Nancy M. Reichardt's Syndicated Weekly Synopses: "Tune in Tomorrow"

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1/3/00-1/7/00: Despite everyone's objections, including Greta's, Hope (Gina) married Bo. During the wedding reception, Shawn heard Hope (Gina) tell Lili that things were not going as she planned. After getting Shawn on a terrace, Hope (Gina) ordered him to jump off a ledge. Hope (Gina) fired a shot at Marlena, who collapsed in a heap. Hope (Gina) was shot when John tried to get the gun away from her. Belle found a semi-conscious Shawn lying on a rock ledge. A frantic Hope sensed Shawn was in trouble. Stefano lost contact after getting an SOS through to a radio station. Rolf panicked when John recalled being on the submarine with Hope (Gina). Chloe agreed to give Nancy a chance to be her mom after Nancy agreed to tell Craig he is a father. Nicholas and Kate secretly shared a New Years Eve kiss. After Victor stood for the first time since his stroke, Kate was miffed Vivian played a part in his recovery.
1/10/00-1/14/00: Stefano failed an attempt to force Kurt to free him and Hope. After fixing their makeshift transmitter, Stefano and Hope made contact with a radio station via Morse code. While Hope was convinced Bo will rescue her, Bo had a vision of Hope saying he can still save her. Bo and the rest of the family worried about Hope (Gina), who underwent surgery for her gunshot wound. Post surgery, Hope (Gina) could not breathe just after she told Bo she is dying. John rescued Shawn from the building ledge he fell to after Hope (Gina) fired a shot at his feet. Greta arrived when Gina was trying to tell Shawn she is not his mother, Hope. Gina's heart monitor flatlined just as she tried to tell Bo she is not Hope. Bo and everyone else were stunned when Shawn told them Hope (Gina) had tried to kill him. Chloe was not convinced when Nancy said Craig bought a new house and they are going to be a happy family.
1/17/00-1/21/00: Bo was devastated when Hope (Gina) died. Bo and Shawn agreed to support each other now that "Hope" is gone. in the castle turret, Hope contacted the radio station again, then continued sending a signal in hopes it will lead rescuers to the castle. Shawn told Belle he has the feeling that Hope is still alive. After Lili said Gina had an appendectomy scar, Doug told Bo about the scar and he went to stop Hope's (Gina) cremation in order to see if the body had a scar. John kept mum to Marlena about his memory of making love to Hope (Gina) on the submarine. Lexie told a stunned Marlena and John that Hope (Gina) would have died anyway since she had lung cancer. Nancy asked Craig and Chloe to try to get along with each other. The other kids picked on Chloe her first day at Salem High. When Kate wanted to get married right away, she was stunned Victor was not sure they should marry at all.
1/24/00-1/28/00: Via helicopter, Julie located Bo, John, and Shawn, who rushed to the crematorium and stopped the cremation of "Hope." Bo examined the body for an appendectomy scar, but saw nothing. Greta, however, located scar tissue where the operation would have been performed. Later, everyone awaited DNA test results to determine if the body is Hope or Gina. Victor told Bo that Stefano went to Europe before Christmas with a woman who looked like Gina, but she later returned to Salem alone. Victor assured Bo that he will continue his search for Stefano. In the turret, an ailing Hope begged Kurt to let her see a doctor. Marlena worried about John, who refused to tell her what is bothering him (his time on the submarine with Gina). Nicole and Brandon discussed their abusive childhoods, with her remembering Abe helping their battered mother, while Brandon hates Abe. Nancy urged Chloe to become best pals with Belle.
1/31/00-2/4/00: Greta said a tearful goodbye to her mother after the DNA test proved Princess Gina died, not Hope. Bo, Shawn, and Greta went over things Gina said before her death, and became convinced Hope is still alive. Bo refused to believe Roman and Victor, who think Hope and Victor are probably dead. Kurt covered when the gendarmes quizzed him about the SOS signal coming from Gina's castle. Knowing Stefano thought he would rush into the turret to get the transmitter, Kurt climbed to the turret roof and destroyed the radio antenna instead. Hope and Stefano worried they will die in the castle after they saw Kurt fall off the turret roof. Lili realized Gina stole her valuable paintings. Brandon met Larry Morris, who said he was paralyzed after being shot while Abe struggled with Larry's father after trying to arrest him for beating Larry's other. Brandon urged Larry to press charges against Abe.

2/7/00-2/11/00: Kate, who had fantasies about making passionate love to Nicholas, admitted to Marlena that Victor is impotent as a result of the two strokes he had. Vivian agreed to keep mum that Victor can walk because he wants it to be a surprise for his family. After Victor insisted he loves Kate, Vivian plotted to get him to the Green Mountain Lodge, and into bed with her. Stefano attempted to suck the venom from Hope's leg after a poisonous spider bit her. Hope and Stefano worried that Kurt died in the fall from the castle roof. After Hope said she is pregnant, Stefano recalled sleeping with Hope when she thought she was Gina. Stefano wondered if the baby is his. After learning Gina stole Lili's Renet paintings, John told Bo the paintings could be hidden in the dungeon of Gina's castle in France. Brandon was thrilled Larry decided to sue Abe for causing his paralysis years ago. Greta broke up with Eric.

2/14/00-2/18/00: Rolf worried that John is regaining his memory of the time he was Stefano's mercenary. After learning John was flying to Paris to look for Hope, Rolf tampered with his plane, and left a suspicious briefcase on board. Via a TV monitor, Rolf watched as everyone boarded John's plane for Paris. Eric said he will be there for Greta who was taking Gina's body to Paris for burial. In the turret at Gina's castle, Stefano worried he has pneumonia, while Hope worried they are going to die. Kurt, who survived his fall from the castle roof, crawled inside the castle, then lost consciousness. To make sure Victor catches Kate in bed with Nicholas, Vivian suggested that they go to the lodge where Kate was staying during a conference and surprise her with the news that Victor can walk again. Abe was furious when he was relieved of his police duties because Brandon had him charged with harassment and false arrest.
2/21/00-2/25/00: After finding the pilots unconscious, John remembered he learned how to fly when he was a mercenary. After realizing there is a bomb on the plane, Shawn overheard John tell Bo the bad news. After finding the bomb in Princess Gina's casket, John had Shawn and Eric try to disable the bomb, which they learned is booby-trapped. Marlena and Greta were nearly killed when Rolf, who has the plane under remote control, "eliminated" the steward and the chef on board by opening the plane doors so they were sucked into space. Abe feels someone (Brandon) is trying to ruin him. Brandon urged Larry to also hit Abe with a lawsuit for shooting Larry during his father's arrest. Brandon refused when his mother, Fay, wanted him to talk to Abe about the past. Vivian decided not to ruin Victor's marriage after he talked about his love for Kate. Vivian later left on a world tour with Ivan, who won millions in the lottery.
2/28/00-3/3/00: Hope screamed when she saw Kurt pointing a gun at Stefano. Stefano got the gun from Kurt, who used Hope as a shield, but Stefano shot him in the shoulder. Kurt had a doctor friend examine an ailing Hope, but nixed letting her be hospitalized. The doctor told Hope a pulled muscle is causing her pain. The pilot regained consciousness, but he and John could not keep the plane from crashing into the ocean after Rolf's bomb exploded, and the plane ran out of fuel. John and Marlena saved an injured Bo's life, and everyone on board made it to a deserted island. Nicole was humiliated when Victor met her mother, Fay, who came to see Brandon. Nicole thinks Brandon wants to destroy Abe because he caused their parents' breakup. Nicholas told Victor and Kate that Vivian left town. Victor vowed Nicholas will not run Vivian's 49 percent of Titan even though she put him in charge.

3/6/00-3/10/00: During his trial, Abe did not gain points when he lost his temper, while Brandon remained calm. Brandon plans to ruin Abe by eventually charging him with shooting, and thus paralyzing, Larry Morris. Austin and Sami came close to making love, but he backed off, saying their first time should be special. Nicole was embarrassed when Sami and Austin met her mother, Fay, at the Kiriakis mansion. On the island, Greta and Eric were shocked when Gina's body floated into the lagoon. Greta insisted to Shawn that she knows nothing about Hope's whereabouts. Kurt gagged Hope and put her in a closet while letting Bo search Gina's castle for her. Hope got hold of Kurt's gun, but it contained blanks. While Stefano lay on his deathbed, Hope spotted John and Bo through a window of the castle. Lucas refused when Nicole urged him to give Sami custody of Will. Lucas, who wants a baby, is unaware Nicole is using birth control.
3/13/00-3/17/00: As everyone from Salem gathered for Gina's funeral service, Hope spotted them and started pounding on the window in the turret. When Gina's coffin fell and broke open, Bo noted her hand was pointing toward the turret. Kurt was devastated about Gina's death. Greta and Eric were later surprised to see Kurt standing by Gina's grave. Stefano and Hope were overcome by smoke when they set some paintings on fire with the intention of sending smoke signals via the chimney to attract the attention of Greta and Eric. Chloe was angry Nancy told Victor that Philip's friends left a dead chicken on the Wesley's doorstep because Chloe nixed giving Philip her chemistry notes. Lexie was suspicious when Brandon said he and Abe made up. Benny told Brandon that Larry refused to sue Abe unless Brandon meets with him. Victor enlisted Rex Rollins to help him get back the money Kate paid Nicole to marry Lucas.

3/20/00-3/24/00: Bo and Shawn rescued Hope from the burning turret. After hesitating, John rescued Stefano from the turret when he realized Stefano is the only one who knows about John's (forgotten) past. When Hope told everyone she is carrying Bo's baby, he kept mum that he could not possibly be the father. Hope told Bo and Shawn how Kurt had insisted they were married, then locked her in the turret when she tried to escape. Lexie was proud when Hope said Stefano saved her and her baby. John is worried that Stefano knows John once slept with Hope. Stefano thinks he fathered Hope's baby. Greta saved Eric when Kurt tried to shove him in Gina's grave after they caught him with her body. Kurt was arrested. Victor schemed to involve Nicole in a phony investment scheme. Sami is determined to get full custody of Will. Brandon and his lawyer, Benny, convinced Larry to sue Abe for shooting him and causing his paralysis.
3/27/00-3/31/00: Chloe told Nancy that someday Chloe's peers are going to regret treating her badly. Before returning to Salem, Bo and John confronted a jailed Kurt, who denied ever sleeping with Hope, and insisted he hated her and wishes Hope had died instead of Gina. Kurt said he never worked for Stefano, and that he kept Stefano and Hope locked up on Gina's orders. Hope thanked a hospitalized Stefano for saving her and her baby, but he was offended that she wants nothing more to do with him. While Hope is looking forward to a normal life with Shawn, Bo, and the baby, Marlena urged Bo to tell Hope he is not the baby's father. Eric told Greta that he wants to be with her. Unaware Rex is working for Victor, Nicole gave him a million dollars to "invest." After Eric said Sami can live with him, he was stunned she asked him to fall for Nicole again. Abe panicked when he nearly hit a boy who ran out in front of his car.

4/3/00-4/7/00: Nicole made love with Rex, but refused to do so again until he turns her $1 million into $10 million. Rex lied to Victor that their plot against Nicole is going well. Sami got Nicole to help her get sole custody of Will by lying that Eric would be forever grateful if she helps Sami. After spending the night making love, Bo told Hope to forget the past and concentrate on the future, then he asked her to remarry him. John's suspicion that he made love with Hope when she was Gina was confirmed by Stefano. John revealed that he knows Stefano could also be the father of Hope's baby. Stefano wants Lexie to be Hope's doctor so he can get info on the baby's father. Nancy was stunned to see her domineering father, Dr. Miller, who realized Chloe is her daughter, and wants Chloe to live with him and his wife. Seeing Abe for the first time in years reminded Larry of how Abe shot and paralyzed him when he was a boy.
4/10/00-4/14/00: To impress Eric, Nicole told Lucas in public that she thinks Will belongs with Sami. Nicole lied to Eric that she is concerned about Will and thinks Sami should have custody of him. Eric was leery Nicole said she wants to make up for hurting him. Sami rejected Brandon's urging to dump Austin. Marlena became worried when Sami vowed to do anything to get Will back. Shawn is ecstatic over Bo and Hope's engagement. Bo was unable to tell Hope he is not her baby's father. Hope asked Bo to tell her everything that happened when Gina (as Hope) returned to Salem. Bo kept mum to Hope that he had slept with Gina when she pretended to be Hope. John refused to believe he fathered Hope's baby after Stefano insisted he is not the daddy. Seeing Kate with Nicholas, Victor contemplated setting her free. Nancy nixed letting Chloe live with her father, Albert. Chloe learned her father is an older man Nancy slept with when a teen.
4/17/00-4/21/00: A pregnant Hope suffered abdominal pains after Bo admitted he married Princess Gina (when she pretended to be Hope) on New Year's Eve. Hope was later relieved that Lexie said she was experiencing false labor pains. Lexie later told Stefano about Hope, but added Hope and the baby were fine. On Stefano's orders, a disguised Rolf got his hands on Hope's amniotic fluid before the hospital could do an amniocentesis test. John, who may be the father, was nervous when Bo said he will be looking for the father of Hope's baby if the test proves Stefano is not the daddy. Abe was not enthused when Lexie talked about their adopting a child if they can not have one of their own. When Belle asked why Chloe has decided to go live with Albert and his wife, Chloe revealed Nancy is her birth mother. Philip worried his peers will find out that he likes Chloe. Sami continued plotting to get custody of Will.
4/24/00-4/28/00: Sami told Brandon about her plan to have Nicole help turn Lucas into a drunk again so Sami can get custody of Will. Sami threw a drink in Nicole's face when she missed Sami's hint that Lucas was eavesdropping on them while they talked about getting him to drink again. Stefano fumed that Rolf accidentally dropped the vial containing Hope's amniotic fluid. Later, Stefano caused Rolf to drop a second vial of the fluid when Stefano learned Rolf had mugged Lexie to get the vial. Stefano later told Rolf to find a pregnant woman who is due when Hope is. Lexie told Hope, who was released from the hospital, about her lost amnio fluid. Belle agreed to keep mum that Chloe revealed Nancy is her mother, then was shocked to learn Craig is not Chloe's dad. Nancy rushed Albert to the hospital with chest pains after Nancy vowed he will not hurt Chloe the way he did Nancy. Greta and Austin are getting close.

5/1/00-5/5/00: Abe and Larry were both basket cases after coming face-to-face for the first time since Larry was paralyzed. After Abe told Lexie he shot Larry while trying to subdue Larry's violent father, Lexie tried to make Abe see the shooting was an accident. Because he wants to torture Abe, Brandon insisted Benny stall filling Larry's lawsuit against Abe. Albert recovered from a mild heart attack. Chloe and Albert failed to keep Nancy from telling Craig that Chloe is her daughter. An already angry Craig was furious when Nancy revealed he is not Chloe's father. When Lucas talked about changing for the better, Nicole suggested he prove it by letting Sami have custody of Will. Victor worried that Sami is going to find out Lucas framed her for Franco's murder. Nicole and Brandon's mom, Fay, was stunned to see Abe for the first time in years. Rolf convinced his niece, Marlo, to see her unborn baby to Stefano.
5/8/00-5/12/00: A stunned Abe said "no" when Lexie asked if he has other past secrets beside Larry Morris, such as an ex-wife and kids. Rolfs niece, Marlo, lied when Stefano asked if she drinks or uses drugs. After meeting Marlo, Celeste warned Lexie that Abe will not be willing to adopt Marlo's baby, but Lexle vowed to do what she must to get the baby. Lexle ran off when Abe nixed adopting the baby after learning it is Caucasian and a distant relative of Stefano's. Nicole told Eric her father beat her, Brandon and their mother when he was not serving time In jail. Roman told Abe he learned Henderson saw Roberto at a strip club the day Franco was murdered. Lucas assured Kate that no one will ever learn the truth about Franco's death. Nancy told Craig the man she slept with was a friend of her father's. Chloe was touched to overhear Nancy say she wants everyone to know Chloe is her daughter.
5/15/00-5/19/00: Stefano badgered Lexie for Hope's due date, then had Rolf snoop around the hospital to determine how hard it would be to kidnap a baby or switch one at birth. Stefano reminded Rolf it's important that Marlo deliver her baby at the same time Hope does. For Lexie's sake, Abe reluctantly met Marlo, but was suspicious when Marlo threw up, and Stefano (lied) it was morning sickness (even though he saw Marlo drink booze). Brandon panicked to learn Lexie convinced Larry to meet with Abe. Eric wiped away her tears after Nicole told him how her abusive father used her to make money. Sami and Roman went to a strip club looking to prove Roberto did not kill Franco because he was at the strip club when Franco died. Sami vowed to prove Lucas killed Franco so she can get custody of Will. Greta pulled away when Eric would have made love to her. Nicole continued her effort to get Lucas to drink again.
5/22/00-5/26/00: Abe and Lexie went to see Marlo again after he reluctantly agreed that they can adopt her baby. Marlo collapsed in front of Abe and Lexie after Rolf had injected her with a stimulant to keep her alert during the meeting because she was suffering from alcohol withdrawal. Stefano told Rolf he plans to switch Hope and Marlo's babies at birth. Marlena was upset with John, who made a deal with Stefano to make sure Hope never remembers anything about the missing year in her life. Hope and Bo planned their upcoming wedding. Nancy was thrilled Chloe called her "mom." Chloe was embarrassed when Nancy and Craig announced she is their daughter. During a romantic getaway, Nicole tried to get Lucas hooked on booze again. Sami is hesitant to pose as a stripper, at Brandon's suggestion, to get proof that Roberto did not kill Franco because he was at a strip club. Chloe saved Philip from being hit by a car.
5/29/00-6/2/00: When Hope and Bo went to get a marriage license, the computer stated Hope was dead. Hope went into labor as she and Bo told Shawn they wanted to marry before the baby came. Stefano panicked when Abe talked about doing a background check on Marlo. Marlo broke out of the room Stefano locked her in, then learned of his plan to switch her baby for Hope's. Marlo went into labor just after Abe and Lexie came by with a gift for her. Eric and Greta's arrival at the lodge interrupted Nicole's plan to get Lucas to drink booze. Victor ordered Rex to con Nicole out of the whole five million she was paid to marry Lucas. Nicholas warned Kate that he will reveal their affair to Victor unless she sleeps with him. Marlena urged Nancy to be Chloe's friend, not just her mother. Brandon told Kate that he and Sami are just friends. Brandon kissed Sami while prepping for their undercover work at the strip club.

6/5/00-6/9/00: Mimi attacked Chloe, who tried to comfort Mimi after seeing a man mistake the disheveled girl for a hooker just before she had her purse stolen. Chloe watched Belle try to talk to Mimi after seeing her take food from a trash can, but Mimi ran off. To make sure Marlo's baby was born exactly when Hope's was, Stefano had Rolf inject Marlo with a labor-inducing drug that caused her to flatline when Rolf gave her an overdose. Later, Abe and Lexie were thrilled to hold their son for the first time. Hope delivered a son right after she and Bo exchanged wedding vows at the hospital. Bo was happy even though he knows the baby is not his. While trying to con Nicole out of the remainder of her five million dollars, Rex was convinced he knows her from somewhere. Brandon told Larry not to believe Sami, who said Abe is a good man. Kate pulled away when she and Nicholas came close to making love again.
6/12/00-6/16/00: When Marlo threatened to reveal Stefano had Rolf switch her baby for Hope's, Rolf shoved her down a flight of stairs. A stunned Stefano walked in the door just as Rolf finished Marlo off by breaking her neck. Stefano had Rolf dispose of Marlo's body after Lexie arrived unexpectedly and Stefano lied that Marlo accidentally fell. Lexie kept mum about Marlo after Stefano warned she could lose the baby, Isaac Theo, if anyone learns Marlo is dead. Bo encouraged Hope, who is worried that something is wrong with "her" baby because he cries all the time. Belle insisted Chloe's suspicion that Mimi is on drugs is wrong. Some thugs suggested Mimi become a hooker when she did not have the money to make a deal with them. Belle and Philip were surprised to see a very chummy Chloe and Shawn together. Brandon's mother, Fay, went to talk to Abe after Sami revealed Abe and Lexie had just adopted a baby, Isaac Theo.
6/19/00-6/23/00: Greta was devastated that Eric dumped her and rushed Nicole to the hospital after she passed out. While waiting to have tests, Nicole told Eric that she is not pregnant. Lucas was upset to see Eric consoling Nicole. On Stefano's orders, Rolf and Bart dumped Marlo's body in a lake. Rolf warned Bart to keep quiet about Marlo. Worried she could lose baby Isaac, Lexie kept mum to Abe about Marlo's death. Stefano worried when John vowed to learn the paternity of Hope's baby. Hope was released from the hospital, but Baby John (named after John) had to stay for tests. John worried when a nurse let slip that Hope's baby may have fetal alcohol syndrome, which could result in death. Mimi insisted to Belle that she is not on drugs, but later asked some kids about their drug contact. Because he lost a video game, Philip has to ask Chloe to the final school dance. Kate begged Nicholas not to tell Victor he loves Kate.
6/26/00-6/30/00: Victor fumed when Nicholas said he loves Kate. Kate told Nicholas that she loves Victor, not him. Victor told Kate she can live in his mansion, but will be sleeping in the guest room. A stunned Eric saw Nicole's picture on the cover of a porn video. Eric learned Nicole's father forced her to do the video. Roman urged Eric to undergo tests since there is not telling how many other men Nicole has slept with. Philip was not thrilled when Chloe accepted his invitation to the last school dance. Nancy warned Chloe's peers that they will answer to her if they do anything nasty to Chloe during the dance. Belle wished she was going to be alone with Shawn, who said he would take her and Mimi to the dance. Sami caught Brandon in the shower. Stefano fumed when Rolf said there is something wrong with Hope's (Marlo's) baby. Stefano ordered John to find out if the memory chip Rolf implanted in Hope's brain is still there.

7/3/00-7/7/00: After remembering Nicole from the porn film she made, Rex threatened to see that everyone learns about the video if Nicole does not sleep with him. After receiving a mysterious letter, Marlena decided to go to Africa for a few weeks. Because of what he has to do to Hope to make sure she never remembers sleeping with him, John was relieved Marlena is leaving town. John urged Hope to forget about the past when she wanted to know what she did while she thought she was Princess Gina. At the Last Blast dance at school, the teasing by her peers stopped when Chloe, who was Philip's date, revealed for the first time how beautiful she really is. After Belle overheard Mimi trying to score some drugs, Mimi admitted that she needs the drugs for her ailing brother. Lucas and Kate panicked when Henderson admitted telling Sami and Eric that he thought he saw Roberto at a strip club the day of Franco's murder.
7/10/00-7/14/00: Kate vowed to protect Lucas, who worried Sami will find out he killed Franco. Victor told Kate that he will help her and Lucas after learning Henderson told Sami that Roberto was at the strip club when Franco was killed. Kate reminisced about her affair with Nicholas, who wrote her that he had left town. Lucas said he will stand by Nicole, who revealed she has to have a biopsy. After saving a drunken Nicole from drowning in the swimming pool, Victor learned she had an HIV test that was negative. Eric kept Greta from seeing Nicole's porn video, then vowed to put the porn producer out of business. At the prom, Chloe realized the chicken blood Jason dumped on Philip was really meant for her. After learning Hope's baby is ill, Stefano worried medical tests will prove the baby is not hers. Mimi was upset Belle, Chloe, and Shawn learned she, her mom, and brother, are living in a big cardboard box.
7/17/00-7/21/00: Belle got medical attention for Mimi's brother, then Shaw and Chloe helped her reunite Mimi's father and the family, and arranged for them to get a home through Habitat for Humanity. Philip wanted to tell Chloe that he took her to the prom because he lost a bet, but Jason started a fight with him before he could confess. Nancy interrupted what would have been Chloe and Philip's first kiss. Nicole confessed her porn flick past to Eric, then learned he already knew. Later, Eric got the outtakes from Nicole's porn film. Eric comforted Nicole after she lied to him that her cancer biopsy was positive, then asked him to make love one last time. Nicole also told Eric that Kate paid her $5 million to marry Lucas. Kate and Lucas learned Sami and Brandon headed to Italy to get more information on Franco's death. Stefano tried to get a blood sample from Isaac to learn who fathered the baby.

As Greta was leaving Austin's place, which is next door to Eric's apartment, she was stunned to hear Eric tell Nicole that he loves her. Greta blasted Eric after realizing he slept with Nicole. Nicole pretended she was concerned when Eric told her Greta knows about them. When Eric told Nicole he was leaving town, she was convinced they will soon be together. Eric punched Roman when he called Nicole a tramp. Nicole refused to tell Lucas the result of her biopsy, then said she wants a divorce. Eric attempted to race a train to the crossing. Because she was "Gina" when she got pregnant, Hope blamed herself when she learned Little John may have fetal alcohol syndrome. Brandon and Sami failed to shake Victor's gumshoe, who tailed them to Rome on their quest to find Angela in order to get info on Franco's death. To make a good impression, Nancy and Craig took Mimi's family in until their home is built.

After fighting off Victor's gumshoe, Sami and Brandon found Angela Moroni, who ignored her father's warning to stay away from Brandon. Angela kept mum when Brandon asked if she had been to America, so Brandon told Sami he will have to get close to the girl to get information on Franco's death. Greta raced to Eric's car after it was struck by a freight train. While unconscious, Eric talked to (the deceased) Isabella. After Eric regained consciousness, he said goodbye to Greta, then left Salem. Lexie comforted Hope after she learned Baby John was diagnosed with fetal alcohol syndrome. Hope later told Bo the sad news, and both were unaware that Baby John had been snatched by a mystery person. In a vision, Isabella told John he can reach his son, Brady, by loving the boy. A returned Marlena was surprised to see Brady. Victor knew it was Kate's doing when Philip tried to get Victor to marry her.

