died while drag racing with Jake, but Jake lied that Eve "planned" the accident in order to kill Nick. Victor is plotting against Anjelica again.
1/16/89-1/20/89: Kimberly tried to comfort Eve, who is in a dither because Jake vowed to pin the blame for Nick's death on Eve. To cheer up Diana, Roman and the children held a mock wedding ceremony for Diana and Roman, who know that they can't marry until Marlena is declared legally dead. Julio enjoys spending time with Carrie, but Julio can't forget that Roman shot and killed his older brother during a rumble at the Riverfront Clinic. Jack (Billy) set out to sabotage Patch, who got a legit job selling men's clothing. Kayla is trying to prove to Patch that they could successfully handle raising a family. Now that he owns a controlling interest in Diana's newspaper, Jack (Billy) has usurped her editorial powers. Mike injured his hand while helping a fireman, Jerry, rescue people from a burning building. Maggie had a talk with April about alcoholism. Victor is out to get Anjelica.

After learning that Adrienne and Justin were breaking up (again), Anjelica decided to tell Justin that he is the father of her child. When Adrienne and Justin reconciled (again), Anjelica kept mum about her baby's parentage. Roman and Diana were happy to learn from the Florida police that Roman can have Marlena declared legally dead. Roman and Diana then set a Valentine's Day wedding date. Nick listened to the radio to keep tabs on the grand jury investigation into his death. Nick was upset that Eve is being blamed for his death, but he didn't reveal that he is still alive. Emilio admitted to Jennifer that his hopes for a career as a dancer were dashed when he injured both of his knees. Diana was upset that her mother, Serena, said she is too busy to attend Diana's wedding. April still doesn't think that she has a drinking problem. Mike is worried his injured hand won't heal properly.
1/30/89-2/3/89: Eve, Jake, and his buddies were all indicted on charges that they murdered Nick. After hearing the news on the radio, Nick sent Shane an anonymous letter stating that he had proof Nick's death wasn't murder. Eve ran away again after the adverse publicity she is getting caused Kimberly to lose her radio talk show. The Brady clan assembled at the hospital after Caroline had a heart attack. Eddie, who shares a past with Nick, kidnapped Eve and later stole the box of Nick's belongings that Eve had taken from Nick's apartment after his "death." Alice, Kayla and Diana broke the story that the teenagers who had skin rashes had been exposed to toxic waste dumped into the school's water supply. Jack (Billy), who owns the company responsible for the pollution, made it appear that he was the one responsible for uncovering the illegal toxic dumping.

The Brady clan was relieved when Caroline recovered from her heart attack, but she later had a second attack. Murder charges against Eve were dropped when Shane proved to Mickey that Nick probably committed suicide. While in Miami to race Neil's horse, Emilio and Jennifer shared their first kiss. Victor secretly made sure that Justin received medication that kept Justin impotent. Victor was dismayed when Justin's impotence problem brought Justin and Adrienne closer together instead of breaking them apart. Nick, who is very ill, realized that Eddie is holding Eve captive in the abandoned mansion where Nick has been hiding out. Nick is so weak, however, that he hasn't been able to come to Eve's rescue. Jack (Billy) was knifed by his former campaign manager, Rusty, when Jack threatened to expose Rusty's dubious past. Eddie found a mysterious key in Nick's belongings.
2/13/89-2/17/89: Adrienne walked out on Justin after Victor blabbed that Justin had planned for Emilio to be injured in the barn accident. The Brady clan fretted as Caroline underwent triple-bypass surgery. Victor secretly paid to have the specialist flown in to operate on Caroline. Anjelica hopes to win Justin's love now that he broke up with Adrienne. Eve tricked Eddie, who was livid when he later learned that she lied about knowing what bank Nick kept his money stashed in. Eve failed in an attempt to get away from Eddie. Nick, who is very weak, was unable to help Eve escape. Mike learned that his hand will heal completely and he'll be able to perform surgery again. Eve saw Nick, but was so shocked by his badly burned face that she thought she had dreamed the encounter. Kimberly's radio assistant, Adam, told Shane that a listener had seen Eve at a phone booth, where Shane later found Eve's bracelet.

Shane and Abe searched the abandoned mansion, but didn't find Eve. The Phantom (Nick) revealed himself to Eve, then took her to a secret room in the mansion so that they could both hide from Eddie. Phantom convinced Eve that they should stay put because Eve injured her leg and would never be able to escape from Eddie. Justin helped Anjelica deliver her son, but doesn't know the baby is his. Eve is convinced that she knows Phantom (Nick), but he lied that they never met before. Roman wanted to marry Diana in the hospital chapel so that a recuperating Caroline could attend the ceremony. Roman was puzzled when Diana put off their wedding date after she received a mysterious letter. Lexie rejected Abe's marriage proposal because she wants to concentrate on her police career right now. Mike is upset that April is still drinking heavily. Victor saw to it that Neil began gambling again.
2/27/89-3/3/89: Anjelica realized that she can never tell Justin that he is the father of her baby now that Justin and Adrienne have decided to reconcile their marriage (again). Anjelica fumed when Victor took it upon himself to name her baby Alexander, which is an old Kiriakis family name. Anjelica turned a cold shoulder on Neil, who is deep in debt because of his recent gambling losses. Nick (The Phantom) helped Shane rescue Eve from Eddie, but then Nick disappeared. Eve is determined to find her friend The Phantom (Nick) to thank him for helping to save her life. Mike was disappointed in April, who got drunk at a birthday party for Jerry the fireman. Jack (Billy) tailed Diana to Washington, D.C., where she tried to get information on a newspaper story about a Vietnam MIA. Diana is unaware that the MIA was being transferred to Salem Hospital while she was looking for him in Washington.

