Nancy M. Reichardt's Syndicated Weekly Synopses: "Tune in Tomorrow"

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1/2/95-1/6/95: No one was injured when the chandelier fell during Bo and Billie's wedding ceremony. John and Abe suspect "The Desecrator" (Marlena) tampered with the chandelier. When the wedding got underway a second time, Alice halted the ceremony by objecting to the nuptials because she thinks Gina is really Hope. Since Bo is technically married to Hope, Father Jansen refused to marry Bo and Billie until he has proof that Gina is not Hope. Celeste warned Stefano that a power greater than himself is in Salem. Jonah saved Lexie, who was being strangled by Father Francis. Dr. Hunt was puzzled by Father Francis' condition. John arrived just as a possessed Marlena was about to smother Father Francis. Jack vowed not to give up on Jennifer, who said it's over between them. Alan taunted Sami that he can rape her again at any time. A pregnant Vivian told Victor she is afraid of giving birth.

Jack overheard Tony tell Charles that he has been faking his blindness for several weeks. Tony was about to tell Kristen that he regained his sight, when he found out she has been using birth control pills while he thought she wanted to have a baby. Kristen told Gina she is afraid her and Tony's children could inherit Stefano's evil streak. When Alan threatened to rape Sami at gunpoint, she grabbed the gun and shot him in the groin. Peter was furious when Jennifer said his new friend, "J.D.," is really Jack. Jack hired a lawyer to help him get Jennifer and his daughter back. After making up, Peter and Jennifer made love. Billie and Bo learned they can not marry unless Hope is declared legally dead. John walked into the hospital room just as a possessed Marlena was trying to smother Father Francis. A possessed Marlena arranged for Tony to find John and Kristen in a romantic situation.
1/16/95-1/20/95: A possessed Marlena knocked Kristen unconscious in the church, removed Kristen's clothes, and then handcuffed her so she could not escape. As a possessed Marlena planned, John found Kristen and freed her, but Tony never saw John and Kristen because Stefano kept him away from the church. Later, Marlena had no memory of what she had done to Kristen. Sami told Abe that she shot Alan in self-defense after grabbing his gun. Sami gloated when Austin turned against Carrie after Sami said Carrie believes she cried wolf the times she said Alan attacked her. Alan vowed revenge against Sami and Carrie. Mike was surprised that Jennifer let Jack see Abby. Vivian tricked an unwitting Victor into marrying her by lying that the ceremony was a rehearsal for his and Kate's wedding. Ivan kept Kate from the marriage ceremony by pleading illness, but he later ended up with appendicitis. Bo and Billie "married" in a faux ceremony.

1/23/95-1/27/95: Alan summoned Carrie to his hospital room and told her Sami had faked previous claims that she had been attacked as part of her plan to break up Carrie and Austin. Austin broke up with Carrie after she confronted Sami for lying about Alan's supposed attacks. Jennifer fumed when Jack was hired to co-host her TV show while Austin is on a leave of absence. Jennifer was stunned to return home and find Jack in her bed. After Peter arrived, Jack left, but vowed to get Jennifer back. Peter kept mum to Jennifer that he is working with Stefano again. Abe assigned Bo to check out Alan's shooting. A possessed Marlena morphed herself into Kristen's image, then tried to seduce John. Tony arrived and caught John and Kristen (Marlena) together. Kristen was puzzled when John confessed to Tony they had been together. After returning to herself, Marlena fainted. Laura admitted that she loves Clark (Jack).
1/30/95-2/3/95: Kristen insisted to Tony and John that her car broke down and a mechanic helped started it during the time John said Kristen was trying to seduce him. Everyone except Kristen decided the chloroform her attacker used on her caused Kristen to forget trying to seduce John. Marlena doesn't not remember changing into Kristen and throwing herself at John. A possessed Marlena tried to strangle Stefano, who entered her room via the armoire. When Celeste asked God to save Stefano, Marlena let go of him, and then passed out. John and Kristen found an unconscious Marlena and took her to the hospital, where Mike did blood tests on her. Carrie is worried that she and Austin will never get back together. Sami waited in Austin's bed for him to return home. Bo went to court and had Hope declared legally dead. Gina told the judge she is not Hope, but Alice thinks she is. Jennifer vowed to fight Jack, who wants custody of Abby.

Jennifer went to The Meadows, then followed Clark (Jack) to Chicago in hopes of reuniting him and Laura. In Chicago, Jennifer was stunned to see Jack (Clark), who stowed away in the back of her rental car. Vivian went into labor when she learned Kate and Victor moved up their wedding. Kate and Victor decided to secretly marry right away. Bo and Billie celebrated their new marriage license. Lucas and Carrie played an audio tape for Austin in which Alan admits threatening Sami when she shot him, but said she made up the previous attacks. Feeling sorry for each other, Lucas and Sami made love. Austin mistakenly thinks he saw Carrie in bed with Lucas. Marlena's mystery illness disappeared after Caroline and Shawn prayed for her. Tony forgave Kristen, who confessed her past affair with John. John was the priest who met with Kristen and Tony after they decided to renew their marriage vows.

2/13/95-2/17/95: After learning Victor and Kate eloped, Vivian checked out of the hospital, grabbed her and Victor's marriage certificate, and vowed to keep him from tying the knot with Kate. Despite his upset over losing Kristen, John officiated when she and Tony renewed their wedding vows. On orders from the Devil, a possessed Marlena set a fire, trapping John, Kristen, and Tony in the church. Peter, Bo, Austin, and Lucas rescued the three trapped in the fire. Stefano was stunned to learn Marlena set the fire. John's plot to capture The Desecrator worked, but he was stunned to see that it was Marlena. Peter came to the rescue after Jennifer and Jack were stranded during a snowstorm. Peter fumed when he later saw Jack hugging a hospitalized Jennifer. Laura rushed off to tell Jennifer that she spotted Clark (Jack) in Salem. Sami blackmailed Lucas into keeping mum that he slept with her and not Carrie.

2/20/95-2/24/95: John was stunned when Abe found evidence that proved Marlena is the Desecrator. While John prayed for Marlena, Gabe (John's guardian angel) warned John will need faith to battle the forces against him and to save Marlena. Determined to help Marlena Stefano kidnapped her. Celeste realized an evil presence has taken over Marlena. Kate and Victor were surprised when Vivian and Ivan arrived at the hotel room where they were to be married. Vivian stopped the wedding when she went into labor and delivered Kate and Victor's son. Laura, who loves Clark (Jack), nearly saw him in Jennifer's hospital room. Jennifer told Jack that they can only be friends. Jack had his lawyer trick Jennifer into signing papers giving him half of what they owned while married. Sami drugged Austin, who later made love to her, but thought he was making love with Carrie. Alice is still sure that Gina is Hope.
2/27/95-3/3/95: Vivian plotted to make herself indispensable to Victor and Kate after learning they made arrangements for her to return to her own home. Laura was pleased Clark (Jack) came to see her until he asked for advice on how to get his wife (Jennifer) back. An unwitting Jennifer suggested Laura still has a chance to win Clark (Jack) since his wife evidently does not want him back. As Peter was on his knee proposing to Jennifer, Jack arrived with his luggage and announced he was moving into his half of their home. Bo and Billie were finally married. Everyone was stunned when a nude Marlena arrived at Bo and Billie's wedding reception. At the hospital, a possessed Marlena shot a police guard in the leg with is own gun, then took a shot at John. John did not buy Kristen's theory that the Devil is behind Marlena's behavior. Austin feels awful about sleeping with Sami, who thinks they are now a romantic duo.

John and Kristen found Father Francis, who had been thrown across the room when he tried to save Marlena from the Devil by throwing holy water on her. Mike was puzzled to see Marlena's hands were burned (from the holy water). The Devil made Marlena call Stefano to get her out of the hospital and to prevent her from being arrested. Stefano pooh-poohed Celeste, who realizes Marlena is possessed. John suspects Stefano is behind Marlena's behavior. Jennifer learned Jack can legally live in "their" home. A stunned Jack and Laura learned their real identities. Jack begged Laura not to tell Jennifer that they were lovers. Peter walked out after he and Jennifer argued about Jack. Vivian set fire to her mansion so Kate and Victor were forced to let her continue living with them. Sami took a possessed Marlena's advice that she seduce Austin, who is desperate to end things with Sami.

3/13/95-3/17/95: Sami packed her bags and took a rain to Los Angeles after Austin said the night he made love to her, he thought he was with Carrie. Because he promised never to tell anyone he slept with Sami, Austin kept mum when Carrie wondered why Sami ran away. Carrie realized Austin slept with someone else when she found lipstick on his pillow. Carrie and Austin met on a train while looking for Sami. Bo and Billie were stunned when Gina used police-style tactics to ward off an attacker and to capture a thug who tried to sell drugs to Shawn Douglas. Billie was upset that like Hope, Gina decided to become a cop and then aced the police academy exam. While searching Marlena's bedroom for clues to Marlena's behavior, John was unaware that he was being watched by Stefano. Stefano vowed to kill John if he gets in the way of Stefano's effort to help Marlena. Laura and Jack are worried that Jennifer will learn of their affair.
3/20/95-3/24/95: In hopes of finding "Clark" for Jennifer, Peter arranged for Dr. Perkins, from The Meadows, to appear on Jennifer's talk show. A worried Jack covered knowing Dr. Perkins by saying he had researched The Meadows for a story. Dr. Perkins warned Laura to level with Jennifer about her affair with Jack while they were at The Meadows. Looking for Stefano, John broke through the wall in the armoire in Marlena's bedroom and just missed catching Stefano and Tony in the adjoining room. Stefano plotted to kidnap Marlena after learning John wants her moved out of the hospital. Tony fretted Kristen will learn of his meeting with Stefano. Billie, Bo, and Gina believe Stefano is the only one who knows if Gina is really Hope. While searching the seedier side of Los Angeles for Sami, Austin and Carrie ran into a slimy pimp named Tyrone. Kate heard Vivian tell Ivan that she is keeping a secret from Kate.
3/27/95-3/31/95: Kate hopped on the company jet planning to tell Victor that she learned Vivian had stolen their embryo and had tricked an unknowing Victor into marrying her. Vivian panicked when Kate's plane later crashed because the pilot drank drugged coffee Vivian had intended for Kate. Billie, Lucas, and Victor later learned the pilot was rescued, but Kate presumably drowned after the plane crash. Vivian burned a letter Kate wrote Lucas explaining everything Vivian had done. Pimp Tyrone had one of his thugs detain Austin, then he locked Carrie in a basement cell, intending to make her one of his "girls." Carrie begged one of Tyrone's hookers, Emily, to find Austin. A disguised Stefano and Celeste sneaked Marlena out of the hospital. At their hideout, the Devil returned after Stefano took the rosary away from Marlena. Jack hopes to break up Jennifer and Peter by proving Peter is like all the other DiMeras.

The Devil in Marlena led John to her and Stefano. Marlena was rushed to the hospital where she nearly died - until the Devil saved her so he could have her soul as well as John's. Marlena is worried that Mike would find out she is possessed if he makes her remove her dark glasses. Stefano denied drugging Marlena, causing her to do evil deeds and to become ill. Caroline was worried about her old friend, Frankie (a.k.a. Celeste), who was not badly injured in a car accident caused by the Devil. Lexie was stunned to learn her Aunt Frankie (Celeste) works for Stefano, and Abe fumed when Lexie bailed Celeste (Frankie) out of jail. Jack failed to discredit Peter in Jennifer's eyes. Jennifer later accepted Peter's marriage proposal in front of Jack. Austin rescued Carrie from Tyrone, whom they think can lead them to Sami. Laura told Alice about her affair with Clark (Jack). The search for Kate was called off.
4/10/95-4/14/95: Despite feeling guilty about indirectly causing Kate's "death," Vivian decided to make sure Billie does not interfere in her plan to have Victor to herself by pitting Lucas and Billie against each other. Carrie used herself as bait to lure Tyrone into the open despite Austin's objections. After Tyrone was jailed, Austin and Carrie hoped he would tell what he knows about Sami. Stefano, who was jailed, blackmailed Peter into paying his bail. Jack is determined to save Jennifer and Abby from Peter. Laura prayed Jennifer never learns of her affair with Jack. Bobby Lee, an orderly in the New Orleans hospital where Gina first surfaced, tried to sell a gold bracelet with Gina's real name on it. Stefano insisted that he does not know if Gina is Hope. When John checked the color of Marlena's eyes they were normal because the Devil forced Celeste to give Marlena contact lenses to disguise her yellow eyes.

After his arrest, Tyrone admitted that he saw Sami once, but she split after nixing his invitation to become one of his "girls." A girl who works for Tyrone said that Sami does not want to be found. Austin was stunned to learn his mom, Kate, was dead. Carrie told Austin that she and Lucas were not lovers. Vivian had Ivan dispose of the thermos that contained the drugged coffee the pilot of Kate's plane had consumed. Kate, who is very much alive, decided not to return to Salem now, but vowed to get revenge against Vivian. Without mentioning Vivian's name, Caroline tried to warn Victor to beware of her. Stefano realized Celeste was right about Marlena being possessed when Marlena told the police he lied about not kidnapping her and about their having a relationship. The Devil is determined that Marlena will seduce John. Jack walked in on Jennifer and Peter, who were making love.
4/24/95-4/28/95: Bobbie Lee melted down the bracelet that would have proved Gina really is Hope. Vivian worked overtime to turn Lucas against Billie because she fears Billie will try to dig up information on Kate's "death." Vivian's dog, Noelle, started digging up the thermos bottle that contained the drugged coffee which caused Kate's pilot to crash their plane. Kate was unable to communicate with the man who rescued her because he did not speak or understand English. Kate thought he was taking her home. Carrie was satisfied when Austin assured her it is over between him and the "other woman" (Sami) he slept with. Carrie accepted Austin's marriage proposal. Stefano told Kristen that he thinks Marlena is possessed. Kristen arrived at the Brady cabin before Marlena could seduce John. Marlena rejected Kristen's proposal to pour Holy water on her to find out if she is possessed. Daniel Scott returned to Salem.
5/1/95-5/5/95: Lucas realized the only thing that would break off Carrie and Austin's engagement is for Sami to return home and tell Carrie that she slept with Austin. Carrie stopped Austin, who wanted to tell her that Sami was the "other woman" he slept with so there would be no secrets between them. Billie still suspected the pilot of Kate's plane had been drugged even though the thermos Vivian's dog dug up had been washed clean. Billie vowed to keep tabs on Vivian, who she believes had something to do with the plane crash. Vivian promised to help Lucas take Carrie away from Austin when he agreed to help Vivian take over Kate's old job. Daniel went out with Laura to convince Peter to pay him more blackmail money. The Devil failed Kristen's Holy water test, but she still thinks Marlena is possessed. The Devil repossessed Marlena by using Sami's voice and image to lure her out of the safety of a church.
5/8/95-5/12/95: Kristen learns from three scholars who translated the scrolls Father Francis had that an evil would be unleashed in Salem when the stars fall and the moon goes dark. John didn't believe Kristen's talk about the prophecy. A possessed Marlena plotted to get rid of Kristen because of what she knows. A possessed Marlena vowed revenge when John nixed making love. The Devil (Marlena) caused Shawn to be bitten by a swarm of bees. While helping Gina with her police training, Bo was reminded of Hope. Gina and Bo were unaware that a puzzlebox stolen during a pawn shop robbery could prove that Gina is really Hope. Thieves threw the puzzlebox in a trash can. Stefano ordered Peter to get him out of jail or he will tell Jennifer of Peter's connection to Stefano. At Vivian's suggestion, Lucas threw an engagement party for Carrie and Austin. Jennifer told Jack what they once had is over.
5/15/95-5/19/95: Lexie was upset that her Aunt Frankie (Celeste) burned a letter Lexie's parents had left Frankie before they died. Celeste vowed that Lexie must never know the truth about the letter. Jennifer became worried about Jack when he did not come home. Jennifer was surprised to later find Jack at the homeless shelter she was doing a story on. John rescued Kristen, whom Marlena tied up and left on the roof of her building after Kristen learned Marlena really is possessed. John learned Marlena was possessed when he, Stefano, and Father Francis found her levitating above the bed. Stefano, who is out on bail, blamed himself for Marlena's condition. Father Francis told John that exorcism is the only thing that will save Marlena from the Devil. Bo told Billie that he loves her after he helped Hope cope with a nightmare.
5/22/95-5/26/95: Bo can't shake the effect Gina's resemblance to Hope is having on him. Gina let Billie believe that her date with Craig was a success. Gina kept mum that she had hoped the flowers Craig sent her were from Bo. Bo was upset Craig wants a relationship with Hope. Craig found the puzzlebox that can prove Gina is Hope. Vivian is determined to take Kate's place in the boardroom and in Victor's bedroom. Vivian used baby Philip to get to Victor. Lucas told Vivian he will tell Victor about her schemes unless she helps him break up Carrie and Austin, who made wedding plans. Caroline and Mike were stunned to learn that Marlena is possessed by the Devil. John and Father Francis brought the Bishop to see Marlena, and he agreed she must undergo an exorcism. John and Kristen agreed to assist Father Francis with the exorcism. Jack backed off, hoping Jennifer will return to him. Daniel blackmailed Peter for more money.

5/29/95-6/2/95: Realizing that her mechanizations have not gotten her closer to winning Victor's love, Vivian decided to be herself. Carrie and Austin made wedding plans, unaware that Swami is headed back to Salem with the intention of breaking them up and getting him for herself. Jack and Gina became friendly. Bo comforted Gina, who wants desperately to be Hope. Bo told Gina that he is convinced Hope is dead. Gina had a Hope memory that was not in the memory book Stefano used to make her think she was Hope. Alice realized the puzzlebox will prove Gina is Hope. Craig donated the puzzlebox to a rummage sale. Father Francis, John, Kristen, and Caroline began Marlena's exorcism. John caught on when the Devil tried to take his soul by using an image of John's dead wife, Isabella. Peter failed in an attempt to get Jack to display his quick temper. Jennifer was upset Abby was injured by a doll Peter gave her.

6/5/95-6/9/95: Sami returned to Sale, but left again when Jamie told her Carrie and Austin reconciled and are making wedding plans. Sami vowed to destroy Carrie and Austin's love the next time she returns. Lucas was upset that Sami did not tell Carrie that she slept with Austin, because it would have ruined Carrie and Austin's relationship for good. Vivian brushed off Lucas after Victor made her Titan job permanent. John was shaken after his encounter with the vision of his dead wife, Isabella, but still continued with Marlena's exorcism. After deciding to have Tony destroy John, the Devil made Tony believe that Kristen and John are lovers. Jack and Jennifer spent time together with Abby after they both arrived at Alice's island cabin at the same time. Gina confided to Laura that she loves her best friend's husband (Bo). Jack bought the puzzle box and gave it to Abby, but is unaware it can prove Gina is Hope.

6/12/95-6/16/95: Gina admitted to Alice that she now believes that she is really Hope. Billie fears that Gina is Hope, and if that is true, it will mean an end for her relationship with Bo. In New Orleans, the orderly who stole Hope's bracelet wrote a letter to someone is Salem after he decided to turn his knowledge into cash. Jack still has the puzzle box. Jack was upset when Jennifer and Peter reconciled and then set a wedding date. Laura still hopes she has a chance with Jack, but Alice warned her about it. Mike stabilized Marlena, who almost had a stroke. Marlena revealed to John, Father Francis, Caroline, and Kristen that the Devil has not gotten control of her soul - yet. The Devil is plotting to make Tony kill John.

Stefano sneaked into Marlena's room, then was stunned when she (the Devil) turned herself into a monster and threatened him. During a fight, the Devil (Marlena) shoved Stefano through a glass door, and tossed him off a balcony. Stefano landed at John and Kristen's feet. Stefano survived brain surgery, but has amnesia. Tony was shocked when he realized he was carrying a gun and had been stalking Kristen and John. John was forced to tell Abe and the district attorney, Pat, that Marlena is possessed and undergoing an exorcism. The Devil caused Father Francis to have a heart attack, then was angry that John decided to carry on the exorcism alone. Vivian's gumshoe found Sami in Seattle. Sami vowed she will make sure Austin and Carrie do not get married. Lexie is determined to learn what her parents wrote Celeste, who burned their letter. Billie asked Gina (Hope) if she has feeling for Bo.

Billie intercepted Bobby Lee's letter, in which he wrote he knew Gina's true identity. In New Orleans, Billie met with Bobby Lee, who told her the bracelet he took from Gina had been inscribed "To Hope, with all my love, Bo." Worried that she will lose Bo, Billie decided not to tell him and Gina that she knows Gina is really Hope. Gina picked up a photo of Abby with the puzzle box after Jack dropped it. Tony told Laura about his feelings of jealousy toward John and Kristen. Celeste, who gave Tony a religious medal, unwittingly kept him from killing John as instructed by the Devil. Mike was unable to save Marlena, who died of cardiac arrest. John was devastated as he watched Marlena's body being zipped into a body bag. Vivian's private eye told Lucas that Sami, who stole a car and crashed it, was in a Seattle hospital. Peter vowed he will keep Daniel from telling Jennifer about their evil deeds.

7/3/95-7/7/95: Father Jansen asked John, who is still devastated over Marlena's death, to recount for the church records everything that happened prior to, and during, Marlena's exorcism. Via flashbacks, John recalled finding out that Marlena was the Desecrator and that she was possessed by the Devil. Marlena's possession was recounted in more flashbacks of all of the evil things the Devil has done, and Marlena was seen shape-shifting into Kristen, a panther, a monster, and levitating above her bed. John recalled his encounter with Isabella, who also turned into a monster when he refused to renounce God. John told Father Jansen that the Devil may think he has won now that Marlena is dead, but John intends to continue to fight the Devil.

Kristen confronted Tony after the Devil told her that Tony had switched her birth control pills with sugar pills. Tony later admitted making the switch, and Kristen walked out on him. John urged Kristen to try to make up with Tony, but after learning Tony had also faked his blindness for some time, she told him their marriage is over. Tony was upset that he could not turn to Stefano for help because he still has amnesia. After Father Francis warned that the devil is the master of deceit, John returned to the morgue to say good-bye to Marlena again. Marlena opened her eyes when John kissed her, but he realized she was still possessed by when she viciously attacked him. Billie geared herself up to tell Bo that Gina is really Hope. Jennifer fumed when Jack accused Peter of shooting Daniel, who disappeared. Lucas sent Vivian to Seattle to bring Sami home so she can stop Carrie and Austin's wedding.
7/17/95-7/21/95: In order to save Marlena, John pretended to relinquish his soul to the devil. With God's help, John was able to cast the devil out of Marlena, who later recovered from her ordeal. Marlena felt responsible for the evil deeds she committed while possessed even though everyone insisted she was not to blame for what happened. Marlena went to see Stefano after learning that while possessed she nearly killed him. Billie put off telling Bo that Gina is Hope when he insisted on taking Billie to New Orleans. After finding Bobby Lee's letter, Gina also went to New Orleans, then learned Billie had already talked to Bobby Lee. Gina realized Billie also kept Bo in the dark about the letter. Celeste is determined to keep Peter and Jennifer from getting married in a place called Aremid. Vivian and Ivan, who was in drag, got Sami out of jail. Sami devised a way to stop Carrie and Austin's wedding.

7/24/95-7/28/95: Sami took off without Vivian and returned to Salem just as Carrie and Austin's wedding was about to begin. After a reunion of sorts with her family, Sami faked a fainting spell, then announced she was pregnant. Carrie was crushed when she realized Sami is the mystery girl Austin admitted sleeping with. Sami then blurted out that Austin is her baby's daddy. In a confrontation, Billie admitted keeping Bobby Lee's letter a secret, and warned Gina that Bobby Lee may have lied about her being Hope. Later, Billie got the puzzle box from Abby and gave it to Gina, even though it may prove Gina is Hope. Father Francis agreed to help Kristen annul her marriage to Tony. Peter sent Jennifer a letter supposedly from Daniel so she would think Daniel is alive. Marlena spent time with Stefano and helped with his physical therapy. Lexie is unaware that Celeste burned the family letters and photos she found.

7/31/95-8/4/95: Alice and Gina were ecstatic when Gina was able to open the puzzle box, because only Hope and Tom knew the secret. A fingerprint check on a letter Hope had written Bo and stowed in the puzzle box on their wedding day proved that Gina is Hope. Billie's heart was breaking when Bo embraced Hope, but Bo told Hope he plans to honor his marriage to Billie. Lucas was more than willing to comfort Carrie after she called off her wedding and returned Austin's engagement ring. Carrie accepted Lucas' offer to move into his pad for a while. Sami and Austin were awed when they saw their baby on the ultrasound screen. Caroline suspects Vivian had something to do with Sami's untimely return to Salem. Lexie did not believe Celeste, who denied burning the family documents Lexie found. John had a final encounter with Isabella. Jack is curious about Aremid, the town where Jennifer and Peter plan to marry.

Austin told Sami that he will support her and their baby, but he does not love her, and he hopes to win Carrie back. Sami fretted that a nurse, Lynn, will tell Carrie and Austin about the drug Sami used on Austin the night she seduced him. Austin vowed to find out how he wound up in bed with Sami. John told Kristen that he has been released from his vows and is no longer a priest. After Tony heard Kristen tell John she loves him and wants to have his baby, Tony wrote in a diary he will kill John. John told Kristen about his visit from Isabella. Stefano insisted to Marlena that he will not revert to his old ways even if his memory returns. To keep Jack from learning the secrets of Aremid, Celeste hired thugs to scare him by injuring him, but the thugs hurt Kristen instead. Bo went after Billie, who ran off after Hope revealed he is still legally married to Hope, which invalidates Billie's marriage to Bo.

/14/95-8/18/95: Sami acted offended when Marlena suspected she deliberately timed her return to stop Carrie and Austin's wedding. Marlena turned to Stefano for advice. Sami ordered Lucas to find a way to get Lynn out of town. Sami made an appointment at an abortion clinic, then instructed her pal Jamie to make sure Austin knows about Sami's "abortion" plan. Carrie tearfully packed her wedding dress away. Wendy and Jonah urged Carrie to work things out with Austin. Austin is still puzzled about how he wound up sleeping with Sami. Hope began remembering more of her forgotten past. Bo wrestled with his feelings for Billie and Hope. Celeste was relieved when Kristen was saved from near death. When Kristen learned she will never have children, Tony accused her of being upset that she cannot have John's children. A mystery woman watched Peter and Jennifer after their arrival at his family home in Aremid.

