Jason47's From the Vault:
Random Tidbits From "Days" Past

Head Writer Bill Bell Discusses His Desire For the Best "Days" Possible, 1967

Christina Applegate ("Married With Children" & "Up All Night" Star) Makes Her Acting Debut
Christina (listed as Baby Priddy) and her mom Nancy Priddy appeared as a Mother and Baby Boy!
Episode # 1597
Air Date: March 7, 1972

Joseph Mascolo's "Days" Debut as Dr. Tufano
Mascolo, listed simply as Joe here, appeared as an Italian Doctor, 14 Years Before Stefano
Episode # 621
Air Date: April 22, 1968

The Birth of Stephanie Johnson
Episode # 6196 Parking Clearance
Air Date: February 19, 1990

Episode # 10737
Air Date: January 10, 2008
The Return of David??
In the scripts taped before Drake Hogestyn was officially announced as returning,
his character was listed as David, to prevent any leaks from finding out John was coming back.

Cast Chart, December 1968
This cast chart shows Baby Mike still being listed as Baby Horton.
Also note the last-minute character name change of Judge Harrington to Judge Turner.

1972 Contract Actor Guarantees
This chart shows how many episodes each actor was guaranteed over a 14-week period in 1972
Based on the numbers, Mac Carey was guaranteed around 180 episodes that year,
while the rest of the cast was only guaranteed around 100 episodes.