8/7/00-8/11/00: Bo held a gun on Baby John's "kidnapper," but then saw it was John, who was just holding the infant. John was stunned to learn Baby John has fetal alcohol syndrome. Rolf rendered Lexie unconscious with gas, then took Baby Isaac to his lab where he drew blood for a DNA test to find out if John or Stefano is the baby's father. Lexie fell for Stefano's story about why he was holding Isaac, but Abe did not. Stefano urged John to use his mercenary skills to get the computer chip Rolf implanted in Hope's brain. Chloe agreed to Philip's date offer, but plans to make him pay for canceling their previous date. Chloe told Belle that she sometimes wishes Craig was her biological father. A man with a knife spied on Philip, Belle, and Shawn, who were at the lot where Mimi's family home will be built. Greta told Lucas that Eric loves Nicole. At gunpoint, Nicole demanded Rex return the money she gave him to invest for her.
8/14/00-8/18/00: Nicole interrupted before Greta could tell Lucas that Eric and Nicole slept together. After Nicole got Lucas drunk, he talked about Kate and Victor's trip to Italy, and admitted he was responsible for Franco's death before he passed out. While Sami distracted Moroni, Brandon tried to get Angela to talk about Franco's murder. Victor told Kate he has a way to destroy Sami. Kate told Victor that she wants to be his wife, whether they sleep together or not. Stefano learned John is the father of Hope's baby (Isaac). Stefano wants John to think he fathered Baby John (Marlo's baby) so he has a hold over John. Stefano took the results of Baby John's paternity test from John. Abe was stunned learn Brandon is Fay's son. Fay told Abe that no one knows of their past relationship. Shawn and Philip teased Mimi that the site of her future home is haunted. Miles Malloy wants Marlena to be a therapist on a talk show.
8/21/00-8/25/00: After staging a fight with Sami, Brandon cozied up to Angela, who admitted being with Roberto the night that Franco was murdered. Angela also said Roberto was paid to confess that he killed Franco (by Kate). Maroni kept tabs on Angela after warning her he would "take care" of Brandon for good if she did not stay away from him. Victor told Kate of his plan to see that Lucas makes sure Sami takes a mind-altering drug Victor procured. Awaking from his drinking binge, Lucas was stunned Nicole said he confessed to killing Franco. Lucas, who insisted he killed Franco in self-defense, was stunned to learn Nicole taped his confession. Nicole heard Rex tell Victor that all her money is in Victor's account. Nicole vowed to get Lucas back after Eric hung up on her because she refused to go to Colorado. Lili told Stefano that with Gina dead, Greta will receive the Von Amberg family crown.
8/28/00-9/1/00: In Italy, Kate got Lucas a job at Moroni's restaurant, where Lucas slipped a mind-altering herb into Sami's food. After the drug took affect, Kate freaked Sami out by holding a Will look-alike doll up to the window. Victor was suspicious, but Rex said Nicole has no idea she is broke. Nicole vowed to get revenge on Victor for stealing her money. Lucas lied to Kate that he told Nicole nothing about Franco's death. Lucas did not believe Greta, who said Nicole has been after Eric, and lied that Eric is stalking her. Sami, who was groggy because of the herb, fell asleep while Brandon was telling her he loves her. Moroni warned Brandon he better marry Sami, or he will be forced to marry Angela if he does not stay away from her. Fay told Abe that Brandon does not know about their romantic past. Rolf had Bart tell waitress Hattie she looks enough like Marlena to take over her life.

9/4/00-9/8/00: Caroline and Grandpa Shawn insisted Bo must not go through with his plan to go to Ireland, where he thinks he can find out why Stefano hates the Brady clan. Brandon came close to seeing Kate with the "Will" doll she used to scare Sami. After learning Sami has no plans to leave Italy and go home to Will, Kate forced Lucas to give Sami another dose of the mind-altering herb. After giving Sami a very large dose of the herb, Lucas taunted her with the "Will" doll, causing her to fall out a window. Later, Sami had a seizure and passed out. After getting fired from her waitress job, Hattie took Bart's suggestion (via Rolf) and phoned Dr. Steiner (Rolf) about having plastic surgery to make her look like Marlena's double. Stefano plotted to "get rid" of Marlena because he wants John to revert back to being a mercenary again. Craig comforted Chloe, who is tired of being treated like a freak.
9/11/00-9/15/00: Lili told Greta she is a princess, and that her legal father, Prince Von Amberg, named her, Princess Greta Von Amberg, in his will. After telling Austin she is a princess, Greta said she would go to Italy with him to find Sami. Sami nearly died after ingesting the herb, but came to life after hearing Lucas' voice. Sami did not recognize Lucas because he was still wearing his surfer/waiter disguise. When Lucas told Kate he saved Sami's life, she wished he had let Sami die. Sami phoned Roman and said she needs him, but was upset he said Austin was already on his way to her. Still trying to get info on Franco's death, Brandon told Moroni he loves Angela and wants to marry her. Nancy was upset to hear Chloe tell Craig she does not feel close to her. Roman saved Hattie, who jumped off a bridge in an attempt to commit suicide. Stefano ordered Rolf to see that Hattie has surgery to look like Marlena.
9/18/00-9/22/00: Belle fumed when she learned Philip asked Chloe to the last school dance because he lost a video game to Shawn, and the loser had to ask Chloe out. Jan told Chloe, who had been ecstatic about her budding romance with Philip, that he dated her because he lost a bet. Sami agreed to "split up" with Brandon so he can get close to Angela - and the tape she has of Roberto's confessed involvement in Franco's murder. Lucas was stunned Kate talked about killing Sami if it is the only way to get rid of her. Hope was surprised that John said he will help her when Bo is in Ireland. Hope vowed to find out what happened between John and Princess Gina since she thinks it is linked to his concern for Baby John. John tried to tell Marlena he fathered Hope's baby. Brady accused John of killing Isabella (who died of cancer) in order to be with Marlena. Hattie told Rolf that she is ready to take over Marlena's life.
9/25/00-9/29/00: Austin went with Greta to the castle that is part of her inheritance from Prince Von Amberg. An old man, Henry, sent Greta and Austin to the lawyers handling the Prince's will, but when they opened the door they wound up in a virtual reality garden. Greta and Austin were confronted by a serpent who morphed into Princess Gina. Marlena kept John from punching Brady during an argument. John refused when Marlena said she wanted Brady out of their house. Marlena was furious when John admitted DNA tests show he fathered Hope's baby (at the time she was Princess Gina). Bo told Abe he is going to Ireland to get information on Stefano. Bo insisted to Hope he blames Stefano, not her, for Baby John's medical problems. Chloe was upset when she wrongfully thought Nancy forgot her birthday. To keep Sami from learning the truth about Franco's death, Kate drugged her, then lured her to the edge of a cliff.

10/2/00-10/6/00: Kate stepped aside, letting Sami fall over the edge of a cliff. While Kate and Victor celebrated Sami's demise, Brandon rescued her. After removing a piece of rock from Sami's back, Brandon took her to Moroni's restaurant to get help. Marlena mistakenly thought Brady was trying to kill Belle when she and John caught him holding Belle over a balcony railing. Belle told Marlena that Brady would never hurt her, but Marlena demanded that Belle stay away from him. Brady stole money from John's secret stash. Stefano urged Hattie to have plastic surgery to make her look like Marlena. Hattie thought of it as a date when Roman arranged a meeting to tell her that he is Marlena's ex-husband. Chloe forgave Philip for everything he has done to her. Austin and Greta encountered an evil Sami in the virtual garden. Grandpa Shawn told Bo to see a man named Ian when he gets to Ireland to check out Stefano's past.
10/9/00-10/13/00: After Philip serenaded Chloe, Nancy insisted to the girl it is a sign that he cares about her. Brady took Belle to his favorite place, a railroad trestle. While standing on the tracks, Belle's foot got caught just as a train whistle was heard. When she saw Hattie for the first time, Marlena had flashbacks of her sister, Samantha, who was killed by the Salem Strangler years ago. After her encounter with Marlena, Hattie quizzed Dr. Steiner (Rolf) about having surgery to make her look like Marlena. When Sami spotted Angela, she pretended Brandon was Austin, then said she loves "Austin." Angela wants to marry Brandon right away. Lucas kept mum he blabbed to Nicole when Victor and Kate were relieved no one else knows about Franco's death. John learned Baby John was hospitalized because he suddenly turned blue. When Bo arrived at Ian's pub in Ireland, a mystery woman ducked out the back door.
10/16/00-10/20/00: In Ireland, two thugs, Declan and Walter, tossed Bo into a pit in an abandoned building. Jennifer Deveraux, the "mystery" woman who tailed Bo, brought him food and water, but did not let him see her face. Jennifer split when Bo almost recognized her voice, but was curious when he said his baby (Baby John) is in trouble. In Salem, Lexie told a shocked Hope that Baby John has a hole in his heart and needs surgery. Brady freed Belle's foot from the train track just as a train raced by, but she fell and hit her head. Marlena and John saw Brady carrying Belle along the road and drove them to the hospital. Because Marlena blamed Brady for Belle's skull fracture, he refused to reveal what happened. Belle was put in a coma to speed her recovery. Lucas, who returned home, warned Nicole will die if she reveals he killed Franco. Sami
agreed to put up Angela, who thinks she and Brandon will marry in Salem.
10/23/00-10/27/00: At Lexie's urging, the doctors saved Little John after he flatlined during heart surgery. Hope and Shawn were ecstatic the baby survived surgery. John nearly told Hope he is Little John's father. John fumed when Marlena asked Roman to check into Belle's accident and later demanded Brady be arrested after Roman reported the train engineer saw the kids on the tracks and thought the boy (Brady) was holding the girl (Belle) down. Jennifer's daughter, Abby, realized Bo is the man her mom is helping. Bo escaped from the pit after Jennifer tossed him a rope, but they first came face to face when she knocked out Declan as he held Bo at gunpoint. Angela told Sami and Brandon that Roberto's confession tape is in a lock box in Salem. Kate worried Sami is getting close to the truth about Franco's death. Nicole threatened to tell the cops Lucas killed Franco unless he forks over the money he promised her.
10/30/00-11/3/00: Brady, who eluded the police, told Victor (his grandfather) how he freed Belle's ankle from the train tracks, but she fell and struck her head. John was livid when Marlena said Roman learned Belle's ankle was bruised and fractured because, she assumed, Brady had tied Belle to the train tracks. Brady secretly spent time with a comatose Belle. Not recognizing a costumed Brady, John attacked Brady when he threatened Marlena with a sword. Kate fumed when Lucas admitted telling Nicole that he killed Franco. Kate noted that they will have to get Victor to sign over his estate to raise the money to pay off Nicole. Jennifer teamed with Bo, who said he would do anything to bring down Stefano. Sami told Angela that Kate, Lucas, and Victor framed her for Franco's murder, then asked Angela for Roberto's confession tape. Rolf urged Hattie to study Marlena's every move so she can "become" Marlena after plastic surgery.

11/6/00-11/10/00: John went into mercenary mode and beat up everyone in sight when Roman tried to arrest Brady for threatening Marlena with the sword. As Brady hoped, John reacted with sympathy after Brady said Roman and Marlena framed him, before he escaped when Roman wanted to question him about Belle. After arguing with John again, Marlena turned to Roman, who admitted he will always love her. Nicole was surprised when Victor said Brady is his grandson. Hope finally got Bo on the phone and told him about Little Johnny's condition, but was upset that Bo nixed leaving Ireland until he gets the goods on Stefano. Jennifer rescued Bo as two thugs were about to kill him. Declan later held Bo and Jennifer at gunpoint. After Marlena said Johnny was born full-term, Hope worried Stefano is her son's father. John comforted Hope, but did not tell her that he is Johnny's father. Moroni warned Brandon better not betray Angela.
11/13/00-11/17/00: Hope was stunned when John said he is Johnny's father. John told Hope that they made love when she thought she was Princess Gina. Unaware Bo already knows, Hope insisted he can never know he is not Johnny's father. Johnny's medical condition improved. John tended Brady, who was beat up. The cops later trapped Brady in the motel where John left him. Belle came out of her coma, but may not be able to clear Brady since she does not remember her accident. After escaping Declan and Walter, Bo, Jennifer, and Abby sailed into the night on a boat owned by Jennifer's friend, Annie. Nicole assured Victor she will not use the fact they made love in the back of his limo against him. Nicole threatened to reveal Lucas killed Franco unless he and Kate meet her blackmail demands. Lucas attacked Kate after Nicole revealed Kate paid her to marry him. Sami is determined to get Roberto's confession tape from Angela.
11/20/00-11/24/00: Because Belle does not remember her accident, John worried Brady will never be cleared of charges he tried to shove her under an oncoming train. Brady went on the run after escaping by stealing a cop car. Roman and Abe looked for Brady after a woman reported giving him a ride. John stole a police scanner in order to track Brady. While Marlena worried Brady would come after Belle, Miles was forced to let Nancy take over her radio talk show. Nancy later taunted Marlena that the show had the highest ratings ever when Nancy hosted. After telling Marlena she knows John is her baby's father, Hope asked Marlena not to tell Bo. Bo and Jennifer realized that before Annie suddenly died, she made sure her boat would sink - killing them. While having a nose job, Hattie had visions of becoming Marlena. Brandon slept with Angela in hopes of getting hold of the tape that could clear Sami of Franco's murder.
11/27/00-12/1/00: Marlena did not believe Belle, who insisted Brady saved her from being killed by a train. Abe shot and wounded Brady when it looked like he was holding what appeared to be a gun. Abe panicked after learning Brady actually had a water pistol some kids had been playing with. Abe worried he had paralyzed Brady for life Belle was upset to see Brady stab his leg with a pen after realizing he is paralyzed. Thanks to the crew of a cruise ship, Bo, Jennifer and Abby were saved from drowning after their boat sank. Jennifer and Bo covered why they were together while being quizzed by Julie and Doug, who were on the cruise. Jennifer later admitted to Julie that she and Jack broke up. Hope covered up after nearly telling Alice that John is Johnny's father. Kate is convinced Victor will marry her now that they made love. Kate insisted to Moroni that Sami and Brandon are after some secret information Angela has.

12/4/00-12/8/00: When Brandon told Fay he saw her and Abe kiss when he was a boy, she admitted she will always love Abe. Fay told Abe about Brandon's confession, but insisted he does not know Fay and Abe had an affair. Brandon was stunned to learn their father used Nicole as a prostitute and that Fay knew about it. Kate began knocking on the door as Nicole was trying to seduce Victor again. Sami lied to Moroni, saying that she has no romantic interest in Brandon, she just wants her son back. Abe was surprised when John forgave him for shooting Brady. Blaming Marlena for Brady's condition, John told her to stay away from the boy. Stefano panicked when Lexie mentioned Marlo, who was J.T.'s (Baby Johnny) real mother. After Bo told Hope about Gina's wedding, Hope told Bo she knows he is not J.T.'s father. Jennifer refused to elaborate on her split with Jack, except to say that something happened while they were in Africa.
12/11/00-12/15/00: Hope assured Bo that Stefano is not J.T.'s father, but kept mum that John is the daddy after Bo said he could not handle John being the baby's father. Marlena nixed attending Hope's wedding after they argued over keeping Bo in the dark that John is J.T.'s father. Hope was relieved John did not tell Bo about J.T.'s parentage. Sami badgered Brandon until he admitted his father beat him and his mother, and that he wants Abe to pay for destroying his family. Abe admitted to Lexie that he and Fay shared a kiss, and an affair, years ago. Craig offered to be there for Brady if he ever wants to talk about his problems. While listening to Craig and Chloe's conversation about her going to Juilliard, Brady taunted Chloe that she can't sing. Shawn comforted Belle, who was worried about Brady. Chloe was jealous to see Shawn and Belle together. Belle tried to talk Chloe out of getting revenge against Jan and Mimi.
12/18/00-12/22/00: Moroni taunted Kate and Victor that he knows Kate and Lucas framed Sami for Franco's murder - because Angela has Roberto's confession tape. John was unable to keep Marlena from temporarily moving out after Belle brought a wheelchair-bound Brady home from the hospital. Belle vowed to take care of Brady until he can walk again. Stefano is convinced that when the time comes, Hattie will be able to impersonate Marlena to a tee. Mimi vowed revenge on Chloe, who got her revenge against Mimi by putting clue in her shampoo bottle. During a surprise bachelor/bachelorette party for Bo and Hope, she begged John not to tell Bo that John is J.T.'s father. John was upset to see Bo bonding with J.T. Lucas signed Nicole's divorce papers, then she taunted that Lucas and Kate will be the ones moving out of Victor's mansion, not her. Stefano was upset when Lexie demanded he tell her the truth about Marlo.
12/25/00-12/29/00: After a series of mishaps, Bo and Hope got to the church and were remarried. Hope kissed John on the cheek and then thanked him for giving her J.T. (and for keeping mum he is the baby's father). Marlena left the wedding reception after Bo accused her of trying to ruin his life and Hope's. Abe warned Sami to beware of Brandon, but she refused because she likes him. Fay was livid when she overheard Brandon tell Benny that when they are through with Abe, he'll be a dead man. Sami warned that Brandon will be furious when he learns Angela gave Roberto's confession tape to her father, Moroni. After spending a fun day together, Belle and Brady were thrilled when he began to regain some feeling in his paralyzed legs. Brady is determined to walk again, even though he was unable to stand. While ice skating, Philip told Chloe that he thinks he is falling in love with her. Mimi and Jan plotted against Chloe. 

1/1/01-1/5/01: After Bo and Hope's wedding reception, Abe and Lexie joined Shawn and Belle, who were skating on the canal. Everyone was stunned when Shawn discovered a body frozen in the ice of the canal. After chipping away some of the ice, Shawn was surprised to see the dead person's hand holding the mysterious can he had thrown into the canal weeks ago. Seeing the body made Lexie recall seeing Marlo lying dead at Stefano's mansion. Fearing she could lose Isaac if the body turned out to be Marlo's, Lexie panicked when Abe said the police will learn the identity of the dead person. Brandon fumed when Sami said Angela gave Roberto's confession tape to Moroni. After a mild heart attack, Moroni insisted Angela (who took back the tape) return to Italy with him where he will have an angioplasty. Brandon was upset Sami rejected his marriage proposal. Austin and Greta are still trapped in virtual reality land.
1/8/01-1/12/01: Stefano said he would take care of everything when Lexie worried she will lose Isaac if the body found in the canal turns out to be Marlo. While Lexie tried to get Roman and Abe to stop searching for the dead woman's identity, Rolf and Bart went to the morgue to get Marlo's body. Abe denied Brandon's accusation that he had an affair with Fay. Sami and Brandon returned to Italy when Angela demanded Brandon marry her right away. Sami and Brandon were upset to see Kate , who offered to help Moroni regain "territory" he lost to Victor in exchange for Roberto's confession tape. Sami was stunned to see Kate kissing Moroni. Brady accused Marlena of not being sorry about what happened to him, and she later told John that she cannot move home because she feels threatened by Brady. Hope almost admitted to Lexie that Bo is not J.T.'s father. Jennifer was mum when Alice said Abby wants to see Jack.
1/15/01-1/19/01: Lexie was horrified Stefano showed her Marlo's body, and said he would use acid to get rid of it for good. Lexie pretended surprise when Abe told her the mysterious body (Marlo) had been stolen from the morgue, but panicked when he said the identity of the body could be found by using photos and measurements the police took of the body. Rolf brought Hattie to see Stefano, who actually thought he was talking to Marlena when they met. Brady was able to stand using crutches, but was angry to see Marlena had been watching his struggle. Marlena went to warn Roman after she heard Brady tell John that he wants to sue Roman and the police department over his being shot by Abe. Kate told Moroni that she wants Victor eliminated permanently during Greta's coronation. Angela insisted Brandon marry her right away so Sami can get the phony confession tape from Moroni. Sami and Brandon spotted Austin and Greta.

1/22/01-1/26/01: Angela let Brandon hear part of Roberto's confession tape. When Moroni played his copy of the tape for Kate, they heard Nancy talking about a grocery list. Sami followed Brandon and Angela to Paris, where they later said their "I dos." When Kate and Moroni arrived at the chapel, Sami fled with the real confession tape, but a bodyguard took it after she crashed her car. Brandon later shared a goodnight kiss with Sami before heading off to spend his honeymoon night with Angela. After meeting Sal, the hitman hired to eliminate Victor, Kate offered him double the money if he also kills Sami. Victor was stunned Nicole thinks Kate put a hit out on him. Stefano told a stunned Lexie that Marlo's body was being dissolved in acid. Shawn nixed getting rid of the mysterious can with the Sanskrit writing on it that was found in Marlo's hand. In public, Brady accused Roman of shooting him.
1/29/01-2/2/01: Sami burst into the room with a gun when Moroni refused to give Roberto's confession tape to Angela. Sami split when she was unable to shoot Moroni. Philip was stunned when Victor revealed Kate tricked him into signing a codicil to his will - giving Kate everything if Victor dies. Kate was in shock after Philip walked in on her and Moroni, who were making love. Not wanting to hurt Philip further, Kate told Moroni to stop the hit on Victor, but it was too late. Moroni put hits on Sami and Brandon after his hitman said he heard Brandon tell Sami he loves her, not Angela. When Angela said there will be a hit during Greta's coronation, Sami suspected the target is Victor. Nicole told Victor about the hit going down at the coronation. Marlena told John, who was not surprised, that Brady is suing Abe, Roman, and the police department over his shooting. Charles made plans for Greta's demise.

2/5/01-2/9/01: Disguised as a waiter, Jack cornered Jennifer during the party for Greta's coronation. When Jennifer vowed not to reconcile with Jack, he stunned her by stating that he doesn't want her back - he just wants their daughter, Abby. Jennifer was upset that Jack said he is going back to Salem with her. Philip told Victor he saw Kate making love to another man (Moroni). Victor told Kate to get out after she admitted having sex with Moroni, but said she loves Victor. Greta's would-be assassin was thwarted when a disguised Sami got in the way. Moroni's hitman, Sal, recognized the disguised Sami as one of his targets. Sal assured Moroni that he would kill Brandon. At the coronation, Hope thanked John for not telling anyone that he, not Bo, is J.T.'s father. At the ball, Mimi was convinced that Shawn loves her, but he is interested only in Belle, who has not been able to tell him she has feelings for him.

2/12/01-2/16/01: Sal drugged Kate to keep her out of the way, then went to the ballroom to carry out orders to kill Victor, Sami, and Brandon. Austin rushed to Greta, who was shot by Charles after she was crowned. Sal and his thugs used the confusion to carry out Moroni's orders, and those shot included John, Angela, Mimi, and Victor. Angela died after taking a bullet meant for Brandon, but got Moroni to give Roberto's confession tape to Brandon. Moroni, who was devastated over Angela's death, also died. To make points with Austin, Sami donated blood for Greta, who survived surgery and will be okay. Marlena worried about John, who was put on a life support system after surgery. Back in Salem, Roman and Abe had to tell Brady about John's condition. Nicole and Philip took a wounded Victor from the ballroom, and Nicole later said Victor died en route to the hospital. Rolf hid his romantic feelings for Hattie.
2/19/01-2/23/01: Chloe comforted Philip over Victor's death. After sharing a kiss with Philip, Chloe told Belle and Shawn about her deep feelings for Philip. Chloe went with Philip when he showed Victor's ashes to Kate, who was furious that he had Victor cremated before she could say goodbye to him. Philip secretly met with Nicole after telling Kate he never wants to see her again. During Philip and Nicole's meeting, a mystery couple stole the suitcase containing Victor's ashes. Kate stormed out when Lucas blasted her for sleeping with Moroni. Sami and Brandon confronted Kate/Lucas with Roberto's confession tape, but Kate vowed to prove in court that the tape is a phony. Kate told Lucas she had Will taken to a safe place where Sami will not find him. John coughed up blood while blasting Marlena for hitting Brady, who goaded her into it. Lexie stunned Abe by ordering him to keep mum that the Jane Doe could be Marlo.
2/26/01-3/2/01: After Victor's lawyer, Gene, told Kate that Victor left everything to Philip, Kate suddenly produced a codicil to Victor's will naming her as his sole beneficiary. While Kate was throwing her weight around Titan, Gene and a very-much-alive Victor were plotting her downfall. Kate denied Philip's accusation that she "killed" Victor. Sami got a court order to confiscate Will's passport after Nicole warned Sami that Lucas might take Will out of the country. Sami rejected Austin's suggestion she share joint custody of Will with Lucas. Bo told Shawn he regrets not knowing his father (Victor) better. John warned Marlena that their marriage will not survive if she keeps threatening Brady. Chloe told Belle that Philip is the first person she ever trusted, but she secretly thinks he is hiding something. Stefano was upset that Lexie admitted talking to Hope about the possibility that the Jane Doe body is Marlo.

3/5/01-3/9/01: Chloe and Philip were about to make love for the first time when she told him she wasn't ready. After a platonic night in the Kiriakis stable with Philip, Chloe was stunned when the supposedly dead Victor walked in on her and Philip the next morning. Furious that Philip kept mum about Victor, Chloe didn't correct Nancy, who thought Philip had raped Chloe. Nicole worried Chloe will blab that Victor is alive. Lexie was angry the police drawing of Marlo appeared on a TV news show. In Chicago, Marlo's old boyfriend recognized her from the drawing. Glen's wife, Barb, warned they are finished if he goes after his and Marlo's child. Lexie panicked to learn a man (Glen) recognized Jane Doe as Marlo. Lucas signed sole custody of Will over to Sami after it was agreed the confession tape would be locked in a vault forever. Belle failed to get Brady to drop his lawsuit against Roman and Abe.
3/12/01-3/16/01: Hope asked Bo to investigate quietly after telling him that Lexie thinks Jane Doe is Isaac's birth mother, Marlo. Bo vowed to nail Stefano if he had anything to do with Jane Doe's death. Unaware that Isaac is really his and Hope's son, Bo was relieved the case has nothing to do with them. Stefano insisted to Lexie that she can tie the case up in court for years if Isaac's father turns up. Glen and Barb headed for Green Mountain Lodge to meet Bo and find out if the dead woman is Marlo and if Glen's baby (Bo and Hope's "son") is alive. Lucas was devastated Sami took Will before Lucas could say goodbye to him. Sami was upset Will kept asking for Lucas. Sami asked Austin to make love to her after overhearing him and Greta talk about the kiss they shared. Chloe told Philip she has not forgiven him for keeping mum Victor was alive, then stunned Philip with the news that Nancy thinks he raped Chloe.
3/19/01-3/23/01: Not believing Chloe's claim that Philip did not rape her, Nancy forced the girl to undergo a rape exam. Chloe vowed never to forgive Nancy after everyone learned the rape test results were negative. After Nicole drugged Kate, Victor terrified Kate by pretending to be a "ghost." After Kate learned Victor is alive, she attacked him with a poker, left him for dead, and set the mansion on fire. Kate was unaware that a drunken Lucas was upstairs in the mansion. At the Green Mountain Lodge, Abe and Lexie were stunned when they learned the man they met, Glen, could be Isaac's (really Hope's baby) father when he said Marlo had been carrying his baby when she took off. Austin regretted making love with Sami, who hoped she had gotten pregnant. Brandon refused to listen to Nicole, who warned him that Sami is going to end up hurting him. Jennifer was upset that Jack wants them to live together for Abby's sake.

3/26/01-3/30/01: Thinking Kate was in the burning mansion, Philip ran in to save her, and then barely made it out after he saw she was already outside. Nicole rescued Victor while Kate assumed he had died in the fire after she bludgeoned him with a poker. Nicole urged Victor to charge Kate with attempted murder. Kate was relieved Roman was able to pull Lucas from the fire, but she worried that he is in a coma and may not make it. Sami told Brandon that Kate and Lucas are getting what they deserve. Philip and Chloe spent a platonic night in the Kiriakis stables. Chloe told Victor she is sorry she let Philip be accused of rape. Nancy is determined to keep Chloe from finding out the identity of her father. Sami was hurt when Austin said sleeping together was a big mistake. Jack pressured Jennifer about living together for Abby's sake. Lexie was upset to see Glen at the police station after believing she was able to convince him to stop looking for his son.