Diana admitted to Roman that she has been struggling with a problem in her past. Later, Diana was stunned to find former MIA Cal Winters waiting for her in her newspaper office. Cal told a stunned Diana that he is her husband. Patch and Kayla learned that the mansion they mysteriously inherited belonged to Nick (The Phantom). Patch convinced Nick to stay at the mansion, but urged him to reveal to everyone that he is alive. After Eddie escaped from jail, Patch and Nick plotted to smoke Eddie out of hiding. Emilio reacted with anger when Neil fired him and hired a new horse trainer. Blaming Justin for his misfortune, Emilio tampered with the brakes on Justin's car, then panicked when Jennifer hopped into the car. Victor arranged a bank loan for Neil, who needed it to pay his gambling debts. Justin is upset he is still impotent. Caroline was released from the hospital.
3/13/89-3/17/89: Emilio ran in front of Justin's car in an effort to keep Jennifer from accepting a ride with Justin. Emilio was critically injured when Justin couldn't avoid hitting him with his car because the brakes (which Emilio had tampered with) didn't work. Diana insisted to Cal that they're not married and that after she believed he had been killed in Vietnam, she got on with her life. Jack (Billy) told Cal about Diana's romance and proposed marriage to Roman, but Cal is still determined to win Diana back. Cal told his shrink that he can't understand why Diana won't admit that they're married. Eve returned to the old mansion and for the first time learned that Nick is The Phantom. Eddie, who avoided being recaptured by the police, arrived at the mansion while Eve and Nick were there. Jerry tried to cheer up April by arranging a romantic dinner for the two of them.

Diana insisted to Cal that the love they once shared is over. Cal was upset when Diana also stuck to her story that they were never married. Jack (Billy) encouraged Cal to pursue his love for Diana. Patch and Shane rescued Nick and Eve from Eddie, who escaped. Emilio said good-bye to April, then split town after sneaking out of the hospital. Nick was hospitalized where he began recovering from his burns. Adrienne convinced Justin not to try to get revenge against Emilio for tampering with the brakes on Justin's car. Eddie asked Jack (Billy) to help him recover the $2,000,000 dollars that Nick has stashed away somewhere. Jack (Billy) agreed, but secretly plotted to keep all the money once it is recovered. Neil told Jo that he is almost sorry he married Anjelica. Marcus was smitten with anesthesiologist, Gail Carson. Kimberly received a threatening letter.
3/27/89-3/31/89: Cal was on the verge of telling Roman that Diana is supposedly Cal's wife, when Diana gave Cal a look to quiet him. Cal later told his shrink that he plans to romance Diana to win her heart away from Roman. Cal arranged a cozy dinner with Diana, who ran off when he tried to kiss her. Diana became upset when Jack (Billy) said that he knows Diana is Cal's wife. After another tiff with Mike, April went for a drive but ended up at a garage when her car broke down. At the garage, April saw Robin Jacobs, the lady doctor that Mike was once in love with. Jennifer tried to help a former schoolmate, Sally, who was jailed for attempted robbery even though the girl is pregnant. Kimberly's radio assistant, Adam, was wounded during Sally's holdup attempt. Adam glowed when Kimberly later called him a hero. Kimberly received more threatening letters. Shane began a new ISA case.

April and Robin Jacobs talked while waiting for their cars to be repaired, but later April was stunned to learn that Robin is Mike's former love interest. Diana convinced Roman to get married before a justice of the peace, but as the ceremony was being concluded, Cal burst into the room and claimed that he is already married to Diana. Eddie tailed Patch and Kayla, who got a safe deposit box key from Nick, removed the money that Eddie is after and used part of the money to pay the legal fines that cleared them of any involvement with Nick's faked death. Patch and Kayla hid the rest of Nick's money for safekeeping. Justin threw away the pills that have been causing him to be impotent and later made love to Adrienne. Jennifer is upset that Sally, who gave birth to a baby girl, can't keep the child because Sally is in jail. Eve and Nick set dates to have plastic surgery.

4/10/89-4/14/89: Diana left town to think things over after Cal told Roman that she is his wife. Roman was furious when Diana and Cal's story was splashed all over the newspapers by Jack (Billy), who denied spreading the story. Justin became ill, but recovered, when Victor goofed and put Justin's impotency pills in a glass of booze. Later, Justin was upset that he was impotent again, but Adrienne realized that Victor had drugged Justin's drink. Kimberly received another letter, this time from a woman, Gladys, who begged Kimberly to stop her from committing suicide. Kimberly and Shane got Gladys to a hospital after she took an overdose of pills. Shane and Kimberly realized that since Gladys didn't send Kimberly the threatening letters, Kimberly is still in danger. Robin told Mike she accepted a job at the Salem hospital. Jerry nixed dating April because she is on the rebound from Mike.