Bo asked Hope for a divorce, but realized he had to choose between her and Billie after Hope told him that she had regained her memory. Later, Bo revealed he had chosen to spend his life with Hope, leaving Billie out in the cold. Sami was relieved when Austin, as planned, arrived at the abortion clinic in time to stop her from terminating her pregnancy. Sami slipped and told Marlena that after all she has done, she will never let Austin go. Even though Kristen is anxious to have a baby, she and John agreed they will not make a commitment until her marriage to Tony is officially annulled. Mickey gave Tony the annulment papers to sign. Tony secretly began planning to eliminate John permanently. In Aremid, Jack and Peter saved Jennifer, who nearly died in a fire at the mansion. They mystery woman watched the trio. Celeste vowed to keep Lexie from learning her past is connected to Aremid.

8/28/95-9/1/95: At the Night of Magic benefit at Titan Publishing, Tony fumed when his plan to kill John flopped because Austin and Lucas saved John when he failed to escape from a tank of water a la Houdini. Kristen warned Tony that she would hold him responsible if anything happened to John. Kristen was touched when John contacted a fertility doctor on her behalf. Sami fumed when a magician handcuffed Carrie and Austin together at the benefit. Billie was thrilled when Bo said he wants to be with her, then he and Hope went to Santa Rosa to get a quickie divorce. In Santa Rosa, Bo and Hope were reminded of the time they spent there while renewing their marriage vows. Jack is determined to find out what is really going on in Aremid. Peter blamed Jack when a painting from his family mansion was slashed (by the mystery woman). Jack was upset that Stefano seemingly has no memories of Aremid.

9/4/95-9/8/95: John failed to talk Marlena out of taking care of Stefano until he is fully recuperated. Marlena was troubled that she is actually comfortable around Stefano at times. John nixed making a baby with Kristen, who learned a possible cure for her impending infertility will not work in her case. Celeste covered when Peter and Jennifer learned she lied about never having been in Aremid. Peter learned Jack sent a private eye to Aremid. Peter began checking out Jack's past. Peter fell through a railing onto a ledge while fighting with Jack, who then struggled to rescue Peter before he fell to his death. Vivian told Ivan to do what he must to keep Olga from revealing she saw the wedding ceremony Vivian arranged for herself and an unknowing Victor. Billie arrived in Santa Rosa unexpectedly and watched Hope sign divorce papers for Bo. Bo later kept thinking about Hope while he was with Billie.
9/11/95-9/15/95: Mike performed life-saving surgery on Peter after he came out of a coma. Jack heard Peter mumble something about the secrets of Aremid. Celeste talked Peter out of letting Laura hypnotize him to find out about the secrets. In Aremid, Jack thought he had captured the mystery lady in white, but it turned out to be a young girl, Sarah, who is captivated by Jack. Bo, Billie, and Hope returned to Salem after the finalization of Bo and Hope's divorce was held up. Deciding to get on with her life, Hope walked her police beat, where she encountered dangerous thieves. When Kristen refused to halt the annulment of their marriage, Tony plotted to kill someone and then blame John for the deed. Sami and Lucas fumed when Victor paired up Carrie and Austin for all the games during the Titan company picnic. Vivian and Ivan plotted to keep Olga from telling Victor about his and Vivian's marriage.

9/18/95-9/22/95: Hope was held hostage in a warehouse by computer thieves. Bo later rescued Hope as the warehouse went up in flames. Billie realized Bo still has deep feelings for Hope. At Billie's suggestion, Bo arranged with Alice for him and Shawn-D to spend time alone at the Horton cabin. Alice also told Hope that she could use the cabin, but did not mention Bo and Shawn-D would be there, too. Billie headed for the cabin to give Shawn-D the fishing hat he forgot. To get Austin to concentrate on Sami and the baby, Carrie agreed to pretend that Lucas is her new boyfriend. Tony, who learned he is ill, had a reaction to his medication. Kristen and John came close to finding Tony's diary, in which he wrote of his plans to destroy their love. In Aremid, Jack offered a reward for information about the mysterious woman in white. Jennifer and a recovering Peter still want their wedding in Aremid.
9/25/95-9/29/95: Sarah urged Jack to leave Aremid after the man who agreed to talk to him about the past mysteriously disappeared, but Jack vowed to stay put and find out the identity of the veiled mystery woman. Jen, who went to Aremid to get Peter some things to remind him of home, was upset to see Jack. When Jack and Jen heard a woman in white moaning, it turned out to be Sarah. Peter was pleased Jen had the slashed portrait of the woman in white restored. While visiting a hospitalized Peter, Stefano was fascinated by a photo of the portrait. After seeing Bo, Hope, and Shawn-D together at the cabin, Billie told Bo she has to leave town. Hope consoled Bo, who was depressed over Billie's decision. While helping Kristen direct the Horton Center kids in a production of "Romeo and Juliet," Tony kissed Kristen, but continued his plot against her and John. Austin is furious that Carrie is (seemingly) dating Lucas.

10/2/95-10/6/95: While working on a genetic research project, Lexie and Jonah put their own family records into the computer and were stunned to learn the genetics tests showed that Lexie must have been adopted. Abe bailed Celeste out of trouble when she was arrested for not paying her bills. Jen told Jack to leave Aremid or else get out of her life forever. Jack is still determined to keep Jen from marrying Peter. Angry over Billie's decision to leave town, Bo rejected Hope's effort to comfort him. Realizing that Carrie still loves Austin, Lucas and Sami doubled their efforts to keep the two apart. Vivian fumed when Lucas nixed helping her get Victor back. After Tony confessed to Father Francis that he plans to frame John for murder, Father Francis asked the Bishop to let him warn John. The Bradys fumed when a Brady Pub delivery boy reported what appeared to be an intimate scene between Marlena and Stefano.

10/9/95-10/13/95: To get even with Sami and Lucas for not helping her win Victor back, Vivian arranged for Austin and Carrie to attend a convention at the ski lodge where they first kissed. Sami later headed for the ski lodge in a driving rain storm, ignoring Lucas' plea on the phone that she return to Salem. Lucas panicked when Sami's car phone went dead. Tony ignored Father Francis, who begged him to drop his plot against John. After learning his illness is worse, Tony stepped up his plot against John. Bo was upset that he has to work with Hope on an undercover case, and a fumed Hope pursued case leads on her own. Celeste is worried about Lexie, who feels she cannot have children until she finds out who her own parents are. Jack was furious with Peter, who moved in with Jen after his release from the hospital. Jack was upset Sarah came to Salem to ask him to uncover the mystery surrounding Aremid.

10/16/95-10/20/95: Tony stole John's gun and plotted to commit suicide, they blamed on John. Tony planned to make people realize that John is capable of murder by playing on John's hatred for Stefano. Because she was with Austin, Carrie felt to blame when Sami crashed her car in the rainstorm while trying to get to him. Sami clung to Austin while she feared that she will lose her baby. A guilty Carrie vowed to give up Austin if Sami's baby survives the accident. Bo fumed when Hope got a job at the Blue Moon bar, where they have been conducting an undercover investigation. Bar owner Jude St. Clair has plans for an unwitting Hope. After Jennifer saw Sarah, Jack insisted Sarah came to him for help, while Jennifer fumed that he broke his promise to forget about Aremid. While Lexie and Abe waited, Celeste warned the family's old lawyer, Murchison, not to tell Lexie the truth about her birth parents.

10/23/95-10/27/95: Vivian vowed to get rid of Caroline after Victor chose Caroline (not Vivian) to take Kate's place as a maternal influence in baby Philip's life. Sami, who wants to move in with Austin, let him think there is something between Carrie and Lucas again. Abe did not believe Bo, who said he has no feelings for Hope. Hope told Jack she was working undercover after he almost tipped Jude St. Clair to her real identity. Jen was upset when Jack brought Sarah to her home after rescuing the girl from a job as a stripper at Jude's club. Hope was upset when Jude kissed her. To keep Father Francis from blabbing about his plan to frame John for murder, Tony withheld Francis' pills when he had chest pains. John rescued Father Francis, and an upset Tony learned Father Francis was still alive. Stefano told Marlena he is afraid he may revert back to the old Stefano. Lexie still has not found her birth parents.

Austin reminded Bo that Billie wanted him to examine his feelings for Hope. Austin later arranged for Bo and Hope to be stranded on the Horton's island. Bo urged Austin to patch things up with Carrie, who is on the verge of giving in to her feelings for Austin. Carrie told Hope about her vow to give up Austin if Sami's baby lives. Father Francis was unable to tell John and Kristen that Tony left him for dead. Kristen, who was at Father Francis' bedside, did not notice that Tony tampered with the oxygen line, and caused Father Francis to go into a coma. Tony rigged a contraption to fire John's gun, which will kill Tony and put the blame on John. Back in Aremid with Peter, Jen was asleep when the woman in white tried to strangle her. Laura and Jack, along with Peter, rushed to Jen's side, and Peter convinced Jen that she had a nightmare. Later, everyone searched for Jen, who is a prisoner of the woman in white.
11/6/95-11/10/95: The woman in white cried over the loss of a baby while holding Jennifer captive in the cave. Peter and Jack later found Jennifer lying on the beach. Jack believes Jennifer still loves him because she called his name while she was delirious. Peter ordered Jude to get incriminating evidence on Jack's past. A stunned Mike heard Laura and Jack talking about their past affair. Stefano told Tony that he does not want to regain his memory. Stefano remembered a woman calling his name after he saw the restored painting of the woman in white. After John called Kristen "Doc," she became worried that John is not over Marlena. John and Kristen arrived in Aremid for Peter and Jennifer's wedding. Tony followed with plans to kill himself during the wedding. Hope is upset Jude knows where she lives and is following her. Celeste is determined to destroy Lexie's birth certificate. Sami was alone when she went into labor.

After Jude told Peter about Jack and Laura's affair, Peter arranged for Jen to find Laura and Jack in bed together. Jen was devastated when Laura admitted keeping mum that she and Jack first met at The Meadows. Jack arrived at the arbor as Peter was paying off Jude. Later a fire raged around an unconscious Jack. While everyone was fighting the fire, Tony was in the house planting the gun and device he plans to use to kill himself. John thinks he has been in the Aremid house before. Austin and Carrie found Sami and rushed her to the hospital where she later gave birth to Austin's son, William. Just as Carrie was about to tell Austin that she still loves him, he learned William was gravely ill and might not make it. Celeste suspects Stefano is regaining his memory. Lexie surprised Celeste, who was about to destroy information on Lexie's birth. Bo arrived to protect Hope after learning Jude was in Aremid.

Hope bailed Jack out when he was arrested for starting the fire that almost killed him. Jude told Peter that he accidentally started the fire while trying to keep Jack from seeing a document linking Peter to Jude. Jack pleaded with Jen not to marry Peter, but she and Peter exchanged vows. Peter ordered Jude to leave Aremid, but he stayed after seeing Hope. Jude is obsessed with making love to Hope. As part of his plan to frame John for murder. Tony goaded John into an argument. After John walked out, Kristen and the others heard a gunshot from the room Tony was in. Sarah saw the woman in white spying on the wedding party. Baby William (Will) took a turn for the worse before Carrie could tell Austin she wants him back. Because of Sami and Will, Austin realized he cannot commit to anyone right now. Stefano hopes to become Marlena's next love interest. Lexie learned the name of her birth parents.

Everyone was stunned to see Tony had been shot. A seriously injured Tony lied that John shot him, while John insisted to Kristen that he did not shoot him. Tony panicked when he realized he forgot a detail of his plan to frame John for his shooting. In the woods, John heard the lady in white calling to him. After Marlena and Stefano arrived in Aremid, Stefano had memories of the woman in white being with John. Jack found the cave where the woman in white hides out, and a drawing of a tombstone bearing Jennifer's name. Jude fumed when Shawn-D foiled his plan to attack Hope, but Jude later abducted Hope after she and Bo looked for clues in Tony's shooting. Bo later searched for Hope. The lady in white got upset while spying on Stefano. Sami is determined to have Austin, who was about to console Carrie over Tony's shooting. Celeste became worried when Abe and Lexie wanted to go to Tony in Aremid.

After her release from the hospital, Sami announced to Carrie that she and baby Will were moving in with Austin. In Aremid, Celeste became worried when she saw Lexie talking to the "Parrot Man," who gave Lexie no information about her parents, John Prescott Warfield and Priscilla. Lexie realized Celeste has been to Aremid before and knows about the Lady in White. Kristen struggled to believe John, who insisted he did not kill Tony. A stunned John learned his gun was used to kill Tony, and John's fingerprints were on the weapon. The Lady in White has Tony's diary, in which he wrote all about his plan to frame John for his "murder." Kristen, Stefano, and Peter said a final farewell to Tony. Hope was able to escape from Jude. Peter paid Jude to leave town. Bo and Hope fought their feelings for each other. Laura admitted to Jennifer that she has continued to pursue Jack romantically against his wishes.

Vivian, who is unaware Victor is helping Carrie do research on a computer dating service, believes Victor is using the computer dating service to find a woman for himself. Lexie let Celeste know she needs her love, but they argued again when Celeste nixed giving Lexie any information about her birth parents. Lexie later ran into the Parrot Man again. John is upset the evidence all points to him as Tony's killer, and he insisted to Kristen he is being set up. John was put in jail after he infuriated Peter and Stefano by attending Tony's funeral. While Kristen is confused over whether to believe John did not kill Tony, Marlena assured him that she thinks he is innocent. Peter announced he will be prosecuting John. Jen and Jack began investigating Jude to help John. Sami continued trying to keep Austin away from Carrie. Hope and Bo shared a passionate kiss on their second official date.
12/18/95-12/22/95: In his prison cell, John woke from a dream to see the Woman in White standing over him, but she disappeared. The Woman in White wrapped Tony's diary with the intention of giving it to John. Mickey got John out on bail. Kristen was upset when she heard John question his feelings for her. Stefano recalled a past argument with a woman, then wondered if she was the Woman in White. Peter bailed Jen out when she and Jack were arrested for breaking into Jude's office. Peter is desperate to keep Jen and Jack from seeing papers the police took from Jude's office because they link Peter to Jude. Vivian joined the computer dating service in hopes of being paired with Victor, but the computer paired her with Ivan. For the first time in years, Bo, Hope, and Shawn-D spent Christmas together as a family. Sami snatched Will out of Carrie's arms after hearing Carrie say she wished the baby was hers.

To keep Marlena and John apart, Stefano urged Kristen to get back together with John. Kristen later let John believe that she no longer doubts he is innocent of Tony's death. Both the Lady in White and Stefano had memories of their past love, which eventually turned violent. Stefano lost his temper with Marlena when she rejected a gift he tried to give her. Jennifer was upset to see the scarf Laura gave Jack for Christmas. Bo and Hope shared a New Year's Eve kiss, and were unaware that Jude was spying on them. Sami fumed when first Lucas and then Vivian refused to help her keep Carrie and Austin apart. On New Year's Eve, both Austin and Carrie hoped they get back together. Vivian was upset Victor's New Year's Eve invitation was for her to spend time with Philip and not him because he had a date. Mike was pleased Mickey arranged for Mike's son, Jeremy, to phone him in Aremid.

1/1/96-1/5/96: Peter agreed to deposit money in a secret account for Jude as long as Jude "disappeared" so he cannot be connected to Peter. An unwitting Jen found the matchbook cover with the secret account number on it. Jude abducted Jen, but she escaped. Jack admitted that he let Jude escape to save Jen. Hope is upset with Bo, who will not make a commitment to her, but she still loves him. Bo went after Hope when he realized she intended to use herself as bait to bring Jude out of hiding. Stefano had flashbacks about the woman in his past while the Woman in White continued spying on him. Marlena turned to Stefano because John still loves Kristen. Celeste is worried that Lexie will get information on her parents from the Parrot Man. Sami drugged Carrie, put her in bed with a drunken Lucas, and as planned, Austin saw the duo in bed. Also as planned by Sami, she collapsed and Austin took her to the hospital.

Sami, who was released from the hospital, was pleased to learn Austin saw Carrie and Lucas in bed together - as she planned. Carrie told Austin that she did not know how she ended up in bed with Lucas. Carrie also told Lucas she can not return the feelings he has for her. Lexie and Abe learned her adoptive mother was involved in a hit and run accident the day Lexie was born. Lexie learned Celeste has made donations to the Aremid orphanage where Lexie was born, and has visited the place for years. The Parrot Man once worked at the orphanage. Hope and Bo agreed to give their love another chance. Kristen was upset when Peter convinced the judge to return John to jail at his bail hearing. Stefano fell out of his wheelchair before he could get a look at the face of the Woman in White, who had confronted him. Stefano was later struck by lightning. Jack saw the matchbook that connects Peter and Jude.

Celeste found Stefano after he was stuck by lightning. Mike found nothing wrong with Stefano, who kept mum that the jolt of electricity caused him to regain his memory. Still determined to have Marlena for himself, Stefano threatened the judge hearing John's case and insisted that John be found guilty of murdering Tony. Marlena nixed going away with Stefano because she wants to be close to John even if they are only friends. Kristen still has doubts about John's innocence in Tony's death. Bo, Hope, and Shawn-D, who went to the mountains on a ski trip, were unaware that Jude was waiting for them to get revenge against Hope. The Woman in White hid Tony's diary in the Blake house. Peter is desperate to get rid of any evidence linking him to Jude. Vivian panicked when Victor said he intends to speed up their divorce. Victor gave Carrie and Austin a joint project at work.

Kate, who is working on the fishing boat that rescued her 10 months ago, offered money and jewelry to the first mate if he would help her get back to Salem. Bo frantically searched for Hope, who was buried by an avalanche when she went skiing alone. Hope was lying in a possible snow cave. Kristen convinced Peter to let John out of jail so he could help search for Hope, then Kristen urged John to try to escape. John's trial was postponed during the search for Hope. The Parrot Man gave Lexie her file from the orphanage, which told her that Celeste is her mother. Lexie was upset that her father's name was missing from the file, and Celeste vowed Lexie will never learn his identity. After Stefano confronted her, the Lady in White realized she cannot return to the Blake house, where she hid Tony's diary - even for "Johnny." Carrie and Austin are trying to get on with their lives.
1/29/96-2/2/96: Celeste refused to tell Lexie the identity of her father. Caroline recalled Celeste had a man in her life, but could not remember who he was. Celeste later told Stefano that Lexie is her daughter, but again refused to identify the father. Stefano admitted to Celeste that he knows John did not kill Tony. Stefano also told Celeste that he wants to take Marlena to Europe to keep her away from John. Meanwhile, Peter played an audio tape in which Tony talked about John's hostility towards him, giving John a motive for wanting Tony dead. Bo was upset when the rangers called off the search for Hope. A barely conscious Hope was taken prisoner by Jude. Wanting to spend time with Sami and the baby, Austin nixed a business trip with Carrie and Lucas. Lucas took Carrie out on a date during their New York City trip. With Jose's help, Kate headed for Salem. Vivian hallucinated Kate returning to kill her.

Trying to come to terms with Hope's "death," Bo and Shawn-D returned to Salem. Meanwhile, Hope regained consciousness and realized she is Jude's prisoner. Jude vowed to get revenge against Hope for causing him to lose the sight in his right eye. Jack and Jen went to Grand Cayman hoping the Cayman bank account number on the matchbook will lead them to Jude. Victor kissed Vivian, but said he wants to romance her before they make love. To impress Victor, Vivian planned a party in Kate's memory. Kate was upset that Jose was unable to get her off the fishing boat, but she continued plotting her escape so she can return to Salem. John was stunned when Peter badgered Kristen into admitting she thinks John might have killed Tony. Stefano put pressure on the judge, who later declared John guilty of murder. Stefano took Tony's diary from the Woman in White, who tried to give it to Marlena.
2/12/96-2/16/96: While Vivian put the final touches on the memorial party in Kate's honor, Kate was adrift in a flimsy rubber life boat that overturned in rough seas. A couple found Kate, who vowed to return to Salem and make Vivian pay for everything that has happened to her. Hope got free of the handcuffs Jude used on her and made an escape attempt, but Jude recaptured her. Jude failed to get medicine for an ailing Hope when he was spotted by a young boy. The boy's father told Peter about the Jude sighting. When Peter learned Jen and Jack are in the Cayman Islands, he was desperate to erase the bank computer records that would link him to Jude. Jack and a computer hacker were also trying to get into the bank's computer records. Marlena misunderstood the Woman in White when she tried to say Stefano has Tony's diary. From Tony's diary, Stefano learned Father Francis knows Tony framed John for his "murder."

Jude tended to Hope, and was relieved when her fever broke, but he has no intention of letting Hope go when she gets well. Bo believes in his heart that Hope is alive, while Hope is convinced that Bo will never stop looking for her. Vivian was convinced she will soon be sharing Victor's bed after he let her move into his home while putting the final touches on the fundraiser in Kate's memory. Kate, who is on an island with the couple who rescued her, is determined to get back to Salem. Austin and Carrie resisted their feelings for each other while working on the fundraiser. John was about to die in the gas chamber when the governor issued a stay of execution, but Stefano later forced the judge to rescind the stay and John was again taken to the gas chamber. Marlena pretended an interest in Stefano so she could search for Tony's diary. Lexie is upset that she still does not know who her father is.
2/26/96-3/1/96: Just as John was about to succumb to the gas, Jack and Jen arrived with the diary, proving Tony killed himself. Jack pulled John from the gas chamber and he later revived. Kristen begged John to forgive her for not believing he was innocent of Tony's death. John searched for Marlena after learning Stefano had kidnapped her. The police caught up to Stefano as he and Celeste were waiting for a boat to take Stefano and an unconscious Marlena to a deserted island. Lexie confronted Stefano on the beach after the Parrot Man revealed Stefano was her father. Kate escaped from the island and got a seaplane to take her to Salem after she saw Vivian and Victor on TV talking about the fundraising party in Kate's honor. Jen wondered if Jack is right about the connection between Peter and Jude. Jude is still holding Hope captive. Realizing she must get on with her life, Carrie let Lucas kiss her.

3/4/96-3/8/96: Just as Victor and Vivian were about to make love, Kate returned home and let herself into the mansion and into Victor's bedroom. Vivian was forced to admit to Victor that she caused Kate's plane to crash a year ago when the pilot drank drugged coffee meant for Kate. Victor threw Vivian out of his mansion. Unaware of the changes in her children's lives, Kate still thinks Austin and Carrie are a twosome, and that Billie and Bo are married. John was able to rescue Marlena from Stefano, who escaped with the help of a helicopter pilot. Back in Salem, John insisted Marlena stay with him so he can protect her from Stefano. Since Jack is the only person who saw the evidence that links Peter and Jude, Peter denied having any connection to Jude. The Woman in White refused to tell Jennifer whether Peter knows Jude. Jude continued to torture Hope, while Bo prepared for Hope's memorial service.

3/11/96-3/15/96: Hope sent smoke signals from the cabin after telling Jude she was making him a special dinner. Bo, who returned to Aremid to search for Hope, saw the smoke signals. Jack and Jennifer saved Bo, who nearly froze to death on the mountain while looking for Hope. Hoping to eventually escape, Hope suggested she and Jude be partners in a con game scheme. Hope fought off Jude, who tried to rape her. John stalled when Kristen wanted to know if he has feelings for Marlena. Unaware that Stefano has the access code to her alarm system, Marlena returned to her penthouse. Stefano plotted to kidnap Marlena -- again. Kate had a happy reunion with her children. Believing that Carrie and Austin still love each other, Kate is determined to find out just what caused their romance to go bust. Sami is determined not to let anything interfere with her plan to spend the rest of her life with Austin.
3/18/96-3/22/96: Despite being ill, Bo was able to rescue Hope from Jude, but was shot in the shoulder. Jen went after Peter when she learned he had taken a gun with him while searching for Jack. Jack captured Jude, but Peter shot Jude dead before he could tell Jack that Peter was his partner. Peter lied that he was trying to save Jack's life. Believing Marlena does not love him, John moved in with Kristen and agreed they could start a family. Kristen insisted Marlena stay with her and John while Abe and John are searching for Stefano. Stefano is plotting to kidnap Marlena again. At Ivan's urging, Vivian decided to fight for Victor. Vivian got into a catfight with Kate when she attempted to steal her and Victor's divorce papers before he could file them. A drunken Vivian thought she was getting into bed with Ivan, but found herself making love with Stefano instead. Kate wants to reunite Austin and Carrie.
3/25/96-3/29/96: Ivan got upset when he heard Vivian making love with Stefano, who they know as "Rudolpho." Abe's search for Stefano led him to Vivian's hotel room, but Stefano fled before Abe searched the bedroom. After Kristen said John belongs to her, Marlena realized she has no future with John. After admitting he had feelings for Marlena when he was dying, John proposed to Kristen, who accepted. Hope was thrilled when Bo said he loves her, but thanks to Stefano, their plans for a romantic evening were foiled. Jack was upset that Jen believed Peter, who said he shot Jude to keep him from killing Jack. Jack is worried that with Jude dead, he cannot prove Peter's link to Jude. Kate is determined to reunite Carrie and Austin, but is worried that Lucas will be hurt if she succeeds. Austin was upset when he learned Carrie and Lucas went to the ski lodge where Austin and Carrie first made love.

4/1/96-4/5/96: After seeing Stefano, the Woman in White began to regain bits and pieces of her memory. When John told Jack the Woman in White is regaining her memory, Jack hoped the Woman in White will be able to help him expose Peter's wrong-doing to Jennifer. Peter taunted Jack that he is planning to take Jennifer on an extended honeymoon, and they will also take Abby along. Laura still hopes she and Jack can have a romantic relationship. Hope was pleased when Bo presented her with her old music box. Bo and Hope tried to get romantic but were always interrupted. Vivian is worried that she and Ivan could end up dead after she learned Rudolpho is really Stefano. Stefano played on Kristen's insecurities about John during a failed attempt to kidnap Marlena again. Kristen is worried that John still has feelings for Marlena, and felt guilty for nearly letting Stefano kidnap Marlena. John and Abe searched for Stefano.
4/8/96-4/12/96: Bo and Hope finally made love after arriving at the Horton family's island cabin. Bo is upset that Hope wants to take on a dangerous police undercover assignment. John and Kristen are unaware Marlena was watching when they started to make love. John is torn between his love for Kristen and his lingering feelings for Marlena. Kristen told John that she wants to have a baby. Celeste insisted Stefano will never abandon Lexie, while Lexie is happy in her belief that Stefano has left town. Jennifer does not want to believe the Woman in White's accusation that Peter and Jude were in cahoots, but Jack insisted it is the truth. Sami realized Kate is trying to get Austin and Carrie back together. Carrie and Austin were attracted to each other while on a business trip for Kate. Vivian threatened to blow the whistle on Sami's scheme to trap Austin unless Sami gets her out of jail. Kate was curious that Vivian called Sami.