4/2/01-4/6/01: As Bo was advising Abe to tell Glen that Abe and Lexie adopted Marlo's son (whom they think is Isaac), Glen spoke with the nurses on duty when JT and Isaac were born and learned that Marlo's baby (supposedly Isaac) was adopted by Abe and Lexie. Knowing that a DNA match between Glen and Isaac was impossible because he is Hope's son, Stefano told Lexie and Abe that Glen can't take Isaac without a DNA test being done. Hope and Bo were stunned when Barb said JT (who is Marlo and Glen's son) looks like Glen. While Kate worried about a comatose Lucas, Austin kept mum that the fire department is checking out the cause of the mansion fire. When Kate went looking for the poker she hit Victor with, she was stunned to see he is alive. Victor told Kate he plans to ruin her. Jennifer agreed to live with Jack after Abby insisted she wants to be a family. Brandon and Greta were upset to learn Sami and Austin made love.
4/9/01-4/13/01: Brady was furious that Chloe didn't tell him Victor is alive. After a reunion, Victor told Brady that he made Chloe promise to keep mum that he was alive. Victor asked Brady to keep Chloe away from Philip because he thinks the girl is trouble. Chloe got upset when Brady said Philip is not the man for her, and then revealed he went out of town (to check out a rehab facility for Lucas). Kate vowed to show Victor she will survive, and then was stunned to learn he is paying for Lucas to stay in a long-term care facility. Kate and Nicole tangled while Victor told everyone at Titan that Nicole has taken over Kate's job as company head. Austin quit when he learned Nicole is his boss. Lexie vowed to see that Isaac's DNA will not match Glen's after Glen and Barb revealed they know Isaac (really J.T.) is Marlo's baby and demanded to see the boy. Jack warned that he will sue for custody of Abby if Jennifer tries to take her away from him.
4/16/01-4/20/01: Jan and Mimi convinced Kevin to help them cause Chloe to use the school shower by spraying a foul substance on Chloe's hair during chemistry class. Jan and Mimi secretly took photos of Chloe, who had to shower after Kevin accidentally caused an explosion in the chemistry lab. Realizing Lexie doesn't know John is JT's father, Hope admitted she and Marlena know the identity of JT's father, but Bo does not. Brandon, who later plans to use Lexie to further his vendetta against Abe, agreed when she asked him to switch JT's DNA sample so Glen will not be the baby's father. Kate urged Greta to pursue Austin, and Greta vowed Sami will never have Austin. Sami realized Austin was sorry after they made love again, and then was upset that he said he is staying on at Titan. Sami later went out on the town with Brandon. Hope and Jennifer wrongly suspect there is something going on between Jack and Greta.
4/23/01-4/27/01: Roman got Kate, who is working as a diner waitress, to the hospital after she collapsed. Roman was stunned Kate had to apply for Medicaid to pay the hospital bill after learning she may have a fibroid tumor. At the hospital, Kate said goodbye to Lucas, who was being moved to an out-of-state rehab facility - as arranged by Victor and Nicole. Kate warned Fay that Nicole is sleeping with Victor. Unaware that Isaac is not Glen's son, Lexie arranged for Brandon to switch the DNA tests to make sure Glen is not the baby's father. Jennifer recalled a mystery man while Hope and Bo talked about Ireland. Nicole asked Victor to protect her from her father, Paul, and Fay told Abe that Paul will soon be out on parole. Jan and Mimi plotted to put the video they made of Chloe naked in the school shower on the internet. Brady gloated as a hearing on his suit against Abe, Roman, and the police department got started.
4/30/01-5/4/01: After Brandon switched Isaac's DNA sample with J.T.'s, he was stunned to learn that Glen and J.T.'s DNA was an exact match. Lexie was in shock when Brandon revealed the DNA test results to her. Brady was livid when the arbitrator at his hearing found in favor of the policemen, Abe and Roman, who will not lose their cop jobs. Brady vowed that Roman and Marlena will pay for making him lose the lawsuit. Brady later flipped out when John and Marlena said he needs immediate therapy. Jan showed Mimi the webpage she made,, which includes the nude video she made of Chloe. Jan made sure Mimi would be blamed for any trouble over the website. Abby was thrilled when she, Jack, and Jennifer moved into their new house. Jennifer told Hope a man, Colin, changed her life when she was in Ireland. Philip told Kate that he loves her even though she is destitute and working in a diner.

5/7/01-5/11/01: Jennifer confessed to Hope that she fell in love with Colin and followed him to Ireland, but he refused to have anything to do with her. It was revealed that Colin is Grandpa Shawn's nephew. Jennifer was in no hurry to get home to Jack after Abby called her at Hope's. Greta noted Jack is a good father to Abby. Stefano played dumb while Lexie figured out that Isaac and J.T. had been switched at birth, and then panicked that she will lose Isaac once Hope learns he is really her baby. Bart told Rolf that Stefano doesn't want anyone killed because of his plot to see that Lexie keeps Isaac. Hope lied to Bo about his suspicion that John is J.T.'s father is wrong. Bo got upset when John later asked about J.T., and John was upset Marlena nixed telling Bo the truth. Brandon told Fay he will kill his father, Paul, if he gets out of jail and comes near her. Victor said he will protect Nicole from Paul.
5/14/01-5/18/01: Abe slammed the door on Glen, who said he is the only father Isaac will ever know. On Stefano's orders, Rolf and Bart set bombs in various places in Salem to cover for the bomb set to destroy the lab - and Isaac's DNA sample - so that Glen will never know he is J.T.'s father - and thus Lexie will not lose Isaac. One of Rolf's bombs went off outside the Tuscany restaurant while half the town was inside eating. Another bomb blew out a bridge just as Jennifer approached it on her way home. Nancy was rushed to the hospital after arguing with Chloe, and then had an apparent heart attack. John urged Bo to forget about finding out who fathered J.T. Marlena was upset that Hope wants to tell Bo that John is J.T.'s father (really Isaac's dad). At the diner, Sami humiliated Kate, who later had severe abdominal cramps. Jack got Greta to his home on false pretenses because he wanted Jennifer to find them together.
5/21/01-5/25/01: After the bridge explosion, Jack found Jennifer trapped in her car, which was hanging off part of the bridge. Jack and Jennifer were mortified when J.T. fell out of the car and into the water below while still strapped in his car seat. An unsuccessful search was launched for J.T. Hope, Bo (and John, who thinks he fathered J.T.) were devastated over the fact that J.T. might be dead. Barb and Glen, who survived the bombing at the DNA lab and were by the river, saw the baby's car seat and Glen pulled it to shore. Glen thought J.T. was Isaac because he was in Isaac's car seat. Chloe, who was by the river with Philip, saw someone (Glen) pull something (J.T.) from the water. Maggie suspected Stefano was behind the bombings even though he saved her from a car bomb. Stefano worried when an injured Lexie kept saying the babies had been switched. Nancy was humiliated to learn her "heart attack" was indigestion.
5/28/01-6/1/01: Lexie covered with Nancy after Stefano revealed Nancy had overheard a delirious Lexie say the babies had been switched. Stefano and Lexie then learned JT was missing. While the police told Hope and Bo someone may have taken JT if he survived the fall from the bridge, Glen and Barb had the baby in their car. John kept mum that he is JT's father (he thinks) when Bo suggested Stefano caused the bombings in Salem to cover so he could kidnap JT. When Hope visited Lexie in the hospital, she was unable to tell Hope that Isaac is Hope's child, not JT. Chloe went to the cops when she realized she had seen Glen rescue JT from the river, but Glen and Barb escaped from the police with the baby. Brandon refused when Lexie asked him to keep mum about her admission that JT is really Hope's baby. After Philip convinced Chloe to talk to Nancy, she admitted she hates Nancy because she gave her up at birth.

6/4/01-6/8/01: Bo realized Glen and Barb took JT after Shawn mentioned the baby's kidnappers matched their descriptions. Barb panicked when she saw Bo and Hope on TV pleading for JT's return, then saw her and Glen's photos on the screen. Stefano fumed when he learned Lexie told Brandon that Isaac is really Hope's son, and that Marlo was JT's mother. Stefano told Lexie to let him take care of everything when she worried Glen would do a DNA test on JT, learn he is the baby's father, and thus reveal that Isaac is Hope's son. Because she (lied) that she loves him, Rolf decided not to kill Hattie, who admitted seeing a body (Marlo's) at the DiMera mansion. Later, Rolf decided Hattie must die because she told Roman and Bo about the body. Roman suspects Stefano was trying to turn Hattie into Marlena. Marlena was upset when John said he is going to keep the memories of his dead wife Isabella alive for Brady's sake.
6/11/01-6/15/01: Stefano convinced Lexie that to keep Isaac, she would have to leave town with him. John burst into the DiMera mansion and demanded to know where "his" son, JT, was, but then told Lexie the boy is not his son. Stefano grabbed a gun and threatened to shoot Lexie when Bo, Roman, and the cops burst into the mansion to arrest him after Hattie's story about seeing a body (Marlo's) in the mansion. Stefano escaped after he wounded John. Shawn and Belle told everyone that they saw Stefano dressed like he was headed for Hawaii. Glen and Barb returned JT to Hope and Bo after Bo said they would not be charged with kidnapping. Glen and Barb were later arrested on Roman's orders. At JT's welcome home party, Lexie kept mum that Isaac is really Hope's son. Hattie freaked when she heard Bart telling Rolf not to kill her. Brady was touched when Marlena gave him a photo of John, Isabella, and Brady when he was a baby.
6/18/01-6/22/01: Rolf sent Bart away after he told him he did not go through with Stefano's orders to kill Hattie. After he told Hattie that he loved her, Rolf urged her to tell the police she was mistaken about seeing a body in the DiMera mansion. Thinking he was about to nail Stefano, Bo fumed when Hattie (lied) that the "body" she saw was a Halloween decoration. Glen admitted to Bo and Roman that Marlo had mentioned Stefano's name. Lexie promised John that she wouldn't tell anyone he fathered Hope's baby. (He thinks he did). Abe was suspicious when Lexie agreed to let Glen perform a DNA test on Isaac because she "knew" the DNA wouldn't match. Greta and Brandon agreed Sami and Austin don't belong together. Greta told Alice she was ready to see her father. Brady overheard Jan and Mimi making plans to get Chloe at the Last Blast Dance. After he got Brady to spy on Chloe and Philip, Victor ordered Nicole to go to the Last Blast with Brady.
6/25/01-6/29/01: Hope was stunned when John said Lexie knew Bo is not JT's father, and that Stefano knew JT is John's son. Desperately wanting to regain her memory, Hope pleaded with John to tell her about the time they made love when she thought she was Princess Gina, but he refused. After a call from Stefano, Lexie convinced Abe to move into the DiMera mansion so that she won't lose Isaac. Rolf told Bart about Stefano's plan to raise Isaac to take over his empire, which won't happen if anyone learns Isaac is Hope's son. A letter arrived at Glen and Barb's Chicago home that showed DNA test results proved JT is Glen and Marlo's son. Colin called and told Grandpa Shawn he is returning to Salem. Hattie threatened Marlena, who was distressed that Hattie looks like her deceased evil twin sister Samantha. Jan plotted to show X-rated photos of Chloe at the Last Blast Dance. Jack is determined to win Jennifer back.

7/2/01-7/6/01: At the Last Blast dance, Jan convinced Mimi to put the nude slide of Chloe into the slide projector. A suspicious Brady saw Mimi toying with the slide projector, but did not find the slide of Chloe. Later, everyone was horrified when the slide of a naked Chloe in the (school) shower appeared on the big screen. Brady denied it when John noted chemistry between Brady and Chloe. Brady also denied Nicole's suggestion that he and Chloe are involved. Also during the dance, Philip was humiliated when Kate showed up in a tattered second-hand dress. With her dress falling apart, Kate (who is sure Philip will get Victor to give her some money) agreed to Philip's plea that she leave. Although he refused to tell Hope about her life as Princess Gina, John promised to protect her from Stefano. Roman was suspicious when he saw Hope and John talking. Hope agreed to let John spend time with JT.
7/9/01-7/13/01: Philip dumped Chloe after he accused her of setting up the website and selling nude photos of herself. Later, Philip tried to apologize after he learned that Jan and Mimi put the nude pictures of Chloe in the school shower into the projector during the Last Blast. After she learned that Jan and Mimi were behind her nude pictures, Chloe wanted them prosecuted. Mimi, who had already ratted on Jan, fumed when Jan tried to pin the nude picture caper on her. The assistant D.A. wants to throw the book at Mimi and Jan. Abe hates having to live in Stefano's mansion, but Lexie enjoys the fancy lifestyle. Barb lied to Glen that she never received the separate DNA test they had done on Isaac, and then searched for the test results in the trash. Meanwhile, Lexie said she would never give up Isaac. Jennifer vowed to find a ruby pendant Tom gave Alice years ago after Alice said it had been stolen in a jewelry store heist.
7/16/01-7/20/01: After reading the results of a DNA test Glen had done, Barb realized that JT is Glen's son, and that Isaac and JT had been switched at birth. Lexie worried to Brandon that Barb and Glen already know that JT is Glen and Marlo's son. Brandon, who has a thing for Lexie, insisted he would be there for her because Abe wasn't. Assistant district attorney Larson is determined to nail Jan and Mimi for their stunt with the nude photos of Chloe. Philip sent Chloe an apology video, but she didn't rush to forgive him for accusing her of selling nude photos of herself on the internet. After Jennifer decided to find Alice's lost ruby, Belle, Shawn, and Chloe found a key to a locker in the mysterious can Shawn had found in the lake. The locker contained photos of stolen jewelry, including Alice's ruby. Paul, who is on parole, remembered burying the can before he went to jail, and then he learned Mimi and her friends found the can.
7/23/01-7/27/01: Jack assured Greta he is not spending time with her to make Jennifer jealous. Jennifer fumed when Jack wanted to know if she had a man in her life while she was in Ireland. While Jennifer was thinking about Colin, he was in Salem. Colin rejected the offer of his uncle, Grandpa Shawn, to stay at the pub. After Chloe told the court she didn't want the book thrown at Jan and Mimi, the judge ordered the girls to spend the summer on a school environmental trip, and to work as janitors at the school during their senior year. Jan showed no remorse for posting Chloe's nude photos on the web. After Paul heard Shawn talk about retrieving Alice's stolen ruby, Paul vowed to get to that, and the other stolen jewels, before Shawn and his pals do. Paul beat the kids to Puerto Rico, the site of their environmental trip, and where Paul's treasure is. Hope told Bo she wanted to know about her past as Princess Gina.
7/30/01-8/3/01: Grandpa Shawn said he will never reveal his secret about Ireland after Bo bugged him about making a return trip to Ireland. Colin introduced Grandpa Shawn to his fiancee, Elizabeth, who refused to stay at the Brady cabin while in Salem. Elizabeth took an interest in Bo when they met outside the Brady Pub. Colin had flashbacks to the time he spent in Africa with Jennifer, who had flashbacks about seeing Colin outside a pub in Ireland. Jennifer was upset with Jack when he kissed her at Abby's request. Jennifer insisted to Jack it's over between them, then was stunned when he said he loves her. Hope quizzed Greta about Gina, then asked if John is Greta's father, but Greta didn't get a chance to answer. Posing as the boat captain, Paul took Shawn, Belle, Mimi, and others to an island near Puerto Rico. Paul ran the boat aground when the real captain came on deck, and Mimi ended up falling overboard.

8/6/01-8/10/01: Jack told Jennifer he loves her and wants to start over, but she refused to reconcile their marriage. Later outside the Blue Note, Jennifer heard Colin's voice, but she didn't see him. Jennifer drove Greta home after Jack took Greta out to make Jennifer jealous. Jennifer had more flashbacks about Colin, who shared a table at the Blue Note with an unwitting Greta. Belle and Jan saved Mimi, who fell overboard when Paul grounded the boat taking them to the island. Paul, who is illiterate, tried to get info on the treasure's whereabouts from Belle, Shawn, Philip, and Mimi. Shawn and Paul later learned that the first clue to the treasure is out at sea. Mimi warned Shawn to stay away from Jan, who realized he cared about her when he warned her not to get caught drinking with Jason. Nicole told Brandon of Paul's interest in Shawn. Stefano warned Rolf not to turn Hope back into Princess Gina.
8/13/01-8/17/01: Lexie told Hope that John asked her to keep mum that she knew he was JT's father. Hope decided not to tell Bo that John is JT's father after recalling Bo's threat to kill John if he was the boy's father. Lexie insisted to Rolf that Hope will never realize JT and Isaac were switched at birth because she is concentrating on finding out about her past as Princess Gina. Philip tried to save Shawn, who got stuck after diving into the water to get the first clue to (Paul's) treasure. Paul saved Philip from drowning and stole the clue, but he had to have it read to him because he is illiterate. Shawn and Philip were suspicious of Paul, who said the second clue is on a cliff. Brady and Chloe got closer after she talked about her upset over the deaths of her adoptive parents. Victor continued plotting against Kate, even though he gave her money at Philip's request. Craig nixed giving Colin a job at University Hospital. Jennifer can't forget Colin.
8/20/01-8/24/01: John told Hope that he remembers how Stefano was once like a father to him but he can't remember very much about his relationship with Princess Gina, except that they were in love. Hope told John that he is off base with is suspicion that Stefano is Greta's father. Lexie warned Rolf not to act on his plan to kidnap Hope in order to manipulate the microchip he implanted in her brain years ago. Hope insisted Bo is the only man for her when he worried she might become involved again with the man who is JT's father. John told Marlena no one can break them up when she worried about him helping Hope remember her past as Gina. Colin told Elizabeth they will be staying in Salem if he gets a hospital job. Unaware of their past, Greta thinks Colin is the man for Jennifer. Jan was upset that Paul wanted to take nude photos of her. Paul told the kids the next clue to (his) treasure involves rock climbing.
8/27/01-8/31/01: Lexie panicked when Bo quizzed her about Hope's theory that JT and Isaac were switched at birth. Lexie was eavesdropping when Bo talked to a nurse who said JT and another baby had been in the wrong bassinets the night JT and Isaac were born. Lexie insisted to Brandon that Isaac will always be her son. Nancy was excited when Craig considered giving Colin a hospital job. In a therapy session, Jennifer told Marlena she isn't sure she wants to get involved with Jack again. Jack lied to Greta (who wondered why he isn't interested in her romantically) that he is gay, but he panicked when she wanted to discuss it with Jennifer. Brady was furious when John considered giving Kate (who applied under a false name) a job at his new company, Basic Black. After climbing a rock face, Shawn found the clue that leads to the treasure location. Shawn, Belle, et al., kept mum to Paul that they located the treasure.

9/3/01-9/7/01: Paul raped Jan after conning her into thinking he wanted to help her launch a movie career. Shawn punched Paul after learning what he did to Jan, who alter made Shawn promise not to tell anyone. Belle tailed Philip and Shawn, who decided to enter a cave and get the treasure on their own. The kids were unaware Paul was watching them and letting them risk their lives to find the jewels he hid before he went to prison for theft. Nicole was upset to learn that Fay kept mum about knowing Paul was in town. Victor wanted to go after the kids as soon as Nicole revealed Paul was on the island with them. Hope asked Bo to end his investigation of the hospital nursery, so Bo told an upset Hope that Isaac and JT had not been switched at birth. Alice thinks Hope should forget her past as Princess Gina. Victor got upset when John said he gave Kate a job. Belle thanked Shawn for realizing they were not ready to make love.
9/10/01-9/14/01: After having a nightmare about a baby switch, Bo awoke and told Hope he thinks JT and Isaac were switched at birth. Bo told Hope they need a DNA test to prove that JT is Hope's child, but she refused, insisting she would know he wasn't her son. Lexie refused to go on a dinner date with Hope and Bo until Bo forgets about his baby switch situation. After getting a bag of jewels from Shawn, Paul shoved Shawn, Philip, and Belle in the cavern to die. Philip regained consciousness and stabbed Paul in the shoulder. On the island, Shawn found the treasure, but he put the red ruby in his pocket. Brady, Chloe, and Nicole insisted on going with Victor to Puerto Rico. After running into a hurricane, Victor and those with him barely made it to the island alive. After everyone was safe, Brady was upset when Chloe said she still cares about Philip. Elizabeth is not happy that Colin hopes to get a job at University Hospital.
9/17/01-9/21/01: A panicked Lexie assured Hope that the hospital has strict security after learning that Bo wanted Hope and JT to have DNA tests to prove/disprove whether JT is really Hope's son. Hope told Lexie, who yelled at her for picking up a crying Isaac, that she considers herself the baby's second mother. While looking for a way out of the cavern they were trapped in, Shawn saved Belle from a snake. Belle was buried in dirt after she, Philip, and Shawn tried to dig their way out of the cavern via a caved-in shaft. Mimi and Chloe followed Brady, who headed for the island where Belle was last seen. Victor gave Nicole a gun to protect herself from Paul. An ailing Jan took off when the doctor said she has an infection and needs a gynecological exam. Jan had a nervous breakdown after confronting Paul (who had raped her) who accused her of giving him a disease. Jack threw Jennifer a surprise birthday party.
9/24/01-9/28/01: Nicole shot Paul after he admitted raping Jan, then taunted Nicole. Paul was shot again when he tried to take the gun away from Nicole. Nicole was arrested after a little girl told the cops she saw Nicole shoot Paul. After seeing Paul's body in the gutter, Victor told Nicole he would dispose of it, but later the body was missing. Shawn and Philip struggled to rescue Belle, who survived a cave-in. Despite the approaching hurricane, Brady used a jet ski to reach the island where Belle, Shawn, and Philip are trapped. Chloe and Mimi followed Brady. Mimi learned that Paul gave her gonorrhea and that she will also have to be tested for the HIV virus. Jack asked Jennifer to remarry him after insisting he is a changed man, but became upset that she rejected his proposal. Rolf made plans to transmit Gina's memories into Hope's mind. Austin told Greta they can not be together because of his past with Sami.

10/1/01-10/5/01: Paul rescued Belle and then forced Shawn to give him Alice's ruby, which Belle grabbed when Paul shoved her back into the cavern. Belle dropped the ruby in the water. Paul and Brady, who came to rescue Belle, fought over a gun. After Paul escaped, Brady rescued Belle and Shawn, who nearly drowned in the cavern. Brady also pulled Philip from the water, but he was near death. After getting Nicole out of jail, Victor took a helicopter to the island and then had Philip flown to a hospital. Victor allowed Chloe to see a comatose Philip, who suddenly had spasms during flashbacks of being in the cavern. Kate was desperate to get to Philip after learning of his condition. Hope was relieved when Shawn phoned to say he was OK. Jack and Jennifer came close to making love. The arrival of a group of reporters interrupted a drunken Greta before she could tell Jennifer about Jack's (supposed) homosexuality.
10/8/01-10/12/01: Nicole tailed Brady, who went looking for Paul after Belle admitted Paul had threatened to rape her. After arriving in Puerto Rico, John joined Brady in his search for Paul, whom they found at a hospital having a wound treated. Paul dropped his gun during a struggle with John. While Paul held a knife to Nicole's throat, Brady motioned for Jan to pick up the gun. After surgery to remove the three bullets Jan fired into him, Paul regained consciousness and asked to see Nicole. Kate and Victor called a truce after Philip came out of his coma. A drunken Greta passed out after mentioning Jack's "problem" (his supposed homosexuality) to Jennifer. Jack later lied to Jennifer that he and Greta were going to Las Vegas to get married, but he's really leaving in hopes of getting a job. Lexie and Rolf plotted to tamper with Hope's memory (via the microchip in her brain) during a "mother of the year" party for Hope.
10/15/01-10/19/01: Before collapsing and dying, Paul tried to strangle Nicole. Nicole admitted to John that Paul had abused her when she was young. Brandon was happy when Nicole told him Paul was dead. Nicole was upset with Fay, who was devastated by Paul's death despite how badly he always treated her. Unaware that Paul had raped Jan, everyone thought she was traumatized because she feels responsible for Paul's death (because she shot him). Jan leaned on Shawn, who knows about her rape. Belle wondered if Brady was right when he suspected something is going on between Jan and Shawn. After returning home with Philip, Kate was convinced that Victor will dump Nicole and reconcile with her. Colin drove a drunken Greta home after she was brought to the hospital. Jack believes he can win Jennifer back by using Greta to make her jealous. Bo didn't believe Colin, who said he knows nothing about the DiMeras in Ireland.
10/22/01-10/26/01: Jennifer and Colin came close to seeing each other. Later, Colin assumed Jennifer had reconciled with Jack when Marlena said Jennifer had returned to Salem with Jack and Abby. Because he was attracted to Greta, Jack refused when she wanted to use him to practice being sexy. Greta's friend, Ivan, refused when she tried to set him up on a "date" with Jack, but agreed that his assistant, Harold, could introduce Jack to gay life. Belle worried that there is something going on between Shawn and Jan. Shawn got Jan to see a shrink, Peg, but Jan refused when Peg advised her to tell her parents about her rape. Philip vowed to get Chloe back after Belle said she heard Chloe say she loved Philip while he was unconscious after his near drowning. Nicole and Austin got closer after discussing Paul's death. Sami was upset that Austin ignored her attempt to seduce him. Belle nixed telling Marlena about her sex life.
10/29/01-11/2/01: Bo is not happy with Hope's determination to learn all she can about Princess Gina and about her own life during the time she thought she was Gina. Hope covered when Bo brought up the subject of JT's biological father. Lexie doesn't want Hope to find out about the baby switch, but told Rolf that she doesn't want him to harm Hope. Barb decided to secretly investigate after Glen said he doesn't believe the DNA test that proved he did not father Marlo's baby. Greta arranged for Harold to meet Jack while she and Jack were on a "date." Jack was stunned when Greta had Harold (who was smitten with Jack) join them for dinner. Jack was jealous when he saw Jennifer enjoying herself on a date with Brandon. Colin couldn't stop thinking about Jennifer. When Jan got ill, she worried she might be pregnant. Chloe reminded Philip that she is his ex-girlfriend when he accused Brady of coming on to her.

11/5/01-11/9/01: Jennifer was stunned when Hope told her Colin was in Salem, and at that very moment he was at the Brady Pub. Jennifer was upset to learn that Colin is planning to marry Elizabeth, and he said he and Jennifer were just friends. Barb, who said she knows Hope and Bo have Glen's biological son, is blackmailing Lexie. Lexie confided in Rolf, who said Barb must be "eliminated." Jack refused when Greta finally got it through his head that Harold is gay and he wants a date with Jack. Greta later agreed to try to get Harold and Jack together a second time. While Hope wondered why John won't help her remember her past as Gina, he was remembering their past romance when she thought she was Gina. When Nicole asked if Paul had hurt Jan, the girl ran off and was hit by a car. Colin examined Jan, who wasn't badly injured, but she refused to talk when Colin suspected she had been raped.