Eddie held Marcus, Gail, and Eve (who was about to undergo surgery) captive in the Salem Hospital operating room. Eddie threatened to kill them unless Nick returned the stolen money he had taken from Eddie. Patch and Kayla caught Nick just as he was boarding a plane out of town and told him about Eddie. In a shootout with Patch and Shane, Eddie was killed and Marcus was wounded. Eve was disappointed to learn Nick had planned to skip town without telling her. Diana returned to Salem and planned a happy reunion with Roman. Diana's plans were dashed when Cal entered her apartment while she was in the shower, then Roman arrived and jumped to the conclusion that something was going on between Diana and Cal. Gail suggested that a recovering Marcus try to find his real family. Roman is checking out Cal's past. Justin tricked Victor into admitting that he gave Justin the impotency pills.
4/24/89-4/28/89: Victor felt the agony of defeat when Justin moved out of Victor's mansion after tricking Victor into admitting that he had a quack doctor prescribe impotency pills for Justin. Realizing that Victor would come for Alexander, Anjelica convinced Neil to finalize his adoption of Alex before Victor could do anything about it. Later, Anjelica made sure that Adrienne found out that Justin is Alexander's father. Patch and Kayla agreed to work with Saul Taylor so that they could hold their clinic fundraiser and Saul could unfold his preaching tents at the same waterfront location. Kayla noticed that there is something very sad about Faith. Someone made an attempt on Kimberly's life. Victor called in Neil's gambling debts after Neil adopted Alexander. A man named Doyle phoned a mystery person and told them that Cal is in Salem. Diana is looking for proof that she didn't marry Cal.

Jennifer received a mild concussion from injuries she received when Saul's preaching tent collapsed. Saul reluctantly gave Marcus permission to operate on Faith, who came through the surgery but was blinded as a result of her injuries in the tent collapse. Marcus can't forget the fact that when Faith sang a revival song, it triggered a childhood memory of being around someone who sang gospel songs. Tommy Kameha, the former justice of the peace who nearly married Diana and Cal, lied that he didn't remember if Diana married Cal. Tommy, who is also an antiques dealer, insisted to Roman that he didn't know anything about the drug-filled antique vase that was sent to Salem from Tommy's shop in Hawaii. Tommy was later murdered. Adrienne was stunned when Justin admitted he slept with Anjelica. Justin told Anjelica that he'll take responsibility for his son, Alexander. Jack (Billy) suggested that he and Jennifer pretend to be married so they can be Hannah's foster parents.
5/8/89-5/12/89: Shane still isn't convinced that Adam isn't the person who has been threatening Kimberly's life. Adrienne fumed when Anjelica bought a condo next to Adrienne and Justin, then insisted that Justin begin spending time with his son, Alexander. During Jo's birthday party, Patch and Adrienne were stunned when their Uncle Earl showed up courtesy of Jack (Billy). The Johnson family hates Earl because he is the brother of Duke Johnson, who sexually molested Adrienne, beat up Patch, and deserted Jo. Roman and Diana searched for clues to why Tommy was murdered. After decoding a note clutched in Tommy's hand, Roman told Diana that he is convinced Cal is involved in drug smuggling. Eugene Bradford, who dumped Calliope and split town with another woman years ago, secretly returned to Salem dressed in Eskimo garb. Jennifer is determined to be a single foster parent to Sally's baby.

While struggling over a gun, Cal shot and critically wounded Roman. Mike and Robin performed life-saving surgery on Roman. Cal was arrested but refused to tell how the shooting happened. Robin, who kept mum that she has an infant son, fretted over the child because he had a high fever. The mystery person Gail has been giving information to about Marcus doesn't want her getting too close to Marcus. Jennifer was surprised but pleased when she was granted custody of Sally's baby, Hannah. Patch learned that Jo was responsible for Earl spending the last 10 years in prison and now Earl is out to get revenge. Gail agreed to go to Cleaver with Marcus, who hopes to find out who his parents were. Faith was upset when she learned that Marcus is leaving town for a while. Patch is going with Marcus to look for one of Saul's thugs, who set fire to the community center.
5/22/89-5/26/89: Tom, who knows that Mike is the father of Robin's infant son, urged her to tell Mike about the boy. After arriving in Charleston, Marcus was upset that he could find no record of his birth. When Roman regained consciousness, he told Abe and Lexie that he is sure he was shot by Cal during their fight. After Cal told Diana that he is "taking care of things," she wasn't sure that Cal shot Roman even though she saw him holding a gun after Roman was shot. While snooping in Shane and Kimberly's basement, Calliope nearly saw Eugene. Gail's Aunt Lizzie warned her not to tell Marcus about his past. Justin refused to be conned by Anjelica, who wants to move herself and Alexander into a pad with him. Adam kissed Kimberly, who told him that she loves Shane. Alfred Jericho kidnapped Shane and admitted sending the threatening letters to Kimberly to get her and Shane to leave town.

