Nancy M. Reichardt's Syndicated Weekly Synopses: "Tune in Tomorrow"

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1/1/90-1/5/90: Kimberly was stunned when she saw that she shot Shane after mistaking him for a prowler. Mike operated on Shane, who survived surgery, but lapsed into a coma. Rebecca accused Kimberly of trying to kill Shane so she could have all his money, and Eve accused Kimberly of trying to kill Shane so she could be with Cal. Patch frantically searched for Kayla, who was kidnapped by Victor's thug. Victor told Patch that when he produces the key that Marina hid, Patch will get Kayla back. Grace, the woman Victor hired to watch over Kayla, realized that Victor isn't Kayla's husband. Kayla begged Grace to help her escape, but Grace refused. Isabella, who had been hiding, broke up a fight between Jack and Patch. Isabella nixed telling Patch and Jack about her past with Victor. Victor was stunned when Isabella arrived on his doorstep. Anjelica paid Hank to sabotage Adrienne's construction business.

Shane went into cardiac arrest after Cal sneaked into his hospital room and injected something into Shane's i.v. solution. Shane later came out of his coma. Hoping to break up the closeness developing between Kimberly and Shane, Eve told Shane that Kimberly was the one who shot and nearly killed him. Isabella, who's working with Patch and Jack, got Victor to reveal that Kayla was being held captive on his yacht, which was disguised as an oil tanker. Patch tried to rescue Kayla, but was knocked out and set adrift in a raft by Victor's thugs. Later, Grace tried to help Kayla escape, but they were caught by Victor's men. Adrienne and Justin received their final divorce papers. Victor rebuffed Caroline, who begged him to free Kayla. Patch set off to find Kayla after Yvette told Patch and Roman that Victor had taken Kayla to Florida. The mystery key is hidden in a vase.
1/15/90-1/19/90: Roman helped Yvette escape from Victor, who forbade her to leave his mansion after learning she was helping Patch search for Kayla. Roman helped Yvette escape, then sent her out of town for her own protection. After discovering the mysterious key in a vase that Jennifer had accidentally broken, Jack and Isabella flew to Miami to give the key to Patch so he could use it to barter with Victor for Kayla's release. Jack secretly made a wax impression of the key, then made plane reservations to Italy. Cal fumed when Shane said he was going to move in with Kimberly in hopes of regaining his memory. Cal forced Rebecca to continue professing her love for Shane. April was relieved that Nick survived his surgery, but worried that when he is completely recovered he will expect her to be his wife. Jennifer tried to convince herself that Emilio (not Jack) is the man for her.

In Italy, Jack received information about a secret cave from a sailor, and later, Jack literally fell into the cave entrance. Inside the cave, Jack found a diary written by Isabella's mother, Loretta Toscano. Jack seemed stunned after he read some of the pages of the diary. Isabella was shot and wounded while she and Roman were trying to give the mystery key to Victor. Victor helped Roman get Isabella to a hospital. Isabella survived surgery, but didn't seem to want to regain consciousness. Victor's men released Kayla to Patch. Kayla insisted on Grace's release also. Just as Kimberly and Shane were getting close again, Cal anonymously phoned Shane and told him about Kimberly's prostitute past. After his surgery, Nick realized that April lied about them having a future so that he'd consent to the surgery. Kayla received a tape recording of an argument she had with Marina.
1/29/90-2/2/90: Shane didn't believe his WSB superiors, Tarrington and Simon, who apologized for the rough treatment Shane recently received form the bureau. It was learned that Cal is working with Simon to make sure that Shane doesn't remember his past. The Hortons were surprised when Julie Williams returned to Salem. Julie secretly has a score to settle with Victor. Roman kept mum when Victor quizzed him about Yvette's whereabouts. Jack and Jennifer each fantasized about marrying one another, but Jack went to extra pains to keep Jennifer away from him romantically. Patch and Kayla got ready for their wedding while Victor was secretly plotting to use the tape recording of Kayla and Marina's argument to make sure the wedding doesn't come off. Victor sent Roman a copy of the Kayla-Marina tape. Nick and April signed the papers to annul their marriage. Justin and Adrienne are getting close again.

Just as Patch and Kayla were about to finish their "I do's," Kayla refused to go through with the wedding when she spotted Abe. Patch was furious when Abe quizzed Kayla about Marina's murder. After playing the audio tape of Kayla and Marina's last quarrel, Abe was forced to arrest Kayla on murder charges. When Rebecca told Cal she was leaving town, he tampered with the brakes on her car. Rebecca was later killed when the car went over a cliff. Kimberly told Cal that Shane remembers snippets of his past. Cal passed the information on to Simon. After regaining consciousness, Isabella told Kayla that she doesn't believe Kayla killed Marina. Caroline nixed Victor's offer to pay Kayla's bail, then later asked him to put up the money, but an anonymous benefactor had already paid Kayla's bail. Neil and Julie planned a surprise party for Mickey and Maggie.
2/12/90-2/16/90: Melissa, who returned from Europe after splitting up with Pete, warned Jennifer that Jack is bad news. Jack started pushing Jennifer away from him again after hearing Melissa warn Jennifer to steer clear of him. Maggie was in tears when Melissa attended Maggie and Mickey's surprise anniversary party. When the judge ordered that Kayla would have to stand trial for Marina's murder, Patch suggested that they go on the run, but Kayla refused. While the district attorney was badgering Kayla on the witness stand, she suddenly went into labor. Victor came up with a witness who cleared Caroline, who lied that she had killed Marina. Mike took April to the Caribbean on a vacation. April accepted Mike's marriage proposal. Adrienne caught Justin snooping in her apartment. Justin said he is trying to find out who is sabotaging Adrienne's business. Isabella wants to get even with Victor.

Patch and Kayla became the parents of a daughter, Stephanie Kay. Patch is desperate to find Marina's real killer so that Kayla won't have to go back on trial. Shane realized that Cal and Simon are in cahoots with each other. Shane was stunned when he heard the tapes of his hypnosis sessions and learned that Kimberly kept mum that he had remembered he loved her and he was jealous of Cal's relationship with Kimberly. After they argued, Shane and Kimberly went to bed together. Roman is upset that Isabella sneaked into Victor's mansion on her own to look for a tape recorder that Marina had with her at the time of her death. Victor played an audio tape that indicated Isabella killed Marina. Isabella doesn't remember what she did. Cal and Simon plan to kidnap Kimberly. Neil got drunk because he is upset that Adrienne is spending time with Justin. Jo is jealous of Julie and Neil's closeness.
2/26/90-3/2/90: Mike and April's wedding plans went down the tubes when Mike went to Japan to help with a medical emergency. Everyone was stunned when the jury found Kayla guilty of Marina's murder and the judge sentenced her to fifteen years in prison. Kayla talked to a social worker about taking Stephanie Kay with her when she reports to the prison. On Anjelica's orders, Hank arranged to blow up a building while Adrienne was inside. At the last minute, Hank had a change of heart and tried to save Adrienne, but they were both caught in the explosion. A suspicious Justin arrived too late to save Adrienne. Roman and Isabella realized that there was a connection between Victor and her mother Loretta. Jack still has the pages he stole from Loretta's diary. Isabella gave Loretta's diary to Roman to read. Jack heard Emilio profess his love for Jennifer. Julie plotted against Victor.

Anjelica acted stunned when rescue workers pulled a badly injured Hank from the building she blew up with a radio controlled bomb. Hank died before he could tell anyone that Adrienne wasn't responsible for the building's collapse. Justin was trapped in the building rubble while trying to rescue Adrienne. After their rescue, Justin lied he was responsible for the building collapse to protect Adrienne. Shane tracked Cal to a cave in the mountains after Cal kidnapped Kimberly. Shane overpowered Cal and rescued Kimberly. Kayla received permission to take Stephanie to prison with her, but later gave the baby to Patch to raise while she serves her time for Marina's murder. Sheila, a woman who lost her baby the day that Stephanie was born, fretted over Stephanie's fate now that Kayla is in prison. Patch decided to hire a nanny for Stephanie. Julie noted Neil's concern for Adrienne.
3/12/90-3/16/90: Harper tried to convince Jack, during a visit to the prison, to help him get paroled despite the fact that he is a mass murderer. Jennifer warned Jack that Harper is only using him. Jack fired Jennifer after learning that she went to Harper and asked him to leave Jack alone. After being coached by Melissa, Emilio asked Jennifer to marry him. Jo urged Jack to go after Jennifer. Scott agreed to let Faith and Julie help him get rid of the thugs who are pressuring him to buy restaurant supplies from them. Justin found proof that Anjelica was responsible for the building collapse that caused Hank's death. Before Justin could get the information to Abe, Adrienne phoned and told Justin that Anjelica was at the airport and she had Alexander with her. Isabella remembered being with Marina the day she died. Patch hired Sheila to take care of Stephanie. Sheila lied that her name was Kelly Parker.

Justin and Adrienne were unable to prevent Anjelica from leaving town and taking Alexander with her. Justin was devastated when Victor later told him that Anjelica and Alexander died when their plane crashed. Meanwhile, Anjelica, who never got on the plane, took the baby and left town but vowed to return someday. Isabella told Roman she remembers that she saw Marina on the day she died. Roman went to Italy with Isabella for the reading of her father's will. Isabella inherited her father's money and estate, but Giuseppe, an employee of her father's, has control of Isabella's inheritance. Roman realized the earring he found after Marina's murder had belonged to Isabella. April decided to go to China to be with Mike, who decided to help with the medical emergency longer than he had planned. Jennifer considered Emilio's marriage proposal. Kimberly had a pregnancy test.
3/26/90-3/30/90: April wanted to go to China to be with Mike, who nixed her idea over the phone. Mike later wrote April that he wouldn't be returning to Salem anytime in the future. Nick gladly hired April to work at Wings. Kimberly learned that she is pregnant and panicked when her due date indicated Cal is the baby's father. Shane, who found a baby booty, asked Kimberly if she is pregnant. While Jennifer was doing a live human interest TV news story on Emilio and Melissa's nightclub act, Emilio asked Jennifer to marry him on the air. Jack learned that Roman thinks Isabella might have killed Marina. While searching Isabella's belongings, Roman found the mate to the earring he found at Marina's place after she was killed. Victor, who is upset over losing Alexander and fears he is losing Justin to Adrienne, ordered his henchman to find his son, Bo Brady. Neil and Maggie are getting close.

After Jennifer accepted Emilio's marriage proposal on live TV, Jack rushed to her and insisted that she shouldn't marry Emilio. Jack stopped short of telling Jennifer that he loved her. After Patch left the house, Sheila locked Jo in a closet and then kidnapped Stephanie. April is worried that Jennifer doesn't really love Emilio. Nick gave April a shoulder to lean on and she admitted she is frustrated over her long-distance romance with Mike. Julie told Victor that she talked with Hope on the phone and Hope said she and Bo are being tailed by someone. A worried Victor ordered his henchman, Nico, to find Bo and Hope because he is afraid they may be in danger. After learning that Justin and Adrienne are now business partners, Victor changed his will and made Bo his only beneficiary. Melissa wishes that someone would love her the way Emilio loves Jennifer. Faith's legs are paralyzed.
4/9/90-4/13/90: Patch vowed to find Sheila after learning from Marcus, Grace, and Lexie that Sheila had kidnapped Stephanie. Patch decided not to tell Kayla bout Stephanie's kidnapping until after he finds the child. With help from a prison guard, Jodi, Kayla broke out of jail after she learned about Stephanie's kidnapping. In a flashback, Isabella remembered dropping a gun while struggling with Marina and later throwing the gun into the river. After Isabella confessed all that she has remembered about the day of Marina's death, Victor played the audio tape that proves Isabella killed Marina. Roman overheard Victor and Isabella. Jack and Jennifer worked together on a story about Kayla's prison break. Jack decided he is going to stop Jennifer from marrying Emilio. Kimberly decided to leave town after Cal warned that he won't let her keep him away from their child. Faith began physical therapy.

Roman arrested Isabella after she told Victor she had killed Marina accidentally while they struggled over a gun. Isabella was hurt that Roman suspected she killed Marina. Sheila avoided Kayla at the airport and managed to get herself and Stephanie on a plane to Australia. Kayla and Patch boarded a later plane to Australia. While fighting with some thugs in an Australian bar, Patch was stunned when Bo Brady came to his defense. Bo remembered seeing Sheila and Stephanie when Patch showed him their photos. Over the phone, Julie urged Hope to take her son, Shawn Douglas, and get out of Australia. Bo was stunned to see Hope get hit by a car as he was going to meet her. Jennifer was in shock after Jack, disguised as a fireman, kidnapped her so she couldn't say her "I do's" with Emilio. Julie suspects that Neil has feelings of love for Maggie. April learned Mike isn't coming home.
4/23/90-4/27/90: Jack took Jennifer to a secluded cabin, but refused to admit that he loves her even though she tried to seduce him. Jack fell off a cliff onto a ledge trying to rescue Jennifer, who fell while trying to run away from Jack. Jack and Jennifer shared a kiss, but Emilio and Melissa arrived at that moment to rescue them both. Emilio pulled Jennifer to safety, but fell off the cliff himself trying to rescue Jack. Jack, Jennifer, and Melissa panicked when they realized that Emilio's fall took him past the safety of the ledge. Julie met Hope in Paris. Hope admitted she and Bo separated because they are having marital problems. Bo told Hope that he loves her, but she said she wants to return to Salem. Victor told Bo that he wants them to rebuild a father-son relationship. Giuseppe wants the missing pages from Loretta's diary. Shane learned Kimberly is pregnant after she fell down the stairs.

4/30/90-5/4/90: After Faith took a few steps on her own for the first time since her accident, Scott took her out to celebrate. Scott told Faith that he is going back to medical school. Cal warned Kimberly's doctor, Craig, he will be killed if he tells Shane that he is really the father of Kimberly's baby. Kimberly still thinks Cal is her baby's father. It was learned that Giuseppe is working for Isabella's father, Ernesto, whom everyone thinks is dead. To get revenge on Victor, Ernesto had Bo kidnapped, then had one of his men, Johnny Corelli, have plastic surgery so he looks like Bo to infiltrate Victor's "camp." Neil comforted Maggie after she and Mickey quarreled over Mickey's lack of interest in Maggie and Sarah. Giuseppe and Ernesto added Roman to their hit list after learning that he is investigating Loretta's past. April learned Mike is in Israel with Robin and Jeremy.

Jennifer helped Jack get to a warehouse after two thugs beat him up while looking for the pages to Loretta's diary. Jennifer read the diary pages after finding them in a secret pocket sewn in Jack's pants. Giuseppe started tailing Jennifer when he realized she knew about the diary pages. Jack had Jennifer move in with him so he could protect her. Jennifer lied to Emilio she is staying with Tom and Alice for a while. Roman and Isabella searched the attic of Patch and Kayla's house for information that will disprove Victor's claim he had an affair with Loretta. Ernesto was pleased that the plastic surgery to switch identities between Bo and Johnny was successful. Bo and Johnny seem to be sharing a secret. Patch, Kayla, Marcus, and Grace searched for Stephanie even though Sheila wrote a note threatening to kill herself and Stephanie if they didn't stop the search.

5/14/90-5/18/90: Eve was furious that her attempt to romantically snare Scott backfired and Scott and Faith ended up kissing. Scott and Faith decided to leave town together after he was accepted at Stanford University. Neil kept Maggie from seeing a file he has on Sarah. Hope was happy to see a newly-arrived Bo. It's a mystery as to whether Bo is the real Bo or whether he is Johnny, who had plastic surgery. Hope was upset when Bo moved in with Victor. Shawn was devastated when he learned that Bo is Victor's son, not his. Jennifer told Jack she no longer wants protection after suspecting he was trying to scoop her pending story on Isabella, who is planning to set sail on a yacht named after her mother. Patch and Kayla are still trying to track down Sheila, who lied to several people in the Australian outback that Patch is her husband and that he is abusive.

Patch was arrested after throwing a fit when an Australian family refused to let him and Kayla go into their house to look for Stephanie. After Patch was released from jail, he and Kayla learned Sheila stole a car belonging to the family she was staying with. Patch and Kayla later found Sheila standing on a bridge holding Stephanie. Sheila threatened to jump and take Stephanie with her. Ernesto warned Bo that he is keeping an eye on him. Roman insisted he is going on the cruise with Isabella, who suspects he just wants to investigate Giuseppe. Ernesto warned Bo to make sure that Victor also goes on the cruise. Jack arranged a singing job for Melissa and Emilio when he learned Jennifer was going to ask Emilio to go on the cruise. Hope told Bo that she is going to fight to bring back the "old" Bo.
5/28/90-6/1/90: Giuseppe was stunned to learn Ernesto is planning revenge against Isabella. Giuseppe arranged to meet Isabella to tip her off, but when Isabella and Roman arrived at the park, they found Giuseppe had been murdered. Isabella believed Victor, who said that he didn't kill Giuseppe. Johnny escaped from Ernesto and headed for Salem. When Johnny rendezvoused with Bo, it was revealed that they never underwent the plastic surgery Ernesto had ordered for them. Bo warned Johnny to maintain a low profile or he would be recaptured by Ernesto's men. Hope told Bo that she realized he is working on something mysterious, so she wanted to move into Victor's mansion to help Bo out but he nixed her proposal. After Sheila was arrested, Patch, Kayla, and Stephanie returned to Salem. Shane told April that Nick's brother may be involved in a case Shane is working on. Jo noticed Neil's interest in Maggie.

6/4/90-6/8/90: In a surprise ceremony arranged by Justin, Adrienne and Justin were married. Shane is trying to find out if Nick's missing brother, Giovanni, is the missing ISA agent he is looking for. At Wings, Johnny introduced himself to April. April didn't tell Shane that Nick's brother, Johnny (Giovanni), is in town. Bo fumed when he caught Johnny talking to Hope. Hope was stunned that Johnny knows everything about her and Bo. Grace moved back to Australia, so Marcus agreed to look after Cassie, the girl Grace rescued from a life on the streets. Jack gave two thugs faked pages from Loretta's diary after they took Jennifer captive. After boarding the cruise ship, Jack learned that Jennifer brought her birth control with her. After embarking on the cruise, Isabella told Roman she is convinced they will have a shipboard romance. Roman is convinced that he and Isabella are in danger. During a costume ball, Hope and Ernesto sneaked aboard the yacht. Julie is also on the cruise.
6/11/90-6/15/90: Neil lashed out at Jo, who learned that Sarah is Neil's daughter. Neil warned Jo never to tell anyone about Sarah's real parentage. Cal told a stunned Shane that he is the father of Kimberly's baby, not Shane. Shane found Kimberly, who was about to have an abortion. Cal decided to legally bar Kimberly from having an abortion, and is pleased that both she and Shane think the baby is Cal's. Those aboard the cruise ship were forced to participate in a play that Ernesto wrote. In the play, Victor's character ended up shooting Roman's character. Hans switched the prop gun for a real gun just before Victor pulled the gun on Roman and fired a shot. Bo and Hope began to get close, but to protect her from harm, Bo pushed her away again. Emilio realized that he has romantic feelings for Melissa. April warned Eve to stay away from Emilio. Justin and Adrienne enjoyed their honeymoon.

Bo saved Roman's life by "shooting" him with the prop gun before Victor could fire the real gun. Bo explained his involvement with Ernesto to Hope. Ernesto fumed when Bo sabotaged his plan for Victor to kill Roman. Isabella was stunned when she went to Roman's cabin on the cruise ship and found herself face-to-face with her father Ernesto. Ernesto convinced Isabella to keep mum that he is alive by telling her he faked his death to bring Victor to justice. Roman put a "bug" on Isabella's phone, then realized she knows Ernesto is alive when the two talked on the phone. Ernesto later confronted everyone on the cruise ship. Jack and Jennifer revealed the missing pages of Loretta's diary, which stated that Ernesto slowly poisoned Loretta to death after he learned Isabella was Victor's daughter. A bomb set by Ernesto went off on the cruise ship when Bo and Roman tried to diffuse it.
6/25/90-6/29/90: Roman and Bo survived the bomb blast on the yacht, and helped Julie, Victor, Jack, Jennifer, and Hope get into a raft that Ernesto's men had forgotten to destroy. Everyone eventually managed to get to Ernesto's island after the raft was smashed by high waves. On the island, Ernesto ordered Hans to poison Isabella, who hasn't realized that Ernesto means to harm her. Jack tenderly ministered to an injured Jennifer after their raft capsized. Bo told Victor he only returned to Salem to get the goods on Ernesto, not because he has any feelings for Victor. Roman nixed giving Victor the pages from Loretta's diary, insisting he will give them to Isabella first. Roman found a footprint near their camp and told the rest of the group they are not alone on the island. Ernesto plans to kill the members of the cruise. Shane arranged for Cal to be transferred to a prison in Alaska.

7/2/90-7/6/90: In Tahiti, Adrienne was kidnapped by a man who mistook her for Carly. Adrienne was released unharmed, then she and Justin returned to Salem. Adrienne and Justin warned Carly that someone is out to get her. Carly told Justin and Adrienne that some bigwigs in the oil business are just trying to stop her from rallying opponents to off-shore oil drilling. Neil told a happy Carly she had been accepted into the Salem Hospital intern program. Carly mistook Jo for Neil's wife. Carly nixed a request to speak before an environmental group Calliope is involved with. Jack and Jennifer made love for the first time. Ernesto told Roman he would exchange Isabella for Victor. Isabella is ill from the poison she unwittingly ingested. Hope and Jennifer tried to ride a raft to a ship in hopes of being rescued, but the raft came apart and they fell into the water. Shane is at odds with Kimberly.
7/9/90-7/13/90: Bo rescued Hope from drowning when the raft broke up, but Jennifer ended up saving Jack's life after he tried to rescue her. When Ernesto and Victor confronted each other, Bo and Roman overpowered Ernesto's thugs. Roman told Isabella she is Victor's daughter. Ernesto prevented Bo and Roman from capturing him by taking Hope prisoner and putting her in a cage used in his magic act. Ernesto got into the cage with Hope, but when he tried to pull off his disappearing act, something went wrong and the cage blew up. Bo and Roman couldn't get to Hope to rescue her because of the explosion. Adrienne told Justin she wants to keep trying to have his baby. J.J. asked Justin for a job, admitting she is pregnant and unwed. Jennifer fixed a broken radio, then was able to get in contact with Shane and Patch, who arrived on the island to help rescue everyone. Neil and Maggie are very attracted to each other.

Johnny rejected April's warning that he should level with Nick, who thinks Johnny is a successful and honest person. After the magician's cage exploded and caught fire, Bo and Roman weren't able to find a trace of Hope or Ernesto. Shane and Patch arrived on Ernesto's island and helped search for Hope with no luck. Isabella decided to return to Salem with Roman. Bo and Patch stayed on the island after the others were picked up by a rescue boat, but didn't find Hope. Alice convinced Bo to attend Hope's memorial service. Roman told Isabella he won't let the fact that she is Victor's daughter interfere with their feelings for each other. Victor was hurt when Isabella turned down his dinner invitation to dine with the Brady family. Julie and Victor have become close as a result of the island incident. Kimberly and Shane are still at odds with each other. Julie told Eve to leave Nick alone.
7/23/90-7/27/90: Justin and Adrienne were shocked when J.J. said she wants them to adopt her baby when it is born. Justin and Adrienne want J.J. to be sure she wants to give up her baby, but privately are thrilled to have the chance to adopt the child. Sarah was convinced Emilio likes her after he rescued her from a boy who accused her of being a sexual tease. Sarah was devastated when she later saw Melissa and Emilio kissing. When Carly and Jennifer met, it was apparent they're good friends. Marcus is suspicious of Carly, who told Jennifer she is still on the run from her family. In a video library, Jennifer found a story about Carly, whose real name is Katerina. Carly was born into a wealthy European family. After someone sent Victor a forgery of Loretta's portrait, Bo became convinced Hope and Ernesto are alive. The trail led Bo to Hans, who said Hope is alive, and Hans has her.

While going through some old news videos, Jennifer found an account of Carly's (Katerina) birth into a wealthy family, who arranged for Carly to marry into another aristocratic family when she turns 25. Carly told Marcus she didn't want to talk about her past because she is afraid it will come back to haunt her. Jack knows about the video tape, but not about Carly's real identity. Victor met Bo in Italy with plans to pay a ransom for Hope, but they learned Hans lied when he said he was holding Hope prisoner. Bo finally decided to abandon his search for Hope, then told Shawn-Douglas Hope wouldn't be coming home. Adrienne accompanied J.J. to her doctor's appointment and got to hear the baby's heartbeat for the first time. Adrienne and Justin are still thinking about adopting J.J.'s baby. A movie actor, Chad Webster, is using Carrie to get to Roman. Sarah was stunned to see Neil and Maggie kissing.
8/6/90-8/10/90: On Patch and Kayla's wedding day, Roman told him that Harper Deveraux had escaped from prison. When Jack refused to take Harper to Patch and Kayla's wedding, he knocked Jack out cold. Jack raced off to the wedding site after realizing Harper had stolen his car and was going after Patch. Harper, who was hiding in the church bell tower, aimed a high powered rifle at Patch. Jennifer told Carly she knows she is really Katerina and that she is supposed to marry Lawrence when she turns twenty-five. Jennifer reminded Carly that Lawrence thinks Jennifer is Carly because Jennifer posed as Carly at a time when Lawrence had come to their school to check Carly out. Fearing she'll never be free of Cal, Kimberly packed her things after deciding to secretly split town. Maggie confessed to Julie that she kissed Neil. Chad and Porter are scheming against Roman. Sarah can't keep her eyes off Chad.