11/12/01-11/16/01: Greta arranged another meeting between Jack and Harold, but Jack walked Greta past Harold and went to Jennifer. Greta realized Jack (who lied that he is gay) has never made love with a man. Jack was disappointed that when Jennifer said she didn't want to lose him, she meant as a friend. Jack walked Jennifer home, but secretly fumed when he realized Jennifer hit it off with Brandon. In front of Brandon, Lexie threatened to kill Barb before she lets her tell Glen and Hope about the baby switch. Glen, who had been fired from his job, believed Barb's story about why Lexie "gave" them money she owed them. Lexie was stunned that Barb said she is pregnant, and she and Glen are moving to Salem. Elizabeth realized Bo wants information on the DiMera factory in Ireland. Sami was thrilled Austin let her pick out an engagement ring. Philip was upset Victor nixed kicking Nicole out and letting Kate move in with them.
11/19/01-11/23/01: When Barb demanded money to keep quiet about the baby switch, Rolf wanted to "eliminate" Barb, but Lexie refused, then gave her part of the money. Later, Barb was mugged by a slasher who cut her throat. A hospitalized Barb blamed Lexie, who insisted she had nothing to do with the mugging (as Rolf did). John told Hope that if she were to remember what happened when she was Gina it would ruin too many lives. John got Hope to consider letting him remove the microchip Stefano had implanted in her brain, because it could allow Stefano to turn her into Gina at any time. Lexie agreed to let Rolf turn Hope back into Gina after she learned of Bo's determination to destroy Stefano. Hope nixed using Elizabeth to help Bo get Stefano. Elizabeth vowed revenge against Bo after Colin told her never to mention Stefano's name again. Marlena was stunned that John said he is a killer.
11/26/01-11/30/01: On their second date, Jennifer went to Brandon's pad, but when things heated up between them, he accept that she wasn't ready to get romantic. After Greta got Jack drunk on tequila and offered him a massage, she let Harold secretly take over. After realizing Harold was giving him a massage, Jack flipped and announced he will never date a man. Jack agreed to forgive Greta if she never sets him up with a man again. Brady was hurt that after he told Chloe he had feelings for her, she went off with Philip. Brady was unaware that Chloe and Philip had been kicked out of the movie theater when they argued. Brady later saved Chloe, who was nearly kidnapped by two thugs. Lexie told Rolf she is ready to go ahead with plans to turn Hope back into Gina. Rolf covered when Abe overheard part of a conversation in which Rolf told Lexie he did not attack Barb. Lexie later told Rolf to "take care" of Barb.

12/3/01-12/7/01: Lexie began to panic when John suspected that something will go wrong at her Mother of the Year party for Hope. Rolf assured Lexie nothing will happen to Hope when he activates the microchip that will turn her memories into Gina's. Rolf kept mum that the machine used to activate the chip in Hope's head could kill her. John assured Marlena that whatever happens (during the party), he will loves her. Bo confessed to Hope that he's worried John may be right about something bad happening at her party. Even though she had flashes of Gina's memories, Hope refused John's offer to remove the microchip from her head. After Barb and Glen crashed Hope's party, Rolf told Lexie he would "take care" of the duo. Later, Rolf aimed a gun at Barb. After accepting Austin's formal marriage proposal, Sami plotted to upstage Hope by announcing her engagement at Hope's party. Brady is upset Chloe is still hung up on Philip.
12/10/01-12/14/01: At her Mother of the Year party, Hope was upset when she began remembering her past as Gina. While Rolf was secretly using the machine that caused the microchip in Hope's head to turn her back into Princess Gina, John convinced her to let him remove the chip. Hope recalled making love to John on a submarine (during the time he disappeared while honeymooning with Marlena). Also during the party, Barb demanded Lexie pay her blackmail money immediately or she will tell Hope about the baby switch. Jennifer took off after running into Colin at the party. Alice and Julie realized Colin is the mystery man Jennifer met while in Africa. Victor told Kate that he will help Philip, but he will not let Kate move back into his mansion. Jack was thrilled when Brandon abandoned Jennifer during the party. Chloe told Brady that she doesn't want Philip back. Shawn and Belle were trapped in a secret room at the DiMera mansion.
12/17/01-12/21/01: Bo beat up John when he saw him kissing Hope, who insisted it was because she was remembering her time as Gina. Bo was furious when Hope and John (and Marlena) admitted JT is John's son (which is what they believe). Bo admitted to John that he would not have been able to raise JT if he had known all along the boy is John's. Lexie pretended innocence when Hope suspected she had set Hope up. After overhearing the truth about JT, Brady convinced Chloe not to tell Belle or Shawn the boy is John's son. Rolf shot a dart into Barb's neck, causing her to pass out, when she would have blabbed to everyone at the party about the baby switch. A groggy Barb clued Glen in about the baby switch. Shawn told Belle that he loves her. Jennifer discussed her feelings for Jack, Colin, and Brandon with Julie. Nicole told Brandon that she gave up on true love years ago when he suggested she find someone she can really love.
12/24/01-12/28/01: Roman told Sami that he is anxious to give her away after she revealed her engagement to Austin. Later, Sami was not pleased to note the closeness between Austin and Nicole while they were working together. Nicole taunted that Sami will never get Austin to walk down the aisle. Nicole warned Austin that he will be in trouble if he lets Kate steal their new "Permalash" account. Sami refused when Roman wanted her to let Kate spend time with Will. After learning that John is JT's father (they think), Bo assured Hope that he will honor his commitment to her, but said that his love for her is over. Bo can't forget that Hope kept him in the dark about John being JT's father. Hope reminded Bo that he had married Gina when he thought she was Hope. After admitting to Abe that Barb is blackmailing her, Lexie lied about intending to pay Barb off to save Bo and Hope's marriage. Marlena decided to tell Belle that JT is her brother.

12/31/01-1/4/02: Lexie fainted after Barb said she told Glen that Bo and Hope have his son, JT. Pretending she Just found out, Lexie later told Abe that Isaac is really Hope's son, and JT Is Glen's son. Abe promised to do whatever it takes to keep Isaac, but nixed letting Lexie go on the run with the boy. While Bo said he suspected a baby switch, Hope and John refused to believe the baby switch happened. All involved were ordered to have DNA tests to prove JT's parentage. Marlena was stunned when John said he had a DNA test done that showed JT was his son. SamI failed to convince Austin that they should move out of town after they married "for Will's sake." Sami was angry Jennifer thinks something is going on between Austin and Nicole. While Austin wants Kate at their wedding, Sami doesn't plan to invite her. Abe and Fay vowed they would always help each other. Jack worried he and Jennifer won't get back together.

1/7/02-1/11/02: Shawn was shocked when Jen blurted out that she is pregnant by Paul, and that she Is going to Chicago for an abortion but needs Shawn's help. Mickey advised Bo and Hope to undergo DNA tests to determine JT's parentage, then was stunned to learn John (not Bo) Is (supposedly) JT's father. Hope softened toward Glen, who said he just wants to know if JT is his son, and wants the child to know that Glen didn't abandon him. Hope is hopeful that Glen will let her continue to raise JT. Belle refused to have anything to do with John after being told he (supposedly) is JT's father. Bo told Abe that he thinks Lexie has known about the baby switch all along. Nicole confronted Fay about never having protected Nicole from her abusive stepfather, Paul. Victor told Nicole to move out after he and Philip argued over her.
1/14/02-1/18/02: Shawn was stunned when Bo and Hope told him that JT and Isaac may have been switched at birth, and that John (supposedly) is JT's father. Shawn also learned that Glen thinks he is JT's father, and that everyone involved is undergoing DNA tests to prove the baby's parentage. Shawn blew it with Glen when he threatened to kill him if he tries to take JT. Hope and Bo were upset when Roman warned Glen could get custody of JT if the DNA matches. Worried about losing her blackmail money from Lexie, Barb tried to talk Glen out of trying for custody of JT. D.A. Cameron took a bribe from Lexie, then tried to talk Glen out of seeking custody of JT. John realized that Stefano may have orchestrated the baby switch because he fathered Hope's baby and wanted Lexie to raise him. Colin pumped Greta for info on Jennifer. Kate assured Philip she will get Victor back, as well as her job at Titan.

1/21/02-1/25/02: Sami was livid when Brady taunted that she will never get Austin down the marital aisle. Sami has no intention of honoring her promise to Austin that she will take Will to see his father, Lucas. Hope was devastated when the DNA tests showed that Glen is JT's biological father. Lexie worried that Hope will come after Isaac if she loses JT to Glen. Lexie panicked when John accused her of knowing about the baby switch from the start. Shawn and Belle took JT and ran away. John also suspects that Stefano fathered Hope's baby, then switched the babies so Lexie could raise Isaac. Jennifer refused to have anything to do with Colin when they had a chance meeting. After Victor kicked her out, Nicole evicted Greta from her apartment. Jack was surprised that Jennifer (who thinks there is no romance between him and Greta) agreed that Greta could move in with them. Shawn got Jan to stall her abortion plans.
1/28/02-2/1/02: Lexie went along with Rolf's suggestion that she let Shawn, Belle, and JT hide in a secret room in the DiMera mansion. After Lexie revealed the whereabouts of the kids, Shawn and Belle were surprised when John and Bo came to get them. Lexie panicked when John warned that if Isaac turns out to be his son, he will never let her raise the boy. Marlena was angry when Hope refused to discuss her memories of the time she thought she was Gina, and about Gina's (Hope) affair with John. Marlena is upset that there is still a bond between John and Hope. A comatose Lucas moved his hand when Kate told him Will would soon be coming to visit him. Sami was surprised that Austin immediately made plane reservations for all of them after she agreed that Will could visit Lucas. Jack nearly admitted to Jennifer that he's gay (he's not really) when she said that Greta revealed his "secret." Nicole urged Brandon to dump Jennifer.
2/4/02-2/8/02: Kate attacked Sami after she told an unconscious Lucas that she wished he was dead. Sami worried that Austin won't marry her after Kate told him that Sami wants Lucas to die. Austin, Kate and Sami were stunned to see Lucas' eyes flutter after Will sneaked into the room to see him. Worried that Kate will try to take Will away from her, Sami reluctantly agreed that Will could visit Lucas for a few more days after Lucas gave more signs of coming out of his coma. Hope was livid when the judge granted Glen visitation rights to JT. Barb is not thrilled about Glen's determination to raise JT. Lexie panicked when Abe wanted DNA tests done on all four of the babies born the same night as JT and Isaac. Greta told Jack to tell Jennifer that he 's gay (he's not really) or she will. Shawn reluctantly agreed to help Jen, who said she had arranged for an abortion. Chloe fainted after Philip said that he loves her, then kissed her.
2/11/02-2/15/02: Philip took Chloe home after her fainting spell. Chloe refused Nancy's suggestion that she have a physical after Nancy found her on her bed, bleeding and unconscious. After another dizzy spell, Chloe wondered if she might have a major problem. While Philip was telling Chloe that he loves her, Cynthia was plotting to keep them apart. Determined to find out if he is Isaac's father, John tied up Lexie, then took a DNA sample from the boy. Marlena was shocked to later learn that Isaac is not John's biological son. John and Marlena suspect that Stefano is Isaac's father. Lucas woke up long enough to say Will's name, then went unconscious again. Sami refused when Kate wanted her to extend Will's stay since the boy could speed up Lucas' recovery. Shawn was relieved when Jan was unable to go through with her plans for an abortion. Shawn agreed to marry Jan and lie that he is her baby's father.
2/18/02-2/22/02: Hope was a wreck until Glen and Barb returned JT after Glen's court ordered visitation with the boy. Barb kept mum to the social worker that she doesn't want Glen to try for custody of JT. Hope, Bo, and Shawn were upset that Glen said that he won't leave town without JT. After getting hold of DNA samples from Hope and Isaac, Marlena and John revealed that DNA tests prove that Hope is Isaac's mother, and that neither John nor Stefano is the boy's father. Hope was upset to learn that she slept with a third man during the time Stefano programmed her to be Gina. Abe worried when Lexie warned that he better be ready to do "what's necessary" for them to keep Isaac. After Sami refuse to let Will stay with Lucas, Kate vowed to get custody of Will and to destroy Sami's relationship with Austin. Kate brought Lucas, who is in and out of consciousness, back to Salem. Jennifer vowed to prove to Greta that Jack is not gay.
2/25/02-3/1/02: Austin was stunned to see Lucas and Kate, who said that the two were moving in with him. Sami was furious when Austin refused to throw Lucas and Kate out on their ears. Kate accused Sami of endangering Will's life after the boy crawled out onto the fire escape to Austin's place. He did this to see Lucas, because Sami refused to let him go. Kate was upset that Austin agreed to marry Sami so quickly. Bo and Hope were in shock after Shawn lied that he got Jan pregnant. Jan insisted that she wants her baby even though her mother said that she would not charge Shawn with rape if Jan had an abortion. Bo and Hope told Shawn that their only chance of keeping JT is if Glen doesn't go for custody of the boy. Lexie faked shock when Abe said that Isaac is Hope's son, but she really was shocked to learn that neither Stefano nor John is Isaac's father. Greta had to admit that Jack is attracted to Jennifer, who vowed to prove to Greta that Jack is not gay.

3/4/02-3/8/02: Belle was devastated when Shawn lied that he got Jan pregnant. Shawn was upset that he can't tell Belle that he isn't the father of Jan's baby because of his promise to Jan. Bo and Hope weren't hopeful when Mickey said that Glen, if he spends more time with the baby, may realize that JT belongs with them. Mickey urged Bo and Hope to face the fact it would be easier on JT while he is a baby if the court gives him to Glen. When Victor was jealous of Nicole's relationship with Austin, she reminded Victor that he's the one who dumped her. Nicole urged Austin not to marry Sami. Sami threatened to show Philip the sexy photos of Kate she has been holding onto unless Victor transfers Austin to Titan's Hawaii office. Sami taunted Lucas that she, Will, and Austin will be moving to Hawaii. Greta urged Jack to tell Jennifer that he still loves her after he said their marriage had been about love, not sex.
3/11/02-3/15/02: Shawn felt Jan's baby kick, but got upset when she referred to the baby as "ours." Jan refused to answer when Shawn talked about her giving the baby up for adoption. When Jan's mother suggested sending her to a home for wayward girls, Shawn said Jan would be moving in with him. Belle still is crushed over Shawn's betrayal. Greta was convinced Jack is gay after he rejected her and Jennifer's advances. Jack decided to continue his gay act with Greta to eventually win Jennifer back. Philip was upset to learn Victor is planning to propose to Nicole. Nicole was affected when Victor said he loves her. Nicole was stunned when Kate wanted her to marry Austin to keep him from marrying Sami. Sami is convinced Lucas and Kate are plotting against her. Sami was furious when Austin refused Victor's offer to transfer him to Hawaii. Philip insisted to Chloe he didn't make love with Cynthia.
3/18/02-3/22/02: Philip was stunned when he realized that Victor had proposed to Nicole. Nicole agreed to wear Victor's engagement ring as a cocktail ring until she gives him an answer on his proposal. Victor was not pleased to note the chemistry between Nicole and Austin. Sami was thrilled when Austin agreed to get married while they are in Vegas for a business conference. Determined to keep Austin from marrying Sami, Nicole came on to him. Sami was upset when Austin said Nicole is not happy about his being transferred to the Hawaii office. Greta hasn't acted on her feelings for Jack because she still thinks he is gay. Colin phoned a mystery person and said he is only marrying Elizabeth so she can inherit her dying grandfather's business. On the plane to Vegas, Jennifer was stunned to learn that Colin and Elizabeth were going there to get married. Belle forgot her promise to destroy the video of Philip kissing Cynthia.

3/25/02-3/29/02: Victor was angry to see Nicole embrace Austin after Carl Liszt of Permalash was impressed by Austin's research. Nicole told Victor that she will soon give him an answer to his marriage proposal. Nicole refused when Kate wanted her to seduce Austin in order to prevent him from marrying Sami. But later, Nicole begged Austin not to go through with the nuptials. After learning that Sami blackmailed Victor into transferring Austin to Hawaii, Austin barged in on Sami, who was torturing Lucas with her plans to take Will and move to Hawaii with Austin. Austin also learned that Sami had lied when she accused Lucas of hitting Will. In Las Vegas, Colin was upset to witness Jennifer and Brandon's first kiss. Jennifer agreed to spend the night with Brandon after overhearing Colin and Elizabeth's plans for a quickie marriage. After Jason and his pals beat up Shawn, Brady punched Shawn because he hurt Belle.

4/1/02-4/5/02: Austin called off the wedding after realizing that Sami is as evil as ever. He walked out after calling her on the terrible things she has done, including trying to convince him she is pregnant. She was relieved that he didn't tell her family that she used Will to get what she wanted. Austin told Will that he can't marry Sami. Kate was thrilled when Austin dumped Sami. Lucas, who taped his last encounter with Sami, panicked when he lost the tape. Sami went ballistic when she saw Austin giving Nicole a goodbye kiss. Victor was upset to see Nicole with Austin, who told her he accepted Carl Liszt's job offer. Hope was upset over JT's first overnight stay with Glen and Barb. Glen told Barb he wants full custody of JT. Lexie fumed when Celeste let Hope hold Isaac. Elizabeth split after hearing Colin tell a mystery person he was marrying her, but doesn't love her. Chloe underwent blood tests after having fainting spells.
4/8/02-4/12/02: After his briefcase was accidentally switched with one full of money, Jack learned that the dough was from an armored car robbery committed by two gangsters. The gangsters learned that Jack was their briefcase. Lexie didn't tell Abe that she leaked the baby-switch story to a tabloid reporter. Bo and Hope had to had JT over to Glen and Barb after the judge gave Glen permanent custody of the boy. Mickey drew up papers so that Bo and Hope can file for custody of Isaac. Cameron, who was paid by Lexie to lose Glen's custody suit so that Hope and Bo wouldn't sue for custody of Isaac, worried about Lexie's reaction. After arguing with Belle over Shawn, a pregnant Jan tripped and fell down a flight of stairs. Sami blamed Kate and Lucas after Austin dumped her and then left town. Sami is determined to get the tape of her violent encounter with Lucas before he and Kate do. Craig didn't like the results of Chloe's blood tests.
4/15/02-4/19/02: Doug and Julie urged Hope - who has been seeing strange flashes of white - to find out the identity of Isaac's father. Bo comforted Hope over losing JT, and then admitted that he has also been seeing strange flashes of white. After receiving notification of Hope and Bo's intent to sue for custody of Isaac, Lexie told Abe that no one is going to take the boy away from her. Shawn was upset to learn from Bo and Hope that Jan had lost her baby. Wrongly believing that Shawn and Belle had reconciled, Jan lied that she had miscarried because Belle pushed her down the stairs. The armored car robbers were captured while trying to get their money back from Jack, who eluded them by pretending to be a Vegas showgirl. After Jack announced on a loudspeaker that he isn't gay, Greta told him that she was leaving town and Jennifer told him to get out of her life. Craig told Nancy that Chloe's tests were positive for anemia.
4/22/02-4/26/02: Belle was stunned when Shawn accused her of causing Jan's miscarriage. Belle was hurt when Shawn refused to believe that she didn't cause Jan's fall. Shawn refused to listen when Bo pointed out the difference between Belle and Jan's versions of what happened during their fight. Mimi and Chloe teamed up to reunite Belle and Shawn. Philip was devastated when Chloe refused to listen to his side of the story after she saw the sexy video of him and Cynthia. Chloe received a call about an audition for Juilliard, but worried that she may be too ill to keep the appointment. Bo and Hope made the best of their last night with JT before they had to turn the boy over to Glenn. Bo smashed the microchip that John removed to see if Hope's memory returned. Abe walked out on Lexie, who lied that she had nothing to do with the tabloid articles that made Hope seem to be an unfit mother.
4/29/02-5/3/02: Bo, Hope, and Shawn were upset when Glen and Barb came to get JT, and then later headed to Iowa with the boy. Glen thanked Bo and Hope for taking such good care of JT, then invited them to visit whenever they want. Everyone was touched when Glen said that he was keeping JT's name, "John Thomas Brady," with the addition of the last name "Reiber." Rolf wondered if he would have to eliminate Celeste, who moved into the DiMera mansion with Lexie. After failing to reconcile with Abe, Lexie made plans to take Isaac and leave the country. The cop tailing Lexie told Abe that she was leaving Salem. Sami got the tape of her fight with Lucas. Will later found the tape recorder and tape, and was about to play it. Craig agreed to run more tests on Chloe, whose health isn't improving. Chloe refused to forgive Philip for his tryst with Cynthia. Mimi learned that Jan is determined to have Shawn.

5/6/02-5/10/02: Sami taunted Kate and Lucas about losing the tape of her fight with Lucas when Will erased it to record his favorite songs. After being summoned to Victor's office, Sami was stunned when he played a part of the fight tape just after Kate, Lucas, and Nicole also entered his office. With Rolf's help, Lexie got to a private airstrip, but before she could leave Salem, Hope arrived and demanded that she hand over Isaac. Lexie and Isaac took off in a helicopter after Rolf chloroformed Hope. A mystery person spied on Hope and Bo. After realizing he had lost both Lexie and Isaac, Abe got a judge to issue a court order giving custody of Isaac to Bo and Hope. Jennifer fumed when Jack tricked her into hiring him at The Spectator. To impress Jennifer, Jack decided that he would be the one to find Isaac. On the day of her Juilliard audition, an ailing Chloe collapsed in Brady's arms.
5/13/02-5/17/02: After the helicopter took off, Hope found Lexie hiding with Isaac. As everyone arrived on the scene, Bo handed Isaac to his mother, Hope. Lexie was furious when Abe arrested her. Lexie refused when Abe wanted her to admit what she had done. After getting out on bail, Lexie interrupted the Bradys, who were welcoming Isaac to the family. Bo and Hope later went to Paris (where Hope was when she thought she was Gina) in search of clues to the identity of Isaac's father. A still ailing Chloe was devastated about missing her audition for Juilliard. Colin was upset to learn Chloe is still not well. Brady, who moved into John's old loft apartment, is unaware he may be living with a ghost. Victor used the tape that incriminates Sami to force her to do his bidding form now on, including allowing Will to spend the summer with Lucas. Colin, Brandon, and Jack all vied for Jennifer's attention.
5/20/02-5/24/02: In Paris, Hope realized the faceless man of her dreams is Bo, and that as Gina, she had drugged him in an attempt to control his mind and turn him into one of Stefano's pawns. Bo and Hope returned to Salem, but kept mum that they think Bo is Isaac's biological father while they wait for the results of DNA tests. Lexie rejected Rolf's plan to give Isaac a drug that simulates death so that Lexie could take the boy anywhere in the world. Jennifer told Colin that she doesn't have feelings for him. Jack and Colin were angry when they saw Brandon kissing Jennifer. Chloe and Mimi kept mum to Belle that Philip Is spying on Cynthia to help them get the goods on Jan. Jan failed to wangle her way back Into Shawn's heart. During Brady's 21st birthday party, John was consumed with thoughts of Isabella. Victor forced Sami to give him the photos and the Kate/Roberto tape she was using to blackmail Kate.
5/27/02-5/31/02: After getting the DNA tests, Bo and Hope announced to the family that Bo is Isaac's father. Abe was devastated when he realized Lexie must have known about the baby switch for a long time, but kept mum. Abe warned Lexie not to disrupt Isaac's baptism. Just as the priest was about to pour water on Isaac during the baptism, Lexie realized that Rolf had put the death simulation drug in the water to make Isaac "die." After finding out from Bo and Belle what Jan was wearing the day she miscarried her baby, Chloe and Mimi realized Jan had showered and changed clothes after Belle left and before accusing Belle of pushing her down the stairs. Although still attracted to Colin, Jennifer agreed to a weekend at Green Mountain Lodge with Brandon. Colin made reservations at the same lodge for him and Nicole. Colin had Chloe undergo more blood tests when she began to bruise easily.

6/3/02-6/7/02: Realizing that Rolf put the death simulation potion in the baptismal font, Lexie rushed in and knocked over the font just as the priest was going to pour the water over Zack's head. Zack was later baptized as a Brady, while Abe had Lexie committed to the psychiatric ward at the hospital. Rolf sent Zack a christening gift, supposedly from Greta, which was rigged with a "bug" so Rolf could eavesdrop on the Bradys. A mystery person is still keeping tabs on Hope and Bo. Shawn angrily confronted Jan after overhearing her admit to her mother that she miscarried her baby when she fell down the stairs, but lied that Belle had pushed her. Bo and Hope were stunned when Shawn admitted he was not the father of Jan's baby. Jan left town with her mother, while Shawn worried about Belle's reaction when he admits he never slept with Jan. Chloe, Nancy, and Craig waited for test results that could prove Chloe has leukemia.
6/10/02-6/14/02: While awaiting the results of her bone marrow test, Chloe insisted on attending the school's Last Blast dance. Chloe pretended not to take Philip's worries about her health seriously, but she collapsed in his arms right after he told her he loves her. At the hospital, Craig and Nancy were devastated the bone marrow test showed Chloe has leukemia. Shawn felt he had lost Belle when she walked away from him after he revealed Paul Mendez, who had raped Jan, was the father of Jan's baby. Brady told John about the strange happenings in the loft apartment, like the piano suddenly playing, and his computer turning on by itself. Lexie escaped from the mental ward after learning she could end up being institutionalized for years. Rolf learned of Lexie's escape when Abe told Bo and Hope the bad news. Brandon and Jennifer and Colin and Nicole ended up at the same creepy inn.
6/17/02-6/21/02: Brady told Belle he received a strange e-mail that suddenly disappeared from his computer. Brady was unable to see the ghost of his mother, Isabella, who has been causing the strange happenings in the loft apartment she once shared with John and a young Brady. Chloe underwent treatment after being admitted to the hospital. Chloe said she has faith in Craig's ability as a doctor after refusing Philip's offer to get her a specialist. After learning that she and Craig could not be marrow donors for Chloe, Nancy revealed Chloe's father was Dr. Frederick Sykes, and that he had raped Nancy. Lexie insisted to Abe that she has accepted losing Isaac. Abe was surprised Lexie was released from the psych ward despite her escape. John, Bo, Hope, and Marlena suspected Stefano had returned to Salem, but it was Tony DiMera, Stefano's son, who seemingly has risen from the dead this time.
6/24/02-6/28/02: John tried to kill Tony for faking his death years ago and nearly sending John to the gas chamber for his "murder." Tony revealed the person who really died was his cousin, Andre, who impersonated Tony after Tony was diagnosed with a terminal blood disease. Roman wants the body in Tony's grave exhumed. Everyone was stunned when Tony said his and Lexie's father, Stefano, had died. While Lexie was devastated, John didn't believe Stefano was dead. Roman told everyone that Stefano's death certificate was real and the ISA had confirmed Stefano's death. John, Lexie, and Marlena were with Tony when he received Stefano's ashes. It was revealed Colin has been working with Tony. Jack heard Victor tell Colin to dump Nicole or he would reveal Colin's secrets. Nancy was upset to learn Chloe's father seemingly vanished in 1993. Isabella's ghost urged Brady to love when he told Belle he has feelings for Chloe.