Roman was stunned when Abe told him that the police believed Diana, not Cal, shot Roman, but has blocked the shooting out of her mind. Kimberly later hypnotized Diana, who then admitted to Roman and Abe that she remembered shooting Roman while he was struggling with Cal. Jack (Billy) comforted Jennifer, who was forced to give Hannah to Sally's parents to raise while Sally is in prison. After learning that Robin's baby, Jeremy, is Mike's son, Alice was furious that Tom knew all along and kept the information from her. Robin promised Alice and Tom that she is going to tell Mike about Jeremy. Patch and Marcus caught the arsonist, Barney, when he tried to shoot Patch. Barney was arrested, but mysteriously died before Patch and Marcus could question him about who he was working for. Marcus told Patch that he is still determined to find his parents. April told Jerry that she loves Mike.

6/5/89-6/9/89: Alice insisted that Robin tell Mike he has a son, Jeremy, but Robin didn't act on the advice. During a verbal sparring match, April told Robin to face the fact that she has lost Mike. Adrienne admitted to Justin that she still thinks Anjelica will find a way to break them up even though Justin has ignored Anjelica's attempt to herself at him. While Marcus had Faith out for a walk, she began to see flashes of light. Later, after saying a prayer, Faith miraculously regained her eyesight. Roman was upset that Abe had to arrest Diana for shooting Roman. Cal told the press that he and Diana were never married. Jericho, who is supposedly a friend of Shane's, warned Saul not to let Faith spend so much time with Marcus. Patch is suspicious of Shane's sudden disappearance. Patch learned that Gail is an ISA agent and that the ISA is investigating the Cleaver bombing Marcus witnessed.

Emilio returned to Salem, then went looking for Jennifer. Roman threw a party for their family and friends after the judge declared there was insufficient evidence to bring Diana to trial for shooting Roman. After spying on the party-goers, Cal threw away his wedding band and decided to get on with his life - without Diana. Gail and Marcus secretly operated on Patch, removing the scar from Patch's eye so that he won't need to wear a patch. The operation is part of Patch's plan to go undercover to find out who is after Marcus. Patch and Kimberly are disturbed over the fact that Shane hasn't been in touch since he left on his secret ISA mission. Saul fumed when Faith said she is going to be friends with Marcus whether Saul likes it or not. Anjelica agreed to marry Victor, but hoped Justin would stop the ceremony before she had to say "I do." A mystery man asked to see Tom.
6/19/89-6/23/89: Diana, who was distraught that she nearly killed Roman, put her affairs in order and left town. April accepted Mike's marriage proposal and the two were about to elope when Robin stunned them with the news that she gave birth to Mike's son. Patch, who has a new glass eye, disguised himself as part of his plan to infiltrate Saul's ministry. Eugene and Kayla were the only ones who recognized Patch in his disguise. Saul told Jericho that Marcus doesn't remember his past, so he can't cause trouble for them. Tom and Alice were stunned to see their great-grandson, Scott Banning, who was raised in Europe. Scott and Nick got into a fight when Scott insisted he is a part owner of Nick's club because it is on Scott's land. Jack (Billy) was pleased when Jennifer refused to resume her friendship with Emilio. With their divorce final, Neil warned Anjelica not to hurt Adrienne. As Anjelica had planned, Justin prevented her from marrying Victor.

April returned Mike's engagement ring even though he insisted that he loves her and not Robin. Mike became upset when Robin admitted that she hadn't intended to tell him about his son, Jeremy. Roman was stunned when he returned home from a police assignment and found out Diana had left town. Gail sent Steve ("Daniel") to spy on Saul, who is building a religious wilderness camp in the mountains. Steve found Shane's keychain on the camp grounds. April told Jerry that they don't have a future together. Nick couldn't deny it when Scott accused him of being in love with Eve. A competitor, Balboni, is trying to steal the Calliope robot that Eugene has built. Adrienne packed up and left her own home when Anjelica ignored her orders to move out of Justin and Adrienne's condo. Nick asked April to marry him to force Eve and Mike out of their lives.
7/3/89-7/7/89: Marcus admitted to a crushed Faith that he is in love with Gail. Gail, who was listening on an electronic bug, didn't hear all of Marcus' confession, and jumped to the conclusion that Marcus loves Faith. Cal was abducted by the man who has been threatening Kimberly's life. The mystery man, who dressed up as a hooker who once worked with Kimberly, lured Kimberly into his clutches. Cal, who was tied up, was powerless to keep Kimberly from walking into the mystery man's trap. Saul ordered Daniel (Patch) to keep Kayla and Marcus out of the wilderness camp. Gail's ISA boss, Simon, admitted that someone has kidnapped Shane, but warned Gail to keep mum about it. Roman was livid when he learned that Cal has moved into Shane and Kimberly's mansion, but Kimberly kept mum that Cal is trying to protect her. Jack (Billy) blew his top when he found out Emilio is staying at Jennifer's loft.