Jack managed to get to Harper before he could kill Patch and Kayla. While Jack and Harper struggled over Harper's gun, Harper fell from the bell tower to his death. Jennifer tried to help Jack deal with Harper's death. Jennifer came up behind Jack, who was in the bell tower, frightened him, which caused him to fall out of the tower. Kayla let Jack know she is able to accept him now despite the fact he once raped her. Jennifer lost her TV job because she refused to do a story about Jack and Harper. After going to the movie set with Carrie, Isabella told Roman she had the feeling there is something fishy about Porter. Johnny tried to get cozy with April, who wanted no part of him. Johnny told April he has invested in the movie. Carrie went to see Chad after Roman said he is suspicious of Porter and Chad. Chad set the house on fire while freebasing cocaine. Sarah was trapped in the house.
8/20/90-8/24/90: Roman managed to get Sarah out of the burning house, but she was in a coma for several days. While keeping vigil over Sarah, Maggie learned Neil is Sarah's real father. Carrie felt guilty during the time Chad forced her to keep mum about the source of the fire, but Roman later arrested Chad after learning he started the fire while trying to freebase cocaine. Chad and Porter indicated Roman had reacted in exactly the way they wanted him to. Chad was released on bail, and Carrie received five years probation on the cocaine charges. Shawn panicked when Shawn-Douglas fell into an open mine shaft in the playground near the site where the oil refinery is being built. Justin and Adrienne decided to adopt J.J.'s baby. Johnny and April kissed. Patch told Jack he'd investigate the story about Katerina (Carly). Kayla was upset to learn Shane is working with the oil people.

Bo was frantic when Andrew admitted Shawn-Douglas fell into the open drilling shaft at the oil refinery construction site. Carly was lowered down a second shaft which was drilled next to the one Shawn-Douglas was trapped in. Carly put Shawn-Douglas in a harness and the rescue team pulled him safely out of the drilling shaft. Bo was stunned to learn Shawn-Douglas lost his hearing as a result of his fall down the drilling shaft. Isabella insisted on investing in Porter's vampire film despite Roman and Victor's objections. Porter told Isabella he was going to use the publicity generated by Carrie and Chad's drug arrest to launch an anti-drug campaign. The mystery person behind the vampire movie and the oil refinery stayed hidden from sight during a meeting with Porter, Victor, and Victor's contact, Lloyd. Roman convinced Melissa to keep him informed about what was going on at the movie set.
9/3/90-9/7/90: Shane was upset when Craig told him Kimberly had a baby girl. Shane reluctantly agreed to let Andrew go live with Kimberly. While Roman, Carrie, and Sarah believed Chad had jumped bail and skipped town, Chad was secretly tailing Carrie and Sarah. Chad later phoned Sarah and asked her to meet with him. April told Shane she would try to find out what Johnny is up to and in exchange, Shane agreed to see to it that Nick doesn't get further involved with the Jencon company. Shane was surprised to learn Victor is a big investor in Jencon. Carly told Bo they could operate on Shawn-Douglas in an attempt to restore the boy's hearing, but she couldn't guarantee the results. Benjy helped Shawn-Douglas learn some sign language. At a press conference, the Von Leuschner Industries representative, Werner Bayer, told Jack that Katerina (Carly) is being watched and is still slated to marry Lawrence.

Victor was surprised to learn from Lloyd that Shane is an investor in Jencon. Victor, who is obviously up to something, kept mum to Lloyd that Shane is an ISA agent. Carly was upset she appeared on TV when a news crew covered the environmental group's protest against Jencon after the oil barge sank in the Salem River. Carly looked at a photo of herself with a little boy. Bo suspects Carly is hiding something, but she refused to admit to anything. Roman found out a woman matching Carly's description bought the boat that was rigged to collide with the Jencon oil tanker. Emmy is the one who really bought the boat for Bo, who vowed to ruin Jencon. The press has dubbed Bo "The Riverfront Raider." After Werner admitted he doesn't know where Katerina is, Jennifer volunteered to pose as Katerina. Jennifer was stunned when Werner introduced her to Jack as Katerina.
9/17/90-9/21/90: Johnny lured Isabella to the haunted house by lying that Roman was going to meet her there. Isabella was stunned when she saw her mother's "ghost" at the haunted house. Roman and Isabella teamed up to capture the "ghost." Just when Julie thought she would get back the ownership of Wings, Johnny convinced Nick to cut short his vacation and he returned to Salem and signed the lease renewal on the club before the deadline. Julie fumed when she realized Eve tipped Johnny that Julie would get the club if Nick didn't renew the lease on time. Adrienne and Justin were thrilled to be able to watch the birth of J.J.'s twin sons. Stanley, the father of the twins, pressured J.J. not to give the boys up for adoption. Bo slipped and admitted to Carly that she was right when she suspected he is The Raider. Jennifer stole a gold coin that proves Katerina's identity. Someone is stalking Katerina.

Even though they feared J.J. wouldn't go through with the adoption plans, Adrienne and Justin named J.J.'s twin sons Joseph and Victor (Little Vic). J.J. told Stanley she will give the twins up for adoption if Stanley doesn't divorce his wife. Bo rescued Carly from a thug who had attacked her. Another thug attacked Bo, and both thugs got away. Bo spent the night at Carly's place to protect her. Two of Justin and Adrienne's construction workers attacked Carly after she spoke out against the oil refinery. Patch and Kayla saved Carly, then escorted her to the hospital so she could be with Shawn-Douglas who underwent surgery to hopefully restore his hearing. Bo admitted to Patch he is the Raider. Jennifer was stunned when Werner introduced her to Lawrence as the real Katerina. Roman and Isabella found the equipment used in the appearances of her mother's "ghost."

10/1/90-10/5/90: Carly had no luck in an attempt to locate a mysterious college student she once knew. Bo and Carly met at the Jencon office after Bo obtained a computer disk that will cause the company's computer system to crash. Carly and Bo were unaware that Lawrence was watching them via a two-way mirror. When Lawrence started making plans for his and "Katerina's" wedding, Jennifer wanted to tell him the truth about her identity, but Werner warned her confession would put her life and Katherina's (Carly) in grave danger. When Jennifer found a photo of Carly (Katerina) in Lawrence's office, he told her he had the photo because Carly is a threat to his Jencon projects. Jack tried to rescue Jennifer, who insisted she was staying near Lawrence because he is up to something that could endanger a lot of people in Salem. Eve and Nick made love. Patch agreed to keep mum (for now) that Bo is The Raider.

10/8/90-10/12/90: Fearing J.J. won't let them adopt her twins, Adrienne and Justin agreed to let Victor hire them a top lawyer. When Carly told the Ambassador she was trying to locate her brother, Lawrence commented to the Ambassador that Carly was playing right into their hands, just as they had planned. Carly received a phone call from her kidnapped brother. Bo used a computer disc to erase all the Jencon files in the company's New York City office, but he kept some papers on the Green Oaks project. Lawrence vowed Bo will pay for interfering in his plans for Jencon. Bo and Patch followed Nick to a secret Jencon meeting, which was held at the haunted house. Bo learned Jencon planned to burn the Green Oaks forest area. Patch found a note from Lawrence saying he had gotten revenge against Bo, who disappeared. Patch boarded a boat to look for Bo just as the boat exploded.
10/15/90-10/19/90: Bo jumped into the river to rescue Patch, who was later hospitalized in critical condition. Kayla begged Patch to survive after he underwent surgery. When Patch lapsed into a coma after his surgery, he then had an out-of-body experience which caused him to realize he wanted to live. Patch then started to regain consciousness. Bo and Shane suspected Nick had something to do with the boat explosion after Kayla said she and Patch saw Nick arguing with two thugs just before Patch left their going-away party. April comforted Johnny, who realized his relationship with Nick has been severed for good. Jack was forced to leave Jennifer in Lawrence's clutches while he returned to Salem to see Patch. Victor and Shane realized the other Jencon investors are keeping them in the dark about something. Roman assigned Brian to find Chad after Melissa learned that Porter wants Chad dead.

Everyone was encouraged when Patch came out of his coma. When Lawrence learned Patch would survive, he had a henchman arrange for Patch to be poisoned intravenously and Patch suddenly died. The day of Patch's funeral, Kayla dreamed that he was really alive. Roman and Bo investigated Patch's murder, and later arrested Nick on the suspicion he ordered Patch's death. Kayla refused to let herself mourn for Patch. After Patch encouraged Adrienne, she and Justin agreed to fight to adopt J.J.'s twins. Carly and Bo got closer after she admitted she once thought she had found the man she would spend the rest of her life with, but it didn't pan out. Julie agreed to think about Victor's offer to buy the land Nick's nightclub is built on. Alice tried to help Jennifer escape from Lawrence, but he had them kidnapped. Lawrence is also holding a mystery person prisoner.
10/29/90-11/2/90: Roman arrested Nick on suspicion he killed Patch, but Eve bailed him out of jail. Several men switched Patch's coffin and replaced it with another one. Lawrence learned Bo was plotting to set off explosives at the Jencon refinery site. Lawrence had Lloyd lure Nick to the refinery so he would be killed when Bo set off the explosion. Carly caught Bo preparing the explosives, but they escaped together in a boat before the blast. Bo and Carly learned Nick died in the explosion. Eve, who had a gun, told Shane that Nick was going to kill him. While investigating the explosion, Roman kept mum he found Bo's wedding ring. Roman learned Nick was shot before the Jencon explosion. Jennifer was stunned to learn Lawrence has been keeping his father, Leopold "Poldy" Alamain prisoner in his own home. Lawrence told Jennifer that if she didn't marry him, a mystery prisoner (Frankie Brady) would be killed.

Jennifer married Lawrence after he indicated Frankie Brady would be killed if she didn't. When Jennifer rebuffed Lawrence's sexual advances, he raped her. When Jack tried to rescue Jennifer, Lawrence's thugs captured him and threw him in a room next to Frankie's. Jack helped Frankie escape from Lawrence, but he was recaptured. Shane, Kayla, and Julie found Jack after he escaped from Lawrence. The foursome teamed up to rescue Jennifer and Alice from Lawrence. Bo and Carly found the good-bye note intended for Bo in Patch's coat pocket and realized Lawrence was behind Patch's death. After arriving at the compound, Carly went to see Lawrence, and told him she brought Bo Brady - just as he had requested. Bo fought the sexual tension between him and Carly. Carly learned from a radio broadcast that Nick had been shot. Justin and Adrienne learned she is pregnant.
11/12/90-11/16/90: Isabella blamed Roman when Victor had a stroke while he was arguing with Roman, who believes Victor may have murdered Nick. Before his stroke, Victor gave Johnny his power of attorney as part of a plan to set Porter and Lloyd up to be murdered and then blame Johnny. Sarah said good-bye to Chad who entered the witness protection program. Once Bo and Carly were inside Lawrence's villa, a stunned Carly learned Jennifer and Lawrence were married. Bo was shocked when he realized Carly planned to exchange him for her brother, Francois (Frankie). Jack didn't believe Jennifer when Lawrence forced her to say good-bye to Jack forever. Lawrence challenged Jack to a sword fight, and Jack surprised everyone by besting Lawrence. Bo took Carly hostage, then demanded Lawrence release Jennifer and Alice or Bo would kill Carly. Emilio, Eve, Johnny, and April accused each other of killing Nick.

Carly was shocked when Bo held a gun on her and admitted he knew she intended to exchange him for Frankie. Jennifer was stunned when she realized Frankie is Carly's brother, Francois and that Frankie's arrival in Salem four years ago was part of a plan he and Carly had concocted. Lawrence and Leopold escaped through a trap door, but before they left the compound Lawrence set off a special effects earthquake. During the quake, Carly, Jack Frankie, and Jennifer were trapped in a tunnel while Bo, Julie, and Alice were trapped together in Alice's prison room. Shane and Kayla were trapped in an elevator shaft. Bo and Julie are worried that Alice might have had a heart attack during the quake. While everyone was struggling to get to safety, they reflected back on their lives. Roman decided to go to Lawrence's villa. Victor regained consciousness, but he is paralyzed and can't speak.
11/26/90-11/30/90: Johnny was anxious for the reading of Nick's will, but Mickey explained the will wouldn't be read until Julie returns from Lawrence's country because she is a beneficiary. Roman considers Julie a suspect in Nick's murder. Isabella moved into Victor's mansion to take care of him after he was released from the hospital. Victor is still unable to speak or move, but he hears and understands everything going on around him. Leopold helped the trapped Salem residents after overhearing Lawrence and his cohort Gregory plotting to kill everyone. With help from Leopold, Jennifer escaped from the tunnel. Leopold and Jennifer ran into Roman, then they helped rescue the other Salemites, but Leopold later died in another cave-in. Once everyone was back in Salem, Carly told Bo she is staying in town. Jennifer shunned Jack's touch, but was unable to tell him Lawrence had raped her.

Jennifer considered attending Whitney's rape counseling sessions after realizing she needs professional help to deal with being raped by Lawrence. Jennifer kept mum when Mickey said she could annul her marriage to Lawrence if it wasn't consummated. Jack proposed to Jennifer even though he was upset to learn she took Frankie in as her roommate. Frankie is still in love with Jennifer. Bo arrived just as Lawrence confronted Carly at the hospital. Shane questioned Eve when he noticed someone had taken his gun and replaced it with another. Eve lied to Shane about her whereabouts the night of Nick's murder. Melissa is upset that Emilio has become a prime suspect in Nick's murder. Brian learned the engagement ring Emilio gave Melissa is the exact same ring Nick purchased from a jeweler. Kayla agreed to live with Shane while Lawrence is on the loose. Marcus has feelings for Kayla.
12/10/90-12/14/90: A hospitalized Alice had another heart attack. Adrienne, who is having problems with her pregnancy, learned she needs surgery or she could die. Jennifer told Jack she loves him, but isn't ready to make a commitment. Jennifer and Carly decided to fight Lawrence. Lawrence threatened to tell everyone he raped Jennifer if she doesn't convince Carly to sign over the Von Leuschner fortune to him. Eve was jealous when Whitney, who is writing a book, hired Frankie as her assistant. Julie overheard Melissa say she suspects Emilio might have killed Nick. Lawrence revealed that the person who killed Nick has information that could end the competition between Lawrence and Victor. Frankie rescued Jennifer, who was lured to the pier by a mystery caller and then was confronted by a punk. Jack saw Frankie comforting Jennifer. Lawrence rejected Carly's plea that he give Jennifer a divorce.

Justin persuaded Adrienne to undergo surgery to save her life. After the surgery, Neil told Justin and Adrienne that their baby wasn't affected by the surgery. Justin kept mum to Adrienne that their business is in trouble. After Julie begged a paralyzed Victor to give her a sign that he could understand what's being said to him, he squeezed her hand. Tom and Carly found Alice, who had collapsed at home after her release from the hospital. Carly saved Alice's life and Alice later received a pacemaker. Bo rushed to Carly's rescue when he learned she planned to seduce Lawrence to get information from him. In front of Lawrence, Bo told Carly he loves her, but he later said he didn't really mean it. Melissa is afraid Emilio knows more about Nick's death than he's telling. Frankie confessed to Eve that Jennifer told him she loves Jack. Kayla talked Kimberly into letting Andrew visit Shane.
12/24/90-12/28/90: Emilio remembered fighting with Nick the night he was murdered. After moving into the haunted house, Lawrence arranged to hold a New Year's Eve murder mystery party as part of his plan to smoke out Nick's killer. When Kimberly phoned to talk with Shane, she told him Kayla convinced her to let Andrew spend Christmas with Shane. Cassie, the runaway, turned out to be Brian's sister. Brian managed to convince Cassie to spend Christmas with the family. Carly was a character witness at Bo's River Front Raider trial, for which Bo was sentenced to one year's probation and ordered to do community service work at the hospital. Shane's ISA boss wants him to take on a case that would involve Kayla. Julie warned Neil to stay away from Maggie or he will ruin both their lives. Jennifer was unable to make love to Jack because she remembered being raped by Lawrence. Brian kept tabs on Jennifer.

12/31/90-1/4/91: Eve, who knows Frankie still cares for Jennifer, warned Jack he had better step up his plans to win Jennifer's love. Bo took Carly to Lawrence's New Year's Eve party after she rejected Lawrence's personal invitation. When Frankie took Eve to the party, he realized she is hoping for a long-term relationship but he warned her that he is not romantically interested in her. Roman took Whitney to the party so they could investigate the party-goers. Everyone at Lawrence's murder mystery New Year's Eve party realized he had set up the fictional murder mystery to mirror the events of Nick's murder. After Emilio and Justin argued, Bo and Carly later found a murdered Emilio. Later, Brian proved Emilio couldn't have killed Nick. Justin and Adrienne went to Dallas to check out a job offer that Justin had received. Johnny and April made love. Jennifer called Jack a rapist when he tried to kiss her.
1/7/91-1/11/91: Adrienne and Justin made arrangements to move to Dallas after he decided to accept a job there. Roman realized Carrie needs a woman's influence in her life. Jennifer went to meet a mystery man who phoned and said he had information on Nick's murder, but the man split when he saw Frankie with Jennifer. Bo rushed Carly to the hospital after she was stabbed in the abdomen while Bo was struggling with the thug who attacked her. When Brian quizzed April about her whereabouts at the time of Emilio's death, Johnny lied he had been with April the entire evening. Brian broke a date with his fiancee to spend time with Melissa. Alice experienced dizzy spells but didn't tell anyone. Miss Peach returned in hopes of convincing Shane to accept a new ISA case. Jack rejected Jennifer's apology after she slapped him and called him a rapist. Jennifer couldn't bring herself to tell Jack about her rape.

1/14/91-1/18/91: Julie denied it when Alice suggested she has feelings for Victor. Julie later insisted to Victor they can lick Lawrence if they work together. Lawrence revealed he doesn't intend to give Jennifer a divorce until after Frankie and Carly sign their family fortune over to him. Alice was hospitalized for dizzy spells. An upset Shane learned Miss Peach is ill with a mysterious virus that has killed several ISA agents. To help Miss Peach, Shane asked Kayla to work on a cure for the virus, but didn't tell her the work is part of his latest ISA assignment. Johnny told Roman he saw Justin arguing with Nick the night he died, but admitted Nick was alive when Justin left him. Jack and Jennifer realized Lawrence is the mystery person who is trying to buy Diana's half of Jack's newspaper. Johnny and April each think the other killed Nick. Roman reluctantly let Carrie go to live with Anna.
1/21/91-1/25/91: Kayla decided against working with Shane on a cure for the mystery virus, but when Marcus urged her to get on with her life, Kayla agreed to be part of the virus project. After realizing the virus project is part of Shane's latest ISA assignment, Julie agreed to invest some money in a laboratory where the research can take place. Jennifer was frustrated with Tanner, who claimed he has information about Nick's death, but won't talk to her about it. Jennifer was surprised when she learned Tanner is Brian's brother. After learning about Justin's son, Alexander, Johnny embezzled money from Victor's account, went to see Anjelica, and returned to Salem with Alexander. Johnny left Alexander with April, so Justin and Adrienne left for Texas without knowing his son was in Salem. Jack stopped his therapy with Taylor, and realized it is over between him and Jennifer.

1/28/91-2/1/91: Melissa realized Brian is determined to find out who killed Nick and Emilio. Brian admitted to Melissa that he is worried about Tanner, who refused to talk to Whitney when she tried to find out who had beaten him up. Carly and Frankie signed their family fortune over to Lawrence. A mystery person has the letter that Lawrence has been searching for. Kayla kept mum when Lawrence tried to quiz her about the work going on at the virus research laboratory. Kayla and Shane spent the night together in a cabin when they went to talk with Jordan, a doctor who agreed to head the virus research team. Johnny told April that he is planning to use Alexander to get in Victor's good graces. Lawrence secretly met with Kimberly, who fell for his charms. Kayla insisted to Marcus she doesn't have romantic feelings for Shane. Vern told Jack that Diana agreed to give him a chance to buy her half of the newspaper.
2/4/91-2/8/91: After Johnny lured Justin back to Salem for a few hours, he surprised everyone by reuniting Justin and Alexander. Johnny hoped to get into Victor's good graces by bringing the boy home to Justin. Adrienne and Justin took Alexander back to Texas with them. Kimberly was surprised to see Lawrence jump in to help a boy at the abuse clinic who had been threatened by his father. Shawn and Caroline told Kimberly about Lawrence's real identity. Frankie urged Jennifer to find a way to get back together with Jack. Eve insisted to Frankie she has feelings for him, band didn't try to get cozy with him so he would marry her and she can collect her inheritance from Nick. Isabella is upset that Roman and Whitney seem to be getting close. Lawrence signed Jennifer's divorce papers, but hurt her by calling Jack a rapist.

Brian was beaten up by some thugs after Tanner refused to blame Eve for Nick's death. Later, Brian told Roman he saw Eve kill Nick. It was revealed Johnny was the mystery person who pressured Tanner into fingering Eve for Nick's murder. Eve and Jack got married so she could collect her inheritance form Nick and then give Jack money to buy Diana's share of the newspaper. Frankie convinced Jennifer to tell Jack she was raped by Lawrence, but when she went to see Jack, she found him in bed with Eve. When Jack confronted Jennifer later, she didn't tell him about her rape. Although trying to fight their feelings for each other, Neil and Maggie shared a romantic kiss. Johnny arranged a romantic diner for Roman and Isabella. Carly and Victor went to Wings to celebrate after he regained the use of his legs. An upset Carly saw Bo helping Emmy celebrate her birthday.

After Tanner gave Jordan the number of Bo's "help line," Jordan phoned, but when they met face-to-face, Jordan refused to say why he called for help. Bo warned Carly to beware of Jordan. While Bo and Shawn-Douglas were ringing a bell, the boy realized he was able to hear the sound for the first time since he went deaf. Carly examined Shawn-Douglas and told Bo the boy's hearing is returning. After Bo denied he has romantic feelings for Carly, Victor admitted he is attracted to her. After talking with Julie, Jennifer went to a rape crisis counseling session and admitted she was raped and needs help. Brian told Melissa he broke off his engagement to Madeline. Kimberly returned to Salem to accept a job offer (secretly arranged by Lawrence) and saw Kayla and Shane kissing. After her arrest, Shane promised Eve he will do what he can to help her. Eve insisted she didn't kill Nick.

2/25/91-3/1/91: Eve split town after her pre-trial hearing, during which the judge decided there was enough evidence to prosecute her for Nick's murder. Frankie later found Eve in Florida and persuaded her to return to Salem with him and help find proof she didn't kill Nick. Jack told Eve he and Jennifer covered for her with Brian after she disappeared. Brian also questioned Eve about Emilio's murder. Jack and Jennifer arranged to go on a train trip that could give them some clues to the murders of Nick and Emilio. Brian is worried about Melissa, who took a singing job on the train. Isabella admitted she is trying to find out if Jordan intends to harm Victor. Isabella accused Roman of wanting to be around Whitney because she reminds him of Marlena. After attending the ballet with Neil, Maggie went home with him. Kimberly accused Shane of being in love with Kayla.
3/4/91-3/8/91: Sarah fumed when she found Neil and Maggie together. Maggie panicked when Sarah accused her of having an affair with Neil. When Mickey found Maggie's birth control pills, he wrongly suspected they were Sarah's. When Maggie told Neil she can't continue sneaking around to be with him, he suggested they reveal their romance to everyone. After figuring out Lawrence is the person responsible for the mystery virus that Miss Peach contracted, Shane told his ISA boss he didn't want Kayla to continue working at the virus laboratory. Jack, Jennifer, Frankie, and Eve left on the train trip with plans to search the train for the gun used to kill Nick. Brian discovered Tanner on board the train. Johnny assured April that Eve will be convicted for Nick's murder. Julie obviously has feelings for Victor, who is smitten with Carly. Lawrence befriended Kimberly.

Brian struggled over a gun with a thug, Harry, and Eve received a flesh wound when the gun went off. Brian warned Eve, Frankie, Jennifer, and Jack to stop searching for the gun used to kill Nick before someone else gets hurt. Brian warned Nick's killer will send other thugs to find the gun. Neil overheard April and Jo talking and realized they're keeping mum about something that happened the night Nick was murdered. Tanner introduced everyone on the train to a bartender named Nutty, who told them not to trust the local sheriff, who had stopped the train and searched for the gun, which hasn't been found. Eve fretted her relationship with Frankie will go nowhere because she will end up serving time for Nick's murder. Jennifer finally got the nerve to tell Jack that Lawrence had raped her. A stunned Shane learned Kimberly is his new ISA partner.

3/18/91-3/22/91: Shane reluctantly agreed to work with Kimberly on the mystery virus case. At Kimberly's insistence, Shane forced Neil to fire Kayla from her job at the virus laboratory. Shane was upset when Kayla told him their relationship was over. Kimberly talked with Miss Peach, who is dying from the mystery virus. Kimberly tried to learn more about Lawrence's troubled childhood. Jack felt guilty for the way he has treated Jennifer after she told him Lawrence raped her. April was nervous when Roman came around asking her and Johnny more questions about Nick's death. Jack found the gun he and Jennifer were searching for, then hid the weapon from Nutty, who secretly works for Johnny. Nutty uncoupled the train car Jack, Jennifer, Eve, Frankie, Melissa, and Brian were riding in and the car rolled down the mountainside. Bo and Carly kissed. Victor admitted he and Jordan once worked together.

