"Days of Our Lives" Underfives

What is an underfive aka U/5?

An underfive is defined simply as an actor who has less than five lines of dialogue in any given episode.
Underfives are
not listed in the credits of television shows, and "Days" currently employs several characters that fit this description.
Below is a
list of actors who are underfives on "Days", along with biographical information where available.

Julian Barnes (Harold)
November 8, 1949.
Birthplace: London, England.
Days Debut: March 19, 2009.
TV Appearances: "Knight Rider", "Silver Spoons", "Cheers", "Matlock", "Murder, She Wrote", "7th Heaven", "Numb3rs", "Lost."
Fast Fact: Julian appeared on "Days" twice before debuting as Stefano's butler, Harold. In 1988, he played Shane's father, Andrew Donovan, and in 1992 appeared as Dr. Goddard.

Christian Ganiere (Parker Jonas)
 September 2, 2008.
Birthplace: California.
Days Debut: January 8, 2016
TV Appearances: "About a Boy", "Reaper Tales."

Ron Leath (Henderson)

Birthday: November 3, 1937.
Birthplace: Detroit, Michigan. Raised: Mayfield, Kentucky.
Days Debut: July 6, 1987.
TV Appearances: "L.A. Law", "Murder, She Wrote."
Fast Fact: Ron played Victor's butler, Henderson, from July, 1987-December 2004, returning on April 2, 2008. He also appeared once in June, 1986 as an unnamed servant, perhaps a precursor to present-day Henderson.

Colin & Kyle Schroeder (Tate Black)
Days Debut: January 19, 2018.
TV Appearance: "Grey's Anatomy", "The Mindy Project."

Elowen & Willow S. (Thomas Deveraux)
May 15, 2015.
Birthplace: California.
Days Debut: December 25, 2015.

Harper & Sydnee Udell (Arianna Horton)
October 22, 2012.
Days Debut: May 22, 2013.