7/10/89-7/14/89: Kimberly met with a hooker, Monica, who turned out to be her former assistant, Adam, in drag. Adam, who was upset that Kimberly had shunned his declaration of love, was trying to strangle her when Cal managed to rescue her. Roman was upset that Kimberly had confided her problems to Cal instead of him. Patch found the trailer in the woods where Jericho's men have been holding Shane prisoner. After being terrorized by Jericho's henchman, Aunt Lizzie told Marcus that she doesn't know anything about his past. Justin resisted when Anjelica turned on the charm and tried to seduce him now that Adrienne has moved out on him. Nick and April got married to force Mike and Eve out of their lives. Mike and Robin were relieved when their son, Jeremy, recovered from a high fever. Shane's attempt to escape from Jericho was thwarted.
7/17/89-7/21/89: Shane was stunned to see Patch (Daniel), who was captured by Jericho's men after he stowed away in a truck that brought a shipment of computer parts to Jericho's headquarters. Kayla managed to get into Saul's religious camp, then searched for Patch (Daniel). Patch (Daniel) and Shane escaped from Jericho's men, but just after they linked up with Kayla. Jericho's man, Larry, got the drop on them. Larry fired a shot at Patch (Daniel) and Shane, who dodged the bullet. Patch (Daniel) panicked when he heard Kayla scream right after Larry fired the gun. Cal told Kimberly that he wants to help her find Shane. Mike and Eve were stunned to learn that Nick and April are married. Mike and Robin were relieved when Jeremy recovered from his illness. Eve agreed to let Scott "make her a star." Jennifer was sad when Emilio moved out of her pad. Justin and Adrienne are still on the outs.

Adrienne spent a night with Justin, but nixed returning home while Anjelica is still living in their apartment. Adrienne began to get close to Neil after they took Noel on a picnic. Patch (Daniel) took Shane, who was wounded in a shootout with Jericho's men, out of Saul's camp, but left Kayla behind. Kayla has to convince Faith that Saul is up to no good. Justin ended his vendetta against Victor, then paid off Yvette, who he had hired to seduce Victor. Yvette took Justin's money, but rejected his suggestion that she leave town. Yvette, who is interested in Victor's money, returned to his mansion after her meeting with Justin. Cal told Roman that the ISA computer says that Shane is dead. When Roman told Kimberly the news, she refused to believe Shane is gone. Emilio and Jack (Billy) are vying for Jennifer's attention. April fumed when Mike asked her to annul her marriage to Nick.
7/31/89-8/4/89: Marcus, who was injured by Jericho's thugs, suddenly remembered that it was Jericho and Saul who Marcus had seen bomb a black church when Marcus was just a small boy. Jericho's henchman, Ralph, accidentally shot Faith when she tired to warn Patch and Shane that Ralph was after them. Faith wasn't badly injured. Patch and Shane devised a plot to rescue Kayla, who is being held prisoner by Jericho. During the rescue attempt, it appeared that Shane shot Patch. Faith told Kimberly that Shane is alive. Not realizing that Jericho is the bad guy in this scenario, Kimberly phoned and asked him to help rescue Shane after Cal refused to help her. While in Atlantic City on business, a drunken Jack (Billy) told Jennifer that he doesn't think he's good enough for her. Faith was horrified when Marcus ran into Saul's religious tent and accused Saul of being a fake.

To rescue Kayla from Jericho and his thugs, Shane pretended to shoot Patch. Patch and Shane also rescued Marcus from Jericho. While trying to escape, Jericho shot Saul. Shane ran to the mountain cave and rescued Faith from Jericho. A bomb set by Jericho blew up the mountain while Shane and Jericho were fighting. Cal told Kimberly that Jericho is a drug dealer and that Cal once worked for him. Faith was stunned to learn that Marcus was telling the truth when he said Saul and Jericho blew up the black church. Emilio considered asking his former street gang to help him find Julio, who ran away with Carrie. Yvette told Roman that she had seen Carrie and Julio shortly before they disappeared. Anjelica tried to convince Justin that Adrienne is having an affair with Neil. Scott received a royalty check. Julio is worried about Carrie, who became ill. Jennifer argued with Jack (Billy).
8/14/89-8/18/89: A wounded Saul was rushed to the hospital, but he later died. Faith agreed to move in with Tom and Alice now that Saul is dead. Patch and Kayla managed to escape from the cave after the explosion, but Patch was unable to find a trace of Shane, who was pulled over a cliff by Jericho at the time of the explosion. Mike realized that Nick isn't such a bad guy after all while treating a battered Nick, who was accosted by street punks while he was looking for Julio. On a tip from Yvette, Roman found Carrie in the seedy motel she and Julio had been holed up in. Cal went up to the cave with Kimberly, who refuses to believe that Shane is dead. Marcus went back to Cleaver to trace more of his past, and was stunned to learn that Lizzie is Gail's aunt. Emilio was beaten up trying to help Jack (Billy), who was attacked by Emilio's former gang pals. A mysterious woman kept tabs on Patch.