Although Brian, Melissa, Jack, Jennifer, Eve, Frankie, and Brian's police dog, Fluffy, all survived when their runaway train car derailed, they found themselves stranded in the wilderness. Jack rescued Jennifer, who got lost in a snow storm, and they huddled together in a cave. Jack finally confessed to Jennifer he loves her. Jordan told Carly he suspects strange happenings are going on at the virus laboratory and arranged to meet her at a warehouse. Learning about Carly and Jordan's meeting, Bo sent Victor after Carly. Victor arrived and rescued Carly just as someone blew up the warehouse. Kimberly is still secretly gathering information about Lawrence for the ISA, but is confused about her attraction to him. Kayla helped Shane, who is determined to find Eve. Sarah followed Maggie, who went to an inn with Neil. A stunned Sarah realized Maggie and Neil slept together.
4/1/91-4/5/91: Kimberly wanted out of the ISA investigation into Lawrence's past because of her feelings for him, but Tarrington insisted she remain on the case. Eve met a young woman, Molly, who was raised in the mountains where Eve, Brian, Melissa, Frankie, Jennifer, and Jack were stranded. Molly told Eve how to reach a clearing in the woods, where everyone was later discovered by Shane and Kayla and Tanner, who were in a helicopter. During the airlift rescue, something went wrong and Eve fell while being brought up into the helicopter. Isabella gave Roman copies of Johnny's phone bills, which listed calls to the town where the train stopped before everyone was stranded in the wilderness. Roman is convinced Johnny was behind the train car derailment. Roman arrested Johnny on charges that he has been harassing Whitney and blackmailing Tanner. Sarah threatened to tell everyone about Neil and Maggie's affair.

Julie refused to be part of a business scheme that Lawrence cooked up against Victor. Carly told Victor she had an answer to his marriage proposal. Kimberly is getting closer to Lawrence, who vowed to find out the identity of a man who was involved with his mother when he was a child. Lawrence had more flashbacks to his childhood years. Kayla had herself lowered from the helicopter to tend to Eve's injuries after she fell from the helicopter. Everyone was rescued from the wilderness and Shane flew Eve to a hospital where she underwent surgery to remove her spleen. After Eve's recovery, Frankie was disappointed that she still refused to give up her inheritance from Nick. Jack and Jennifer gave Bo the gun supposedly used to kill Nick. Eve kept mum that they were all rescued because Molly gave her directions to the clearing. Jennifer decided to charge Lawrence with rape.
4/15/91-4/19/91: After Jo's fingerprints were found on the gun used to kill Nick, Jo admitted she killed Nick because he killed Steve. Brian told Melissa he wants to concentrate on finding out who killed Emilio now that Nick's murder was been solved. Jennifer decided the time was right to charge Lawrence with raping her after she and Jack found the mystery letter Lawrence has been looking for. Lawrence failed several attempts to get his hands on the letter. Kimberly offered to hypnotize Lawrence, who had more flashbacks to his troubled past. Kimberly was stunned when Roman arrested Lawrence for rape. After her grandfather died, Molly decided to start a new life in Salem. Victor was happy when Carly agreed to marry him, but Bo feels Carly is making a big mistake even though he won't admit he has feelings for her. Shane is worried about how Kayla will react when she finds out that she is working for the ISA.

Kimberly insisted she would stick by Lawrence, who was arrested for raping Jennifer, but Shane realized Kimberly is afraid of Lawrence. Kimberly insisted to Shane her feelings toward Lawrence won't interfere with her ISA investigation. While on her first real date with Frankie, Eve played the hero to the hilt when people recognized her and praised her for saving the lives of everyone who had been trapped in the wilderness. Eve panicked when Molly showed up on her doorstep and insisted that she had nowhere else to go now that her grandfather is dead. Shawn was upset with Kayla, who refused to stop seeing Shane. Shane and Bo pulled Shawn from the storm-swollen Salem River after his boat capsized. Realizing how short life can be, Bo decided to try and prevent Carly from marrying Victor. Lawrence taunted Jennifer and insisted that he will never be found guilty of raping her.
4/29/91-5/3/91: Brian arrested Melissa after she admitted that she had killed Emilio, but a security video showed Emilio's death was accidental. Jennifer realized Jack was, in a roundabout way, proposing to her, but said she can't marry him until after the rape trial, when she can start a new life. Because she loves Bo, Emmy joined forces with Victor, who sent Bo a letter from "Carly" which stated that she was in love with Victor and was going to marry him and then sent Carly a letter from "Bo," telling Carly to marry Victor. Still, Bo came close to telling Carly that he loves her just before she walked down the aisle toward Victor. Maggie ended her affair with Neil, but Sarah thinks that they are still an item. Kimberly accepted Lawrence's invitation to accompany him to his country as part of her ISA assignment. Shane and Kayla couldn't stop Kimberly from going. Julie hired Tanner to bartend at Wings.

Bo, who has feelings for Carly, and Julie, who has feelings for Victor, were upset when Carly and Victor finally exchanged vows. After the wedding, Bo tried to make love with Emmy but couldn't go through with it. Emmy vowed to make Bo forget about Carly. After Tanner and Frankie both heard noises coming from Nick's room, Eve was forced to introduce Molly, who has been staying there. Eve lied to Frankie that Molly was homeless and she decided to take her in. Shane and Kayla failed in their efforts to talk Kimberly out of going with Lawrence to his country. After her return to Salem, Kimberly told Shane that she is moving in with Lawrence so she can get the goods on him. Kayla realized Shane is working on a secret ISA project, but he kept her from finding out the case involves Kimberly and Lawrence. Sarah plotted against Neil.
5/13/91-5/17/91: Tanner convinced Julie to give Molly a hostess job at Wings. Tanner confronted Eve after Molly innocently said she helped rescue the train wreck survivors after they were stranded in the wilderness. When Eve admitted taking credit for the rescue effort and keeping mum about Molly, Frankie broke up with her because of her lies. Sarah, who is determined to get revenge against Neil, lured him to a room at the Salem Inn, drugged him, and took photos of them in bed together. Sarah sent the photos to The Chronicle. Isabella insisted to Roman that she is going to become a private eye whether he likes it or not. Emmy was livid when Bo called out Carly's name while he was holding her. Emmy stole a vial of the mystery virus from the lab. Kimberly learned of Lawrence's connection to the mystery virus. Jack and Jennifer parachuted into Lawrence's villa.

5/20/91-5/24/91: After Emmy saw Bo and Carly kissing she dumped a vial of mystery virus in Carly's glass of champagne, but Bo drank the champagne after proposing an evil toast to Victor. Mickey was out for Neil's blood after The Chronicle published the bedroom photo of Neil and Sarah. Maggie insisted to Mickey that Neil was innocent of any wrongdoing, but couldn't explain why without revealing that Neil is Sarah's father. An irrational Bo was livid when he found out that Victor and Carly went on a honeymoon. Melissa received an offer to sing at a nightclub in Nashville. Brian had mixed feelings about whether Melissa should accept the singing gig. Lawrence caught Kimberly snooping in the secret room, but didn't want to believe she was spying on him. Lawrence and Gregory were charged with attempted murder after Gregory tried to poison Kimberly, but Lawrence was later released.
5/27/91-5/31/91: Julie is worried about Bo, who began displaying violent fits of temper. After Bo tracked down the hotel where Victor and Carly were spending their honeymoon, Victor arranged to talk to Bo, but made it look like Carly and Victor have been sleeping together. In reality, Carly hasn't been able to consummate her marriage to Victor. When Sarah threatened to tell the hospital board her lie about sleeping with Neil, Maggie blurted out that Sarah is Neil's daughter. Kimberly moved in with Lawrence again after Shawn refused to let her come home because of her involvement with Lawrence. Kayla and Shane patched things up between them. Roman and Isabella made love on the beach, but Roman was stunned when she refused to move in with him. Frankie romanced Eve in an attempt to persuade her to give Jack a divorce, and realized he still has feelings for her.

6/3/91-6/7/91: Shane was upset when Miss Peach went into a coma as a result of the mysterious bacterial infection which Carly has been researching in her laboratory. Emmy panicked when she realized Bo, not Carly, drank the champagne laced with the bacterial infection. After Bo learned that he is infected with the bacteria, Emmy lied to Victor that Carly and Bo had intended to use the bacteria on him. Kimberly read the letter from Lawrence's father, which revealed Lawrence's brother died when he fell into a pool and Lawrence was too terrified to go for help. The letter also revealed Lawrence's father put him on pills to make him forget what had happened, and the drug causes Lawrence to show no remorse for the evil things he does. At Lawrence's rape trial, his attorney brought up the fact that Jennifer is involved with Jack, who is a known rapist. Julie and Lawrence plotted against Victor.

6/10/91-6/14/91: Eve rejected Julie's offer to pay her to divorce Jack. Eve was crushed when Frankie admitted he renewed his romantic interest in her to convince her to divorce Jack, but she forgave Frankie when he said he really does love her. Knowing she would be getting money from Julie is she divorces Jack, Eve decided to get the divorce and then accepted Frankie's offer to take her with him on a scholastic excursion to Africa. Carly covered for Bo when he broke into her laboratory to find out how close she is to finding a cure for the mystery disease, but kept mum that he has the disease. At Melissa's suggestion, Sarah let Maggie tell her about her real parentage, then Sarah agreed to tell the hospital board that she lied about having an affair with Neil. Sarah later moved to Nashville with Melissa. Jack and Shane looked for a security video they believed was taped the night Lawrence raped Jennifer.

Victor took Emmy prisoner after she lied that Carly and Bo are having an affair and tried to kill him with a dose of the mystery disease. Bo later realized Emmy tried to kill Carly with the disease, but Bo drank it instead. Before Bo could find out more about what Emmy is up to, a thug knocked him out. Carly unwittingly followed Victor to the forger who wrote the notes Victor and Emmy gave Carly and Bo so they would break up. After Kimberly bucked her family and insisted on staying with Lawrence, she was stunned to overhear him admit that he raped Jennifer and then boast that Kimberly will see to it he doesn't go to jail. Mickey drew up divorce papers for Eve and Jack, then Jack and Jennifer talked about getting married. Carly told Bo that she is making progress in finding a cure for the disease. After Tanner caught Molly skinny-dipping, he anonymously sent her a swimsuit.

Julie forced Eve to tell Frankie about the money that Julie agreed to give Eve if she divorced Jack. Eve was hopeful Frankie would want to marry her after she turned down the money, but he insisted neither of them is ready for that kind of commitment. Victor was forced to admit he was behind the forged letters that caused Bo and Carly to break off their relationship. When Carly learned the truth, she walked out on Victor. Carly was hurt when Bo rebuffed her (because he's dying). A still captive Emmy phoned Bo and arranged to meet him. Kayla told Kimberly that Bo has the mystery disease. Kimberly agreed to stick with Lawrence, who was found guilty of spousal rape, after Tarrington said he holds the key to a cure for the mystery disease. While Jennifer and Jack made wedding plans, he suddenly came down with a case of hysterical laryngitis.

7/1/91-7/5/91: Jack was mistaken for a performer in a Wild West show that was slated to use the rented arena after Jennifer and Jack's wedding. After being knocked around by the cowboys, Jack finally regained his voice, and he and Jennifer exchanged vows. Jennifer was pleased her father, Bill Horton, walked her down the aisle after giving her a pearl necklace that belonged to her mother, Laura, who is still in a mental hospital. Jennifer was thrilled that Jack arranged for them to honeymoon in Hollywood. Eve fumed when she learned Jack won't have to return the portion of her inheritance she gave him to purchase his newspaper. Bo was suspicious when he went to meet Emmy, but the hotel room where Victor's henchman held Emmy prisoner was empty. After Bo passed out and was hospitalized, Kayla switched her blood sample for his so the hospital tests wouldn't reveal he has the mystery disease.
7/8/91-7/12/91: Eve tracked down Jack while he was on his honeymoon with Jennifer in Los Angeles and demanded that he return the money she gave him to buy his newspaper, but Jack refused to give Eve a dime. A mystery man was listening when Eve accused Jack of stealing millions of dollars from her. Frankie met Eve when she returned from Los Angeles, and she realized he knew she lied when she said she went to New York City to say goodbye to her mother. Later, Eve and Frankie left for Africa. Jack and Jennifer spoke with a fortune teller, Desiree, who has a connection to the mystery man who is keeping tabs on Jack. Bo recuperated after his illness caused him to collapse. Shane and Kimberly plotted to get the mystery illness cure from Lawrence, who is in prison. Bo realized Emmy tried to tell him she was kidnapped. Victor realized his henchman, Peter, who really works for Lawrence, had double-crossed him.

Bo went to Memphis to look for Emmy in hopes that he will also find a cure for the mystery virus but passed out in his hotel room. Bo tailed Kurt's girlfriend, Rhonda, so that she might lead him to Emmy. Bo later found Emmy at a warehouse, but she died in his arms because Kurt had injected her with a lethal dose of the mystery virus. After Bo passed out again, Kurt injected him with what he thought was another dose of the mystery virus. Carly went to Washington with Lawrence's man, Dr. Norman, who once worked for the FDA, when he offered to help her get approval to use her cure for the mystery virus. Molly and Vern's attempts to reconcile Tanner and Brian didn't pan out. Tanner was surprised when he saw the wedding photo of a woman who looked like Molly. The Grifter, who is connected to psychic Desiree, followed Jennifer and Jack to Salem after Desiree told them their fortunes.
7/22/91-7/26/91: Mickey was stunned when he read Sarah's letter, in which she confessed that Neil is her real father. Shane realized Kayla and Kimberly had been keeping mum that Bo has the mystery disease. Shane and Kimberly followed the trail left by Bo, but when they got to the warehouse, Bo was gone. Kurt, who really wanted Bo dead, went to the warehouse and gave Bo more of the mystery disease when he feared Lawrence would want a doctor to examine Bo. Rhonda secretly switched the virus with the vial containing the cure for the disease before Kurt could give the disease to Bo. Carly realized she was being given the run-around in Washington, where she was trying to convince the FDA to let her use the cure she developed for the disease. The mystery man who followed Jack and Jennifer to Salem introduced himself to Molly as "Hawk." Howard, a man connected to Hawk, gave Jennifer a Kachina doll on a key chain.

The mystery coma patient in Spain turned out to be Marlena Brady, who supposedly died in a plane crash several years ago. Marlena stole clothes and money and sneaked out of the clinic. Roman decided to marry Isabella. A stunned Carly realized Bo has the mystery disease. Kayla was suspended after Neil was forced to tell the hospital board that she had switched her blood sample for Bo's. Victor gave Lawrence the John Black file in exchange for the mystery disease cure. Victor gave Carly the cure to use on Bo after she agreed to be Victor's wife. Jack gave Howard, a homeless man, a job as janitor at the newspaper, and Howard learned Jack took out a loan on the paper. Hawk was angry with Desiree and Bubba, who came to Salem to make sure that they get their share of the money from his plot against Jack and Jennifer. Tanner learned the woman in the wedding photo is Molly's mother.
8/5/91-8/9/91: A shocked Jennifer learned that her new friend, Howard, the homeless man, was dead and that he owned a multi-million dollar candy business. During Howard's funeral, Jennifer and Hawk ran into each other at the grave, but Hawk left before she learned who he was. To get back to Salem, Marlena stowed away in a packing crate shipped to Miami on a plane. In the Miami airport, Marlena and Roman just missed meeting each other. Marlena tried to phone Roman, but hung up when Isabella answered. After a shootout with Lawrence's henchman, Carly salvaged a vial of the curse for the mystery disease. Carly later gave Bo the cure for the disease, and was relieved when he began to improve. After arriving in Salem, Marlena was stunned to see how her twins had grown up, and to discover Roman now has Isabella in his life. Tanner started digging up information on Molly's mother.

Marlena watched through the window when Roman gave Isabella an engagement ring. Marlena decided to meet with Roman alone so that she could reveal she is alive and well, but they kept missing each other. Eventually, Roman and Marlena came face-to-face, and he was stunned to see that she is alive. Bo felt responsible when Kayla admitted she was suspended from her hospital job for switching his blood sample with hers to cover the fact he had the mystery disease. Shane was upset with Kimberly, who let him believe they snooped around Lawrence's vineyard as part of their ISA assignment to get the goods on Lawrence. Carly tried to put off Victor, who pressured her to make good on her agreement to come back as his wife now that Bo is cured. Hawk, Desiree, the supposedly deceased Howard, and his lawyer, Chauncey, are con artists who are plotting against Jack and Jennifer.
8/19/91-8/23/91: Ginger, who lives in Arizona, vowed to get to Salem after reading a newspaper article about the (supposed) death of Howard Hawkins. Isabella sensed something was amiss before Roman confessed that Marlena is alive and in Salem. Roman suspects Victor had something to do with Marlena's supposed death and her being held captive for years. Marlena told Roman that she only came out of a coma recently and was stunned that she had been held prisoner. Isabella confronted Victor, who denied being responsible for what happened to Marlena. Roman told Isabella that he doesn't know what will happen to their relationship right now. Carly told Marcus about Victor's threat to harm Bo if she doesn't return to Victor. Hawk was furious with Desiree, who latched onto Marcus. After Kimberly was nearly mowed down by a speeding car, Shane told Kayla that he was moving in with Kimberly to protect her.

8/26/91-8/30/91: Roman brought Marlena to see their twins, but she realized it's going to take time for Eric and Samantha to accept her as their mother. Marlena had flashbacks to the time she was in the clinic, and she is convinced Roman was also at the clinic, although he insisted he wasn't. Kimberly hypnotized Marlena, who is still convinced Roman was at the clinic. In the meantime, we learned that the real Roman is still at the clinic and was seen viewing video tapes that a mystery person made of Marlena and Roman. Carly realized Victor is still determined to get her back despite her feelings for Bo. Kayla and Shane's evening together was disrupted when he got upset after learning Kimberly had visited Lawrence at the prison again. Jack was jealous of the attention Jennifer is giving an injured Hawk, who moved into their place to recuperate. Hawk was upset when Chauncey told him Ginger arrived in Salem.

9/2/91-9/6/91: Chauncey insisted to Ginger that he has no idea where her daughter is. Molly remembered that as a child, she overheard her grandfather arguing with someone (Ginger), but he later insisted it wasn't her mother, because her mother was dead. Tanner learned Molly's mother was probably never married. Hawk and Chauncey fretted that in the search for her daughter, Ginger will ruin their scam against Jack and Jennifer. Hawk warned Howard to keep Desiree away from Jennifer or she will blow their scam. The real Roman (Roman I) was livid when he learned his impostor (Roman II) is programmed to kill Marlena if Roman I doesn't cooperate with is captors. Roman II was intrigued by a mysterious coin that Marlena has. Roman I was given a replica of Marlena's coin. While Isabella and Bo tried to find out who set fire to his boat, Bo realized Victor has been spying on him and Carly.

Marlena was upset with Roman II, who refused to stop his investigation into what happened during the years she was missing. Roman II, who was trying to connect Victor to the person who set fire to Bo's boat, fumed when Isabella found the arsonist and had him arrested. Under hypnosis, Marlena remembered undergoing plastic surgery after the plane crash. Marlena also remembered being given a St. Christopher medal, like the one she gave Eric. Victor has an identical medal in his safe. Roman II and an ailing Isabella shared a kiss when he insisted that she go to bed. Victor was furious when Bo and Carly defied him by beginning a life together despite his efforts to keep them apart. Shane suspected Lawrence had sent Kimberly weird gifts and threatened her, but it wasn't him. Tanner decided to "borrow" money from Wings to pay for more info on Molly's mother.

Jack threw a 21st birthday party for Jennifer, who was upset that he had forgotten her birthday until Hawk reminded him. Jennifer learned Hawk had been in Salem before Howard's (supposed) death. Roman II kept mum that he didn't know what Marlena was talking about when she recalled the first time they met. Marlena insisted that she was going with Roman II, who vowed to find the island where Marlena had been held captive. Roman I insisted to his captor, Luis, he remembered nothing about his past, but back in his cell, Roman I reminisced about Marlena. Roman I's captors sent a pretty blond woman, Gretchen, to talk to him in hopes of getting information from him. Kimberly didn't believe Lawrence, who insisted that he is not behind the threats she has been receiving. Kimberly is unaware that Cal Winters was in the process of escaping from prison. Chauncey panicked when Ginger suspected her daughter is in Salem.

9/23/91-9/27/91: After escaping from prison, Cal stole a helicopter and went to Salem with the intention of getting Kimberly back. Ginger and Molly had a run-in when Molly broke into Ginger's camper to "rescue" Ginger's dog. Hawk warned Howard that they may have to eliminate Ginger permanently before she blows their scam against Jack and Jennifer. Brian and Ginger went out on a date. Molly was upset when Tanner subtly resisted her attempts to get close to him. Roman I forced Gretchen to help him escape from his captors and then took her hostage. Roman I immediately set out to find Marlena. Isabella followed Roman II to Florida to tell him that she is pregnant, but hid when she saw Roman II and Marlena were caught up in the moment after he told her that Abe had arranged for them to get onto the island where she was held captive. Jack and Jennifer argued over Hawk.
9/30/91-10/4/91: Roman II insisted to Marlena that he wanted to return to Salem after he had flashbacks to when he was held in the same cell Roman I was returned to after he was recaptured. After seeing Marlena with Roman II, who he knows is an impostor, Roman I escaped a second time from his captors, tracked down Roman II, and fired shots at him. Victor prevented Carly from spending time with Bo and Shawn-Douglas and talked about his plans for a second honeymoon. After he learned that Bo and Carly had planned to spend the night at the Salem Inn, Victor had a henchman tamper with the elevator cable. Bo rushed Carly to the hospital after she was injured in the elevator, which crashed when the cable gave way. After his release from prison, Lawrence quizzed Carly about Roman II and his return from the dead. Cal, who has a homemade bomb, planned a reunion between himself, Kimberly, and her infant daughter Jeannie.

Carly's life hung in the balance as she underwent surgery for the injuries received when the hotel elevator crashed. Victor was beside himself when he learned Carly was injured in the rigged accident instead of Bo. Bo vowed to prove his suspicion that Victor arranged the elevator crash. Marlena was caught in the middle when Roman I and Roman II met on the island and each claimed the other was an impostor. Marlena urged Roman I and Roman II to work together to get to the bottom of their situation. Kayla and Kimberly got into a cat fight over Shane. Cal continued working on his planned reunion with Kimberly. Tanner fumed when he was accused of stealing money that was missing from the safe at Wings. Hawk is determined to keep Ginger and her search for her daughter (Molly) from interfering with his scam against Jack and Jennifer. Isabella changed her mind about having an abortion.
10/14/91-10/18/91: Hawk and his cohorts conned Jack out of a fortune in a phony stock deal, then forced Jack to go on the run after a fake FBI agent pretended he was shot. Jennifer became worried when Jack didn't return form his "business" trip. Roman I told Marlena that thinking about her and the children is what kept him alive while he was held prisoner. Caroline and Shawn accepted Roman I as the real Roman, but Bo, Kimberly, and Kayla didn't. Jennifer tried to assure Carly that she and Bo are there for her. Bo learned someone cut the elevator cable which nearly caused Carly's death. Roman I and Roman II underwent DNA tests, but their blood samples disappeared. The Bradys panicked when they learned Cal broke out of prison. Cal kidnapped Kayla when he mistook her for Kimberly. Ginger hired Tanner to help her find her daughter (Molly). Molly mistakenly believes that there is something romantic going on between Tanner and Ginger.

The Brady family panicked when they learned Kayla never reached Washington, D.C., where she was supposed to run DNA tests on blood from Roman I and Roman II. Kayla is terrified of Cal, who is holding her prisoner. Cal told Kayla that she is going to help him get Kimberly and Jeannie back. Shawn and Caroline talked to Roman II about Roman's childhood and made Roman II realized that he is John Black. John Black began having flashbacks to the time he was being prepared to take over Roman's identity. Victor is furious when he learned Roman I is alive because he is capable of ruining Victor. Abe prevented John from strangling Victor. Victor was livid when Carly refused to come back to him because she wants to be with Bo. To protect Jennifer, Jack decided to leave Salem until he can clear himself in the (supposed) shooting of the FBI agent. Julie rebuffed a young intern, Chip, when he came on to her.
10/28/91-11/1/91: John refused to believe he is not Roman even though DNA tests proved Roman I is the real Roman Brady. Isabella was stunned when Bo said he believes Victor was responsible for the cut elevator cable that nearly cost Carly her life. Victor threatened Carly when she refused to return to him. Caroline warned Victor to leave her family alone. Bo told Isabella that he thinks Victor is behind what has happened to Roman and John. Bo went after Victor when Carly didn't show up at the Trauma Center, and shots were heard after Bo entered Victor's home. On her radio show, Kimberly begged Cal to release Kayla. Being rebuffed by Julie didn't phase intern Chip who kept coming on to her romantically. Tanner continued investigating Ginger's past, but hasn't linked her to Molly yet. Jennifer thinks Jack deserted her. Victor lied that he knew nothing about John even though Isabella is having John's baby.

After hearing gunshots, Bo raced into Victor's mansion and found Carly holding a gun and leaning over Victor's, who was pronounced dead. Although Bo tried to take the rap for Victor's murder, the butler and Victor's bodyguard pointed the finger at Carly and she was arrested. Isabella, who had been outside Victor's home when the shots were fired, posted Carly's bail. To protect John, Isabella stole Victor's file on him along with the San Cristobal medal. John had memories of his past after he saw a mysterious number on his file. Roman saw the same numbers printed on a top secret ISA file from a case that he had worked on. Kayla plotted to escape from Cal. Jennifer decided to use her trust fund to save Jack's newspaper after Hawk encouraged her to take over the paper. Julie talked Molly into moving in with her. Ginger panicked when Tanner, who learned she once worked as a stripper, called her "Genevieve."
11/11/91-11/15/91: While Carly's murder trial was getting underway, Victor, who is very much alive, continued plotting to keep Carly and Bo apart. Victor is also searching for a mysterious treasure. Roman, Marlena, and John realized the strange numbers on John's file pertain to astronomy. Roman and Abe learned Gretchen is in Salem and working with Lawrence. Shane pretended to bring Jeannie to Cal as part of the plan to rescue Kayla and Kimberly, who was taken hostage when she tried to rescue Kayla. After getting into the apartment, Shane and Cal fought and Shane was knocked out. Kimberly shot Cal before he could kill Shane, then Brian and the police charged in and arrested a wounded Cal. Kayla kept mum that Shane is Jeannie's real father. Ginger insisted to Tanner that she is not "Genevieve" and remembered the time Mr. Hawk got her fired from her Vegas job and didn't believe she was having his son's baby (Molly).