A stunned Kristen found the love letter John wrote Marlena when he thought he was going to be executed. John came close to finding the letter, which Kristen hid in a book in the DiMera library. Kristen believes that if she gets pregnant, she will not lose John to Marlena. Marlena and John tried to avoid their feelings for each other. Jack was thrilled and Jennifer crushed when the Woman in White said she knows for certain that she saw Peter and Jude arguing. Laura gave the Woman in White an injection that caused her to remember losing her husband and children. Under the drug, the Woman in White again saw Peter and Jude together. Kate secretly listened while Sami refused to help Vivian get revenge against Kate and get her job back at Titan Publishing. Austin was stunned when Kate told him about the Sami/Vivian connection. Austin failed to stop Carrie from going to Chicago with Lucas.

While under drugs Laura gave her, the Woman in White told John that Stefano killed her husband and children. Peter was stunned when the Woman in White recanted her previous story about seeing him with Jude. Peter vowed to find out why the Woman in White lied for him. Kristen passed out after she got a glimpse of the scarred face of the Woman in White. After making love with John, Kristen panicked to find his love letter to Marlena was missing. Kristen covered when Marlena caught her searching for the book in which she hid John's letter. One of Stefano's henchmen overheard Lexie, who wished she could help Jonah because life has dealt him a raw deal. Kate gathered Lucas, Carrie, and Austin together, hoping to force Sami to admit that she broke up Carrie and Austin. Taking Vivian's advice, Sami played victim and all but Kate bought her story. Bo heard shots after Hope took off after a mugger.

Jack, Jennifer, and Peter were stunned when the Woman in White jumped into the Salem River in a suicide attempt. Jack jumped in to save the woman, as did Peter, after some hesitation. Marlena, who found John's love letter, was about to show it to him when she was called to the hospital to help the Woman in White. Later, Marlena was devastated when John hugged Kristen, who broke the news that she is pregnant. Marlena rejected Laura's urging to she talk to John about her feelings for him. Sami interrupted just as Carrie was going to tell Austin she has feelings for him. Sami and Jamie argued when Jamie threatened to reveal Sami's scheme to keep Carrie and Austin apart. Kate is determined to get Jamie to talk. Hope decided to investigate Stefano on her own when Bo and the FBI nixed letting her work on the case. Victor vowed to fight Vivian's attempt to get custody of Philip.

5/6/96-5/10/96: Kate was devastated when Victor had a stoke that left him in a coma. Kate and Vivian got into a catfight at the hospital. Jamie phoned Sami to tell her Lynn was in town just as Sami spotted the former nurse. Hoping to keep Lynn from blabbing about their plot to break up Carrie and Austin, Sami and Lucas gave Lynn money, but she demanded more. Sami and Lucas scrambled for a solution after Lynn threatened to sell her information about them to Kate. Carrie was going to tell Austin she still cares for hi, but kept mum when she realized Austin and Sami have gotten closer since Victor's stroke. In Aremid, the Parrot Man told Jack that he did not know the identity of the Woman in White. John decided to use truth drugs in an effort to remember the Woman in White's identity. Hope continued investigating Stefano's past. Celeste knows Lexie will never be able to keep Stefano out of her life.

Under psychotropic drugs, John remembered the Woman in White is really Rachel Blake, mother of Peter and Kristen. To help Marlena, Laura asked John, was still under the drug, if he loved Marlena or Kristen. To get Laura out of the room, Kristen created a diversion causing her to leave John alone. Kristen went into a rage when a drugged John said he loves Marlena. Rachel was upset that Kristen and Peter have the capacity to be as evil as Stefano, who raised them. Peter, Jennifer, and Abby aborted a honeymoon trip after he realized the Woman in White is his mother. Rachel was aware that prior to being reunited with her, Kristen, who now feels guilty, had tried to drug her. Despite John's objections, Marlena moved back into her penthouse. Bo is worried that he will lose Hope again after learning she is investigating Stefano. Sami and Lucas panicked when Kate hired Lynn as Victor's private nurse.

Sami and Lucas were desperate to keep Lynn from telling Austin and Carrie that the duo plotted their romantic demise so Sami could have Austin. As Victor's private nurse, Lynn moved into the Kiriakis mansion and threatened to sell her information to Kate. After bringing Victor home from the hospital, Kate was stunned to see Vivian, who as Victor's legal wife, threw Kate out on her ear. Kate is determined to get Vivian away from Victor as well as Kate and Victor's baby. Rachel urged Peter to tell Jennifer the truth about his past. Celeste urged Stefano to do something about Rachel. Hope told Bo she abandoned her search for Stefano, then met with a cohort, Benny, who tried to get a lead on Stefano's whereabouts. Stefano's plot to kidnap Marlena was thwarted when Kate moved in with her. Celeste pointed out to Lexie that Stefano was the person who got
Jonah reinstated to med school.

Stefano was miffed that an unwitting Abe's arrival kept him from kidnapping Marlena while she was in the wine cellar. John arranged for Marlena to take Rachel to San Francisco for plastic surgery to remove the scars on her face. Marlena confronted Kristen, who admitted keeping mum that she hid John's letter to Marlena because she feared losing him. John decided not to accompany Marlena and Rachel when Kristen worried she might miscarry their baby. Kristen later told Stefano what flight Marlena would be leaving on. Peter came close to killing Stefano after confronting him over what he has done to Rachel. Hope put off meeting Benny, who thinks she might recognize the voice (it is Stefano) on the audio tape of a phone conversation. Stefano's henchman failed several attempts to get rid of Hope permanently. Lucas let Austin think that he and Carrie have been sleeping together. Stefano set a trap for Lexie.
6/3/96-6/7/96: Hope was stunned, and then angry, when Bo, who is her boss, suspended her from the police force because she went against his orders and investigated Stefano. From Benny's audio tape, Hope, Bo, and Abe realized Stefano was in Salem. Kristen considered admitting to John that she told Stefano what plane Marlena and Rachel were to take to San Francisco. Before his arrest, Stefano told Lexie that he wanted her to leave town with him, and admitted he got Jonah back into med school. After his arrest, Stefano insisted that Peter be his lawyer, but Peter realized he will lose Jennifer if he complies. Jack is convinced Stefano's arrest will force Peter to reveal his true colors to Jennifer. Vivian fumed when Kate legally took control of Titan from her. Lucas and Carrie adjusted to living together. Sami and Lucas offered to send Lynn on a cruise before she reveals their plot against Carrie and Austin.

After getting the facts about Sami's deceit from Lynn and Jamie, Kate threw a vacation going away party for Sami and Austin. At the party, Kate blew Sami out of the water by telling Austin and Carrie how he drugged Austin to get him to sleep with her. Kate had Lynn and Jamie back up the story. Austin and Carrie later went home to start a new life together. John and Abe were stunned to realize the "Stefano" they had arrested was a henchman wearing a latex mask of Stefano's face. A livid Marlena realized Stefano had kidnapped her. Stefano took Marlena to his private island then crashed his plane to make everyone think they died, but John searched for Marlena. Rachel, who never got on the plane, was upset that Kristen endangered Marlena's life to keep John by her side. Hope accepted Bo's marriage proposal. Bo and Hope are unaware that a mystery person is watching them.
6/17/96-6/21/96: Laura fumed when Jack tried to question Rachel, who was under the influence of psychotropic drugs, about Peter's connection to Jude. Later, Laura worried about what to do when a drugged Rachel told her that Jude and Peter had been working together. While Laura pondered whether to tell Jennifer about the Jude/Peter connection. Peter worried about what Rachel told Laura. Kristen worried Rachel may have told Laura that she helped Stefano get to Marlena. When the plane wreckage was found, John told Abe and Kristen that he still thinks Marlena is alive. John was frustrated that he could find no clue to Marlena and Stefano's whereabouts. Stefano kept Marlena drugged. Abe nixed letting Hope, who is suspended, help search for Marlena. Sami schemed to use Will to get Austin back, then decided to take Will and run after Austin decided to sue for sole custody of the boy. Bo and Hope planned a honeymoon.

6/24/96-6/28/96: Kristen became worried when John told her he found a pair of virtual reality-type glasses in Stefano's home, and when he put them on, he was able to see Stefano holding Marlena prisoner in a jail-like cell. John was upset when he saw a naked Marlena in bed with Stefano. Marlena told Stefano that she will never love him. When Stefano let Marlena see Belle via the glasses, she was upset to hear Kristen tell John she will take Marlena's place in his and Belle's lives. Laura told Peter that Rachel revealed his connection to Jude. When Jennifer said she loves Peter, Laura was unable to tell her about Peter and Jude. Sami took Will and ran away after she learned Austin wants sole custody of the child. After fighting off a truck driver's sexual advances, Sami and Will spent the night in a cabin that later caught fire. Hope is unaware a mystery man who caught her eye has been tailing her.

7/1/96-7/5/96: The mysterious Franco Kelly, who has been tailing Hope, came to her rescue at the Cheatin Heart when a punk came on to her. Bo was jealous when he returned to the Cheatin' Heart and saw Hope and Franco together at the bar. Later, Bo was suspicious when he saw Franco coaching Shawn-Douglas on his batting technique. Bo was leery when he and Hope saw Franco at the gym, and later at the site of Hope's modeling assignment. After surviving the cabin fire, Sami ended up in court, where she emotionally asked the judge to let her have custody of Will. Sami convinced Lucas to help her keep custody of Will, while Austin and Carrie were hopeful the judge would give Austin custody of the child. Kristen covered when John caught her trying to destroy the virtual reality goggles. Kristen panicked when John, using the goggles, saw Marlena writing about Kristen in a journal. Laura warned Peter to keep his nose clean.

Austin was stunned when the judge gave Sami custody of their son, Will. Enlisting Lucas' help again, Sami once more began scheming to break up Carrie and Austin. Sami was stunned to later learn that Austin proposed to Carrie, who accepted. Austin was upset that he had to be alone with Sami to see Will. Bo continued to be suspicious of Franco after learning he was Hope's romantic interest in an advertising photo shoot. Franco made calls to a mystery person. Bo and Hope later dropped their suspicions after Franco saved Shawn from drowning. John and Kristen (and their unborn baby) survived when Stefano had his henchman try to blow up John while he used the virtual reality goggles. Rachel urged John to use the goggles in an effort to find Marlena. Kristen nixed telling John the name of the city where Stefano may be holding Marlena prisoner. In Paris, Vivian told Ivan that she saw Stefano.
7/15/96-7/19/96: After Vivian spotted Stefano in Paris, he threatened to eliminate her and Ivan if she attempts to tell John his whereabouts. Vivian is worried that she will be accused of helping Stefano escape from Salem. Kristen felt guilty for not telling John that Stefano is holding Marlena captive in Paris, which John decided is the perfect place for their honeymoon. Rachel's plea that Kristen tell John the city where Stefano is holding Marlena fell on deaf ears. Knowing that John was watching via the virtual reality goggles, Stefano kept touching Marlena. Stefano foiled Marlena's escape attempt, then said she could have her freedom if she sleeps with him then still wants to leave. Bo talked to a girl, Jill, who was attacked by a man who looked like a male model (a la Franco). Bo was not happy that Franco moved in with Shawn and Caroline. Jennifer saw Jack on a date. Austin came running when Sami said Will was ill.

After Jill was attacked a second time, Bo ran a check on Franco, whom he thinks is her attacker, and learned he had a minor arrest record. The second time Jill was attacked, the man dropped a key chain, but Bo later learned nearly everyone in town, including Franco, had one like it. Hope and Bo searched Franco's room for a blue shirt Jill said got torn when she struggled with her attacker. John went to Paris after Rachel suggested that was where Stefano was holding Marlena captive. Abe later joined John and the duo were surprised to see Ivan and Vivian, who lied that she had not seen Stefano. Via the virtual reality goggles, John heard Marlena agree to sleep with Stefano to be reunited with her children. Stefano signed John's name to a letter asking Kristen to join John in Paris. Sami confided to her elderly neighbor, Mary, that she plans to use Will to get Austin back.
7/29/96-8/2/96: Furious that Kate was throwing an engagement party for Austin and Carrie, Lucas and Sami schemed to break up the love birds before the wedding. As planned by Sami and Lucas, Austin was upset when Sami arrived at the engagement party with a date, Brent, who was carrying little Will. Carrie and Austin enjoyed their engagement party after she pointed out that he will always be Will's father no matter who Sami is with. Franco burned a blue shirt like the one Jill said her attacker wore. Bo was frustrated a frightened Jill left town because she feared her attacker would kill her. Bo was relieved that Hope was rescued with incident after being stuck in an elevator with Franco at Titan Publishing. John threw a costume party to lure Stefano out of hiding. Marlena agreed to go to the party with Stefano in hopes someone will deliver a letter to Belle. Victor, who has been in a coma, squeezed Caroline's hand.

Suspecting to find Franco was up to no good, Bo and Hope tailed him to a warehouse, then were shocked to learn it was the site of their surprise re-engagement party. Bo and Hope argued over her feeling that Franco is good and kind and Bo's feeling he is not on the up and up. When confronted by Bo, Franco denied being the man who had attacked Jill. At the masquerade party, Marlena was ecstatic when she was reunited with John, but devastated when Stefano gave John an injection, causing him to pass out. At a mock trial before the people living underground with Stefano, John was found guilty of the crimes Stefano claims he committed and sentenced to death via guillotine. Kristen and Rachel both searched for John. Vivian, who had a hangover, was stunned when she woke up in bed with Ivan. Sami fumed when Kate arranged for Carrie and Austin to go to Paris on a pre-wedding honeymoon.
8/12/96-8/16/96: Stefano stopped John's guillotine execution when he feared Marlena, who ran in to save John, would be injured. Kristen and Rachel saved John and Marlena from Stefano, but Marlena was injured when a wall collapsed. Abe and Lexie saved Rachel and Kristen, when they were caught in a cave-in. John gave Rachel the gun he took from Stefano, and when she fired a shot at Stefano, it ignited a case of explosives. Stefano and Rachel were presumed dead. While John sat vigil at a comatose Marlena's hospital bedside, Kristen vowed she will not lose him. Vivian and Ivan told Abe that they had been Stefano's prisoners. Realizing Jennifer was upset about Jack's date with Sharon, Peter planned an extended honeymoon to have Jennifer all to himself. Hope went on a photo location shoot with Franco after Bo got evidence that cleared Franco as Jill's attacker. Sami's neighbor, Mary, is not really a sweet little old lady.

Sami nixed Kate's offer to pay her college tuition if she gives Austin and Carrie custody of Will. Mary slipped a mickey to Sami, putter her into a drug-induced sleep, then she kidnapped Will. Kate convinced the police that Sami's kidnap story was a ploy to get Austin and Carrie to return from Paris. Hoping to prove to Jennifer that Peter is no good, Jack looked for proof to link Peter with Daniel Scott. Daniel blackmailed Peter for money to pay off his gambling debts. Kristen collapsed after she and Marlena argued over John. John does not know that Kristen later miscarried their baby because he and Marlena were reminiscing about the past and Belle. In Paris, Marlena told Carrie about all of Kristen's evil deeds. Celeste told Abe and Lexie that she senses that Stefano is alive, but not in Paris. Bo believed Hope was forced to share Franco's hotel room on a photo shoot when her room was flooded.
8/26/96-8/30/96: When Peter and Jennifer arrived in London on their honeymoon, she was reminded of when she was there with Jack. Jack, who went to Paris to do a story on Marlena's kidnapping, shared memories of the past with Jennifer when they ran into each other. Franco told his mystery boss that Hope did not sign a new modeling contract with Titan as they had hoped. Before leaving for Italy, Franco accepted money from his boss, but does not like working against Bo and Hope. Kristen vowed to get pregnant before John learns about her miscarriage despite the doctor's no sex order to John. While Sami worried that Mary kidnapped Will with the intention of selling him, an unwitting Marlena sat next to Mary and Will at the Paris airport. Carrie and Austin, who do not know about Will's kidnapping, were unaware that Mary and Will have the hotel room next to theirs.

9/2/96-9/6/96: Determined to get pregnant again, Kristen got Stefano's hypnotism device from Peter and used it on John. A hypnotized John made love with Kristen, who fumed when he called her "Marlena." John thought he dreamed that he made love with Marlena. Jennifer followed Jack into the tunnels beneath Paris where he was pursuing a story about Stefano. On Peter's orders, one of Stefano's henchmen blew up the tunnels to destroy all traces of Stefano. Peter rescued Jennifer and Jack. Jack saw Peter's name written in one of Stefano's partially destroyed record books. Austin's sister, Billie, arrived for his wedding to Carrie, which was put on hold when they learned Will had been kidnapped. Marlena and Sami flew to Paris after Marlena remembered seeing Mary and Will at the Paris airport. Hope told Bo that she does not regret not signing a new modeling contract. Franco made another mysterious phone call.

9/9/96-9/13/96: Vivian's hope that she would be released from a Paris prison was dashed when Kate showed up at her hearing and told the judge, who was Kate's friend, about all of Vivian's dastardly deeds. The judge sent Vivian, and Ivan, back to jail to await trial for their crimes. Everyone panicked when they learned an American baby boy had been sold on the black market in Paris. Carrie later spotted Mary and managed to capture her. Moved by Carrie's plea, Mary revealed who she sold Will to. The woman who has Will saw Sami and Austin on television pleading for the baby's return. Daniel agreed to be Celeste's date for a party, but sneaked away when he learned it was Jennifer's birthday party and Peter was the host. Laura spotted Daniel making his exit. Jack is still determined to find Daniel and use him to prove to Jennifer that Peter is a crook. Kristen vowed to keep hypnotizing John until she gets pregnant again.

9/16/96-9/20/96: Sami, Austin, and Carrie got Mary to reveal the identity of the couple who "bought" Will, then pursued them to the airport. Austin was able to prevent the couple from leaving for Spain with Will. Later, Sami, Carrie, and Austin were stunned when a French social worker took custody of Will. Sami begged Austin and Carrie to cooperate after the French social worker said Sami and Austin could have Will back if they got married. After buying wedding rings, Bo and Hope were stunned to run into Billie, who came to Salem with Kate. After a rocky start, Hope and Billie decided to be friends again. When Bo heard Billie screaming, he rushed to the rescue and was stunned to see that she had been accosted by Franco. When Jack and Jennifer caught up with Daniel in Paris, he lied that he has no connection to Peter. Celeste agreed to help Jack prove to Jennifer that Peter and Daniel were in cahoots.

9/23/96-9/27/96: Bo was stunned, then became worried, when he learned that Billie and Franco know each other, and in fact had been dating. Hope convinced Bo to forget his suspicions about Franco and be happy for Billie and Franco. After having a nightmare about Franco, Bo became worried that Billie is in danger. When Bo showed Jill a photo of Franco she said he could be the man who attacked her, so Bo rushed off to arrest Franco. A heartbroken Carrie was forced to watch Austin exchange wedding vows with a delighted Sami. While Austin plans to annul the marriage once he, Will, and Sami return to Salem, Sami vowed to stay Mrs. Austin Reed. Kristen was jealous when she saw John comfort Marlena, who feels responsible that Sami turned out so devious. Kristen is still desperate to get pregnant before John learns she lost their baby. Jack agreed to give Daniel money to pay a gambling debt if he gives Jack the goods on Peter.

9/30/96-10/4/96: After Jack paid Daniel's gambling debt, he wrote an account of Peter's evil deeds. Daniel did omit Peter's plot to kill Laura. With Daniel to back him up, Jack let Jennifer read Daniel's statement. Jennifer ran off by herself after Laura revealed she knew all along about Peter's connection to Jude. After losing a fistfight to Jack, Peter walked alone in the park, where he was stunned to come face-to-face with the supposedly deceased Stefano. Kristen panicked when Marlena arranged for her to see a doctor because John thought Kristen was worried about their unborn "baby." A judge returned Will to Sami and Austin, who left for Salem. Sami fumed when Austin arranged to annul their marriage. Worried Benjamin's photo would be in a newspaper, Wendy got his photo back after Jonah entered it in a child beauty contest. Vivian is still trying to get out of the French prison.

10/7/96-10/11/96: Kristen realized Stefano pressured a French doctor into lying to John that she and the "baby" were fine. Stefano expects Kristen to help him in return. In Salem, Kristen fumed when John said Marlena was moving in with them in case a "pregnant" Kristen needs her help. Stefano said he would help Peter get Jennifer back. In Salem, Peter paid a visit to an upset Jennifer. Jack fumed when Jennifer would not rule out a reconciliation with Peter. Celeste urged Lexie to get rid of a safe-deposit box full of expensive jewelry Stefano left her. Vivian and Ivan escaped from the French prison with Andre, who split when the cops showed up. Abe and John rescued Ivan and Vivian, who threatened to jump off the Eiffel Tower. Vivian was stunned to see Stefano. Franco wore contact lenses that made his eyes blue, like Jill's attacker. Andre threatened to reveal the real reason Franco is in Salem.

10/14/96-10/18/96: Franco was seen holding a bloody knife, standing over the body of Andre, who had threatened to reveal Franco's real reason for being in Salem. Billie later stumbled upon Andre's body, then she and Hope stood up for Franco, who lied to Bo that he did not know this "John Doe" (Andre). At the morgue, Franco put blue contact lenses in Andre's eyes, making Bo think John Doe (Andre) was Jill's attacker. Jennifer decided to confront Daniel after Peter insisted everything Daniel said about his past evil deeds was a lie. Jennifer was stunned when Laura admitted her affair with Jack, but insisted Jack always loved Jennifer. Kate nixed promoting Lucas, who sided with Sami when she crashed a business meeting to say she was suing Carrie for alienation of affection from Austin. Kate was stunned to see Vivian, who escaped from the French prison. Vivian believes Victor will love her when he recovers.

10/21/96-10/25/96: Needing to know the truth about Peter, Jennifer conned Daniel into thinking she knew all about Peter's evil deeds, and Daniel unwittingly confirmed all of Jack's accusations against Peter. Daniel stunned Jennifer when he revealed Peter's scheme to drive Laura insane. Jennifer was surprised to see Jack, who said he has a Hong Kong job offer, but will not go if she does not want him to. Bo forced Franco to appear in a lineup, then was upset when Jill did not show up. Jill phoned to say she was leaving town. Franco plotted to break up Bo and Hope by getting Bo and Billie back together. A surprised Lexie learned the jewels Stefano left her were not ill-gotten. Sami liked Vivian's suggestion to get Carrie angry enough to strike her so she can tell a judge that she is afraid Carrie will harm her or Will. Stefano advised Kristen to secretly marry John before Marlena tells him the truth about her.

10/28/96-11/1/96: Sami provoked a catfight with Carrie at the ski lodge where Carrie and Austin had planned a romantic night together. Sami wrecked the room and cut her own face, then had Carrie arrested on an assault charge. Mickey got Carrie out of jail, but Sami had her arrested for violating a restraining order to stay away from Sami and Will. Jack, who is worried that Jennifer would reconcile with Peter, was as shocked as Peter when Jennifer handed Peter divorce papers. Kristen is worried that John will tell Marlena they are planning to elope. Sexual tension between Marlena and John was broken by Kristen, who screamed while having a nightmare about losing her baby and John. Marlena confronted Kristen after learning she did not keep a recent appointment with a doctor. Franco was pleased Bo and Hope argued over her demand that Bo resolve lingering feelings for Billie. A mystery man has been following Wendy.

11/4/96-11/8/96: Panicked that Marlena and John escorted her to a doctor's appointment, Kristen was stunned to see her lookalike, Susan, who said she was hired to take Kristen's place with the doctor. Kristen met Stefano, who found Susan, and accepted when Susan said she wanted to give her baby to Kristen because she can not keep it. Marlena is suspicious of Kristen. Franco, who supposedly was in New York City, sabotaged Bo and Hope's engagement party by mixing slides of Bo and Billie with slides of Bo and Hope that were shown at the party. After Jill said her attacker is after another woman (Billie), Bo rushed off to rescue Billie the night before he and Hope were to be married. Franco stalked Billie, who was at the Horton cabin. Austin was furious when Sami forced Carrie to bow out of Hope and Bo's wedding with a threat to have her arrested for violating the restraining order to stay away from Sami.

After Bo arrived to rescue Billie from Franco, they were left stranded at the Horton cabin when Franco left the island in Bo's boat. Desperate to get to his and Hope's wedding, Bo failed an attempt to swim from the island. Franco later took Hope to the cabin, where she was upset to find Bo and Billie sleeping together. Hope refused to believe Bo had hypothermia and Billie was keeping him warm. Franco was pleased when Hope told family and friends that her wedding was off. Kristen panicked when John nearly saw her lookalike, Susan. Kristen failed several attempts to retrieve from Marlena the phone number of the justice of the peace who is going to marry her and John. Peter and Stefano plotted to kidnap Jennifer and Abby. After seeing that Jack has a gun, Jennifer ordered him to move out of the house or she will leave. Sami refused to listen when Austin said their marriage will be over soon.

11/18/96-11/22/96: Jack confronted Peter as he was about to kidnap Jennifer and Abby, then the two struggled over a gun. Jack and Jennifer later found a gravely wounded Peter in the park and got him to the hospital. Stefano sneaked into Peter's room after he underwent surgery. Peter could still die. Kristen had to abort her plan to elope with John after hearing about Peter's fate. Hope agreed to marry Bo if he proves Franco attacked Jill and intended to harm Billie when Bo "rescued" her. Jill was hospitalized. Hope believed Franco, who said he went to Jill's apartment to prove that he did not attack her. Sami fumed when Kate arranged a romantic night at the Kiriakis mansion for Carrie and Austin. Kate caught Vivian, who fell down the chimney while trying to smoke Austin and Carrie out of their room. To keep Kate from foiling her plan to have Austin, Sami blackmailed Kate with mysterious contents of an envelope.

Unaware that Jill is in the hospital, Bo stepped up his search for her because he believes she can provide the proof he needs to convince Hope that Franco is evil and dangerous. Franco sneaked into Jill's hospital room, then hid when Billie, who does not know Jill's identity, visited her. Everyone, especially Kristen (and Stefano), was stunned when Peter died from his gunshot wound. Kristen forced Abe to arrest Jack for murder. Stefano vowed to make Jack pay for Peter's death and to kill anyone who ever crossed Peter. Daniel died when Stefano backed him out a window. In the morgue, Stefano hid when he saw Lexie and Celeste come to say good-bye to Peter. John and Marlena were puzzled when Kristen did not recognize the doctor that they had arranged to see her because of the stress she is under. Sami forced Kate to promote Carrie, then arranged to send her on a six-month business trip.
12/2/96-12/6/96: After Peter's funeral, Kristen attacked Jack, and warned he will pay for murdering Peter. During the fray, Laura realized Kristen is not pregnant when her pregnancy pillow shifted beneath her dress. While attempting to tell Marlena the truth, a stunned Laura learned Stefano is alive and so is Peter, albeit he is not in good shape. Stefano took Laura hostage after she learned Daniel's body, disguised with a mask of Peter's face, was in the casket. Jennifer refused to listen when Jack said Peter planned to drug her and then kidnap her and Abby. Jennifer and Jack searched for a missing Laura. Bo searched for Jill, convinced she will admit Franco was her attacker. Hoping for a chance with Bo, Billie kept mum that Jill was in the hospital. Jill, who walked out of the hospital, was returned by a driver who nearly ran her down. Franco took Hope to the hospital after saving her from a near drowning.