7/1/02-7/5/02: Tony discovers the bug in the jack-in-the-box as the BBQ preparations continue. Nicole watches Philip and Victor and then cryptically chats with Victor about his plans for today, convincing him to come for a surprise she has planned. They go to an isolated hillside where Nicole has prepared a picnic. As Victor goes to send his driver away, Nicole looks over the cliff, glad to see how far of a drop it is. Abe returns Stefano's ashes to Lexie; he tries to reach out to his wife, but she is too angry to listen. After Abe goes, Lexie/Brandon head to see Tony, but when they get there, Tony insists Lexie come somewhere with him. Lexie is upset when she sees Zack, but Hope keeps her away. Tony goes home, upset that he couldn't lift the key from John. Brandon comfort Lexie after seeing Zack; meanwhile, the meteor shower had begun and everyone in Salem seems on big meteor headed their way. Shawn pulls Belle clear of the object and it crashes. It's some sort of capsule and it's cracked open a bit.
7/8/02-7/12/02: After the capsule they arrived in disintegrated, the alien boy and girl were revived by Belle and Shawn. Belle and Shawn were later rendered unconscious by the aliens, who disappeared. Belle and Shawn were convinced the boy and girl are from another planet after a government agent, Spector, sealed off the area where the capsule landed. The aliens hid in the back of Shawn's truck, while a mystery man wearing a strange watch spied on Belle and Shawn. After helping Billie secretly leave the hospital, Philip took her to see a surprised Kate. Billie was vague about her reason for returning. A gun-toting Billie, who is plotting against Bo, was seen in a warehouse. It was revealed Colin is working with Tony, who is trying to claim his position as head of the DiMera empire. Bo and Jack teamed up to prove Tony and Colin are up to no good. Nancy learned Dr. Sykes' sister is in New York City.
7/15/02-7/19/02: Jennifer didn't believe Colin, who "kidnapped" her, then told her he was engaged to Elizabeth as part of an undercover operation he can't talk about, and that he came to Salem because of Jennifer. Jennifer pretended to still have feelings for Colin to get close to him to help Bo and Jack find out what Colin is really up to. Hope, John, Marlena, and Grandpa Shawn were stunned to receive invitations to the reading of Stefano's will. Shawn and Belle were shocked when the alien girl, who was drunk on wine she and the boy stole from the Brady Pub, ran up and kissed Shawn. Shawn and Belle later lost the aliens when they ran off. Bo was not happy to learn that Billie is Roman's new police partner. Bo was also worried about Hope's reaction to Billie's return. Nancy and Craig decided to have a baby in hopes the child can be a marrow donor for Chloe. Brady was shocked to see the ghost of his mother, Isabella.
7/22/02-7/26/02: Marlena was concern for Tony, who mumbled her name after going into a catatonic-like state. After coming to and seeing a flashing red light, Tony took off. Everyone gathered for the reading of Stefano's will were reminded of the dastardly things he had done to them over the years. Tony caught Stefano's ashes when the urn nearly fell to the floor. Stefano left everyone he loved or hated strange items connected to their destinies. After Shawn punched the boy alien, the boy and girl jumped off the end of a pier, but were rescued by Shawn and Belle. Brady, who has seen the ghost of Isabella, said some things can't be explained after Shawn and Belle told him about the aliens. Billie, who broke into Abe's files looking for info on Bo, let Abe think he forgot to lock the file. Bo worried about Jennifer's safety, but Jack said she is the only one who can find out what Colin is up to.
7/29/02-8/2/02: Sami fumed when she saw Brandon and Billie's interest in each other. Billie said she isn't ready to move on when Kate urged her to go after Brandon. Abe didn't answer when Sami asked if he had an affair with Fay. Sami later urged Brandon to get over being angry at Abe. At Nicole's request, Victor reminded Sami he owns her, then told her to forget about Brandon. Bo and Hope shared a romantic night before she and Zack left for Iowa to be with JT, who is undergoing surgery. A mystery man is still watching Hope and Bo. Belle and Shawn learned the aliens, whom they named Cassie and Rex, are twins. Belle and Shawn were stunned when Cassie and Rex reacted with terror when they saw any kind of keys. Marlena told John that the key he stole from Tony must never be returned to the DiMeras. Tony quizzed Bart about a satellite Stefano had put into orbit. Chloe is upset her hair is falling out.

8/5/02-8/9/02: Chloe, whose leukemia is in remission, was released from the hospital. Chloe was pleased when Philip had "their" tree planted in the Wesley's yard. Craig and Nancy decided to try to have a baby even though Chloe is in remission. Shawn and Belle took Cassie and Rex to the Smith Island cabin to teach them how to communicate with humans. After Rex drew a picture of the Gemini constellation, Belle wondered if he and Cassie were from there. Mimi and Kevin joined the group at the cabin. Rex and Cassie drew a picture of the blue three-pronged key John stole from Tony. Tony fumed to learn Sami told John that Tony made satellite photos of Smith Island. After seeing a hospital surveillance tape, Lexie realized Stefano ordered the baby switch. In Iowa, Hope learned Lexie paid Barb to keep mum Lexie knew about the baby switch. Nicole lied to Victor she isn't seeing Colin, while Tony has photos of her kissing Colin.
8/12/02-8/16/02: John believed Brady has felt Isabella's presence, but not that Brady has seen her (ghost). Isabella appeared to Brady, saying only he can help Chloe. Chloe got upset when Brady talked about Isabella's death. Philip asked Chloe to go out of town with him after getting upset with Kate for suggesting Chloe may not recover from her cancer. John and Brady told Marlena that Chloe's father, Dr. Sykes, might be in the witness protection program. Belle almost saw the key John took from Tony, and Tony nearly saw Cassie's drawing of the key. Belle talked Shawn out of turning in Cassie and Rex after Kevin said Rex had been sending messages to an unknown destination. Rex comforted Cassie after she had a terrible nightmare. Abe said he was filing for divorce after he learned Lexie paid Barb not to reveal Lexie had known about the baby switch. Bo didn't tell Hope about the drug bust he worked on with Billie.
8/19/02-8/23/02: To get revenge against Abe, Brandon, who had been making love with Lexie, let Abe see her scarf when he came to Brandon's place looking for her. Abe told Lexie he was filing for divorce when she tried to keep him from learning she slept with Brandon. Colin and Nicole made love, but he was unable to talk her out of marrying Victor. Sami warned Nicole to get Victor off her back or she will reveal Nicole's tryst with Colin. Bo and Billie were assigned to work undercover together after a hit was put out on Victor because he revealed the location of Stefano's secret airstrip. Later, at the Salem Inn, Sami, who had followed Nicole, shoved her in front of Victor as the hit man fired his gun. Brandon realized Nicole had something to do with Sami dumping him. Colin said he would help Tony find out why Marlena is the key to Tony's dreams. Chloe took off with Brady when he said he was searching for her father.
8/26/02-8/30/02: In the attempt on Victor's life, Nicole was shot when Sami shoved her in front of Victor. Nicole survived surgery, but was in a coma. Sami fantasized about pulling the plug on Nicole's life support. Victor warned Sami she will pay if she had anything to do with Nicole being shot. Shawn walked in as Bo was comforting Billie, who shot and killed the hit man in self-defense. Bo told Shawn he and Billie had been working undercover to catch the shooter. Brandon fumed when he saw Abe holding Fay, who worried Nicole might not make it. Jack told Jennifer he suspects Colin had something to do with the attempted hit on Victor. Marlena told John and Agent Spector that she saw the aliens - Cassie and Rex. Before boarding a spaceship, Rex slipped the blue key into Belle's purse. Brady blasted Philip, who arrived in Dry Creek and scared off Dr. Thompson (a.k.a. Dr. Sykes) before Chloe had a chance to meet him.

9/2/02-9/6/02: Belle was furious when she learned John was partly responsible for Rex and Cassie being taken away by the U.S. government. Agent Spector took Marlena to see Rex and Cassie, who are being held prisoner in the basement of Salem hospital by the government. After Spector agreed to let Marlena work with Rex and Cassie, she was stunned that tests showed the twins were human (not aliens), but that their DNA was genetically engineered. Belle came close to seeing the blue key that Rex slipped into her purse before his abduction. Tony pressured Sami, who agreed to help him get back the blue key John stole from him. Jennifer tried to curb her jealousy after she saw Jack on a date with Billie. Kate covered when Roman asked about a note she received from Stefano, thanking her for her discretion. Colin said it was just a reflex when an unconscious Nicole clutched Stefano's hand.
9/9/02-9/13/02: John, Marlena and Agent Spector realized that Rex and Cassie are Stefano's genetically engineered human weapons. Using the blue key, John unlocked the bracelets on the twins and Stefano's trademark. Belle was relieved when Marlena said she is in charge of Rex and Cassie. John caught Sami ransacking the penthouse (for the blue key), which Tony ordered her to find if she wants his help with Brandon. Sami gave Tony the drawing of the key (the key fell behind a radiator) she stole from Belle's purse. Tony showed Sami photos of Nicole kissing Colin. When Nicole regained consciousness, Victor showed her the ring he had put on her finger. When Brandon mentioned Sami, Nicole remembered Sami had tried to kill her. Billie told a mystery person she's getting closer to Bo. Chloe's upset Dr. Thompson (Sykes) disappeared.
9/16/02-9/20/02: John took Belle and Shawn to see Cassie and Rex. Belle told Cassie and Rex that she and Shawn will be their family If they don't remember their real family. John told Bo he thinks the relationship between the twins, Belle, Shawn and Marlena spells danger. Craig interrupted Nicole's attempt to tell Brandon that Sami tried to kill her. Sami shut Nicole up by showing her the photos Tony gave her of Nicole and Colin kissing. Sami later recorded Nicole and Colin's conversation about their tryst. Sami forced Nicole to tell Brandon that she asked Victor to keep Sami away from Brandon. Tony reminded Colin he isn't supposed to be involved with Jen now that he has a job at University Hospital. Colin told Jen that while In Africa, he covered for her father (Bill) because he had organized underground medical runs to rebel troops. Abe insisted to Lexie their marriage is finished. Chloe called it quits with Philip.
9/23/02-9/27/02: Sami got lost In the hospital basement, where she overheard John and Spector talking about the Gemini twins from outer space. To pay for a romantic getaway with Brandon, Sami told a reporter about the "aliens." When John tried to question Cassie and Rex about Stefano, he realized they only know what Mariana has taught them. Cassie said the word "'Phoenix" (Stefano's trademark) when she saw John's tattoo. For Tony, Colin took photos of Rex and Cassie, who were sleeping. Tony believes Stefano created the twins. Cassie and Rex decided to escape if asking to be released doesn't work. Nancy, who collapsed and was hospitalized, was thrilled to learn she is pregnant. Nancy and Craig agreed the baby will be loved even if he/she is not a bone marrow donor for Chloe. Chloe and Brady learned Dr. Thompson (Sykes) and his wife disappeared. Lexie failed to bribe Brandon into keeping mum that they slept together.
9/30/02-10/4/02: After The Intruder "alien" story came out, Craig announced that Rex and Cassie are not aliens. Tony asked John to team up with him to find the blue key to unlock the mystery of the twins, whom he thinks are connected to Stefano. John was upset Marlena wants Rex and Cassie to live with them because they need a guardian in order to be released. Tony also offered to take the twins home. Sami lied she was lost in the hospital basement when John suspected she tipped the tabloid about the twins. Kate taunted Nicole about not being able to give Victor children because her injuries caused a fertility problem. Kate heard Victor promise Nicole he'll destroy Kate and Sami. Nicole forced Sami to hand over the incriminating tape and photos of Nicole and Colin. Brady and Chloe came home, but he vowed to find her a marrow donor. Nancy told Chloe she is pregnant, and hopes the baby can be a marrow donor for Chloe.

10/7/02-10/11/02: John kept Tony from getting temporary guardianship of Rex and Cassie, but at a formal hearing, Tony was given guardianship after John refused to let Marlena take the twins. John told an angry Marlena he believes Stefano sent the twins to Salem to destroy all of them. Tony insisted Stefano is dead after Cassie freaked when she saw the urn containing Stefano's ashes. After taking down a shoplifter, Bo and Billie were reminded they make a great team. Billie made a call to the mystery man after being ordered to "lock onto Bo." Billie asked Abe to take her back on the police force. Bo went to the airport to pick up Hope and Zack, then panicked when they didn't get off the plane. Sami and Kate, who teamed up to keep Victor from ruining them, stopped Victor and Nicole's wedding with Lucas' announcement that Nicole is still married to him. Brady was upset to learn Philip is staying with Belle.
10/14/02-10/18/02: When Bo told Shawn he thinks Hope and Zack were kidnapped, Shawn suspected that Lexie was behind it. In Iowa, Bo questioned Glen and later found proof that Hope and Zack were abducted. Billie told the mystery man, who has Hope and Zack, that no one suspects her of being a part of the kidnapping. Lexie wondered if Hope's kidnapping was Stefano's way of getting Zack back to her, until she learned that the boy is also missing. Hope, who is being held in a windowless cellar, untied herself and comforted Zack. Hope attacked her kidnapper and pulled his mask off. To avoid blame in stopping Victor and Nicole's wedding, Sami took Will and went to visit Eric in Colorado. Nicole blasted Lucas for stopping her wedding. Celeste had strange vibes when she met Rex and Cassie. Chloe learned her cancer is still in remission. In front of John, Tony said Marlena's name during one of his mysterious spells.
10/21/02-10/25/02: Hope was stunned to see her kidnapper, Larry Welch, who said he used his "connection" to get out of prison early. Larry told Hope he wants revenge because she ruined his life and his chance to be President. Larry told himself that Hope would not have Zack much longer. Larry refused when Billie wanted out of their arrangement in which she helped him kidnap Hope and Zack. Brady heard Billie tell someone (on the phone) she will stay away from Bo for now. While Larry told Hope is he framing someone for her abduction, Lexie realized she is being framed for the deed. Nancy told Craig there is no one beside Dr. Sykes they should be looking for as a possible marrow donor for Chloe. John and Marlena were upset to learn Belle asked Cassie to be her roommate after Cassie and Rex enrolled at Salem U. After sharing a kiss, Jennifer told Jack there is nothing between them, and she is attracted to Colin.

10/28/02-11/1/02: Abe believed Lexie, who gave him Hope's wallet after telling him she found it. Larry drugged Hope, and then dressed himself and Zack in Halloween costumes before going to the Salem Place mall. Larry later lured Lexie to the mall storeroom using a recording of Zack's voice. As Lexie picked up Zack, Bo and Abe kicked down the door and found her with the boy, making it look like she was behind his and Hope's kidnapping (as Larry planned). Rolf gained access to Cassie and Rex by impersonating a Bioethics professor at Salem U. After tricking Cassie and Rex into meeting him, Rolf reprogrammed them after putting their wristbands back on them. Rolf panicked when the twins said Marlena is helping them remember their past. Chloe ran off after telling Brady she doesn't want to break his heart if she dies - like his mother did. A photo of an island put Marlena into the same strange mental state that Tony goes into.
11/4/02-11/8/02: Tony, who believes it's his job to carry on the DiMera name, was stunned when Rolf said Cassie and Rex were genetically engineered by Stefano to carry on the family name. Rolf revealed the mystery key would unlock the twins' "special talents." Rolf told Tony he can destroy John by taking Marlena away from him. John and Marlena learned her trance-like state occurs when she sees the image of an island in the Archipelagos. Lexie was arrested for kidnapping Hope and Zack. Everyone but Bo thought Hope was dead when Zack said his mommy was "sleeping." After gloating that Lexie was arrested for Hope's "murder," Larry made Hope write Bo a good-bye letter. DNA tests showed Hope's blood on a sweater Billie found, along with hairs belonging to Hope and Lexie. When Shane Donovan secretly met with John, it was revealed that John is still in the ISA. Chloe is afraid to tell Brady she loves him.

11/11/02-11/15/02: Hope was furious to learn Billie is working with Larry. Billie told Larry that Roman is beginning to suspect Lexie was framed (she was) for Hope and Zack's kidnapping. Billie, who thought she was on an ISA assignment to see if Bo was ready for an ISA case to bring down the DiMeras, was stunned when Shane said the ISA didn't send her on an assignment. Billie was shot in the head while talking to Shane. Later, Larry told Hope he shot the woman (Billie) who was working for him. Marlena stowed away on the plane when John flew to DiMera Island, insisting her spells won't stop until she regains her memory of the time she was on the island. With Tony's help, Lexie faked illness to get out of jail, then escaped from the hospital. Bo, who kept Lexie from getting on a helicopter, was found standing over her body. Nancy learned her baby (a girl) can be a marrow donor for Chloe.
11/18/02-11/22/02: Bo was arrested on murder charges after Craig pronounced Lexie dead. Abe and Celeste refused when Cameron wanted them to sue the police force over Lexie's death. Larry taunted Hope that Bo is going down for Lexie's murder, that everyone thinks Hope is dead, and that Billie will soon be dead, since he overheard Kate, Lucas, and Philip agree to take Billie off life support. Roman helped Bo escape jail after Bo "felt" Hope's call for help. Craig chased Sykes after seeing him in Salem. Craig doctored Sykes when his leg was caught in an animal trap. Craig was stunned when Sykes said he couldn't be Chloe's father because he had a vasectomy years before her birth. Craig took a sample of Sykes' blood for DNA testing. At the DiMera compound, Marlena had flashbacks to her past there. Back in Salem, Marlena read a piece of a letter she found stating Tony and John are brothers.
11/25/02-11/29/02: Believing Larry was dead, Bo and Hope were reunited after Larry was shot in the chest and fell overboard as he and Bo struggled over a gun. Larry, who is very much alive, later crawled up on shore, while Hope worried his body hadn't been found. Hope thanked Lexie, whose "death" was faked in order to lure Larry into the open. Bo also told Hope that Billie is not brain dead, and that she helped Bo track down Larry. Jack was upset Jennifer knew Larry had kidnapped Hope, but didn't tell him. John refuses to believe he and Tony are brothers, despite Daphne DiMera's letter, which revealed they are siblings. After John hypnotized Marlena, she remembered being locked in the tower room of the DiMera compound, and that someone had drugged her. John accused Tony of wanting Marlena. After learning Sykes isn't Chloe's father, Craig did a DNA test on himself and learned he is Chloe's father.

12/2/02-12/6/02: Chloe and Brady made love for the first time, then returned to Salem after learning Nancy had been hospitalized with high blood pressure. Nancy, who could contract toxemia, refused to let the doctors take her baby, even if it means she could die. Because Nancy has to stay calm, Craig didn't tell her that he is Chloe's biological father. When Chloe arrived at the hospital, Craig kept mum he is her father. Hope can't forget being tortured by Larry, who was saved by a bulletproof vest, and is hiding in the Horton family cabin. It as revealed Colin is working for Larry, not Stefano, and that Larry controls Raymond Grant. Grant reminded Colin his job is to kill Bo. Billie was suspended from the police force even though she may also be one of Larry's victims. Programmed by Rolf, Cassie and Rex prepared to "deal" with Kate, who spoke ill of the DiMeras. Marlena had a nightmare about being in a white room.
12/9/02-12/13/02: After Rolf hypnotized Cassie and Rex, he was stunned to learn of their failed attempt to kill Kate with a scaffolding "accident," and later with poison. While they were still under, Rolf told Cassie and Rex that Kate is off-limits to them. Chloe made it clear to Philip that they are finished. Marlena assured Craig that he would know when the time is right to reveal that he is Chloe's father. Hope worried she was losing it when she thought she saw Larry. Bo and Shawn reassured Hope, who broke down over her kidnapping. Unaware Colin is out to kill him, Bo warned Colin not to interfere with Nicole and Victor's wedding. Lexie told Abe she is having "their" baby, but when she and Abe went to the hospital for tests, Brandon learned of the pregnancy. Sami heard Lexie tell Brandon the baby isn't his. Roman and Kate slept together. Tony vowed that the Bradys will pay for a long-ago crime against the DiMeras.
12/16/02-12/20/02: While eavesdropping, Philip realized it really is over between him and Chloe when he learned that she and Brady slept together. Craig was stunned to see Mickey in Nancy's hospital room, and to learn that she had Mickey draw up legal papers to prevent anyone from taking her baby unless Nancy has been pronounced dead. When Nancy became unconscious after a grand mal seizure, Craig was unable to help her baby. Jennifer assured Hope that Larry is dead. Raymond caught Larry, who broke into his office. Larry told Raymond he ordered the hits on Bo and Victor, and that he had worked for Stefano, then killed Raymond in cold blood. Larry ordered Colin to kill Bo or he would release the dossier he had on Colin's past. Abe and Lexie learned that her baby is a boy. Sami changed the results of the paternity test on Lexie's baby when it showed Brandon is the father. Jennifer heard Colin admit he works for Stefano.
12/23/02-12/27/02: Hope (who thinks Billie still has feelings for Bo) and Bo learned Billie was exonerated after proving her claim that Larry set her up to take the rap for Hope's kidnapping. Bo found no one when Hope saw someone in the window (she kept mum that she saw Larry). Philip, who enlisted in the Marines, said goodbye to Victor, Kate, Billie and Lucas before leaving town. Chloe wished Philip well. Unaware that Sami doctored the paternity test results, Lexie was thrilled to see that the tests showed that Abe (really Brandon) fathered her baby. Colin blackmailed Sami over changing the paternity test results. Nicole is unaware that Victor found the check she wrote to Colin, who is blackmailing her over the video he has of them making love. John learned Stefano isn't his father, but he and Tony had the same mother, Daphne DiMera. John learned he was adopted by her sister, Philomena. Nancy told Chloe that Craig is her father.
12/30/02-1/3/03: Colin made love with Jennifer, then ordered Sami to lure Jack to Lookout Point and tell him she saw Colin and Jennifer in bed. Sami stole Roman's gun. Colin fantasized shoving Jack off Lookout Point, then making it look like suicide. Jack fumed when Jennifer confirmed Colin's claim he had made love with her. Larry told Colin he had until midnight New Year's Eve to kill Bo. Nicole learned Colin has a copy of the video of them making love. Victor told Nicole to "take care" of Colin after Nicole covered about a letter from Colin. Fay was upset Nicole, who disappeared right before her wedding, wasn't wearing her veil, which was lying outside. Nicole and Victor said their "I dos". During the wedding reception, Jennifer told Jack that Colin was dead. Belle, who was searching for Hope, was horrified when she stumbled over Colin's dead body. Bo found Hope at home, covered with blood.
1/6/03-1/10/03: Brandon was first on the scene when Belle screaming Colin was dead, but he slipped away when the police arrived. After Jack said he killed Colin, Bo and Abe put him in a room with Jennifer, and as planned, Jack said he confessed because he thought Jennifer was the killer. Jack, Jennifer, Belle, Brandon, Fay, Lexie, Sami, Victor, and Nicole are major suspects in the murder. Sami confessed to using Roman's gun to scare Colin because he threatened her. Sami admitted accidentally firing the gun, but said she didn't kill Colin. Lexie apologized for thinking Brandon killed Colin, and told him she didn't tell Abe she saw Colin the night of the murder. Bo worried Hope may have killed Colin. Shawn recalled seeing Colin's body on the Kiriakis Mansion terrace. Unaware Sami had tampered with the DNA test, Brandon said the tests showed he didn't father Lexie's baby. Billie left for London, and a job with the ISA.
1/13/03-1/17/03: Craig told Nancy he is going to find the medical error that made her believe years ago that Dr. Sykes was Chloe's father. Craig told Brady and Chloe not to tell Nancy that Chloe had a nosebleed, then told Chloe that her tests showed she is still in remission. Brady congratulated Craig after learning he is Chloe's father. Marlena told Bo she thinks Hope has post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of her kidnapping. After learning that Hope thinks she is seeing his ghost, Larry schemed to use her fear to get revenge on her. Bo worried when Hope said Colin's name in her sleep. Grandpa Shawn had a minor heart attack after Tony told the Brady family that he and John are half siblings. Tony paid off the forger who wrote the note in which "Colin" said the Bradys, especially Bo, would be to blame if he died. Sami vowed to get rid of Lexie, who is determined to end Sami's relationship with Brandon.
1/20/03-1/24/03: Shawn said he killed Colin after Cassie said she saw him argue with Colin and then shoot Colin with his own gun. Victor taunted Nicole that the video of her making love with Colin gives her a reason to want Colin dead. Nicole reminded him that jealousy of Colin gives Victor a motive for wanting Colin dead. Jack is frustrated he couldn't protect Jennifer from Colin. Sami left Jack believe that at her request, Tony had someone else take photos of Nicole and Colin at the same time Jack had seen them kissing. Pretending to be a ghost, Larry caused Hope to suspect that she may have killed Colin. Hope suspected Shawn was hiding something when he denied seeing her after her disappearance the night Colin was killed. Looking at a photo Tony gave her of Cassie and Rex, Marlena recalled reciting a lullaby and being in a white room. Tony lunged for Brady, who was in the path of a speeding car.