8/21/89-8/25/89: Patch looked through his old Merchant Marine seabag and removed an old photo and a legal document in the garden. Patch insisted to Kayla that there is nothing wrong with him, but she noted his strange reaction when he looked at the label on the bottle of wine that was delivered to their home. Patch had flashbacks to a woman from his past. Mike didn't try to stop Robin, who took Jeremy and left Salem after she received an out-of-town job offer. Nick discouraged Eve after realizing she is trying to use him as a substitute father now that Shane is dead. Kimberly still doesn't want to believe that Shane is dead. Emilio saved Jack (Billy) from being brutally beaten by members of Emilio's old gang, The Stingrays. Jack (Billy) lied to Abe that he didn't know who attacked him. Cal comforted Kimberly over Shane's death. To get Justin back, Adrienne lied she is pregnant.
8/28/89-9/1/89: Believing that Adrienne is pregnant, Justin arranged for Anjelica and Alexander to move out of his apartment. As a ploy to hopefully get Justin back, Anjelica agreed that she would move back in with Victor. Yvette threatened to move out when Victor told her that Anjelica was moving into the mansion. Yvette sympathized with Carrie, who feels that Roman doesn't have time for her lately. Patch admitted to Kayla that something from his past is bothering him, but refused to elaborate. Later, Patch had a nightmare in which he dove off a boat when he saw a woman's scarf floating in the water. Patch thought he saw the mystery woman in Salem again. Jack (Billy) and Emilio are still vying for Jennifer's attention. Adrienne made love with Justin in hopes that she will really get pregnant. Kimberly saw Shane in a vision.

Patch had a flashback to a time in Italy when he danced the night away with a pretty woman he had fallen in love with. Kayla raced off in her car when Patch wouldn't tell her about his past. Patch panicked when Kayla crashed her car into another car driven by a woman named Donna. Kayla and Donna weren't seriously injured. When Kayla went to introduce Patch, Donna had disappeared. Roman later found Donna. Patch was stunned when he later found Donna in his house. A man wanted for murder found Shane unconscious in the woods. The murderer exchanged his clothes for Shane's, and left his gun with him. When Shane regained consciousness, he was suffering from amnesia. Jack (Billy) spied on Patch, who read an old newspaper article about the death of a woman nearly 10 years ago. Shane met up with Rebecca, a lady hiker. Yvette can't stand Anjelica. There is an attraction between Yvette and Roman.

9/11/89-9/15/89: Shane, who calls himself "Sam," convinced lady hiker Rebecca that he is not the murderer that is loose somewhere in the mountains. Rebecca became suspicious of "Sam" when she went through the wallet she found and saw Shane's ISA identification. Neil nixed putting Adrienne on fertility drugs so that she can get pregnant. Patch was stunned when he realized that Marina is alive, then he lashed out at her for coming on to him and trying to come between him and Kayla. Rebecca and "Sam" (Shane) got jobs in a diner, then pretended to be married to get a place to stay. Eugene worried when his "vibes" told him Calliope is in danger. Jack (Billy) connected Donna (Marina) to the newspaper article he caught Patch reading about Marina's mysterious disappearance. Marina and Victor are secretly plotting together. Eve fumed that Kimberly has control of the money Shane left Eve.

When Patch refused to help Marina (Donna) find a key that she lost in the water the night she nearly drowned, Marina (Donna) threatened to blab that she and Patch are still legally married. Marina (Donna) is determined to regain possession of her father's estate. Kayla was stunned when she heard Donna (Marina) threaten to reveal that she and Patch were once lovers. Rebecca kept mum to Shane that she is secretly running form someone. Because she needs Shane's help, Rebecca kept quiet about the fact that she knows Shane's real identity and that he is an ISA agent. Kimberly began spending more time with Cal. April learned that Eve lied when she said that she has slept with Mike. Adrienne didn't have the nerve to tell Justin that she is not pregnant. Anjelica snooped through Adrienne's file and learned that she is not pregnant. Emilio saved Jennifer from gang leader Santos.

Rebecca's husband, Arthur, showed up demanding some papers that he accused her of stealing from him. When Shane tried to help Rebecca, Arthur shot him in the leg. Rebecca then shot Arthur. Neil denied Anjelica's accusation that he wanted Adrienne for himself. Neil warned Adrienne that Anjelica knows she's not pregnant, but by the time Adrienne got to Justin, Anjelica has already shown him Adrienne's negative pregnancy test results. Eve tailed Mike to New York City where he met with Robin and Jeremy one last time before they boarded a plane to Israel. Scott fumed when Eve didn't show up to sing for some backers. Later, after hearing Faith sing, Scott started thinking about promoting her instead of Eve. Calliope agreed not to tell April that Nick has been having dizzy spells. Kimberly treated Cal to dinner after he tracked Eve down in New York City. Cal almost kissed Kimberly.