A guilty Billie told Bo and Hope the "Jane Doe" in the hospital was Jill. Bo, Hope, and Billie learned Jill was transferred to a nursing home, and Bo put a guard on her door. Franco distracted the guard and sneaked into Jill's room. Kristen had a nervous Susan take her place for an ultra-sound while John sat by her (Susan's) side. An unwitting Marlena saw Susan leave the hospital after the test. Laura volunteered to take care of Peter as part of her plan to escape from Stefano, but Stefano recaptured her. Jennifer, Jack, and Mike realized that Laura was missing, then learned of activity around Stefano's mansion, Blake House, but Stefano took Laura and Peter to a secret room before they arrived. Celeste told Abe and Lexie she had a vision of Laura being threatened by Peter and Stefano. After Will recovered from a fever, Sami badgered Austin not to go on a planned trip with Carrie.

John, Jennifer, and Marlena searched Blake House for Laura, who was being held prisoner by Stefano in a secret room, and went undetected. Kristen, who came to say good-bye to Stefano, was stunned to see Laura is his prisoner. Kristen fainted when she saw Peter was alive, then riled at Stefano for letting her grieve over Peter's "death." Peter and Kristen left the room when Stefano had a doctor erase Laura's memory with a laser procedure. Mickey was frustrated that Jack refuses to concentrate on his upcoming trial for the murder of Peter. Jack and Jennifer took Abby to a tree lighting and reminisced about the good times. Franco consulted with his mystery boss after Jill came out of her coma. Jill told Bo that she remembers being attacked and agreed to a line-up in hopes of identifying her attacker. Sami played games with Carrie's head by accusing her of keeping Will and Austin apart.

Bo was upset when Jill did not identify Franco as her attacker during a police line-up. Since Jill did not identify Franco, Bo and Hope are still at odds over Bo's suspicions of him. Billie hopes that she still has a chance with Bo. Carrie and Austin began making plans to get married after they learned his and Sami's annulment date was pushed up. Sami refused to take the advice of her lawyer, who said there is no way they can stop the annulment. Before Stefano and Peter left Salem, Stefano released Laura. Mike and Jennifer later found Laura in the park. While Mike and Marlena examined Laura, Kristen is worried that the laser treatment Stefano used to erase Laura's mind did not work, and she could spill the beans about Kristen's fake pregnancy, and that Peter is alive. A desperate Kristen pressured John to go through with their plans to elope, but he insisted on checking on Laura before they leave.
12/30/96-1/3/97: Carrie and Austin went to the police station to get his car after Sami stole it. Austin did not believe Sami, who said something was wrong with the car. When Austin started the car, it raced forward, smashing Sami into a wall at the police garage. Austin and Carrie rushed Sami, who was also struck on the head, to the hospital. Bo was upset that Hope walked out on him after Jill insisted a second time that she did not see her attacker in the police line-up, which included Franco. Franco forced Jill to lie to Hope that she thinks Bo loves Billie and that's why he went to the island to see her the night Bo and Hope were to be married. Kristen was relieved Stefano's laser procedure erased Laura's short-term memory (of Peter being alive and Kristen faking her pregnancy). An unwitting Marlena foiled Kristen's plans to elope with John. Kristen fumed when John comforted Marlena, who is worried that Sami might die.

1/6/97-1/10/97: Bo and Hope confronted Jill, who insisted she thought she was right when she told Hope that Bo still loves Billie. Bo nearly caught Franco, who was hiding in Jill's closet. After Jill left town, Bo became worried that he will never get proof Franco was her attacker. After seeing Sami, who is in a coma, Bo decided that life is short, and he is going to get Hope back. Kate made sure Bo saw a note Billie wrote about her feelings for him after she decided to leave town. Sami survived surgery, but is in a coma and near death. Kate caught Vivian and Ivan searching Sami's pad for whatever it is that Sami is using to blackmail Kate. Everyone thought Laura was sleepwalking when she accused Kristen of being a liar, then passed out. Laura went to Blake House after she has memories of Kristen, Peter, and Stefano. Kristen threatened a doctor, who gave her medicine to keep Laura from regaining her memory.

1/13/97-1/17/97: Jennifer, Jack, and Celeste found Laura at Blake House, and Kristen panicked when Laura said she remembered everything that happened to her. Kristen panicked when Laura later told everyone, including John, that Kristen knows Stefano kidnapped her and that Peter is alive. Kristen was relieved when Laura suddenly started rambling and everyone thought she was confused about what happened. Kristen learned Nurse Lynn is working for Stefano, and that she gave Laura pills to keep her from remembering what happened to her. Unable to reach Kristen, Susan went to Dr. Robbins when she had labor pains. Marlena arrived at Dr. Robbins' office at the same time. Sami responded to the music from her and Austin's wedding, but is still in a coma. Austin felt guilty that he lied to Sami he loves her in hopes she would come out of her coma. Hope vowed not to lose Bo. Kate urged Billie not to give up on Bo.

John and Marlena raced to the hospital after she said Kristen was in labor. Susan slipped out of the hospital before John and Marlena could see her, then the duo was surprised to find Kristen already home when they got there. Kristen lied that she wanted to surprise John when Marlena, who learned Susan's baby is a boy, wondered why Kristen said she did not know the baby's sex. After Kristen confessed everything, even her fake pregnancy, to Father Jansen, he refused to marry her and John unless Kristen tells all to John and Marlena. Sami began to regain consciousness. Carrie is worried that Sami will continue her fight for Austin. Kate and Vivian learned Sami is improving. Billie decided to fight for Bo after Hope, as part of a plan to end up with Bo, urged Bo and Billie to see if their former love has a chance. Jennifer learned Jack plead guilty to Peter's murder to protect the Horton family image.

Everyone realizes Sami has no memory of the past four years when she asked to see Roman, who is on an overseas assignment. Carrie is worried that she and Austin will never be together after Mickey said Austin cannot annul his marriage to Sami while she has amnesia. Austin vowed to help Sami regain her memory. Kate gloated when Vivian learned Sami has amnesia and does not remember that she was blackmailing Kate. Kristen kept John from seeing Susan leave the hospital after she and Kristen underwent blood tests. Vivian was suspicious after she saw Susan and then Kristen at the Salem Club. Vivian broke into the hospital computer and learned Kristen has two blood types on file. Jack and Jennifer were upset that the tabloids have dubbed her "the black widow." After asking to work a drug case, Bo got drunk, punched Abe, handed in his badge, and lost his boat in a pool game. Bo refused help from Billie.

Vivian and Ivan followed Susan home, sneaked into her pad, and found her Kristen wig, clothes, and make-up. When Kristen arrived, Vivian yanked off her fake pregnancy padding. Vivian threatened to tell John about Kristen's fake pregnancy unless she votes Vivian a seat on the board of Titan Publishing. Vivian headed for John when Kristen was late for the board meeting. Sami told everyone that she had regained her memory, but they realized she only remembers marrying Austin and having his son. Carrie reluctantly agreed to Mike's suggestion that Austin play the loving husband to Sami in hopes she will regain all of her memory. Mike kept Lucas from telling Sami about her forgotten past. For Abby's sake, Jennifer let Jack spend the night before his sentencing hearing. Jack asked the judge for leniency at his hearing. Stefano was waiting for the judge when he retired to chambers to make his decision.
2/10/97-2/14/97: Everyone was stunned the judge gave Jack life in prison with no parole (on Stefano's orders). Jack was allowed on last night with Jennifer and Abby. Laura went to Lynn's room for medicine, then fainted when she saw Stefano with Lynn. A panicked Kristen broke Laura's trance when Marlena tried to help Laura remember if she really saw Stefano and Peter, which could clear Jack. Kristen avoided answering John, who was stunned when she voted to keep Vivian on the Titan board. Victor, who still can't talk, realized Vivian blackmailed Kristen. Marlena had Kristen's cellphone when Susan called, then yelled "it's coming," meaning the baby. Carrie was forced to watch when Sami and Austin's wedding was recreated in Sami's hospital room. After Abe demoted Bo to beat cop, drug dealer J.L. King had a henchman give Bo money to let him go after his arrest. Bo was stung to see Hope kiss Franco.

Bo was forced to agree to work with drug czar J.L. King, who has a video tape of Bo accepting gambling money. Bo later reported to Abe that their undercover plans to nail King are working, but fumed when Abe said Bo must not see Hope. King's henchman later saw Hope and Bo meet on the dock, where Bo told Hope all about his undercover drug assignment. Carrie is worried that she is going to lose Austin, who spent the night with a hospitalized Sami when she complained of severe pain. Disguised as a nurse, Kristen was with Susan while she was in labor. A devastated Kristen could only watch as John arranged a bedside ceremony then unwittingly said his wedding vows with Susan instead of Kristen. Marlena was upset that she arrived at the hospital room too late to stop the ceremony. Laura urged Marlena to tell John about Kristen's deceptions. A cop took Jack off to prison after he said good-bye to Abby and Jennifer.

Marlena was about to tell John about Kristen's deception, when Kristen screamed that the baby was not breathing. John and Kristen later learned the baby needs surgery for a heart defect. Kirsten nixed letting a doctor examine her because he would know she did not give birth to the baby. Kristen had Susan removed from the hospital. John nixed making love to Kristen, who is anxious to consummate their "marriage." A sleepy John, who thought Marlena was Kristen, pulled her into bed with him and kissed her. Travis, an inmate who works for Stefano, schemed to become Jack's cellmate. Jennifer visited Jack and gave him some family photos. Bo nixed Hope's offer to help catch the local drug suppliers. Bo stole Abe's evidence against J.L. King then gave it to King. King threatened to harm Hope if Bo double-crosses him. Carrie was upset Austin had to comfort Sami, who was in severe pain.

3/3/97-3/7/97: To protect Billie from King, Bo told her that they do not have a future together, but Franco made Billie think Bo was lying. Franco comforted Hope after Bo brushed her off to protect her from King. Hiding in the closet, Billie learned Bo is working for King, who went to the closet when he heard a noise. Sami got hysterical when she realized she may be paralyzed for life. Carrie and Austin's hopes of spending time together after Kate offered to fly Sami to a rehab center in Hawaii were thwarted when Sami learned Austin and Will could stay in hospital facilities to be with her. A sleepy John pulled away when he realized he was kissing Marlena, not Kristen. Vivian helped Kristen get Susan out of the hospital when she tried to see the baby. Kristen and John baptized the baby John Black, Jr., just before he had successful heart surgery. Stefano was livid to learn Jennifer still has feelings for Jack.

3/10/97-3/14/97: Kristen panicked when Marlena said she was going to tell John about Kristen's deceit. Marlena kept mum when she heard John praying in church that he hopes she no longer loves him because he is committed to Kristen. Kristen fumed when Susan came to tell John that John Jr. is her child because she thought John would give the baby back. When Hope saw Susan crying in the park, she suggested Marlena as a shrink who can help Susan. When King found Billie hiding in the closet, Bo lied that Billie was jealous and had been spying on him. Bo and Abe later insisted Billie must go into a witness-protection program until they have King behind bars. Hope was upset to see Bo and Billie kissing - to make King believe they are lovers. Jack wrote Jennifer that he is sorry he messed up her life by killing Peter. Austin arranged for Sami to get therapy in Salem.

Austin helped Sami with her therapy, and hoping that her memory might return, reluctantly granted her request for a kiss. Austin smoothed things over with Carrie, who witnessed the kiss. On the pretext of redoing Austin's apartment, Kate searched for the papers and photos that Sami was using to blackmail her. Carrie and Austin made plans to spend the night together while Lucas told Sami that he would sneak her out of the hospital so she could spend the night with Austin. Kristen secretly watched a disguised Susan while she nursed John Jr., while a proud John looked on. Susan ran off after going to Marlena for help , but later made another appointment. To protect Hope, Bo said he had chosen to be with Billie. Bo later saw that Billie left town as part of the witness protection program. King held a gun on Bo and demanded to Know what was going on after he learned Billie had left town.

Upset to learn that Billie left town, King held Bo at gunpoint and threatened to kill him for double-crossing him. When Billie returned, King released Bo, who learned that King's henchman, Max, had planted a bomb to go off at the Horton house as retaliation against Bo. Billie went with Bo, who was trying to defuse the bomb as an unwitting Hope went to open the door to the house, which would cause the bomb to explode. Austin, who was about to make love with Carrie, was stunned when Lucas brought Sami to the apartment in hopes that seeing the place would trigger her memory. Suspecting Austin was having an affair, Sami accused Carrie and Austin of the deed, but they covered and Sami believed she was wrong. Susan told Kristen that she wants her baby back. An angry Susan learned Kristen took John Jr. home without telling her. Worried that Jack would get in trouble in prison, Jennifer told him to forget her and Abby.
3/31/97-4/4/97: After Sami was released from the hospital, Carrie was convinced that she and Austin will never be together. Sami's memory was not jogged by her return home because Kate had redecorated the apartment. Austin fumed that Carrie attended a Titan Benefit party with Lucas - at Sami's suggestion. Kate is still looking for the documents and photos Sami was using to blackmail her. Kristen placated Susan by hiring her as John Jr.'s baby nurse after Susan threatened to tell John that she is really John Jr.'s mom. Unaware that Susan is Marlena's patient, John tried to arrange for Marlena to meet John Jr.'s baby nurse (Susan). After defusing the bomb Max planted at Alice's home, Bo realized Billie can't return to the witness protection program because it would tip off King that something is amiss. To convince King that they are lovers, Bo moved in with Billie. Bo is worried that King will harm Hope if he thinks Bo is up to something.
4/7/97-4/11/97: Bo and Hope rushed to the hospital to be with Shawn-D, who survived surgery but was unconscious. To test Bo, King gave him an expensive engagement ring to give Billie. To hide his undercover work, Bo was forced to propose to Billie right in front of Hope. Hope later heard Bo tell the unconscious Shawn-D that he loves Hope and someday they will all be a family again. Kristen was forced to "hire" Susan as John Jr.'s baby nurse when she threatened to tell John that she is the baby's mother. Kristen contacted Stefano, who arranged to have a secret prison built in the DiMera mansion so Kristen can lock up Susan. Watching Jennifer do a remote on TV, a fellow inmate told Jack that the man Jennifer was dancing with was J.L. King. Jack and Jennifer anxious awaited word on his appeal. Carrie fumed Sami foiled her chances to spend time with Austin by arranging for him to work at home on a computer.
4/14/97-4/18/97: Kristen was forced to watch John comfort Marlena, who was stunned to learn that Roman had been killed while on a secret ISA assignment. Sami and Carrie were devastated after learning their father was dead. Sami accused John of hurting Roman, then remembered she saw John and Marlena making love on the conference table in the Titan board room. Kristen welcomed the person Stefano sent to build the secret room where Kristen plans to hold Susan hostage. Susan studied Kristen so she will be able to imitate her perfectly. Susan told Elvis (John Jr.) that they will soon be a family with John. Laura asked Jennifer and Mike to go to Blake House so she could show them the secret room where Stefano held her hostage. Bo and Abe captured Viper, who shot Shawn-D. Viper pulled a gun on Bo, shots where fired, and Viper died without admitting King was his boss. King's henchman disposed of the gun used to kill Viper.
4/21/97-4/25/97: Hope was unable to tell Shawn-D that Bo lied when he told the boy, who has recovered form his bullet wound, they will be a family again. Bo hoped to end his undercover work when King said he wants Bo to help with a large drug shipment coming into Salem. Billie told a stunned Hope that she plans to hold onto Bo. John interrupted when Marlena tried to quiz Kristen about the secret room Laura insists she found in Blake House. Determined to prove Peter is alive, and to get Jack out of prison, Laura had Marlena check Peter's medical records, but they found no proof that he could be alive. Susan and John nearly made love while Susan was in her Kristen disguise. Laura and Vivian also believed the disguised Susan was Kristen. Bo and John chased a mystery man who videotaped Roman's funeral and were able to get the tape, but the man got away. Carries asked Austin if he wants to be with her or Sami.
4/28/97-5/2/97: After receiving a letter from Roman asking her to take care of Sami, Carrie prevented Austin from telling Sami that their marriage was kaput before the accident. Lucas persuaded Sami to keep mum that she remembered once asking Lynn about a drug (which she used on Austin to seduce him). After John had Marlena move back into the DiMera Mansion, Laura urged her to tell John the truth about Kristen. Susan heard Vivian and Ivan talking about knocking her out and locking her in the secret room for Kristen. Susan later knocked Vivian out. Laura decided to stop taking her medication just as Stefano ordered Lynn to increase Laura's dosage. Mickey told Jack that he is trying to get an appeal on Jack's case. Billie told Bo that she was trying to help his undercover case when she bought drugs from King's henchman, Max, but she was arrested after Hope saw her make the buy. King leaked Billie's arrest to the press.

5/5/97-5/9/97: Marlena gave Susan a "magic" stone to protect her from the vampires (Ivan and Vivian) who are after her. Kristen realized Susan is Marlena's patient because of the stone, which Marlena found in the DiMera Mansion after Susan lost it. Marlena confronted Kristen about her suspicions regarding Susan, and about John Jr.'s parentage. Abe insisted Billie spend a night in jail after her drug arrest or it would blow Bo's undercover work. In the jail, three women prisoners were put in with Billie, who was unaware that they had orders to give Billie a violent "message" from King. Abe urged Bo not to tell Hope that he is working undercover even though Bo is worried Hope will be harmed trying to get the goods on the Salem drug dealers (King). Austin and Sami seem to be getting close. John fought a prison guard Travis paid to terrorize Jennifer into breaking things off with Jack. The guard escaped.
5/12/97-5/16/97: Kristen panicked while Marlena waited for John so she could tell everything that Kristen has been up to, including the fact John Jr. is not Kristen's baby. Kristen knocked Marlena out then locked her in the secret room meant for Susan. Kristen was relieved when John and Abe decided Stefano is alive and he has kidnapped Marlena again. Kristen said Celeste was wrong when she told John that she suspects a link between Susan and Stefano. Hoping to ultimately wind up with Carrie, Lucas decided to get Carrie and Mike together because he thinks it will be easier to take her away from Mike than from Austin. Austin fumed when he saw Carrie having a good time with Mike. Austin let Sami think he spent the night in bed with her. Sami recalled Lucas telling her to keep mum that she is having memory flashbacks. Hope learned the drug charges against Billie were dropped.
5/19/97-5/23/97: Lucas convinced Sami not to tell Austin that she can stand on her own and that she is regaining more of her memory. Sami received a shock when she plugged in an iron. Austin was jealous when he saw Carrie with Mike. Jennifer was upset that Jack told her to forget about him, then took her name off his visitor's list in prison. Laura told Jack that she thinks Stefano is alive, which means Peter may also be alive. Jack thought about being a free man if Peter is alive. Bo was angry when he caught Hope trying to get King's right-hand-man Max to reveal the name of the person bringing drugs into Salem. John did not believe Laura, who told him Kristen helped Stefano and Peter hold her prisoner, and that she is sure Kristen helped Stefano kidnap Marlena. Kristen forced Vivian and Ivan to help her dig up Peter's grave before Laura has the body exhumed and everyone learns Peter is not in the coffin.

Kristen prevented Susan from releasing Marlena from the secret room. After Marlena admitted that she loves John, Susan concocted a plan to impersonate Kristen again so she can have John to herself. Susan schemed to lock Kristen up with Marlena when Marlena got Kristen to open the door to the secret room. Vivian, Ivan, and Kristen dug up Peter's (really Daniel Scott) body then Kristen had it cremated. Lynn spiked Laura's tea with a sedative after Laura had taken a Valium, causing her to act irrational. Laura failed to stop the cremation. The electric shock from the iron caused Sami to regain her memory. Sami is once again blackmailing Kate with the contents of the mysterious envelope. In Rome on a drug deal for King, Bo and Billie were shocked to see Hope and Franco. Franco told Hope that he loves her. Vivian and Ivan saw Susan at a spa.

6/2/97-6/6/97: Austin saved Carrie, who nearly drowned trying to rescue Will when he fell in the river. Sami kept Austin from confessing his love for Carrie. Sami enlisted Lucas in her scheme to prevent Austin and Carrie from spending a night at the lodge. Sami and Lucas schemed to make Austin think Carrie and Mike are getting romantic. Because she is being blackmailed by Sami again, Kate fretted that she cannot tell Carrie and Austin that Sami has regained her memory. Lynn continued drugging Laura to keep her unconscious. Jack feels guilty for letting Laura try to prove Peter is alive. Marlena and Kristen could only watch as Susan, disguised as Kristen, tried to seduce John. Ivan and Vivian thought they saw "Susan" at the airport. Bo fumed to learn King arranged for him to marry Billie in Rome. Hope and Franco are unaware Bo and Billie are also in Rome.
6/9/97-6/13/97: Susan (disguised as Kristen) panicked when her twin, Sister Mary Moira, came looking for her. John was puzzled when Sister Mary Moira said Susan wrote that she was married to John. Ivan and Vivian kidnapped Sister Mary Moira, mistaking her for Susan. After agreeing not to press charges, Sister Mary Moira had Vivian and Ivan scrub floors in the convent. Kristen and Marlena could only watch while Susan (as Kristen) tried to seduce John, and were upset that he did not see the Elvis tattoo which could tell Susan is not Kristen. Unaware Kristen forced Lynn to keep Laura drugged, Susan told Lynn to stop the medication and Laura came out of her coma. Bo had to play along as King arranged for him to marry Billie. Hope was stunned to learn of Bo and Billie's wedding. Victor had another stroke after seeing a photo that fell from the envelope of goodies Sami is using to blackmail Kate.
6/16/97-6/20/97: King forced Bo to marry Billie, who prayed Bo will come to love her again. A devastated Hope fainted during the ceremony. Vivian fumed when Kate nixed letting her see a hospitalized Victor. Sami forced Kate to agree to buy a country home for her and Austin, and to give Austin a promotion by threatening to reveal all of Kate's secrets. Sami taunted Kate that her secrets would cause Victor to have a fatal stroke. Austin was upset to see Mike comfort Carrie, who doesn't think she and Austin will ever get together. Susan failed to retrieve Elvis (John Jr.) and split town before Stefano arrived, but was pleased she fooled him into thinking she was Kristen. An unwitting John and Abe interrupted Stefano's plan to kidnap Marlena -- again. Stefano had Jack's ex-cellmate, Travis, befriend Jennifer after moving in next door under the name "Trent." Lynn vowed to help Laura escape from Stefano.
6/23/97-6/27/97: After John and Kristen (really Susan) exchanged vows, Laura, who escaped from the hospital, insisted that Kristen (Susan) knew Marlena was being held captive in the DiMera mansion, and that Stefano had been there. John forced Ivan and Vivian to admit that Stefano was alive, and to show him the secret room. Kristen and Marlena passed out but were rescued after Kristen hit a gas pipe while trying to escape. Just as John and the real Kristen were about to exchange vows, Marlena stopped the ceremony by revealing all of Kristen's dirty deeds, and that Stefano and Peter are alive. Susan backed up Marlena's story. Stefano escaped - again. King held Bo and Billie captive on a drug ship after learning Bo intended to arrest him. Bo and Billie attempted an escape. Franco is determined to have Hope for himself. Sami panicked to see something was amiss when she saw Will's bloodtype.
6/30/97-7/4/97: Sami got on the internet to research blood types, then realized that Will's blood type means Lucas, not Austin, is the baby's father. Sami sneaked into the hospital to change Will's blood type on his records. A nurse told Mike that she saw Sami in the hospital - and she was walking, not in a wheelchair. After King's thugs halted Bo and Billie's escape attempt, King told Bo that Billie was dead. Bo later held King at gunpoint as the Italian police arrested him. Bo was elated to learn that Billie was alive and had tipped the police about King. Hope returned to Rome after Abe told her that Bo has been working undercover, and his marriage to Billie was bogus. Kristen snapped after realizing she has lost John, then grabbed a cop's gun and threatened to kill Marlena. John subdued Kristen, who was arrested. John and Marlena had a romantic reunion. Peter vowed Jack won't be reunited with Jennifer and Abby.

7/7/97-7/11/97: Marlena accepted John's marriage proposal. Despite the fact that Stefano is her father, Lexie helped foil his attempt to once again kidnap Marlena. A mentally unhinged Susan nixed telling John who fathered John Jr. Ivan, Vivian, and Kristen go tout of jail on bail. Kristen wrongly thinks John will be waiting for her when she gets home. Vivian and Ivan turned to Kristen after Kate kicked them out of the Kiriakis mansion. Billie talked Bo into one last night of love. Franco told his mystery boss that he made sure Hope saw Bo in bed with Billie, dashing Hope's plans for a reunion. In Salem, Bo learned Hope knows about his undercover work. King plotted revenge against Billie. Sami, who changed Will's hospital bloodtype records, covered when Carrie, Austin, and Lucas saw her walking. Mike hid his feelings for Carrie. Jack is worried that Peter will harm Abby and Jennifer. Victor was moved to an out-of-town hospital.
7/14/97-7/18/97: At the Horton cabin, Bo was stunned when he saw Franco put an engagement ring on Hope's finger. Unaware that Hope saw him kissing Billie and assumed he and Billie made love, Bo was in shock when Hope said it's over between them. Bo tried to reach Billie in Rome, but got no answer because she had been abducted by King and his henchman, Max. Kristen crashed Marlena and John's engagement party, then John had to save her from leaping off a balcony. Kristen goaded Stefano into helping her get John back, then Stefano plotted to kidnap Marlena before she and John can say their vows. Jennifer was thrilled that Jack has been released from prison while his case is being appealed. Unaware that Travis is Jack's former prison cellmate, Jennifer told Jack that she wants him to meet their new neighbor, Trent. Austin is worried that Carrie will fall for Mike before he can get his marriage to Sami annulled.
7/21/97-7/25/97: John and Marlena's wedding was interrupted by Kristen, who insisted the ailing man she brought to the church in a wheelchair was Roman Brady. John and Marlena were forced to postpone their wedding. Sami and the other Bradys are convinced the ailing man is Roman, but John thinks the man is someone Stefano is trying to pass off as Roman. Franco is determined to keep Hope from reconciling with Bo. Bo returned to Rome to search for Billie after Kate was unable to reach her. Unbeknownst to Bo, King's henchman, Max, injected Billie with drugs to get her hooked again. Lucas learned that Austin found out that he can have his marriage to Sami annulled. Austin feared Carrie will fall in love with Mike before he can get out of his marriage to Sami. Jack is worried that his appeal won't go through and he'll be returned to prison. Stefano ordered Trent (Travis) to stay put when he worried Jack would see him.
7/28/97-8/1/97: Austin, who has the papers annulling his marriage to Sami, was crushed when he heard Carrie talking to Roman about her "involvement" with Mike. Carrie was angry with Sami, who told Roman that she and Mike were in love. Sami prevented Austin from telling her about the annulment papers. John and Marlena were stunned to see her son and Sami's twin, Eric. Sami is worried that Eric will be able to tell she doesn't have amnesia, but he later told Carrie that he thinks Sami is just hurting a lot. Sami was shocked when she learned that Roman is dying. Carrie and Mike decided to attend a seminar on bacterial diseases in hopes of finding a cure for Roman. John nixed acting the happy hubby to Kristen, even for Roman's benefit. Bo searched for Billie while Max continued injecting her with drugs, getting her hooked again. Jack decided he must have been imagining things when he thought he spotted Travis (Trent).