1/27/03-1/31/03: Tony saved Brady from being run down by the speeding car, but Tony ended up needing surgery for a spinal fracture. Marlena realized Tony could be Rex and Cassie's father after learning Cassie and Tony share a very rare blood type. Cassie donated blood for Tony's surgery. After learning her own blood type, Marlena told John it's possible she could be the twins' mother. Hope, who thinks she killed Colin, worried Bo could be jailed for covering for her. Larry planted a blood-soaked towel in the garbage can Hope was about to put her trash in. Cassie, who saw Shawn shoot Colin (who threatened Bo's life) after getting Colin's gun away from him, was relieved Shawn decided not to confide in Belle. Shawn heard Bo promise Hope he will find the person who killed Colin. Nicole recalled wishing that Colin was out of her life. Jennifer confided to Hope that she might be having Colin's baby.
2/3/03-2/7/03: Bo, who found the bloody towel planted in the trash by Larry, was upset to hear Hope telling Jennifer that she killed Colin. After finding the towel, which Bo hid in the kitchen, Jennifer agreed to keep mum after he explained why Hope thinks she killed Colin. Bo was relieved tests showed no connection between Hope and the towel, but she was upset he thought she could have killed Colin. While Hope took one of the pills the doctor prescribed to calm her down, Larry forged a prescription for lethal pills meant for Hope. Tony worked on a mysterious plot after learning he is no longer paralyzed. Rolf insisted to Tony he had no idea the twins could be Tony's children. Kate assumed Marlena is the mother when Tony said he thinks he is Rex and Cassie's father. Jack insisted he's sticking by Jennifer, who admitted she might be pregnant by Colin. Cassie was thrilled Shawn broke up with Belle.
2/10/03-2/14/03: Larry swapped Hope's pills for poisoned ones, then ran off when she caught him. Hope realized Larry ran away, he didn't vaporize - like a ghost. When Shawn found Hope's pills (the poison ones) in the trash, she said she isn't taking them anymore. In a vision, Hope saw Larry's corpse turn into Colin, then saw Shawn holding a gun. Bo put an APB out on Larry after realizing he is alive. Bo told Hope that Larry may be alive, and is trying to frame her for Colin's murder. Larry heard Bo and Hope make plans to go to Green Mountain Lodge. On Cassie's suggestion, Shawn took some of Hope's pills (the poison ones) to calm his nerves, but they caused him to become violent. While searching the DiMera compound, Marlena found evidence that convinced her she could be Rex and Cassie's mother. Tony told Lexie he was going to get the mother of the twins. A relieved Jennifer learned she is not pregnant.
2/17/03-2/21/03: John secretly hoped Marlena is not Rex and Cassie's mother. Marlena and John were surprised that Tony was at the DiMera compound. Walking along a cliff, Marlena remembered hearing a baby cry and calling out to someone to "stop." John saved Marlena from falling when the cliff edge crumbled. Larry sneaked into the basement of Hope and Bo's home and tempered with the gas furnace. Hope, Alice, and Shawn were affected by the leaking gas. Hope passed out (from the gas) after learning Larry is alive. Belle, who returned from Paris, failed an attempt to knock out Larry, who later trapped himself int eh gas-filled basement. Bo got proof that Larry is alive. When Shawn was hospitalized, Bo learned he was using Hope's pills, then realized Larry switched the pills for the poisoned ones. Roman prepared to arrest Shawn after hearing him confess to killing Colin. Jack accepted Jennifer's marriage proposal.
2/24/03-2/28/03: After sneaking out of the hospital, Shawn rescued Belle and Hope, who were nearly killed by the gas leak Larry caused. On his way home, Bo captured Larry after seeing him heading for the sewer (where Larry had been hiding). Bo and Hope shared a kiss while Roman carted Larry off to jail. Roman arrested Shawn, who admitted killing Colin, but Bo thinks Shawn shot at Colin but missed, then someone else came along and killed Colin with the gun Shawn dropped. Victor told Nicole he has proof she killed Colin, then made her give him the gun and the shells she had picked up at the scene. Victor ordered a jailed Larry to confess he killed Colin, or Larry would be killed, even in prison. After reenacting what happened to her in the tower room, Marlena remembered giving birth to Rex and Cassie, and realized Tony is their father. A delighted Sami told Nicole and Lexie that Brandon moved in with her.
3/3/03-3/7/03: As per Victor's orders, Larry "confessed" to Abe, in exchange for a second-degree murder charge, that he killed Colin. Victor watched from a window as Roman and Abe found Colin's gun - right where Victor told Larry it would be. Everyone celebrated when Shawn was released from jail. Meanwhile, Victor reminded Nicole she owes him big-time for making Larry confess to a murder she committed. Shawn and Belle reunited after he said he drove her away to protect her. While Nancy was in labor, Chloe was prepped for her chemotherapy session. Chloe chose "Joy" when Nancy and Craig let her name their baby girl. Belle and Brady arrived just as Mariana and Tony told Rex and Cassie they are the twins' parents. Rex realized Tony loves Marlena. John hired Odeil P. Smith (a.k.a. Ops) to help him get the goods on Tony. Roman apologized lo Kate for taking off in a panic when she hinted at marriage.
3/10/03-3/14/03: Sami taunted Roman about his sleazy affair with Kate when he disapproved of Sami moving in with Brandon. Eugenia enjoyed seeing Sami sweat when she begged her not to reveal that Sami switched the paternity test results on Lexie's unborn baby to show Abe is the father instead of Brandon. John confessed to Roman he hasn't told Marlena he is working with the ISA again, or that Roman is his police contact. Rex said he suspects Tony wants a second chance at love - with Marlena. Nicole breathed a sigh of relief when the judge sentenced Larry to two consecutive life sentences for killing Colin. Bo attacked Larry in court when he taunted that Hope will never have peace of mind. Craig was impressed that Rex has a vast knowledge of the bone marrow transplant Chloe will undergo. Tony fumed when he learned Rolf had gone underground. Tony found the "bug" Roman planted in the DiMera secret room.
3/17/03-3/21/03: Victor laughed off Nicole's threat to tell Bo he is still involved with organized crime if Victor, who has been keeping her a virtual prisoner in the house, doesn't loosen her leash. Victor denied it when Bo asked if he's behind the rise in gang violence in Salem. Marlena realized Tony has a lot of "friends" with mob connections. Via a tracking device he planted on Marlena, John tailed her and Tony to Rolf. Rolf admitted Rex and Cassie were part of Stefano's plan to ensure the future of the DiMera name, and to create a perfect DiMera. Rolf later escaped. Marlena worried when she caught on to Rex's feelings about relationship and power. Rex rescued Cassie, who passed out after an "older" boy got her drunk. Fay took off when Sami asked about her affair with Abe. Before leaving the hospital, Nancy took Joy to see Chloe, who was having a bad reaction to her chemotherapy treatments.
3/24/03-3/28/03: Tony told Victor he wants to be repaid for calling off the threat on Larry Welch's life. Marlena fumed when John said he put a "bug" in her purse in order to track her and protect her from Tony. Belle and Mimi helped Cassie, who had a huge hangover, but their talk about the dangers of alcohol didn't faze Cassie. Marlena brushed off Belle, who tried to tell her that Cassie is drinking. Cassie was kicked out of the dorm for possession of beer. Bo said no when Hope wanted to help with his investigation of local gang violence, but she later helped Jennifer investigate District Attorney Carson Palmer. Hope and Jennifer learned Palmer's mystery date, Maria Annendel, has a long rap sheet. Brady kept a vigil at Chloe's bedside while she underwent chemotherapy treatments. Sami warned Eugenia to keep mum that Sami switched the DNA results to make it appear Abe, instead of Brandon, fathered Lexie's baby.
3/31/03-4/4/03: Brady put on a brave face while Chloe was prepped for her bone marrow transplant. Brady, Craig, and Nancy waited anxiously as the transplant began. Nicole fumed when Victor offered Brady a job at Titan in order to groom Brady to someday take over the company. When Nicole told Brady he wasn't qualified for the job, he taunted that she slept her way to the top. Victor gloated that Nicole will never get the upper hand with him after he stopped her from telling Bo about Victor's nefarious dealings. Hope urged Kate to tell Roman that she loves him. Bo told John he knows he's working for the ISA. Bo and John began their investigation of D.A. Palmer. Kate and Hope worried about John and Bo, who staked out the home of drug dealer Vin. Sami got upset when Brandon said he will always have a connection to Lexie's baby. Tony fumed when he learned a drunk and disorderly Cassie was arrested.
4/7/03-4/11/03: Brady talked to Chloe on the phone because she was put in isolation after her bone marrow transplant. Brady told Chloe that Victor offered him a job at Titan. Marlena admitted to knowing that John is with the ISA after hearing Ops tell John he was sent by the ISA to find out what she knew. Marlena was upset when John said he and the ISA are out to get Tony. Victor discussed his illegal, and legal, business with Tony. Bo and Roman kept mum to Abe after illegally searching Vin's house, which contained large amounts of drugs. Chaz and Maria were arrested in the drug bust, but Vin escaped. Thanks to Maria, Jennifer spent some time tied up and locked in the trunk of a car while running down the drug story for the newspaper. Cassie and Belle got into a during the taping of a reality TV dating show. Rex is working on a mysterious project. Shawn gave up trying to reconcile with Belle.
4/14/03-4/18/03: Rex was surprised when Putnam (Rolf) said he was the doctor who delivered Rex and Cassie. Rex was pleased to realize that Putnam (Rolf) is part of the DiMera camp. Rex told Putnam (Rolf) that he would reveal the secret device he is working on when it is finished. Rex set up the device in a tunnel under Salem. After Bo lied that Vin had been captured, Maria admitted that District Attorney Carson Palmer was on Vin's payroll. Knowing that Hope would tell Bo, Tony arranged for her to learn that Vin was hiding in Tony's club, Echelon. Bo later arrested Vin. Carson was later arrested while appearing on Jack and Jennifer's new reality TV talk show. Brady was happy to see that Chloe is recuperating fast from the bone marrow transplant, and is no longer in isolation. Brady insisted that Chloe that he won't let Victor break them up once he starts working at Titan. John agreed to try to get along with Tony for Marlena's sake.
4/21/03-4/25/03: After setting up his laser in one of the tunnels under Salem, Rex kept tabs on the laser via a monitor. While distracted by Mimi, Rex didn't notice a homeless man knocked over the laser, causing it to point toward the ground. A thug kidnapped Rex as he tried to get to the laser. The thug demanded ransom money from John and Tony, but Ops caught the thug. Cassie released Rex after finding him via a psychic connection. Rex told Cassie the laser was supposed to turn coal into diamonds, but because it was pointed at the ground, it caused an earthquake. During the quake, a tree fell on Victor and Nicole's car; Rex, Belle, Shawn, and Mimi were trapped with Marlena in her crumbling penthouse; Tony and John were trapped while arguing; and a pregnant Lexie fell into a pit while walking on the DiMera grounds. Bo fumed when he learned Vin and Chaz made bail. Chloe learned she can go home soon.
4/28/03-5/2/03: After the earthquake, John, who was trapped in the sauna, confronted Tony for leaving him there to die. Tony lied to Marlena that he left the sauna before the quake, but she later told John she believes his story that Tony tried to kill him. Ops rescued Lexie from the pit she fell into during the quake, but split before the ambulance arrived. Abe rushed to a hospitalized Lexie, who went into labor. Abe told Brandon to stay away from Lexie. Sami warned Eugenia not to tell Brandon that he is the real father of Lexie's baby, but Eungenia insisted Brandon deserves to know about the baby. After running into Brandon, Eugenia had a hard time keeping mum that Lexie's baby is his. After the earthquake, Roman rescued Kate from an abandoned building, but didn't realize he truly loves her until she was preparing to leave for Rome. Victor was hospitalized after the quake. Chloe was released from the hospital.
5/5/03-5/9/03: Victor refused when Kate wanted him to pull some strings to have Philip, who joined the Marines, returned to the States after he was shipped overseas. Victor warned Kate never to tell Roman about her prostitute past because he wouldn't understand. Kate and Roman melted into each other's arms after he proclaimed his love for her on Jack and Jennifer's reality TV show. Caroline warned Kate not to hurt Roman. Bo arrested Chaz after Belle nearly sipped a drink Vin made for Chaz to lace with a potentially lethal drug. The drink was meant for Shawn. Bo turned in his gun and badge after blasting the police on TV for the inept way they handled the case against Vin and Chaz. Lexie told Eugenia not to mention her paternity test again after Eugenia said she had something she wanted to tell Sami about the test. Sami failed to ruin Lexie's baby shower by bragging she and Brandon are engaged. Rex is smitten with Mimi.
5/12/03-5/16/03: Shawn was not happy when the mystery hunk on the TV show "Love is Blind" chose Belle for his dinner date. During the taping of Belle's date with the blindfolded mystery hunk, Shawn slugged the guy when he kissed Belle. Everyone was stunned when the mystery hunk turned out to be Belle's former boyfriend, Philip Kiriakis. When Nancy saw Philip on the TV show, she worried he would cause trouble for Chloe. Brady was upset when Chloe asked to be alone with Philip when he came to see her. Victor was furious with Philip for not telling him he was coming back to Salem. Bo took off to search for Vin after learning his last whereabouts from Abe. After Lucas saved Tony from being killed by Carl (former manager of Echelon), Tony put Lucas in charge of the club so no one will know Tony still owns it. Victor told Brady to butt out when he asked why Victor and Nicole, who was drunk, don't get along.
5/19/03-5/23/03: Chloe suffered stage fright after Brady arranged for her to audition for opera star Cecilia Marin, but Brady helped Chloe give a great audition. Victor had a mysterious talk with Cecilia, who later offered Chloe a job with a European opera company. Philip, who carried an automatic weapon in a duffel bag, later donned scuba gear before slipping into the Salem River. Mimi nearly caught Philip sending a mystery person a message using a flashlight. In Texas, Bo met a boy, Carlos, whose father was killed in a drug shootout at a hotel owned by a pal of Vin's. Bo was attacked by two thugs, but held his own. Hope made plans to join Bo despite his objections. Kate fainted when Lucas said he is working for Tony. John had Ops plant a tracking device on Lucas after learning he works for Tony. Marlena fumed after Tony grabbed her and kissed her. Jack and Jennifer agreed to get married on their reality TV show.
5/26/03-5/30/03: Family, friends, and TV viewers witnessed Jennifer and Jack's remarriage on the couple's reality TV show. Everyone was pleased when Bill's surprise wedding "gift" turned out to be the arrival of Jennifer's mother, Laura. After receiving DNA confirmation that Marlena isn't his mother, Rex caused an "accident" to get a sample of Tony's blood for a DNA test to find out if he is really Tony's son. Brandon asked Lexie and Abe to attend his and Sami's wedding. After Lexie delivered a son, Sami flipped when Brandon said the baby is his brother, because Abe is Brandon's biological father. Abe was stunned that Lexie admitted to sleeping with Brandon during the time she and Abe broke up. Lucas learned that Sami switched the paternity test results on Lexie's baby. A desperate Sami convinced Brandon to elope. Lucas refused when Kate begged him to stop working for Tony. Hope joined Bo on his quest to nail Vin.
6/2/03-6/6/03: Brandon rushed to Lexie after Lucas, Kate and Nicole told him Sami switched the paternity test results. Lexie told Brandon he isn't the father of her baby, then stunned Sami with the news she had entered a fake paternity result on the hospital's lab computer before Sami tampered with the results. Abe is the father of Lexie's baby. Brandon headed for Chicago after leaving a note for Will. Abe and Brandon shared a father/son moment before Brandon's exit. Brandon left a note for Sami saying he was going to have their marriage annulled. Sami was badly injured when she went thought a patio door while arguing with Tony, who had helped Lexie fake the paternity results. With Hope's help, Bo arrested Vin. From DNA, Rex learned Roman is his father. Chloe and Brady realized they have to split up so she can follow her dreams. Belle and Chloe realized Philip is not a typical Marine private.
6/9/03-6/13/03: Marlena blamed Tony when she learned Sami was critical after falling through the patio door while arguing with him. Cassie tried to convince Lucas he wasn't responsible for Sami's accident. Roman learned Sami will live, but may permanently lose her voice and be paralyzed. Mimi pressed Rex to tell Tony he isn't Rex's father. While leaving the DiMera mansion, Mimi walked past Tony and Bart, who were having a secret meeting and looking at a bag full of illegally gotten diamonds. When Rolf returned. Rex demanded the identity of his (Rex's) mother. Some heavy shipping crates fell on Rolf right after he said Rex's mother lived in Salem. After Rolf died of his injuries. Rex and Mimi drove around with the body before dumping it at the morgue. Nicole convinced Larry to fake his death to get out of prison, then kill Victor for her. Chloe accepted the European opera company job. Bo and Hope are now bounty hunters.
6/16/03-6/20/03: Needing a body to substitute for Larry's once he fakes his death, Nicole stole a "John Doe" (Rolf) from the morgue. To distract Brady from finding Rolf's body in the barn (where she literally had the body on ioce), Nicole told him the sad story about her marriage to Victor. Tek told Philip his mission for the night was to attend Victor's party and keep an eye out for Maya, an art/antiques dealer. Before Belle interfered, Philip heard Victor warn Maya to beware of Tony. Philip and Belle later heard Tony and Maya talking about their illegal diamond trading business. Tony told Rex not to tell anyone he invented a laser that can create diamonds. Sami, who is recuperating from her fall through the glass doors, panicked when she was unable to speak. Rex told a stunned Cassie that Roman is their father. It was learned Victor engineered Chloe's departure from Salem to keep her and Brady apart.
6/23/03-6/27/03: Rex helped Cassie, who was (wrongly) arrested for prostitution. Rex assured Cassie it's true: Tony and Marlena are not their parents, but Roman is their father. Cassie later blurted out "my father" when she saw Roman, but he thought she meant Tony. Rex vowed to find his and Cassie's birth mother. Later, Cassie turned to Lucas after her arrest, but was hurt when he refused to sleep with her. Roman is suspicious of Rex and Cassie's behavior. John was surprised when Cassie said Marlena isn't her mother. Nicole pretended she was hit by a car to get the cops transporting Larry from the prison to get out of their car. Larry's henchman, Russell, got him out of the police car, then blew it up after putting Rolf's body inside. Rex agreed to let Tony use his laser to create diamonds. After getting a report from Philip, John told Tony he knows about his association with Maya. Belle learned John is a spy.

6/30/03-7/4/03: Rex learned Kate is his, and Cassie's, biological mother. Realizing that Lucas is Cassie's brother, Rex and Mimi rushed to stop Cassie and Lucas from making love. When Rex walked in, Tony kept mum about the contents of a vial of goop he was holding. John told Philip test results on the mysterious goop Philip found on a cargo ship aren't in yet. John stowed away on Tony's yacht after learning Tony sailed off in the same direction as the cargo ship (South America). While spying on Tony, John heard him praise Rex for his laser that makes diamonds from coal. Brady learned Larry is "dead." Brady tailed Nicole, who bought a gun for Larry. Nicole covered in front of Brady, then gave Larry the gun. Sami, who was released from the hospital, was upset Lucas didn't show for dinner because he was with Cassie.
7/7/03-7/11/03: Larry mistakenly shot at Brady when he went to the swimming pool, where Nicole had tried to lure Victor so Larry could kill him. Victor came up as Nicole pulled Brady from the pool. Brady said he fell into the pool and hit his head after hearing the gunshot. Victor, who had a gun, went after the shoot (but Larry had split). Larry refused when Nicole wanted to call off the hit on Victor. Rex, who told Cassie that Kate is their biological mother and Lucas their half-brother, was relieved Cassie said she hadn't made love with Lucas. Cassie and Rex vowed never to reveal Roman and Kate are their parents since they want to be DiMeras. Tony and John were rescued after the bomb planted by Maya's henchman Sal destroyed Tony's yacht. As Maya and Sal toasted John and Tony's demise, they were heading home. After quarreling, Lucas comforted Sami, who had a reaction to her medication.
7/14/03-7/18/03: Nicole covered her anxiety with Brady after Larry insisted on carrying out the hit on Victor. Larry forced Nicole to lure Victor to the parking lot at the Blue Note so he could kill him. At the last minute, Nicole screamed "No!" and Brady tackled Victor when he spotted Larry, who fired off a shot. Victor realized the hit was meant for him as Brady and Nicole chased after Larry, who crashed his car into a guardrail and went into a ravine. After catching Philip in a clinch with Maya, John said he isn't sure Philip is ISA agent material. John told Marlena that he and Tony called off their feud. Bo and Hope decided to check into the strange goop Maya and Tony were after. Tony vowed revenge against Maya. Mimi urged Rex to see a doctor when he had severe headaches and sudden fits of temper. Cassie covered after blurting out to Philip that Marlena isn't her mother. Tony plotted against Sami.
7/21/03-7/25/03: Lucas blasted Sami for going out with Tony, who gave her diamond earrings and a pendant. Lucas kept mum to Sami he has feelings for her. Maya, who is in prison for trying to kill Tony, refused to reveal the location of the substance (the goop) he wants. Maya ordered Sal to kill Tony before he kills her. At the hospital, Sami saw Sal about to kill Tony, who was stabbed in the chest when he turned at her warning yell. Sami felt guilty her warning may cost Tony his life, but Roman and Lucas were thrilled Sami has regained her voice. Nicole panicked when Larry regained consciousness briefly after the car crash and pointed to her when Abe asked who else was involved in the hit on Victor. Nicole was relieved when Larry died. Mimi almost told Roman and Kate they are Rex and Cassie's biological parents. Rex realized he needs Kate and Roman's medical history to find a cause for his severe headaches.
7/28/03-8/1/03: Lucas and Sami visited Tony, who survived surgery. After asking Lucas to take care of Sami, Tony went into a coma from a reaction to anesthesia. Marlena finally believed John and Tony had buried the hatchet when she heard John beg Tony to live. Sami told Cassie and Rex she knows Roman (not Tony) is their father, and she is going to make sure that they don't take advantage of Tony. Cassie got a sample of Philip's hair and Mimi stole a straw Lucas used so that Rex can perform a DNA test to see if Philip and Lucas are Rex and Cassie's siblings. Rex is determined to have his rightful place in the DiMera family, even if it means removing Lucas. Bo searched for Hope, who disappeared after locating the mysterious goop that Tony and Maya were after. Maya told Bo that she got the goop from a Native American. Brady rescued Nicole when a bartender recognized her from her porn film past. Philip wants Belle for himself.

8/4/03-8/8/03: After Brady laid into Victor for treating Nicole badly, Victor decided to destroy the evidence he Is blackmailing her with. Before he could act, Victor had an apparent heart attack. Nicole and Brady are attracted to each other. Upset the ISA reassigned him back to the Marine base, Philip vowed to prove he would make a good agent by bringing down Rex. On the Indian reservation, a tribal leader, Cree, told Bo and Hope he has to sell the land the goop is on to raise money for research to cure a disease that is wiping out his people. Bo and Hope blew up the cave where the goop was after learning it was a liquid dynamite, which in the wrong hands could mean mass destruction. Later, Bo and Hope promised to help Cree raise the money for research. After Rex learned Bo and Hope destroyed the goop, they were found on the floor bleeding after the lights went out at the fund-raiser for Cree's people.
8/11/03-8/15/03: Bo and Hope were rushed to the hospital after they were found nearly bludgeoned to death. Bo began to recover from his head injuries, while Hope underwent surgery to remove blood clots from her brain. When Hope woke up, Bo vowed to find their attacker. Cassie hid the pipe used on Bo and Hope when she thought Rex was their attacker, but Philip pointed it out to the police. Rex had flashbacks indicating he may have been involved in the attack. Roman, who thinks Tony was behind the attack, warned an "unconscious" Tony he had better not be faking it. After several anonymous calls about Colin Murphy's murder, Abe decided to reopen the case. During his mild heart attack, Victor kicked the file containing evidence that Nicole killed Colin under the couch, where Brady later found it. Nicole got the file, but Victor, who recovered, took it from her. Cassie told Philip she thinks of him as a brother (he is).
8/18/03-8/22/03: Nicole didn't answer when Brady asked why she stays married to Victor. After Abe asked questions about Colin's murder, Victor told Nicole he might destroy the evidence proving she killed Colin if she remains his loyal wife. Nicole, who was planning to secretly skip town, agreed. Brady got to the messenger delivering Nicole's plane ticket before she did. In Rex's room, Belle, Shawn and Philip found evidence connecting him to the attack on Bo and Hope. Rex didn't seem to know what Cassie was talking about when she said she would keep mum that she wiped blood off the pipe used to beat Bo and Hope, and wouldn't mention the red stain on Rex's shirt that night. Lucas told Tony, who came out of his coma, that the deal for the goop was botched, and that John thinks Tony was behind the near death of Bo and Hope. Tony secretly plotted against Sami, who was devastated to get annulment papers from Brandon.
8/25/03-8/29/03: After receiving her one-way plane ticket, Nicole boarded a plane with plans to get out of Victor's life for good, but he stopped her. Nicole refused to tell Brady what in her past Victor is using to prevent her from leaving him. Nicole decided she has to kill Victor. Hope got upset when Bo wanted to find their attacker without her help because he didn't want her to get hurt. Bo and Hope were unaware someone was spying on them. Lucas insisted to Shawn that Tony had nothing to do with Hope and Bo's beating. Abe spoke briefly to an informant who had information on Tony, but when Abe and Jack went to meet the man a second time they found him dead. Abe accused Tony of killing the informant, but didn't have evidence to charge him with the murder. Kate was upset John gave Sami a job, and both are unaware Sami is planning to use the job as a way to get even with them.

9/1/03-9/5/03: Belle told Hope that Shawn suspects Rex was responsible for the attack on her and Bo, while Shawn told Bo of his suspicion. Her first day at Basic Black, Sami fumed to learn Kate is her boss. While John and Marlena hope Sami's job at Basic Black will be a new start for her, Sami plotted to use the job to destroy Kate and John's relationship. Tony convinced Sami he's the only one she can trust, since her family is out to get her. Abe vowed to prove to Lexie that Tony is just as evil as Stefano was. After Stefano's ashes fell from the mantle, Tony received a call that seemed to have been from Stefano. Tony wants Abe out of Lexie's life - for good. Jennifer worried about Jack, who is determined to get the goods on the DiMera family. Alice worried about her family after she saw the "spirit" of her deceased husband, Tom. Mimi was stunned to learn someone emptied her bank account.
9/8/03-9/12/03: On the phone with Stefano, Tony learned of Stefano's sinister plan for the citizens of Salem. Tony told Stefano that Theo's (Lexie and Abe's baby) christening is coming up. Cassie slipped (but covered) after saying she and Rex are not Tony's children when he said they are the DiMera dynasty's future. Abe saw Stefano's name on a wall after a mystery person warned "he's back." Lexie didn't believe it when Abe said Stefano could be alive. Using a scanner, Jack listened in when a mystery person gave Abe a tip about Colin's murder. Since Nicole killed Colin, she decided Abe has to die before he solves the murder. A mystery person pointed a gun at Jack after Victor learned Jack had "bugged" his home. Victor heard Nicole say she has to kill him if she's ever going to be free. Sami wants Roman and Marlena reunited. Mimi found out her mother, Bonnie, stole her college money and gambled it away.

9/15/03-9/19/03: An unseen shooter fired a shot at Jack after he broke into Victor's mansion and planted a "bug" in the phone. Jack warned Abe that his life is in danger since he is also investigating Colin's murder. Abe told Jack, Brady, Victor and Nicole he is close to arresting Colin's killer. Sami fumed when Abe refused to help her get Brandon back. Tony and Rex had guns, Sami stole a gun from a security guard, and Victor and Nicole each had a gun, Alice and Celeste both predicted there would be a death immediately following baby Theo's christening. Kate bought a gun after Abe said Roman should know about her call girl past. Lucas, who has a gun, said he would handle things for Kate. Gunshots were heard as Jack and Abe left their respective homes. Rex told Mimi he was born to carry on Stefano's legacy. While on the phone with Stefano, Tony was upset he refused to reveal his plans for Cassie and Rex.

9/22/03-9/26/03: With his dying breath, Abe called Lexie on her cell phone, but lost consciousness before he could talk. John found Abe and tried to revive him while Roman went to the church to tell Lexie. Bo and Hope arrived on the scene just before Abe was rushed to the hospital. Abe survived surgery, and after regaining consciousness, remembered meeting the shooter (someone he knew) outside his home. The seven suspects in Abe's shooting panicked when he was about to tell Roman the name of the person who shot him. After Abe's shooting, Sami returned the gun she stole from the security guard and Kate disposed of her gun - which was found by police. After hiding his gun, Tony said Abe had been taken care of. Nicole covered when Brady saw her toss her gun into the river. Kate begged Lucas (who had a gun) to quit working for Tony. Shawn accused Rex (who had another headache) of attacking Bo, Hope and Abe.

9/29/03-10/3/03: Just before Abe died, he pointed at Maggie and said her name. Mickey and Maggie worried she could be the next target of the person who killed Abe because she may know something about the killer. John, Bo and Roman wanted to see the files Abe kept at home, but when Lexie got home she saw that someone had burned Abe's computer and the files. A worried Lexie took Theo and moved into the DiMera mansion. Tek told John and Roman a profile he did of the shooter indicates he/she is a serial killer. John used himself as bait to draw the killer out of hiding. Bo pointed out that Rex, Tony, Kate, Lucas, Victor and Nicole all had motives to kill Abe. Rex plotted a response after Mimi left him a message saying she was breaking up with him. Rex didn't remember where he was at the time of Abe's shooting. Jack promised Jennifer he would drop his investigation of Colin's murder and Abe's death.