Marcus broke off his relationship with Gail. Marcus told Faith that he is not romantically interested in her and doesn't think she is ready for a relationship. Neil told Kayla that her pregnancy test was positive. Kayla urged Patch to help Marina find the key she lost years ago so that they can get Marina out of their lives. Realizing that Rebecca had only wounded Arthur, Shane and Rebecca stashed Arthur in the truck of his car, but Arthur escaped. Later, Shane killed Arthur while he was trying to kill Rebecca. Scott denied Alice's suspicion that he is interested in more than Faith's singing ability. Scott secretly made a tape of Faith while she was singing. Shane admitted to Rebecca that he has amnesia. Abe was wounded when he arrested Santos and his gang members, who held up a gas station. Emilio, who is working undercover for Roman, was also arrested.
10/9/89-10/13/89: Rebecca was relieved that Sam (Shane) didn't recognize Kimberly's voice or name when he heard her on the radio. Rebecca admitted to Sam (Shane) that she is afraid he will abandon her if he remembers his real identity. Kimberly was forced to spend the night in the room that Shane and Rebecca shared while working at Irwin's diner. Kimberly dreamed she saw Shane making love to another woman (Rebecca) in the bed. After burying Arthur, Shane and Rebecca looked through the papers Arthur had been eager to retrieve, but found no clues as to what he was up to. They did see the name "Renfro" in the papers, but Rebecca didn't know the man. Meanwhile, Renfro hired Cal to find Arthur. An abandoned child, Patty, recognized Arthur as her father from the photo Renfro gave Cal. Kayla learned she is pregnant, but didn't tell Patch. Patch agreed to go to Italy with Marina to find the key.

Patch and Marina left for Italy on a private plane. Billy (Jack) tried to tell Patch that Kayla is pregnant, but didn't get the words out before Kayla contacted Patch on a two-way radio. Because of a bad connection, Patch didn't hear Kayla's pregnancy news. One of Victor's thugs piloted Patch and Marina's plane. Kayla arrived at the hotel in Italy just as Patch was comforting Marina, who had a nightmare. Isabella, a mental hospital patient, told Kayla that Patch is unfaithful. Nick put up the money for Eve's recording contract. Scott admitted that he used to work for Colin. Jack (Billy) saw Jennifer kissing Emilio. Roman kissed Yvette, who had just given Carrie a lecture on sex. Rebecca kept Patch and Shane from seeing each other. Rebecca and Shane hid in a cave that later fell in on them. Justin and Adrienne decided that it is time to end their marriage.
10/23/89-10/27/89: Shane and Rebecca survived the cave-in, and eventually were able to dig their way out of the rubble. Rebecca and Shane kissed and almost made love, but Rebecca stopped it because she fells guilty about keeping Shane away from Kimberly. Shane and Rebecca were stunned when they returned to where they had buried Arthur and found the body was gone. Shane was furious when he found his identification in Rebecca's backpack and realized she knew who he was all along. Eve was stunned when Nick collapsed in front of her. Jennifer and Emilio were kissing while the Stingrays gang members sneaked up behind them for revenge. Patch dove into the water at the spot where Marina nearly drowned years ago and found the key that she had lost. When Patch surfaced, he found himself facing a loaded gun while Victor demanded he turn over the key. Kimberly admitted to Calliope that she is falling for Cal.

Eve fretted over Nick after he passed out, but he refused to tell her what's wrong with him. Nick's doctor conferred with Mike, who said that "the patient" (Nick) needs an operation. Nick was knocked out cold saving Eve from a mugger. Kimberly couldn't tell Cal to his face that she is falling for him. Kimberly agreed to help Cal search for Patty's parents, then recognized Rebecca from Cal's photo of Patty's stepmother. Patch was forced to hand the mystery key over to the harbor master, who in turn gave the key to Victor. The harbor master beat up Patch, impairing the vision in Patch's bad eye again. Anjelica is plotting to destroy Adrienne's attempt to resurrect a construction company that's on the skids. J.J.'s brother, Hank, agreed to work for Adrienne. Alice warned Scott not to trust Colin. Three hunters plotted to kill Shane and rape Rebecca.
11/6/89-11/10/89: Patch was upset that it was Jack (Billy) who told him Kayla is pregnant. Marcus and Neil arranged for Patch to watch when Kayla had an ultrasound, but had refused to let Patch be with her. Rebecca and Shane escaped from the three crazy hunters who threatened to kill them. Shane was going to leave Rebecca until he saw a newspaper story about Irwin's death and realized that Arthur is still alive and probably still after Rebecca. Kimberly took Patty into her home after the girl identified Rebecca as her stepmother. Jack learned that Marina's father is dead, then talked with Isabella, who refused to give him any information about Marina. Anjelica is plotting to use Hank to help her put Adrienne's construction company out of business. Justin warned Yvette not to betray Victor after he heard her make a date with Roman. Faith is confused about her feelings for Scott.