8/4/97-8/8/97: After Sami found the annulment papers Austin hid, she cried and pleaded with him not to leave her. Austin left, then returned. After a couple of beers, Austin wondered if Lucas was right when he said Austin is a low-life like his father, Curtis. Sami learned that Austin hasn't told Carrie about the annulment. In Los Angeles, Carrie pretended to be Mike's girlfriend for the benefit of an old classmate who always bested Mike at everything. Vivian's chance for an executive job went south when the perspective employers saw her and Ivan washing dishes in a fancy restaurant to earn rent money. Eric made sure Roman knew Marlena saved him after he nearly died. Marlena told Eric that she and Roman will not get back together even if Roman lives. Kristen was pleased that Roman told her and John that he loves Marlena. Bo and his Italian cop partner, Petra, searched fro Billie. Hope realized she has feelings for Franco.
8/11/97-8/15/97: Sami panicked when she heard Kate tell Lucas that Will has Lucas' eyes. When Kate threatened to tell Austin that Sami has her memory back, Sami threatened to reveal Kate once worked as a high-priced call girl. Sami also threatened to reveal that Kate hired Franco to keep Hope and Bo apart in the hopes that Billie will end up with Bo. Convinced that Carrie is better off with Mike, Austin told Kate that he's thinking of remarrying Sami. Mike and Carrie's car crashed in a rain storm while on the way to see a doctor who may have a cure for Roman's illness. John found and arrested Stefano, but was unable to get Stefano or Kristen to confirm Laura's claim that Peter's alive and well. To clear Jack of murder, John and Marlena pressured Kristen and Stefano to admit Peter is alive. Stefano told Kristen that Roman will not die. Bo searched for Billie, who took the drugs offered to her by a dealer, Dino.
8/18/97-8/22/97: Billie hid her drug addiction from Bo, who tried to convince her to return to Salem with him. Billie insisted she likes living in Rome and partying with her new friends. Jack and Jennifer said good-bye, then he was returned to prison after Kristen and Stefano lied about Peter not being alive. Stefano nixed telling Kristen about his "cure" for Roman's illness. Celeste told John that she had a premonition that one of Stefano's enemies will release him from prison. Marlena is worried that John would be walking into a trap, while John thinks releasing Stefano is the only way to get the cure for Roman. Mike and Carrie weren't injured when their car crashed during a bad storm. Mike told Carrie that he loves her, then realized she was a sleep and didn't hear him. Carrie was upset Sami said she and Austin are renewing their marriage vows.
8/25/97-8/29/97: Sami was relieved that Eric didn't realize she was trying to change Will's blood type when Eric caught her at a hospital computer. Sami rejected Kate's offer of money and jewelry if she didn't marry Austin. After Eric told Roman that he thinks Sami's hiding something, Roman stopped Sami and Austin's wedding by pretending to collapse. Mike realized he will lose Carrie if he helps Eric and Carrie find out what Sami is hiding. Mike told Laura that he loves Carrie. Kristen begged John to free Stefano. Believing John would walk into a trap, Hope insisted he not release Stefano despite his claim that he has a cure for Roman. Abe was upset to find John and Lexie with the security code that unlocks Stefano's cell. Jack told Jennifer that he believes Peter will come after her and Abby if he really is alive. Bo looked for Billie after slugging Max, who said Billie's on drugs again. Billie suffered withdrawal symptoms.

9/1/97-9/5/97: Using the hospital computer, Mike, Carrie, and Eric learned Sami hid the fact that Austin isn't Will's father. Carrie stopped Austin and Sami's wedding, insisting Sami has her memory back, and revealing that Austin isn't Will's father. Carrie punched out Sami after confronting her with all her lies. Everyone was surprised when Austin and Carrie announced they were getting married - now. Lucas bonded with Will while Austin is crushed that the boy is not his son. Abe teamed with John and Lexie to find a cure for Roman. John, who is planning to get Stefano out of jail, heard Roman say Stefano belongs in jail. Lexie and Travis both went to see Stefano. Celeste warned Lexie not to trust Stefano. Vivian and Ivan felt their luck had changed when they met a wealthy old man named Jonesy. After Billie refused to go home with Bo and enter a rehab program, Bo helped when she suffered withdrawal symptoms.
9/8/97-9/12/97: In the chance that Stefano has a cure for Roman's illness, John reluctantly let Stefano out of his cell. Stefano promptly disappeared. Marlena and Hope insisted on helping John, who headed for the airport in search of Stefano. Marlena, Abe, and Lexie heard a radio report implicating John in Stefano's escape. In flashbacks, Stefano, who is little Elvis' father, remembered having Susan impregnated via an embryo transplant. Mike was upset Carrie married Austin. Carrie fumed that Sami caught the bridal bouquet. Carrie understood when Austin left her on their wedding night to see Will, whom Sami said had been crying for his "daddy." Austin returned to find Mike comforting Carrie. Hope thinks Bo is having a great time in Rome with Billie. Billie hallucinated her deceased father, Curtis, urged her to use drugs.
9/15/97-9/19/97: Stefano threw Hope and John into a dungeon after they arrived at his secret jungle hideout. John and Hope escaped before Stefano and Kristen could use a laser to erase all of Hope's memories of Marlena. Hope and John found Stefano's shrine to Marlena. To prove he could kill them whenever he wanted, Stefano had Hope shot with what she and John mistook for a poison dart. Stefano is worried that Hope would remember Dr. Rolf, who is working on a cure for Roman's illness. Marlena heard Roman say he loves her. Sami refused when Roman told her to forget about Austin. Bo was stunned to see Carrie and Austin, who were honeymooning in Rome. Mike told Alice that he's in love with Carrie. Bo fought to save Billie's life while Billie was tormented by Curtis' ghost urging her to give in and die. Working with Jack on an expose of the prison system, Jennifer got a job at the prison where Jack now resides.
9/22/97-9/26/97: Jack was stunned when a prison guard sneaked up on him and kissed him until he learned the "guard" was Jennifer. Jack insisted it's too dangerous when Jennifer said she got the prison job in order to research their expose on the prison system. Hope was upset that she can't remember what happened to her during the time Stefano held her at Maison Blanche. Stefano told John and Hope he had the cure for Roman's illness, but as they prepared to return to Salem, the vial containing the cure was broken. Stefano offered money to anyone who would go into the jungle to find a flower needed for Roman's cure. Roman secretly wishes he won't die, and that he and Marlena will remarry. Sami plotted to use Mike to split up Carrie and Austin. In Rome, Bo lied to Austin and Carrie that Billie is recovering from a case of food poisoning. Vivian, who hates being poor, is desperate to get her hands on Jonesy's money.
9/29/97-10/3/97: John went into the jungle to find the flowers needed for Roman's cure. Kristen fumed Stefano sent Hope instead of her to take a compass to John. Hope nixed leaving John to find the flowers on his own, then saved John from falling off a cliff. Hostile natives followed John and Hope. When Roman sensed John was in danger, Marlena, Abe, and Lexie kept mum that he went with Stefano to find a cure for Roman's illness. Roman later told the group that Kristen was missing. Kate fumed when Sami said she had Mike sent to a medical conference in Rome. At a street festival in Rome, Carrie kissed a costumed "Austin," then was surprised to see it was Mike who was wearing the same costume. When Carrie asked him about his feelings for Debra, Mike thought Carrie was trying to say she loves him. Austin was shocked to see Billie had needle marks on her arm. Jack rushed to save Jennifer, who was attacked by a prisoner, T.C.

10/6/97-10/10/97: T.C., the corrupt prison guard, had another guard hold Jack while he beat him to a pulp for stopping T.C. from nearly raping Jennifer in the warden's office. Jennifer, who had been hiding under Jack's bed, spent the night with him after being locked in his cell for the night. John and Hope survived a rockslide and then took refuge in a cave. John later rescued Hope after a native took her hostage. While hiding in a river, John spotted the flower needed for Roman's cure - just as Kristen and Stefano arrived in a helicopter to take them back to the compound. Marlena realized Roman has been taking extra medication. Roman went into convulsions while trying to recapture the romantic past with Marlena. Unable to admit he loves Carrie, Mike let her think he's falling for Debra. Sami headed for Rome - and Austin. Billie is hoping that Bo loves her again. Vivian and Ivan moved into Jonesy's townhouse.
10/13/97-10/17/97: John sent Hope up a ladder into Stefano's helicopter, but he disappeared into the jungle after refusing to be rescued. John later found the flower needed for Roman's cure, but he fell off a cliff while trying to escape the natives. Kristen was upset John was left in the jungle. Knowing the natives were going to attack, Stefano planned to take Kristen and Hope to safety, but Hope refused to go. Hope is determined to remember the secret of Maison Blanche. Jack is worried about Jennifer, who insisted she will get the password for the computer in the warden's office. T.C. bought Jack's story about why Abby called "Hope" (Jennifer) "Mommy" while visiting Jack. In Rome, Sami sneaked into Carrie and Austin's hotel room to get Carrie's diary. Sami agreed to help Franco get Hope back after he agreed to help her break up Carrie and Austin. Subconsciously, Carrie doesn't like Mike being with Debra.
10/20/97-10/24/97: As part of Sami's plot to break up Carrie and Austin, Sami had Franco try to pick up Debra. Franco planted doubt in Debra's mind about Mike's feelings for her by saying Mike appears to be in love with another woman - meaning Carrie. Debra confronted Carrie, who insisted she loves Austin. A stunned Carrie realized she was jealous when she watched Mike dancing with Debra. Abby nearly told Travis (Trent) that Jennifer is a guard at the prison where Jack is incarcerated. T.C., who phoned "Hope" (Jennifer), was puzzled when Travis (Trent) answered the phone. Austin urged Billie to concentrate on a new life with Bo. John managed to return to Stefano's compound, but was nearly killed by one of the native's poison darts that hit his leg. While delirious, John kissed Hope when he thought she was Marlena. Marlena fretted that John had died when their cell phone connection went dead. With no cure in sight, Marlena worried about Roman as he hovered at death's door.
10/27/97-10/31/97: Marlena agreed to remarry Roman after Eric told her that was Roman's dying wish. While Roman and Marlena prepared for their wedding, John, Hope, Kristen, and Stefano, who were picked up by a ship after their plane crashed into the ocean during a thunderstorm, arrived in Salem with the cure for Roman. John brought the cure to the hospital chapel to give it to Roman, but the chapel was empty. Travis (Trent) learned Jennifer is the prison guard known as "Hope Williams." Travis (Trent) plotted to stop Jennifer, who said she and Jack almost have the proof needed to gain Jack's freedom. Debra was about to tell Carrie that Mike loves her when Carrie and Austin learned Roman was dying, and then headed back to Salem. Sami put her plot to split Austin and Carrie on hold to rush to Roman's side. Sami, Austin, and Carrie were on the same plane to Salem. Bo told Billie he wants to make her happy.

11/3/97-11/7/97: While Hope was telling Jennifer that she was disappointed that Bo never called anyone to check on her while she was at Stefano's compound, Bo was troubled by the feeling that someone he loves was in danger. Roman and Marlena's wedding was interrupted by the arrival of Hope, John, Kristen, and Stefano. When Roman had a reaction to the cure, Stefano donated blood to save Roman's life. Eric was furious when he heard a sleeping Marlena call out John's name while sitting at Roman's bedside. Abe and Celeste warned Lexie not to believe Stefano has changed for the good. When Stefano warned Jack had better be alive and well, Travis and T.C. had to hustle to save Jack, who they had strapped to a prison machine press with the intention of killing him. To get her paws on Jonesy's money, Vivian had Ivan "marry" them, but Vivian panicked when Jonesy wanted a real honeymoon. Sami spied on Carrie and Mike.
11/10/97-11/14/97: After learning the password to the warden's computer was "lockdown," Jack got into the computer and learned that Travis is Trent. Jack panicked to learn Jennifer disappeared and that Trent delivered a message saying she was safe. Trent, who knocked Jennifer out with ether, held her hostage in a seedy roach motel. Stefano provided the drugs to save Roman's life when he took a turn for the worse. John wants Marlena to tell Roman that they love each other, but she said Roman is too ill to learn the truth. Kristen fumed when she saw John and Marlena kissing. After catching Marlena with John, Eric insisted it will kill Roman if she doesn't marry him. Susan, who thinks Elvis Presley is her baby's father, was excited when Celeste predicted the baby's father is coming to get him. Laura urged Mike to tell Carrie that he loves her. Vivian vowed to get Jonesy to make a new will, leaving everything to her.
11/17/97-11/21/97: After Bo and Billie returned to Salem, he learned from Roman that Hope had been searching for a cure for Roman, not off on a romantic vacation with Franco. Bo told Hope he didn't sleep with Billie the night Hope found them together. Bo was called to help look for Jennifer before he could tell Hope that he and Billie have lived as man and wife for several weeks. A stunned Susan realized Stefano (he impersonated Elvis when the baby was conceived) is Little Elvis' father. Jack escaped from prison and set out to find Jennifer. Travis fumed to learn the police knows he has Jennifer. To get in good with everyone, Stefano phoned Travis and tried to get him to release Jennifer. Stefano refused when Kristen and Lexie asked him to admit Peter is alive. Marlena kept John from telling Roman that they love each other. John was upset that Marlena greed to Eric's suggestion that she let Roman move in with her.
11/24/97-11/28/97: Stefano kept Bo and Abe in the dark when he received a call from Peter, who left his island hideout for the Grand Canyon, where Travis plans to exchange Jennifer for a hefty ransom from Peter. Travis let Jennifer phone Abby, but refused when Jennifer begged him not to turn her over to Peter. Jack stole, then crashed, TC's car after making him reveal Travis' Grand Canyon destination. Peter had a reaction to a bite from a tropical mosquito. Kate laughed in Sami's face when she demanded Kate give her control of Titan Enterprises. An angry Sami later told Kate that she gave reporter on the Intruder the information about Kate being Franco's boss, and about Kate's call girl past, complete with photos. Marlena became worried when Sami threatened to tell Roman about Marlena and John's affair. Stefano refused when Kristen wanted to use Little Elvis to help her get John back. Bo told Abe that he's drawn to Hope again.

12/1/97-12/5/97: Sami gloated after Kate gave her a job as director of imaging at Titan to avoid having her past revealed in tabloid headlines. Sami told Lucas that she will never stop blackmailing Kate, and someday will get Austin back. Franco told Sami that he expects her to stick by their bargain in Rome to help him get Hope back. Franco is prepared to get rid of Sami permanently if she crosses him. Max, who was arrested, said he'll reveal Billie's drug use in Rome if she testifies against him. In front of Hope, Billie made a big deal of kissing Bo. Mike covered when Hope quizzed him about Billie's "illness" while she was in Rome. Travis nervously waiting at a cabin in the Grand Canyon for Peter to show up with the ransom he has demanded in return for Jennifer. As a result of the tropical mosquito bite, Peter had bouts of jungle madness. While Jack was searching for Jennifer, who tried to escape but was caught by Travis.
12/8/97-12/12/97: Jennifer untied herself after Travis left her in the cabin. Prying up some floorboards, Jennifer found a cellar under the cabin. In the cellar, Jennifer found bloody clothes and a shovel, then learned Travis had murdered his own parents. Travis watched Jack as he climbed up the side of the mountain toward the cabin. Peter wandered into the jungle during a bout of jungle madness. Peter survived a tiger attack. After Lexie heard Stefano say Peter was on an island, Roman headed to Stefano's compound to find Peter. Roman told Marlena that he thinks John wants more from her than help with is bad marriage. When Susan decided not to let Kristen raise Little Elvis, Kristen drugged Susan and then tricked her into signing papers giving Kristen custody of the baby. Bo and Hope kissed after discussing how he cared for Billie while she was on drugs. Bo admitted to Billie that he can't stop thinking about Hope.
12/15/97-12/19/97: John felt like an outsider as Eric, Sami, and Carrie decorated a Christmas tree at Marlena's penthouse. Marlena stopped John from telling Roman that he and Marlena love each other. Sami played innocent when Carrie accused her of blackmailing Kate into giving her a job at Titan. John was shocked that Marlena said she thinks Stefano is Little Elvis' father. After knocking out a ranger, Jack got to the cabin, but Jennifer was gone. Jack fought with Travis, then left him in the cabin cellar. Jack heard Jennifer scream while he was searching for her. Jennifer escaped from an elevator shaft, but found herself face-to-face with Travis. John talked Susan out of suicide after finding her on the pier. Kristen covered when John asked if she knew where Little Elvis was. Kristen also covered when Stefano found the baby with her. Susan hopes her brother, Thomas, can help her get Little Elvis back.
12/22/97-12/26/97: Kristen refused Sister Mary's request that she give Little Elvis back to Susan. When Susan and Thomas also showed up demanding the baby's return, Kristen showed the Banks triplets the custody paper Susan signed, then refused to return the baby to Susan. Kristen fumed when she learned Stefano took Little Elvis away from her and gave him to John, who returned the baby to Susan. Stefano reminded Kristen Little Elvis is his son, and said Kristen doesn't figure in the baby's future. Jack rescued Jennifer, and later they learned Travis had died. Jennifer and Jack later shared a Christmas reunion with Abby and Laura. Peter learned of Travis' death, then continued his search for Jennifer. John is worried that Marlena has second thoughts about their romance. Mike was upset that Carrie and Austin kissed under the mistletoe. Billie's arrival put a damper on Hope's happiness at spending some time alone with Bo.
12/29/97-1/2/98: Austin and Kate decided to find a new man for Sami, since they believe it's the only way she will drop her obsession with Austin. Carrie was upset that Mike brought a date to the charity New Year's Eve party Carrie was in charge of. While dancing with Carrie for publicity photos, Mike wondered if she will ever realize she's the married woman he's in love with. At Franco's suggestion, Sami decided to date another man, Franco, to hopefully make Austin jealous. As Mike learned Jack and Jennifer were at the Horton home, Peter begged Kristen to help him find Jennifer. Arriving late for Elvis' custody hearing, Kristen fumed to learn the judge closed the case after Susan, posing as Kristen, said the baby belonged with Susan. John and Marlena helped Susan get away from Stefano and leave town with Little Elvis. A vengeful Kristen made sure Roman saw Marlena and John kissing and professing their love.

1/5/98-1/9/98: Roman had a dizzy spell and passed out when he attempted to confront Marlena and John about their passionate kiss. Everyone was stunned when Roman collapsed at the New Year's Eve party after trying to confront Marlena and John. Roman regained consciousness in the hospital, then his blood pressure went sky high when he saw Marlena and John in his room and tried to question them. Stefano learned Kristen is trying to use Roman to break up John and Marlena. Starting a new life in England, Susan fell for Edmund, the son of Violet, a pub owner. Jack, who went on the run from the FBI, was stunned to find Abby and Jennifer hiding in his car. Jennifer nixed taking Abby and going back to Salem. Franco rescued Sami, who was attacked by a mystery person. Austin and Carrie were surprised to see Sami with Franco. Bo left Hope to go to Billie, who cried the tabloids were planning a story on her drug addiction.
1/12/98-1/16/98: Susan was leery of Edmund after John phoned to see that she had arrived safely in England, then warned her not to trust anyone because they might be working for Stefano. Susan and Edmund got closer after he kept his mother, Violet, from telling Stefano's goon about Susan. Stefano listened in on John's call to Susan, but fumed John would not reveal her whereabouts. Believing it was the perfect cover for them, Jack and Jennifer got jobs with a circus. The FBI asked circus owner Jasper about Jack, Jennifer, and Abby. Stefano and Peter plotted to use Laura to get to Jack and Jennifer. John got upset when Marlena nixed telling Roman they love each other now that he's out of the hospital. Marlena was upset Roman is protective of Sami, who constantly picked on Carrie. During a confrontation, Billie told Hope that she slept with Bo in Rome. Franco and Sami got Billie to the hospital after she passed out.
1/19/98-1/23/98: Just as Bo was planning to tell Hope about his physical relationship with Billie while they were in Rome, Hope heard Mike tell Billie that she is pregnant. When Bo tried to talk to Hope, she said it's over between them because Billie is carrying his baby. Austin urged Billie to fight for Bo, and Roman reminded Bo of his obligation to Billie and the baby. Mike had to fight his attraction to Carrie while they were dancing. Carrie got upset watching Mike dance with his date, Ali. Carrie was suspicious when she and Austin saw Sami on a date with Franco. Franco plans to keep Sami in line by making her fall for him. Roman admitted to Kim that he knows Marlena and John love each other, but he's determined to get Marlena back. Peter went after Jennifer when he thought he learned her whereabouts from an unwitting Laura. Vivian is unaware that Stefano owns everything she thinks belongs to Jonesy.
1/26/98-1/30/98: Marlena felt pressured when John urged her to tell Roman that they love each other. Marlena was later stunned when Roman, who arranged a romantic dinner, admitted he knows about her relationship with John. Upset that learning about John and Marlena is going to hurt Roman, Eric tried to punch out John. Unaware that Jack, Jennifer, and Abby were in Dayton, Ohio, Laura let Peter think they were in Dayton so that Abe could have the local police arrest Peter when he arrived. Jack and Jennifer learned Peter asked circus performers about them, but Peter never saw them. Stefano is hiding in the basement of Jonesy's townhouse. At Jonesy's ancestral home in England, Vivian is worried that he will die before she can marry him and inherit his estate. When Susan saw Vivian and Ivan, she became worried that they will take Elvis back to Stefano. At Billie's pregnancy exam, Bo told the doctor about her drug use.

2/2/98-2/6/98: After finding Jack and Jennifer at the circus, Hope agreed to help them trap Peter. While Stefano went off to get a cure for Peter's jungle madness, Peter tailed Hope back to the circus - and to Jennifer. Hope was not pleased that Bo said he was assigned to arrest Peter. Bo fretted over an unconscious Hope, who had been nearly strangled to death by Peter during one of his attacks. Laura also arrived at the circus, and when Jennifer turned up missing, Laura and Jack realized Peter had kidnapped her. Jack talked to Bo about turning himself in to the police. Marlena told John that Roman knows all about their romantic relationship. John demanded Marlena make a choice between him and Roman. Sami was suspicious of Franco after Lucas warned Franco is only using her. Kristen is determined to get Elvis back. Vivian fretted that Jonesy will die before willing his estate to her. Ivan told Edmund that he loves Vivian.
2/9/98-2/13/98: John and Roman located Marlena at a country inn. John was upset that Marlena rejected his proposal they get married right away, but agreed to give her time to examine her feelings for him and Roman. Laura destroyed her new earrings after Jack realized Stefano "bugged" them. Jennifer escaped when Peter stopped strangling her. Peter drove around looking for Jennifer while Bo and Abe were also looking for her. Later, Abe and Bo told Jack and Laura that Jennifer died in a car crash. Jack was upset when Jennifer's jewelry was found at the scene. Blaming Kristen for Jennifer's death, Laura went after her with a gun. Stefano fumed when Kristen admitted that she injected Celeste with the antidote for Peter's jungle madness. Celeste began hallucinating. Ivan is upset that Vivian married Jonesy. Vivian fumed Jonesy nixed signing his will, then was run down by a truck. Kristen plotted to get Elvis away from Susan.
2/16/98-2/20/98: The Horton clan was stunned Stefano arrived at Jennifer's funeral, insisting he had nothing to do with her death. After hearing of Jennifer's death, Peter rushed to the church, then during an attack of jungle madness, he held a gun on everyone. After Jennifer appeared as an "angel," Peter was arrested, but he later escaped. Jack, Laura, and the Horton clan were stunned to see Jennifer was alive. After kidnapping Sister Mary, Kristen phoned Susan and threatened to kill Sister Mary if Susan didn't give Elvis to Kristen. Kristen was pleased Susan drank a soda Kristen laced with drugs. After her rescue, Sister Mary told John, Roman, Abe, and Stefano about Kristen's plan to get Elvis back. At the airport, the men saw Susan about to board a plane to England. Billie was shocked Kate admitted trying to keep Bo and Hope apart so Billie could have Bo. Lucas warned Sami that Franco is only using her.

2/23/98-2/27/98: Peter was arrested after the "angel" Jennifer talked him into giving himself up. Later, in jail, Peter was stunned to see Jennifer was really alive. Stefano told Peter that because of his evil deeds, he can't get him out of jail. Jack shocked everyone by saying he can't marry Jennifer. John and Marlena found Kristen dead, floating in the Blake House pool. Abe and Roman caught Susan at the airport, and Roman realized she lied about not having seen Kristen. Edmund arrived to help Susan, who was questioned after her fingerprints were found on a letter opener at Blake House. Everyone worried when Laura was pleased Kristen is dead. Stefano mourned Kristen's death. Laura recalled seeing Kristen at Blake House. Eric has a crush on waitress Nicole. Mike told Jennifer he loves Carrie. Hope admitted she has feelings for Bo. Sami was crushed Austin said he will always love Carrie.