Hawk warned Howard that he is in some video footage Jennifer shot on the dock after Howard secretly tried to arrange for Ginger and Molly to meet there. Ginger ran from Julie's penthouse apartment and Molly's birthday party when she realized Molly is her daughter. Tanner cornered Ginger, who refused to tell Molly the truth because she is afraid Howard will harm Molly. After they made love, Kayla told Shane that Cal let it out that Shane is Jeannie's father. When Shane told Kimberly, she rushed off to see Cal, who admitted Shane is Jeannie's father. Roman, John, and Marlena went to Cancun, Mexico, to search for the place where they were held prisoner. John had flashbacks about a pyramid. After a call from Isabella, Bo headed for Mexico, and was stunned when Carly joined him on the plane. Hawk destroyed a note that Jack left for Jennifer when he sneaked into their home.

11/25/91-11/29/91: Shane talked to Kimberly about Jeannie, then went to Kayla to make a fresh start with their romance. Kimberly was jealous when she learned Shane and Kayla are sleeping together. In Mexico, Marlena, John, and Roman realized the mystery of their pasts are linked to ancient Mayan ruins called Chichen Itza. After Bo, Carly, and Isabella joined Roman, Marlena, and John, they learned a treasure consisting of Mayan scrolls is supposedly in the Castillo pyramid. Victor and Lawrence are also after the treasure. On Thanksgiving, Jennifer pined away for Jack, and she was unaware that he was the ski-masked man who delivered the Horton family turkey. While trying to help Jennifer find Jack, Desiree was stunned when she saw the ghosts of Duke and Harper. Jack stuck to his decision not to involve Jennifer in his problems regarding the FBI agent's "death." Ginger felt guilty when she heard Molly talking about a young girl who was hit by a car after her mom deserted her.

A shocked Jack learned Jennifer used her inheritance to keep his newspaper in business and is working for the paper. When Jack visited his mother, Jo, in prison, she urged him to patch things up with Jennifer. Brian offered to coach Ginger, who decided she has to acquire some class before telling Molly that they are mother and daughter. Isabella told a shocked John that she is having his baby. Victor was arrested. Gretchen and Lawrence held John and Roman at gunpoint after they found the ancient scrolls. Gretchen told everyone that she is an ISA agent. While everyone was arguing, the supposedly deceased Stefano DiMera appeared and said he would trade the information on John's real identity for the scrolls. Stefano was killed by a bullet meant for John. Lawrence turned the scrolls over to the Mexican government, and told John the ISA would tell him whatever information they find out about his past.
12/9/91-12/13/91: Jo urged Jack to fight for Jennifer after he eavesdropped on a conversation between Jennifer and Alice and wrongly believed Jennifer has found a replacement for him. Jennifer agreed to continue as Hawk's friend after he apologized for nearly kissing her. Although the wedding wasn't legal, Bo and Carly said their vows in a traditional Mayan ceremony. Marlena told John that she hopes the baby will mark a new beginning for him and Isabella. Roman was pleased to learn that Isabella is pregnant with John's baby because he feels the situation will keep John away from Marlena. John told Isabella that he has to find out his true identity before he can commit to her and their baby. Eric and Sami didn't want to believe John, who admitted he isn't really their father. Caroline was angry when she was asked to be a character witness at Victor's trial. Kayla was upset when Shane went off on an ISA mission.

12/16/91-12/20/91: Roman and Marlena allowed John and Isabella to spend time with Eric and Samantha (Sami), but the children were hostile to John after he told them he is not their real father. Roman was hurt when Eric and Sami kept talking about John. Lawrence insisted to John that he knew nothing about John's past, but later Lawrence looked over a file on John. John was disappointed when the satchel taken by the ISA had only contained a locket with a photo of a mystery woman with a birthmark behind her ear. Carly has the same type of birthmark. Jennifer visited Jo, who insisted Jack didn't leave Jennifer because he wanted out of their marriage. Hawk vowed to get rid of Jack permanently. Jack was dubbed "The Christmas Bandit" after the police saw him with a toy gun they thought was real. Chip convinced Julie to go on a sleigh ride with him. Bo and Carly vowed to see Victor pay for faking his death.
12/23/91-12/27/91: Jennifer was furious with Jack, who came crashing through a window in the Horton home with the police right behind him because they wrongly thought he was a thief. To cover his actions, Hawk told Jack the supposed murder of the FBI agent never really took place, then lied to Jennifer that he kept mum about Jack being alive and on the run because he thought Jack had been in on the con game. Tanner and Molly nearly kissed on Christmas, but he pulled away. When things got romantic between Julie and Chip, she backed off. Bo and Carly were angry when they learned Victor was pleading not to guilty to the charges against him because of temporary insanity. Lawrence got Carly's attention by sending her a painting, which she angrily returned to him. John started a therapy session with Marlena in hopes that he would remember his past, and was stunned to realize he might have a wife somewhere.

12/30/91-1/3/92: Bo and Carly, who spent a romantic New Year's Eve together, are unaware that she has a birthmark behind her ear, just like the woman in the photo John found in the satchel. Isabella told John that she knows about the "wedding" ring he found in the satchel, and suggested he wear the ring in hopes it will trigger his memory of the past. Marlena hypnotized John, who became terrified when he saw himself in a stormy sea and realized he couldn't speak. A stunned Jack learned someone (Howard) had cashed in all of his stocks. When Jack saw Hawk dancing with Jennifer, he slugged Hawk, which made Jennifer angry with him. Bo was upset when Carly received an invitation to a party hosted by Lawrence to celebrate the discovery of the codices found in the pyramid in Mexico. Kayla urged Kimberly to accept the offer when a colleague asked her to return to work at the Los Angeles child abuse clinic.

1/6/92-1/10/92: Kimberly told her family that she was returning to Los Angeles to work at the child abuse clinic, and accepted Kayla's offer to go there with her to help get the children settled in. Jack and Ginger teamed up to get proof that Hawk conned Jack into thinking he was involved in a murder so he would go on the run. Jack and Ginger thought they had Hawk trapped after Jack told Hawk that he could claim his inheritance from (the supposedly) deceased Howard, but the plot went awry when Chauncey gave Hawk a check. Chauncey later warned Hawk to get out of town while he still can, but Hawk refused to budge because he has fallen for Jennifer. Isabella collapsed after testifying that Victor was mentally unstable at the time he faked his own death. Isabella was relieved that her collapse had no effect on her unborn baby. Carly rejected Lawrence's attempt to seduce her.

1/13/92-1/17/92: John rescued Isabella after her car went off a bridge and into the river. Everyone was relieved Isabella and her unborn baby were unharmed. Isabella and John realized the ring that he has been wearing may be an insignia of some kind and not a wedding ring. A mystery woman in Italy, who has a ring similar to John's, wondered if he is her lost lover. Everyone was shocked by John's violent streak when he physically attacked Lawrence, who wanted him arrested for stealing the Mayan codices. Lawrence actually has the codices. Roman was thrilled to see his daughter Carrie back in Salem, but was unaware that she only returned to tell John she hated him for pretending to be her father. On the plane to California, Kimberly and Kayla talked with a fellow passenger, Rob, who came on to both Kimberly and Kayla. Jack continued his effort to prove Hawk is a con man.
1/20/92-1/24/92: When Roman realized Bo had been kidnapped, he confronted Victor, who said he knew nothing about the disappearance. Crime family leader Rafi later told Victor that Bo would be released when Roman stops his investigation of the Torres family. Carly was in the midst of her bridal shower when she learned Bo was missing. Carly and Roman received a video tape which proves Bo is alive. Roman nixed ISA Chief Tarrington's suggestion that he assume a new identity because he won't leave his family again. Kimberly and Kayla were stunned to learn that Rob, the man they met on the plane, is an attorney who will be working with Kimberly at the child abuse crisis center. Shane went to Los Angeles to get Kayla and they flew back to Salem together. Carrie found it hard to continue her hate campaign against John. Carrie was also attracted to Lawrence. Molly was upset that Tanner won't make a commitment to her.

John didn't recognize Danielle, the woman from his past, when she rented an apartment across from his. When he realized that Tanner won't be able to make a commitment to Molly until he lays to rest doubts about how his mother died, Brian let Tanner see the police file on their mother's death. When Tanner told Molly that he is checking into his mother's past, she said she wished she knew her real mother. Tanner later tried to convince Ginger to admit that she is Molly's mother, but Ginger thinks Molly shouldn't know the truth. Rafi agreed to release Bo if Roman and Shane let Rafi unload a shipment of drugs in Salem, but at payoff time, Roman and Shane realized that they had been set up when they found themselves ducking gunfire. Rafi vowed to kill Bo after his brother was killed in a shootout with Roman and Shane. Isabella heard John call out the name "Romulus" during a nightmare.
2/3/92-2/7/92: Roman reluctantly left town to protect his family from his enemies and to rescue Bo. Marlena arrived at the airport in time to see Roman's plane taking off, so they didn't get to say good-bye. Danielle arranged for John (and Isabella) to catch her in the bathtub at the boarding house, but she was surprised that he still didn't recognize her from his past. Shane agreed Kayla could help him with his plan to find Bo and make it possible to bring Roman back to his family. After being tricked into thinking that he killed Jack, Hawk confessed to Jennifer that he had conned her and Jack. Jennifer gave a tape of Hawk's confession to the police when Hawk was arrested. Shane, Kayla, and Julie hosted a party for underworld figures in Salem, but a bomb brought the festivities to an explosive halt. Brian told Ginger that he wants to be police commander while Roman's away. Carly comforted Shawn-Douglas, who misses Bo.

After the explosion at the club, Chip performed surgery that saved Julie's life. Tanner went to check on an injured Vern, but refused to admit to Brian that he cares about their father. Kayla was hysterical over Shane's injuries from the explosion because it reminded her of Steve's sudden death. After Shane regained consciousness, he learned that he was paralyzed from the waist down. After she realized how close Molly is to Julie, Ginger was unable to admit to Molly that they are mother and daughter. Isabella told John that while investigating his past, she learned of a thief who used the name "Romulus." John is worried that he could be "Romulus." When Isabella gave John a china rose for Valentine's Day, he had a flashback in which he gave a similar rose to a woman in his past. A delighted Jennifer told Jack that she is pregnant. Lawrence is still using Carrie to get information on John.
2/17/92-2/21/92: Carly rushed off to the cabin looking for Bo after she received a letter his captors forced him to write. Bo was recaptured before he could get to Carly. Lawrence later rescued Carly and Shawn-Douglas when their boat was set adrift while they were sleeping. Lawrence told Carly where Rafi has been holding Bo prisoner, but couldn't stop her from trying to get to Bo despite the danger. Brian was upset when Abe was asked to take Roman's place as police commander. A surprised Abe found himself face-to-face with Roman, who was disguised as a bum. Julie played matchmaker for Molly and Tanner, but Tanner pulled away when Molly admitted having feelings for him. An upset Tanner learned that his parents were having marital problems before his mother died. Kayla failed to convince Shane that he won't be paralyzed forever. John saved Marlena from being harmed by a psychotic patient.

2/24/92-2/28/92: Carly and Isabella broke into a locked clinic after Isabella began having abdominal pains while they were stranded in a snowstorm. Carly saved Isabella and her unborn baby. John and Lawrence teamed up to find Carly and Isabella even though they don't trust each other. Carly reluctantly agreed to let Lawrence help her search for Bo. Lawrence took care of Carly, who collapsed because of a high fever. Danielle lied to John that she has no connection to his past, but later said that she is John's wife during a session with Marlena. While trapped in a storage room with Danielle, John realized that she isn't the woman in the half-burned photo because she doesn't have a birthmark behind her ear. Kayla was upset when Shane wanted to undergo life-threatening surgery because it could help him walk again. Lawrence predicted the end of the mysterious "Romulus" after he learned that his Aunt Vivian was coming to town.

3/2/92-3/6/92: Lawrence was grateful to his Aunt Vivian, who shot and killed Alfonse before he could shoot Lawrence. Vivian was surprised to see Lawrence has been caring for a feverish Carly, who, in her delirium, thought she was back in the days when she and Lawrence were romantically involved. John and Isabella cut short their vacation at a spa when they realized something happened to Carly. Back in Salem, John and Lawrence rushed Carly to the hospital, and later her fever broke. While he was with Carly, a stunned John saw the birthmark behind her ear and realized that she is the woman in the half-burned photo that could be a link to his past. Molly ran off when Tanner confirmed Ginger's claim that she is Molly's mother. Victor agreed to give half his empire to the Torres "family" to ensure Bo's safe return. Marlena treated a disguised Roman, who was injured breaking up a fight between Shawn and Victor.

3/9/92-3/13/92: Upset over learning that she is Ginger's daughter, Molly returned to the cabin in the woods where she grew up. Tanner found Molly and convinced her to return to Salem, but she agreed for Julie's sake, not his or Ginger's. After seeing the birthmark behind Carly's ear, John asked if they had known each other in the past, but Carly said she didn't remember him. Victor hired a hit man, Conway, to kill Rafi, but Roman disguised himself as Conway then "shot' Bo with tranquilizer bullets so Rafi would think he was dead. Victor and Rafi took off after Bo's "death," while Roman and Alice took Bo back to Salem. Carly was stunned when she saw Bo. Vivian plotted to reveal the identity of the thief named Romulus during a masquerade party. After Vivian told John about a locket that Romulus stole, John realized that he has a similar locket. Kayla was happy that Shane decided not to undergo a dangerous surgical procedure that could reverse his paralysis, but he vowed that he will walk again.
3/16/92-3/20/92: During Vivian's costume party, Rafi spotted Bo and was about to shoot him when Roman shouted a warning and Bo shot Rafi. Lawrence was upset when Carly told him that she will always love Bo, then said good-bye to Lawrence and went home with Bo. John searched Danielle's apartment and found a childhood photo of her and Carly. Carly remembered playing with Danielle when they were children. John later confronted Danielle, who stunned him with the news that she is his wife. Unable to stand their separation any longer, a disguised Roman grabbed Marlena and kissed her. Marlena was uncomfortable having to keep Roman's identity a secret from the Brady family to protect his undercover status. Desiree convinced Jack to see Marcus professionally, and Jack learned what he thought was sympathetic morning sickness (for a pregnant Jennifer) could be a real health problem.

3/23/92-3/27/92: Danielle informed John and Isabella that she has a marriage certificate to prove John is her husband. Danielle told John that he was a cop and that he was trying to catch Romulus. Isabella stayed behind while John and Danielle went to Switzerland looking for clues to John's past. Bo overheard Marcus encourage Carly to deal with her past secrets. Kayla was thrilled for a paralyzed Shane, who was able to move his foot. Because of his paralysis, Shane is reluctant about a physical relationship with Kayla. Roman rescued Marlena, when she was attacked by Jesse Lombard, who blames Marlena and the other doctors at the hospital for the death of his brother. A disguised Roman planted an electronic bug in Rafi's hospital room. Jack, who is worried that he was dying of a strange illness, was relieved when Marcus said his tests were negative. Brian confronted Ginger after he learned that Molly is her daughter.
3/30/92-4/3/92: Brian insisted that he and Ginger have a future even though she told him she had worked as a Las Vegas showgirl and a hooker. John was frustrated when a Swiss banker refused to let him into a safe-deposit box that might contain information about John's identity. John quizzed his former rival, S.S. Mangino, who believes John "Stevens" (the name John used in Switzerland) is Romulus. Later, the police accused John of being Romulus and then arrested him when he returned tot he Swiss bank. After Carly left for a seminar in Lake Tahoe, Bo pressured Vivian to reveal why Carly left the French convent years ago. Jack is convinced that he is terminally ill. Bo learned lawyer Lisanne "L.B." Gardner sees Carly as the weak link in the lawsuit the Lombard family has brought against the trauma center. Marcus tried to help Jesse Lombard. Tanner is afraid that he will eventually hurt Molly.

4/6/92-4/10/92: Rafi vowed revenge when he found the electronic bug Roman planted in his hospital room. When Marlena told Roman of Rafi's threats, he was hopeful Rafi would make a mistake and enable Roman to get the goods on him once and for all. Carrie was impressed when she saw the way Marlena was able to deal with Rafi. Marlena agreed Roman could move back home to protect her and the children from Rafi, but insisted he come up with a disguise to keep his identity a secret. The police released John when his fingerprints didn't match those belonging to Romulus. Isabella is upset that John is spending so much time with Danielle. Bo followed Carly to her seminar after he learned that Lawrence was there, but she said Lawrence wasn't harassing her. Carly decided to tell Bo about her past despite Vivian's objections. Jack looked at his medical records, which were misfiled, so he thinks he has six months to live.
4/13/92-4/17/92: While Isabella tried to warn John of her discovery that Danielle was Romulus, John figured out the truth and confronted Danielle. John let Danielle escape from the police after she confessed that she and John were never married. Isabella and John were reunited. Vivian told a shocked Lawrence that if John has the other half of the locket that Lawrence once had, John and Lawrence are brothers. John noted the pieces of the locket match perfectly. Carly admitted to Bo that she has been having flashbacks to the time that she had Lawrence's baby, who died at birth. Marlena was stunned when Roman disguised himself as a female housekeeper and moved in with her and the children to protect them from Rafi. Jack told Jo that he is terminally ill, and got upset when Jennifer talked about them someday being grandparents. Julie tried to cheer up Chip, who was suspended until the Lombard lawsuit is settled.

4/20/92-4/24/92: Lawrence, who refuses to believe John is his supposedly dead brother, Forrest, was stunned when John asked him about the lockets. After breaking into Lawrence's home, John secretly watched as Lawrence and Vivian opened a mysterious crate. Rafi took Marlena hostage when she unwittingly wandered into the middle of a drug deal that was taking place on the pier. Roman, Bo, and Abe rescued Marlena and were finally able to destroy Rafi and his crime family. Everyone who worked at the trauma center was upset when the center was closed because of the Lombard lawsuit. Vivian didn't enlighten Carly, who asked her about Dr. Goddard. Jack and Jennifer vowed to fight to keep their newspaper when Lisanne said one of her clients wanted to buy it. Jesse Lombard was arrested when he tried to sell drugs to Carrie, but was released when Marcus agreed to be his "Big Brother."
4/27/92-5/1/92: Bo and Carly went to Paris to meet Dr. Goddard, who phoned Carly, but hung up after he asked her to come to Paris to see him. Vivian doesn't want Bo and Carly to meet with Dr. Goddard. Julie was upset when Chip told her that he was leaving town, but didn't give him any encouragement to stay either. Shane continued to avoid having a physical relationship with Kayla. Kayla contemplated joining Kimberly in Los Angeles after Tom had to fire her from the hospital because of cutbacks and the Lombard lawsuit. Jennifer was suspicious of Jack, who is being nice to everyone. When Vivian and Lawrence found the casket they opened was filled with sand, Vivian was convinced John is Lawrence's brother, who supposedly died as a child. Vivian later took a sample of John's hair to a lab to have DNA tests run to prove that he is Lawrence's brother. A stunned Lawrence found Carrie in his bed.

5/4/92-5/8/92: John went after Carrie when he found out she was with Lawrence. Carrie was in tears after John told her that Lawrence raped Jennifer. Marlena comforted Carrie after she and Roman also arrived to rescue Carrie from Lawrence's clutches. John was stunned when Lawrence said the lockets they each had would prove they are brothers. John didn't believe Lawrence until his DNA test proved they are brothers. In Paris, Dr. Goddard gave Carly her college records and then split, but later sent her a video tape in which he revealed Carly's baby didn't die at birth. Isabella accepted when John asked her to marry him. Jack and Jennifer learned Lisanne's mystery client who wants to buy their newspaper is none other than Lawrence. Jack looked for an herbal cure for what he thinks is his terminal illness. Carrie and Tanner got drunk, then shared a kiss, but Tanner nixed going further.

5/11/92-5/15/92: Bo and Carly returned to Salem after they learned that Carly's baby is still alive, but when Carly grilled Vivian, who was with her when she gave birth, Vivian insisted the baby had died. After giving up hope of finding a cure for his supposed terminal illness, Jack decided he has to find a new husband for Jennifer before he "dies." John and Isabella talked with Buddy Rose, a janitor at the school John (Forrest) had gone to and he said that as a child, John (Forrest) had displayed none of the ruthless traits of the Alamain clan. Lisanne reminded Lawrence that John (Forrest) is entitled to his share of the Alamain fortune. Lawrence and Vivian feared that John (Forrest) will eventually remember everything that happened to him as a child. Tanner left town to check out a lead on his mother's death. Isabella began having labor pains while she and John were exchanging their wedding vows.

Carly and Marcus helped Isabella deliver a son. The birth interrupted Isabella and John's wedding, but after the baby was born, they finished saying their wedding vows. John and Isabella named their baby Brady Victor Black. Vivian and Lawrence began plotting against John after realizing they wouldn't get away with having him killed to prevent him from claiming his share of the Alamain fortune. Bo learned Dr. Goddard had been affiliated with a European adoption agency, which could mean Carly's baby had been given up for adoption if it didn't die at birth. After learning Brian and Ginger have broken up, Jack schemed to get Brian and Jennifer involved so that she will have a new husband once Jack "dies" of his supposed terminal illness. Lisanne forced Shane to testify against Kayla at the malpractice trial. Marlena announced that she had evidence that could change the trial outcome.

Kayla said good-bye to Shane, her family and friends before she and Stephanie left to join Kimberly in Los Angeles. Before she left, Kayla reminisced about her life with Steve (Patch). The jury found the defendants in the Lombard lawsuit against the trauma center not guilty after Stella Lombard admitted on the stand that her son Dean had a pre-existing condition which contributed to his death after he was brought to the clinic. Lawrence urged Lisanne to accept an offer to join Mickey's law firm instead of returning to New York City. Shane helped Bo and Carly, who met a man who may have located Carly's son via his connection to a black market adoption ring. Marlena talked a judge into putting Jesse in therapy instead of jail when he was arrested for carrying a concealed weapon. Molly's boss, Gavin, subtly came on to her after he said that he could recommend her for a nursing honors program.

Shane's ISA contact, Mr. West, told Carly that her so may be living in Tulsa with his adoptive parents. Someone tried to run Bo and Carly's car off the road to keep them from meeting the boy that may be Carly's son. Later, Carly came face-to-face with the little boy. Jack talked Julie into buying his newspaper so that Lawrence wouldn't be able to get his hands on it. When Brian and Jennifer saw Jack and Ginger together, they wrongly jumped to the conclusion that Jack and Ginger are having an affair. In order to keep tabs on Lawrence and Vivian, John agreed to run one of the companies owned by the Alamain family. After Victor obtained Leopold Alamain's will, he gave it to John, who realized Vivian has been living on his share of the Alamain fortune for years. Roman became worried about Marlena's safety after she convinced a judge to put the Lombard family in therapy with her.
6/8/92-6/12/92: Lawrence and Vivian were shocked when John told Vivian that he wants all her assets because they are rightfully his. Isabella is worried about John's determination to trap Lawrence and Vivian before they have a chance to harm him. Carly was heartbroken when she learned Chris wasn't her son. Chris' parents told Carly that they didn't go through with plans to adopt a baby boy after they learned they were expecting Chris. After breaking into some computer files in Paris, Bo and Carly found a record of her baby's birth, but they also found a death certificate as well. Jennifer thought Jack was dumping her after she read a farewell letter that he had written to their unborn child. Later, Jennifer pressured Jack, who said he is "dying." An innocent Molly was shocked when Carrie said Gavin probably asked her to spend a weekend with him because he wants to sleep with her.

After Jack broke down and told Jennifer that he was dying, Tom told Jack that he was in perfect health, and explained that the test results for a dying man were mistakenly filed in Jack's medical file. Jack didn't want to be separated from a pregnant Jennifer, but he insisted she accept the chance to go to New York City and work on a TV show with Calliope. Bo helped Carly deal with the death of her son, and the two held a private memorial service for the baby, who Carly decided to name "Peter." When John showed Vivian and Lawrence a copy of Leopold's will, which leaves half the Alamain estate to John, Vivian lied there was a codicil to the will. Victor helped John prove the codicil Vivian came up with was a fake, then John stunned Vivian by taking over everything she owned. Roman and Marlena renewed their love by returning to the inn where they first made love.

6/22/92-6/26/92: Gavin lured Molly to a secluded cabin with a lie that he had some work for her. Molly was stunned when Gavin tried to rape her, but she fought him off by hitting him over the head and knocking him out. Lisanne, who works for Vivian and Lawrence, lost the first corporate court battle with John and Isabella. Vivian fumed that she couldn't get enough money when she was forced to sell her last piece of jewelry for a pittance. A jealous Vivian saw how close Lawrence and Lisanne are getting. Tanner was stunned when Lucille showed him a letter from his mother, who wrote that she committed suicide because she had been sexually assaulted. Shawn was shot and wounded during an attempted holdup at the Brady Fish market. Carly saved Shawn's life by performing surgery on him. Bo decided to become a cop, and Roman convinced Shane to work as an instructor at the police academy.