Roman was shocked to learn that Yvette is a hooker. Yvette accepted Victor's marriage proposal when Roman made no move to stop her from doing so. Colin's wife, Brooke, arrived in Salem. When Faith saw Scott kiss Brooke, she deduced that Colin told her the truth when he said Scott had an affair with Brooke. Faith signed a contract with Colin even though Scott had urged her not to. Rebecca and Shane wound up in Salem when their car broke down and needed repairs. Shane insisted on staying in Salem after he saw Alice and believed that he once knew her. Patch's car blew up as Patch and Marina walked toward it. Cal bunked at Kimberly's house because he is afraid she may be in danger if Arthur comes looking for Patty. Mike refused to tell April what he knows about Nick's medical condition. Nick was rushed to the hospital in a coma after he collapsed. Justin slept with Anjelica.
11/20/89-11/24/89: Patch and Marina escaped injury when Patch's car suddenly exploded. Kayla was worried about Patch until she saw him with Marina again. Roman confronted Victor after Marina admitted Victor was behind what was happening to Patch. Patch urged Marina to give Victor the key that he wants. Isabella was livid when she realized that Marina was planning to double-cross her. When Roman went to talk to Marina, he found she had been murdered. While Shane was searching for the woman (Kimberly) in his dreams, Rebecca saw Kimberly and Cal and realized that Kimberly has already fallen for Cal. After talking to fortune teller Queenie, Cal realized Shane is alive. Shane went to his home, which he has been seeing in his dreams, and saw two people kissing. An ailing Nick dreamed that he was a big nightclub owner in New York City and that he chose April to be at his side.

Roman vowed to find out who killed Marina, even though her body has disappeared. Shane saw Kimberly and Cal kissing while looking through a window of his own home, but didn't recognize them. Rebecca and Shane went to Chicago to look for incriminating evidence against Arthur. Arthur confronted them with a loaded gun. Eve accused Kimberly of betraying Shane's memory when she realized that Kimberly and Cal had made love. When Nick came out of his coma, April didn't let on that she knows his illness is very serious. Mike realized April is in love with Nick. Jack (Billy) was surprised at how upset Isabella got when he told her that Marina had been murdered. Scott told Faith that he slept with Brooke to keep her from accusing Colin of being involved in payola. Justin assured Anjelica he will prevent Victor from marrying Yvette. Scott and Colin got into a fight over Faith. Patch worried Kayla is in danger.
12/4/89-12/8/89: Renfro shot and killed Arthur, who threatened to kill Shane and Rebecca. Renfro revealed to Shane that he is an SEC agent and had been working undercover to nail Arthur. Shane didn't tell Renfro that he has amnesia. Victor's thugs threw Jack and Isabelle into a padded cell at the psychiatric hospital, but they later escaped. Jack called Patch for help but got Kayla, who arrived to help Jack just as a hospital orderly got the drop on them. Patch, who doesn't know that Roman is working undercover, is upset that Roman doesn't seem to be trying to get the goods on Victor. Victor told Patch that when he gets the key Marina and Patch retrieved, Kayla's life will no longer be in danger. Adrienne and Hank celebrated a new construction job, but Adrienne was upset to see Justin out with Anjelica. Yvette told Victor that she is really a prostitute.

Cal told Rebecca that he knows who she is. At ISA headquarters, Shane caught an agent shredding a file on Shane Donovan after the ISA boss, Simon, said that he's not Shane Donovan. Rebecca later admitted to Shane that she's known all along he's married to Kimberly. Rebecca insisted on going with Shane, who went to his house to talk to Kimberly. When Eve answered the door, she let Shane look for Kimberly, knowing he'd find Kimberly in Cal's arms. Victor ordered one of his thugs to harass Kayla, and later Kayla was grabbed from behind by a man wearing a glove. Jack convinced Jennifer to let Isabella move in with her for a while. Isabella realized that Jack has a romantic thing for Jennifer. Julio moved to New York City. Eugene's "vibes" tell him that Calliope is in danger. Eve nearly overheard Mike and April talking about the fact that Nick's illness is terminal.
12/18/89-12/22/89: Kayla was furious to learn that Patch was her abductor. Patch locked Kayla in a lighthouse so she would be safe from Victor. Kayla later escaped, but Patch caught her before Victor could get to her. Roman asked Yvette to spy on Victor, but she refused. Isabella, who is hiding out in Jennifer's apartment, fretted that Jack will find out she is the owner of an earring found in Marina's room after Marina was murdered. Kimberly was stunned when Shane came into her bedroom and caught her with Cal. Kimberly realized that Shane doesn't remember who she is, although he knows she is his wife. Eve was devastated because Shane doesn't remember her. Roman is looking for a tape recorder that belonged to Marina, but must have been stolen by her murderer. Nick refused to have laser surgery. Emilio thinks Jennifer loves Jack. Roman found a photo of Isabella, Marina, their father, Ernesto, and Victor.

For their own selfish reasons, Cal and Eve are plotting to keep Kimberly and Shane apart. Kimberly accused Rebecca of knowing Shane's identity but kept him in the dark so that she could hold on to him. Rebecca insisted to Kimberly that Shane is "dead" and the man she knows is Sam. Shane admitted to Kimberly that he doesn't know exactly how he feels about Rebecca. After learning that Nick is dying, Eve begged him to have the laser surgery or anything else that could save his life. Adrienne was jealous when she saw Justin and Faith, who he hired as his assistant. Cal gave Shane his keys to Kimberly's home, then told Shane to go and talk to Kimberly. When Shane entered the house, Kimberly took a shot at him because she thought he was a thief. Emilio nixed being "just friends" with Jennifer. When Patch went to get Marcus to help an ailing Kayla, Victor sent a man to kidnap Kayla.