3/2/98-3/6/98: While Kristen is impersonating Susan, the coroner shocked Abe, Lexie, Marlena, and John with his conclusion that "Kristen" committed suicide. Stefano doesn't believe Kristen would commit suicide, while John feels to blame because he turned his back on Kristen. Stefano apologized to "Susan" for what Kristen did to her and Sister Mary Moira. Laura was relieved Kristen's "death" was declared a suicide. Edmund was puzzled Susan didn't say "yet" to his marriage proposal. An uneasy Eric realized someone is following him. Nicole was thrilled Sami set her up with a photo shoot at Titan. Austin said he's happy that Carrie is working on Mike's campaign to become hospital chief of staff. Sami is falling for Franco, who assured Kate that he can keep Sami under control. Kate failed to find the information that Sami is blackmailing her with. Ivan was upset that Vivian said that Jonesy is the best lover she ever had.
3/9/98-3/13/98: As part of his plan to eventually get the information Sami is using to blackmail Kate, Franco schemed to seduce Sami. As planned, Franco stalled Sami when she wanted to make love with him. Franco slugged a drunken Lucas, who called Sami names when she nixed dancing with him at the Penthouse Grill. Kate warned Lucas that Sami will use the blackmail material against her if he tries to sue Sami for full custody of Will. Edmund was impressed by Roman's bravery while watching him save a mother and daughter from their burning home. Kristen was relieved Mary Moira didn't realize she wasn't Susan when "Susan" and Edmund told Mary Moira they're engaged. The Sultan that Kristen sent Susan to kept her locked in a harem room. The Sultan was later disappointed that Susan wasn't pretty. Vivian and Ivan returned to Salem after Jonesy died. Kristen (as Susan) believes John came to her funeral because he loves her.
3/16/98-3/20/98: With Carrie running his public relations campaign, Mike is beginning to believe he can win the chief of staff position. Austin realized Carrie and Mike are close. As part of her continuing plot to break up Austin and Carrie, Sami got Franco to talk to Austin about his former boxing career, which Carrie hated. Franco made sure Austin bumped into his old boxing coach. At "Kristen's" funeral, Marlena assured John that Kristen's body was in the casket. Kristen (Susan) was upset Stefano had a heart attack at her funeral. Stefano was pleased Lexie was at his hospital bedside. Marlena and Roman learned the drug in "Kristen's" system was the same as the prescription drug Laura uses. Bo saved a pregnant Billie from falling down some stairs after he told her he didn't want her to leave town. Kristen was surprised Vivian and Ivan are living in the townhouse (Jonesy's) where Stefano had hidden Peter.
3/23/98-3/27/98: Laura flashed back to firing a gun while she was at Blake House. John found Laura's pill bottle at Blake House. Marlena quizzed Laura, who said she didn't see Kristen the night she "died." With Laura as the only suspect, Abe reopened the file on Kristen's "death" after John told him about the pill bottle, and Marlena admitted Laura had been at Blake House. Kristen (as Susan) was pleased Laura is the suspect in her "murder." Kristen (as Susan) talked John into teaching her how to dance so she could be in his arms. Susan (Kristen) kissed John, then lied that she thought he was Edmund. Edmund noted Susan (Kristen) is acting strange. Maya agreed to help Susan get back to the U.S. The doctor warned Bo that Billie's pregnancy is very high risk. Craig Wesley pretended sympathy when Mike told him Carrie is married to someone else. Craig told Mike that he is also after the chief of staff job.
3/30/98-4/3/98: Bo is helping Hope find out what happened to her during the four years she had amnesia. At Stefano's place, Hope saw a photo of a painting she had a vague memory of seeing before. Stefano's henchman, Bart, found a file folder that fell to the floor when Bo and Hope made their escape. After his release from the hospital, Stefano went to the convent to give Celeste the cure for her jungle fever, but she had escaped. Susan tried to escape from the Sultan by hiding in a barrel she thought was being loaded onto a supply truck. While Edmund planned to surprise Susan (Kristen) with a wedding, she is desperate to get to England and retrieve Elvis. Stefano was stunned to learn Kristen is alive and impersonating Susan. Kristen agreed to give Stefano a chance to get her and John Jr. (Elvis) to one of his hideouts. Mike is worried that Laura might have "killed" Kristen. Carrie admitted that for Craig's benefit, she pretended to be Mike's girlfriend at the time they were in Los Angeles.

4/6/98-4/10/98: Celeste suspects Kristen is alive. Stefano gave Celeste the cure for jungle fever. Celeste wondered who did kill Kristen since she didn't, and neither did Laura. Laura crashed her car while thinking about Kristen. At the hospital, Abe and Roman arrested Laura for Kristen's "murder." Laura said she shot at Kristen, but missed her. Susan was about to be beheaded when she noticed her captor was choking. Her captor decided to keep Susan for a sex slave after she saved his life. John escorted Susan (Kristen) to a waiting Edmund, thwarting her attempt to leave town with John Jr. (Elvis). Susan (Kristen) was forced to marry Edmund while Stefano tries to find a way to help her escape. Susan (Kristen) got Edmund to stall the honeymoon. Susan (Kristen) panicked when Marlena said she is having Kristen's body exhumed. Vivian plans to take over Titan. Austin is upset that Carrie spends so much time with Mike.
4/13/98-4/17/98: Kristen (as Susan) covered when Edmund caught her before she could leave town with Elvis. When Edmund confronted Susan (Kristen) about hugging Stefano, she insisted they were saying goodbye. Susan escaped her captor then was stunned Violet said "Susan" and Edmund were honeymooning in Bermuda. Kristen was shocked when Edmund said he found "Kristen" in the pool, but he let her drown instead of trying to save her. Edmund foiled Susan's (Kristen) attempt to escape. After Celeste testified Kristen was alive after Laura shot at her, the judge dropped the murder charge for an attempted murder plea, then sentenced Laura to serve time in a sanitarium. Hope was upset that Celeste could tell her nothing about her past. Nicole agreed to dinner with Eric as long as he didn't ask her about her past. Billie was upset Bo is helping Hope research her past because they will have to spend a lot of time together.
4/20/98-4/24/98: Kate realized that Vivian has teamed up against her with Sami. Kate offered to buy the Titan stock Stefano inherited from (the deceased) Kristen. Vivian tried to get in good with Stefano in order to get hold of the Titan stock. Kate was forced to approve Sami's "New Faces" campaign. Susan and Edmund married on the plane after Susan had Kristen sent into white slavery - like Kristen did to Susan. John and Marlena were relieved Belle survived after eating penicillin-laced candy Kristen hoped would kill an allergic Marlena. Kristen fumed when Susan sent a message that Marlena and John are going to be married. Stefano is sure Hope will never find the information on her forgotten past because he has it locked away. To get Bo's attention, a pregnant Billie pretended she was drinking booze. Craig hopes Laura's trouble with the law will foil Mike's run for hospital chief of staff.
4/27/98-5/1/98: When Craig taunted Mike about spending so much time with a married woman (Carrie), Mike insisted he and Carrie are friends, and reminded Craig that Carrie is the public relations manager for his bid to win the chief of staff job. Mike's former girlfriend, Ali, told Craig that Mike impressed some hospital board members when he diffused the angry husband of an emergency room patient who was D.O.A. Carrie, who can't stop thinking about Mike, was not receptive to Austin's lovemaking. Kate accused Franco of not being able to control Sami. As part of his plot against Sami, Franco broke up with her after telling her that he was upset she blackmailed Kate into approving her "New Faces" campaign. Franco is unaware the I.N.S. knows his green card is a fake. Marlena and John went on a date after Roman told John that he had given up Marlena. Hope is still checking into her past. Nicole worried her past could ruin her future.

5/4/98-5/8/98: Marlena accepted John's marriage proposal after he whisked her off on a romantic New Orleans vacation. Marlena told John that she understands his need to look into his forgotten past. Roman insisted to Eric that his break from Marlena is for the best. Stefano was furious to learn "Jonesy" (Ivan) sold one of Stefano's statues to an antique dealer. Vivian, who doesn't know Stefano owns Jonesy's townhouse, planned a dinner party to show off the house and the possessions she "inherited" from Jonesy. Stefano, who escorted Kate to the party, was stunned to learn Vivian is living in the townhouse, and that Jonesy is dead. In New Orleans, Hope saw a photo of how terrible her facial injuries were before her plastic surgery. Franco plotted to marry Sami so he won't be deported. Mike began pulling away from Carrie so that he doesn't come between her and Austin. Lucas was devastated when Will called Austin "daddy."
5/11/98-5/15/98: In New Orleans, Hope tailed a man, Wayne, into the bayou after she realized he recognized her then denied knowing her. In the bayou, a young woman threw a rock at Hope and knocked her out. Hope was surprised to see Bo and agreed he could help her check out her past. Wayne and a pal, Earl, vowed to protect the mystery swamp woman even if it means eliminating Hope and Bo. Roman took Billie to New Orleans when he was summoned to meet ISA bureau chief Crispin, who wants Roman to work on a black market case he and Billie had worked on in Paris. Tests showed Billie's baby is normal. Stefano is worried that Vivian will get into the townhouse basement where Stefano has been living. Marlena told John that she wants to help him find out about his past. Franco was relieved Sami didn't hear him tell Roberto about his plot to avoid deportation by marrying Sami. Nicole was thrilled Sami gave her a Miami modeling job.
5/18/98-5/22/98: Franco wined and dined Sami right into bed with him as part of his plan to get her to fall in love with him, then marry him so that he won't be deported to Italy. While searching the bayou for Bo, Billie passed out in her car after stopping for gas. Wayne and Earl took Billie to a woman, Erlene, who told a stunned Billie that she was in labor. At gun point, Wayne and Earl forced Bo and Hope to leave the bayou. On the plane to Salem, Hope realized the mysterious swamp girl had stolen the compact that could be a clue to Hope's forgotten past. Eric and Nicole almost kissed. Nicole received a mysterious letter. Austin found Carrie and Mike asleep at the hospital after the two spent the night preparing Mike for a chief of staff interview. Lucas was happy when Kate admitted to his suspicion that she hired Franco to break up Bo and Hope. Stefano told Kate that he has big plans for Vivian in the near future.

5/25/98-5/29/98: In New Orleans, Erlene, Wayne, and Earl helped Billie bury her stillborn baby. The mysterious swamp girl made a cross of stones on the baby's grave. Billie kept mum about the baby after Roman found her and took her back to Salem. Billie argued with Hope and then crashed her car when she had abdominal pains. Franco stepped up his plot to marry Sami. When Lucas heard Sami and Franco making love in a storage closet at Titan, he locked them in. Franco grabbed for Sami, who started to fall down an incline after they made their way into an air conditioning duct. Austin told Kate that Lucas has a drinking problem. As part of her scheme to break up Carrie and Austin, Sami had Darrell offer to arrange a boxing match for Austin. Nicole sent a mystery person money. Mike and Carrie celebrated when he said he is a finalist for the chief of staff job. Vivian is determined to get into the townhouse basement.

6/1/98-6/5/98: Nicole was nervous about going to Los Angeles with Eric on a modeling shoot. Nicole vowed not to let Eric find out she once lived in Los Angeles, then was upset to run into Jake, a man from her past. Jake phoned a mystery person to report Nicole was in town. After crashing her car, Billie went to a farmhouse owned by a doctor who helped her. Searching for Billie, Bo and Hope saw her crashed car and found her at the farmhouse. Billie lied to Bo that Hope caused their baby's death because Billie crashed her car after she and Hope argued. Billie paid the doctor to back up her lie. As part of his plan to get his townhouse back, Stefano had a henchman make a potion that will give Stefano control of Vivian. Jennifer, Jack, and Abby left for Africa to see Bill. Sami was frantic that Will disappeared after Lucas got drunk and passed out. The swamp girl dreamed that she was in a hospital with her head in bandages.
6/8/98-6/12/98: Billie ripped into Hope for showing up at the church where Billie and Bo were (supposedly) burying their baby, Georgia. Billie thanked Dr. Appleby for helping her make Bo think their baby died as a result of Billie's car accident. After Billie told Kate the truth about her baby's death, Kate also blamed Hope, but stunned Billie by telling her to forget about Bo. Carrie forgave Austin, who forgot to phone when he ended up spending the night with Will after he was found in his playhouse. Lucas made sure Roman caught Sami in bed with Franco. Roman warned Sami that Franco is using her. Sami took Vivian's advice to test Franco's love for her by tempting him with another woman. Stefano drugged Vivian as part of a plot to put her under his control, and thus get back his art and other valuables from Jonesy's townhouse. Stefano revealed nothing when Hope asked him about her past.
6/15/98-6/19/98: After drugging Vivian, Stefano had his henchman, Dr. Rolf, implant a transmitting device in one of her molars. Stefano panicked when Vivian stopped breathing after her oral surgery, but Dr. Rolf revived her. Ivan suspected Stefano had drugged Vivian, who doesn't remember anything that happened after she an Stefano had dinner. After Nicole nixed a moonlight walk on the beach, Eric followed her to a bar where she met Jay, the man from her past. Thinking Jay was putting the make on Nicole, Eric attacked him. Kate became worried when Billie ignored her advice to divorce Bo, and is determined to get him back. Billie slapped Bo when he said he loves Hope. Back in the bayou, Bo thinks the mysterious Swamp Girl may know something about Hope's past. Franco rebuffed Sophia's romantic offer after realizing Sami was behind the seduction attempt. Sami wrongly thinks Franco betrayed her by sleeping with Sophia.
6/22/98-6/26/98: After Nancy threatened to dump Craig and take her daddy's money with her if he didn't get the chief of staff job, Craig had a woman lure Mike to a hotel room where she slipped him a mickey. Everyone at a reception for Mike and Craig came running when Carrie screamed at the sight of Mike in bed with Shelly - just as Craig planned. Lucas told Austin that he doesn't have a drinking problem. Lucas is determined to keep Franco from being Will's stepfather. After Sophia told Sami that nothing happened between her and Franco, Sami as happy that Franco forgave her revenge attempt. Eric was surprised that Nicole lied about where she lives. in the bayou, Bo is determined to get the Swamp Girl to trust him, and was stunned to hear her hum a song that was Hope's favorite years ago. Ivan and Celeste worried about Vivian as Stefano secretly controlled her mood swings with the device Dr. Rolf implanted in her tooth.

6/29/98-7/3/98: At his deportation hearing, the judge ordered Franco to leave the country, and didn't believe his story that he was unaware he had been given a fake green card. The judge reversed her decision after Franco showed her a (fake) marriage license. Franco later pressured Sami to marry him as soon as possible, but she wants a big wedding. Carrie and Marlena found Shelly and tried to persuade her to tell the hospital board that Craig paid her to drug Mike and pretend they slept together. Shelly framed Mike because she needed the money to pay medical bills for her son, who has asthma. The Swamp Girl followed Bo's footprints. Billie caused a scene with Hope at the Horton Fourth of July barbecue. Hope told John that she had decided to go to Switzerland to look for clues to her forgotten past. Unaware Stefano is the cause, Vivian is puzzled by her sudden mood swings and strange behavior.

Carrie and Mike shared a passionate kiss after he told her that he was offered the chief of staff position. Marlena kept mum that she witnessed the kiss. Continuing their effort to ruin Mike, Craig and Nancy convinced the hospital board to offer Carrie a job as hospital public relations director so Carrie and Mike will have to work together. While trying to befriend the Swamp Girl, Bo learned she is terrified of fire. Bo tried to console the Swamp Girl, who got upset while listening to music on Bo's cassette player. While Maggie dropped a comb Celeste gave Hope, Hope saw that the comb had been made in Lugano, Switzerland. Billie begged Roman to let her go along when he accepted an assignment in Europe. On a tip from Sami, a cop stopped Lucas for DWI, but he wasn't charged. Roberto reminded Franco that he will be deported and killed if he doesn't marry Sami even though he now knows just how evil she can be.

7/13/98-7/17/98: Sami rushed Will to the hospital after Lucas accidentally dropped him while playing. Sami lied to a social worker that Lucas hit Will. Austin believed Sami's lie after she said Lucas is a violent drunk. During an argument, Kate nearly strangled Sami. Kate and Lucas hired Gregory to discredit Sami, who hired Mickey as her lawyer after accusing Lucas of abusing Will. In Lugano, John and Hope showed her comb to an antique dealer, who said it was stolen from a private collection. The dealer gave the comb to mystery woman Lucille. Hope and John saw the woman leave a house that is in a photo Hope has. Roman was upset that Billie posed as a flight attendant to get on his plane after he nixed taking her on his I.S.A. assignment. Bo rescued the Swamp Girl from quicksand. Carrie accepted the hospital public relations job without consulting Austin. Carrie warned Nicole that she doesn't want to see Eric get hurt.
7/20/98-7/24/98: John cautioned Hope not to get her hopes up after Ms. Faversham called her "Princess Gina." Hiding her memory loss, Hope quizzed Ms. Faversham about her past. Lucille warned John and Hope that Ms. Faversham's memory is failing. Roman's secret I.S.A. mission involves Ms. Faversham. Using fake identities, Roman and Billie talked to Ms. Faversham. Lightning struck Bo just as Swamp Girl tried to tell him something when he asked if she knew Hope. When Bo mentioned Hope's compact, the Swamp Girl was upset it was gone from where she buried it. Bo looked for Swamp Girl, who was abducted by Wayne and Earl. Hope was surprised to see Billie, who realized the compact is a clue to Hope's past. Carrie told Austin that she took the public relations job. Eric suspects Nicole has a secret. Sami fumed Austin wouldn't let her be alone with Will (so she could prompt the boy to lie Lucas his him). Gregory plotted against Sami.
7/27/98-7/31/98: Wayne and Earl captured Bo when he searched for Swamp Girl. Bo heard Wayne and Earl talk about getting rid of him for good. Bo later punched out Wayne, then went looking for Swamp Girl, who was being held in a cage. John and Hope were stunned to see Billie and Roman (as part of Roman's ISA assignment) at Ms. Faversham's house. Lucille fumed when Ms. Faversham told Hope that she had planned to leave her estate and a painting, "Garden at Twilight," to Hope. Ms. Faversham said the painting had been stolen. Carrie was upset Austin testified in court that Lucas has been drinking around Will. Despite Lucas' threat to reveal Sami is blackmailing Kate, Sami testified that she thinks Lucas is a danger to Will. Austin is furious at Carrie for taking the hospital job without consulting him first. When Vivian was injured skydiving, Stefano fretted an MRI would erase the computer chip implanted in her tooth.

8/3/98-8/7/98: After calling little Will to the witness stand, the judge dropped the child abuse charges against Lucas, but decided Will should live with Sami. Franco was desperate to end Sami's surprise birthday dinner for him so he could rendezvous with a stripper. Franco is unaware two thugs are plotting to kill him. Hope was upset that Maurice, the grandson of Paul Renet, who painted "Garden at Twilight," didn't recognize her as Princess Gina. John was stunned to see himself, as Father John, in a photo Maurice said was taken at the last art auction Ms. Faversham attended. John was surprised when two nuns recognized him. For Roman, Billie planted a "bug" in Ms. Faversham's home. Bo freed Swamp Girl, then they made a run for it while Wayne fired shots at them. Taylor, a cleaning woman at Titan, has a thing for Eric. A mystery man sent Nicole disturbing e-mail. Stefano is sure that he still has control of Vivian.

8/10/98-8/14/98: Taylor was thrilled that Eric let her watch him develop photos in the Titan dark room. Nicole sent money to a mystery person. Nicole and Taylor looked shocked when Eric introduced them to each other. Roberto was livid that the hit man shot Sami (she had a flesh wound) instead of Franco. Sami thinks Kate and Lucas put a hit out on her. The hit man tailed Franco, who gave Sami a gun for "protection." Franco spent the night with a stripper named Candy. Austin saw Franco at a strip club. Sami was furious Lucas spent time alone with Will. Hope told Ms. Faversham that she has amnesia. Ms. Faversham believes Hope is Princess Gina because she has a birthmark on the back of her head like Gina did. Joining John in Lugano, Marlena was surprised that he is working for the ISA again, and that Billie is with him. Lucille vowed to stop Hope from going to Bulgaria with Ms. Faversham. Bo tried to get Swamp Girl to trust him.
8/17/98-8/21/98: Lucas fumed that Sami got a restraining order to keep him away from Will. Later, Kate was disappointed to find Lucas with a hangover. Sami thanked Eric for talking Roman out of making her postpone her marriage to Franco. After making love, Franco told Candy his life will be ruined once he marries Sami. Austin told Carrie that he saw Franco at a strip club, then contemplated telling Sami. Carrie told Austin that she is upset he always defends Sami. Stefano told Kate that his men are digging up dirt on Franco. Roman urged Billie to forget Bo and get on with her life. Bo was unable to get Swamp Girl to remove the mud from her face so he can see if she is Hope. Ms. Faversham told Hope that she thinks Stefano brainwashed Gina into believing she is Hope. Nicole made Taylor promise to keep mum they are sisters. Eric asked Taylor if she has any siblings. Ivan begged Vivian not to go on a trip with Stefano.
8/24/98-8/28/98: Franco, who wants to escape the Moroni family, told Sami that he wants to move to California after they marry. INS agent Raskin told Kate that Franco has a fake green card, and he suspects Franco is marrying Sami to escape deportation. Kate hired Candy to jump out of the cake at a party for Franco and Sami. Austin debated telling Sami that he saw Franco kissing Candy. Upset at how close Will and Austin are, Lucas made plans to take the boy out of the country. Lucas, who had several drinks to celebrate his plan to abduct Will, offered Taylor a ride home. Bo, who was blinded after bats attacked him, got Swamp Girl to wash the mud from her face since he can't see her anyway. Swamp Girl overcame a fear of fire to save Bo, who started a fire when he knocked over a lantern. In Lausanne, Hope and Ms. Faversham nearly ran into Stefano and Vivian. Nancy told Ali that Mike loves someone else (Carrie).
8/31/98-9/4/98: Carrie was daydreaming about telling Mike that she loves him when Austin woke her up with breakfast in bed to celebrate their first wedding anniversary. Later, Carrie was upset that Ali said she and Mike are getting closer. After telling Sami it was bad luck for them to see each other before the wedding, Franco sneaked off to a motel and made love with Candy. Austin, who tailed Franco, debated how to tell Sami that Franco spent the night with Candy. Kate ordered Franco to call of his marriage to Sami unless he wants Kate to have Agent Raskin deport him. After sleeping off a night of drinking in his car, Lucas kidnapped Will. When Hope said Bo is the only man she ever loved, Ms. Faversham didn't remember Gina ever mentioning Bo. Celeste kept Stefano from seeing Hope. Bo wondered if Swamp Girl could really be Hope. A mystery man ordered Jay to get money from Nicole so he can get out of prison.

9/7/98-9/11/98: Lucas shot Franco, who threatened Kate with a poker when she attempted to turn him in to Agent Raskin of the INS. At Kate's urging, Lucas decided to leave town, but he took Will with him. On the way to the airport, Lucas crashed the car. Sami fainted at the sight of Franco's body when she went to confront him about sleeping with Candy. While Sami was out cold, Kate made it appear Sami killed Franco. Later at the hospital, Abe arrested Sami for murder as she prayed for Will, who underwent brain surgery. Bo, who regained his sight, learned Greta (Swamp Girl) is not Hope. Greta told Bo that she, not Hope, was injured in the explosion that Stefano was responsible for. Hope realized she isn't Princess Gina after a doctor told her that she never had facial plastic surgery. Lucille vowed to get rid of Princess Gina (Hope) for good. Vivian was stunned to learn Stefano knew Jonesy.
9/14/98-9/18/98: When Lucille only pretended to try to save Hope, who was clinging to a railing for dear life, Stefano came to her rescue. Hope told Ms. Faversham that an old friend, Rudolpho Meradi, saved her life, but didn't reveal that Stefano is "Rudolpho." John phoned Hope and urged her to fly home before Stefano harms her. In the Bayou, Bo fumed when Billie said Kate hired Franco to break up Bo and Hope. Billie tried to help Bo convince Greta to go to Salem with them. Lucas and Will have been in a coma since the car crash. Kate is determined to keep Lucas from admitting that he shot Franco when he comes out of his coma. Mickey urged Sami, who is in jail, to try to remember everything that happened before Franco's shooting. Carrie, who surprised Austin with an anniversary dinner, insisted he is not losing her. Carrie later dreamed about Mike. Mike told Lexie that he is determined to get over his feelings for Carrie.

9/21/98-9/25/98: Roman arrived to quiz Lucas, who came out of his coma, but Kate got to him before he could confess he killed Franco. Lucas was angry to learn Kate framed Sami for Franco's murder, but kept mum so that he and Kate would not end up in jail. A stunned Sami was charged with first-degree murder and is facing the death penalty. Sami was suspicious when Kate paid her bail. Sami rushed to see Will, who also came out of his coma. Billie convinced Greta to keep mum that she saw Billie secretly bury her baby in the bayou. Bo saw the grave, but had no idea his daughter, Georgia, is buried there. As Bo, Billie, and Greta headed for Salem, Wayne and Earl vowed to get Swamp Girl back after Bo lied that she was Hope. Stefano denied Hope's accusation that he set off an explosion on the train they were riding. Hope headed for Salem after Lili promised to visit her. Hope was stunned to see Vivian, who fainted at the sight of Lili.
9/28/98-10/2/98: Lucas was stunned to learn Sami could get the death penalty for Franco's murder. Since Sami still doesn't remember Franco's shooting, Kate made up a story about how Sami shot him. Lucas changed his mind about telling Sami that he shot Franco after she wished she had shot Lucas, then said she wants Austin to be Will's legal guardian. Kate covered when Roman asked why Agent Raskin believes Sami knew Franco was in danger of deportation. Worried that Greta will tell Bo that Georgia is buried in the bayou, Billie tried to get her out of town by telling her Bo will never love anyone but Hope. Reunited with Bo, Hope learned of Greta's connection to Stefano. After realizing Stefano knew her identity all along, Hope is worried that as Gina she might have been intimate with Stefano. After a "talk" with the deceased Jonesy, Vivian nixed giving Stefano her power of attorney. Eric saved Nicole from being raped by Jay.

10/5/98-10/9/98: When Bo talked Greta out of leaving town, Billie was worried that she will reveal Georgia is buried in the Bayou. Bo and Hope were shocked when Greta said Hope is really Gina. Roman prevented Sami from strangling Lucas while the duo was arguing. Sami stunned Roman when she admitted she killed Franco. Kate was relieved that Lucas kept mum that he killed Franco because he wants Sami in prison for the rest of her life. Mickey suggested Sami plead guilty to manslaughter to get a lesser sentence. Sami had papers drawn up naming Austin as Will's legal guardian. Carrie fumed Austin agreed to be Will's guardian without telling her. Nancy and Craig plotted to force Mike to resign as chief of staff by involving him in a sex scandal with Ali. Nicole failed to make up with Eric, who is upset that she lied to him about her past. Marlena is worried about Vivian, who said Jonesy told her not to give her power of attorney to Stefano.