6/29/92-7/3/92: While teaching a class that the police academy, Shane proved to a skeptical cadet that he was capable of defending himself despite his paralysis. Molly knocked Gavin out when he physically attacked her, but when he came to, he warned her not to tell anyone what happened between them. After Tanner told Molly that he learned his mother committed suicide because she was raped, Molly told him that Gavin had tried to rape her. Lawrence was upset when Carly told him about her plans to marry Bo. Lisanne jumped in bed with Lawrence to help him forget all about Carly. Carly told Bo that she wants to have a baby as soon as possible. After thieves posing as police officers robbed Ballistix, Carrie, who is an employee, realized that she unwittingly tipped the crooks about the store opening. To earn extra money so he can support Jennifer and their baby in style, Jack agreed to ride with Salem police officers during dangerous assignments.

7/6/92-7/10/92: Tanner threw some punches at Gavin after he learned that Gavin had raped his mother and caused her suicide. Brian refused to arrest Tanner for assault, but turned in his badge after Tanner said Gavin had raped their mother. Tanner later turned himself in to the police after he and Julie agreed to stand by Molly when she agreed to charge Gavin with attempted rape. Carrie was upset when the other girls who work with her and Jesse at Ballistix rejected her attempt to be friends. Carrie took an interest in musician Austin Reed, her and Jesse's neighbor. Vivian, who needs money, tried to cozy up to Victor because he is wealthy. Vivian was shocked when little Nicholas ("Nikki"), who has been living in Europe, suddenly arrived on her doorstep. John told Isabella that he had arranged for them to honeymoon in Italy. John and Isabella bought a pub for Shawn.

7/13/92-7/17/92: Ginger, Molly, and Tanner abducted Gavin in an effort to make him confess that he tried to rape Molly, but Gavin stuck to his lie that he never touched Molly. After Ginger, Molly, and Tanner let Gavin go, he panicked and tried to split town, whereupon the police arrested him on attempted rape charges and figured that he wouldn't flee if he was innocent, like he claimed. On Lawrence's command, Lisanne paid Jesse's father, Roger, to convince the dock workers that John can't be trusted. Vivian moved into a hotel with her nephew, Nicholas, so that Lawrence wouldn't know the boy is in Salem. Vivian was relieved when Victor asked her and Nicholas to spend a few days with him on his yacht, which would get them out of town. Kimberly accepted a marriage proposal from a mystery man. Kimberly returned to Salem, then she and Shane were run down by a drunken Roger.
7/20/92-7/24/92: After she was run down by a drunken Roger, Kimberly underwent surgery. Kimberly regained consciousness and appeared to be in good condition, until she was stricken with a severe headache. Shane, who suffered no injuries when he and Kimberly were run down, was ecstatic when he was able to stand for the first time since he was paralyzed. Roger was arrested on attempted manslaughter and drunk driving charges. Roman fumed when he learned Roger had been bailed out of jail. Lisanne and Lawrence paid Roger's bail to make sure that he didn't tell anyone they hired him to turn the dockworkers against John. Vivian arranged for Nicholas to return to England, but the child stowed away on Victor's yacht before Victor and Vivian set sail. Ginger stood by Brian, who decided to quit his police job and open a dog obedience school. Tanner was understanding when Molly wouldn't let him touch or hold her.

Vivian, who was stunned when she saw Nicholas on Victor's yacht, made up a story about how she adopted Nicholas from a former maid who was unwed when she gave birth to Nicholas. Vivian reluctantly agreed when Victor suggested throwing a big bash to welcome Nicholas to Salem. Shane was talking to Kimberly when she suddenly experienced severe pains in her head. Shane was stunned when a man named Phillip Collier arrived and claimed to be Kimberly's fiance. Because of Molly's near rape, she and Tanner decided to take their budding romance a day at a time. Tanner decided not to pressure Molly to move in with him while she is trying to deal with what happened to her. After John and Isabella returned from Italy, he realized someone was undermining his relationship with the dockworkers. Lisanne fumed when Roger refused to cause any more trouble for John. Jesse rightfully suspects Austin is up to no good.

Kimberly introduced her fiance, Philip Collier, to her family. When Kimberly experienced more severe headaches, she kept mum so she wouldn't worry Philip or her family. During Victor's party for Nicholas, Vivian was relieved when no one seemed to doubt her story about how she "adopted" the boy. During the party, Carly and Lawrence talked with Nicholas, but are unaware the boy is really their child, who supposedly died at birth. Molly became worried when Ginger didn't show up to meet her, but was unaware that Ginger and Brian were involved in an auto accident. Carrie got Austin a job playing piano at Wings, and is thrilled that they are getting closer. Jesse's mother, Stella, thinks that Marlena has romantic designs on her husband, Roger. Jesse refused to accept Roger's apology for being such a terrible father. Bo failed his oral police academy exam.

Vivian was relieved when everyone thought Shawn-Douglas was mistaken when he said he met Nicholas (Nikki) in the park over two weeks before Vivian introduced him to everyone. Because she is jealous that Lawrence is still obsessed with Carly, Lisanne plotted to ruin Carly. After one of her patients died, Carly came up with a plan to prove a medical van for people who don't have medical insurance. Marlena was surprised when she learned Roger is a very good artist. Marlena spoke with the judge in Roger's case, and later, Roger was surprised he didn't receive a jail sentence for running down Kimberly while he was drunk. Stella is still convinced that Marlena wants Roger for herself. Roman was upset with Marlena, who insisted she can help Roger straighten out his life. Lawrence convinced Vivian and Nikki to move back in with him. Bo disobeyed Abe to save Marcus' life.
8/17/92-8/21/92: Molly was upset, but still encouraged Ginger to accept a job on a Chicago newspaper. Ginger left town with Brian, who decided to move to Chicago with her. Austin and two cohorts are running a small-time betting operation. When Jesse won money betting on the horses, Carrie had him bet some of her money so she could buy a new dress for her date with Austin. Carrie was upset when she lost her job. Marlena encouraged Roger, who started going through alcohol withdrawal after checking into a detox clinic. Stella lost her job, but Roman helped her get a secretarial position at the police station. Lisanne went to Paris to check out Lawrence and Carly's past relationship. Carly was unaware that Lawrence secret put up the money for her community medical van idea. Roman let Bo graduate from the police academy after he realized that he would make a good cop. Isabella is having severe back pains.

At John's suggestion, Isabella saw Carly professionally to find out the source of her back pain. After taking tests, Carly told Isabella there's a mass in her pancreas, and Isabella was stunned to realize she may have cancer. Bo was assigned to work with a woman cop, Taylor McCall. Bo and Taylor unwittingly came close to discovering Austin's gambling operation. Bo received a minor knife wound breaking up a fight between Austin and a man who accused Austin of cheating him when he lost a bet. Carly treated Bo's wound, then returned to her medical van, making Bo wonder if she really cares about him. Vivian told Nikki he can stay in Salem, but worried that Lisanne will find out the truth about the boy's parentage while she's in Paris. Tom and Alice gave Jack a plane ticket so he could visit Jennifer, who's still working in New York City. Kimberly, who has a split personality, realized something is wrong.
8/31/92-9/4/92: Kimberly's alter-ego, a redhead, caused a brawl in a bar. Bo and Taylor broke up the bar fight, but Kimberly was gone by the time the bartender told Bo what happened. Kimberly was puzzled when she found a book of matches from the bar in her purse. At Kimberly's urging, Shane went to Minnesota to take advantage of a new therapy program for his legs. Isabella was in shock after Carly said the test results show that Isabella has inoperable pancreatic cancer. Isabella told John and Victor the news, and John vowed to find someone who can cure her. Carly told Lawrence that she had a son who died shortly after birth, but lied that Lawrence wasn't the baby's father. A furious Stella learned Marlena is staying at Fairmont Hospital to help Roger, who is beginning to beat his drinking habit. Austin nixed talking to an old family friend about the circumstances of his father's death.

9/7/92-9/11/92: Marlena told Roman that Roger reminds her of a patient she lost several years ago, and she is so intent on helping Roger beat his booze habit. Stella's jealousy showed when Roger extolled Marlena's virtues for the way she's helping him with his drinking problem. After coming to terms with her impending death, Isabella convinced John that they should enjoy every moment they have left together. John still hopes Isabella's cancer can be cured. When Jennifer phoned to tell Jack her and Calliope's TV show is a hit, he kept mum about Isabella. Kimberly got angry when Shane followed Kimberly, who went to Casey's Roadhouse. Kimberly, who was dressed as her alter-ego "Lacey," sneaked out of the Roadhouse before Shane saw her. Carrie was envious when Molly said she and Tanner made love. Carrie had mixed feelings when Austin's pal, Tim, kissed her.

9/14/92-9/18/92: Carrie was upset when Austin warned her not to get friendly with his pal, Tim, but let her know that he's not interested in dating her himself. Roman was disappointed when Marlena said she couldn't get away from work to take an impromptu trip with him. Unaware of Roger's romantic feelings for her, Marlena agreed to let him pain her portrait, which she plans to give to Roman. At an arts council meeting, a jealous Stella spiked Marlena's drink that caused her to appear drunk. Kimberly learned her alter-ego talked Tarrington into sending Shane on an overseas ISA assignment. Kimberly was pleased that Philip returned to Hollywood to work on his film. Tanner told Molly to accept the chance to audition for Philip's movie. Vivian told Victor that she wants his love, not his money. Jack was upset when Isabella made a list of things to do before she dies. Lawrence donated blood for Nicholas, who had eye surgery.

9/21/92-9/25/92: As the opening party for Shawn's pub, Carrie bristled with jealousy when Austin attended with Billie, the new singer at Wings. Later, Carrie was embarrassed when Austin explained that Billie is his sister, not his girlfriend. Roger, who realized he has feelings for Marlena, kissed her while painting her portrait. Marlena tried to tell Roger why the kiss was wrong, but he refused to listen, then went to Casey's Roadhouse and started drinking. At Casey's, Kimberly, as her alter-ego Lacey, fended off Randy, a man who came on to her and then tried to rape her. Kimberly (Lacey) was in shock when Randy was stabbed with his own knife during their struggle. Lawrence was livid when Carly finally admitted she had his son, who died shortly after birth. Isabella asked Bo to reconcile with Victor. Jack went to see Jennifer.

9/28/92-10/2/92: Kimberly, as Lacey, panicked when she realized Randy Huston died after falling on his own knife. Kimberly took evidence, including the knife, and split the crime scene. Kimberly was confused when she returned to her own personality and saw the bruises on her body and a bloody matchbook from the Roadhouse. Roger gave Roman a sketch of the woman he saw with Randy before he died, but the sketch was of "Lacey", not Kimberly. Jennifer, who returned from New York City, was upset when she learned Isabella has incurable cancer. Jennifer was touched when Isabella insisted on giving her a baby shower. John is worried about Isabella, who passed out after Jennifer's party. Tests showed Carly may never be able to have children. Lawrence was pleased Nicholas asked him to attend father/son night at his school.

A dying Isabella was pleased when John said he would take her home to Italy. Isabella hosted a party for her friends, and even invited Vivian, Lisanne, and Lawrence. John and Isabella, who hired a nanny to take care of Brady, sneaked away from her good-bye party and left for Italy. Shane and Kimberly said good-bye before he left for his ISA assignment in Europe. Kimberly panicked when she found the bloody clothes and wig she was wearing when Randy died after falling on his own knife. Philip showed up unexpectedly while "Lacey" (Kimberly) was burning the bloody clothes, and caused her to accidentally throw the knife in the fire. Roman, who is investigating Randy's death, searched the motel room "Lacey" (Kimberly) had been using. Kimberly searched for her pearl necklace, which she lost during her scuffle with Randy. Stella wrongly thinks Marlena and Roger are having an affair.
10/12/92-10/16/92: During a session with Marlena, Kimberly remembered being raped by her Uncle Eric when she was a child. Kimberly was terrified when she woke up in bed with a strange man, then realized she has an alter-ego. Kimberly told Philip that she thinks she killed Randy, then told him about the blackouts she has been having, but he doesn't think she's a killer. In Venice, John became worried when Isabella came down with a high fever, but she insisted he not take her to a hospital. Isabella said a tender good-bye to John and their son, Brady, then died in John's arms. After visiting Mickey and Maggie's farm, Jack and Jennifer were stranded in a cabin during a storm and he panicked when Jennifer went into labor. After Billie put drugs in Carrie's drink, Carrie came close to making love with Tim. Austin later told Carrie that he has feelings for her. Lawrence and Carly shared a kiss. Nikki ran away.

10/19/92-10/23/92: A panicked Jack helped Jennifer deliver their daughter, Abigail Johanna Deveraux, in a remote cabin during a storm. After Lisanne met with Vivian's former maid, Marie-Helene, and met Marie-Helene's son, Nicholas, Lisanne realized that Nikki is really Lawrence and Carly's son. Lisanne, who is determined to become Mrs. Lawrence Alamain, became worried when she realized Carly's attitude toward Lawrence is softening. Bo and Carly set a wedding date of December 4. John returned home and was able to grieve over Isabella's death after he watched the good-bye video she made for him. Billie told Carrie that Austin runs a gambling ring. Carrie and Austin almost made love, but decided to wait. Austin told Bridget that he is worried about mystery man Simon Fairchild. Kimberly remembered using the name "Lacey" when her Uncle Eric abused her. Philip recalled that Billie starred in a porno flick he once made.

10/26/92-10/30/92: Vivian and Lisanne ended up in a catfight after Lisanne said she knows Nikki is Lawrence and Carly's son. When Nikki shoved Lisanne away from Vivian, Lisanne hit her head on a ceramic cat and died. Ivan and Lawrence took Lisanne's body to the basement. Nikki, who didn't know Lisanne was dead, asked Vivian why Lisanne said he was Lawrence's son. When Lawrence overheard Nikki's question, he confronted Vivian, then thought she was faking a heart attack. A stunned Philip realized Kimberly has three personalities. As "Clare," Kimberly told Philip to keep mum about her or she'd "get rid of him." Stella ran Marlena's car off the road and forced her at gunpoint to go to an old warehouse. At the warehouse, Stella shoved Marlena into a deep pit. Jack was not pleased that he will have to play "Mr. Mom" while Jennifer works on Calliope's talk show, which is moving to Salem.

11/2/92-11/6/92: When Philip tried to tell Kimberly that she has a multiple personality, Kimberly, as "Clare," threatened to harm Philip if he says anything about her. Kimberly said good-bye to Jeannie and Andrew after her "Clare" personality arranged for the children to join Shane in Europe. Bo interrupted Lawrence, who was about to tell Carly that Nikki is their son. Nikki blamed Lawrence for Vivian's heart attack, then moved in with Bo, Carly, and Shawn-Douglas while Vivian is hospitalized. Vivian woke up after heart bypass surgery, then had another heart attck when she saw Carly and Nikki standing beside her bed. Taylor comforted Roman, who couldn't understand why Marlena hasn't contacted him since she left on her business trip to New York City. Meanwhile, Marlena got hysterical when she realized that she was sharing the pit Stella shoved her into with a snake. Jennifer gave Jack a research job.

11/9/92-11/13/92: Roman learned of Kimberly's split personality from a video Philip made. Roman was shot when he confronted Kimberly, in her Clare mode, and he tried to take a gun from her. Roman is in a coma. Kimberly came out of her Clare personality and confessed to a stunned Abe that she shot Roman and also murdered Randy. Stella refused to get any medication for Marlena, who was bitten by the poisonous snake in the pit with her. Stella forced Marlena to phone Roman and tell him she was in Washington. Stella forced Marlena back into the pit after foiling her escape attempt. Marlena was frantic when she heard a report about Roman's shooting. In the midst of a drug deal at the warehouse, Billie heard Marlena call for help, but ran when she thought the cops were going to bust her. John walked through the warehouse, but construction noises kept him from hearing Marlena when she called for help.

Carly ran a DNA test on a sample of Nicky's blood and learned she and Lawrence really are the boy's parents. Lawrence nixed letting Carly tell Bo about Nicky. After Vivian faked heart palpitations, Carly and Lawrence decided she wouldn't be able to take Nicky away from them, but Vivian was secretly planning to anyway. Carly was stunned when Lawrence told her Lisanne died when Nicky pushed her away from Vivian during a quarrel. Stella was shocked when Roger said he wants a divorce. Stella later booked a flight to Arizona, then left some food for Marlena before nailing down the boards over the pit to prevent Marlena from escaping. Having a change of heart, Stella used a pay phone to call Abe and was about to tell him about Marlena when a truck skidded on some ice and crashed into the phone booth. Jo helped Jack, who doesn't like being "Mr. Mom."
11/23/92-11/27/92: To protect Nicky, Lawrence stopped Bo from having an autopsy done on Lisanne's body. A furious Bo learned Lisanne's body had been cremated. Bo overheard Nicky tell Shawn-Douglas that Vivian and Lisanne fought the day Lisanne died. While stranded in a cabin together, Carly and Lawrence got closer because of Nicky. Carly decided to tell Bo that she is Nicky's mother when he finishes his investigation of Lisanne's death. Carrie admitted to John that Austin is part of a gambling ring. After her release from jail, Kimberly rushed to a hospitalized Roman, who came out of his coma when she talked to him. Marlena is worried that she won't be rescued when she heard on the radio that Stella died from her injuries after she was hit by a truck. Marlena hoped a homeless man who stumbled upon her would help rescue her.

After Stella's funeral, Roger and Jesse moved to New York City to start over. Roger gave John his sketches of Isabella, who had asked him to paint her portrait for John. Marlena, who is still trapped in the pit, had visions of her deceased twin sister, Samantha. Marlena insisted to "Samantha" that she's not ready to join her in death. After finding the answering machine left behind by the homeless man, John realized Marlena was somewhere in the warehouse that his men were about to demolish. The workers set off the dynamite just as John rushed into the warehouse and called for Marlena. Jennifer realized that it won't be easy working with Philip, who accepted a job as producer of her TV show. Jo read over the book Jack put together from the manuscript he found in the attic, then Jack sent copies of the manuscript to several publishers. Carrie learned Billie forged one of John's checks.
12/7/92-12/11/92: After the demolition explosion went off at the warehouse, John found Marlena and saved her life. Marlena and John were unable to escape from the pit, in part because John injured his knee in the explosion. Abe and Roman located Marlena's ditched car and the answering machine, which were both covered with Stella's fingerprints. Abe and Roman later rescued Marlena and John after realizing they had to be at the warehouse. On orders from Lawrence, Ivan told Bo he accidentally caused Lisanne to drive her car over a cliff, but Bo didn't buy Ivan's story. Carly told Lawrence she wouldn't cancel her wedding, insisting that she loves Bo and is going to marry him. Just as Bo and Carly's wedding got underway, Vivian sneaked away from her Christmas party as part of her and Victor's plan to split with Nicky. Jack heard form a publisher interested in the book he submitted under the name "Miranda Miller."

12/14/92-12/18/92: In front of everyone at Bo and Carly's wedding, Lawrence blurted out that Vivian had taken off with their son, Nicky. Carly left Bo as the altar and went to the airport with Lawrence in hopes of catching Nicky and Vivian, but they learned they hadn't boarded a plane. Victor was furious when he learned that Vivian double-crossed him by taking Nicky to a secret location instead of Victor's island in the Caribbean. Nicky secretly phoned Lawrence. Carly was furious with Lawrence, who let Bo think she had moved in with him, when she only spent the night on Lawrence's couch after their failed search for Nicky. Carly later learned Bo turned in his police badge, then took off in his boat for parts unknown. Jack panicked when publisher Suzanne Cooper insisted on meeting "Miranda Miller," which is the name under which Jack submitted his book. Roman isn't pleased about John and Marlena's new closeness.
12/21/92-12/25/92: Vivian made Nicky hang up the phone before Lawrence's detective could trace the call. Bo caught up to Vivian and Nicky and let Vivian believe that he would take her overseas in his boat, but Bo took Nicky back to Carly and Lawrence on Christmas Day. Nicky was cool toward Carly because Vivian had lied that she was the reason they had to try to leave town. Carly and Lawrence went through mementos from Nicky's childhood, which they found in the trunk of Vivian's car. Roman wasn't thrilled when Marlena included John in their Christmas celebration. After getting fired from another job, Billie took LSD pills laced with poison, but Carrie and Austin saved her life. Carrie convinced Marlena not to tell Roman that Billie uses drugs. John suspects it was Billie, not Carrie, who stole money from him. Bill Horton came home for Christmas. Jack learned his book won't be published since Suzanne was fired.

12/28/92-1/1/93: Jack was determined to find a way to buy The Spectator after Julie said she might sell the paper to Victor. Jack talked with Bill about helping him finance the purchase of the paper at Jennifer's suggestion, but later, Jack was livid when he learned Jennifer had already secretly convinced Bill to back him. To prevent Austin from going through with a fixed boxing match arranged by Gus, the crooked fight promoter, Carrie "kidnapped" Austin and took him to a mountain getaway. A furious Austin learned what Carrie and done, and back in Salem, Billie tried to stall Gus as well as the loan shark Austin owes money to. Porno producer Simon Fairchild blackmailed Billie into hiding a lot of money for him. Realizing she couldn't run off with Nicky again, Vivian plotted to turn Nicky against Carly. Marlena helped John tend Brady when the child came down with a fever.

1/4/93-1/8/93: At her hearing, Kimberly concentrated on suppressing her other personalities, Lacey and Clare. The judge decided to revoke Kimberly's bail and send her to Bayview Sanitarium for treatment after the court psychiatrist found no proof that Kimberly suffers from multiple personality disorder. Marlena later convinced the judge to release Kimberly after she agreed to take responsibility for Kimberly and to treat her to prove to the court that she has a split personality. Jack considered a job in Saudi Arabia and went to an abandoned barn to think, and when he pounded his fist on a post, money fell from the rafters. Austin defied Gus's order to throw his boxing match, then paid off the loan shark with his winnings. Gus had his thugs beat Austin to a pulp. Tim, who was arrested for gambling, split town after Billie bailed him out using money from the stash she was forced to hide at her pad.

1/11/93-1/15/93: Jennifer was puzzled when Jack, who found thousands of dollars in an old barn, told her he was going to buy back The Spectator. Philip fired Jennifer when she threatened to quit if the TV station didn't sponsor a day care center for studio workers. Jo was upset when Jack refused to tell the police about the money he found. Carrie and Billie lied to Bo that they didn't know who beat up Austin, who has fractured ribs, a broken arm, and a concussion. Carrie was happy when Billie finally agreed with Austin, who wants to stay in Salem. Marlena was surprised when assistant district attorney Rebecca asked for pointers on how to get close to John. Lawrence disagreed with Carly, who wanted to tell Nicky they are his parents. Carly is worried that Bo will find out Nicky was responsible for Lisanne's death. Bo was upset to see Carly with Lawrence when he took Taylor to Wings to celebrate her birthday.
1/18/93-1/22/93: Bo was angry when he caught Carly and Lawrence together at Wings, and then Carly refused to tell him why she had kept him in the dark about being Nicky's mother. Kimberly told Bo that she would keep him appraised of what goes on at the Alamain home. Lawrence phoned a mystery person and ordered them to keep tailing Bo. Carly was about to tell Kimberly that Nicky was responsible for Lisanne's death when she heard Nicky let out a scream. John and Marlena admitted that they still have feelings for each other, but Marlena said she also loves Roman. In an effort to forget their feelings for each other, John went out with Rebecca and Marlena surprised Roman with a trip to a ski chalet. Julie warned Jack that he has to come up with more than the binder fee if he is going to buy The Spectator from her before Victor does. Billie panicked when she learned Cash's money wasn't in the barn where she had stashed it.

Marlena's ski trip with Roman was ruined when she dreamed about making love with John. Marlena and Roman returned to Salem after learning from Abe that someone had broken into their house, but the "intruder" turned out to be their daughter, Samantha (Sami), who ran away from her school in Colorado. Cash fired shots when his drug deal went bad, and a stray bullet hit Abe. Roman and Marlena were relieved when Abe survived surgery. Billie realized Cash shot Abe, but kept mum when Bo questioned her. Julie rushed to Switzerland to see her ex-husband, Doug, who lured her to him by pretending to be ill. Julie and Doug later decided to begin a new life together in Europe. Jack saw the newspaper ad Billie hoped would produce the person (Jack) who stole the money she stashed in the barn. Carly told Jennifer that Nicky accidentally killed Lisanne. Kimberly also realized that Nicky killed Lisanne.
2/1/93-2/5/93: While Abe recovered from his bullet wound, Billie fingered Cash as the man who shot Abe. Billie became worried when Cash vowed to get even with her, and feared that Tony Becker will soon return for his money (which Jack found in the barn). Carly decided to tell Bo that Nicky accidentally killed Lisanne, but changed her mind when she heard Bo tell reporter Sondra Stevens that he will bring Lisanne's killer to justice. While disposing of the bloody rug and the stone cat that Lisanne fell on when she died, Lawrence encountered Tiffany, a hooker. When Tiffany was later arrested, she saw a photo of Lawrence which fell out of Bo's file on Lisanne. Marlena and John made love after she convinced him not to leave town, but they vowed it can't happen again. Sami and Carrie threw a party for Marlena and Roman, who forgot it was their wedding anniversary. Sami has a crush on Austin.