9/29/03-10/3/03: Just before Abe died, he pointed at Maggie and said her name. Mickey and Maggie worried she could be the next target of the person who killed Abe because she may know something about the killer. John, Bo and Roman wanted to see the files Abe kept at home, but when Lexie got home she saw that someone had burned Abe's computer and the files. A worried Lexie took Theo and moved into the DiMera mansion. Tek told John and Roman a profile he did of the shooter indicates he/she is a serial killer. John used himself as bait to draw the killer out of hiding. Bo pointed out that Rex, Tony, Kate, Lucas, Victor and Nicole all had motives to kill Abe. Rex plotted a response after Mimi left him a message saying she was breaking up with him. Rex didn't remember where he was at the time of Abe's shooting. Jack promised Jennifer he would drop his investigation of Colin's murder and Abe's death.

10/6/03-10/10/03: Mimi invited herself and Rex along after learning Belle and Shawn were taking Grandpa Shawn's boat out for a cruise. The four spent the night stranded on an island. Shawn fought with Rex when he thought Rex was attacking Mimi, but then saw Rex had killed a snake that almost bit her. Sami lured Kate to the police station after learning that Abe's gardener, Ed Jennings, heard Abe arguing with a woman before he was shot. Ed recognized Kate's voice as she argued with Sami. The security guard, whose gun had been stolen, recognized Sami while the police at the station were questioning him. Sami was upset that John, Marlena, Lucas, and everyone else thinks she killed Abe. Marlena hypnotized Maggie, who remembered seeing Abe meet with someone the day he was killed. Kate later blurted out that Maggie had info on the identity of Abe's killer. Maggie, Jack, and John are unwitting targets of the serial killer.
10/13/03-10/17/03: Maggie found Jack's body after the serial killer smashed his head with a brick. Jennifer had Jack's life-support system shut off after Lexie said he was brain dead. Abby was angry Jennifer gave the order to let Jack die, but was with him and Jennifer to the end. Jennifer followed Jack's wishes and released his organs for donation. At the site of Jack's beating, Hope and Bo realized he was attacked in the same manner they were. The serial killer was waiting when Hope took the brick used to kill Jack to the police evidence room. After Alice saw Tom's ghost, she saw a photo of Hope begin to fade. Bo, Roman, and John rounded up the seven suspects in Abe's murder for DNA tests. Rex told Tony that Jack had to die, then blamed his headaches for saying that. Maggie is upset she hasn't been able to remember the identity of the killer. Because of the DiMera money, Bonnie urged Mimi to get pregnant by Rex.
10/20/03-10/24/03: Hope fought off the serial killer, who escaped, taking the brick used to kill Jack with him/her. Marlena hypnotized Maggie again to see if she could remember Abe's killer, but Maggie only saw Tom Horton's ghost. It was too much for Maggie (who was still hypnotized) when Hope suggested she draw the killer's face. After a nightmare, Maggie awoke to the feeling she was being watched by evil. Everyone was stunned Jennifer had Jack's body brought to their home, as per his request. Jack's spirit appeared to Jennifer (who slept next to his coffin), but he was pulled away by cosmic forces. Alice tried to comfort Abby, who is angry Jennifer took Jack off life-support. Rex passed a lie detector test after insisting he wasn't Hope's attacker. John realized Rex and Cassie may not be Tony and Marlena's children after learning Rex failed a lie detector question about his parents.
10/27/03-10/31/03: Maggie fainted from fright after someone locked her inside Marlena's office. Maggie insisted the evil eyes of the serial killer were in the room with her. Later, Maggie thought she saw Jack reaching out to her from the spirit world. Maggie believes she will be the killer's next victim. Philip told Bo and Hope he thinks Rex is the serial killer, because he, Mimi, and Cassie followed Rex to all the crime scenes. Rex told Cassie he doesn't remember where he was (the night he was followed). The serial killer wore a Halloween mask like the one Rex bought. John told Marlena that she might not be Rex and Cassie's biological mother. Jennifer said goodbye to Jack's spirit - after he told her there would be another murder. Belle said goodbye to Shawn, because to protect her, John arranged for her to work with a fashion designer in Italy. Kate stunned Roman by revealing her call girl past.
11/3/03-11/7/03: On Halloween night, an unwitting Maggie let the serial killer into her home when she recognized him/her. The killer hid when Officer Kent checked on Maggie. The killer bludgeoned Maggie with a liquor bottle after she recognized his or her eyes as those of the person who had killed Abe. The killer then attacked Mickey, who, woken from his sleep, went downstairs to find a bloody Maggie slumped on the kitchen floor. Bo and Hope arrived after watching a live-feed e-mail transmission of Maggie's attack, which the killer taped with a camcorder and sent to Bo's computer by hacking into it. Maggie, who regained consciousness, had a seizure when she saw the killer standing outside the kitchen door after Bo and Hope's arrival. After Celeste read Bonnie's tarot cards (the deck came up all death cards), the duo unwittingly came face-to-face with the serial killer. Rex, Kate, and Sami all had hooded sweatshirts and/or Halloween masks like those worn by the serial killer.

11/10/03-11/14/03: Maggie passed away with Mickey, Hope, Shawn, Jennifer and Alice at her bedside. Roman arrested Rex for Maggie's murder when blood on his sweatshirt proved to be Maggie's. Rex told Cassie that the serial killer had already the next victim and he/she will strike when Rex is in jail. Victor suggested Caroline's fingerprints were planted on the liquor bottle used to bludgeon Maggie as a signal that Caroline would be the serial killer's next victim. At Abe, Jack and Maggie's joint funeral, Bo received a message on his PDA from the killer stating Caroline is the next target and she had only one hour to live. Also during the funeral, a fourth casket mysteriously appeared during a blackout (caused by an eclipse). Sami threatened to keep Will away from Lucas, who is drinking again.
11/17/03-11/21/03: After the time the serial killer said Caroline would die had passed, Bo went into the hospital chapel to get Caroline. When Bo touched Caroline, who was on her knees in a praying position, she fell to the floor and he realized she was dead. Bo's hope he could trace the killer via the message he or she left on Bo's PDA about Caroline's impending death were dashed when the trace was impossible. At Caroline's wake, Celeste was able to communicate with Caroline, who said the killer was going to strike again. Marlena collapsed right after Roman got a message from the killer stating someone else would die. Brady rescued Nicole when Victor nearly strangled her for mocking his grief over Caroline's death. John heard Sami make a threat on Caroline's life just before Caroline died, and John quizzed Sami. Jan Spears returned to Salem to stalk an unsuspecting Shawn.
11/24/03-11/28/03: When Bo, Hope, and Roman vowed to catch the serial killer, Rex warned them that whoever is close to solving the case would die. At Caroline's wake, Sami shocked everyone by accusing Rex of being willing to kill to keep secret the fact that Roman is Rex and Cassie's father. Later, Cassie confessed that Kate is her and Rex's mother. While Roman and Kate were surprised by the news, Marlena comforted Tony, who was upset at learning he isn't the twins' father. Sami fumed when Kate and Roman reconciled after learning they are the twins' parents, then realized that if Kate was made out to be the serial killer, Kate and Roman could never be together. Cassie told Rex she knows the killer's identity, and that he/she is trying to frame Rex. When Cassie was called by the serial killer, she told him/her she is going to the police. Caroline's ghost told Celeste that John will kill Marlena.
12/1/03-12/5/03: Everyone was stunned to learn Cassie was the serial killer's latest victim. While holding Cassie's body, Rex accused Kate, who was holding a bloody knife, of killing her own daughter. Roman had to arrest Kate, who couldn't remember picking up the knife that proved to be the murder weapon. Tony, who was devastated by Cassie's death, told Stefano on the phone that Cassie was dead, then said "it wasn't supposed to happen this way." Sami forced Celeste to tell Marlena, John, and Roman that Caroline's ghost told her John would kill Marlena. John said he'd move out after realizing Marlena fears him. Abe's ghost also claimed John would kill Marlena during a seance Celeste conducted for Lexie, Jennifer, Roman, and Sami. Jan, who continued stalking an unwitting Shawn, recalled vowing to get back to Salem over her mother's dead body if necessary. Brady told Victor not to bring Chloe back to Salem.
12/8/03-12/12/03: SamI vowed to get rid of Victor before the new year after he threatened to reveal how she lied and said Lucas abused Will in order to get custody of the boy. Lucas and Sami argued over her theory that both Kate and John are serial killers. When Marlena and Roman rejected Sami's suggestion they go into hiding, she vowed to get Marlena away from John even if she has to kill him. After breaking into Kate's hotel room to plant evidence that she is the serial killer, Sami found herself face-to-face with the masked killer. Roman got Kate released on bail so she could attend Caroline's funeral. After Caroline's funeral, Rex told Roman, Kate, John, Marlena, Sami and Lucas that the serial killer's next victim would be Roman. Bo and Hope got the same message on his PDA. While Shawn talked to Belle on the phone, Jan vowed Belle would die if she returns to Salem. Brady told Victor and Nicole that Chloe is coming home.
12/15/03-12/19/03: While attempting to frame Kate, Sami came face-to-face with the axe- and knife- wielding serial killer. When Kale and Roman arrived, Roman held the "killer" at gunpoint. After unmasking the "killer," Kate, Sami and Roman were stunned it was Lucas, who said he was trying to scare Sami, Roman saw the serial killer at Bonnie's Christmas tree lot, but a rookie cop caused Roman to lose the killer. Later, Sami encountered the real serial killer, and thinking he/she was Lucas, verbally abused the person and then tried to defend herself. Roman saved Sami from death, but the serial killer escaped again, Mimi, Max and Bonnie were confronted by the serial killer. Shawn, Rex and Roman ran to the rescue after getting a distress call from Mimi and Bonnie. After stealing a key to the loft, Jan plotted to get revenge against a returned Belle as soon as she was alone, Victor offered to fly Chloe to Salem for Christmas.
12/22/03-12/26/03: Rex gave chase after Bonnie and Mimi escaped from the serial killer, but the killer escaped when Roman distracted Rex. Roman, who had shot at the killer, later found blood at the site. Hoping to stop the killer, Rex decoded a message the killer sent to Roman's PDA, then sent a message back. Tony's PDA started to ring just as Rex sent his message to the killer. Rex and Mimi scattered Cassie's ashes on the hilltop where he and Cassie were originally discovered. John and Marlena discovered their love is stronger than ever. Mimi's arrival prevented Jan from killing Belle. Sami and Lucas both denied they still have feelings for each other. On Kate and Roman's wedding day, Sami vowed they would not marry. Marlena worried Kate will break Roman's heart. Jennifer told her family that she is pregnant. Chloe and Brady were reunited, but Nicole is determined to come between them.
12/29/03-1/2/04: Tony was arrested and charged with being the serial killer after Rex found, on Tony's PDA, the threatening messages the killer had been sending. Tony insisted he was innocent, and warned the real killer was still out there. Marlena refused to let Bo tell Roman, who had just tied the knot with Kate, that Tony had been released on bail. Bo and Hope worried Tony was lurking around Tuscany Restaurant (where Roman and Kate were married) waiting to kill Roman. Sami told Roman he is dead to her now that he's married to Kate. As in Celeste's premonition, the wedding cake oozed blood once Kate and Roman cut into it at the reception. After telling Nicole he would soon have evidence to arrest her for Colin's murder, Roman went to the Tuscany kitchen to meet his informant and came face to face with the serial killer. Roman learned the killer's identity moments before the killer slashed him.

1/5/04-1/9/04: John, Bo, & Hope caught a hooded trespasser, pulled off his hood and found the man was Tony. Roman's body was found in the kitchen at Tuscany after everyone heard Kate screaming and saw her covered with blood. After Tony's re-arrest, Celeste was visited by Roman and Maggie's spirits, who told her the cops arrested the wrong man. Celeste realized she could be the next victim after the ghosts of Roman and Maggie told her Celeste already knows the killer's identity. Everyone was stunned when Mickey agreed to defend Tony. Victor believes Nicole killed Roman to get the information (which she burned) that proved she killed Colin. Shawn gave chase when he thought he saw Jan (he did), but she got away and he ended up "catching" Nicole. Nicole later told Jan she needs her help. Brady and Chloe made love. During a medical exam, Lexie had to tell Jennifer that something's not right with Jennifer's unborn baby.
1/12/04-1/16/04: Jennifer learned her unborn baby is in jeopardy. Lexie told Jennifer that if she doesn't abort the fetus, Jennifer and the baby could die. Abby was furious when she heard Jennifer talking to Alice about terminating the pregnancy. Victor told Tony he thinks the serial killer is a woman. Bo was angry with Mickey for defending Tony at his pre-trial hearing. Tek testified that Roman was killed with the knife used to cut the wedding cake, not Tony's samurai sword. After Marlena testified that Tony didn't kill Roman, the judge dropped the murder charge against Tony, who was set free. Nicole shot at Victor (but missed) when he threatened to tell Tony she is the serial killer. Belle and John escorted a disoriented Marlena to Roman's funeral. Belle, Shawn, John, and Marlena were stunned when Doug and Julie returned from a trip with a Bengal tiger. Celeste saw the eyes of a tiger then said someone else would soon die.
1/19/04-1/23/04: As Doug and Julie told how they rescued the tiger they brought with them to Salem, Marlena recalled a nightmare about being attacked by a tiger. Nicole fumed when she heard Victor tell Tony that she had killed Colin, and that Victor thinks Nicole is also the Salem Stalker. Brady heard Victor threaten Nicole's life. Celeste warned Tony he could end up dead after he put an ad in the newspaper announcing that the identity of the Salem Stalker would be revealed at the Horton Foundation Circus. Bo left for Europe after Billle Reed left a voice message for him stating that she knows the identity of the Stalker, but would only tell Bo. The Stalker watched as Hope said goodbye to Bo. An unwitting Bonnie almost ran into the Stalker. The Stalker drugged the tiger with a dart, causing the tiger to go into a rage. Then the Stalker opened the tiger's cage door just as Tony was about to reveal the Stalker's identity.
1/26/04-1/30/04: The tranquilizer gun jammed when John tried to shoot the tiger who attacked Tony then dragged his body away. Lexie and Celeste found Tony, who was hospitalized. Lexie was unable to save Tony after the Salem Stalker, who was revealed to be Marlena, put a lethal drug in his I.V. drip. Before he died, Tony grabbed Marlena's hand when she sat next to his bed, but no one realized he was trying to reveal she is the Salem Stalker. Marlena covered when John wondered why Tony had grabbed her. After Celeste had visions of the masked killer with long blonde hair, Tony's ghost told her that she knows who the Salem Stalker is. Lexie learned of the lethal injection after having an autopsy done on Tony. After Nicole told Brady and Victor she had nothing to do with Tony's death, Victor found her barrette in the hospital cubicle where Tony had been. Jan continued spying on Shawn and Belle.
2/2/04-2/6/04: After Celeste told Lexie that Tony's ghost told her she knows the Salem Stalker's identity, Celeste felt a chill when she locked eyes with Marlena. Celeste, who worried she would be the next victim, refused when Lexie wanted Marlena to hypnotize Celeste to get the name of the Stalker. Lexie later left Celeste alone with Marlena after telling John and Marlena that she is close to naming the Stalker (it's Marlena). Marlena, who relived the murders, told Roman's photo that marrying Kate was his "fatal" mistake. Marlena realized her decision to tell John she is the Stalker was a mistake. Marlena assured an unwitting Belle that she (Marlena) would not be a victim of the Stalker. Because Victor keeps accusing Nicole of being the Stalker, she handcuffed herself to Brady to have an alibi the next time the Stalker strikes. Bonnie was hurt when she overheard Mickey tell Julie he would no longer need Bonnie once he stops mourning Maggie.

2/9/04-2/13/04: A knife-wielding Marlena panicked when Celeste, who was hypnotized, saw the Salem Stalker (Marlena), but only remembered the killer's blue jacket. John burst into the room, unwittingly saving Celeste from being Marlena's next victim. Marlena realized a piece of fabric was missing from her blue jacket after John said Belle and Shawn found a piece of blue fabric caught on a nail at the circus. It looked like Marlena was about to stab Belle after she walked in on Marlena cutting up her blue jacket. Julie remembered Marlena wore a blue suit to the circus. Nicole kept herself handcuffed to Brady to prove she isn't the Salem Stalker. On Nicole's orders, Jan prepared to kill Victor. Victor made a new will, leaving nothing to Nicole. Jan saw Victor put the will in his safe. Jan also tried to kill Belle by dropping a sandbag on her, but failed. Julie wants Bonnie out of Mickey's life.
2/16/04-2/20/04: Nicole was horrified when Jan go trapped in the mansion after Jan electrocuted Victor in his bathtub. Nicole panicked when Victor tried to say her name after Brady briefly revived him. Nicole was relieved when Victor took his last breath. Nicole had an alibi for the time of Victor's death because the locksmith had been removing the handcuffs from her and Brady (while Jan, meanwhile, killed Victor). A returned Bo arrested Nicole after John told Bo and Hope that Victor had said previously that Nicole would be responsible if he died. Marlena collapsed when she was unable to kill Belle, who thought Marlena was just stressed out over the murders. Marlena fainted when John said Shawn thinks she is the Salem Stalker. Marlena faked understanding when Shawn said there were too many clues to ignore. Bo told Hope he never found Billie. While thinking about Jack, Jennifer his a man, Patrick, with her car. Patrick faked the extent of his in jury.
2/23/04-2/27/04: Shawn had to admit that Marlena, whom he (correctly) believes is the Salem Stalker serial killer, did not kill Victor because she was with Shawn and Belle at the time Victor died. Deciding that Shawn had to die, Marlena sneaked into his darkened bedroom and stabbed "him" repeatedly. After the stabbing, a bloodied Jan, the person who was in Shawn's bed, went to Nicole for help. Nicole got Jan drunk, then sewed up her stab wounds. Marlena was stunned to learn Shawn was alive. Doug told Julie he knows the identity of the serial killer, but refused to give Julie her name. Doug also spoke with Celeste, but didn't tell her the name of the serial killer. An unwitting Julie told Marlena that Doug knows who the serial killer is. As Nicole's alibi, Brady cleared her of being Victor's killer. Nicole, who is determined to get Victor's will before it's read, learned Jan knew the new combination to his safe.

3/1/04-3/5/04: After being stabbed by Marlena (the serial killer), Doug got away from her and wrote her name in his own blood, leaving the piece of paper next to Tom Horton's gravestone. Hope rushed to Doug after Celeste had a vision of him beside Tom's grave. Doug died in Hope's arms before he could identify Marlena as the serial killer. When John got a glimpse of the serial killer fleeing from the cemetery after Doug died, he said to himself "Doc," which is his nickname for Marlena. Belle came up with a plan to prove Shawn is wrong about Marlena being the serial killer. Hope quizzed Jennifer's boarder, Patrick, who told them he is Bonnie's son and Mimi's brother. Bonnie admitted to Mimi that Patrick is unaware she "lost" a lot of his money gambling. After the locksmith broke into Victor's safe, Bo (correctly) suspected Nicole got into the safe and stole Victor's will (and the proof that she killed Colin).
3/8/04-3/12/04: Doug's spirit told Celeste that the serial killer's next victim will be someone they all love. Looking into her crystals, Celeste saw the word "Hortons" in blood and an image of Tom's tombstone. Celeste later found Alice at Tom's grave. Alice came close to finding the note Doug wrote in blood (correctly) naming Marlena as the Salem Stalker. Shawn worried after Julie said she had told Marlena that Doug knew the serial killer's identity. Marlena acted hurt when John admitted he thought she might be the serial killer. Marlena then told Sami to get a grip when she tired to convince Marlena to kill John before he kills her (as predicted in another one of Celeste's visions). Nicole distracted Brady while Jan got Victor's will and the evidence against Nicole (that she killed Colin) out of the mansion. Jan kept the papers instead of burning them. Patrick learned Bonnie squandered all of his money.
3/15/04-3/19/04: Celeste warned that the Salem Stalker (Marlena) would murder another member of Alice's . family. In a confessional, Marlena (the Salem Stalker) told Father Jansen she might kill again. Father Jansen later asked for Marlena's help after telling her the killer confessed to him. Tek and Hope hypnotized John, who had convulsions after remembering he saw Marlena flee the scene of Doug's murder. Performing her job as a psychiatrist, Marlena tried to convince John that the reason why he thinks she is the killer is because of his past conditioning by Stefano. Marlena was prepared to kill Belle if Belle told Shawn that she lied when she said Marlena was with her when Doug was killed. Belle told Shawn about her lie, then saw he was asleep and didn't hear her. Tek began to (correctly) suspect Marlena is the killer. Jan told Nicole she would hand over Victor's papers after she gets Shawn back. Sami continued to worry that John will kill Marlena.
3/22/04-3/26/04: On the phone, Patrick told a mystery person he was moving on (leaving Salem), but would be in touch. Patrick called Lexie to have her tend to a pregnant Jennifer, who had abdominal pains while trying to convince Patrick not to leave town. Abby gave Patrick a doubloon she found, and he told her it was his, and it had belonged to pirates. After talking to Julie, Marlena (Salem Stalker) recalled seeing Doug bury something behind Tom's gravestone. After hacking into John's laptop computer, Marlena erased the surveillance photo of her in the cemetery (the night she killed Doug). Marlena went to kill Alice after learning she found Doug's note with Marlena's name on it. Marlena was about to kill Alice when she was scared away by the ghosts of Caroline, Roman, and Maggie. Alice called John and told him Marlena is the serial killer. Jan told Nicole she is going to kill Belle.
3/29/04-4/2/04: After taunting and then killing Alice, Marlena (the serial killer) set her murderous sights on eliminating Shawn. Bo and Hope found Alice, who opened her eyes briefly, but was unable to name her killer (Marlena) before she died. Alice and Tom were reunited in heaven. John confronted Marlena with evidence that forced her to admit she is the serial killer. John and Marlena struggled on the balcony after she grabbed his gun. From below, Sami watched John and Marlena's struggle, then saw Marlena go over the balcony railing. Lucas tried to rescue Sami, but Marlena landed on Sami after her fall was broken by an awning. Marlena regained consciousness in the hospital and claimed she is innocent. Nicole kept Jan from electrocuting Belle, who had fallen asleep in the bathtub. Nicole and Jan realized Marlena knows they killed Victor. Jennifer, who had abdominal pains, feared she will miscarry her baby.
4/5/04-4/9/04: Marlena regained consciousness and said John pushed her off the balcony to kill her, and also claimed John is the serial killer. John rushed off to get the real serial killer after Celeste got vibes that Marlena was innocent. John later dragged Marlena's look- alike, Hattie (he remembered her from the past) into the hospital and insisted that Hattie must be the serial killer. Kate urged Philip to comfort Belle, who was upset. Shawn dumped her when Belle admitted she lied and said that Marlena was with her when Doug was killed. Bonnie, who wants Mimi with Shawn, urged Philip to go after Belle. Nicole panicked when Brady said the police think she killed Victor. Philip almost recognized Jan, who was disguised as a doctor. Jennifer told Lexie that Patrick saved her unborn baby's life again. When Patrick learned Celeste had been Stefano's assistant, he lied and said he didn't have the doubloon when she asked to see it.
4/12/04-4/16/04: John, Bo, Hope, Lucas, Lexie, Belle, Philip, Shawn, and Sami were stunned that Hattie had proof she isn't the serial killer. Stefano's former henchman Bart backed up Hattie's story that she was in Europe during the time of some of the murders recovering from the last of her plastic surgery to make her look like Marlena (per Stefano's orders). Bart also proved Hattie had been in jail for shoplifting when Tony, Doug, and Alice were killed. Believing Marlena must be the serial killer, Bo arrested her and handcuffed her to the hospital bed. After Marlena said she was in Colorado with Eric when Abe was killed, Bo revealed Eric said she had left earlier - and thus could have been in Salem when Abe died. Marlena vowed to prove she is innocent. Jan reminded Nicole she still has Victor's will, the video, and the papers proving Nicole killed Colin. Patrick refused to harm Jennifer after a mystery man with whom he secretly met ordered him to "do what he came to Salem for."
4/19/04-4/23/04: To find out if Marlena is once again possessed by the devil, John, Bo, Hope, Shawn, and Belle watched as Father Jansen performed an exorcism on Marlena. After inviting the evil spirits into Marlena, Father Jansen told everyone that Marlena was not possessed because if she had been the evil spirits would have fought each other. Bo arrested Marlena for the Salem Stalker murders. In the holding cell, Marlena ended up bloodied and another inmate was found dead after Nicole bribed an old friend, Crystal, to kill Marlena. The others in the holding cell accused Marlena of murdering the inmate in cold blood. After learning Marlena wants to take truth serum, Nicole worried she would reveal Nicole and Jan killed Victor. Worried that she will go crazy like Marlena and hurt the people she loves, Belle told Shawn she wants nothing to do with him. Shawn realized Philip still loves Belle after seeing him comforting her.
4/26/04-4/30/04: While working on a school project, Abby found information on Patrick on the Internet showing he is a con man and a criminal. Patrick told Abby and Jennifer he had been a victim of identity theft, but later went onto the Internet, hacked into the Web site and deleted his photo and the information. Hope told Ivlarlena she is convinced Stefano is somehow behind the Salem Stalker murders. Lexie told Tek she thinks Stefano is behind Abe's murder. After the doctor gave Marlena truth serum she confessed to killing Abe, Jack, Maggie, Caroline, Cassie and Roman. After catching Lucas and Sami in bed together, Kate worried Sami will drive Lucas out of Salem just like she did to Austin. Julie warned she is watching Bonnie, who had her eye on the bearer bonds Jennifer inherited from Alice. Shawn broke up a fight between a disguised Jan and Nicole, who warned Jan to keep quiet about Victor's death.