10/12/98-10/16/98: Sami, who still doesn't remember killing Franco, shocked the family by deciding to take her chances with a jury instead of pleading guilty to murder. After apologizing for making Carrie's life a living hell, Sami convinced Austin and Carrie to sign the papers making them Will's legal guardians. Lucas is not thrilled that his physical therapist, Taylor, is only a trainee. Sami fumed that Lucas cut a deal so he won't serve any jail time for the drunken-driving accident that nearly killed him and Will. Carrie discussed her reluctance to have a baby with Mike. Greta wants to return to the bayou before Stefano finds her. Greta remembered watching Billie bury Georgia when Hope said Billie blames her for the baby's death. Ali made love with Mike in the hopes that he will give her the head nurse position. While Nicole told Paul to stay out of her life, he demanded money to pay a lawyer to get him out of prison.
10/19/98-10/23/98: Stefano brought Wayne and Earl to Salem, then ordered them to find Greta. Bo, Hope, and Billie were stunned when Greta recognized John as "Father John," who had been a close friend of her mother, Princess Gina. Greta, who was upset John didn't recognize her, said Gina died eight years ago. John deduced Stefano kidnapped Hope and erased her memory so she could take Gina's place. John told Marlena he doesn't think Greta is lying about the past. Wayne and Earl brought Georgia's casket to Salem, and it was later delivered to Billie. Craig urged Ali to do what is necessary (sleep with Mike) to get the head nurse job. Mike told Ali she made the cut for the job. Nicole again nixed helping Paul get out of prison. Nicole told Roman that she lied to Eric about her past because she is ashamed. Taylor comforted Lucas, who learned Carrie and Austin are Will's guardians. Kate fired Sami from Titan.
10/26/98-10/30/98: After begging Eric to forgive her for lying about her past, Nicole revealed she and Taylor are sisters, but lied that Taylor was ashamed they are sisters. Taylor was stunned when Eric told her Nicole said it was Taylor's idea to lie about their relationship. Billie was stunned to find Georgia's casket in the crate that was delivered to her. Billie kept Roman from seeing the casket. Billie rejected Roman's suggestion that she divorce Bo, and again blamed Hope for Georgia's death. Roman told Bo that he and Billie are just friends. Kate covered when Sami accused her of witnessing Franco's murder. Vivian stalled giving Stefano her power of attorney after Jonesy's ghost again warned her not to trust anyone. Nancy covered when Ali wondered why she and Craig are so eager to see her get the head nurse job. Kate hired Taylor as a live-in assistant to help Lucas, who is making progress with his recovery.

11/2/98-11/6/98: Carrie and Mike made up with a kiss after arguing over his dating Ali, but agreed it can't happen again. Austin would have seen Carrie and Mike's kiss if he hadn't rushed a young victim of a hit-and-run accident to the hospital. Wayne and Earl failed in an attempt to kidnap Greta. At the cemetery, Hope was listening when Billie thanked Wayne and Earl for helping her bury Georgia in Salem, and previously in the bayou. Bo went looking for Billie after Hope told him what she heard. Roman was furious with Billie, who revealed Georgia died when Billie was in the bayou. Nicole forced Taylor to tell Eric it was her idea to keep mum they are sisters. Taylor was upset to see Eric and Nicole kissing. Stefano pretended support but was fuming on the inside after Vivian said she gave John her power of attorney. John was curious about a painting of the Virgin Mary that hangs in Jonesy's townhouse.
11/9/98-11/13/98: Greta ran off when Bo wanted her to publicly show Stefano she is alive so he would not be able to harm her. Stefano later caught Greta, but Bo refused to let Stefano take her away. Greta was glad that Hope doesn't believe she was working for Stefano all along. Bo is determined to keep Greta from leaving Salem. Kate stopped Lucas, who was released from the hospital, from admitting he killed Franco. Roman doesn't believe Kate, who insists she did not hear the shot that killed Franco. Vivian told Roman to quiz Sami if he wants information on Kate. Kate thanked Carrie while Sami fumed that Carrie let Lucas spend time with Will. Mike warned Austin to concentrate on his marriage or he will end up losing Carrie. Taylor, who moved in to continue working with Lucas, was very impressed with the Kiriakis mansion. Roman told Billie that he wants her in his life despite her lie about how/when Georgia died.
11/16/98-11/20/98: Lucas told Taylor that he grew up not knowing his father and he doesn't want Will growing up the same way. Sami lied to Roman that the only thing she knows about Kate is that she hired Franco to break up Bo and Hope. Kate pretended that she didn't know Roman was listening when she told a bartender that she wishes she had heard the shot that killed Franco. Kate kept mum about her real past when quizzed by both Billie and Roman. Billie told Kate that she is getting on with life - without Bo. Billie told Greta that she still blames Hope for Georgia's death. Stefano pressed Rolf to find a way to turn Hope into Gina. Stefano vowed to keep his promise to Gina that he would take care of Greta. Hope momentarily felt she is Gina. Everyone was stunned Stefano proposed to Vivian, who accepted. Mike cooled his involvement with Ali until he names a new head nurse. Ali told Carrie to butt out of her and Mike's private lives.
11/23/98-11/27/98: Ali blamed Carrie when Mike rejected her for the head nurse job and hired from within. Nicole came on to Eric after asking him to give her another chance. While out on a date, Bo and Hope reminisced about past good times and came close to kissing. Shawn Douglas hopes Bo and Hope will reunite so they will be a family by Christmas. Bo is determined to find out how Stefano was connected to Gina. Vivian ignored another "visit" from Jonesy, who urged her not to marry Stefano. John and Celeste realized there must have been a connection between Stefano and Jonesy. Kate suspects Stefano had something to do with Vivian's tirade during a Titan board meeting. Kate became worried when Roman asked more questions about Franco's murder. Roman also grilled Roberto about the murder. Lucas went to the hospital with gifts for Will, only to learn Will had been released and was celebrating is birthday with Sami.
11/30/98-12/4/98: Lucas was going to throw a fit over Sami leaving him out of Will's birthday party until he realized that was what she wanted. Because Taylor likes Eric and Lucas likes Nicole, they were upset to see Eric and Nicole kissing. Lucas looked for some booze after Austin said Lucas has to stay away from Will until he proves he's changed for the better. Lucas wondered if Kate knows something about Franco's murder that she hasn't told him. Carrie was not thrilled that Austin assumed she will baby-sit Will while Austin attends Sami's murder trial. Sami had a nightmare about killing Franco. Eric, Roman, Marlena, and Sami hope Candy will testify at Sami's trial that Franco tried to strangle her. Carrie denied Sami's suspicion that she loves Mike. Ali was livid that Mike broke off their romance. Stefano fumed when he learned Marlena and Roman took an erratic Vivian to the hospital the day she was to wed Stefano. Bo and Greta were stunned when Hope had more memories of when she was Gina.

12/7/98-12/11/98: After Ali said Mike dumped her, Craig tried to talk her into filing a sexual harassment suit against Mike. Carrie told Mike that he did the right thing when he broke up with Ali. Austin's arrival unwittingly prevented Ali from walking in on Carrie and Mike as they almost kissed. Carrie told Austin it's not the right time for them to start a family. Hope told Alice that Stefano programmed her to play piano - just like Gina. Bo told Hope that after the holidays he will go to Europe with her to find out more about her past. Kate was relieved that Lucas passed out before he could admit at Sami's murder trial that he killed Franco. Eric tried to help Sami jog her memory on the night Franco died. Sami is worried that she will get the death penalty. Vivian rejected Celeste's theory Stefano has an ulterior motive for marrying her.
12/14/98-12/18/98: John followed Vivian's trail after learning she was missing from Greenhaven, but was unable to prevent her from marrying Stefano. Vivian survived a fall from the hot air balloon where she and Stefano said their marriage vows. John vowed to find out why Stefano married Vivian. Kate hired a gumshoe to investigate Nicole after she threatened to tell Roman that Kate hired Candy to strip at Franco's bachelor party because she knew Franco and Candy were having an affair. Sami was livid when testimony from Carrie, Lucas, and Kate made it appear that she was more than capable of killing Franco. Hope had more memories about her life as Gina. Bo talked to Lili Faversham about Hope's past. Mike is worried about Ali's mental state when she refused to accept the fact that their affair is over. Billie was upset to receive divorce papers from Bo, who urged her to sign the papers in order to get on with her life.
12/21/98-12/25/98: Sami was livid when Kate told the court she thinks Sami killed Franco in cold blood. Sami was surprised that a nun from the orphanage in Rome testified she raised Franco, who was a near saint. Sami held a gun on Kate and then demanded the truth about Franco's death. Lucas failed to get the gun from Sami. Roman and Billie walked in as Lucas regained consciousness and Kate demanded Sami be arrested. Craig lied to Mike that he did not tell Ali that Mike loves Carrie. Ali let herself into Mike's home, then crawled into bed with him while he slept. Thinking Ali was Carrie, a sleepy Mike said he loved her. Carrie told Marlena that there is nothing going on between her and Mike. Stefano wants Hope turned into Gina before she can remarry Bo. Stefano found Vivian about to make a swan dive off a balcony railing. Nicole nixed being more than friends with Lucas. Greta refused an operation to remove her facial scars.
12/28/98-1/1/99: Stefano told Celeste and Ivan that he saved Vivian when she fell off the balcony, but Vivian insisted to the duo that she jumped because "voices" told her to. Vivian phoned a dentist at the moment Rolf advised Stefano against removing the mood device they implanted in Vivian's tooth. Kate and Lucas visited a hospitalized Victor. Kate told Victor about Franco's murder, and the lies she told to protect Lucas. Victor is determined to get well. Mike remembered mistaking Ali for Carrie when Ali was thrilled he said he loved her the night she crawled into his bed. Austin spent Christmas day with Sami, who realized that she did not murder Franco. Sami told Roman and Mickey that she thinks Lucas killed Franco when he caught Lucas kidnapping Will. Roman begged Abe to reopen Franco's case. Bo and Hope are unaware that Stefano had Shawn-D kidnapped. Hope realized Stefano is the man in her flashbacks.

1/4/99-1/8/99: Shawn-D escaped his kidnappers by jumping off a boat into freezing water. The kidnappers lied to Bo that Shawn-D was dead because Bo is working with the cops. Upset by memories of being with Stefano when she was Gina, Hope went to confront Stefano and heard him order his kidnappers to find Shawn-D. Nicole faked a fall down stairs to keep Lucas from confessing that he shot Franco while Roman re-enacted the shooting. Hearing Kate and Lucas argue over keeping mum about Franco's death, Victor advised them not to confront Roman. Testimony from Marlena, Eric, and Austin went against Sami before the jury began deliberations. Marlena accepted John's marriage proposal. During a romantic evening, Austin told Carrie that he loves her. Mike told a shocked Carrie that he loves her. Mike refused to let Carrie resign her hospital job so they won't have to work together. John and Greta consulted plastic surgeon Dr. Renault.
1/11/99-1/15/99: Carrie accused Austin of always letting Sami come between them. After learning Ali thinks Mike will someday love her, Carrie warned Mike that Ali wants to marry him. Lucas had the guilts when Eric accused him of letting Sami take the rap for Franco's death. Suspecting Sami was trying to trick Lucas into admitting he shot Franco, Kate kept Lucas from meeting with her. Bo rescue Shawn-D, who nearly drowned. During a violent encounter, Stefano caused Hope to fall and hit her head, knocking her unconscious. Bo and Shawn-D later took Hope away from Stefano. Hope was upset to learn she once was an art thief, and had given Stefano some paintings she stole from Lili. Billie covered how upset she was when Bo said he and Hope are remarrying. Hope crashed her car during a snow storm. Stefano worried the storm will foil his plan to turn Hope back into Gina. Greta had surgery to remove the scars on her face.
1/18/99-1/22/99: As Hope laid unconscious after crashing her car during a snow storm, Rolf had Stefano push the button to zap the microchip implanted in Hope that would change her into Gina. At the hospital, Bo warned Stefano to stay away from Hope, who had a slight concussion. Bo later proposed to Hope, who slapped him when she thought it was Stefano who was kissing her. Hope told Bo that she can't marry him until she finds out about her past. Hope then went to see Stefano, who was unsure of whether she was Hope or Gina. After learning Sami was going to be found guilty of murder, Austin took her and Will on the run. Sami and Austin later heard on the radio that the jury found her guilty or murder one. Mike comforted Carrie, who was upset Austin ran off with Sami. Ali told Craig that she is not giving up on Mike. Stefano vowed to destroy the will Vivian signed, leaving his (stolen) paintings to Celeste, Ivan, and John.

1/25/99-1/29/99: After Mike nixed going home with Ali, she claimed she was attacked in a parking garage. Carrie thinks Ali faked the attack to get Mike's attention. Leaving Sami and Will stashed in a cave house, Austin went to see Carrie, then ended up rescuing her from a mugger in the parking garage. After apologizing for running off with Sami, Austin headed back to Sami. Ali, who got Mike to spend the night to keep her safe, received a call from the mugger who attacked Carrie. Greta told Bo and John that she thinks Gina is alive. Gina (Hope) told Stefano that she recalls being an art thief, and remembers he hid his stolen art at Jonesy's house. Gina told Stefano she wants to reunite with Greta and return to Europe. Bo worried about Hope's strange behavior. Vivian talked about killing Stefano after a dentist removed the microchip from her tooth. Eric and Nicole made love. Roman and Billie spent a night together.

2/1/99-2/5/99: When Carrie urged Mike to wake up to the fact Ali is manipulating him, he blurted out that he broke it off with Ali because he loves Carrie. Carrie told Mike that Austin rescued her from the mugger. Ali thanked the mystery person for mugging Carrie, then talked about getting rid of Carrie permanently. Ali was stunned to see her mother, Claire, who is a doctor. Claire doubted Mike is serious about Ali, who said Mike may ask her to marry him any day. Sami worried about Austin, who hid in an air vent and taped Lucas telling Kate they should admit Sami didn't kill Franco. At the hideout, Sami talked with a gun-toting mystery-novel fan, Tracey, who doesn't think Sami killed Franco. Greta is thrilled that her facial scars are nearly gone. Gina (Hope) told Stefano that she wants to go back to Europe with former partner in crime, Father John Black. Roman told Marlena of his past romance with Billie.

2/8/99-2/12/99: Carrie admitted Austin saved her from the mugger after Roman said he knew Austin helped her because he was caught on a hospital surveillance tape. Austin met Carrie on a rooftop, then escaped from the cops even though she begged him to give himself up. When Austin played his tape of Lucas admitting Sami didn't kill Franco, Kate covered by saying Franco was in trouble with the mob and was killed by a hitman. Sami later decided a hitman, not Lucas, killed Franco. Mike was upset when Ali's mom, Claire, toasted his and Ali's impending marriage. Claire clapped Mike when he said Ali probably kept mum that they broke up because Claire is so critical of her. Hope panicked when Bo talked about going to Rome to get information on Gina. Bo (rightly) believes Stefano is behind Hope's mood swings. John told Marlena that while she had him under hypnosis, he had memories of a woman who looked like Hope.
2/15/99-2/19/99: Ali was upset Mike said she should not be working at the hospital if she can't accept the fact he doesn't love her. Mike followed Carrie to the Green Mountain Lodge, where they shared a kiss after he said he will always love her. Austin, who eluded the police, left the lodge upset after he saw Carrie with Mike. Tracey urged Sami to tell Austin that Carrie has feelings for Mike. Sami saw Roman when he went on TV to tell her the judge is going to sentence her even if she is a no-show. Greta told Bo that when she talks to Hope it feels like she is talking to Gina. Hope told Bo she is not ready to go to Europe to check out Gina's past. Lili wondered if Hope is Gina. Hope struggled not to reveal she is Gina. Greta wondered if Gina had been in love with Father John. Vivian vowed to find out what Stefano is up to. Lucas took Kate's file on Nicole. Lucas is unaware Nicole is sleeping with Eric.
2/22/99-2/26/99: Austin refused to let Sami turn herself in to the cops. Austin met with Eric and Billie, who tried to find out if there was a mob hit on Franco. When Carrie felt guilty about admitting to Mike she loves him, he reminded her that Austin betrayed her first. After crashing their car on the way back to Salem, Mike and Carrie found themselves staring down a rifle when they sought shelter at a cabin. Vivian learned Stefano owns the art works she thought were Jonesy's. Vivian told Stefano that she wants his shares in Titan, then lied that she is dying. Stefano worried Gina (Hope) will trigger John's forgotten memories. Hope later asked John to go to Europe to help her check out her past. Gina (Hope) is upset John is not anxious to remember his past. Craig pressured Ali to charge Mike with sexual harassment. Before Kate could read it, Lucas made changes to the report her gumshoe made on Nicole's past.

3/1/99-3/5/99: Sami and Austin hid after seeing Mike and Carrie, who came to Tracey's cabin looking for help after crashing their car. The television was on in the cabin when the judge sentenced Sami to death by lethal injection for killing Franco. Marlena saw Carrie and Mike together when they returned to Salem, and was stunned when Carrie later said she loves Mike. Eric kept tabs on Billie, who did a striptease to get Roberto's attention in hopes he will tell her who killed Franco. Austin told Sami that he saw Carrie and Mike together at the lodge. Ali pretended to accept the fact that Mike said he does not love her and never will. As part of her plot against Stefano, Vivian pretended she is dying with help from Lexie and Celeste. Stefano rejected Rolf's theory that they should change John back into Father John before he regains his memory of the past. Taylor was stunned to learn Lucas has plans to marry Nicole.
3/8/99-3/12/99: Bo rejected Greta's theory that Father John (John) had been the love of Gina's life. Hope told Lili that she thinks the real Gina is dead, but she feels more and more like Gina. Hope also said her heart belongs to a man other than Bo. Marlena told Bo, John, and Greta about Hope's strange behavior, then told John she thinks he may have been involved with Gina during his past. Vivian let Ivan think she is dying, then faked a collapse when he and Stefano argued. Lucas warned that he will never forgive Kate if she ruins his chance to get Will back. A mystery person burst in and shot Roberto after he told Billie the mob did put out a hit on Franco. Kate was relieved Roberto never mentioned her name to Billie. After Carrie saw Austin, Mike pooh-poohed her feeling that Austin knows about their relationship. The police closed in on Austin, while Sami threatened Moroni, then demanded to know who killed Franco.
3/15/99-3/19/99: Roberto flatlined just as Roman tried to quiz him about Franco's death. Kate got Roberto, who had revived, to keep mum about their relationship. Roman and Marlena were upset that Roberto is on a ventilator, so they were unable to get his sworn statement, which would save Sami from a death sentence. Sami decided to turn herself in after her encounter with Moroni, but she was shot by a hit man on her way to Salem. Abe rearrested Sami when she was released from the hospital. John had flashbacks about Gina, about being involved in military-like maneuvers, and of his face being bandaged. Hope urged a suspicious John to check out his past to see if he had a relationship with Gina. Lili agreed to keep mum that Hope feels like she is Gina. In Europe, Bo and Greta looked for information on Gina. Craig, Nancy, and Ali tailed Mike and Carrie to a medical conference to obtain proof they are having an affair.
3/22/99-3/26/99: Lucas was furious that Austin, who is in jail, and Sami refused to reveal Will's whereabouts. Tracey later brought Will to Abe's office, but nixed giving the boy to Lucas. Sami said goodbye to family and friends before she was hauled off to prison. Austin pled not guilty to aiding and abetting a fugitive (Sami) and kidnapping (Will) charges. Greta learned from the Capri Hotel manager that Gina spent hours painting. When Bo phoned from the Capri Hotel, Hope (as Gina) worried Bo and Greta will learn of her connection to Gina and Stefano. Stefano vowed to keep "Gina" from revealing she is Hope. Stefano told Rolf that when Gina and John were involved that they knew John was not a priest. John remembered dancing with Gina. John was stunned to learn Vivian is "dying." John asked Vivian if she knows anything about his past. Craig vowed to prove to Ali that Mike and Carrie are having an affair.
3/29/99-4/2/99: Nicole told Eric that she can not quit working for Titan (and thus Lucas), but kept mum that Lucas has information on her sordid past. Eric did not believe Taylor, who said Nicole is wrong for him because she only wants power and money. Lucas was upset Nicole rejected his marriage proposal because she loves Eric. Vivian forced Stefano to agree to give her his shares in Titan by threatening to take everything (his art treasures) and move to Europe. Still tailing Carrie and Mike across the country, Craig was upset Ali refuses to believe Mike and Carrie are having an affair. Under hypnosis, John remembered being at the Capri Hotel with Gina. Gina (Hope) recalled making love with John. Gina (Hope) tampered with the hotel computer. Austin, who is out of jail, told Sami not to give up despite being on death row. Roberto went into cardiac arrest. Roman's upset that Roberto has not yet named Franco's killer.

4/5/99-4/9/99: Marlena told John that she doubts he was romantically involved with Princess Gina since he was a priest, but worried when John said he is not sure he was a priest. Bo and Greta came close to seeing Gina (Hope) dancing with an old friend, Aldo, in Capri. Unaware Gina (Hope) tampered with the computer, Greta told John that he was never at the Capri Hotel with Gina, but John senses he was in Capri. Gina (Hope) took off when Bo got upset she sent Shawn-D to boarding school without consulting him. Rolf reminded Stefano that he loved the real Gina, not Hope. Roman told Sami that Roberto, who almost died again, is afraid to name Franco's killer. Roberto accepted Kate's offer to get him safely away from the Moronis if he keeps mum about Franco's death, but his sister, Rosa, begged him to accept Roman's offer. Mike told Carrie that they can go no further with their romance until she resolves things with Austin.
4/12/99-4/16/99: Taylor was angry Nicole is leading Lucas on, and is keeping the sports car he gave her. Kate fumed Lucas gave Nicole the car, and warned she is only after his money. Taylor threatened to tell Eric that she saw Nicole kissing Lucas. Nicole was jealous when Lucas made a big deal of his date with a pretty lawyer, Heather. Kate secretly put Roberto into a coma again by switching his medication for saline solution. Kate became worried when Billie later said Roman plans to find out who tampered with the medication. Kate visited Victor, who was upset to learn she put Roberto in a coma. Bo found a photo of Hope hugging Stefano. Hope (Gina) covered when a livid Bo later caught her in Stefano's arms. As Greta wondered who her father was, John had memories of being with Gina. Austin and Lucas argued over custody of Will. In Las Vegas, Nancy and Craig watched as a livid Ali realized Mike loves Carrie.
4/19/99-4/23/99: A furious Ali took photos of Carrie and Mike kissing after he won big at the craps table in Las Vegas. After taking photos of the duo, Ali had them e-mailed to Austin. Realizing that Ali had flipped out mentally, Claire rushed to her Las Vegas hotel room and found Ali in the bathtub with her wrists slashed. A bandaged Ali later told Claire she cannot live without Mike. Austin, who is thinking divorce, told Sami about the photos he received. Eric was angry to hear Roman tell Nicole he does not trust her. Eric proposed to Nicole after taking her to a house he may buy for them. Nicole thought about the mansion and money Lucas can give her. John kept mum to Marlena about his memory of a possible affair with Gina. Sami had a happy visit with Will, but is worried about the result of his upcoming custody hearing.
4/26/99-4/30/99: Taylor was stung when Eric said he and Nicole are engaged. Taylor kept mum about the engagement to Lucas, who is convinced Nicole will marry him - which could help him get custody of Will. A stunned Kate told Victor that Nicole refused when she offered to pay her $5 million dollars to marry Lucas. In Las Vegas, Austin was furious when he found Carrie in bed with Mike. Carrie begged Austin not to give up on their marriage, but he handed her his wedding ring. Nancy and Craig were thrilled when Claire said she intends to make Mike and the hospital pay for what he has done to Ali. Under hypnosis, John remembered giving Princess Gina a gift, but not what it was. Gina (Hope) recalled the gift was the compact (which Billie has). Vivian returned from Switzerland cured and ready to oust Kate from Titan. Vivian, who hopes to patch things up with Victor, admitted she still has feelings for him.

5/3/99-5/7/99: In Chicago with Lucas for a personal appearance, Nicole was stunned to see two thugs from her past. One of the thugs threatened Nicole with a knife, demanding she pay him what she owes him. Nicole considered the check Kate gave her when the man threatened to tell the tabloids about her past. Victor, who went on his first outing since his stroke, assured Kate that Nicole will accept her check and marry Lucas. Roman is not happy about Eric's engagement to Nicole. Greta said she kept mum to Gina (Hope) that Billie has the compact Hope thinks will trigger her memories of being Gina. Billie was unaware Hope saw her with the compact. Austin was skeptical when Sami said Carrie is determined to help him get custody of Will. Mike followed Carrie home after Nancy and Craig told him Austin had been in Las Vegas. Carrie said she is sorry about their affair, but Mike doesn't regret their night of love.
5/10/99-5/14/99: Sami went hysterical when the judge gave Lucas and his new wife, Nicole, full custody of Will. At the prison, Sami collapsed and was knocked unconscious when she fell. Austin was upset the judge said he can't see Will for at least 30 days. Eric vowed to prove Nicole was blackmailed or somehow manipulated into marrying Lucas. Kate warned Nicole to follow orders when she wanted to split now that Lucas has Will. John told Stefano he intends to find out about his past. Bo and John suspect Stefano is behind the theft of Lili's paintings. John believes he and Hope will know where the paintings are if they regain their memories. Bo told Vivian that he thinks Stefano used Gina and Hope in order to steal the paintings. Vivian told Celeste she intends to reconcile with Victor and take over Titan very soon. Vivian was stunned to see her nephew, Nicholas. Craig was offered a job in Denver.
5/17/99-5/21/99: Even though Ali doesn't want to file a sexual harassment suit against Mike, Claire insisted to Craig she is going ahead with the lawsuit. Convinced that Carrie loves Mike, Austin said he wants to officially end their marriage. Ali fumed when she saw Mike with Carrie, then heard Mike vow to find out who (Ali) e-mailed Austin the intimate photos of Mike and Carrie. A fellow pedestrian shoved Carrie out of harms way when Ali nearly ran her down with a car. Sami faked unconsciousness, drugged her female guard, and stole her uniform, then left the prison hospital. Tracey helped Sami, who later kidnapped Will and headed for Canada. Nicole covered when Eric asked if she was paid to marry Lucas. Vivian told Nicholas that she is not dying, then asked him to help with her plot to get Stefano. Gina (Hope) had Billie mugged to get the compact from her. John told Gina (Hope) that he wants to forget about the past.
5/24/99-5/28/99: Bo was stunned when Gina (Hope) said it's over between them, adding that sometimes she wishes she was Princess Gina. John told Bo that he suspects Hope is experiencing Gina's former feelings for John. Gina (Hope) threatened to tell Stefano that she once saved Rolf from ratting on him to an ISA agent if Rolf doesn't perform microsurgery on John to deactivate the microchip in his brain. Roman brought Sami and Will back to Salem, then was furious when he learned D.A. Palmer got a judge to deny all appeals and to order Sami's death by lethal injection within hours. Just hours before Sami was to die, Roberto told Roman that Franco worked for the Moronis, then fell unconscious again when Roman asked if the Moronis had Franco killed. Kate sent Lucas and Nicole on a honeymoon to keep him from telling the truth about Franco's murder to save Sami. Mike assured Alice that he can handle Ali's sexual harassment suit.
5/31/99-6/4/99: Kate pressured a dying Roberto to confess to Franco's murder before checking out, then fumed when all he told Roman was that Franco was not killed by a hitman. After making love with Nicole on their honeymoon, Lucas was stunned to hear that Sami was about to be executed. Realizing that Kate sent him away, Lucas rushed back to Salem, said he killed Franco, then later recanted his confession. Family and friends watched as Sami was taken to the death chamber and then given the lethal injections. As Sami lay near death, the governor ordered a stay of execution, then Kate told everyone that Roberto confessed to the murder before he died. A recovering Sami was happy to learn all charges against her were dropped. Kate got nervous when Roman asked if she "convinced" Roberto to confess. Austin is not convinced that Lucas is not the person who killed Franco. Bo told Hope (Gina) he doesn't want to lose her.