Kimberly is worried that her alter egos, Lacey and Clare, will take control of her, but feared that if she can't prove she has a multiple personality, she will stand trial for killing Randy Huston. Kimberly told Carly that she could tell Nicky about his true parentage, but Lawrence convinced Carly to hold off telling the boy the truth. Lawrence told Nicky the police are checking into Lisanne's death, and later Nicky had a nightmare about the night he shoved Lisanne (causing her death). Philip realized Kimberly is protecting Nicky from the police. John arrived at Roman and Marlena's wedding anniversary party and announced that he decided not to leave town after all. Feeling guilty about having made love, John and Marlena vowed not to spend time alone. Tiffany told Bo about her encounter with Lawrence, but they didn't find the statue and rug that Lawrence buried in the woods.
2/15/93-2/19/93: Jack and Billie met on the pier and he learned that she had hidden the money he found in the old barn. Tony Becker jumped bail and headed for Salem to get his money from Billie, but Jack scared Tony off by pretending he was a cop. Tony warned Billie that he will return. While dancing at a charity function, John and Marlena had a hard time concealing their feelings for each other. Bo was thrilled to catch Lawrence digging up the rug and cat statue, linking him with Lisanne's death. Lawrence fumed when Carly sent Lisanne's blood sample to the police, who matched Lisanne's blood with the blood found on the cat statue. Carly realized Lawrence and Vivian were planning to leave the country with Nicky. Sami and Austin were rescued from a stuck elevator, but she was upset that she forgot to ask Austin his name.

Victor offered Marlena a job with his company, Titan Publishing, because he likes the idea of Marlena and John getting together. John accepted a position on the Titan board without knowing Victor offered Marlena a job at Titan. Marlena later accepted Victor's job offer. Roman blew his stack when he overheard Carrie talking to Marlena about her plans to sleep with Austin. Cal continued to threaten Austin, who refused to step foot in the boxing ring ever again. Lawrence, who was protecting Nicky, was jailed after he lied to the police that he accidentally killed Lisanne. A mystery woman chatted with Jennifer and later stood outside Jennifer and Jack's house with tears in her eyes. Because he is not the author, Jack rejected Billie's suggestion that he sell "his" manuscript to pay back the money that belonged to Tony Becker. Billie took the manuscript and plotted to get it published by Titan.

3/1/93-3/5/93: Outside the Titan Publishing building, Carrie and Austin were kissing when she spotted Gus. Gus threw acid at Austin, but hit Carrie, who shoved Austin out of the way. Gus knocked Austin out and split, but he was later found strangled in his hotel room. Jonah helped Carrie until she was hospitalized. Roman blamed Austin for what happened to Carrie, and ordered him to leave town or he would be arrested. Carrie is worried that her face will be badly scarred. Sami kept mum that she saw Marlena and John making love. Bo kept Vivian and Lawrence from taking Nicky to Europe, then reconciled with Carly after telling her that he knows Nicky accidentally killed Lisanne. All charges were dropped when Nicky, who is unaware that he killed Lisanne, told a judge he shoved Lisanne to protect Vivian. Nicky was pleased when Lawrence admitted being his father. Jennifer is curious about Bella Magazine editor-in-chief, Kate Roberts.

Because Vivian filled Nicky's head with bad things about Carly, Nicky rejected Carly when he learned that she is his mother. Vivian was upset when Lawrence forced her to give up her guardianship of Nicky. Vivian had the Alamain butler, Ivan, drain the brake fluid from Carly's car after telling Ivan she wants Carly dead. Kate picked up on the tension between Roman, Marlena, and John. Alice realized Kate lived in Jennifer and Jack's house. Kate sneaked into the house, but didn't find the journal she wrote years ago when she was Marlena's patient. Roman had a fit when he learned Marlena had known about Austin's involvement with the gambling ring for a long time. During a shrink session, Marlena brought out Kimberly's Clare personality and hoped that it would prove to the judge that Kimberly really has a multiple personality. Billie panicked when Cash was released from jail.
3/15/93-3/19/93: Roman forced Carrie to dump Austin by threatening to arrest him on gambling charges. Austin, who proposed to Carrie, was heartbroken when she said that she never wants to see him again and blamed him for having had acid thrown in her face and being scarred for life. At Sami's urging, Austin tried to talk things out with Carrie, but she refused. Carrie was horrified when she took off her bandages and saw the scars on her face for the first time. Billie, who was driving, got in the car with Carly after Ivan cut the brake lines on Vivian's orders. Billie saved Carly's life after the car crashed. Vivian went to the hospital with plans to get rid of Carly, but she suffered chest pains and then learned that she may not have long to live. Rebecca was itching to tell Marlena that she slept with John. Jack heard Billie trying to convince Kate to publish the manuscript Jack found.

Kate considered Victor's suggestion that she move into his mansion before her son, Lucas, comes to visit over spring break. Victor let it slide when he learned Billie forged his signature on a letter of recommendation to Kate to convince Kate to publish (Jack)'s book manuscript. Billie and Jack got into a poker game hoping to raise more money after realizing their book advance isn't enough to repay the money Jack took from the barn where Billie had stashed it. Marlena delivered an award plaque to John, and was stunned when Rebecca answered the door clad only in John's shirt. Austin sent Carrie a note via Sami, saying he would wait forever for her, but when Carrie and Austin met face-to-face, she told him to get lost. Lawrence paid a Bo lookalike, Mitch, to beat up Cash, then blackmailed Phillip into airing the taped fight on TV. Bo was forced to turn in his police badge.
3/29/93-4/2/93: When Carly returned from Cleveland, she accepted Lawrence's offer to move into his place while she is recuperating, and because Bo suggested it would give her a chance to get to know Nicky. Carly is unaware that a dying Vivian plotted to make sure she is accused of murdering Vivian after her death. Billie wanted to help Bo, but made things worse for him when she told Abe and Rebecca that Bo had threatened Cash. Bo's lookalike, Mitch, joined the same poker game Jack and Billie were playing in. Marlena was upset with Roman, who admitted he forced Carrie to end her romance with Austin. In hopes of getting a permanent job on Jennifer's talk show, Austin did a story about a homeless teen, Wendy, who gave birth to her baby in the back of a cab with help from Jonah. While Abe was convinced Lexie wants to start a family, she confided to Alice that she doesn't want to have Abe's child.

Jack got upset when Billie refused to leave the poker game until Bo arrived and she could point out Bo's lookalike, Mitch. Pressured by Lawrence, Taylor arrived at the poker game and arrested all of the gamblers, then let Mitch escape. Lawrence fumed when he realized Mitch and Taylor are romantically involved. Lawrence ordered Taylor to see that Mitch leaves town. Also on Lawrence's orders, Taylor hindered Bo's search for Mitch. After Vivian stole Carly's pain medication, she used it to spike her hot chocolate that Carly had prepared. Jennifer wasn't too pleased when Philip hired Austin to co-host her TV talk show. A tearful Lexie told a devastated Abe that she won't have his children because of what's going on in the world. Kate held a retreat for Titan Publishing employees at Victor's mansion. During the retreat, John saw Marlena skinny dipping in a pond.
4/12/93-4/16/93: After reading "In the Midnight Hour," the book manuscript Billie gave her, Kate was upset the book mirrored what she went through in her past. Kate decided not to publish the book after confessing to Marlena that she thinks Billie plagiarized the journal Kate kept in the past, but left in the attic of Jack and Jennifer's home when she moved away. Marlena is worried that Roman had spotted her and John in each other's arms after they went skinny dipping. Victor, who saw Marlena and John, warned John to resolve his feelings for Marlena. Marlena panicked when her home pregnancy test was positive. Lexie agreed to care for Wendy's son after the girl abandoned the baby on Jonah and Austin's doorstep. Austin rescued Carrie from a pushy photographer who tried to get a photo of the scar on her face. Billie checked out a cosmetics firm she won in a poker game.

When Carrie found Marlena's home pregnancy test kit, Marlena convinced her not to tell Roman. Later, Marlena panicked when her official pregnancy test was also positive, and then went to an abortion clinic. Marlena was jealous when she saw John and Rebecca. A stunned Sami realized that Kate's son, Lucas, was the young man she saw naked in the dressing room with rock star Cherish. Sami agreed when Lucas begged her not to tell Kate what she saw. Sami bought Lucas' military school uniform after he donated it to a clothing store, but she later let him have it back when Kate wanted him to wear it to a party. Mistaking a disguised Bo for his lookalike, Mitch, Billie warned "Mitch" to leave Bo alone because he's a great guy. Lawrence gave Taylor an assassin's gun and ordered her to get rid of Mitch permanently. Alice and Maggie invested in Billie's cosmetics company.

4/26/93-4/30/93: Marlena made an appointment at an abortion clinic, and later ran into Lexie, who told Marlena about her decision not to have children. Someone hit Marlena over the head while she was sitting in the park and left her behind some bushes. Wendy, who was planning to leave for Chicago, took a disoriented Marlena to the bus station with her, but Marlena was rushed to the hospital when she collapsed. At the hospital, everyone was shocked to learn Marlena is pregnant. Taylor shot at Bo when she mistook him for Mitch. Billie, who saw Taylor's shoes at the time of the shooting, patched up Bo, who wasn't badly wounded. Lawrence was furious with Taylor for botching her attempt on "Mitch's" life. Billie spotted the "assassin's" (Taylor) shoes and went to warn Bo. As part of her plan to commit suicide and frame Carly for murder, Vivian gave Carly an herb that caused her to become violent.

5/3/93-5/7/93: Taylor was about to shoot "Mitch" (Bo) when Billie shot and wounded Taylor with a gun she picked up from the street. An injured Taylor ran into the street and was hit by a car head on. Bo was stunned to learn his police partner, Taylor, was the person trying to kill him. Taylor recognized Bo, but died before she could tell him that she was being blackmailed by Lawrence, who ordered her to kill Mitch. Vivian lured Carly onto a balcony after the herbs she slipped into Carly's food made Carly act irrational. Bo's arrival startled Vivian, who lost her footing and accidentally fell off the balcony. Carly was forced to perform surgery on Vivian, who came out of the operation paralyzed from the neck down. Vivian ordered her henchman, Ivan, to kill Carly. Lucas is upset that Kate won't tell him the truth about who his father was. Victor learned Kate was the focus of an old Spectator article about a battered woman.

5/10/93-5/14/93: John came to the rescue of a social worker, Kristen Blake, who was being attacked by a group of toughs. An upset Jack and Jennifer learned that Clayton Robards died before he could invest in The Spectator. Later, Jack received a fax from a mystery person, who put money in The Spectator, but Jack has 10% of the paper. Jack gave Tony Becker most of the money that he took after Billie stashed it in the old barn. Tony took Billie and Jack hostage and schemed to rob a bank, but Bo recognized Tony and arrested him. Bo told Carly that he suspects Taylor was working for Lawrence, who denied any connection with Taylor when Carly confronted him. Marlena lied about her due date to convince John that she is carrying Roman's baby. Austin intervened when a drunken Lucas came on to Sami. Sami agreed to help Lucas find his father. Tom remembered delivering Lucas and recalled Kate had been a battered woman.

Lucas was angry when he learned Kate lied when she told him his father, "Alan Roberts," had graduated from West Point. Lucas also wondered if his father lied to Kate about his identity at the time they were together. With help from Sami, Lucas checked out a photo studio were a picture of his father was taken. After John rescued Kristen, she fainted when he pointed out that her arm was bleeding. John took Kristen to Marlena's home, where Tom tended to Kristen's wound. Tom and Alice notice Kristen has a scar caused by a bullet wound. John learned Kristen doesn't like him because he turned down a grant application she submitted for the community center. Kristen phoned a mystery person and said they had big trouble because John Black is living in Salem. Jack and Jennifer learned Kate was the mysterious investor in The Spectator. Vivian, who pretended total paralysis, obtained a quantity of a lethal herb.
5/24/93-5/28/93: Jack and Jennifer rushed their daughter, Abigail (Abby), to the hospital with a high fever. Carly released Abby when her temperature stabilized, but told Jack and Jennifer that the baby's blood count was abnormal. Lucas confronted Kate after learning that she purchased a photo of a total stranger and passed it off as his father "Alan Roberts." Lucas was stunned when Kate said she never knew his father's name. Later, Kate told Marlena that she fears she will lose Lucas if he learns the truth about his father. John was trapped in an arson fire at the community center while chasing one of Kristen's muggers. Kristen rescued John after hesitating for several moments, which he noted. Vivian purposely took an overdose of an herbal elixir that caused her to have a seizure. Vivian kept mum that she has feelings in her legs. Kate agreed to keep Jack as editor of The Spectator. Billie is smitten with Bo.

John arranged for Mickey to funnel money to the community center without Kristen knowing the money was from John. Kristen went to see a wheelchair bound mystery man who was wearing a ring with a phoenix on it. John insisted on being with Marlena during her amniocentesis when Roman had to go out on a police stakeout. Kimberly was stunned when Marlena admitted that she had an affair with John and doesn't know if John or Roman is the father of her baby. During the stakeout, Bo and Roman chased a drug dealer, who failed an attempt to steal Abe's car. After the incident, Wendy decided that she and her baby wouldn't be moving in with Abe and Lexie. Lexie told Abe that she thinks the world is too dangerous to bring children into it. Vivian gave one of Carly's dying patients a lethal injection, then fumed when the hospital didn't investigate, so Carly wasn't blamed for the patient's death.
6/7/93-6/11/93: Rebecca accidentally discovered Marlena's due date in November, not October, then was curious when Marlena got upset with Rebecca, who mentioned the dates. Later, an unwitting Rebecca told john about the mix-up, and he realized Marlena may be having his baby. When John asked Sami about Marlena's due date, she worried that Marlena is having John's baby, not Roman's. Nicky played matchmaker for Carly and Lawrence, causing Carly to forget about her date with Bo. Vivian plotted to murder another one of Carly's terminally ill patients, then panicked when she was nearly discovered by Lawrence. Worried about how depressed Carrie has been, Roman told Austin he could start seeing her again, hoping it would cheer Carrie up, but Carrie rejected Austin. Lucas, who has a thing for Carrie, planned to persuade her to fulfill her duties as the winner of the Face of the 90s contest.

Tom caught on to Alice's matchmaking when she arranged for both Kristen and John to spend time at the Horton family cabin, which is located on an isolated island. At the cabin, John panicked when he heard Kristen scream "Don't Shoot." Vivian gave a lethal injection to another one of Carly's terminally ill patients, then fumed when Tom signed the death certificate without calling for an autopsy even though he noticed a discoloration under the victim's fingernails. Vivian started a hospital rumor that Carly is responsible for the deaths of her patients. Kate remembered that Tom had delivered Lucas, and that he and Alice knew that she had been a battered woman. Kate stole a photo from the Horton photo album. John awaited Marlena's return from London. Victor agreed not to tell Kate that Lucas was arrested for drunk driving after he agreed to work to pay for the car repairs.
6/21/93-6/25/93: The Brady clan said good-bye to Kimberly, who left to join Phillip in Hollywood. As Kimberly was boarding her plane, Caroline collapsed in pain. At the hospital, Carly arranged for Caroline to undergo tests. Carly released Abigail from the hospital again after the child's high fever broke, but told Jack and Jennifer that the baby must undergo more tests to find out what is wrong. While disguised as a nurse, Vivian was required by the police to tend to an accident victim, who turned out to be Lawrence. Carly told Lawrence his belief that he saw Vivian at the accident scene was probably due to the mild concussion he suffered. Vivian plotted to kill another one of Carly's patients. John talked about a paternity test after Marlena admitted that she doesn't know if her baby was fathered by him or Roman. Sami learned that Titan model, Brandee, is so thin because she is bulimic.

Jennifer realized that she will have to go to the sanitarium to see her mother, Laura Horton, if she is going to find out whether or not Abigail's mystery illness has a genetic cause. Kate sneaked into Laura's room at the sanitarium after she lied that she was there to interview a faculty member. Kristen panicked when John almost caught her talking to a mystery person, who had warned her to stay away from John Black. After learning that she has an ulcer-like lesion on her stomach, Caroline became worried that she will die of stomach cancer like her mother. When Ivan reported that Caroline plans to make a living will, Vivian decided to kill Caroline and frame Carly for the deed. Sami tailed John and Marlena when they went to the hospital for blood tests that they hope will determine who fathered Marlena's child. Nicky conned Carly into spending the night on the couch with him instead of in bed with Bo.
7/5/93-7/9/93: As a volunteer at the hospital, Sami was able to find out all she needed to know in order to determine whether or not Marlena and John's blood tests indicated that he is the father of Marlena's baby. Using a computer to access Marlena's hospital file, Sami learned the results of the blood tests. Vivian, who had a syringe filled with cleaning fluid and one filled with morphine, was about to give a sleeping Caroline the lethal injection of cleaning fluid when Carly walked into the room and realized the "nurse" was Vivian. Carly refused to believe Bo when he said Nicky is doing everything he can to come between them. When Caroline heard Bo and Carly arguing, she suggested to Carly that she and Bo may not be ready for marriage. Kate was relieved to realize Laura hasn't revealed her seventeen-year-old secret. Laura said Jennifer's name after Jennifer left her hospital room.

When Carly tried to call hospital security, Vivian gave her an injection of morphine which caused Carly to go into a coma. Vivian later explained to Ivan that she mistakenly injected Carly with the morphine instead of the cleaning fluid that was meant to kill Caroline. Vivian talked to an herbalist about obtaining a rare herb that causes death, and said she wanted Ivan to give the herb to Carly. Bo was stunned when he learned that Carly is suspected of killing her patients. Marlena told John that their blood tests show Roman is the father of her baby, then insisted she and John have to forget about their feelings for each other. Sami binged and purged because she is still upset over her knowledge of Marlena and John's affair. Austin went to the hospital to see Carrie, who had surgery to remove her facial scar, but left when he saw Lucas was already with her. Kate set out to snare Victor.
7/19/93-7/23/93: A mysterious man wearing fancy cowboy boots sneaked into the Horton Center and stole Kristen's address book. Later the mystery man broke into Kristen's room and trashed the place. Kristen made a phone call to the person she believed responsible for going through her belongings. Lexie found a torn sweatshirt in the trash at the hospital and suspected it belonged to the Pacifier vigilante. Jonah didn't go along with Lexie's suspicion the Pacifier vigilante works at the hospital. On Vivian's orders, Ivan gave Carly the powerful herb, which made it appear that Carly had died. Vivian arranged for Carly's burial after Ivan had a coffin constructed to Vivian's specifications. During her memorial service, Carly, who can't move or speak, prayed Bo would rescue her. Carly panicked when she was literally buried alive. Kate forced Jack to go with her to a convention in Chicago.
7/26/93-7/30/93: Carly screamed for Bo when the drug Vivian forced Ivan to give her wore off after she was buried underground. Using a two-way radio, Vivian warned Carly that her water and air supply was limited. On the two-way radio, Carly tried to convince Ivan to rescue her, but Vivian grabbed the transmitter from him. Bo was upset to learn that with Carly "dead" the investigation into the deaths of her patients wouldn't be pursued, which would make it appear Carly was a murderer. While John broke up a fight between Rebecca and Kristen, the cowboy-booted mystery man fired a shot at Kristen but accidentally wounded Rebecca. A recuperating Rebecca later told John that she realized their romance was over, so she accepted a Toscano Foundation job in Europe. Bo was angry when he found Billie, who stowed away on his boat after she saw the gunman who shot Rebecca. Carrie still has feelings for Austin.

8/2/93-8/6/93: Billie was in the woods with Bo when she was confronted by her father, Curtis, and realized he was the man in the parking lot who took a shot at Kristen. Curtis convinced Billie not to tell Bo about him, and later he conned Billie into letting him hide out at her place. Curtis told Billie that while she and Austin thought he died during a drug bust, he ended up working as a government informant and then went into the witness protection program. Curtis told his mystery boss he thinks he has scared John and Kristen into staying away from each other. Kristen told the emissary to tell her brother to leave John alone. Lexie didn't tell Abe when she learned Jonah is the Pacifier vigilante. After Vivian confessed to Lawrence that she had Carly buried alive, Lawrence and his men dug Carly up in time to save her life. Sami's friend Jamie reluctantly agreed not to reveal that Sami is bulimic.

Jack and Jennifer were devastated when they learned Abby has aplastic anemia and needs a bone marrow transplant. After Lawrence took Carly to his mansion, he became worried that Nicky would find out she is there. Lawrence hustled Bo out of the mansion after he brought Nicky a journal that Carly had kept during her pregnancy. Vivian has Dr. Wu searching for a rare herb to counteract the "sleeping death" potion she used on Carly. Sami refused to tell Marlena what is bothering her. While she was cleaning Sami's room, Marlena found a stash of junk food and laxatives in the closet. Billie covered for Curtis when Bo learned from a photo that she was in the parking lot when Kristen was shot at. John tried to get Kristen to change her mind about leaving town. Carrie was upset that her skin graft didn't take and the scars on her face are worse then ever. Lexie hasn't told Abe that Jonah is the Pacifier vigilante.

8/16/93-8/20/93: After realizing Carly has amnesia, Lawrence played along with her when she thought they were engaged. Jack was devastated that he can't be a bone marrow donor for Abby because he had Hodgkin's disease. No one in the Horton family was a compatible donor for Abby. Thinking of Abby, Kate looked at two photos in a locket and cried over "her babies." Kristen was about to board a plane out of Salem when she changed her mind about leaving. Neighbors protested the Horton Center after Maggie arranged for teen-age AIDS patient Kevin to stay at the center after his release from the hospital. Marlena realized Sami is bulimic and insisted that the girl see a therapist, but reluctantly agreed not to tell Roman about Sami's condition. Bo, who was doing undercover work in Los Angeles, was stunned to find Billie in his hotel room, where he had a meeting with mob boss, Malko.

Kristen, who decided not to leave town, convinced the Horton's neighbors that it would be okay for AIDS patient Kevin to stay at the Horton Center. Everyone was surprised when tests showed Austin could be a bone marrow donor for Abby. Kate had a strange reaction when she learned that Austin had been abandoned by his mother when he was a child. To save Billie's neck, Bo lied to crime boss Malko that she was his girlfriend. When LAPD officer Ozzie gave Bo photos of the suspected hit man, Billie stole Curtis' photo and list of his aliases before Bo saw them. Billie secretly warned Curtis when Bo came close to finding him in a bar. Marlena decided not to tell Roman that Sami is bulimic for the time being, but insisted Sami start seeing a therapist. Carrie realized Sami is in trouble. John is worried about Kristen, who was trapped at the Horton family's island cabin during a severe storm.
8/30/93-9/3/93: Lucas was stunned when Kate confessed that her abusive first husband left her and took their two little children when he learned that she turned to another man for comfort. Kate cried when she told Lucas the children had been killed in an accident. Kate agreed to marry Victor, who said he wants her to have their child, and thinks their relationship will eventually turn to love. Vivian is determined to have Victor for herself. John and Kristen made love at the Horton cabin after he saved her from drowning. John and Kristen agreed to keep their romance a secret. Kristen lied to her brother, Peter, that she doesn't have feelings for John. Malko's girlfriend, Angela, is suspicious of Bo and Billie. Bo, who learned Curtis is the hit man that he is looking for, was stunned to see Billie with Curtis. Carrie underwent another skin graft operation to hopefully get rid of her facial scars.

A stunned Jack and Jennifer accidentally witnessed Victor and Kate's nuptials. Jack vowed vengeance when he saw Kate give Victor the deed to The Spectator. Kate convinced Victor not to fire Jack. Kate assured Victor that she wants to give him a child, while Vivian vowed Kate and Victor won't be married come Thanksgiving. While Abby and Austin recovered from their bone marrow transplant operation, Jennifer started researching childhood illnesses that have occurred in Salem. Carly's condition worsened when Dr. Wu gave her the herbs that were supposed to save her life. Lawrence vowed that he will kill Vivian if Carly dies. Billie checked Curtis into a rehab clinic. Kristen's brother, Peter, told Curtis that he has another "job" for him. Sami's friend Jamie told Roman that Sami is bulimic. Sami accused Marlena of blabbing to Roman, then said she knows about Marlena's affair with John.
9/13/93-9/17/93: Kristen ran off after she and John made love because she feared her brother, Peter, would find out she was with John. Kristen later met with her father, the supposedly deceased Stefano DiMera, and questioned why he hates John so much. Peter had Curtis checked out of the drug rehab clinic and had him return to Salem. After Carly recovered from the herb Dr. Wu gave her, Vivian and Lawrence realized Carly still has amnesia. Vivian convinced Lawrence to let Carly continue to believe they're engaged and to whisk her out of the country. Lawrence and Vivian panicked when Carly took a walk in the park and nearly ran into Bo. Bo nixed making love with Billie because he still loves Carly. Sami admitted that she saw Marlena in bed with John, but insisted Marlena not tell Roman about the affair. Lucas and Carrie celebrated when her skin graft removed her facial scarring. Austin is upset that he has lost Carrie.

Carrie was about to make love to Lucas when Sami rushed up to them and told Carrie that Lucas saw it as a challenge to get her to sleep with him because he knew she was a virgin. Lucas insisted that he cares about Carrie, who decided that it's time she became a "woman." Kristen heard shots fired while she was talking to her father, Stefano DiMera, who was in a wheelchair and unable to speak. John found Kristen, who realized Stefano had been kidnapped. John found the body of an emissary in the bedroom, and then brought the police to the house, but at Peter's warning, Kristen lied that nothing had happened and the body was missing. Curtis wanted out when he realized Peter had him kidnap "the Stefano DiMera." No one saw Stefano move his hand. Jennifer and Austin found themselves confronting a shotgun after they learned someone is secretly dumping truck loads of waste in a nearby wooded area.
9/27/93-10/1/93: Lawrence whisked Carly upstairs when Bo brought Shawn Douglas to see Nicky, but Bo smelled Carly's perfume. Bo was surprised when Vivian said Lawrence and Nicky were leaving the country. Lawrence told Carly that she has amnesia and that he is Lawrence Alamain and not "James," but Carly fell into his arms anyway. Later, in the park, Lawrence found Carly standing in front of a shocked Bo and Billie. Abe arrested Kristen, but at a hearing, John lied that he hadn't seen a body in order to cover for her. John followed Kristen after she arranged to meet Curtis and give him the ransom he demanded for Stefano's safe return. Jennifer and Austin took soil and water samples from the land contaminated with toxic waste. Victor, who owns the land, hired a crew to clean up the site. Lexie let Jonah (The Pacifier) capture a drug dealer for the police, but at the police station, the dealer recognized Lexie.