5/3/04-5/7/04: Julie accused Bonnie, who had a purse full of money, of stealing Jennifer's bearer bonds, but Bonnie had proof she won the lottery. When Bonnie talked about marrying Mickey, Patrick said it would never happen. Patrick, who was also suspected of stealing the bearer bonds, was picked up by the police as he was leaving town. Patrick told Jennifer he didn't steal her bonds. Jennifer was hurt Patrick was leaving town without telling her. Shawn heard a mystery man talking about Jennifer and bearer bonds. Still under the truth serum, Marlena told Bo she didn't kill Victor, and neither did Nicole, but said she saw "them" (meaning Jan, who did kill Victor, and Nicole). Nicole arranged for her friend Crystal to kill Marlena after Marlena's return to jail. Crystal pretended to be Marlena's friend while other inmates tried to beat her up. After stealing keys and a gun from a guard, Crystal lured Marlena to the roof of the jail.
5/10/04-5/14/04: Crystal knocked Marlena out by hitting her with the guard's gun, left the gun beside Marlena, then jammed the door to the jail roof. A sharpshooter didn't hear Bo's order not to shoot, sho he shot Marlena as she ran toward John. After Lexie pronounced Marlena dead, John carried her body to a church and set up an impromptu wake for her. Celeste later had a visit from Marlena's ghost, who warned her that everyone in Salem would die. Crystal reported back to Nicole (Nicole had contracted with Crystal to kill Marlena) that she set things up so that the police would kill Marlena. Shawn helped Patrick get Jennifer's bearer bonds from the mystery man who stole them. Jennifer was stunned when a badly beaten Patrick was dumped on her front lawn. Jan disguised herself as Alice's old friend Mrs. B and said she needed Shawn's help. She lured Shawn to her country house, drugged his tea, then dragged him into her makeshift cage, chaining his legs and arms to the bed and locking him in.
5/17/04-5/21/04: While alone with Marlena's body and praying for Marlena's soul, Celeste was stunned when Marlena's corpse told her that evil has returned and that everyone in Salem is going to die. Before the embalming, Celeste and John didn't notice when Marlena's fingers moved. During the embalming, the mortician didn't notice when Marlena's eyes opened. At the funeral, John had the coffin opened when Sami, who threw herself on the coffin, said she heard Marlena begging to be let out. After John had the coffin opened, Sami freaked out when she saw Marlena was obviously dead. After everyone was gone, Marlena banged on the coffin and screamed that she was alive. Nicole forced Jan to bail Crystal out of jail because she arranged Marlena's death. Shawn realized Jan had kidnapped him. Jan fumed when she realized Shawn tried to escape while she was away. Dressed as Mrs. B, Nicole nearly freed Shawn while fantasizing he was Brady.
5/24/04-5/28/04: A stunned Marlena woke up in Alice's "living room." Marlena was shocked to see Roman, who said he carried her from "Salem Place" to Alice's. Roman made Marlena see she didn't kill anyone after telling her they were on a tropical island that has been transformed into a replica of Salem. Roman told Marlena that Doug, who is in horrible shape, was nearly electrocuted when he got too close to the security perimeter. Marlena and Roman talked about the fact Stefano could be behind their fate, but he's dead, which means his people are carrying out his last wishes. Abe told Alice he misses Lexie. When an alarm sounded, Roman told Marlena that someone in Salem was about to "die" and would be brought to the island. Julie dreamed that Doug is alive. Back in the real Salem, Bonnie vowed to get Mickey once he gets over Maggie's "death." Shawn failed to get the attention of a cop who was searching for him on Bo and Hope's behalf.
5/31/04-6/4/04: Philip slipped and told Belle he loves her. Belle didn't realize Philip was talking about her when he told her there is a "mystery woman" in his life. Rex is determined to stop Philip from moving in on Belle while Shawn is not around. Celeste told Hope that the spirits told her Shawn is in danger. After deciphering a riddle a spirit gave her, Hope told Bo they have to find Shawn or he will die. Shawn attempted to escape from Jan when she tried to seduce him. Marlena, Abe, and Roman worried that Jennifer may be the next to "die" and be brought to "New Salem." Marlena, Abe, and Roman also worried about Jack, who was trying to find a way off the island. Abe was concerned Lexie would follow his advice in a letter he left telling her to go on with her life if he died. Lexie was upset when Celeste touched Abe's letter, then said he was still alive. Tek didn't believe Patrick, who said he was never in prison.
6/7/04-6/11/04: Jan prevented Shawn from escaping by throwing a pot of hot coffee at him. After tending to Shawn's burns, a gun-toting Jan told him she was going to kill Belle. Shawn attempted to seduce Jan in order to keep her from killing Belle, but Jan eventually realized what Shawn was up to and head out to kill Belle. Instead of killing Belle, Jan took photos of Belle and Philip in romantic looking poses. Shawn was stunned when Jan showed him the photos of Belle and Philip, and taunted him that they appear to be in love. Marlena was surprised to see Victor, who told her he was actually "killed" by Jan and Nicole, but was brought to the island by whoever was behind the other "murders." Victor was stunned when Marlena said his evidence against Nicole (that she killed Colin), and his will, were missing from his safe. No one believed Jennifer, who said Jack contacted her via computer. On the phone, the mystery man (who had pretended to be Jack) told Patrick that Jennifer and her baby are going to die.
6/14/04-6/18/04: Patrick phoned the mystery man and told him to stop messing with Jennifer's head after she received another message from "Jack." Jennifer covered when Patrick saw her packing a suitcase, then kept mum that she heard from "Jack," and arranged to meet "Jack" at an old airfield. Patrick tried to warn Jennifer that someone is setting her up. Marlena was stunned to see Maggie, who said she had been in the jungle with Jack looking for a way off the island when Jack disappeared. Marlena told Roman that she now knows someone besides their mystery "host," wanted her dead, and recalled how Crystal tried to kill her in jail. In the real Salem, John is determined to prove Crystal had a connection to Marlena's "death." Crystal lied to John and said that Marlena tried to escape from jail in order to kill him. Shawn failed another attempt to escape from Jan. John agreed to help Belle find Shawn.
6/21/04-6/25/04: Patrick failed to get to Jennifer, who met Davies, the pilot, on an old airstrip. Jennifer got into the plane after Davies showed her a photo of Jack wearing the locket Abby had placed in his casket, and a videotaped message from Jack. On Captive Island, Abe and Roman were stunned to see Tony DiMera, who denied having anything to do with bringing the Salem Stalker "victims" to the island. Tony told Marlena that Stefano (who is supposedly dead) had no connection to the Salem Stalker because he would never have allowed Tony to be "killed" by Horton the tiger. While going in and out of consciousness, an ailing Jack "saw" Jennifer, learned they have a son, and that she married Patrick. Shawn was bummed when Jan, via a cable access TV channel, let him watch the opening of Bonnie and Mickey's restaurant, which is called Alice's, and he saw Belle and Philip enjoying what looked like an intimate dance.
6/28/04-7/2/04: Shawn got the keys to his makeshift cell during a struggle with Jan, but she halted his escape by knocking him out. Realizing Shawn faked amnesia when he said he didn't remember Belle, Jan forced him to watch an endless video loop of Belle and Philip dancing together. The TV was on but Shawn wasn't watching the NASCAR race when Belle made a public plea for Shawn's return. Davies crashed the plane while trying to take a cell phone away from Jennifer. Jennifer survived, then called for help after she fell off a cliff ledge. Hope and Patrick, who weren't in time to stop Jennifer from boarding the plane, heard the crash. On Captive Island, Maggie, Roman, Marlena, and a weakened Jack also heard the plane crash. Hope tried to arrest Patrick, who had to steal his doubloon (which he planned to use to rescue Jennifer) back after Bonnie pawned it. John plotted to use Earl, the prison guard, to prove Crystal caused Marlena's "death."

7/5/04-7/9/04: Hope caught Patrick in a cargo plane with the same logo as the plane Jennifer was on when it crashed. Hope wanted to arrest Patrick, who warned she would be putting Jennifer's life at risk if she stopped him from getting to her. Hope insisted on going with Patrick, who started to take off after the learned the plane Jennifer had been on made flights to uninhabited islands in the Caribbean. Racing to Hope's rescue, Bo and Tek tried to stop the plane from taking off. Bo heard Celeste predict Hope is going to die. Jack realized Jennifer was on Captive Island when he found the tag from her luggage near the plane crash site. Jennifer, who was clinging to a clump of grass on the cliff edge, fell to a ledge when Jack tried to rescue her. Jan kept Shawn from seeing Belle's televised plea for him to return home. On Nicole's orders, Jan knocked John out before Crystal could reveal to him that they had plotted to kill Marlena.
7/12/04-7/16/04: Jack rescued Jennifer from the side of the cliff. Later, Jennifer realized Jack was very ill when he passed out. Jack and Jennifer found shelter in a cave. Jennifer, who had false labor pains, passed out herself after she found Jack unconscious. Tek and Bo were watching on a mini-cam as the plane that Hope and Patrick were on entered restricted air space and was shot down by the military. Patrick and Hope managed to swim to Captive Island, washing up on shore in front of a stunned Marlena and Roman. Hope was shocked to see the Salem Stalker "victims" all still alive. Hope introduced everyone on the island to Patrick, and explained that he is Bonnie's son. After running into Jan, Philip suspects Jan is up to something even though she and Belle agreed to put the past behind them and be friends. Mimi tried to strangle Jan, but stopped when Jan said she's through with Shawn. Jan later taunted Shawn that Philip is living with Belle. Sami and Lucas made love.

7/19/04-7/23/04: Patrick escaped from Hope, Roman, and Abe after saying he had to rescue Jennifer or she and her baby would die. Hope, who nearly died trying to break through the electric force field around Captive Island, was stunned when Patrick used his doubloon to break the field. While searching for Jennifer, Patrick told Hope he had been sent to Salem to target Jennifer. Bo doesn't believe Hope is dead despite the fact that her blood was found on wreckage of the crashed plane. Jack fell into a pit, but escaped after Jennifer went for help. Jack tried to rescue Jennifer, who fell into a ravine when the rope bridge she was on broke. John, who found the stuffed bear Sami had placed in Marlena's coffin, decided to get a court order to dig up Marlena's grave and see what happened. Sami fumed upon learning John was going to dig up Marlena's grave. Jan was stunned when Belle and Philip arrived on her Kent Island doorstep. Kate fumed when Lucas said he and Sami had reconciled.
7/26/04-7/30/04: Belle was devastated when Jan, who lied to Belle, said she saw Shawn who told Jan he wants nothing to do with Belle, he's joining the Marines. After Jan gave Shawn's purity ring to Belle, Philip had it examined and found Shawn's prints on the ring. Shawn heard Belle's voice, but was unable to call for help because Jan had drugged him. Jan covered after giving Belle a description of her (fake) fiance that matched Shawn a little too closely. Jan played a tape for Shawn to prove Belle dumped him for Philip. On Captive Island, Roman, Marlena, and Abe hoped the cops in Salem would investigate Milbauer's Funeral Home, where they had been taken after their "deaths." Back in Salem, everyone believed Stefano was responsible when there was no body in Marlena's exhumed coffin. Hope and Patrick found Jack trying to rescue Jennifer from a ledge. Nicole arranged for Brady to think Chloe is cheating on him. Tek and Lexie kissed.
8/2/04-8/6/04: Unable to rescue Jennifer, Jack went to get help. After Jack left, Hope and Patrick failed a first attempt to rescue Jennifer from the ledge she was stranded on. Hope later tried to rescue both Jennifer and Patrick who, in trying to save Jennifer, ended up stranded on the same ledge with her. Back in Salem, Bonnie told Mimi she doesn't think Patrick died in the plane crash. John still suspects Stefano may be alive and responsible for Marlena's body being stolen from the coffin. Tek ignored a strange signal that came over his computer. On Captive Island, a mystery person left invitations to a party at Marlena's house, bringing everyone on the island together, then via a live TV feed, let them see that their friends and family in Salem appeared to be going on with their lives without them. Jan continued taunting Shawn with her own video feeds of Philip and Belle together. Sami accepted Lucas' marriage proposal.
8/9/04-8/13/04: Philip fantasized about making love to Belle, who is still devastated over losing Shawn. Shawn blamed Jan when he began to accept that Belle has moved on with Philip. Jan sent Shawn video images of Belle and Philip kissing. Bonnie urged Mimi to see a doctor when Mimi worried that she has uterine cancer and will die from it like her aunt did. Roman repaired the transmitter he and Abe made after Tony "accidentally" destroyed it. Tony mumbled that "he" wasn't going to like it when he learned Roman is trying to reach the outside world. Bo told John about the mysterious signal (from Abe and Roman's transmitter) he received on his computer. Marlena, Abe, Roman, and Doug were stunned to see Hope. Hope and Abe searched for Jennifer, Patrick, and Jack after the mystery man tailing Hope disabled the force field around the island. Patrick rescued Jennifer, who was in labor. The limo that Chloe was riding in suddenly crashed.
8/16/04-8/20/04: Preempted all week for Summer Olympics.
8/23/04-8/27/04: Preempted all week for Summer Olympics.
8/30/04-9/3/04: On Captive Island, Patrick helped Jennifer deliver a son, but worried she could bleed to death. The mystery man foiled Hope and Abe's search for Jennifer. Brady was shocked when a doctor in a remote Austrian hospital told him Chloe was critical after a car accident. Nicole jumped in to console Brady after Nancy told him Chloe had died. Brady had an impromptu memorial service for Chloe. Kate and John didn't believe Bo, who said he received a transmission of a secret code developed by Roman that proves Roman and Marlena are alive. The mystery man who turned out to be Tony, destroyed the transmitter Abe and Roman set up. Bo, John, and Tek traced the signal to the Caribbean before it went off. Marlena tended to Roman, who is close to death because of an infected leg wound. Philip told Belle she is the "mystery" woman he loves. Shawn escaped from Jan, who vowed to recapture him.

9/6/04-9/10/04: Finding Roman and Abe's coffins empty, John realized Bo was right, the Salem Stalker's victims are alive. Tek traced the radio signal to "Melaswen" Island, which John realized was "New Salem" backwards. Flying to the island, Bo and John were shot down in the same military airspace as Hope and Patrick had been. Victor, Doug, and Maggie pulled John and Bo from the downed plane. Everyone on Captive Island reunited in "New Salem," but Bo worried Hope wasn't there. Patrick disappeared while he and Hope searched for Jack. The mystery person who was tailing Patrick and Hope closed in on Hope. While Brady held a memorial service for Chloe, Nancy failed to get Chloe, who feels she will never sing again and whose face is horribly disfigured from the car accident, to tell Brady she's alive. Mimi learned she doesn't have cancer, but she is carrying Rex's baby. Sami told Lucas she loves him, not Brandon.
9/13/04-9/17/04: Chloe showed Nancy her disfigured face, then rejected Nancy's plea to tell Brady she is alive. Since Chloe is "dead," Nicole fantasized ending up with the Kiriakis money, mansion, and Brady. Tony faked using his Zen powers, while pushing a button to shut down the electric fence around New Salem, so Bo could go search for Hope. Bo was stunned to find Billie Reed, who said she was kidnapped when she got close to figuring out who was behind the Salem Stalker "murders." Billie and Bo were separated after someone knocked them out with drugged darts. Patrick told Hope he is not plotting to kill Jack even though he knows Jack is the love of Jennifer's life. Bo found Patrick and Hope just as they saw who could be either Jack or Billie lying on a ravine ledge. Patrick fell into the raging rapids below when he tried to reach the ledge. Shawn escaped from Jan again and went looking for Belle.
9/20/04-9/24/04: Hope rescued Jack, who was the person on the ledge. Jack, Jennifer, and their newborn son were reunited. Bo and Hope told everyone that Patrick (supposedly) died when he fell into the river while trying to rescue Jack. Hope failed to keep Bo from going into the jungle to search for Billie. In the real Salem, Kate blamed Bo when she learned Billie (supposedly) died. Tony was surprised to see his Zen mentor/swordmaster, Hanzo Hattori, and Tony's former right-hand-man, Bart. It was learned the DiMeras masterminded "New Salem." Tony told Bart that if anyone escapes the perimeter of "New Salem," Stefano wants them killed. Tony was about to tell Bart why he and Stefano arranged the "murders" when Hope arrived to ask Tony to help her find Bo. When Shawn regained consciousness after a motorcycle accident, Lexie asked if he wanted to see Belle or Jan (who lied she and Shawn are engaged.)
9/27/04-10/1/04: Jan was thrilled Shawn, who regained consciousness, refused to see Belle (he had flashes of Belle and Philip making love). Jan lied to Shawn about being engaged after learning he has no memory of her holding him prisoner. Jan kept Belle from asking Shawn if his relationship with (Jan) is for real. Against Lexie's orders, Jan told Shawn that Bo and Hope are (presumed) dead. Brady told Belle that John and Bo are presumed dead. Shawn blamed Belle for Hope and Bo's (presumed) deaths. Hope stole the remote from Tony to release the force field around "New Salem", then searched for Bo. Hope found an injured Patrick and they sought shelter in a cave. Bo found Billie, but a mystery person shot them with darts. Bo later woke up alone. Bo found Hope and Patrick. Hope fumed when Bo went looking for Billie again. Kate told Philip that Billie is (presumed) dead. Kate vowed to get Sami out of Lucas' life.
10/4/04-10/8/04: Nicole stowed away on the boat that Brady and Tek used to get to Captive Island, where they searched for John and Bo. Brady and Nicole hitched a ride with one of Tony's thugs while looking for John and Bo. Tek ran into Abe, then covered and said "no" when Abe asked if Lexie was involved with anyone (she has been seeing Tek). Bo found Billie, who told him the DiMeras are behind "New Salem" and plan to take over the real Salem by bringing everyone from the real Salem to the island to control them. Patrick and Hope found Bo and Billie, then Tony took them all prisoner and told them he masterminded everything. Shawn checked himself out of the hospital, then told Belle he knows she asked Philip to make love to her. Lexie didn't believe Celeste, who said Abe is still alive, then warned Lexie not to get too close to Tek. Jan suggested she help Shawn raise his kid brother Zack.
10/11/04-10/15/04: Patrick convinced Tony, whom he is secretly working for, that he is still loyal to him. Tony foiled John, Bo and Roman's plan to escape their holding cell. Via an air-shaft, Brady ended up in the holding cell where he was reunited with John. Nicole, who was separated from Brady, was stunned when, via an air vent she landed in a holding cell with Tony's "mystery guest" who turned out to be Colin Murphy. Brady rescued Nicole, but thought she was hallucinating when she said she saw Colin, and he can clear her of his (Colin's) supposed murder. Tony revived Colin, who had passed out after he saw Nicole. Tony was uneasy when Stefano called and ordered him to implement their doomsday scenario. Shawn refused to listen when Belle tried to explain why she had been in Phillip's arms every time Shawn had seen her. Kate and Eugenia (Sami ruined Eugenia's nursing career) teamed up to destroy Sami.
10/18/04-10/22/04: Bo rescued Billie, who fell into a lava pit, then tried to hand him a CD-ROM containing Tony's computer files. John and Hope found Brady and Nicole in the airshaft to Tony's bunker. Nicole was shocked when Hope told her Victor is alive. John and Brady found the generator that controls power on the island and disabled it. John and Brady found Roman, and ran into Patrick and Nicole, who had Colin with them. Nicole told the others she saw Patrick program a computer (on Tony's orders) to cause the island volcano to erupt. Colin said Tony's vendetta against the Salemites has to do with his hatred for his half-brother, John. Tony had Patrick bring everyone to a study in the bunker, where John saw one of Stefano's trademark cigars. As part of her and Eugenia's plot to split up Sami and Lucas. Kate tried to persuade Brandon to return to Salem. Belle and Philip made love. Shawn and Jan made love
10/25/04-10/29/04: Tony told Roman, Patrick, John and Marlena he arranged for them to end up on Captive Island to prove to Stefano he was a real DiMera. Tony said he made Marlena the Salem Stalker to hurt John because he stole Kristen from him, and because Stefano had favored John as his loyal soldier. Tony told everyone he killed Stefano and used his blood to cure himself of a fatal blood disease. Tony then detonated a bomb that caused the island volcano to erupt. Abe saw Stefano's ring in the rubble of the study. Abe helped Brady, Nicole, an injured Victor, and Tek. Caroline told Nicole she knows what she did to Victor. Jennifer and Alice comforted each other. Jack vowed to protect Jennifer. Bo struggled to save Hope and Billie, who were surrounded by lava from the volcano. A seemingly dead Tony revived when Bart put Stefano's ring on his finger. 
11/1/04-11/5/04: Bart couldn't follow Tony's orders to kill John, Marlena, Roman, Abe, and Patrick. Later, John seemingly killed Tony with a dagger. However, Tony was able to detonate an explosive that caused the island volcano to erupt again, causing a giant tidal wave. The Coast Guard rescued the island captives (who escaped the island on rafts) except for Marlena, Roman, Cassie, Caroline, Victor, and Jack, who were missing. Kate and Eugenia failed to bring Sami and Brandon together during a Halloween party because they were costumed and didn't recognize each other. Brandon assured Lexie he wouldn't let Kate use him to break up Sami and Lucas. Celeste told Sami that if Brandon stayed in Salem overnight, Sami's future would be ruined. Lexie asked Brandon to stay for one night after hearing he was leaving Salem. Mimi worried she would lose Rex if he finds out she aborted their baby.
11/8/04-11/12/04: Japanese fishermen rescued Roman and Marlena, who were stunned to see a gun-wielding Bart. Bo, Hope, and Abe boarded the fishing boat after the Coast Guard intercepted it. They didn't see Roman and Marlena, who were taken prisoner by a surviving Tony. Tony is also holding Caroline, Victor, Cassie, and Jack prisoner. Bo and Hope were later reunited with their family. Kate saw a hospitalized John, who told her Roman was missing. Abe was reunited with Lexie. Patrick went with Jennifer, who was reunited with Abby. Abby met her new baby brother for the first time, but doesn't know Jack is missing. Maggie was stunned to learn Mickey and Bonnie were "married" in Las Vegas. Julie fainted when she saw Doug. Abe was hospitalized with a vision problem. Sami convinced Lucas he's the man she loves. Kate gloated after arranging for Sami to come face to face with Brandon.
11/15/04-11/19/04: Julie convinced Maggie to fight for Mickey, whose marriage to Bonnie is valid because Maggie had been declared legally dead at the time of Mickey and Bonnie's nuptials. Bonnie fumed when Maggie accepted Mickey's suggestion they all live in the same house (and have separate bedrooms). Sami believes Roman and Marlena are alive. Tony told Roman and Marlena that the clothes and blood taken from them were used to make everyone believe they are dead. Abby blamed Jennifer after learning Jack is (supposedly) dead. Hope gave Marlena's wedding ring to John after telling him she (supposedly) died. John dreamed that Marlena cured his paralysis. Someone put a substance into John's IV tube. Abe learned his blindness could be permanent. Billie told Hope she has feelings for Bo, but Billie is leaving town and will never see Bo again. Kate tried to get Billie to stay in Salem. Shawn heard that Philip asked Belle to marry him.
11/22/04-11/26/04: As Billie made plans to leave town, Celeste predicted the person Billie would love more than anyone else lives in Salem. Billie said things would have been different if her and Bo's daughter, Georgia, had survived. Billie was stunned when Bo told her a secret file on the computer disk taken from Tony indicates their daughter, Georgia, could be alive. Bo and Billie looked for further evidence that Georgia was alive. Billie met Abby's new friend, Chelsea, While a hospitalized John continued to suffer excruciating pain, the mystery person continued injecting a drug into his IV tube. At a castle in an undisclosed location, Tony continued to torture Roman, and Bart put Jack into a cell after his attempt to escape from Tony failed. Mickey spent time refereeing fights between Maggie and Bonnie. Shawn heard Belle say she wants to marry Philip (who is a Marine) before he ships out.
11/29/04-12/3/04: After deciphering a code on the DiMera computer disk, Bo and Billie locate a DiMera safe house, then found out it had burned to the ground. Bo and Billie were relieved no one Georgia's age was killed in the fire. Billie told Bo that Georgia might be in Europe, just as Jennifer warned Hope that Billie is going to want Bo in Georgia's life if they find her. In Austria, Nancy worried about Chloe, whose face is black and blue and whose wounds and scars had gotten infected. Encouraged by Brady's spirit, Chloe decided to fight to live. Brandon decided to stay in Salem to be with Abe, who regained his sight briefly before losing it completely. Brandon didn't believe Celeste's prediction he and Sami would soon stand before a Justice of the Peace. After Shawn rejected her again, Belle told Philip she would marry him. Lucas refused when Sami wanted to elope. Tony taunted Victor and Caroline.
12/6/04-12/10/04: Brady told Nicole they couldn't make love because he loves Chloe. In Austria, Chloe decided Brady must not see her until after she had surgery to remove her facial scars. Sami was relieved Brandon wasn't injured when she and Lucas crashed into him on a snowy road. Sami was devastated to learn she couldn't marry Lucas because her and Brandon's annulment papers were never properly filed. Later, while making love with Lucas, Sami saw Brandon's face. Hope was upset when Bo flew to Europe with Billie, who believes Georgia is being held at a remote DiMera castle. After foiling Jack's attempt to escape from the DiMera castle, Tony taunted Jack by saying Patrick is living with Jennifer. After learning Jan had been holding Shawn prisoner, Mimi called Philip and Rex for help. Shawn and Belle started to make love after he rescued her during a snowstorm.
12/13/04-12/17/04: Bo and Billie found evidence Georgia is at the DiMera castle. Bo and Billie escaped Tony's guards after she set off a bomb in a booby-trapped file cabinet. Bo and Billie hid in an empty room, unaware they were near the room where Roman and Marlena are held prisoner. Tony taunted Roman and Marlena with a video that made it look like John and Kate were making love. Roman and Marlena began to doubt she actually saw Bo and Billie on the window ledge outside their room. Tony's henchman injected John with a drug to counteract the pain meds. Lexie gave him. Shawn and Belle both thought the other dreamed they made love before their rescue from the barn, which caught fire. Mimi took Belle, Shawn, Philip and Rex to Jan's house to show them the cage Jan had kept Shawn in. Nancy insisted Chloe get help from a doctor located near Salem. Lucas was relieved when Brandon said he is leaving town.
12/20/04-12/24/04: Ivlimi was furious to see Jan dismantled Shawn's "cell" before Mimi got to the house to show it to Philip, Rex, Belle and Shawn. Jan told Mimi, Belle and Philip that Shawn loved being held against his will. Jan threatened to tell Rex that Mimi had an abortion. At the castle, Bo and Billie were unaware they were near the room Victor and Caroline were locked in. Bo and Billie were left for dead in a dungeon after they were electrocuted, but they escaped. Bo and Billie learned Georgia had been adopted when she was three. Hope and Zack were thrilled when Bo re­turned home Christmas Eve. Billie received a text message from Georgia. Abby was stunned that her friend Chelsea is plotting to sleep with Patrick no matter who (Jennifer) she hurts. Brady met Nancy at the church where he thought she was going to scatter Chloe's ashes. Later, Brady unknowingly walked up behind Chloe, who was wrapped up in a cloak.
12/27/04-12/31/04: After getting word that Philip is shipping out right away, Philip and Belle accepted Kate's suggestion that they should marry on New Year's Eve. Convinced that Belle should not marry Philip, Mimi got Belle to call Shawn and leave a message, but Kate hung up the phone when Shawn called Belle back. Jan drugged Shawn when he wanted to go to the church to stop Belle from marrying Philip. A drugged Shawn got on his motorcycle. Believing the latest clue to Georgia's whereabouts was a DiMera set up, Hope refused to let a wounded Bo (he fell on a spike while escaping the DiMera castle) go with Billie to look for Georgia. Billie told Bo she would sit tight, but arranged to look for Georgia with Patrick's help. Brady ended up in the same clinic where Chloe is being treated after Brady and Nicole crashed their car on the way to Belle's wedding. Sami fumed when John refused to help speed up her annulment Brandon.