6/7/99-6/11/99: John and Marlena set a wedding date after he said he no longer wants to know about his past. Gina (Hope) denied Marlena's suspicion that John is the reason she can't commit to Bo. Gina (Hope) pressured Stefano to turn John into the "old" John, but covered her feelings for John. After Rolf promised to transform John back into The Pawn, John heard Stefano giving him orders via the microchip in his head. Vivian planned a party during which she intends to give away her paintings as part of her plot against Stefano, and to get control of Titan. Mike comforted Carrie after Austin made her move out. Marlena warned Carrie that her affair with Mike could jeopardize his hospital job. When Mike said he doesn't love her, Ali vowed to make him and Carrie pay, and to go through with her lawsuit against him. Lucas told Nicole he didn't kill Franco. Sami was surprised Lucas offered to share custody of Will.
6/14/99-6/18/99: As Sami tried to reconcile Carrie and Austin, Carrie was served with divorce papers from Austin. To protect Carrie from a major scandal, Mike forced her to resign from her hospital job. Craig refused when Nancy wanted to end their plot to get Mike ousted as chief of staff. Ali told a worried Craig and Nancy that she will never give up Mike. Mickey told Mike they need to prove Ali is mentally unhinged. Marlena saved John from jumping to his death from a balcony railing on what he believed was an order from Stefano. Gina (Hope) fumed when John and Marlena announced their engagement, but Stefano assured her there will be no wedding. At her party, Vivian gave Nicholas a painting done over a Gauguin, Stefano was livid. Gina (Hope) lied that she had finished the Gauguin forgery. Lexie covered when Kate wondered if Vivian is faking her upcoming death. Lucas was angry to see Nicole embrace Brandon.
6/21/99-6/25/99: Lucas was ordering Brandon to stay away from Nicole when she blurted out that he is her brother. Lucas then invited Brandon to stay at the Kiriakis mansion. Billie, who was comforting Eric, rebuffed Brandon's advances while at The Cheatin' Heart. Noting Stefano's interest in the seascape (Gauguin) that Vivian gave Nicholas, Bo had it checked by an expert, who said (correctly) the painting could be covering up a masterpiece. Marlena worried about John, who reacted violently when he had flashbacks to the time Stefano used him as a trained killer. Gina (Hope) was pleased Stefano agreed to turn John back into the "old" John. When Greta spotted the silver compact, Gina (Hope) lied it was a copy. Carrie tore up her hospital resignation letter and told Mike she plans to prove Ali is a malicious liar. Claire and Nancy panicked when they learned Mickey wants Ali to have a psychiatric evaluation.
6/28/99-7/2/99: Unaware Gina (Hope) switched the paintings, Bo was surprised she said she didn't care if his art expert examined all of Vivian's paintings. Bo lost control of his truck while tailing Gina (Hope), who threw his keys away after insisting she can take care of herself. After Greta revealed Hope has a "copy" of the silver compact, Billie realized Gina (Hope) was behind the purse snatcher who stole her purse containing the compact. After Nicholas suggested Kate should keep close tabs on her enemies, Kate shocked Vivian and Billie when she announced Vivian will be working at Titan again. Claire is afraid Ali will fail her psychiatric exam. John assured Sami that he will make it through his and Marlena's marriage ceremony. With help from Rolf and Stefano, Gina (Hope) plotted to change John into the "old" John before his wedding. Brandon told Nicole love will hurt her, but money will never let her down.

7/5/99-7/9/99: Stefano was furious that John and Rolf never got on the plane to join him in Europe as planned. Stefano was also angry when Rolf phoned and told him John and Marlena are married, and the last thing Rolf remembers is being knocked out, supposedly by John. On their honeymoon in Hawaii, Marlena was horrified John disappeared while trying to save a woman who was apparently drowning in the ocean. John was pulled under water into a submarine where a waiting Gina (Hope) planned to transform him back to the "old" John. Bo thinks Hope has all of Gina's memories and is in Europe with Stefano. Roman was upset to realize he has lost Marlena forever. Hope (Gina) made a scene when Billie didn't believe her story she has a copy of the silver compact stolen from Billie. Kate fumed when Nicole ordered her to give Brandon a job at Titan. Carrie told Austin she wants them to see a marriage counselor.

7/12/99-7/16/99: When Carrie nixed quitting her job with Mike, Austin said their marriage is over. Carrie was , devastated when Mike admitted he slept with Ali. Carrie and Mike were stunned Ali passed her psychiatric exam. Claire, who is nearly bankrupt, hopes Ali wins her lawsuit against Mike so she can cash in on the profits. Wanting to prove he's not guilty of sexual harassment, Mike nixed Mickey's suggestion that he settle with Ali out of court. Not wanting Nicole to raise Will, Sami vowed to get sole custody of him. After Gina (Hope) turned John into the "old" John, he fumed that she lost the compact which contains a key they need to get money to escape Stefano. Stefano survived when John stabbed him during a fight. Stefano's men threw John in the ocean, but he was rescued. Marlena sat by John's hospital bedside. Hope told Stefano she wants to be Princess Gina again, then asked about the real Gina. Bo searched for Hope.
7/19/99-7/23/99: Sami was unable to get anything from Brandon to prove her theory that Lucas and Nicole did not marry for love. In front of Austin, Sami steamed open a letter from Rosa, who thanked Kate for paying for Roberto's funeral and giving his family money. Sami suspects (rightly) Kate offered to take care of a dying Roberto's family if he confessed to Franco's murder. Austin asked Kate to let him live in the guesthouse as part of his plan to see that Sami gets full custody of Will. When Brandon showed and interest in Sami, Lucas warned she is poison. Eric told Nicole he is glad he didn't marry her because she is a liar. Eric agreed to help Greta find her mother. Kate is falling for Nicholas. Gina (Hope) came on to Stefano to gain his trust again. John remembers nothing about what happened to him after he attempted to rescue the drowning woman. The real Princess Gina is waiting for John to come get her.
7/26/99-7/30/99: After faking a heart attack, Vivian handed a stunned Stefano the microchip he had Rolf implant in her tooth. Stefano was stunned when Vivian later revealed she is not dying, then promised not to tell anyone about his efforts to kill her as long as he lets her keep the Titan stock, the townhouse, and it's contents. It hurt Stefano to learn Lexie had been helping Vivian. Worried that Stefano may harm Lexie, Abe begged her to sever all ties with him. In Paris, Eric and Greta vowed to find information on her mother's death. The real Princess Gina is mentally out of it, and still waiting for John to come to her rescue. Gina (Hope) was upset with Bo for following her to Paris. Mike and Ali argued in front of hospital staff members. Carrie realized her marriage is over and she should sign Austin's divorce papers. Sami told Carrie she is moving in with Austin in order to keep tabs on Kate and Lucas.

8/2/99-8/6/99: Kurt, who cares for the real Princess Gina, spied on Bo and Gina (Hope). In a safe deposit box in Paris, Eric, Bo and Greta found cash, jewelry, deeds to two homes, and fake passports for Gina and John. Greta was surprised the deeds were for her mother's Paris house and a chateau in the country. At the chateau, Kurt lied to Greta and Eric that he does not know Stefano. Princess Gina wanted to see the "guests"  (Greta/Erica), but could not escape her locked room. Stefano ordered Gina (Hope) to steal the last Renet painting.  Stefano decided Bo will help Gina (Hope) and then gave her a potion that will turn Bo into Stefano's pawn. At Mike's arbitration hearing, Ali lied that she did not know she was up for the head nurse job before she slept with Mike. Carrie's testimony didn't help Mike. Sami asked Brandon to keep mum that he heard her on the phone with Rosa, who confirmed she and her mother received money from Kate.
8/9/99-8/13/99: Ali fumed that Mike kept his chief of staff job after his arbitration hearing, and the hospital was ordered to pay Ali $3 million. Ali, who lost her hospital job, was pleased the hospital board demanded Mike's resignation after she made sure they found out about his affair with Carrie. Nancy and Craig were thrilled the board asked Craig to take over as chief of staff. Austin nixed trying to work things out with Carrie, adding that their marriage was over when she slept with Mike. The real Princess Gina was stunned when Kurt admitted Stefano brought her to the castle to keep her from learning that John is never coming to her rescue. Seeing that Eric and Greta were snooping around, Kurt distracted them, but not before Eric and Greta found a map of the castle. Bo responded to Stefano's demands after Gina (Hope) gave him the mind control potion. Nicholas got chummy with Kate.
8/16/99-8/20/99: Kurt nearly caught Princess Gina in the process of digging her way out of her locked room. Kurt refused as usual when Gina begged him to let her go. Gina had delusions of being rescued by John. After finding the supposed grave of her mother, Greta agreed with Eric that Gina's body should be exhumed to prove she is dead. Kurt heard Greta and Eric talking to John, who said he would get the French authorities to allow the exhumation. John told Gina (Hope) to stop badgering him and Marlena. Stefano and Rolf had Gina (Hope) give Bo another dose of the potion that will turn him into Stefano's pawn -- and a killer. Ali vowed to make Nancy and Craig pay for using her to get Mike ousted as chief of staff. Ali, who is plotting against Mike, has no idea that Mike and Carrie are scheming to get her to confess she set Mike up. Nicholas and Vivian plan to break of Kate and Victor so Vivian can have him.
8/23/99-8/27/99: Mickey and Mike were upset to learn Alice had a mild stroke but did not tell them. Vivian fumed when Kate taunted she and Victor are going to marry as soon as he is well. Kate later learned Victor had a setback. At Craig's party to celebrate his chief-of-staff position, Nancy shocked everyone with a strip tease routine after Ali secretly drugged Nancy's champagne. Nancy later slugged Ali, and Craig warned her to leave town - or else. Mike conned Ali into admitting (on tape) she perjured herself when she lied that she didn't know she made the head nurse cut before she slept with him. Mike was accosted by Ali's thug, Tony. Later, Ali sped down the highway with Mike tied up in the back seat. Sami told Austin she decided to sign his divorce papers. Stefano told Gina (Hope) that she and Bo are going to steal the last Renet for him. After escaping from the turret, Princess Gina watched a sleeping Greta.
8/30/99-9/3/99: Carrie and Austin spotted Ali's car from a helicopter just before Ali drove off a cliff into a lake. Exiting the copter via a rope, Austin saved Ali and then an injured Mike. After Ali's arrest, Carrie talked to hospital board into reinstating Mike as chief-of-staff, but was stunned when he refused. After Carrie played a tape of Ali confessing to all her lies, the D.A. told Claire he will see that Ali is sent to a psychiatric hospital. Claire was upset that (she) and Ali cannot keep the settlement money Ali got from the hospital. Eric nearly caught Princess Gina watching a sleeping Greta. Princess Gina was puzzled that Greta screamed when she saw her face. Kurt returned Princess Gina to the turret. John arrived to help Bo get the real Hope back. Stefano ordered Gina (Hope) to give Bo more of the mid control potion. Nicole kept mum to Brandon that Kate paid her to marry Lucas.

9/6/99-9/10/99: Sami suspects Lucas or Kate paid Nicole to marry Lucas. Kate hid her jealousy when she learned Nicholas made a date with Billie. Victor told a surprised Kate that he is following Nicholas' advice to get his life back. Brandon told Sami that he will be there for her if her plan for a future with Austin fails. Carrie denied she intends to go after Austin now that Mike has left town. At Bo's request, Hope's father and stepmother, Doug and Julie, came to Paris to help rid Hope of her Gina personality. While reminiscing with Bo, Doug, and Julie, Gina (Hope) reverted back to Hope, but her Gina personality quickly returned. Gina (Hope) was upset when she suddenly ran into Stefano, who ordered her to give Bo more of the mind control potion. Bo fumed when he heard Stefano yelling at Gina (Hope), who refused to help him turn Bo into his pawn. Quizzed by Kurt, Princess Gina said she has no idea who Hope is.
9/13/99-9/17/99: Kate hid her jealousy while listening to Billie rave about her date with Nicholas. Vivian reminded Nicholas that he is supposed to be keeping tabs on Kate. Vivian beamed when Victor complimented her on changes she made at Titan. Vivian vowed to find a way for Victor to get his health back and to make him love her again. Princess Gina came close to seeing John, then Kurt recognized John from drawings Princess Gina has made of him. Princess Gina asked Kurt to take her to the Harriman's party as part of her plan to get revenge on Stefano. After Hope overcame her "Gina" personality, Bo said he will protect her from Stefano. Greta was upset that an autopsy on the body in her mother's grave was "proved" to be her mother. To get the goods on Stefano, Bo told Hope to follow his orders to steal the Renet painting. Roman told Carrie to decide whether she loves Austin or Mike, who left town to visit his son.
9/20/99-9/24/99: After Austin said he trusts her, Sami decided to admit her claim that Lucas once hit Will was a lie, but she kept mum when Carrie came up to them. Lucas was furious when he learned Sami let Austin go with her when she took Will to pre-school for the first time. Sami realized that Belle is smitten with Brandon. Kurt learned from Eric that John is married and has no interest in delving into his past (with Princess Gina). Princess Gina, who had Kurt escort her to the Harriman's ball, could not stop staring at Greta, her daughter. Gina (Hope) made her grand entrance at the ball just as Stefano locked eyes with the real Princess Gina, who was in disguise. Bo is hopeful he and Hope (Gina) will be able to put Stefano behind bars for good. Vivian is determined to prove Victor's condition is not as bad as the doctors claim. Kate was furious when she learned Nicholas and Vivian had visited Victor.
9/27/99-10/1/99: At the Harriman's ball, Stefano and Bo did not recognize the real Princess Gina, who fainted just before she was going to reveal her true identity to the partygoers. Stefano's appearance prevented Countess Ilse (the real Princess Gina) from telling Greta that she is her mother. After learning Stefano has implanted her memories in the mind of the fake Princess Gina (Hope), Gina warned her impostor (Hope) that Stefano will destroy her. Princess Gina later confronted Hope. Stefano planned to "take care" of Bo so he can't interfere when Gina (Hope) steals the last Renet painting from the Harrimans. Eric rescued Greta from an encounter with Stefano, then covered after telling Stefano his evil ways will soon come to an end. Brandon was stunned when Nicole admitted Kate paid her $5 million to marry Lucas. Nicole denied it when Lucas asked if she married him for his money.

10/4/99-10/8/99: Stefano's henchman, Bart, hung Bo by his feet from the ceiling of a warehouse, then set the place on fire. Bart later told Stefano that Bo escaped. Gina (Hope) kept mum that she stole the Renet painting and left her forgery in its place. Gina escaped, but Duke Harriman caught Bo, who was jailed on charges of attempted art theft. Stefano agreed when Gina (Hope) refused to give him the Renet until he guaranteed Bo's safety and agreed to give Gina (Hope) her freedom. Hope woke up to find Countess Ilse (the real Gina) standing over her. Ilse (Gina) told Gina (Hope) not to give Stefano the Renet. Gina was stunned when Hope told her that John is alive. Victor didn't believe Vivian, who said she had to give him CPR to wake him up, and that she believes he is being overmedicated. Billie and Kate argued over Nicholas. Sami vowed Carrie will never get Austin back. Eric gave Greta her very first kiss.
10/11/99-10/15/99: In court, Sami refused to sign papers giving her and Lucas joint custody of Will as long as there is even a slight chance she can get full custody. Flying home in a helicopter, Lucas and Sami were stunned when the pilot had a heart attack and the helicopter crashed when Lucas tried to land it. Lucas and Sami, who suffered a leg injury and was unconscious, were later rescued. Eric's arrival prevented Kurt from telling Greta that "Ilse" is her mother, Princess Gina. After encountering a Princess Gina hologram, Hope returned to her own personality. Bo is thrilled to have Hope back. Princess Gina vowed to get John back after Gina (Hope) said he is married and has children. Hope met with "Ilse", who revealed she is Gina after objecting to Hope's plan to have Stefano captured by the ISA. Austin and Carrie received their final divorce papers. A rebellious Shawn ran away from boarding school.
10/18/99-10/22/99: Bo was upset with Shawn (formerly Shawn D) for running away from boarding school, but admitted he's happy Shawn is home. At Salem High School, Shawn and Philip Kiriakis were both attracted to Belle. Craig boasted to Nancy that he is a hero after performing surgery that saved Sami's injured leg. Austin fumed to find Lucas in Sami's room trying to get her to sign over joint custody of Will. Kate lashed out at Nicole after preventing Will from drinking Nicole's glass of booze. Kurt refused to release Hope, who is Gina's captive. Stefano was stunned when "Ilse" revealed that she is Gina. Stefano was stunned Gina set the Renet painting on fire, which set his clothing on fire. As part of her plot against him, Gina agreed to meet Stefano. When Bo phoned, Gina pretended to be Hope. Brandon gets violent when he remembers how his father used to beat him. Nicholas accused Kate of not admitting her feelings for him.
10/25/99-10/29/99: Kurt was relived Gina survived a fall form a bridge during a struggle with Stefano. Kurt prevented Hope's escape, but realized she heard Stefano lie to Kurt that Gina had taken off for parts unknown. Kurt is unaware Gina went to Salem and is pretending to be Hope. Hope (Gina) insisted Bo go after Shawn, who felt left out during Hope (Gina) and Bo's reunion. During their celebrity boxing match, Brandon nearly beat Austin to death when he was reminded of the times his father had beaten him. Sami left her hospital bed to be at Austin's boxing match. During a date with Billie, Nicholas kept wishing she were Kate. After Billie and Kate argued, Billie vowed to tell Victor about Kate's feelings for Nicholas. Shawn rescued Belle from the school bully, Jason, who was angry that she rejected his invite to the homecoming dance. Greta is convinced Eric isn't over Nicole, whom he escorted home when she got drunk.

11/1/99-11/5/99: As Hope was swimming to safety after escaping from Kurt a second time, Stefano had Rolf zap her with a laser to erase her memory. Hope regained consciousness after being pulled from the water by a fisherman, but had no memory of what happened to her. Hope was stunned when Kurt said he is her husband. Gina, who was also zapped by Rolf's laser process, was thrilled to have her old life back. Bo had Shawn jailed for stealing his motorcycle, and reminded the boy that he, not Bo and Hope, are responsible for his bad behavior. As Hope, Gina went to see Shawn so she could meet Marlena - the woman who took John from her. Austin began to recover from the skull fracture he received during his boxing match with Brandon, who was arrested. Sami was livid Carrie kept mum that Austin had asked to see Sami after his surgery. Billie left town after patching things up with Kate. Philip is smitten with Belle.
11/8/99-11/12/99: Sami was thrilled to learn she was the first person Austin had asked to see after regaining consciousness. Carrie fumed when Sami had Austin released from the hospital, and was further upset to see Austin and Sami kiss. Alice was surprised to see Mike, who came to propose to Carrie. Mike arrived just as Austin and Carrie agreed to be friends, but wrongly thought they reconciled. Abe was angry that Lexie bailed Brandon out of jail, then talked him into getting therapy instead of leaving town. Philip was stunned when Mimi blurted out the fact Belle is attracted to Brandon. Marlena urged Belle not to act on her feelings for Brandon because he is too old for her. Kurt panicked when Claude and Therese wanted him to take an ailing Hope to the hospital. Hope is not convinced Kurt is her husband. Pretending to be hypnotized, Hope (Gina) let Marlena think John and Hope had an affair.
11/15/99-11/19/99: Hope (Gina) was devastated when John said their past is the past and he belongs with Marlena and the children. For a second time, Hope (Gina) pretended to be hypnotized during a session with Marlena, then talked about John coming to Hope (Gina) on his honeymoon night, when he should have been with Marlena. After kissing Hope (Gina), Bo told Marlena that Hope is still not herself. When Claude and Therese saw a newspaper story about Kurt being married to Princess Gina, Kurt assured Hope she is not a princess. Greta had strange vibes when Hope (Gina) comforted her over Eric's sexy photo shoot with Nicole. Carrie accepted Mike's proposal and they plan to start a medical facility in Israel. Eric resisted Nicole's attempt to seduce him. Lexie was upset her pregnancy test was negative. Brandon taunted Abe about not being able to father a child after Abe refused to consult with a fertility doctor.
11/22/99-11/26/99: Craig learned Nancy lied when she said she was leaving town to visit her ailing father. Nancy met with a woman, Mrs. Rush, who rejected Nancy's offer of money to keep mum that Nancy has a child. A stunned Nancy later heard a young girl (her daughter) singing. Gina told Lili that from now on Princess Gina is "dead," and since Gina can not have John, she is going to stick with Bo. Hope (Gina) fainted when FBI agents asked if she went to the Harriman Ball to steal the "Spring Garden" painting. Stefano warned Lili, who kept mum she saw Gina (Hope), that he is keeping close tabs on her and Hope (Gina). Victor, who learned he is being drugged to keep him in the nursing home longer, is helping Vivian prove Dr. Bryce is behind the scam. Victor knocked Bryce out cold when he attacked Vivian. Belle was hurt when Brandon nixed escorting her to a school dance. Philip owes big bucks to a bookie.
11/29/99-12/3/99: After Dr. Bryce's arrest, Victor thanked Vivian for saving his life, but she was crestfallen when he said Kate is the one he loves. Vivian took all the credit for busting the nursing home scam when interviewed by the press. Kate was upset Victor refused to let her oust Vivian from his homecoming party. Nancy told Mrs. Rush that she had a daughter in Europe after her freshman year at college. Nancy refused when Mrs. Rush wanted her to tell Craig about the girl. Nancy did agree to meet the girl. Hope (Gina) told Bo that she wants a life with him. After advising Greta to give Eric a chance, Hope (Gina) stunned Greta by stating she is Greta's mother. Kurt told Hope her memory of having a son (Shawn) was just a dream. Hope told police she knows nothing about an art theft, then she and Kurt went on the run. Philip's bookie wants his money. Eric vowed to find out why Nicole really married Lucas.

12/6/99-12/10/99: Nancy admitted to Chloe that they are mother and daughter, then revealed the circumstances of the girl's birth. Chloe agreed when Nancy asked her to move to Salem. Nancy was stunned to see Craig, who tracked her to the orphanage after learning she withdrew money from her trust fund and had not gone to see her father. Nancy lied to Craig that Chloe is the daughter of her friend, Clarissa, who was killed in a car crash. Craig was reluctant when Nancy said she wants Chloe to live with them. After proving she is Greta's mother, Gina lied Hope committed suicide after learning Stefano gave her Princess Gina's memories. Gina insisted Greta must keep Gina's real identity a secret. Hope (Gina) covered when Bo noted Hope's (Gina) seductive attitude was not normal for her. Hope learned she is not Kurt's wife. Philip lost more money to his bookie. Brandon checked out Abe's past. Victor told Kate he is impotent.
12/13/99-12/17/99: After making love with Hope (Gina), Bo admitted things seemed different between them. Hope (Gina) suggested things would get better for her and Bo if they got married again. Gina revealed her identity to Stefano, then said she is over John, and is starting a new life with Bo. Gina broke free when Stefano tried to strangle her, then said she will give him the Renet painting if he leaves Salem for good. Hope began to remember pieces of her past after Kurt took her back to the castle and locked her in the turret again. Hope is convinced Bo will rescue her soon. Nancy was hit by a truck when she ran after Chloe, who decided not to go to Salem after Craig objected to Nancy's plan for them to adopt Chloe. Kate wants Vivian to stay away from Victor. Kate and Nicholas shared another kiss. After a visit with his mother, Brandon vowed Abe will pay for what he did to Brandon's family in the past.
12/20/99-12/24/99: Craig rushed Nancy to the hospital after she was hit by a truck while running after Chloe. Nancy later survived surgery, but was in a coma. Feeling to blame for Nancy's condition, Chloe, who had taken the money Nancy withdrew from her trust fund, decided to go to New York City, but later sneaked into Nancy's hospital room. Craig was stunned Nancy came out of her coma while Chloe was singing Christmas carols to her. While Brandon paid a computer hacker to get police files on Abe, Roman and Abe found nothing on Brandon in the police files. Fearing John will remember the past, Rolf and Bart tried, but failed, to remove the microchip from his neck. Gina gave the Renet to Stefano, then she and Kurt locked him in the turret with Hope. Philip worried when Victor kept Vivian from giving him money (to pay his bookie). Philip later met his bookie. Victor nearly saw Kate kissing Nicholas.
12/27/99-12/31/99: Philip, who could not pay up, survived when his bookie's henchman beat him to a pulp. Kate was stunned to learn about Philip's gambling debt from Victor, who told Philip he will pay off the debt by working for Henderson. Victor called his former bodyguard and told him to "take care" of those responsible for Philip's beating. Everyone was stunned that Bo and Hope plan to wed immediately. Hope (Gina) threw Marlena out when she said Hope (Gina) is not ready to marry Bo, but Marlena vowed to stop the wedding. Gina showed a shocked Greta a gun she had hidden beneath her dress. Shawn told Belle he does not think Hope (Gina) is his mother. While Hope worried Bo is in trouble, Stefano turned a phonograph into a transmitter and then sent an SOS in hopes that they will be rescued. Rolf is determined to remove the microchip from John's neck. Nancy is upset Craig objected when she said she wants Chloe to live with them.