Kristen and John made love before she met with Curtis, who brought Stefano to the Horton's island cabin. John's arrival scared Curtis off. John was shocked to find himself face-to-face with Stefano, who years ago had wiped out John's memory of the past. John was further shocked to learn that Kristen is Stefano's daughter. At University Hospital, Marlena, who was nearly killed because of Stefano, was stunned when they met in the hall. Bo didn't believe Lawrence when he said Carly has amnesia, but Marlena later confirmed Carly may never get her memory back. Lawrence admitted Vivian had Carly buried alive after drugging her with herbs, but Vivian disappeared before she could be arrested. Jack learned he and Harper were responsible for the pollution that caused Abby's illness. While avoiding guards on the polluted Track Five property, Austin cared for Jennifer when she became feverish and then collapsed.
10/11/93-10/15/93: Jack left a note for Jennifer that stated he was leaving her because he was responsible for polluting the Track Five land, which in turn caused Abby's illness. Bo and Lexie arrested Vivian before she could leave the country. Lawrence convinced Vivian to confess that she killed Carly's patients by promising she would not spend any time in prison. Later, Vivian was furious when she was sent to Pine Haven Sanitarium. Victor wondered when Kate was going to tell him about her visits to Jennifer's mother, Laura Horton, who is also at the sanitarium. Billie learned of Nicky's whereabouts from Ivan after he got drunk, then took the boy to Carly, who regained her memory when she saw her son. Carly told Bo that they can't recapture their love. Kristen told John that she is Stefano's adopted daughter. An upset Kristen learned Stefano's condition is terminal, while John is glad Stefano will die.

Carly said goodbye to Bo before leaving for Europe with Lawrence and Nicky. With Carly gone, Billie hoped that she can have a relationship with Bo. Peter returned to Salem with Kristen's fiance - none other than Tony DiMera. John taunted Stefano, who warned him to stay away from Kristen. Marlena went into labor while waiting for Roman to join her at the Horton cabin. Kristen, who wanted to talk to Marlena bout John, helped Marlena through her labor pains. John, who came to the cabin looking for Kristen, helped Marlena deliver a daughter. At Roman's suggestion, Marlena greed to name the baby Isabella. Curtis began blackmailing Kate over the fact they were once married. Lexie and Jonah escaped from a crime scene, but Abe found a palm print left by Lexie. Jennifer disposed of Jack's belongings, then told Victor she plans to clear the Deveraux name.
10/25/93-10/29/93: At Stefano's request, Kristen agreed not to tell Tony about her involvement with John. Just as Kristen was going to tell Stefano that she can't marry Tony, Stefano purposely took drugs that caused him to have a seizure. Feeling to blame for Stefano's seizure, Kristen accepted Tony's engagement ring at Stefano's bedside. John, who was secretly watching, was stunned to see Kristen accept Tony's ring. Curtis threatened Kate, who couldn't raise the blackmail money he demanded. To get drug money, Curtis broke into Billie and Carrie's pad and stole the necklace that Bo gave Billie and the engagement ring Austin had given Carrie. Bo and Austin nearly found Curtis, who hid in the building basement. Shawn-Douglas played matchmaker for Bo and Billie. Alice was sympathetic when Jennifer said Jack left her, then suggested Jennifer should visit Laura. Vivian learned Laura is a patient at the mental hospital.

11/1/93-11/5/93: Lexie convinced Jonah to let her confess to being the Pacifier vigilante because Abe would be crushed if he learned Jonah is the real Pacifier. Vivian was watching when Jennifer brought Abby to Pine Haven to see Laura, and learned something happened eighteen years ago that made Laura go catatonic. Vivian also learned that what happened also caused Kate to leave town. After telling Bo how much he means to her, Billie confronted Curtis after he stole form her and Carrie to pay for drugs. Curtis tried to strangle Billie when she threatened to tell Bo everything. An upset Bo realized Billie has known all along that Curtis is the parking lot shooter. Victor agreed to give Kate the money she needs to pay off Curtis. Unaware that Lucas had seen Curtis, Kate admitted that Curtis had beaten her up years ago. Kristen told John she loves both him and Tony, but she is marrying Tony.

When Vivian's psychiatrist fell into a drunken stupor during their session, Vivian snooped through the records on Laura. Learning it might be possible to break Laura's catatonic state, Vivian showed her a photo of Kate, and Laura spoke for the first time in years when she said Kate's name. Stunned to learn Curtis is alive, Austin got into a fight with him and threatened to kill Curtis if he ever hurt Billie again. Curtis taunted Billie about how he sexually abused her, then punched and injected her with drugs. When Curtis was found dead, Billie wondered if she killed him while she was drugged. Kate, Lucas, Billie, and Austin all vowed to get Curtis. Victor and one of his men went looking for Curtis, who beat up Kate. Kristen didn't agree with John that Stefano had Curtis killed. Tony knows Stefano was not in his hospital room at the time Curtis died. Sami still thinks John is Isabella's father.

After Curtis was killed, Jennifer saw his photo in the paper and realized that he was Austin's father, but agreed not to tell anyone. Austin said his mother ran out on him and Billie when they were kids, so he doesn't care where she is, but Jennifer decided to find Austin and Billie's mother. Lucas told Kate that he knew Curtis was back in town and that he had beaten her up years ago. Lucas got a speeding ticket the night Curtis was killed. Kate told Marlena about her connections to Curtis and Laura. Victor visited Vivian, who noted his surprise when he saw Laura was just down the hall. Billie told Austin that she fears Curtis molested her the night he drugged her. Bo checked out Billie's connection to Curtis. Convinced Kristen loves him, John took her to the Horton cabin. Unable to be alone with John, Kristen ran out of the cabin and then fell off a cliff.
11/22/93-11/26/93: John and Kristen kissed after he pulled her up from a ledge she landed on when she fell off a cliff. Kristen agreed to reconsider her plans to marry Tony if John can prove Stefano was involved in Curtis' death. Peter and Stefano discussed arranging an "accident" for John. Billie was stunned when the police searched her bedroom and found the gun used to kill Curtis. Lucas is worried that Carrie may realize there was a connection between his family and Curtis. Victor and Lucas realized they were both out the night Curtis was killed. Kate visited Laura to make sure she was still catatonic after learning Vivian was in the same mental hospital. Vivian was surprised Laura had no reaction to Kate. Tom hid the fact he suffered a dizzy spell. Abe testified against Jonah at a medical school board hearing to determine if Jonah will be expelled. Sami fumed when Marlena invited John to Thanksgiving dinner.

Sami panicked when she learned that Marlena scheduled Isabella for another blood test. Using a ladder, someone kidnapped a sleeping Isabella from her crib while she slept. Alice is worried about Tom, who was stabilized after he became dizzy and collapsed. Tom was hospitalized for tests. Bo was forced to arrest Billie for murdering Curtis, but he mortgaged his boat to pay her bail. Stefano and Peter insisted to Tony that they weren't hiding anything from him after Roman and John quizzed them about Curtis' death. John remembered seeing a clasp from a hospital bracelet near Curtis' body, and suspected Stefano bribed his police guard, Fred, and escaped the night of Curtis' death. Jennifer failed to convince Austin to tell the police about his and Billie's relationship to Curtis. Vivian schemed to withhold Laura's medication after learning she didn't respond to Kate when she was medicated.
12/6/93-12/10/93: Bo took Billie to the basement of her building hoping to jog her memory of the night Curtis was killed. Billie panicked when she thought she saw Curtis, but it was Fisher Andrews, a reporter who later took compromising photos of Bo and Billie. While everyone searched for Isabella, her kidnapper, Sami, took care of the baby in a garage apartment at a friend's home. Sami kidnapped Isabella because she believes her family will be destroyed if Roman finds out John is the baby's father. John was puzzled by Sami's attitude when he tried to question her about the kidnapping, which took place while she was watching the baby. Stefano was furious when Kristen called off her and Tony's wedding because she was worried about Isabella, who she helped to deliver. Tom was diagnosed with carotid artery stenosis. Jonah was crushed when the medical school board expelled him because he was The Pacifier.

Vivian continues to withhold Laura's medication unbeknownst to the mental hospital. Vivian realized something was happening with Laura's memory when she showed her a photo of Kate. Vivian was encouraged when Laura, who had a dream about attacking Kate, whispered the word "kill." Vivian panicked when Jennifer came to see Laura, who started to say Jennifer's name. Sami conned a hospital worker into giving her details on how to obtain a birth certificate for Isabella (Belle). Kristen and John went to black market baby lawyer Steve Miller and pretended that they wanted to adopt a newborn as soon as possible. Sami arrived at Miller's office with a fake birth certificate for Belle, unaware that Kristen and John were in his office. Jennifer continued her efforts to find Austin's mother. Tom learned that he will have to go to a surgeon in England to correct the blockage in his artery. Kate wants a baby.
12/20/93-12/24/93: Posing as a couple willing to buy a baby, Kristen and John met with Miller, the shady lawyer, who said he had just the baby for them. Sami panicked and ran when she learned the police were watching Miller's office. Kristen and John were surprised to see Sami at a restaurant where they were to meet the baby's teen mother (Sami). When Stefano told Kristen that Sami couldn't have been meeting Jamie because she was working, Kristen realized Sami kidnapped Isabella. Kristen and John caught Sami, who had boarded a plane for Miami. John later returned Isabella to Marlena and Roman. Convinced that Laura is getting better, Jennifer arranged to bring her home for Christmas. Vivian failed in an attempt to keep Laura at the hospital. Tony brought Dr. Leblanc, a surgeon, from Europe and he performed surgery on Tom which saved his life. Everyone was pleased that Doug and Julie arrived for the holidays.

12/27/93-12/31/93: Jennifer is unaware that Laura has been spitting out all the pills she has given her since she brought Laura home for the holidays. Posing as a Pine Haven secretary, Vivian panicked when Jennifer said Laura seemed on the verge of talking. Disguised as a man, Vivian sneaked out of Pine Haven and kept tabs on Laura during the Hortons' New Year's Eve party. Vivian was relieved when Laura was introduced to Kate, but showed no sign of recognizing her. John was forced to tell Roman and Marlena that Sami had kidnapped Isabella. Marlena didn't believe Sami, who said she did it because she is jealous of the baby. Marlena admitted to John that Sami knows about their affair. Stefano had Peter sneak a look at Dr. Dorman's file on Sami. Stefano warned Tony that John has feelings for Kristen. Tony later saw Kristen comforting John. Jonah helped Lexie study for her medical school entrance exam.

1/3/94-1/7/94: Vivian slipped Laura her medication thus averting Laura's confrontation with Kate. Kate's secretary found a piece of the beard Vivian wore as a disguise. Kate later saw the bearded man in a photo from the party and realized he wasn't on the guest list. Jennifer is surprised to see that Vivian is a patient at the same sanitarium as her mother. Tony told Kristen that Stefano told him of John's feelings for her. Later, John admits to Tony he loves Kristen. John had flashbacks, and Stefano worried when John remembered the "captured queen" while looking at a sketch. Stefano feared John will remember that Stefano is responsible for the death of Kristen and Peter's parents. Stefano wants Peter to steal Sami's diary. DNA tests showed the skin under Curtis' fingernails and Billie are from the same genetic makeup. Bo began to doubt Billie, but he soon learned that Wendy heard someone else fighting with Curtis. Brandee admitted to Carrie that nothing happened between Brandee and Austin. After Brandee was fired, she admitted Lucas put her up to it. Doug and Julie returned to Switzerland - at least for now.

Kristen attempted to make love with Tony, but couldn't as thoughts of John plagued her. Tony felt she just wanted to wait until their wedding and understood. At Kristen's prodding, Tony agreed to help John remember his past - with or without Stefano's help. Marlena was still mum about telling Roman of her affair with John. Stefano plotted how to discover if this same information that he read in Sami's diary is true. Kate recognized the disguised Vivian in a picture and anonymously reported Vivian's escape to the hospital. Laura signaled to Vivian through pictures that Kate and Curtis know each other. Before Vivian could act on this, hospital personnel medicated Vivian into a coma to keep her from exposing their overmedication scam. Clues mounted up in Curtis' murder while Bo looked at traffic tickets.
1/17/94-1/21/94: Peter stole Isabella's latest blood sample and a DNA test later proved to Stefano that Isabella is John's child. Marlena panicked when Peter indicated that Stefano knows about her affair with John. At the start of Isabella's baptism, Marlena blurted out to Roman that she had been unfaithful to him. After remembering a woman calling him "Johnny," John confronted Stefano about the sketch of a woman he had seen, but Stefano lied he no longer had the sketch. Stefano was later forced to give the sketch to Kristen when she admired it. During therapy, Billie told Marlena that she had been molested as a child, but didn't admit it was Curtis. At Pine Haven, Anne Goldberg made sure Vivian received drugs to keep her in a catatonic state. Vivian, who can't speak, attacked Kate after realizing she reported Vivian's New Year's Eve escape from the sanitarium. Jennifer signed Jack's divorce papers.

Bo suspected, but found no definite proof, that Lucas may have killed Curtis after finding the burned driving gloves Lucas threw in the fireplace. Kate is worried that Lucas might have killed Curtis for beating her up after Bo revealed Lucas received a speeding ticket the night Curtis was murdered. Kate also wondered if Victor killed Curtis after he admitted he went looking for the man the night of the murder. Bo learned from serial numbers that money found on Curtis' body had come from Titan Publishing. A hurt and angry Roman ordered Marlena out of the house after she and John confessed they had an affair. When Roman suspected Isabella is John's daughter, Marlena showed him papers that "proved" Roman is the baby's father. Kristen refused to believe John's accusation that Stefano forced Marlena to confess she slept with John.
1/31/94-2/4/94: Peter rescued Jennifer who was attacked in her own home. Jennifer nixed calling the cops when she realized her attacker was a homeless kid. After receiving final divorce papers from Jack's lawyer, Jennifer decided to get on with her life and agreed to a ski trip with Peter. Marlena was upset when Roman insisted she move out of the house, and said he wants full custody of the children. Kristen was upset when she saw Marlena get on her knees and beg Stefano not to harm her children. Kristen was upset by Stefano's vindictive attitude toward Marlena. Jennifer unwittingly told Anne and Nurse Jackson that Ivan has worked for Vivian for years. After sending Ivan on a wild goose chase, Anne and Nurse Jackson plotted to do brain surgery on Vivian when a power failure prevented them from giving her electric shock treatments. Lucas plotted to interrupt Carrie and Austin's romantic ski trip.

When a fire broke out at Pine Haven, Vivian got away from Anne Goldberg and Nurse Jackson before a doctor could perform brain surgery on her. Vivian rescued Laura and the two later hid out at the Alamain mansion. Ivan was glad to see Vivian was alive. While Austin drove Jennifer to the airport so she could get to Pine Haven, a masked man tried to rape Carrie, who was alone in her and Austin's room at a ski resort. Jennifer suspected Anne and Nurse Jackson had split town after it was revealed they drugged Pine Haven patients in order to keep bilking money from the patient's families. Austin punched Lucas and accused him of attacking Carrie, while Lucas insisted he got his split lip in a fight with his friend Alan. Kristen turned down John's marriage proposal. John realized Stefano is the key to his forgotten past. Roman was livid after Stefano showed him proof that John is Isabella's father.
2/14/94-2/18/94: John was stunned when Marlena told him he is Isabella's father. When Kristen hesitated again about marrying Tony, Stefano told her that John is Isabella's father. In hopes of stopping Kristen and Tony's wedding, John announced the police had evidence linking Stefano to Curtis' murder. As per Stefano's plan, John fired a shot at a tire on Stefano's car when it appeared he was trying to escape, and the car blew up. Stefano, who faked his death, watched as Kristen and Tony finally exchanged vows. Marlena and Isabella moved into a room at the Horton Center. John spent time with Isabella. Austin thinks Lucas tried to rape Carrie, but she said her attacker was taller. Lucas' pal, Alan, hopes Carrie won't realize he attacked her at the ski lodge. Peter and Jennifer shared a passionate kiss. A maid, Mary, took the shoes that could link Kate to Curtis' murder.

After faking his death, Stefano hid in a secret room at his mansion. Stefano was stunned when he ran into Tony after he and Kristen returned early from their honeymoon. Mary blackmailed money from Kate to keep mum about the shell shoes Kate had thrown away. Billie spotted Mary wearing the shoes and Bo took her in for questioning about Curtis' death. After Bo learned Mary is wanted by the Illinois police, she confessed that she shoes belonged to Kate. Bo learned the shoes match a bloody footprint found at the scene of Curtis' murder. Laura refused to tell Vivian what she remembered about the connection between Kate and Curtis. Everyone was shocked when Vivian and Laura arrived at Billie's murder trial. Roman was upset when he saw John holding Isabella. Carrie told Austin that she wants to make love to him. Alan took a sudden interest in Sami after learning she and Carrie are sisters.
2/28/94-3/4/94: After Kate lied on the witness stand that she never knew Curtis, Laura testified that Kate and Curtis were once married. Kate then admitted Curtis was blackmailing her. Bo later revealed Kate had once threatened Curtis with a knife when they were married. When it looked like Kate might be charged with killing Curtis, Lucas jumped up and confessed that he was the killer. Billie and Austin realized that Kate must be their mother, but Billie and Kate don't like each other. When Jennifer wasn't looking, Laura purposely disconnected a call from Bill Horton, who phoned from Somalia. Roman fumed when Marlena asked him to sign away all rights to Isabella. In hopes of getting Kristen back, John is determined to prove Stefano is alive. Tony told Stefano to leave town. Stefano taunted Marlena and John. Carrie is worried about Sami, who went on a date with Alan. Lexie decided to go to medical school.

The Hortons were surprised when Bill returned from Somalia and shared a reunion with his wife, Laura. Realizing all is not well with Bill and Laura, Vivian got a reluctant Laura to admit Bill has something to do with what Laura knows about Kate's past. Coached by Vivian, Laura later went to confront Kate. John talked to a mystery man, Gabriel. John received a piece of a puzzle in the mail while Stefano, who left Salem, put together a puzzle with a missing piece. After Lucas was arrested for killing Curtis, a judge declared a mistrial in Billie's case. Billie had conversations with Curtis' "ghost." Because Curtis molested her, Billie was unable to make love with Bo. Unaware that Alan tried to rape Carrie, Sami agreed to go home with Alan after a date. Marlena was devastated when Roman said he is going to divorce her. Kristen and Tony walked in on Peter and Jennifer, who were about to make love.

Laura confronted Kate about her past affair with Bill and the fact that Lucas is Bill's son. Laura agreed to keep mum about Lucas' parentage. Laura later told Bill that his affair with Kate caused her mental illness. Laura also told Bill that Lucas is his son, but warned him to stay away from the boy. At Lucas' murder trial, Billie testified that she remembers Lucas was looking for Curtis the night he died, but didn't find him. Billie also remembered Kate came looking for Curtis, but found him dead. Later, Billie was charged with Curtis' murder a second time. On the witness stand, Billie admitted that Curtis was her father and that he sexually abused her. Billie also remembered someone said the work "checkmate" at the time of Curtis' death. Using an electronic "bug," John, who thinks Stefano is still alive, heard Peter phone Stefano and tell him that they may be in trouble.

Peter and Jennifer's romance heated up. John played the audio tape of Peter's side of a conversation with Stefano, but Roman still doesn't think Stefano is alive. Bo and John searched for police officer Fred because he is the only one who can prove Stefano, and not Billie, killed Curtis. Peter got Fred out of his apartment, but John later found Fred at a warehouse owned by Stefano. Someone knocked John out before he could confront Fred. Tony told Peter that he doesn't want to know where Stefano is because he already had to lie to keep Kristen in the dark that Stefano is alive. Kate learned her marriage to Victor is invalid since she was never legally divorced from Curtis. A stunned Kate learned that Billie and Austin are her children. Billie blamed Kate for what Curtis did to her. Kate and Victor decided to use in vitro fertilization after learning she can't have more children.

3/28/94-4/1/94: Lucas vowed that he won't have anything to do with Billie and Austin even though they are also Kate's children. Bo and John found Fred. On the witness stand, Bo questioned Billie, who remembered hearing Stefano and Curtis arguing while she was semi-conscious. Billie also remembered Stefano and Curtis struggling over a gun, which went off and accidentally killed Curtis. The murder charges against Billie were dropped when Fred backed up her story. Billie, Tony, and John later found Fred hanging from a rope in his jail cell. Billie feared that she has lost Bo when he said he couldn't make love to her. Laura admitted to Bill that learning Kate was carrying his baby is what made Laura mentally unstable.

Kristen was upset when John insisted Stefano is still alive, and that Stefano was responsible for Fred's hanging death. John forced Tony to lie to Kristen that Stefano is dead. Kristen made plans to go to the family plantation, Maison Blanche, for some rest. John insisted that Marlena hypnotize him in hopes he would remember his past and what he knows about a mysterious plantation. Peter lied to Jennifer that he knew nothing about Stefano's involvement in Curtis' death. Jennifer decided to break off her relationship with Peter. Ivan stole some tapes from Kate's lawyer, and after listening to the tapes, Vivian learned Kate was never divorced from Curtis.

Victor threw a party for Kate, who was crushed when Laura crashed the party, then announced that Kate and Bill had an affair and that Lucas is Bill's son. Lucas refused to have anything to do with Kate after learning she lied about his father's identity. Victor walked out on Kate after learning from a tabloid reporter that Kate was never legally divorced from Curtis, so they aren't really married. Under hypnosis, John remembered a chandelier and a plantation house. Roman also remembered being taken to a plantation while he was Stefano's prisoner. John later located Maison Blanche and went looking for Stefano. John was stunned to find Kristen, who had been drugged by Stefano's servant, Celeste. While trying to rescue Kristen, John was confronted by Stefano. A ski-masked Alan plotted to rape Carrie.

Austin's arrival at the ski lodge hotel room foiled Alan's plan to break into the room and rape Carrie. Carrie and Austin made love for the first time. Sami awoke from a drunken stupor at Alan's frat house. Alan returned in time to prevent Roman from seeing Sami when he responded to a disturbance at the frat house. After Billie noticed bruises on the arm of Sami's friend, Jamie, Sami old Billie that Jamie is just a klutz. Billie suspected Jamie's father, David Caldwell, is sexually molesting her when Billie saw him treat Jamie in the same manner Curtis did to her. Stefano held John hostage in a dungeon at Maison Blanche. Tony went to get Kristen after realizing she was at the mansion where Stefano is hiding. Victor said he would remarry Kate if she gets pregnant. Laura stole a page from Marlena's prescription pad.
4/25/94-4/29/94: The family was pleased when Alice arranged for Mike Horton to return to Salem. Later, Laura had a reunion with her son, Mike. Mike played matchmaker for Jennifer and Peter, then was upset to learn Peter was raised by Stefano. John managed to break out of the dungeon, but Kristen and Tony drove off before John could get to them for help. Using a recording of John's voice, Stefano phoned Marlena and lured her to New Orleans. A passerby saved an unwitting Sami from being raped by Alan. Worried that Bill would follow up on a threat to have her committed again if her mental condition worsened, Laura forged Marlena's name to a prescription blank to get medication. Bo was stunned when Billie accused David of molesting his daughter, Jamie. When Billie went to apologize, she was unaware that David was about to molest Jamie when Billie arrived.

Before returning to Somalia, Bill admitted he is worried about Laura's mental state, but Laura, who put herself on medication, convinced him she is fine. Jennifer and Bill noticed Mike has been acting weird since his return from Israel, but he insisted everything is fine. After being lured to New Orleans, Marlena was taken to Stefano's mansion by Celeste. John managed to get the drop on Stefano and held him at gunpoint, but he was later forced to release Stefano after learning that Marlena was also a prisoner. Lexie fumed when Jonah accepted an offer to recuperate at Wendy's pad after he received a flesh wound during a drug bust. Billie was angry when Kate nixed giving her a job at Wilhelmina Cosmetics. When Billie went to David to ask for a loan to back a new business, she caught him trying to kiss Jamie. Kate was suspicious when she found Vivian in Dr. Layton's office.

5/9/94-5/13/94: Stefano attempted to take control of John's mind again but John resisted his efforts. Marlena slipped tranquilizers in Stefano's drink and he passed out while trying to seduce her. Marlena got the keys to the dungeon and released John, then the duo headed out of the mansion. John and Marlena suspected Stefano was holding another prisoner when they heard noises upstairs in the mansion. Later, the third prisoner, a woman, looked through Marlena's wallet, and paused when she saw a photo of Bo. Celeste found the woman, who looks just like Hope Brady, wandering about the mansion. Not aware of what is happening at Maison Blanche, Kristen arranged for a charity organization to hold a cotillion at the mansion. Bo came to Billie's rescue after David took her prisoner and threatened to kill her. At the fertility clinic, Vivian vowed to destroy the eggs the doctor harvested from Kate for her in vitro procedure.

Stefano prevented Marlena and John's escape from Maison Blanche. Stefano began giving John injections that will help him gain control of John's mind again. Stefano admitted to Celeste that John is close to regaining his memory of the past. Stefano let Marlena take care of John, who had a very high fever. Stefano forced Marlena to phone the Bradys and then tell Roman that she is in New Orleans with John. Jennifer and Kristen helped Bo pick out an engagement ring for Billie. Bo admitted to Billie that he will never forget Hope, but he wants a new life with Billie. Peter and Tony were shocked when Kristen and Jennifer told them about the charity cotillion that will be held at Maison Blanche. At the mansion, "Hope" looked toward where Bo and Billie were standing. Laura, who wanted to steal a prescription blank, saw Vivian switch the eggs Dr. Layton collected from Kate with Vivian's eggs.

5/23/94-5/27/94: Alan, who wore a ski-mask, attacked Wendy, who bit him on the arm, and Austin found a piece of torn cloth on the fence Alan climbed to escape. Sami started screaming when Alan threw her on the couch in his pad and started to rape her. Mike prevented Laura from using an outdated method that could have caused Abby to die when the child choked on a cookie. Kristen heard Marlena scream, but Tony and Peter convinced her it was a noise from outside the mansion. During a second run-in with the mystery woman, Billie thought she recognized the woman as Hope. The Hope lookalike remembered waking up covered in bandages and seeing Stefano, who said that he would help her. Stefano told Marlena that he plans on brainwashing John's mind again and making her his mistress. Vivian refused to let Dr. Layton retrieve Victor and Kate's embryo because she is determined to be pregnant with Victor's baby.

Kate was livid when she learned Vivian is the mystery patient who received Kate and Victor's embryo. Later, everyone awaited the results of Vivian's pregnancy test. Alan tried to convince Sami that she wanted to make love with him, and insisted that she wanted him when she accused him of rape. Billie told Jennifer and Kristen that she saw Hope in the garden at Maison Blanche, but they didn't believe her. When Kristen saw "Hope" she sent Bo to identify her, but "Hope" had disappeared. Celeste locked "Hope" in her bedroom. Bo postponed proposing to Billie. Roman went to Louisiana to question Peter after connecting him to Leo the drug dealer. Jennifer and Kristen learned Peter owns the nightclub where Leo worked. Roman saw John and Marlena on a TV monitor while touring Maison Blanche.

6/6/94-6/10/94: Roman came to Marlena's rescue after Celeste released poison gas into the dungeon while Marlena and John were trying to escape. John went after Stefano, who took a drugged "Hope" with him and tried to escape in a rowboat. When "Hope" fell overboard, John rescued her, which allowed Stefano to get away. Before disappearing again, Stefano instructed Celeste to hide his personal computer. Kristen was stunned to see John, who told her Stefano was alive. Tony lied to Kristen that he just learned Stefano didn't die in the explosion. Tony went after Kristen, who ran into Maison Blanche after Celeste set the place on fire. A devastated Kate learned Vivian's pregnancy test was positive and it is too late to transfer the embryo from Vivian to Kate. Alan warned Sami to keep mum that he raped her or he will reveal some sexy photos he took of her.

Billie and Bo were stunned when they saw "Hope," who was rescued by John. Bo insisted the woman can't be Hope, who supposedly died in an explosion. Bo had "Hope" taken to the Salem Hospital, and Alice was stunned when she saw her "granddaughter." Bo insisted to Alice that the woman is not Hope. When "Hope" regained consciousness, she didn't recognize Bo. Billie nixed accepting Bo's engagement ring until they find out the identity of the mystery woman ("Hope"). Kristen dropped Stefano's personal computer when Tony forced her to leave Maison Blanche, which was in flames. Tony later retrieved the computer, but was injured and lost his sight due to an explosion at the mansion. Celeste gave no information about Stefano's operation. Peter lied to Jennifer about the extent of his involvement with Stefano.

Alice told her family that Tom had died in his sleep after returning home from a business trip. Mike will keep mum that Laura prescribed medication for herself as long as she stops taking the pills and goes to see a counselor. Bill learned about the medication Laura has been taking. Bill comforted Kate, who learned her and Victor's embryo will have to be carried to full term by Vivian. Victor moved Vivian into his mansion when she lied that she was affected by carpet cleaning fumes. When "Hope" regained consciousness, she had amnesia, but remembered her name was "Gina." Bo wanted to compare Gina's fingerprints with Hope's prints. After talking to a counselor, Sami had an AIDS test, which was negative, but fumed when Alan nixed being tested. Roman was furious when he learned Marlena had been willing to sleep with Stefano in order to save John's life. Kristen learned Tony's condition had worsened.

After Kate told a pregnant Vivian to get out of Victor's home, Vivian fell down a flight of stairs. Bo took Gina's fingerprints, but was unable to compare them with Hope's prints because the police department disposed of all its old personnel files. Hope's father, Doug Williams, went to see Gina in her hospital room and was stunned by her resemblance to his daughter. Bo tried to keep Shawn-Douglas from seeing Gina, but the boy ran into her in the hospital chapel. Jennifer thanked Peter, who flew Doug and Julie in for Tom's memorial service. Marie, Melissa, and Kimberly also returned to Salem for Tom's memorial service. Jennifer recognized Jack's handwriting on a card attached to flowers sent to Alice. After learning that Tony could die from a condition called arteriovenous malformation, Kristen didn't tell him that she loves John.
7/4/94-7/8/94: The Horton clan gathered for the reading of Tom's moral will. The family members contemplated their own lives after hearing Tom's will. Jennifer thinks Jack has been in town since the flowers he sent to Tom's memorial service were from a local Salem florist. Jennifer wondered if she did the right thing when she slept with Peter. Kristen learned that she can annul her marriage to Tony because they were wed under false pretenses - she thought it was Stefano's dying wish that she and Tony tie the knot. Marlena told Roman that she wants their marriage to work, but he insisted it is over between them. Vivian, and the baby, survived her staged fall down the stairs. Vivian lied she hurt her leg so she could continue living in Victor's mansion. Doug doesn't believe that Gina is his daughter, Hope. An upset Laura learned that Bill will be staying in Salem longer than he originally planned.

Bo insisted to an upset Shawn-Douglas that Gina is not an angel and that she is not his mother Hope. Bo brought Gina back to Salem after she accepted a ride to California with a strange man who came on to her. Bo convinced Gina to undergo DNA testing to find out whether or not she is Hope. Billie was upset when Bo and Gina spent a night stranded together when his motorcycle quit, but Bo told Billie nothing happened. Marlena attempted to seduce Roman after refusing to sign their divorce papers. Ivan was stunned when Vivian told him she purposely fell down the stairs so she wouldn't have to leave Victor's mansion. Kristen was stunned when Tony wanted to make love after he checked himself out of the hospital. Bill agreed to let Mike take responsibility for Laura. Lucas is determined to take Carrie away from Austin. Caroline subtly warned Lexie to curb her attraction to Jonah.
7/18/94-7/22/94: When Roman refused to reconcile, Marlena reluctantly signed their final divorce papers. Mike told Tony that because his medical condition is still grave, he should not make love to Kristen. John told Kristen that he thinks Peter stole Stefano's portable computer, which could tell John about his past. John had the computer disk copies before it was stolen, but needs a password to use it. Peter fumed when Tony smashed the computer so that the DiMera clan couldn't be linked to John's past. Tony surprised Kristen, John, and Peter by thanking John for talking to several medical specialists about Tony's condition. Gina moved in with Billie. Alice was surprised when Gina knew the Hortons once had a dog named Suzie. Sami waited for the results of her pregnancy test. Lucas warned Alan not to hurt Sami after he saw the sexy photos Alan took of her. Lexie told Marlena that she has feelings for Jonah.

Lucas got into a fight with Alan after Sami admitted Alan had raped her. Sami convinced Lucas not to tell Roman that she was raped. Believing his family will be fine without him, Roman went ahead with plans to leave town. Roman warned Peter that he will get the evidence to nail him eventually in order to protect Jennifer. Jennifer insisted that Laura try to get along with Peter. Gina talked with John after thinking she may have been brainwashed by Stefano, like John was. After Billie left to tour European cosmetics firms, Bo set out to prove that Gina is not Hope. After accidentally hitting her head, Gina told Bo that she is Hope, but later, Gina didn't remember the accident. Vivian arranged for Kate to go to Spain to talk about a book deal with a bullfighter. Victor was thrilled to see his unborn child when Vivian had a sonogram. Mike told Laura bout his involvement with arms shipments in Israel.
8/1/94-8/5/94: Believing that Jennifer still loves Jack, Laura hired a private eye, who tracked down Jack's whereabouts. An upset Jennifer learned that Laura has been looking for Jack, but Laura ignored Jennifer's request that she stop the search. Roman left for an extended counter-terrorist assignment in Washington, D.C., despite Marlena's plea for a second chance. Marlena went to Colorado to visit her parents and Sami's twin brother, Eric. Carrie was there for Sami after Lucas told Carrie that Alan raped Sami. Carrie and Lucas broke into Alan's room and were stunned to see Alan's shrine to Carrie. Kristen and John saw Celeste in jail and were stunned when she said John is married. John realized Stefano arranged for Celeste to be pardoned. Kristen learned about the lies Tony has told her. Gina is falling for Bo, who is desperate to find out if she is Hope. Vivian is still determined to take Victor away from Kate.

Gina and Bo were disappointed when DNA test results were delayed. Gina and Bo decided to re-create that last romantic night he shared with Hope, because if Gina is Hope, it could trigger her memory. Bo and Gina didn't know Billie had returned from Spain. While Jennifer went off on a romantic weekend with Peter, Laura and Alice waited to see Jack, who returned to Salem. Carrie made a date with Alan and wore a wire in hopes of proving Alan is a rapist. Alan called off the date because of a blackout, so Lucas went home, unaware that Alan later headed for Carrie's place. Kate returned from Spain after learning Vivian arranged her meeting with El Hombre in order to have Victor to herself. Kate and Vivian argued, then were trapped in an elevator that plunged toward the basement. Kristen was unable to tell Tony she wants to be with John.
8/15/94-8/19/94: Jack went to the cabin where Jennifer and Peter were staying and spied on them. Jack crumpled the roses he bought Jennifer when he heard her say she loves Peter. Carrie panicked when Alan showed up at her place during the blackout. Later, Alan said he would take Carrie to the Pub, but took her to his apartment - at knife point. Lucas realized Carrie was in trouble. Austin and Lucas rescued Kate and Vivian from the elevator. Vivian is still plotting against Kate. When Billie arrived at Bo's boat, she was stunned to see Bo carrying Gina to bed. Billie was convinced she has lost Bo. Bo was upset when Gina said she lied about remembering a time Hope shared with Bo because she wanted him to believe she is Hope. Gina vowed that if she is really Hope, she will fight Billie for Bo. Laura was intrigued with publishing executive Daniel Scott. John and Kristen made love during the blackout.

Carrie managed to turn on the listening device she was wearing, but Alan found the device and destroyed it before Abe, Lucas, and Austin could trace her whereabouts. Alan hid Carrie in a secret room when Lucas and Austin came to his pad looking for her. Alan later captured Sami, who realized where Carrie was and tried to rescue her. At the cabin, Jack overheard Jennifer admit that she still has some feelings for him. Jennifer was shocked when Laura and Alice admitted Jack is back in Salem. When Jack was unable to confront Jennifer, she yelled after him that she no longer cared about him. Knowing Jack was watching, Jennifer kissed Peter. Kristen and John made love. Kristen vowed to tell Tony she loves John. On Stefano's orders, Celeste fed a sleeping Gina more memories about Bo and Hope's past. Vivian fumed when Victor proposed to Kate. Lexie fantasized about Jonah.

8/29/94-9/2/94: John and Kristen made love. After breaking the code on Stefano's lap-top computer, Kristen learned all about John's past, and believes they can never be together. After reading what was on the computer, John told Kristen that he thinks Stefano made up the information on his past to manipulate them. John vowed to prove the information on his past is false. On Celeste's advice, Tony sent Kristen off to a retreat. Tony hopes that he and Kristen will reconcile their marriage when she returns. Austin and Lucas rescued Carrie and Sami. Alan was arrested but made bail on kidnapping charges. In order to keep Alan in jail, Sami confessed to Abe that Alan had raped her. Sami rebuffed Marlena's efforts to help her. Celeste programmed Gina with more information about Hope and Bo's past. Daniel Scott is working with Peter to remove Laura as a threat to Peter and Jennifer's romance.

On Peter's orders, Daniel told Laura that he had the walls of her office painted as a surprise. Meanwhile, the paint on the walls of the office is toxic and breathing the fumes will eventually make Laura appear to be mentally unstable again. Peter's plan is to drive Laura crazy so she will be sent to an institution, and thus won't be a threat to his relationship with Jennifer. Alan told Sami that he will make everyone think she is a tramp if she testifies that he raped her. John and Kristen made plans for the future, until her friend, who is a priest, confirmed that John is also a priest. Hope's DNA test didn't prove or disprove that she is Hope. Billie was stunned when Bo later chose to be with Gina, in part of Shawn-Douglas' sake. Lucas vowed to ruin Billie after learning she will be representing Tony's interest in Countess Wilhelmina. Vivian continued plotting to break up Victor and Kate.
9/12/94-9/16/94: Bo broke off his relationship with Billie so she can get on with her life. Bo nearly caught Celeste, who was giving a sleeping Gina more information about Bo and Hope's past. Bo and Gina agreed to spend more time together in hopes of proving that she is Hope. Father Francis insisted that John is really Father John. At the parish where Father John was a priest, John was stunned that his hand fit perfectly into a cement hand print made by Father John. John vowed to prove he is not a priest. Kristen agreed to give Tony a second chance. Alan lied to his lawyer that he didn't rape Sami. Sami is worried that no one will believe Alan raped her. While Vivian was plotting to break up Victor and Kate, she overheard the two talking about setting a wedding date. Austin plans to propose to Carrie. Lucas was thrilled to learn that Carrie is returning to work at Wilhelmina. Lexie was upset to see Jonah with Lynn. 

John was upset when Kristen decided to resurrect her marriage to Tony. Kristen and Tony later made love. John told Marlena that Kristen turned away from him because she thinks he is a priest. Even though Gina remembered the time Hope conceived Shawn-Douglas, Bo is still not convinced Gina is Hope. Gina and Billie realized their friendship is in jeopardy because they both want Bo. While Gina and Billie were at the Horton cabin, a fire broke out. Marlena tried to comfort Sami, who testified in court that Alan raped her. Alan's lawyer tried to discredit Sami's testimony. Sami and Carrie were stunned when Elaine, who was also raped by Alan, testified that Alan was always a gentleman. Alan warned that he would reveal Elaine's wild past to her preacher husband if she testified against him. Vivian is still trying to break up Victor and Kate. Lexie is worried that Jonah will realize she's attracted to him.
9/26/94-9/30/94: Gina put egg yolk on Billie's arm after she burned it in a kitchen fire at the Horton cabin. Later, Alice insisted Gina is Hope because she taught Hope the egg yolk burn treatment when she was a child. Bo still thinks Stefano is using Gina to get revenge against Bo. Billie planned to seduce Bo. After Alan threatened Elaine, she lied on the witness stand that he was a gentleman during their one date. The judge threw out Sami's rape charges against Alan after his lawyer forced Carrie to testify Sami has a history of telling lies. Alan had a tabloid print a story about Sami's rape "lie." Mike told Mickey that he made a deal to return to Salem after learning he unwittingly transported explosives in Israel. Celeste told Stefano she would see that Mike helps them get to Marlena. Peter continued his ploy to make Laura appear mentally ill. Tony heard a nurse say John is having an affair with Kristen.

Peter took a drugged Laura to a rooftop and then hid until Jennifer and Mike came for her. Jennifer and Mike later took Laura to the hospital for tests, then arranged for her to go to a sanitarium. When Laura threatened to reveal that Vivian purposely had Victor and Kate's embryo implanted in her womb, Vivian and Ivan pretended to be orderlies and made sure Laura didn't make it to the sanitarium. Tony was upset after he heard two nurses talking about Kristen and John's affair. Later, Tony's limo driver admitted he saw Kristen and John together. Celeste drugged Gina before instilling another Hope memory in her mind. Bo later decided that Gina really is Hope. Austin comforted Sami, who wrongly thinks he has romantic feelings for her. Celeste phoned Mike and warned him to obey orders and get close to Marlena. Lexie told Jonah of her feelings for him, but lied that she is over him.
10/10/94-10/14/94: Feeling that Carrie helped clear Alan of rape charges, Sami plotted to get revenge against her sister. Vivian and Ivan sneaked Laura out of the hospital in an ambulance before she could be transferred to the mental institution. Vivian and Laura hid when Jennifer, Peter, Mickey, and Detective Morelli came looking for her. Jennifer was hospitalized after the toxic fumes in Laura's office caused her to pass out. A stunned Peter learned the fumes could have killed Jennifer. Laura, who went to see Jennifer, ran off before Jennifer could tell her about the toxic fumes. Laura accidentally fell off the hospital roof and Jennifer fell trying to rescue her. Tony, who is worried that Kristen might be pregnant by John, had his chauffeur buy him a gun. Bo broke up with Billie for good after accepting Gina as Hope. Shawn-Douglas also accepted Gina as Hope. Lexie is convinced that she is no longer attracted to Jonah.

Peter rescued Laura and Jennifer, but landed on a scaffold. Peter had to be rescued from a ledge, where he fell while saving Jennifer. Laura learned that she would not be sent to a mental hospital because her problem was caused by paint fumes. Mike was suspicious when Daniel had the paint in Laura's office treated with a chemical, which also made it impossible to detect any toxic residue. After Peter proposed, Jennifer said she needs time to think. Laura was upset that she couldn't make love with Daniel. Vivian, who almost had a miscarriage, told Victor that she helped Laura because they are friends. Sami walked out on Marlena, who threw a birthday party for her, but Austin talked Sami into returning. Jamie learned Sami plans to take Austin away from Carrie. Alan plotted against Sami. Billie gets upset when she sees Bo with Gina. Tony plans to kill John.
10/24/94-10/28/94: Tony, who suspects Kristen slept with John, was about to shoot John when Kristen said she can never love John because he is a priest. Kristen and Tony later made love. After Marlena had a premonition about Stefano, John assured her Stefano will not come back into their lives. Disguising her voice, Celeste phoned Mike and told him to get close to Marlena or people in the Middle East, where he was living, will start to die. Bo rescued Billie from a couple of guys who attacked her, then insisted that they can't be around each other. Bo arranged for Gina to move onto his boat. While preparing to begin a real husband-wife relationship, Gina asks Bo if he loves her. Alan, who went flowers to Sami, let her think that they were from Austin and later cornered Sami at a costume party. Laura and Jack Deveraux unwittingly checked into an emotional healing center, The Meadows, at the same time.

Jack and Laura, who know each other as Clark and Monica, became pals at The Meadows. Clark (Jack) told Monica (Laura) that he is determined to win back his wife (Jennifer) and child. After leaving The Meadows, Jack found Jennifer at the Horton Center, but was upset to see her and Peter acting lovey-dovey. Billie publicly wished Bo and Hope a happy life. Later, Billie saw Gina answer the phone and heard strange music that put Gina in a trance-like state, making her realize that someone was hypnotizing Gina. Austin came to the rescue when Alan terrorized Sami. Sami is more determined than ever to take Austin away from Carrie. Celeste refused to tell Tony why Stefano tortured John, who is a priest. John went to the Horton cabin to tell Kristen he signed papers that will help him gain a release from his priestly vows. Tony went looking for Kristen after regaining his eyesight.

11/7/94-11/11/94: Celeste was stunned to see Stefano, who has returned to Salem. Stefano is furious that Celeste let Billie find out Hope is under hypnosis. Bo, Gina, and Marlena didn't believe Billie's theory that someone used music to hypnotize Gina and is feeding her information about Bo and Hope so she will think she really is Hope. Disguising her voice, Celeste phoned Mike and ordered him to get closer to Marlena. Mike decided he will protect Marlena. Stefano waited for an unsuspecting Marlena to return home. At the Horton cabin, John told Kristen that he will soon be free of his priestly vows. Tony was shocked to see Stefano, who kept him from going to the cabin. Later, Tony, who regained his eyesight, watched through a telescope as John and Kristen kissed. At The Meadows, Laura wanted Jennifer to meet her friend Clark (Jack). Vivian vowed to keep Kate and Victor from getting married.

Tony, who spied on Kristen and John with a telescope, fumed when he saw them kiss. Celeste talked Tony out of shooting John and convinced him to let her and Stefano get revenge against John. Kristen returned home, but was unaware Tony has regained his eyesight. Celeste unwittingly drugged Billie instead of Gina, then told "Gina" another Hope memory. Billie awoke and struggled with Celeste, who escaped. Billie found Celeste's book of Bo-Hope memories. Billie interrupted just as Bo and Hope were going to make love, and said she has proof that Gina isn't Hope. While Mike guarded Marlena's front door, a masked Stefano entered her bedroom through a connection between his apartment and hers. Marlena, who was in a trance during the time she was with Stefano, thought she had been dreaming. Jack and Laura helped each other deal with their problems. Jennifer was stunned to hear Jack's voice on the phone.
11/21/94-11/25/94: Bo didn't believe Billie, who said Gina is being brainwashed into thinking she is Hope. When Billie ran off, she left behind Celeste's book of Bo-Hope memories, which Gina later found. Gina threw the book into the fireplace, but later retrieved it and showed it to Bo, proving that she is not Hope. Bo went after Billie, who boarded a train out of Salem. Celeste told Stefano that Tony saw Kristen kissing John, and is pretending he is still blind. Stefano vowed that John and Kristen will not get together. Jennifer was stunned to hear from Jack, who asked to meet with her. Jack was devastated when Jennifer later phoned and said it is over between them. Peter forced Daniel to cancel a date with Laura. After Laura and Jack consoled each other over their problems, they made love. Sami teamed up with Lucas to break up Carrie and Austin. Vivian vowed to stop Victor from marrying Kate.

Jennifer almost caught Laura and Jack in bed together. Unaware that Laura slept with Jack, Jennifer insisted Laura pursue her romance with Clark (Jack). Laura was disappointed when Clark (Jack) didn't show up to meet Jennifer. Jack convinced Alice to plead his case with Laura, but Jennifer took the phone and told Jack it's over between them. Stefano entered Marlena's room through the armoire entrance and took her on another night of adventure. Marlena didn't recognize Stefano, who wore a mask, but she began to fear her nights with the masked man were not a dream. Bo managed to get on board the train with Billie, who was headed for Montana. Bo told Billie that he read the Bo-Hope memory book and he knows Gina is not Hope. Bo and Billie made love after he proposed to her. Tony plotted to catch John and Kristen in a compromising position.
12/5/94-12/9/94: Bo and Billie returned to Salem and announced that they are going to be married. Billie, and later Bo, tried to talk Gina out of leaving town. Gina blurted out to Bo that she has to leave because she is in love with him. Jack and Laura went to a ski resort as part of their treatment at The Meadows. Peter and Jennifer went to the same ski resort. In the resort bar, an unwitting Peter sat down next to Jack. Sami was livid when Carrie's testimony at Alan's kidnapping trial made it appear Sami lied about being raped and kidnapped by Alan. Sami was scared to death when Alan was set free because the jury could not reach a verdict in his case. After realizing just how wealthy Victor really is, Vivian vowed she will take him away from Kate. Celeste warned Stefano that Tony is spying on Kristen and John. Kristen learned that she may be pregnant. Marlena was haunted by memories of her nights with Stefano.

Kristen was relieved that her pregnancy test was negative. John was glad to learn that Kristen is not pregnant. Tony told Kristen that he wants them to start a family, but she is reluctant because she thinks he has changed for the worse. Father Francis told John that he has received some strange packages lately. Kristen later found Father Francis on the floor, and was surprised when he said Satan was in Salem. John and Caroline noticed Marlena is always tired. Stefano spent several more evenings with a hypnotized Marlena, who did not recognize him when he finally removed his mask. Everyone in Salem was puzzled when someone trashed the holiday decorations as the Horton Center, burned toys meant for needy children, and destroyed a religious statue in a church. Billie is determined to marry Bo before the year ends. Sami lied to Austin that Alan attacked her again, and Austin threatened to kill Alan.
12/19/94-12/23/94: Laura and Jack finished their therapy at The Meadows. Jack returned to Salem determined to win Jennifer away from Peter. Alice agreed Jack could stay in her home, but nixed helping him get Jennifer back. By playing Santa Claus, Jack was able to talk to his daughter Abby. Laura missed being with Clark (Jack). Marlena told John that the man in her dreams reminds her of Stefano. The person trying to destroy Christmas in Salem, dubbed "The Desecrator," cut the power just as Alice was about to light the Christmas tree at Salem Place. The Desecrator knocked Gina out cold and then spray painted the wall of the church, where Gina had been looking for Celeste. Gina hopes Celeste can tell her about her past. John grabbed The Desecrator, who was about to smash the creche in the church, but the person got away. It was later revealed that The Desecrator is really Marlena, who is possessed by the Devil.

John went to see Marlena after her building superintendent reported hearing strange noises coming from her apartment. John was stunned to see Marlena's bedroom was in shambles and she was unconscious. Later, at the hospital, Marlena told John and Mike that she saw a "beast" in her bedroom. John and Mike believed the medication Marlena was given caused her to have hallucinations. Marlena did not remember her bedroom encounter with the Devil, but she later talked with an unknown entity. When Kristen visited Father Francis, she was unaware that there was a mysterious presence in his hospital room. A possessed Marlena tampered with a chandelier above the church altar. The chandelier gave way as Billie and Bo were about to exchange vows. Alice still thinks Gina is Hope. Vivian was pleased Kate postponed her wedding to Victor so Bo and Billie could use the church.